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City Bank. This is Tom. May I help you?花旗,我是Tom,我能为您做些什么吗?Yes,I expecting some money wired to my from Taiwan. Could you please check if themoney available yet.我在等一笔送台湾电汇到我的帐户上的钱你能帮我查一下我的钱到了吗?Sure, may I have your name and number please?当然,我需要知道您的姓名和帐号 679修胡须要不要修一下胡子?A: Very well, sir. Do you want me to trim your beard?好的,先生要不要修一下胡子?B: Yes, please.要的同类问句:Do you want me to trim your moustache?胡须要不要修一修?剪刘海您要留刘海吗?A: Yes, Miss. Do you want any fringe?您要留刘海吗?B: Just a little. Oh, the hair-dryer is a bit too hot.留一点儿就行哦,吹风太热了同类问句:Could you trim my bangs a little bit? 请把我的刘海儿剪一下,好吗?Please dont cut the front too short. Leave some bangs. 请别把前面剪得太短,留一些刘海儿 365

Russian President Vladimir Putin hosts Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu for talks Tuesday focused on the situation in Syria.俄罗斯总统普京星期二将欢迎到访的以色列总理内塔尼亚胡,着重讨论叙利亚的局势。Israel and Western powers are concerned about potential Russian sales of advanced anti-aircraft weapons to Syria, which would complicate any possible airstrikes against President Bashar al-Assads forces.以色列和西方大国对俄罗斯可能向叙利亚出售先进的防空武器表示担忧,因为这将使对阿萨德总统军队的任何可能空中打击复杂化。Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov said last week his government is completing arms sales to Syria under existing contracts, but did not say if advanced S-300 missile batteries were included.俄罗斯外长拉夫罗夫上星期说,根据双方签订的合同,俄罗斯政府将履行对叙利亚的军售,但是他没有说明先进的S-300导弹系统是否在内。The talks come as efforts continue to arrange an international peace conference on Syria, which Russia and the ed States proposed last week.与此同时,国际社会正在继续努力安排召开一个叙利亚问题的国际和平会议。这个会议是俄罗斯和美国上星期提议召开的。来 /201305/240013Where Consumers Fail, Can Businesses Lead?If consumers aren't going to lead a strong economic recovery, businesses might have to. But they mightn't be up to the job.One measure of business demand will come Wednesday morning with Census Bureau data on July durable-goods orders. Economists estimate orders for long-lasting goods made in U.S. factories surged 3% from June.July's jump will likely be due mainly to a surge in orders for Boeing airplanes and the restart of automobile manufacturing after bankruptcy-related closures. Excluding transportation goods, some economists estimate orders rose a milder 0.5%.To gauge business spending, economists further winnow the durable-goods data to one awkwardly named indicator called 'nondefense capital goods excluding aircraft.' This roughly measures what companies spend on factory equipment and the like. It has edged higher for the past three months after plunging to a 14-year low in the first quarter, though it is still down nearly 22% from a year ago.Part of the decline in durables demand was a massive shelf-clearing by U.S. businesses amid fears of an economic collapse. That inventory clearance seems to be over, which should help the economy.What the economy needs now is a business spending spree that will lead to a hiring boom and rising consumer incomes.Businesses clearly have the cash. In the first quarter, nonfinancial companies had some .1 trillion in financial assets, according to Federal Reserve data, or 100.1% of gross domestic product, a record high.But after the 2001 recession, businesses accumulated cash, rather than spending it, because of the spending glut during the tech boom. They mightn't have much appetite for spending this time around, either.They owned more than trillion in equipment and software in the first quarter, about 29% of GDP, not far from the 30% that prevailed during the tech boom. Meanwhile, the nation's factories, utilities and mines in July ran at 68.5% of their production capacity, near a record low, giving them little reason to build out more capacity.At this point, it isn't even clear that business spending will be strong enough to make the recovery self-sustaining. A business-led boom seems unlikely. /08/82558

第一句:The service is too slow.务太慢了A: Can you tell me what wrong, sir?能和我说说有什么不妥吗,先生?B: The service is too slow and the dishes are served cold.务太慢了,菜都凉了A: I see. Ill report to the manager.我知道了,我会把这事告诉经理的第二句:There is too much salt in the soup.汤太咸了A: Is everything to your satisfaction?您对饭菜满意吗?B: Yes, all the food was delicious except that there is too much salt in the soup.是的,除了汤太咸之外,所有事物都不错A: Im so sorry that. Ill take it to the kitchen and get you another one, if you like.真对不起,如果您愿意,我拿到厨房再给您换一下若饭菜质量有问题,可向务员提出意见还可以用“There something wrong with...” 这个句型表示“某事或某人有点儿不对头”The meat is underdone. 是说肉没熟,而overdone则是“过头了”;Im afraid this is too salty me. 我觉得菜太咸了too sweet 太甜;That not what I ordered. 那不是我点的要提意见,应该说:I want to make a complaint. 300

代为传话我可以替您留言吗?A: Thank you waiting. Im sorry. There no one answering the phone in room . May I take a message?让您久等了很抱歉,号房内没有人接听,我可以替您留言吗? B: Yeah, could you ask him to bring his laptop to the meeting?好,可否请你要他参加会议时带笔记本电脑?同类问句:Certainly, sir. Just a moment, please...Thank you waiting. Im afraid there is still no reply. Would you like to leave a message? 好的,先生,请稍等……让您久等了,恐怕还是没人接电话,您要留话吗?Can I take a message, please? 请问要我记个留言吗?Would you like to leave a message? 您要留言吗?无人接听不好意思,电话没有人接听A: Yes. I would like to speak to Mr. Copson in room 9.是的,我想跟9号房间的科普森先生说话B: Just a moment please...Thank you waiting. Im sorry, but there no answer. 请等一下……让您久等了,不好意思,电话没有人接听同类问句:Certainly, sir. Just a moment, please,..Thank you waiting. Im afraid there’s no reply from Room 6. 好的,先生,请稍候……让您久等了,6房间没人接电话Hello, sir. Im afraid there’s no response. Would you like to leave a message her?喂,先生,对不起,电话没人接您要给她留言吗? 169Senior EADS executives were alerted five years ago about questionable payments made to the Saudi Arabian military by a British subsidiary that supplies communications and surveillance equipment and is now the subject of a criminal probe by the UKs Serious Fraud Office. 欧洲航空防务与航天集EADS)的高管层五年前曾收到有关该集团旗下一家提供通讯和监控器材的英国子公司向沙特阿拉伯军方进行可疑付的提醒。英国严重欺诈办公室(Serious Fraud Office,简称SFO)目前正在对此展开刑事调查Mike Paterson, financial controller of the subsidiary, GPT Special Project Management, alerted his superiors about the payments as early as 2007, according to emails seen by the FT. He initially contacted GPTs managing director and the chief executive of Paradigm, GPTs parent and part of EADSs Astrium space division. 这家英国子公司名为“GPT特别项目管理”(GPT Special Project Management,以下简称GPT)。英囀?金融时报》见到的电子邮件显示,GPT财务主管麦克#8226;帕特Mike Paterson)早在2007年就向上级就可疑付问题发出了警告。他最初联系了GPT的常务董事以及上级公司Paradigm的首席执行官。Paradigm是EADS下属Astrium公司太空业务部门的一部分His fears centred on unexplained payments to the Cayman Island bank accounts of Simec International and Duranton International, which totalled pound;11.5m between 2007 and . Mr Paterson also queried the gift of four cars valued at pound;201,000 to members of the Saudi royal family and military as well as a pound;278,000 payment for the rental of a villa owned by a Saudi National Guard general. The payments were part of a government-to-government programme in which GPTs payments were processed by the UKs Ministry of Defence. 帕特森的担忧主要集中在GPT对Simec International和Duranton International在开曼群岛的账户无法解释的付记录上007年至年间,GPT对这两家公司的付总额达到1150万英镑。帕特森还对送给沙特王室及军方的四辆总价20.1万英镑的汽车以及向沙特国民卫Saudi National Guard)某将军名下别墅付的27.8万英镑租金提出质疑。这些付是一个政府间项目的一部分,GPT的款项付由英国国防Ministry of Defence)进行处理The MOD declined to comment. The Saudi National Guard, Simec International and Duranton International could not be reached for comment. 英国国防部拒绝了记者的置评请求。记者未能联系到沙特国民卫队、Simec International以及Duranton International请其发表When Mr Paterson first raised his concerns in 2007, the Saudi activities of defence contractors had sparked a contentious public debate in the UK. In 2006, then prime minister Tony Blair cited national security interests when he halted an SFO investigation into another government-to-government contract in Saudi Arabia involving BAE, the UKs largest defence contractor. 当帕特森007年首次提出自己的担忧时,国防承包商们在沙特的活动曾在英国引发一场激烈的公众争论006年,时任英国首相的托#8226;布莱Tony Blair)以国家安全利益为由停止了SFO对另一项在沙特履行的政府间合约的调查,英国第一大国防承包商英国宇航(BAE)牵涉其中The US Department of Justice later fined BAE 0m and found it guilty of lying to the US government about its payments to contractors. 美国司法Department of Justice)后来对英国宇航罚亿美元,并认定该公司向美国政府谎报了其对其他承包商的付情况By 2010 Mr Paterson had alerted Pedro Montoya, EADSs chief compliance officer, but felt he was still being ignored. In an email dated October 2010, Mr Paterson wrote: “I think Pedro Montoya now ignoring me is sufficient indication we are wasting our time internally. Our concern for EADS future seems to be greater than [EADSs] first line managers#8201;.#8201;.#8201;.I need to make a decision whether I persevere internally, whilst suffering mind numbing boredom, or whether I take the statutory directors actions to the authorities.帕特森在2010年以前就已向EADS首席合规官佩德罗#8226;蒙托Pedro Montoya)发出过警告,但感到自己仍被忽略。帕特森在一0100月的电子邮件中写道:“我认为佩德#8226;蒙托亚目前忽视我的提醒已经足够说明通过组织内部途径是在浪费时间,我们似乎比(EADS的)一线管理者们更担心集团的未来发展……我必须决定是要一边忍受着麻痹心智的无聊情绪、一边继续寻求公司内部解决,还是要履行法定职责向有关当局报告问题After initially threatening to take the case to the SFO, in late 2010 Mr Paterson instead transferred to another role within GPT. But in December 2010 a senior GPT official, Ian Foxley, fled Saudi Arabia with evidence of his and Mr Patersons concerns, which he presented to both Mr Montoya and the SFO. 在一开始扬言将向SFO报告情况之后,帕特森010年底被调到GPT的另一个岗位上。但一位GPT高管伊恩#8226;福克斯利(Ian Foxley)0102月带着能够实他和帕特森担忧的据逃离了沙特,随后他将据分别交给了蒙托亚和SFOEADS and its executives declined to comment on the emails, while the company said it was co-operating with the SFO. EADS launched an internal investigation in the middle of 2011, which is continuing. EADS及其高管层拒绝就这些电子邮件发表,但该集团表示正在配合SFO调查。EADS011年年中启动了内部调查,目前该调查仍在进行当中。来 /201208/195051At the request of France, the U.N. Security Council meets Monday on the conflict in Mali, where French jets bombed Islamist rebels for the third straight day Sunday.应法国方面的要求,联合国安理会将于星期一举行会议,讨论马里国内的争端。星期天,法国战机连续第三天轰炸马里境内的伊斯兰反政府武装分子。France says it will not back down in its fight against terrorists, as Islamic extremists who control northern Mali threaten to push south.法国政府表示,法国不会在这场反恐战事中退却。目前已经占据马里北部的伊斯兰极端分子威胁说,将向南方推进。Defense Minister Jean-Yves Le Drian said four warplanes bombed Islamist training camps and logistic depots around the town of Gao Sunday. 法国国防部长勒德里安说,四架法国战机星期天轰炸了加奥地区伊斯兰极端分子的训练营地以及武器装备库。France deployed troops in Mali at the request of the Malian government, but French Foreign Minister Laurent Fabius told French television and radio Sunday that the operation is not indefinite.应马里政府的请求,法国在马里部署了军队,但法国外交部长法比尤斯星期天对法国电视台和广播电台说,法国在马里的军事行动不是无限期的。Ansar Dine Islamic militants are threatening France with reprisals. President Francois Hollande has increased security across France.武装团体“伊斯兰后卫”的伊斯兰激进分子威胁要对法国进行报复。法国总统奥朗德下令在法国各地加强戒备。来 /201301/220560

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