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哈尔滨红十字医院不孕不育科专家哈尔滨人流的费用全部为什么有的人就是不容易出轨呢? -- :: 来源: 即使你不生活在好莱坞生活中,你仍然会好奇为什么有的人可以数十年如一日地经营婚姻当被问到如何对妻子保持忠诚的时候,传奇人物演员兼创业者Paul Newman说:“当你可以在家吃牛排的时候为啥非要出去吃汉堡呢” Even if you don’t live in Hollywood, you’ve probably wondered how some people manage to stay married decades on end. When asked how he remained faithful to his wife, the late, legendary actorgodsalad dressing entrepreneur Paul Newman is said to have quipped something of, "Why go out hamburger when you could have a steak at home."即使你不生活在好莱坞电影里那样的生活中,你仍然会好奇为什么有的人可以数十年如一日地经营婚姻当被问到如何对妻子保持忠诚的时候,传奇人物演员兼创业者Paul Newman说:“当你可以在家吃牛排的时候为啥非要出去吃汉堡呢”But seriously -- with all the potential significant others out there, why are some people never tempted to hook up with, say, their shirtless lawn-mowing neighbor? I mean, what is their secret? No really, tell us.但是讲真,外面有那么多潜在威胁,比如隔壁穿着暴露的邻居,为什么还是有人能不为所动呢?我是说,他们的秘诀是什么?一定要告诉我们Well, researchers from Rutgers University have a theory: When you’re in a happy relationship, you subconsciously think that people who pose a threat to your bond are less attractive than they really are.好吧,罗格斯大学的研究员有一个理论:当你婚姻关系融洽时,你会下意识地将那些可能会威胁你婚姻关系的人看得不如原来那样吸引人In a new study, published in the Personality and Social Psychology Bulletin, researchers told 1 undergrads that they would each be working with a new lab partner of the opposite sex. (Cue the excitement!) Next, the students were shown a picture of said mystery partner, and then asked to examine a series of images and select the one that most resembled the new lab mate.在一份发布在人格于社会心理学公报的新的调查研究中,研究员们告诉1名本科生他们每个人都将要和一个新的异性实验室搭档合作(想想还有点小激动!)接下来,给学生们展示了一张据说是他们神秘搭档的照片,然后再让他们从一系列的张图中选出一张觉得最像新搭档的But here’s what the students didn’t know: One of the photos was an accurate picture of the new lab partner. The other had been digitally altered -- five were tweaked to make the person look less attractive, and five were manipulated to make the person look more attractive.但是他们不知道的是:张图里面有一张就是新搭档,剩下张都是经过电脑修图之后的——5张拉了一下让人看起来没那么好看了,另外5张修美了一些The findings? When the students who had a boyfriend or girlfriend learned that the new lab partner was single (and thus, a threat to their relationship), they consistently chose the images that represented a less attractive likeness.结果是什么呢?当有男女朋友的学生知道这个新搭档是单身的时候(就是对他们的恋爱关系有威胁了),他们都会不约而同地选择一张不那么好看的照片A second experiment found that students in relationships also tended to view the future lab partner as less attractive when they were told the person was interested in dating. This was especially true if the students were happily coupled up.第二个实验发现,当他们知道这个新搭档可能想要跟他们约会时,恋爱中的学生也会更倾向于把他们的搭档想的不那么吸引人,特别是那些恋爱关系非常好的学生Cole and her fellow researchers weren’t totally surprised by their findings. The students were probably exerting a type of defense mechanism that’s known, in science-speak, as "devaluing temptation" -- or, in other words, thinking that something isn’t nearly as appealing as it might actually be.Cole和她的研究员同事们对于这个结果都表示并不惊讶学生们或许都会用上一种已知的防卫机制,在专业领域来说,叫做“贬值诱惑”,或者换句话说,就是把事物想得不如本来那么吸引人"There are many, many ways that people can effectively resist temptations," says Cole. "But devaluing temptations seems like a particularly good one. It basically makes it so that the temptation is no longer as strong a temptation. If people don’t experience a strong attraction to another person—or to a piece of chocolate cake, or cigarette, or new pair of shoes -- they won’t be tempted to give in to it."Cole说:“有许多方法可以让人们有效抗拒诱惑但是贬值诱惑应该是最好的一个它能让诱惑从本质上就不那么诱惑了如果没有经历过对另一个人的强烈倾慕,或者对一块巧克力蛋糕,对香烟,或者一双新鞋,人们可能根本不会对诱惑投降”Cole also conceded that there could be another factor at play. It’s possible these undergrads were just really into their SOs: "It could be that happy couples come to value the attributes their own partners have," she said. "And then any new person they see, they compare to their partner. So these effects could occur through multi-step processes of thinking first of one’s own partner, comparing the two, and then coming to the conclusion that the person isn’t as attractive as one’s partner."Cole也承认可能也和另一个因素有关,有可能这些本科生就是刻意注重他们的良心,“可能关系融洽的伴侣更倾向于重视另一半的付出,”她说,“任何进入视线范围的新人,都要先和伴侣进行比较,这些效应都会在先想过了他们自己的伴侣之后的一些复杂的过程中发生,将二者比较,再得出结论,这个人并不如我的另一半有吸引力”We think that’s the explanation Paul Newman would like.我们认为这可能就是Paul Newman的话的解释讷河县男性不育 《权游季末 你可能错过的八处细节 --9 :5: 来源:chinadaily The season six finale of "Game of Thrones" delivered several jaw-dropping sequences and some long-awaited reveals book ers and show watchers alike. But — as usual — among the epic scenes of dragons and wildfire there were small details and references that the average viewer may have missed.《权力的游戏第六季的最终集上演了诸多让人目瞪口呆的情节,也为书粉和剧迷揭开了一些期待已久的谜团但一如既往,在野火与巨龙齐飞的史诗级场景中,还有些普通观众可能错过的小小细节与指涉1. The Bolton sigil was removed from Winterfell in the opening credits. 波顿家的族徽从片头的临冬城上消失Ever since season four, the flayed man sigil of House Bolton has sat atop Winterfell during the animated title sequence. The broken Stark sigil could be seen on the ground next to the tower. But all have changed after episode nine, "The Battle of the Bastards," when Jon and Sansa finally defeated the Boltons.从第四季开始,波顿家族的剥皮人标志就安在了片头动画的临冬城上可以看到史塔克家族碎裂的徽章躺在塔边的地上但第九集“私生子之战”后,这一切就改变了琼恩和珊莎终于打败了小剥皮家[!-empirenews.page--]. Jon's new sigil as King in the North will be a reversal of House Stark's banner. 琼恩成为北境之王后,新徽章的颜色将与史塔克家族的标志相反In Westeros, bastards who take up their house banners must reverse the colors of the sigil. This custom is meant to signal the man's bastard status. House Stark's sigil is a gray direwolf on a white background, which means Jon Snow's banners will show a white wolf on a gray background. Jon Snow, the King in the North, will be known as the White Wolf. The fact that he owns a snowy direwolf is really just a eshadowed cherry on top.维斯特洛的私生子继承家族的标志必须颠倒徽章颜色这一传统意在指明此人的私生子身份史塔克家族的徽章是白底的灰色冰原狼,那么雪诺的标志将会是灰底的白色冰原狼北境之王琼恩?雪诺会被称为“白狼主”他有一只白色冰原狼明显就是个预兆[!-empirenews.page--]3. Arya Stark's highborn mannerisms betrayed her real identity. 艾莉亚的名门举止透露了其真实身份Some observant fans noticed that Walder Frey's servant girl was not who she appeared to be even bee Arya revealed herself. Because Arya was raised highborn, she addresses other highborn men and women as "my lord" and "my lady." This is a dead giveaway when she's trying to pass herself off as a lowborn servant.一些观察敏锐的粉丝甚至在艾莉亚自揭身份前就发现,瓦德?弗雷的侍女并不是她本人因为艾莉亚出身高贵,她称呼其他贵族男女为“my lord”和“my lady”这是她试图冒充下层侍女时的致命缺陷Tywin Lannister taught her this lesson back in season two.泰温?兰尼斯特在第二季教过她这一课When Arya was posing as a young boy and serving as Tywin's cupbearer, he figured out she was lying very quickly. "Lowborn girls say m'lord, not my lord," Tywin told her. "If you're going to pose as a commoner you should do it properly." The lesson didn't quite stick, clearly.艾莉亚伪装成小男孩,充当泰温的侍酒时,泰温很快就发现了她在撒谎他告诉艾莉亚:“出身微贱的女孩会说m'lord,而不是my lord如果你想装成平民,就要装得像”很明显,这一课她没怎么记住[!-empirenews.page--]. Arya's scene had another hidden reference: The Rat Cook. 艾莉亚那段还有另一个指涉:鼠厨师Feeding Walder Frey's two sons to him in a pie was actually an adapted storyline from the book series. Though Arya (and Lord Walder) aren't the key characters involved in the books, the showrunners clearly had this plan in mind awhile. A big hint about the Freys' cannibalistic fate was given back in season three.给瓦德?弗雷吃自己儿子的肉制成的馅饼实际是书中一个情节的改编尽管艾莉亚(和弗雷)在书里并不是主要人物,但编剧显然很早就设计好了这一段弗雷家同族相食的命运在第三季就有重大暗示Bran Stark told the fable of the Rat Cook right after the Red Wedding.布兰在血色婚礼后讲述了鼠厨师的寓言"The cook killed the king's son and cooked him into a big pie with onions, carrots, mushrooms and bacon," Bran told Meera and Jojen. "That night, he served the pie to the king. He liked the taste of his own son so much he asked a second slice. The gods turned the cook into a giant white rat who could only eat his own young."布兰告诉米拉和玖健:“厨师杀了国王的儿子,和洋葱、胡萝卜、蘑菇和培根一起做成了大馅饼那晚,他把饼呈给国王国王很喜欢他儿子的味道,又要了第二块神把厨师变成了大白鼠,只能吃自己的小孩”"It wasn't murder the gods cursed the Rat Cook, or serving the king's son in a pie," he says. "He killed a guest beneath his roof. That's something the gods can't give."布兰说:“神诅咒鼠厨师并不是因为他杀人,或是把国王的儿子做成馅饼而是因为他杀害了自家屋檐下的客人神决不原谅这一点”Bran tells this story right after Walder Frey and Roose Bolton kill the Starks at the Red Wedding. Walder Frey gave Robb, Catelyn, and their men b and salt, the symbol of guest right in Westeros. By killing the Starks under his roof after feeding them, Walder violated the tradition of guest right. Now, three seasons later, Walder was punished his crime against the Starks and the gods.瓦德?弗雷和卢斯?波顿在血色婚礼上杀害史塔克家的人后,布兰就讲了这个故事瓦德为罗柏、凯特琳和他们的属下奉上面包和盐,这在维斯特洛是宾客权利的象征请他们吃了饭又在自家屋檐下杀了他们,弗雷践踏了宾客权利而今,三季之后,瓦德对史塔克家和诸神犯下的罪孽终于得到惩罚[!-empirenews.page--]#0;5. There was a neat Easter Egg in the Citadel library. 学城图书馆里有个奇妙的复活节蛋This chandelier-looking contraption was hanging in the Citadel library when Sam entered. It seems to be built to reflect sunlight around the large room. Look familiar?山姆进入学城图书馆时,那里悬挂着一个枝形吊灯似的奇妙装置似乎是用来反射阳光,以照亮广阔空间瞧着眼熟?It looks exactly like the spinning astrolabe from the opening credits. This is likely a symbol of the vast knowledge contained in the Citadel. With thousands of books documenting the history of the world, maesters of the Citadel have the globe at the their fingertips.这看起来分明就像片头里旋转的星盘它可能象征学城里浩瀚的知识拥有无数记录历史的书籍,学城的学士们对这个世界了如指掌[!-empirenews.page--]6. Were you wondering how Varys managed to get back to Meereen so fast? 对瓦里斯那么快就赶回弥林感到疑惑?In the finale episode, we saw Varys in Dorne with Ellaria Sand and Olenna Tyrell as they discussed an alliance. But at the end of the episode he was right behind Daenerys as she set sail Westeros. The journey from Meereen to Dorne is a couple thousand miles, so how did he do it?最后一集,我们看到瓦里斯在多恩和艾拉莉亚?沙德、奥莲娜?提利尔讨论结盟的事但是结尾出征维斯特洛时,他又站到了龙母身后弥林与多恩相隔数千里,他是怎么做到的?The show skipped ahead by a few weeks at least. We know because you can see Dornish ships among Daenerys' fleet.剧里的时间至少快进了几周因为你能看到龙母的舰船队里有多恩的船Dorne's sigil is a golden spear piercing a red sun on an orange background. You can spot this symbol among the fleet leaving Meereen. Varys went to Dorne in order to convince Ellaria Sand and Olenna Tyrell to join Daenerys. Because we see Dorne's ships among her Targaryen fleet and the Greyjoy ships, it's clear that a significant amount of time passed between Varys scene with the women of Dorne and Daenerys' departure.多恩的徽章是以橘色为底的金刺穿红日你能在离开弥林的船队里发现这一标志瓦里斯前往多恩是为了劝说沙德和提利尔加入龙母战队我们在龙家和葛雷乔伊家的船队里看到多恩的船,说明从瓦里斯与两人在多恩会谈到龙母出征,其间已经过去了很长一段时间[!-empirenews.page--]7. Tommen's final costume was a callback to the prophecy predicting his death. 托曼的最后着装呼应了他的死亡预言Back in the season five premiere, viewers watched as a young Cersei had her tune told by a woman named Maggy the Frog. The witch told her that all three of her children would die. "Gold their crowns, and gold their shrouds," she said. Tommen was dressed in a golden jacket when he committed suicide by jumping from his window in the Red Keep. Cersei's prophecy is complete.第五季开头,观众看到“蛤蟆”巫姬为年轻的瑟曦预言人生女巫说她的三个孩子都会死:“以黄金为宝冠,以黄金为裹尸布”托曼从红堡的窗口跳下去自杀时,穿着金色外套女巫给瑟曦的预言成真At least, the whole children dying bit is complete. Jaime could have an unpleasant destiny with Cersei in season seven if the fan theories about her prophecy are correct.至少,孩子全死去这一部分都应验了如果粉丝关于预言的假说正确的话,詹姆可能注定在第七季与瑟曦交恶[!-empirenews.page--]8. Sansa and Littlefinger's conversation was a reversal of a scene from season one. 珊莎和小指头的对话重演了第一季的场景When Littlefinger approaches Sansa in the godswood of Winterfell, they were echoing a conversation between Catelyn and Ned Stark in season one. Remember, Littlefinger set the events of season one into motion when he convinced Lysa Arryn to poison her husband, Jon, and send a raven to Catelyn telling her it was the Lannisters' plot.临冬城的神木林里,小指头走近珊莎的场景,呼应了凯特琳和奈德第一季的对话记得不,是小指头引发了第一季的一系列事件他劝诱莱莎?艾林给丈夫琼恩下毒,并送信给凯特琳说这是兰尼斯特家的阴谋Catelyn told Ned the news of Jon Arryn's death in this exact same place.凯特琳在同一地点把琼恩?艾林的死讯告诉了奈德Sansa still doesn't seem to know Littlefinger was the one truly responsible all the horrors done to her family. Not only was he the one who flared the rivalry between the Starks and Lannisters, but he betrayed Ned in King's Landing. Sansa's refusal of Littlefinger in this same sacred place her parents once stood was a poetic role reversal.珊莎似乎还不知道小指头就是导致她所有家族惨剧的真正黑手他不仅煽动狼家和狮家的对立,还在君临城背叛了奈德珊莎在父母曾站立过的圣地拒绝小指头,形成了意味深长的角色反转英文来源:techinsider翻译:实习生徐晓彤审校#38;编辑:丹妮掉进水里也能浮在水面的手机 --6 1:01:30 来源: 掉进水里也能浮在水面的手机The smartphone that FLOATS: Buoyant Comet means you'll never have to fish your mobile out of the toilet againMore than 8 millions phones are damaged each year after being dropped down the toilet, into swimming pools or lost at the beach.每年都有超过80万部手机因为掉进厕所、泳池或在海滩上丢失而损坏A number of waterproof handsets have been released to solve this problem, but Comet takes it to the next level.手机厂商发布了多款防水手机来解决此类问题,但Comet则在这个基础上将防水功能升级Not only is the Android handset IPx7 water-resistant, it has been designed to float meaning owners don't have to fish it out from the bottom of the sea, or stick their hand into a toilet basin.这款安卓手机的防水等级为IPx7,更能浮在水面,这意味着手机用户再也不用从海底或是将手伸进马桶的便盆里捞手机了Comet was designed by Calinia-based Prashanth Raj Urs who has launched an Indiegogo campaign to fund production of the device.Comet手机由加利福尼亚州的普拉桑特?拉杰?乌尔斯设计,他在Indiegogo网站发起了众筹活动,来筹集生产该设备的资金Comet has a .7-inch screen, MP camera and runs Android. It additionally has LED notification lights, similar to those on the Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge.Comet手机采用安卓系统,搭载了.7英寸的显示屏,00万像素的摄像头此外还配有与三星Galaxy S6 Edge手机类似的LED通知灯Other features include GB of RAM, a Qualcomm Snapdragon 8, GHZ octa-core Processor and a 00 mAh battery said to last a 'full day of work, party and excitement.'这款手机拥有 GB 的运行内存,配置了主频GHz 的高通骁龙 8的八核处理器,00毫安时的电池容量,据称能满足“全天工作和”的需求While a 'mood recogniser' uses biometric sensors to detect a person's body temperature to gauge how happy they are.此外,该手机的“情绪识别器”能利用生物传感器来检测用户的体温,衡量他们的快乐程度The LED lights will then display different colours to suit these different moods.LED灯将相应地改变颜色,来适配他们的心情Comet additionally features an encryption tool called Qlock.除此之外,Comet手机还配置有加密工具QlockThe campaign describes it as 'military grade encryption to protect your privacy when you call or text your friends who also uses a Comet smartphone.'众筹活动的页面称,“Qlock是军用级别的加密工具,如果你朋友也用此款手机,Qlock能在你给对方打电话、发信息的时候保护你的个人隐私”It is designed to shield calls and texts between Comet handsets to make it difficult anyone to track or spy on users.它的功能还包括保护Comet手机用户间的电话和信息,令任何想追踪和监听的人难以得逞Early Bird prices the phone start at a 3GB handset, and the first devices are expected to ship to campaign backers in April.先行购买的优惠价为3G的版本79美元,第一批手机预计明年四月向众筹持者发货A 6GB model is available .6G版本的定价则为9美元Both models are available in black, white and gold.两种机型都有黑、白、金三色可选Mr Urs is hoping to raise 小米购买微软手机专利 -- :1: 来源: 日前,中国手机制造商小米购买了微软手机旗下数百项发明专利 Experts say the patent deal paves the way the Chinese firm to sell its handsets in Western markets.有专家表示,此次购买微软专利给这家中国公司在西方市场销售手机铺平了道路Microsoft will benefit from the fact that some of its Android apps - including Office and Skype - will now be pre-installed on Xiaomi devices.而微软也将会受益微软旗下的部分安卓应用程序(包括Office和Skype)将被预装在小米手机上The announcement comes at a time when Xiaomi has been struggling to meet sales targets.这一购买协议宣布得非常及时,目前小米正在为难以达到销售目标而头疼The Beijing-based company originally set itself a target of selling 0 million smartphones in .这家北京公司本来将其年的销售目标定为1亿台手机But it managed to sell only 71 million, partly because of increased competition from domestic rivals.但是小米最终只卖出了70万台手机,部分原因是因为来自国内厂商更加激烈的竞争Oppo and Vivo overtook Xiaomi in phone shipments in the first three months of , while Huawei extended its lead, according to research firm IDC.据研究公司IDC透露,年前三个月Oppo和Vivo超过了小米的手机出货量,而华为则扩大了自己的领先优势That pushed Xiaomi down to seventh place in global market share. It had been ranked third in .这使得小米的全球市场份额下跌到了第七位小米在年的市场份额曾达到了全球第三位"The patent deal comes at a pretty important time Xiaomi, which has topped out in the Chinese market," said Ben Wood from consultancy CCS Insight.咨询公司CCS Insight的本·伍德说道:“对于小米来说,这一专利购买协议来得正是时候,因为小米的目光已经不仅仅局限于中国市场了”"Intellectual property had been the biggest challenge it faced in breaking out of its active markets in Asia and Brazil. Having a patent portfolio lets it defend itself against rivals who would otherwise have sued."“要想突破亚洲和巴西的传统市场,小米面对的最大挑战便是知识产权问题拥有一些专利可以使得小米能够保护自己,否则它的竞争对手便会起诉它”Xiaomi gains nearly 1,500 patents as part of the deal, including rights to communications, and cloud technologies.作为这项交易的一部分,小米将获得约00项专利,包括通讯、视频和云技术的使用权The company has previously faced accusations of patent infringement from Blue Spike, a US-based rightsholder and Swedish telecoms equipment maker Ericsson.之前小米曾遭到数起专利侵权诉讼,Blue Spike、一个美国专利拥有者、瑞典电信装备制造商爱立信等都曾对小米提起过侵权诉讼Microsoft has recently made moves to scale back its handset operations, cutting jobs in its smartphone division and selling its Nokia-branded feature phone business.微软最近收缩了其手机业务,在智能手机部门进行的裁员,并且出售了诺基亚品牌的功能手机业务However, under chief executive Satya Nadella’s leadership it has tried to encourage use of its products on non-Windows handsets.然而,在CEO塞雅·纳德拉的领导下,微软正试图鼓励在非Windows系统手机中使用他们的产品Xiaomi aly used Microsoft’s Azure platm to power its MiCloud service.小米已经使用微软的Azure平台来持自己的“小米云”务From September, it will also pre-load Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Outlook and Skype onto several of its devices including the Mi 5 and Redmi Note 3.从九月份开始,小米将把Word、Excel、PowerPoint、Outlook和Skype预装在旗下几款手机中,包括米5和红米Note3等"Microsoft doesn’t have much interest in being a mass market smartphone manufacturer," said Mr Wood.本·伍德说道:“微软对成为一个大众市场手机制造商不太感兴趣”"In doing the patent deal with Xiaomi, it gets an opporty to get more users engaged with its apps, and can attempt to turn them into an ongoing revenue stream via subscriptions and other fees.“通过和小米的这场专利交易,微软有机会让更多的用户来使用它的应用软件,从而可以通过收取订阅费和其他费用来把这批用户变成持续稳定的收入来源”"There are an awful lot of people using Microsoft products in China aly, but typically the software is pirated and has made the firm no money."“在中国,已经有非常多的人在使用微软的产品,但是这些软件一般都是盗版,从而使得微软挣不了钱”,000 and the campaign has currently received more than $,300.乌尔斯先生希望众筹款项能达到万美元,目前已筹得超过300美元Vocabularywater-resistant:防水的octa-core:八核的biometric:生物计量的encryption:加密英语来源:每日邮报译者:张骁南岗区人民医院有四维彩超吗

哈尔滨治疗宫颈炎比较佳方法美设事故回应最终期限 特斯拉或遭7.亿罚款 -- :: 来源: 美国国家公路交通安全(NHTSA)对特斯拉设置了最终期限,要求其在8月6日前回答关于款的一部Model S自动驾驶车辆致死事故的所有问题 Washington – The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration is giving Tesla until Aug. 6 to fully answer questions about the fatal crash of one of its Model S cars that was operating with its automated driving system activated.华盛顿——美国国家公路交通安全(NHTSA)对特斯拉设置了最终期限,要求其在8月6日前回答关于款的一部Model S自动驾驶车辆致死事故的所有问题The agency said it is examining the permance of the automatic emergency braking system used by Tesla that is designed to prevent collisions such as the one that killed Joshua Brown of Ohio in a crash in Florida on May 7.NHTSA表示,正在检测特斯拉为阻止碰撞事故发生而设计的自动紧急制动系统的性能就在今年5月7日,在佛罗里达州发生的一起事故中,特斯拉自动驾驶车辆上来自俄亥俄州的驾驶员Joshua Brown死亡Federal regulators say preliminary reports show the Tesla crash happened when a semi-trailer rig turned left in front of the car that was in Autopilot mode at a highway intersection. Florida police said the roof of the car struck the underside of the trailer and the car passed beneath. The driver was dead at the scene.联邦监管人员表示,初步调查报告显示,在一个十字路口,一辆半拖挂车在开启了自动驾驶模式的Model S前左转佛罗里达警方称,Model S从卡车底部穿越,导致驾驶员死亡“Neither Autopilot nor the driver noticed the white side of the tractor-trailer against a brightly lit sky, so the brake was not applied,” Tesla said in a blog posting June 30.特斯拉6月30日在其客上指出,“由于强烈的日照因素,Autopilot和司机都未发现这辆货车,也就没有及时刹车”NHTSA said in its letter to Tesla, dated July 8, that it is looking inmation on all systems designed to provide automatic emergency braking that’s intended to prevent front-end crashes.NHTSA在7月8日向特斯拉发送的一封信函中称,正在查找与阻止前向碰撞相关的自动紧急制动系统相关的所有信息In a statement provided to The Detroit News, the agency said, “NHTSA has not made any determination about the presence or absence of a defect in the subject vehicles.”在提供给《底特律新闻的声明中,NHTSA指出,“NHTSA尚未确定发生事故的车辆是否存在缺陷”The agency is requiring Tesla to respond to questions about the deadly crash. NHTSA has set a deadline of July 9 Tesla to respond to its highest priority questions about the fatal Florida crash. The company will be given until Aug. 6 Tesla to comply with the remainder of the queries.该机构要求特斯拉回答关于其自动驾驶车辆致死事故的十个问题在7月9日前对上述事故最重要的问题进行回应,在8月6日前回答完其余的问题Tesla faces penalties up to ,000 per day, with a maximum of million, if it fails to meet NHTSA’s deadlines responding to the questions about the autopilot crash.如果特斯拉未在限定时间内回应Autopilot碰撞事故的相关信息,将被处以每天1,000美元的罚款,罚款上限为1.亿美元The Wall Street Journal on Tuesday reported Tesla CEO Elon Musk said during an interview the company has no plans to disable the company’s Autopilot function in the wake of the May crash.据《华尔街日报本周二报道,特斯拉CEO马斯克在一次采访中表示,该公司不会因5月份的事故而禁用Autopilot功能Tesla did not immediately respond to a request comment from The Detroit News about the highway safety agency’s inmation request.特斯拉未立即就《底特律新闻关于NHTSA最终期限的报道发表哈尔滨用药物流产安全吗 什么仇什么怨?欧盟谷歌再撕逼 -- 19:51:5 来源: 近日,欧洲委员会再次指责谷歌公司滥用其行业优势地位,对其提出多项指控 The European Commission has stepped up pressure on Google, alleging that it abused its dominance in internet shopping and restricted competition.欧洲委员会进一步向谷歌公司施压,指控其滥用在互联网购物领域的优势地位,并限制竞争对手开展业务It also accused Google of stopping websites from showing adverts from the search engine’s competitors.委员会还指责谷歌公司在网站上屏蔽其搜索引擎竞争对手的广告And it strengthened an existing charge that Google favours its own comparison shopping services in search results.委员会重提旧案,称谷歌在搜索结果中总是优先显示经过筛选的购物商EU Competition Commissioner Margrethe Vestager said Google had no right to limit its rivals.欧盟竞争委员会的玛格丽特·韦斯塔格表示谷歌公司没有任何权力阻碍竞争对手开展业务She said: "Google has come up with many innovative products that have made a difference to our lives. But that doesn’t give Google the right to deny other companies the chance to compete and innovate."她说:“谷歌公司带来了许多富有创意的产品,改变了人们的生活然而这并不意味着谷歌具有剥夺其他公司进行竞争和创新的权力”Google is aly facing mal anti-trust charges over claims that it abused the dominant position of its Android operating system.谷歌陷入了滥用安卓系统的反垄断官司The US company is accused of placing onerous requirements on firms using Android and stifling competition.该指控称谷歌对使用安卓操作系统的公司提出了苛刻的要求,并且抑制竞争行为A spokesperson Google said on Thursday: "We believe that our innovations and product improvements have increased choice European consumers and promote competition.谷歌公司的一位发言人于周四表示:“我们相信公司的创新和产品品质的提升为欧洲的消费者提供了更多选择,并促进了竞争”"We’ll examine the Commission’s renewed cases and provide a detailed response in the coming weeks."“公司将仔细评估委员会发起的案件,并于未来几周出具详细的回复报告”南岗区怀孕检测多少钱

黑龙江第七人民医院收费贵吗一起来看霉霉的新豪宅! --19 :50:3 来源: 人生赢家、男神收割机泰勒斯威夫特在于前任分手两周后,火速将大长腿抖森收入囊中,然而这次,霉霉换的可不只是男友,还搬入了豪宅与抖森共度美好时光 She recently broke up with her boyfriend of months, Calvin Harris, and is now fully loved-up with British actor Tom Hiddleston.泰勒斯威夫特刚和交往了个月的男友Calvin Harris分手不久,就与英国演员汤姆希德勒斯顿坠入爱河And her love life isn’t the only thing that Taylor Swift is changing, as she recently moved in to a stunning five bedroom townhouse in New York.霉霉这回换的可不光是男友,最近她还搬进了位于纽约的奢华别墅,豪宅中仅卧室就有五间The 6-year-old will be staying in the luxury pad - which features a roof terrace and indoor swimming pool - the next months while her current plush home in the Big Apple is being refurbished.由于纽约城的现有住所正在重新装修,6岁的霉霉接下来一年将会住在这座带有屋顶花园和室内泳池的豪华别墅中The four-storey house commands a whopping rent of <牛人_句子>,000 (?,7) per month and will cost the ten-time Grammy winner, a cool ,000 (?336,8) the year that it will take her current home in NYC’s Tribeca neighbourhood to be renovated.这栋四层别墅每月收取高达万美元(7英镑)的天价租金,在霉霉位于纽约市翠贝卡区的现有住所重新装修的一年时间里,这位十次格莱美得主将花费8万美金(3368英镑)Described as one of the finest rental properties in New York’s prestigious West Village, Taylor’s new house comes complete with five bedrooms, a basement and a private garage.这栋别墅被誉为纽约久负盛名的西村中最豪华的出租房之一,拥有五间卧室,一间地下室和一个私人车库And it also has plenty of room entertaining with a two-storey patio, mal dining room and a double height reception area with a feature chandelier.同时,别墅内还有足够的空间供休闲,包括两层高的露台、正式餐厅以及带有枝形吊灯的双高会客区Even the lavish master bedroom suite comes complete with its own private roof terrace and vast windows in each room to make the most of the stunning city views.就连豪华主卧也自带屋顶花园,每间屋内都有巨大的落地窗能够看到城市最美的景色Alongside her new house, Taylor is also rumoured to have a new love interest in action hero hunk, Tom, of The Night Manager and Avengers fame.除了新居以外,舆论传言说霉霉还对因夜班经理和复仇者联盟走红的动作英雄汉克-汤姆产生了爱慕The 35-year-old British actor is widely rumoured to be in the running to take over from Daniel Craig as the next James Bond.这位35岁的英国演员据说有望接替丹尼尔·克雷格角逐新一期詹姆斯邦德的主演Time to relax: Taylor’s vast living room is fitted out with luxurious leather sofas and mahogany furniture around a fireplace, perfect cosy evenings in with her new beau Tom休息时刻:霉霉宽敞的客厅配备奢华真皮沙发和红木家具,围绕在壁炉旁边,是她和恋人抖森度过舒适夜晚的绝佳场所Room with a view! Taylor’s new house is airy with lots of natural lighting and three huge windows in the master bedroom stunning views of the Big Apple观景房!霉霉新居南北通透,采光自然,主卧有三扇落地窗能够观赏到纽约城醉人的美景Keeping cosy! Some of the rooms are decorated in warm shades of red, orange and purple with luxurious fixtures and fittings and a stunning wooden floors sweeping throughout舒适!有些房间用了红、橙、紫等暖色调装饰,并配以奢华的家具和附属设备,地上铺满了优质实木地板Mix and match! Despite the house having a modern design the interior is decorated in an extravagant old-fashioned style with antique pieces which are sure to be in keeping with Taylor’s taste混搭风!尽管房屋整体是现代化设计,但内部用古董展现了奢华复古风来进行装饰,这绝对与霉霉的品味相符Softening the blow: The popstar will have the use of five gorgeous bedrooms each with its own stunning cityscape view, perfect putting up her loved ones when they come to the city乐坛常胜将军的柔软面:霉霉可以在每一间卧室观赏到城市美景,是好友来访的绝佳借宿之处However he could perhaps do with taking some tips in going undercover from 0 - having been sensationally spotted kissing Taylor on Wednesday.然而在周三轰动性地被拍到和泰勒接吻之后-或许他该好好从0电影中学学如何暗中行事The indiscreet romp came just two weeks after she broke up from Scottish DJ Calvin Harris.顽皮的霉霉在和前任男友分手两周后,火速和抖森坠入爱河And while initially Calvin insisted there was ’no drama’ in the break-up, he now reportedly believes that Taylor cheated on him with Tom while they were still together.最初Calvin坚持称他们属于和平分手,但据报道,他现在认为霉霉还未和他分手时就已经劈腿了The I Knew You Were Trouble singer and the DJ, 3, split up just two weeks bee she was photographed passionately kissing Tom on the beach.《我知道你是大麻烦的歌手以及音乐节目主持人Calvin今年3岁,在霉霉被拍到与抖森在海滩热吻前两周才刚刚与霉霉分手A source told TMZ: ’He thought they were in a committed relationship and now he’s p***ed and feels betrayed by her.’美国名人消息网得到消息:“之前他认为两人之间很忠诚,但现在他非常愤怒,感觉受到了背叛”Calvin made a public point about his feelings Taylor by unfollowing her on social media on Thursday, and promptly deleting all traces of their -month-long romance from his Instagram .周四霉霉取消了社交媒体对Calvin的关注,还把Instagram上他们个月恋爱关系所有的痕迹迅速删除,Calvin公开表达自己对于她此种行为的感受The entertainer: Taylor will have lots of space to host events in the new house, including a sizable dining area leading off the kitchen东道主:霉霉将会有足够的空间在新居举办活动,包括连通厨房的超大餐厅Taylor made: The modern kitchen comes fully equipped with everything the singer, who is known her love of cooking and baking, needs to make the perfect dinner, including two vast ovens霉霉私人定制:现代化厨房配备齐全,拥有热爱烹饪和烘焙的霉霉所需要的一切,包括两个巨大的烤箱,她可以随时做出完美的晚餐Soaking it up! The lush bathroom comes complete with a marble tiled floor and eye-catching bath, perfect long luxurious soaks沐浴吧!豪华浴室铺满大理石地砖,还有抢眼的浴缸,是一个长长的泡泡浴的绝佳场所In turn the We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together singer deleted all her lovey dovey posts about Calvin - of which there were many.作为回击,唱过《我们再也回不去了的歌手霉霉,删除了他和Calvin高调秀恩爱的状态-当然有很多Calvin is said to have been suspicious about Taylor and Tom back in May when a emerged of them enjoying a flirty dance at the Met Gala, which he did not attend.五月份,一个霉霉和抖森在纽约大都市时装庆典上暧昧舞蹈的视频流出后,据说没有参加该舞会的Calvin就一直怀疑霉霉和抖森A source told The Sun: ’The timing of this looks very bad Taylor. There was an obvious connection with Tom at the Met Gala – you can see that in the of them dancing together.太阳报得到消息:“该事件的时机对霉霉非常不利时装庆典上两人明显有意-从他们一起热舞的视频能非常明显地看出Her people are insistent that no one else was involved in the split with Calvin, which is most likely the case.霉霉方面的人坚持称,与Calvin分手和其他人无关,而事实也极可能如此But it feels pretty disrespectful to be moving on to someone so public so quickly.’但这么短的时间内如此迅速而且公开地步入新恋情还是令人感到怀疑” <牛人_句子>黑龙江公立三甲医院做人流哈尔滨维多利亚女子妇科医院治疗不孕不育好吗



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