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哈尔滨宫外孕要多少钱哈尔滨人流手术费多少啊“阿汤嫂”跑马拉松 阿汤哥携女助威Holmes was among the tens of thousands of runners participating in the annual New York City Marathon on Sunday, finishing the race in 5 hours, 29 minutes and 58 seconds.一年一度的纽约马拉松赛于上周日举行,“阿汤嫂”凯蒂#8226;赫尔姆斯也出现在数万人的参赛队伍中,她以5小时29分48秒跑完了比赛全程。Husband Tom Cruise and their daughter, Suri, were at the finish line to congratulate the actress, according to event officials.据比赛组织人员介绍,“阿汤哥”抱着女儿苏芮在终点线处等待凯蒂的“凯旋”。Holmes had registered under an alias so she wouldn't draw too much attention to herself, event officials said, but her time was listed in the official results under her real name.据介绍,为了避免招致过多注意,赫尔姆斯报名参赛时用的是化名,但官方记录的比赛成绩用的则是她的真名。The 26.2-mile course travels through all five boroughs of the city, starting on Staten Island and finishing in Manhattan's Central Park. This year, 39,085 runners started the race.此次比赛全程共26.2英里,起跑点为史坦顿岛,终点设在曼哈顿中央公园,途经纽约市五大行政区。今年的参赛选手达到39085人。Paula Radcliffe, of Great Britain, who had a baby just 9 months ago, won the women's race in 2 hours, 23 minutes, 9 seconds. Martin Lel of Kenya won the men's title in 2:09:04.九个月前刚做妈妈的英国选手保拉#8226;拉德克利夫以2小时23分9秒的成绩夺得女子组冠军;肯尼亚选手马丁#8226;勒尔以2小时9分4秒的成绩获男子组冠军。Holmes has said she has always liked to run, and took it up to help lose baby weight after giving birth to her daughter, who is now a year old.赫尔姆斯说,她一直喜欢跑步。生完女儿后,她坚持跑步锻炼减肥。她与“阿汤哥”的爱女苏芮现在已满一周岁。"I'm good, but I'm feeling very tired," Holmes said.赫尔姆斯说:“我感觉不错,但现在很累。”The 28-year-old actress trained for months for the grueling event.这位28岁的女星在参赛之前进行了为期数月的训练。 /200803/32749哈尔滨市第十医院可以做人流吗 Home 美国人的家 Home. Few words in the English language have such a special meaning. Home is a place where you can relax, kick back and just be yourself. Just about everyone has a strong opinion of what makes a house a home. And for most people in America, home should be, above all, comfortable. 家。在英文中没有几个字有这样特别的意义。家是一个你可以放松、只要做你自己的地方。大概每个人对于如何把一间屋子变成一个家都非常有主见。对大多数的美国人来说,家最重要的应该是舒适。 Americans like their homes to reflect their personal tastes. Many do-it-yourselfers enjoy fixing up their house and making it more "livable." They often try to create a cozy atmosphere so that when they're at home, they'll really feel "at home." Sofas and lounge chairs may be heavily padded and arranged in groupings conducive to relaxed conversation. The bathroom even receives special attention. Carpeted floors, scented soaps, colorful wallpaper and decorative curtains adorn the "comfort room" in many homes. And on average, Americans have more bathrooms than any other people in the world. 美国人喜欢让家反映出他们个人的品味。许多喜欢自己动手做的人沉醉于修补他们的房子并让它更「适于居住」。他们常试着营造一个温暖而舒适的气氛,这样当他们待在家时,会真的感觉到「毫无拘束」。沙发及安乐椅可能会被铺上厚厚的垫子,并运用不同空间组合的摆设,让坐的人可以轻松的谈话。甚至连浴室也颇费心思:铺有地毯的地板、香气四溢的肥皂、色的壁纸及装饰窗帘,如此就打扮出了许多家庭的「舒之地」。平均来说,美国人拥有的浴室比世界上其它的人都多。 Lisa Marie Odegard, an interior designer in Bozeman, Montana, comments that "a home is a haven. People want an open, easy feeling to make their homes comfortable." For that reason, many new homes now have big, open kitchens and vaulted ceilings. 蒙大拿州柏斯曼的一位室内设计师丽莎?区迪嘉谈到:「家是一个避难所。人们想要一个开放、轻松的感觉来让他们的家变得很舒适。」因为这个原因,现在许多新房子都有大而开放的厨房以及拱形的屋顶。Americans try to make the most of their space, too. The majority of homes have built-in closets and shelves, and people spare no pains to add dressers, filing cabinets and closet organizers to maximize their storage space. Although keeping the house neat is often a constant battle, Americans feel it's a battle worth fighting. 美国人也试着将空间做最佳的利用。大多数的家庭都有壁橱以及架子,人们也不辞辛劳的添加橱柜、文件柜以及壁柜分隔架来加大储藏空间。虽然让房子维持整洁像是一场永无止尽的长期战役,美国人觉得这是一个值得打下去的战役。 People in America keep an eye on the latest trends in interior design. In the 80s, the "country" look dominated the home decorating scene. Rustic furniture and shelves full of old-fashioned knick-knacks created a homey atmosphere reminiscent of rural America several generations back. The 90s have brought in another longing for the past: the retro 50s and 60s look--plain and simple furniture with square backs and arms and block-style legs. 美国人也会注意室内设计的最新时尚。八○年代,「乡村」风貌主导了家庭装潢;摆满旧式风格的小摆设的质朴家俱及架子,创造出一种会令人想起几世代以前以农业为主的美国之家庭气氛。九○年代又带入另一个怀旧情愫:回溯到五○及六○年代风貌--有四方形靠背、把手以及有方正桌脚的朴素、简单的家俱。Some parts of the country have their own regional preferences. In the western ed States, homeowners favor the Navajo Indian style of the Southwest or the cowboy look. In contrast, Easterners prefer French Country or more "fussy" styles. 国内某些地方的人们有他们自己地区性的偏好。在美国西部,屋主们喜欢西南部印地安拿佛和族或是牛仔式的风格。相对的,东部人喜欢法国乡村或是更漂亮的形式。 With all this attention to their homes, you would think Americans place a high premium on housekeeping. In fact, however, keeping house doesn't receive as much attention as it used to. Why? The fast-paced lifestyles of the 90s allow little spare time for dusting, vacuuming and scrubbing the tub. Ironically, however, even though more and more women work outside the home, women still do twice as much house work as men. Modern conve-niences like the washing machine, the vacuum cleaner, and the dishwasher have taken some of the drudgery out of household chores. But in general, Americans these days take their cue from books like How to Avoid Housework. 花了这么多心思在他们的家,你大概会认为美国人非常重视家庭的打理与清洁,但是事实上,整理家务已不像以前一样受重视。为什么?九○年代步调快速的生活方式几乎没有留什么时间撢灰尘、吸尘以及刷洗浴缸。然而,讽刺的是,即使越来越多的妇女在外工作,她们还是比男人多做两倍的家务。虽然像是洗衣机、吸尘器和洗碗机等现代家电已代为处理家事中一些乏味、辛苦的工作。但一般而言,美国人今天已会向「如何避免家务」这类的书来求救。As a result, you might think American homes of the 90s are less than spotless. Witness the fact that sales of household cleaning products have declined in recent years. Besides that, Americans seem to be less persnickety about their housecleaning--especially in areas that nobody sees. Vacuum under the sofa? Dust the baseboards? Are you kidding? Ironically, though, American women seem quite satisfied with their housekeeping, according to a national survey conducted in 1995-96. Besides that, people are designing their homes with low-maintenance features--tile in bathrooms and kitchens as well as marble on countertops--to cut down on the need for frequent cleaning. Even so, more and more people are hiring outside help to clean their houses. A Roper poll found that one in six Americans hired cleaning help last year, up from one in 10 in 1986. One professional housecleaning service, Merry Maids, has grown to over 800 franchises in recent years. 因此,你可能会认为九○年代的美国家庭大概不是一尘不染。由家用清洁产品的销售量在近几年下降便可见一般。此外,美国人似乎对于家庭的清洁比较不那么吹毛求疵了--特别是对那些没有人看到的地方。吸沙发下的灰尘?撢踢脚板?你开玩笑?但可笑的是,根据一九九五/六年做的一项全国性调查,美国妇女似乎对他们的家务整理挺满意。除此之外,人们以较不需要时时清洁的材料来设计他们的家--在浴室及厨房贴磁砖以及做大理石的台面--减少打扫的次数。即使如此,越来越多的人雇用外人协助清理屋子。一项洛普民意调查发现,去年有六分之一的美国雇用清洁务,较一九八六年的十分之一比率上升许多。一个专业性的家务清理务「快乐女佣公司」在最近几年已成长到有八百多家的连锁店。In a pre-Revolutionary War speech in 1761, James Otis made the famous remark that "a man's home is his castle." Americans like their castle to be as comfortable as possible. They would like to have a home they can be proud of, a place they can call their own. Not everyone's home looks like a castle, but "be it ever so humble, there's no place like home." 在一七六一年独立战争前的一次演说中,詹姆士。欧提斯留下了一句名言--「男人的家是他的城堡」。美国人喜欢他们的城堡能够尽可能的舒适,他们都想要有一个引以为荣的家,一个可以属于他们自己的地方。并不是每个人的家都看起来像是一座城堡,但是「即使是非常简陋,但没有一个地方可以比得上家。」 /200804/33702哈尔滨人民医院妇科医生

哈尔滨医大二院是私立的么?For those who don't mind splurging a bit this holiday season, a Japanese department store is offering a Christmas tree with 400 diamonds for a cool 1.8 million dollars.Takashimaya department store chain is selling the tree -- actually a small tower of preserved roses with a teddy bear -- for a symbolic 200.7 million yen from Wednesday to kick off its year-end sales campaign.The tree, which stands 40 centimeters (16 inches) high, features about 100 carats of diamonds from southern Africa and Australia, the department store said.The smaller diamond pieces "sparkle charmingly like morning dew on petals, while two-carat and three-carat pieces mesmerise admirers with their noble glow," the store said in a statement.The tree is based on a design by Parisian flower boutique Claude Quinquaud.In recent years, many Asian people are embracing the western festival as a great excuse for shopping, partying and even romance, though few of them are Christians.In Japan, Christmas Eve has taken on a meaning similar to Valentine's Day, being the time for romance among young couples. 不惜在圣诞节小“挥霍”一把的人注意了:日本一家百货商场正在出售一款镶有400颗钻石、价值180万美元的圣诞树!这颗圣诞树呈小塔状,树身由玫瑰干花组成,还配有一只泰迪熊。日本高岛屋百货连锁店从本周三起开始销售这款钻石圣诞树,这颗圣诞树开价2.007亿日元,象征着今年的年份“2007”,由此拉开商场岁末大促销的序幕。据高岛屋百货连锁店介绍,这颗圣诞树高40厘米,树上镶的共100克拉的钻石都产自南非和澳大利亚。高岛屋百货连锁店声称,“小钻石就像清晨花瓣上的露珠,闪烁着迷人的光芒;而2克拉和3克拉的钻石则以其高贵的光芒吸引着倾慕者”。这颗钻石圣诞树是由一家名叫Claude Quinquaud的法国巴黎花店设计的。尽管亚洲的基督教信徒很少,但近年来,很多亚洲人也过起了西方的圣诞节,人们都想趁机享受一下购物与聚会的乐趣,而体验浪漫更是这个节日的一大主题。在日本,平安夜和情人节有着近乎相同的意义,年轻夫妇和情侣们会在这一天尽情享受二人世界的浪漫。 /200803/29708哈尔滨哪里看妇科病看的好 由于用汉语拼音来表达的大陆人的姓名,发音自成一体,看着是同样的字母,在英语里读音却不同,因此生活在美国的大陆人常常会因为自己的姓名遇到尴尬或闹笑话。许多人为了学习和生活的方便都给自己起个英文名,但姓氏改不了,尴尬还是免不了。    曾有人写文章,认为“X”是汉语拼音的软肋,在英语的姓名里几乎看不到这个字母,所以一旦姓名里出现这个字母会给人怪异的感觉。一般人会把它读成“克司”,有个姓邢(Xing)的朋友在工作,有的客户看到他挂在身上的名牌会叫他“克星先生”,还有的人叫他“Mr.Crossing”,因为英语把人行道斑马线叫CROSSING,简写成XING,在美国的大街小巷到处都可以看到“Xing”,有人为尊重他就把邢先生的姓扩展读出来,就是 “Mr.Crossing”。    而姓“徐”、“许”或姓“付”的朋友就更难过,因为“xx you ”在英语里是一句极粗劣具侮辱性的骂人话,人们往往把动词简写成X或是F,把You简写成U,所以一般人看到XU或者FU心里都会有点别扭的,Xu字念起来更是五花八门,发什么音的都有。   据说还有姓“奚”的被人当作罗马数字“XI”念成“Mr. Eleven”。   其实不只是“X”,“Q”、“Z”、“Zh”等音外国人都发不出来,“Q”在英语里后面肯定是跟着“U”的,如“Queen”“Quit”等等,所以单单一个Q他们会很困扰,干脆就照着“QU”发音,于是 “秦”(Qin)就变成接近于“Queen”的发音了。   有时候引起混淆的是姓名的意思。   李(Li)先生在美国可能会被人称作“撒谎先生”(MR. Lie)。因为Li的元音字母i在这里读作长元音〔ai〕,加上美国发音为降调,拼读起来正好与Lie同音。姓戴(Dai)的会被人称作“死先生”,(Mr. Die)因为Dai与Die发音一样,如果姓戴的人做了医生,会不会门庭冷落?找“死医生”看病,多不吉利啊!   我儿子的家庭医生是个女的,在美国考的医生执照,姓何,大家都叫她“Dr. He”,发音和“他”的英文词相同。当我去给儿子登记幼儿园时,秘书问我: “Who is your son’s pediatrician?”(谁是你儿子的家庭医生?)我回答:“Dr. He”。   她接着问:“What is his phone number?”   我赶紧摇头:“Dr.He is not he ,is she。”“You mean he is she ?”   “No,no, her last name is He, but she is she,although we call her He……”我们俩头上都有黑线冒出来了。   姓施的也一样,拼音“Shi”老外发出来的音是“She”,就是“她”的音,有个男性朋友在公司里每次被人介绍他是“Mr.She”(女先生),都十分别扭。   关于“She”和“He”《世界日报》曾登过这样一个故事:   有一位姓尤(YOU)的人来到加拿大后,热情助人,经常为新来的中国留学生接站。一次他同时接来一男一女,男的姓佘(SHE),女的姓何(HE)。接来后的第二天系里正好有个PARTY,尤同学想可以趁此机会领两位新人去熟悉一下环境,认识一些朋友,于是就开车带他们二位去参加PARTY。聚会开始后老尤上前给大家介绍新来的同学,怕老外记不住,还把他们的姓氏都给拼了出来 :   先介绍女士:“She is He, HE!”老外跟着重复:“So, She is he?”老尤答: Yes!   然后指着佘:"He is She, SHE!"老外有点懵:“What, He is she?”    尤回答: Right!   接着指指自己 "And I am You, YOU!" 老外已彻底晕了:Oh, You are me?!哈尔滨解放军93163空军部队医院打胎流产好吗

哈尔滨哪个医院人流好A man was sitting in a bar with tears streaming down his face.一个男人坐在酒吧里痛哭流泪。A friend walked in and asked why he was so unhappy. The weeping one said, The doctor has just told me I#39;ll have to take these tablets for the rest of my life.一个朋友走进来问他为何如此伤心。那人哭着说:刚才医生告诉我,在我的余生里都要吃这些药片。Cheerfully, his friend pointed out that many people have to take tablets every day of their life. Sure, came the reply, but he only gave me ten.他的朋友很轻松地指出,许多人一辈子每天都要吃药。当然,男人回答说:但是他只给了我十片。 /201304/236968 哈尔滨宫颈糜烂检查什么费用大概多少哈尔滨市道外区东莱医院怎么样



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