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Starting from June 1, some Chinese express delivery companies will hike up delivery fees.自6月1日起,国内部分快递公司将上调派送费。Delivery fees refer to the income a courier gets from collecting or delivering mail or a parcel, insiders said.据业内人士介绍,派送费是指快递员收取和派送邮件或一票包裹所得的收入。Companies including YTO, STO, ZTO, Yunda and Best have all published a notice on 56ec.org.cn, a Chinese e-commerce logistics service portal.圆通、申通、中通、韵达和百世汇通都在中国电子商务物流务网上发布了通知。The companies asked all outlets to increase delivery fees by 0.15 yuan per ticket, effective from June 1.这些公司要求所有网点将派送费上调0.15元/票,自6月1日起实施。All the express companies involved in the hike operate on a franchise model, and said the move was aimed at improving delivery service quality and preventing cutthroat competition.此次提高派送费的均为加盟型快递公司。这些快递公司称,此举旨在提高派件务质量、避免恶性竞争。However, SF Express, an industry leader that sticks to a company-owned model, will not hike up prices.不过,坚持直营模式的快递业领头企业顺丰速运将不会上调派送费。 /201705/511752

Minister of Environmental Protection Chen Jining last Monday said that Chinese cities reported more ;good air; days in 2016.环保部部长陈吉宁上周一表示,2016年,全国城市空气优良天数有所增加。Last year, the 338 cities monitored by the ministry enjoyed good air quality on 78.8% of days, up 2.1 percentage points from 2015, said Chen at a bimonthly session of the National People#39;s Congress Standing Committee.陈吉宁在每两月举行一次的全国人大常委会会议上介绍称,去年,环保部监测的338个城市的空气质量优良天数比例为78.8%,同比提高2.1个百分点。Those cities reported heavy or even worse air pollution on 2.6% of days, down 0.6 percentage points, Chen said.陈吉宁表示,重度及以上空气污染天数比例为2.6%,同比下降0.6个百分点。China received 33,000 tip-offs on environmental violations, issued fines worth over RMB440m in more than 8,500 cases, and detained 720 people in more than 800 cases in 2016, he added.他还表示,2016年,我国受理群众环境违法行为举报3.3万件,立案处罚8500余件、罚款超过4.4亿元,立案侦查800余件、拘留720人。Chen called for beefed up efforts to fight air, water, and soil pollution and fully implement action plans.陈吉宁呼吁要加强治理空气、水、土壤污染的力度,全面实施行动计划。According to the minister, the State Council last year approved the establishment of 18 national nature reserves and carried out remote monitoring of human activities in 446 national nature reserves.据这位部长称,国务院去年批准新成立18处国家级自然保护区,并在446处国家级自然保护区对人人类活动进行遥感监测。Chen also stressed tightening nuclear and radiation safety supervision.此外,陈吉宁还强调了加强核与辐射的安全监督。 /201705/506915

  A bus featuring a new security system debuted in south China#39;s Guangdong province last Friday to make it easier for passengers to escape during emergencies.上周五,配有新型安全逃生系统的汽车在广州面世,这会使得广大乘客在遭遇仅仅状况时更容易逃生。The electric-powered bus, designed by the Municipal Commission of Transport in Guangzhou, will perform trial runs before it is adopted more widely.这种电动公交车是由广州市交通委员会主导设计的,在大面积投入使用之前将进行试运行。According to Zhao Jiantong, manager of the information office of the Guangzhou electrical bus company, there are eight emergency buttons inside the bus. One of the buttons is for the driver, while the remaining seven are for passengers and are located near seven safety windows.据广州有轨电车公司信息办公室经理赵见同介绍,整辆车中共设有8个紧急按钮,其中一个供司机控制,其余的7个全部由乘客自己控制,而且位置靠近7个安全窗口。In the case of explosion or fire, people can escape through nine exits, Zhao was ed as saying by the Guangzhou Daily.《广州日报》援引赵经理的介绍称:“一旦发生火灾或是爆炸,乘客可以通过九个应急出口逃生。The safety windows are larger than those on the old buses and are positioned lower to allow seniors and children to escape.相比旧的公车设置,新车的安全窗口更大,位置更低,这样方便老人和孩子逃生。When a button is pressed, information on an electronic screen outside the bus immediately changes from the bus number to ;SOS,; accompanied by emergency lights and alarms. The new bus is also equipped with a ;black box; that automatically sends information and footage from the bus to the control center when an accident happens.一旦按下了紧急按钮,汽车外部电子显示屏上的车号就会变成SOS,应急灯和报警鸣笛同时开启。”此外,这种新研发的汽车还设有“黑匣子”,当发生事故的时候,它可以向控制中心自动发信息并记录公车的路径。A bus carrying a tour group from Dalian in northeast China#39;s Liaoning province crashed into a highway barrier and caught fire near Taiwan#39;s Taoyuan Airport on July 19 as tourists were end route to the airport for their flight home. All 26 people on board, including a local driver and a local tour guide, were killed. The accident renewed people#39;s concerns over public transportation safety.7月19日,运送来自东北辽宁的一个旅游团的汽车,在前往台湾桃园机场时,撞上高速路路障后起火,车上包括当地司机和导游在内的26人全部死亡。这次事故引发了大众对于公共交通安全的担忧。 /201608/459500

  Beijing could employ controversial measures to control the disputed airspace over the South China Sea, according to an expert with close ties to the Chinese government, as it seeks new ways to assert its authority in the hotly contested region.一位与中国政府关系密切的专家表示,北京方面可能采取有争议的举措来控制南中国海上方的争议空域。目前,中国正在寻找新的办法来维护其在这个存在激烈争议的地区的管控权。Wu Shicun, head of the National Institute for South China Sea Studies, said Beijing reserves the right to impose a so-called air defence identification zone (Adiz) once it had built its second aircraft carrier.中国南海研究院(NISCSS)院长吴士存表示,北京方面保留在建成第二艘航空母舰后立即设立所谓的防空识别区(Adiz)的权利。Although about 20 countries, including the US and Japan, use the zones to control access to their airspace, employing such a measure over the South China Sea, where nine countries have competing territorial claims, would be regarded by Beijing’s neighbours and in Washington as extremely provocative.尽管包括美国和日本在内的约20个国家设立了防空识别区来控制飞行物进入其空域,但在有9个国家提出彼此冲突的领土主张的南中国海采取这样的举措,可能会被中国的邻国和美国视为极度挑衅的行为。Mr Wu, who made the comments at a military forum in Beijing, is not an official government spokesman but he has a record of floating proposals that turn out to be policy. 吴士存是在北京一个军事论坛上发表这些言论的。他并非政府官方发言人,但他过去提出的一些方案最终变成了政策。His observation suggests China is maintaining — or even strengthening — its assertive strategic stance in the Pacific Ocean. 他的言论表明,中国正在维持乃至加强其在太平洋上的强硬战略立场。I don’t think this is just his opinion, one US analyst said of Mr Wu’s statement. 我不认为这只是他的观点,一名美国分析人士在谈到吴士存的话时说。Mr Wu later told analysts his comments had been partly mistranslated.吴士存后来告诉分析人士,他的言论在一定程度上被错译了。Beijing’s experience of employing an Adiz, which requires foreign aircraft to identify themselves, could mean it will refrain from declaring a new one before it can properly enforce it. 北京方面此前设立防空识别区的经历或许意味着,它在能够有效落实之前,不会宣布设立新的防空识别区(防空识别区要求外来飞机通报身份)。When China sought to impose the measure in the East China Sea in 2013 it was immediately challenged by the US, which flew two B-52 bombers through it. 2013年,中国寻求在东中国海划设防空识别区时,立即遭到了美国的挑战,后者派出两架B-52轰炸机飞过了该区域。Beijing was unable or unwilling to scramble aircraft to intercept them.当时北京方面未能或并未打算紧急派出飞机来拦截它们。The construction of a second Chinese aircraft carrier was revealed in March 2015. 中国正在建造第二艘航母的消息在2015年3月曝光。Latest photos show the hull is nearly complete. 最新的照片显示,船体已几近造好。Analysts expect it could be finished by 2018 but training naval aviators and crews mean it may be a decade before it is fully functioning.分析人士预期,这艘航母可能将在2018年完工,但训练海军飞行员和船员意味着,这艘航母可能还需要10年才能充分发挥作用。Tensions have been rising in the South China Sea. 南中国海的紧张气氛一直在加剧。Beijing has been irked by repeated efforts by Washington to test its territorial claims there by moving ships and aircraft close to artificial islands claimed by Beijing.美国多次挑战中国在南中国海的领土主张,派遣舰船和飞机靠近中方宣称拥有主权的人工岛,这些举动已经惹恼了中方。Declaring an Adiz would, in theory, offer Beijing a way to cement further control over the sea, which it claims as its territorial waters. 理论上,宣布设立防空识别区为中方提供了进一步加强对南中国海控制的途径(中方主张南中国海为其领海)。That claim was repudiated this year by an international arbitration court, which ruled in favour of a Philippine challenge to China’s claims in the South China Sea — a decision that infuriated Beijing.今年,一个国际仲裁法庭否定了中方的这一主张,做出的裁决有利于菲律宾对中国在南中国海主张构成的挑战——这一裁决激怒了北京方面。The comments from Mr Wu were made at the Xiangshan Forum, an annual three-day gathering in Beijing that offers a window into the strategic thinking of China’s military.吴士存的言论是在香山论坛(Xiangshan Forum)上发表的,这是一个在北京举行的、为期三天的年度会议,这一会议为外界了解中国军方的战略思维提供了一个窗口。In another apparently orchestrated message to the US, Chinese and Russian military officials held a joint briefing on their opposition to Washington’s plans to deploy an anti-ballistic missile system in South Korea. 中国和俄罗斯军方官员举行了联合吹风会,反对美国在韩国部署反弹道导弹系统的计划——这是对美发出的另一个明显经过精心安排的信息。Seoul requested the Terminal High-Altitude Air Defence system following successive nuclear warhead tests this year by North Korea.在今年朝鲜连续举行核弹头试验后,韩国请求美国在韩部署末段高空区域防御系统(THAAD,简称:萨德)。Cai Jun, a general in the People’s Liberation Army, said Russia and China would hold a second set of missile defence joint manoeuvres next year, following a first round in Moscow in May. 中国人民解放军少将蔡军表示,俄罗斯和中国明年将举行第二轮导弹防御联合演习,今年5月双方已在莫斯科举行了第一轮演习。The drills underline how opposition to the US has driven Russia and China closer together on military matters.这些演习凸显出,对美国的反对如何推动俄中在军事问题上越走越近。 /201610/472145。


  When Bill de Blasio successfully ran for mayor of New York City in 2013, he campaigned against a tale of two cities divided between rich and poor.2013年当比尔#8226;德布拉西奥(Bill de Blasio)竞选纽约市长时,他的竞选口号之一是反对贫富割裂的一座城市两种生活。德布拉西奥成功当选。And when Sadiq Khan won London’s mayoral election in May, he did so after promising a London living wage and a London living rent to combat low pay and high housing costs.今年5月萨迪克汗(Sadiq Khan)赢得伦敦市长选举,在那之前,他承诺要制定伦敦最低生活工资(London living wage)和伦敦居民房租标准(London living rent),以对抗低工资和高住房成本。Economic inequality, increasingly central to international and national economic policy discussions, is making its mark on city-level politics as well.经济不平等作为国际上和国内经济政策讨论中越来越核心的议题,也在对城市层级的政治产生影响。Studies show income inequality has risen in cities across the US and Europe. 研究显示,在整个美国和欧洲,城市的收入不平等问题都在加剧。Edward Glaeser, an economics professor at Harvard, says there was a dramatic increase in inequality in [US] cities between 1980 and 2006. 哈佛大学(Harvard)经济学教授爱德华#8226;格莱泽(Edward Glaeser)表示,1980至2006年间美国城市的不平等程度显著上升。A study, co-authored by Mr Glaeser, says: with one exception all metropolitan areas went up in inequality in this period.格莱泽与人合著的一项研究指出:这一时期所有大城市地区的不平等程度都在走高,只有一个城市例外。Similarly, a study of 13 European capital cities has found that in 10 of them, economic inequality rose in the first decade of this century. 类似的,对欧洲13个首都城市的一项研究也发现,其中有10个城市的经济不平等程度在本世纪头十年中加剧了。Maarten van Ham, a professor at the universities of Delft and St Andrew’s and one of the authors, adds that socio-economic segregation — the degree to which the rich and the poor live in different parts of the city — rose in 12 out of the 13.马尔滕#8226;范汉姆(Maarten van Ham)是荷兰代尔夫特理工大学(Delft University of Technology)和圣安德鲁斯大学(University of St Andrews)的教授,同时也是这项研究的作者之一。他补充称,在这13座城市当中,有12座城市的社会经济割裂程度(即富人和穷人分别生活于同一城市不同区域这种情况的严重程度)加深。Often when inequality increases it takes [time] to see increased segregation, says Mr van Ham. 范汉姆表示:通常当不平等加剧时,要滞后一段时间才会观察到社会分隔加剧。We think segregation by income will increase even more in the next decade.我们认为未来十年由收入导致的社会割裂将进一步深化。The harm such segregation may cause is only now being understood. 直到现在,人们才开始了解这种割裂可能导致的危害。In the US, the Stanford University economist Raj Chetty caused waves by demonstrating that intergenerational mobility varies enormously according to the neighbourhood a person grows up in.在美国,斯坦福大学(Stanford University)经济学家拉杰#8226;切迪(Raj Chetty)的研究激起了巨大反响。他的研究显示,代际流动性因个体成长的社区环境不同而存在巨大差异。Each year children spend in the most upwardly mobile neighbourhoods, Mr Chetty found, causes their adult incomes to be 0.8 per cent higher compared to the national average. 切迪发现,儿童在向上流动性最强的社区中每生活一年,他们成年后的收入水平将因此较全国平均值高出0.8%。Each year in the worst neighbourhoods lowers their adult incomes by 0.7 per cent.而在向上流动性最差的社区中每生活一年,将导致儿童成年后的收入降低0.7%。But scholars caution against thinking inequality can be primarily addressed at city level. 但学者们警告称,不应认为不平等问题可以主要在城市这一层面上得到应对。The processes that led to segregation reflect global economic changes in the structure of the labour market especially, says Mr van Ham. 导致社会割裂的种种进程反映出了全球经济状况的种种变化,尤其是劳动力市场结构中的这种变化,范汉姆表示。The number of professionals has been increasing a lot and there are also a lot of low-income families.专业人士的数量明显增多,与此同时也出现了大量的低收入家庭。In Vienna, the number of professionals doubled in a decade, Mr van Ham and his colleagues found. 范汉姆和他的同事们发现,在维也纳,专业人士的数量在十年间翻了一番。These are people with high incomes and, if you have money, you can choose a nice place to live. 这些人的收入较高,而当你有钱之后,你可以选择在一个较好地段居住。So housing got much more expensive in the most attractive parts of Vienna and the lower paid could not afford to live there any more.因此维也纳最具魅力的地段住房成本大幅攀升,收入较低群体无力负担继续在这些地段生活。Mr Glaeser points out that if national-level inequality does not improve, more egalitarian cities would simply mean reshuffling rich and poor citizens into separate cities, resulting in more segregation rather than integration.格莱泽指出,在国家层面的不平等没有改善的情况下,城市主张进一步的平等化将仅意味着将富人和穷人重新安排到不同城市,导致更进一步的社会割裂而非融合。And while more unequal US cities in the 1980s were poorer ones, he found, that relationship has changed. 格莱泽发现,二十世纪八十年代不平等严重的美国城市通常较为贫穷,但这一关系已经发生了改变。Today, a city may be more unequal than another not because it has more poverty but because it has more rich people.如今,一座城市比另一座城市更不平等的原因,可能不是因为贫困人口更多,而是因为富人更多。If you increase inequality by plopping in a bunch of tech billionaires in an area, that can’t be bad for growth, Mr Glaeser argues. 格莱泽指出:如果你将一群科技亿万富翁引入一个地区而加剧了收入不平等程度,这不会对经济增长带来不利影响。What we should be worrying about is whether cities are places of opportunity for the poor.我们应当担心的是,城市对于穷人来说是否仍是充满机遇的地方。Mr van Ham agrees. 范汉姆同意这种观点。If you see segregation as a problem, then I see as the solution investment in people, education, jobs, children — offer them opportunities. 如果你认为社会割裂是一个问题,那么在我看来解决方案是投资于人、教育、就业以及儿童——为他们提供机遇。You can’t solve inequality in one generation.你不可能在一代人的时间里化解不平等。The ability of city leaders to reduce inequality is limited. 城市领导者在降低收入不平等方面所能发挥的作用有限。Anything that smacks of crude redistribution is likely to be ineffective, says Mr Glaeser, as this will just drive the rich to the suburbs.格莱泽表示,任何带有初始收入再分配色的举措很可能都不会成功,因为这将促使富人群体迁往郊区。That does not mean leaders such as Mr Khan and Mr de Blasio can wash their hands of the problem. 但这并不意味着像萨迪克汗和比尔#8226;德布拉西奥这样的城市领导者可以对不平等问题放手不管。In Europe, Mr van Ham says: If we’re not careful, in 15 to 20 years our cities will be much more segregated than now.范汉姆指出,在欧洲地区,如果我们不小心应对,15至20年后,城市的贫富割裂程度将比现在严重得多。He worries about rushing the job of settling refugees recently arrived in Europe. 他担心政府可能会草率推进新近来到欧洲的难民的安置工作。People say let’s move them to places where there are houses available, Mr van Ham notes, while pointing out that these are places where nobody wants to live because of a lack of amenities and opportunities. 人们会说,把他们迁到有房可住的地方,范汉姆表示;他同时指出,那些地方通常没有人愿意居住,因为缺乏配套设施和发展机会。That creates problems for the future. 这会给未来埋下隐患。How will they respond in 15 to 20 years?15至20年后,他们将如何应对?While cities may try in vain to reduce inequality directly, Mr Glaeser suggests they can help us learn about policies that at the national level would make a difference. 城市为降低收入不平等而采取的直接举措或许会徒劳无功,但格莱泽指出,这些尝试可以帮助我们进一步了解相关政策,而在国家层面这些政策或许能产生效果。There are a lot of [socio-economic challenges] to which we don’t know the right answer, he says. 对于很多社会经济方面的挑战,我们并不知道正确,他表示。He cites the provision of pre-school education at a reasonable cost and the training of entrepreneurs as examples.他举出的例子是,以合理成本提供学前教育以及对创业者的培训。What cities should be are laboratories for opportunity, where we experiment with different things, Mr Glaeser says. Cities should do what they do best, which is fundamentally to produce knowledge. 城市应当成为机遇的实验室,成为我们尝试不同事物的地方,格莱泽表示,城市该去做它们最擅长的事,本质上也就是生产知识。 /201609/464688Great champions know how to end their career at the peak of their success. DeepMind, Alphabet’s artificial intelligence lab, has decided that its computer program, AlphaGo, will no longer focus on winning the board game Go. Instead, according to a blog post co-written by Demis Hassabis, DeepMind chief executive, the focus will be on “developing advanced general algorithms that could one day help scientists as they tackle some of our most complex problems, such as finding new cures for diseases”.伟大的冠军懂得如何在巅峰时刻激流勇退。Alphabet旗下人工智能实验室DeepMind已决定,其计算机程序AlphaGo将不再专注于下赢围棋。取而代之的是,根据DeepMind首席执行官杰米斯?哈萨比斯(Demis Hassabis)与别人合写的一篇文,焦点将是“研发先进的通用算法,有朝一日帮助科学家解决我们面临的一些最复杂的问题,例如为疾病寻找新的治疗方法”。The ambition is justified. AI may lead to remarkable breakthroughs, especially in the hands of thoughtful people. Yet these spectacular developments may be more easily achieved if a misunderstanding is removed.这一雄心合情合理。人工智能也许将带来重大突破,尤其是当它掌握在考虑周密的人手中时。然而,如果对人工智能的一个误解能够被破除的话,或许会更容易实现这方面的伟大成就。Some seem to think that AI is about coupling artificial agency and intelligent behaviour in new programs. Yet the opposite makes more sense: it is about decoupling successful problem solving from any need to be intelligent. Only when this is achieved is it successful.有些人似乎认为,人工智能就是在新的程序中耦合人造的主观能动性与智能行为。然而,反过来理解才更有道理:人工智能是关于将成功的问题解决与表现出智能的需要解耦。只有实现这一点,人工智能才算成功。The best definition of AI was written in 1955 by US computer scientist John McCarthy and colleagues, part of the classic proposal for the Dartmouth summer research project on人工智能的最佳定义是由美国计算机科学家约翰?麦卡锡(John McCarthy)及其同事在1955年提出的,那是确立了人工智能这一研究领域的达特茅斯学院暑期人工智能研讨项目经典提议的一部分。他们写道,问题在于“让机器达到这样的行为,即人类如果做出同样行为将被称为智能”。 /201706/514626

  Making Hillary Clinton sweat through the end of the Democratic primary season was unlikely enough. But how did a septuagenarian socialist senator become something of a cultural (and pop cultural) phenomenon?在民主党初选期间,让希拉里从头到尾都得捏把汗已经够出人意料的了。但一个年逾古稀、信奉社会主义的参议员如何还成为了一个文化(而且是流行文化)现象呢?Here are some of the ways in which that senator, Bernie Sanders, who is scheduled to speak on Monday at the Democratic National Convention, has left his mark beyond politics.来看看伯尼·桑德斯(Bernie Sanders)如何在政治以外的领域留下了自己的印记。这位参议员将于周一在民主党全国大会上发言。Baby Berns伯恩宝宝们Bald heads. Flailing arms. Perpetual restlessness.没长头发的小脑袋。挥舞着的手臂。永不停歇。It is easy to see why many of America’s youngest residents gravitated to Mr. Sanders — or, at least, why their parents have seen fit to dress them up as supporters, thick-frame glasses and all.不难看出为什么很多美国最年轻的居民们会被桑德斯吸引——或者至少为什么他们的父母愿意将他们打扮成桑德斯的持者,带着黑框眼镜之类的。When they are older, perhaps the children can reconcile questions of income inequality and free college tuition on their own terms. Until then, they are #BabiesForBernie.等孩子们长大了,他们也许能以自己的方式解决收入不平等和大学免学费的问题。在此之前,他们仍是#BabiesForBernie(意为持伯尼的宝宝们——译注)。Hair Goals美发目标Do the youths of today wander into salons demanding “the Bernie”? They do not.如今有哪个年轻人会跑到理发店要求剪个“伯尼头”吗?没有。But at rallies and the occasional costume party, the faux Sanders mane has proliferated. Commitment levels can vary: Some place their wigs haphazardly over their hair, as if channeling the candidate’s sartorial nonchalance.但在集会和偶尔的化妆舞会上,桑德斯假发总是层出不穷。每个人的投入程度可能不同:有人就把假发随意的放在头发上,好像在传递这位候选人不在乎穿着的态度。For others, dedication is critical. One Halloween site last year advised using a bald cap and double-sided tape to achieve the full effect. An “old-age makeup kit” was also recommended.对另一些人来说,全身投入是非常关键的。去年,一个万圣节网站建议使用光头头套和双面胶带,以达到完整的效果。“老人妆工具包”也是推荐之一。Equality in Ice Cream冰淇淋中的平等诉求The revolution was served cold.这种观念的革命是以一种清凉的方式进行的。Mr. Sanders inspired an ice cream flavor created by Ben Cohen, a co-founder of Ben amp; Jerry’s — which began as a scoop shop in the senator’s home state, Vermont.班杰利公司(Ben amp; Jerry#39;s)联合创始人本·科恩(Ben Cohen)以桑德斯为灵感,研发出了一种冰淇淋口味。班杰利公司是从桑德斯的家乡佛蒙特州的一家冰淇淋零售店发展到今天的。Mr. Cohen has described the flavor as “participatory.” A sheet of chocolate sits atop mint ice cream. “The huge disc of solid chocolate represents all the wealth since the end of the recession that’s gone to the top 1 percent,” Mr. Cohen said in January. He advised consumers to “whack that chocolate into a lot of little pieces” until it mixed with the ice cream.科恩把这种口味描述为“供人分享式”。薄荷冰淇淋顶上覆盖着一层巧克力。“这一大片实心巧克力代表着衰退结束以来流向最富有的百分之一人口的所有财富,”科恩在今年1月表示。他建议顾客“把巧克力捣成很多小碎片”,直到与冰淇淋充分混合在一起。“And there you have it,” he said, before proclaiming the flavor’s name. “Bernie’s Yearning.”“这便是,”他宣布了该种口味的冰淇淋的名字,“伯尼的热望。”The Voice of a Revolution革命之声In 1987, Mr. Sanders set off on a (very) brief singing career, with “We Shall Overcome,” an album of folk music and spoken word. It is about as melodious as it sounds.在1987年,桑德斯以民谣和诵读专辑《我们终将克困难》(We Shall Overcome)开启了一段(非常)短暂的歌唱生涯。专辑的名字基本可以体现它的悦耳程度But the work has enjoyed a second life. Mr. Sanders’s Brooklyn timbre once labored through Woody Guthrie’s “This Land Is Your Land” (“As I went wawking … that ribbon of highway … I sawr above me … that endless skyway”), but he eventually secured more professional help.但这张专辑已经获得了新生。有着布鲁克林口音的桑德斯一度费力献唱伍迪·格瑟里(Woody Guthrie)的《这是你的土地》(This Land Is Your Land):“当我漫步在(As I went wawking )……蜿蜒如带的公路上……仰头望见(I sawr above me)……高架公路伸向无边的天际”。但他最终获得了更多专业人士的帮助。At a Sanders rally before the Iowa caucuses, the band Vampire Weekend assumed lead vocals, with Mr. Sanders mouthing the words a safe distance from any microphone.艾奥瓦州党团会议召开前,在一个持桑德斯的集会上,担任主唱的是吸血鬼周末(Vampire Weekend)乐队,桑德斯唱歌时则和所有麦克风保持着安全距离。Accented by Straight Tawk不时闪现的坦率言辞Larry David’s version had the widest audience, but Mr. Sanders’s success unleashed a hail of impressions as consistent as his message. From Brooklyn to Burlington, Vt., it seemed, locals had been waiting for years to debut their Bernie.拉里·戴维 (Larry David)模仿桑德斯的版本最为深入人心,但桑德斯的胜利掀起了如他的理念般一以贯之的模仿狂潮。从布鲁克林到佛蒙特州的伯灵顿,当地人似乎已等待多年,急于秀出由他们演绎的伯尼。They added and dropped R’s indiscriminately. They talked with their hands. They spoke in percentages (“the top one-tenth of 1 percent …”) and recited Mr. Sanders’s stated average donation () as if it were a bank PIN.他们不管不顾地加上或漏掉R音。他们讲话时挥舞双手。他们言必谈百分比(“1%最富人口的前十分之一”),还会提及桑德斯宣布的平均每笔捐助的金额(27美元),仿佛它是电子密码。Millionehhhhs and billionehhhhs rolled their eyes.他们拖长发音,翻着眼球把millions(数百万)和billions(数十亿)念成millionehhhhs 和billionehhhhs。Taking His Shots (With Some Drama)大胆尝试(带有戏剧效果)In recent months, Mr. Sanders drew headlines by scoring perhaps the hottest tickets on each coast, for “Hamilton” on Broadway and for a Golden State Warriors playoff game before the California primary.最近几个月,桑德斯因为在东西海岸都买下了或许是最炙手可热的门票而登上了新闻头条。他不但去百老汇看了《汉密尔顿》(Hamilton),还在加州的初选前为进入季后赛的金州勇士队(Golden State Warriors)站脚助威。Neither spectacle proved a perfect fit for the Sanders message. The musical, for all its paeans to immigration and American gumption, is at other moments a monument to the nation’s banking prowess.事实明,无论哪个绚烂场景都无法跟他的理念完美契合。这部音乐剧尽管不乏针对移民和美国人的进取心的溢美之词,在另外一些时刻却是一首歌颂美国实力的赞歌。As for the Warriors, Mr. Sanders strained to compare the most dominant regular-season N.B.A. team in history to his upstart bid. “Many experts,” his campaign insisted, had called it a “mathematical impossibility” for the Warriors to reach the N.B.A. finals after falling behind by three games to one in a best-of-seven series.至于勇士队,桑德斯竭力把这NBA常规赛有史以来的最强队伍与他的异军突起相提并论。他的竞选团队坚称,“许多业内人士”曾经说过,由于在七场四胜制的系列赛中以1比3落后,勇士队想要进入总决赛“从数学角度看是不可能”。Alas, no one had said this. But it would have been nice.哎,没人此前这么说过。但如果真是这样,也挺好的。Animal Control操控动物Skeptics wondered how a President Sanders might have hoped to muscle his ambitious agenda through Congress. But there was always one rather impressive testament to his persuasive powers: He seemed capable of controlling animals.质疑者们曾经想要知道,如果桑德斯当上总统,他可能如何打算强力推动其有着宏伟目标的事务议程在国会获得通过。但关于他高超的游说能力,有一个相当令人印象深刻的据:他似乎能够控制动物。It happened in March, at a rally in Portland, Ore. Mr. Sanders had been talking about education. A small bird — later named “Birdie Sanders” by collective internet wisdom — drew near. The crowd stirred.事情发生在俄勒冈州波特兰市今年3月的一场集会上。桑德斯一直都在谈论教育问题。一只小鸟——后来被才华横溢的网友命名为“小鸟·桑德斯”(Birdie Sanders)——越飞越近。人们开始交头接耳。“Now, you see, this little bird doesn’t know it …” Mr. Sanders began. He started to lift a finger skyward.“现在你看,这只小鸟不知道……”桑德开口说道,并将一根手指指向天空。Then came the scene that launched a thousand memes: Birdie Sanders, landing on the lectern, as the people roared.然后就是催生出大量网络米姆的那个场景:小鸟·桑德斯在人们的欢呼声中落在讲台上。 /201607/456737



  Children under 12 will be banned from sitting beside vehicle drivers from March, 2017 in Shanghai.自2017年3月起,上海未满12周岁的未成年人将禁止坐在副驾驶上。The ban is part of the city#39;s new road and traffic management law that was approved by the Shanghai legislature last Thursday.该禁令是上海立法机构于上周四批准的新的道路交通管理条例的一部分。Child safety seats will also become mandatory for private cars carrying children under the age of 4, according to the amendment to the regulation that takes effect on March 25.根据将于3月25日生效的条例修正案,携带未满4周岁未成年人的私家车应配备儿童安全座椅。The legislators reached a consensus to add the stipulations in the new law to better protect local children and increase the public awareness.立法人员达成共识,在新规中加入该规定,以便更好地保护当地儿童,提高公众意识。The Juveniles Protection Regulation bans children from sitting in the front and also requires the use of child safety seats for very young children, but the regulations are often largely ignored because of a lack of public awareness.《未成年人保护法》禁止儿童坐在前面,并要求为年幼的儿童使用儿童安全座椅,但由于公众缺乏意识,这些规定往往被忽视。The amendment also bans drivers from using mobile phones or watching other electronic devices while driving.此修正案还禁止司机在驾驶时使用手机或观看其他电子设备。It is common for drivers to short messages or chat on WeChat on their mobile phones, which has become a major threat to driving safety.司机在手机上读取短信或用微信聊天是很常见的,这已经成为驾驶安全的主要威胁。The amendment has imposed tougher punishment on those who take the demerit points of others. Motorists who ask other drivers to take demerits on their license for them will be fined 500 to 2,000 yuan.该修正案对那些替代记分的人施加了更严厉的惩罚。由他人替代记分的司机,由公安机关处五百元以上二千元以下罚款。Those who take demerits for others will be fined 1,000 to 5,000 yuan and may have their license suspended for up to three months.替代他人记分的司机,由公安机关处一千元以上五千元以下罚款,可能暂扣三个月以下机动车驾驶。Police said the practice of taking demerits for others had become rampant among local drivers because those who tot up 12 points within a year have to take a 7-day training course and retake a driving test to regain their license.警方表示,为他人替代记分的做法在当地司机中变得很猖獗,因为那些在一年内累计扣12分的人必须参加为期7天的培训课程,并重新参加驾驶考试才能再次获得驾驶。 /201701/487786

  Pakistan on Thursday welcomed an offer by ed States Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump to ease tensions with nuclear-armed rival India over ongoing unrest in Kashmir.在周四巴基斯坦欢迎美国共和党总统候选人唐纳德·特朗普所提出的缓和与核武器对手印度在克什米尔地区持续动荡的紧张局势。In an interview with Indian newspaper Hindustan Times last week, Trump said he would be pleased to be a mediator between Pakistan and India.特朗普于上周接受印度报纸“印度斯坦时报”采访时说,他很乐意成为巴基斯坦与印度之间的调解人。“Well, I would love to see Pakistan and India get along, because that#39;s a very, very hot tinderbox.... That would be a very great thing. I hope they can do it,” Trump said. Islamabad said it did not comment on media reports usually but in this case it welcomed the mediation offer.特朗普说:“好吧,我很想看到巴基斯坦与印度在一起,因为这是一个非常,非常热的火药桶……这将是一件非常伟大的事情。我希望他们能做到“。伊斯兰堡说,它通常不媒体报道,但是在这种情况下,它欢迎对方提出调解。“We continue to urge our American friends including those in the administration to play their due role in resolving bilateral issues between Pakistan and India, particularly the Kashmir dispute,” Foreign Office Spokesman Nafees Zakaria told a weekly briefing.外交部发言人纳菲斯·扎卡里亚在每周简报中说:“我们继续敦促那些包括行政部门在内的美国朋友们在解决巴基斯坦与印度之间的双边问题,特别是克什米尔争端方面发挥应有的作用。”“And definitely Pakistan has welcomed in the past also any role of mediation, we welcome such offers,” Zakaria said.扎卡里亚说:“巴基斯坦在过去也肯定欢迎过任何调解的作用,我们欢迎这样的提议”。The comment was a change of tack after Pakistan#39;s interior minister launched a blistering attack on Trump#39;s “ignorance” in May after the billionaire vowed that if he won office he would free a doctor jailed in 2011 after helping track down Osama bin Laden.这个是一个改变,在巴基斯坦内政部长对特朗普在5月的“无知”发动了一场轰炸袭击后,亿万富翁发誓,如果他赢得了大选,他会释放一名曾经于2011年帮助追踪乌萨马·本·拉登后被监禁的医生。Trump was being criticised in the US Thursday after he turned his final presidential debate appearance into an unprecedented assault on US political convention by refusing to say that he would respect a Hillary Clinton victory in November.特朗普于美国时间周四受到批评,他把他最后一次的总统辩论形象变成了一场针对美国政治公约的史无前例的攻击,通过拒绝说出他会在11月尊重希拉里·克林顿的胜利。Tensions have soared in recent weeks between the subcontinental rivals as India blamed Pakistan for an attack on the Uri army base in India-held Kashmir on September 18, after which New Delhi conducted an alleged “surgical strike” across the border ─ a claim that Pakistan has strongly rejected.紧张局势在最近几周飙升,在次大陆对手之间,因为印度指责巴基斯坦于9月18日在印度控制的克什米尔地区对Uri陆军基地的攻击,新德里在边境地区进行了所谓的“外科手术式打击”之后 — 巴基斯坦已强烈拒绝这个声明。Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi urged BRICS leaders Sunday to take a strong united stand against the “mothership of terrorism” in the South Asian region, in a thinly veiled reference to Pakistan.印度总理纳迪德拉·莫迪敦促金砖国家领导人于周日采取坚定的联合立场反对在南亚地区的“恐怖主义的母舰”,有稍微一点点参考到巴基斯坦。 /201610/474784


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