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厦门薇格医疗美容门诊部打瘦脸针多少钱福建省厦门薇格医院割双眼皮手术多少钱The people who, who work on the origin of life今天研究地球生命来源的专家认为on earth today seem to have come to the conclusion海底的高热火山口that the most likely place for life to have begun是最可能开始出现生命的地方is at a hot vent on the ocean floor and we could have木卫二海底的高热火山口附近the same sorts of organisms on the floor of the ocean可能也有of Europa at a hot vent.相同的生物And if youve got bacterial life things如果有像仔菌般的东西then you could have something grazing on the bacteria,就可能有eating the bacteria.以它们为食的生物You could have a whole eco-system down there,那里可能会有一个完整的生态系like sharks grazing on smaller fish and smaller fish好比说大鱼吃小鱼eating worms and the worms eating the bacteria.小鱼吃小虫,小虫吃仔菌一样We, we dont know, there could be all kinds of things there.我们现在还无法确定,但那里可能有各式各样的东西But if, if you want somewhere warm and cosy for bacterial life如果要找一个to get started and to survive,能让仔菌存活的温暖环境Europa is probably the best bet weve got那么木卫二可能是in the entire solar system.全太阳系中最好的选择It wasntjust Jupiters moons that were attracting attention.吸引我们注意力的不只是木星的卫星When the Voyager probe flew past Saturn航海家探测器飞越土星时it captured an image of its largest moon, Titan.拍到了土星最大的卫星,土卫六It was strangely fuzzy.它的影像模糊得令人起疑It looked as though Titan was shrouded in an atmosphere,土卫六似乎被大气层包围just like our own planet.就像地球一样Scientists were desperate to know more.科学家迫切地想知道更多详情What lay beneath this thick atmosphere?这层厚厚大气层下方,有些什么东西?Could it have other similarities to earth?它和地球还有别的相似之处吗?They didnt get their chance to find out又过了20年until twenty years later,卡西尼号升空when Cassini lifted off.这才解答了他们的疑问It was one of the biggest rockets ever launched,那是史上最大的火箭之一but even so it took 7 years to get to Saturn.但尽管如此,卡西尼号还是花了七年才抵达土星And then it turned its attention to Titan.此时卡西尼号将注意力转向土卫六For its party piece Cassini dropped a probe called Huygens卡西尼号发射惠更斯号探测舱through the Titan atmosphere onto the hidden surface.穿过土卫六的大气层降落在土卫六的表面上It revealed a world that scientists believe它拍到的是一个在科学家眼中could be strikingly similar to the early earth.和早期地球相似度极高的世界Pictures that were revealed by Huygens on its parachute惠更斯号在下降至土卫六的表面时descent towards the surface of Titan um showed at one point a,拍到的照片a network of valleys, it could have,显示了一个山谷网络you could have been floating over many parts of the earth.地球上很多地方Where youve got hills and valleys in between them都有相同的山丘和山谷and the valleys converging on one of them and draining into a sea.山谷彼此汇集,然后排入海中So we can see landforms on Titan that look very familiar to people对研究地球地貌的人来说who do landform studies on the earth.土卫六的地貌实在非常眼熟The valley networks are very similar to这些山谷系统和地球上因降雨what you get produced by rainfall on the earth.而形成的山谷系统极为类似The extraordinary images of distant moons探测器自远方卫星回传的惊人照片显示revealed them to be places of great beauty它们不仅美不胜收and tantalising possibilities.而且潜藏着令人心动的可能性They had volcanoes, ice covered oceans,那些卫星上有火山、冰冻海洋active geysers and thick atmospheres.活跃的喷泉和厚厚的大气层There was even the possibility of life.甚至可能有生物Moons were the most exciting places in the solar system.原来太阳系中最有趣的地方竟然是卫星And so scientists began to wonder whether our own科学家开始觉得应该再回过头来看看long abandoned moon was perhaps worth another look.长久以来备受忽视的月球201505/373973福建省厦门薇格医院修眉手术多少钱 TED演讲集 那些匪夷所思的新奇思想201510/402542Be creative with your sources to impress your classmates at your next school dance.充分发挥你的创意,在下次的学校舞会上给同学同伴留下深刻印象。You Will Need你需要A great outfit漂亮的装A cool ride炫酷的汽车Dates约会对象An entourage随行人员Wicked dance moves顽皮的的舞步Confidence信心Steps步骤STEP 1 Dress to impress1.装讲究Dress to impress. Wear a fine suit or a stunning dress for the occasion.装一定要给人留下深刻印象。穿一身比较考究的套装或者绚丽的裙子。STEP 2 Pull up2.停车Show up in style by pulling up in a fancy, expensive car, in a helicopter, or by horse and carriage.驾驶炫酷,昂贵的汽车,或者直升飞机,或者马车,有型地停车。If these rides are unattainable, avoid being dropped off by a parent and impress at the door.如果你没有这样华丽的交通工具,不要让父母送你去,省得在门口引起别人围观。STEP 3 Show up with two dates3.和两个约会对象一起出现Show up with two dates. Walk in with your head up, a big smile on your face, and a date on each arm. Arrive fashionably late.和两个约会对象一起出现。高昂着头,面带微笑,每个手臂挽一名约会对象。华丽丽地迟到。STEP 4 Show up with an entourage4.和随行人员一起出现Show up with your entourage following behind you.随行人员跟在你身后一起出现。STEP 5 Learn dance moves5.学习舞步Learn some wicked dance moves and show them off at the dance.学习一些顽皮的舞步,在舞会上展示。STEP 6 Be friendly6.友好Be courteous and friendly to everyone.对每个人彬彬有礼。STEP 7 Be yourself7.做自己Be yourself. Be confident in yourself and you will always have a great time.做自己。自信地展现自我,你会玩得开心。As of , the world’s highest limousine, according to the Guinness World Records, measured 10 feet, 11 inches from the ground to the roof and had two separate engines.截止到年,根据吉尼斯世界纪录,世界上最高的豪华轿车从地面到车顶高10英尺11英寸,有两个独立的引擎。201502/359371厦门思明微格电话号码

厦门思明微格割双眼皮多少钱What are you thinking?I was...er.你在想什么 我在thinking about Einstein and the relativity.And stars.想爱因斯坦和相对论 还有星星Its possible for a perfect star to collapse into nothingness.一颗完美的恒星是可能坍圮消失的If its a perfect sphere than it can collapse and become infinitely dense,如果它是很完美的球体 那它就能坍圮成为无限密实的物体so dense that everything is pulled down into nothing.密度之大 它能拉入一切物体而变成虚无But the conditions have to be right.What conditions?但条件必须刚刚好 什么条件Yeah, if it is a perfect sphere,如果恒星是完美的球体if a place has been very moving, if even its very beautiful.如果那里很动人 很美丽The condition has to be ideal,and is possible for the pull of the gravity,条件必须是理想的 才能使重力牵引一切to stop everything escaping,everything in nothing.不让任何物体逃走 把一切拉入虚无Oh, no!Wasnt that bad, was it?不好 没那么差劲吧My bag, I left it in the theatre.Shall we?我的包 我落在剧院了 我们走吧Oh, can you see these stars? Look, there, see?Found it!你能看到星星吗 看 在那儿 看到了 找到了Hamlet doesnt act.That is his fate to avoid. If he acted, if he did something.哈姆雷特什么都没做 他躲避自己的命运 如果他做了什么.Shorten the play.It saves his life.戏不就短多了 会救他的命201512/415345厦门微格整形美容医院治疗黑脸娃娃怎么样 A massive fire has broken out in a high-rise apartment building and hotel in central Dubai, close to the world’s highest skyscraper, the Burj Khalifia.迪拜中心世界最高大楼哈利法塔附近一高层公寓和酒店发生大火。Burning debris could be seen cascading down from the 300 meter high, 63-storey structure known as the The Address Downtown Dubai.燃烧的碎片从300米高处飞泻而下,这座63层建筑被称为迪拜商业街酒店。Authorities say the building has been evacuated and the fire is under control.One person is confirmed died, and over a dozen injured.有关部门表示房屋已被疏散,火势得到了控制。目前已造成1人死亡,12多人受伤。According to witnesses the entire building was swamped in flames. It is unclear what caused the blaze.据目击者称整个建筑被淹没在火焰中。目前还不清楚导致大火的原因。Thousands of extra security personnel were aly in position ahead of a spectacular New Years fireworks display.在壮观的新年烟火表演前,安排了数千名额外安保人员。Despite the huge blaze officials decided to go ahead with the pyrotechnics.尽管发生大火,官员决定继续烟火表演。As many as two million people were expected to attend the festivities.预计多达二百万人参加庆祝活动。译文属。 /201601/419238厦门微格膨体隆鼻膨体垫下巴妙桃假体哪家便宜价格

厦门微格玻尿酸多少钱一支I do feel its a lot of pressure on us.我觉得压力实在太大了Not only your parents are watching you, your grandparents are, also.不光是父母在监督你,祖父母外祖父母也是And that makes a child... A single child in a family feels very difficult.这让孩子...家里的独苗倍感艰难But I do think thats out of love.但是我相信这全是出于爱Children should follow their parents and love their parents, right?孩子就应该听父母的话孝敬父母,不是吗You know, according to Confucius...孔子说过...In Confucianism, parents are always right.儒家认为,父母永远是对的Parents arent always right.父母不可能永远是对的You have to adjust yourself to be suitable to the society,你必须调整自己去适应社会instead of everything to suit to you.而不是让社会来适应你For some of the free spirits in Bohunt Year 9, like Angelina, this is a tough message to take.对一些航特中学九年级的学生,比如安吉丽娜来说,这是个很难接受的观念Angelina, stand up.安吉丽娜,起立In my opinion, I think thats wrong.我认为,那是错的I think you should be your own person not just... Yeah.我觉得你应该为自己而活,而不是...You should be who you are.你应该做你自己I really dislike how they teach social education in China.我真的不喜欢中式的社会学;Your parents are always right.;;父母永远是对的;Wrong. No.错了,不对No, they could racist, they could be homophobic,父母可能是种族主义者或者恐同者they could be sexist, they could be misogynistic.他们可能性别歧视,歧视女性Whats that?什么意思Against women, basically. Oh.就是歧视女性。哦No, but if they say, if their opinion is always right...要是他们说,他们的观点永远是对的Yeah? No.是的。不对201603/430820 龙海市做隆鼻多少钱厦门薇格医疗美容门诊部祛痣多少钱



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