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Ladies, if you want a man at your feet, wear high heels。女士们,想要男人为你们尽折腰,就穿高跟鞋吧。Research shows that men are more likely to help a woman wearing heels than one in flats。调查显示男人们更愿意对穿高跟鞋的女人们伸出援手,而不是穿平底鞋的。This assistance ranges from taking part in a survey, to chasing after a woman who has dropped a glove。助人为乐的范围从参与问卷,到追上去归还女人落下的手套都有。French researcher Nicholas Guéguen said: ‘Women’s shoe heel size exerts a powerful influence on men’s behaviour.’法国研究员尼古拉斯#8226;盖冈说道:“女人鞋跟的高度对男人的行为表现出巨大的影响力。”Professor Guéguen first showed that men were much more likely to agree to fill in a questionnaire when stopped in the street by a woman in heels. And the higher the heels, the more willing they were。盖冈教授首先展示了:当一个女人穿着高跟鞋站在街头时,男人们更愿意停下来填写调查问卷。鞋跟的高度越高,他们就更愿意停下来。When the women doing the survey were in flats, just 25 of the 60 men took part。当穿着平底鞋的女人要求他们做问卷时,60个男人中只有25个表示愿意。A two-inch heel made them more amenable, with 36 out of the 60 that were approached agreeing to answer the woman’s questions。两英寸的高跟让她们显得更有责任感,每60个人中有36人表示愿意回答这些女人的问题。But when the heels rose to almost four inches, the number of male volunteers rose to 49 out of 60, or as Professor Guéguen put it: ‘Men responded more favourably to the survey request as soon as the length of her heels increased.’但是当鞋跟高到几乎四英寸时,男性参与者增加到每60人中有49人同意,或如盖冈教授所说的那样:“鞋跟的高度越上涨,男人对于参与问卷的回应就越积极。”Tellingly, heel height had no effect on women’s odds of agreeing to do the survey。显然,高跟鞋不影响女人们同意做问卷的几率。In another experiment, men were almost twice as likely to return a glove to a woman if she was in high heels。在另一个实验中,如果女人穿着高跟鞋,男人归还女人手套的可能性翻倍。Some 56 out of 60 men stopped or chased down a female who dropped a glove while walking ahead of them in four-inch heels。对于穿着四英寸高跟鞋走在前面的女子,每60个男人中有56人停下来或者追上去归还她们落下的手套。The professor, from the University of South Brittany, said that men may see offering help as a non-threatening way of making contact with an attractive female。这位南布列塔尼大学的教授说,男人们可能把伸出援手视为和迷人女性接触的一种平和方式。。His final experiment involved watching how long it took men standing drinking in a bar to approach a woman sitting alone at a nearby table。他的最后一个实验是观察一个男人站在酒吧喝酒,会盯着一个独自坐在邻近桌边的女人多久。A woman in high heels was chatted up almost twice as quickly as one in sensible shoes, the journal Archives of Sexual Behavior reports。《性行为档案》杂志表明,穿高跟的女人要比穿平跟的女人被搭讪的概率高出一倍。Professor Guéguen isn’t sure why heels make a woman more attractive but he says that it may be by that changes in gait and posture make her seem more feminine。盖冈教授不确定高跟鞋为何让女人变得更有吸引力,不过他说也许是步态和姿势的改变让她们变得更有女人味。However, a previous British study found that a man can’t tell from a woman’s walk whether she is wearing heels。然而,一份早前的英国研究发现男人不能从女人走路的姿势看出她是否穿了高跟。In any case, the women in the bar were sitting down。无论如何,酒吧里的女人是坐着的。Another possibility is that that the use of high heels in sexy films and adverts has led to men near-automatically associating them with desirability。另一个可能性就是,性感电影和广告中出现高跟鞋而让男人不由自主地把高跟鞋和吸引力联想到一起。 /201507/3856111. Given the current state of the economy, many people are choosing to double up with a roommate to help share expenses。考虑到现在的经济形势,很多人都选择找一个室友来分摊房租。 /201507/384769

NEW DELHI — On a sticky morning last week, Deputy Commissioner Chandra Shekhar Sahukar of India’s Agriculture Ministry (animal husbandry department, small ruminant section) found himself in a yoga class for the first time in his 57 years, miserably grasping his ankle.新德里——上周,在一个闷热的早上,印度农业部(畜牧处小型反刍动物科)的副主管钱德拉·谢卡尔·萨胡卡(Chandra Shekhar Sahukar)在瑜伽课上艰难地抓着自己的脚踝,这是他生平57年来第一次上瑜伽课。In his bag he carried a photocopy of a memorandum advising senior officials to familiarize themselves with certain postures ahead of International Yoga Day this Sunday, when they will take part in a mass outdoor yoga session scheduled to begin at 7 a.m. The session is intended to qualify for the Guinness Book of World Records, the memo says, warning, “If some officials turn up without practice, there will be risk of the record claim being affected.”他的包里有一份备忘录的复印件,上面建议高级官员在周日的“国际瑜伽日”(International Yoga Day)之前熟悉某些姿势,因为预定从周日早上7点开始,他们将参加一场大型户外瑜伽活动。这个活动旨在创下吉尼斯世界纪录,备忘录警告说,“如果一些到场的官员没有事先做好练习,纪录就有可能受到影响。”At the front of the room, the instructor was folding and unfolding himself like a pocketknife, and pointedly reminding members of the class that they would soon be performing under the scrutiny of “Modi-saab.” When he asked the students to press their faces to their knees, Mr. Sahukar — whose professional duties, he noted later, include “a lot of sitting” — could keep silent no longer.在房间的前部,老师一边像折叠刀似的叠合、展开自己的身体,一边毫不含糊地提醒学员,他们很快就要在“莫迪大大”(Modi-saab)的监督下做这些姿势了。当他要学员们把脸埋在膝盖上时,萨胡卡再也无法保持沉默了(他后来提到,他的工作“很多时候都需要坐着”)。“It’s not touching!” he exclaimed. “I can’t bend anymore!”“我挨不到!”他喊道。“我没法再弯了!”Of the major initiatives that Prime Minister Narendra Modi has introduced since taking office, few have generated as much static as Yoga Day, which will feature a 35-minute public demonstration of poses by more than 35,000 government employees, students and other citizens. Though the Western world regards yoga primarily as physical exercise, Indians are more apt to see its postures and Sanskrit chants as freighted with ideological or religious meaning.印度总理纳伦德拉·莫迪(Narendra Modi)上任以来推出了一些重大举措,其中几乎没有哪一个产生了“瑜伽日”这么大的声势。瑜伽日要求逾3.5万名政府雇员、学生和其他公众进行35分钟的公开表演。尽管西方世界觉得瑜伽主要是锻炼身体的方式,但印度人更倾向于认为,瑜伽姿势和梵语念诵具有意识形态或宗教意义。Shripad Naik, India’s first minister overseeing yoga and traditional medicine, who has helped organize this month’s celebration, said it was time to clear away the vestiges of a Western lifestyle left behind by colonial powers.什里帕德·奈克(Shripad Naik)是印度主管瑜伽和传统医学的第一部长,他帮助组织了这个月的庆祝活动,并表示现在是时候清除殖民列强遗留的西方生活方式的印记了。“Earlier, our people used to get up before sunrise and sleep before sunset, but now our lifestyle has changed. They are going to the pub, they will go in the middle of the night, at 12 or 1, and eat chicken and many, many new dishes,” said Mr. Naik, who, like the prime minister, rises before dawn and practices yoga daily. He recommends going to sleep by 9 p.m., gets his news from the Hindi-language press and proudly declares that he has never had an injection.“过去,印度人在日出前起床,日落前休息,但现在我们的生活方式发生了变化。人们会去酒吧,而且在深夜12点或1点去,还吃鸡肉以及很多、很多新菜式,”像莫迪一样,奈克每天在黎明之前起床练瑜伽。他建议大家在9点前睡觉。他通过印地语媒体了解新闻,而且自豪地宣称自己从未打过针。“There will be a lifestyle change,” he said. “Our style will come.”“这里会出现生活方式上的改变,”他说。“我们的生活方式将会到来。”Mr. Modi is not the first Indian leader to promote yoga. Indira Gandhi was so devoted to her yoga instructor, Dhirendra Brahmachari, that he accompanied her family when it traveled, and became known as the “flying guru.”莫迪不是第一个推广瑜伽运动的印度领导人。英迪拉·甘地(Indira Gandhi)对她的瑜伽教练迪伦德拉·婆罗马恰里(Dhirendra Brahmachari)非常信任,以至于当她的家人旅游时,他也会陪伴同行,因此还有了一个“飞行大师”的称号。At events, Mr. Modi often shares the dais with Baba Ramdev, who presides over an ayurvedic medical empire and has preached against influences he describes as foreign, among them the English language, chemical pesticides and fertilizers. Mr. Naik, the yoga minister, himself learned yoga through the R.S.S., and said he hoped that the widesp practice of yoga would lower rates of violent crime.在各种活动中,莫迪经常与巴巴·兰德弗(Baba Ramdev)同场演讲。此人经营着一个阿育吠陀医学帝国,鼓吹反对英语、化学农药和化肥等事物,并称它们是“外国”的影响。主管瑜伽的部长奈克是通过RSS学会瑜伽的,他希望瑜伽的普及可以降低暴力犯罪率。“You see these rapes happening, all these bad habits. When he is doing something positive, the bad will be out of him,” he said.“你看到会有强奸案发生,人们有那么多坏习惯。当人们做积极的事情时,就会摆脱那些坏事情,”他说。As for government workers, Mr. Naik said, they will become more productive and less corrupt. “There will be a definite change in the way the bureaucracy functions,” he said. “When they are thin, all their energy will go into producing better work. There is no need to do it forcefully, once we have put them on the right path.”至于政府工作人员,奈克表示,他们会提高效率、减少腐败。“职能机构的工作作风会产生明显的变化,”他说。“当他们瘦下来,他们的全部精力就会用在更好地开展工作上。一旦我们让他们走上正确的道路,就不需要采取强制手段了。”Bal Mukund Singh, the yoga instructor, ended the class by urging his students to become Hanuman, the monkey god, and then watched as they dispersed to the offices where they would spend their days handling dusty file folders and eating fritters. When they were out of sight, he checked off the characteristics he had observed, things like “big tummy, rigid body, less flexibility, stress, tension, depression, diabetes.” Still, he said cheerfully, these are good days.瑜伽教练巴尔·木孔德·辛格(Bal Mukund Singh)在这堂课结束时,敦促学员们向猴神哈努曼(Hanuman)看齐,然后目送学员们回到各自的办公室。这些人日常处理尘封的档案夹,爱吃油炸面团。当他们离开视线之后,他列举了观察到的学员特征,比如“肚子大、身体僵硬、灵活性较差、压力大、紧张、抑郁、有糖尿病。”不过他高兴地说,现在的形势很好。“They heard it on TV, and they are running toward the yoga,” he said. “The prime minister is the king. If the king does something, that is very effective. And this time, our king is doing yoga.”“他们在电视上看到了新闻,就跑来做瑜伽,”他说。“总理就像国王。如果国王在做什么事情,就会产生非常好的带动效果。目前,我们的国王正在做瑜伽。” /201506/381120

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