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fascinated着迷,elegant精美的,calligraphy书法,cocktail鸡尾酒Cheap but GoodMy wife was fascinated by the elegant calligraphy on the hand-written in a Chinese restaurant. She took it home and spent months knitting a sweater with Chinese characters in the front. She was wearing it at a cocktail party when a Chinese physician asked where she got the symbols. “From a ,” she admitted. “Do you know what they say?” “I’m afraid to ask,” my wife said, “but tell me anyway.”“Cheap but good.”价廉物美我的妻子被中国餐馆的手写菜单上优美的书法迷住了她把菜单带回家,花了几个月的时间织了一件毛衣,把中国字织在胸前她穿着这件毛衣参加一个鸡尾酒会一位中国医生问她是在哪里搞到这个图样她承认是从菜单上描下来的医生问:“你知道这些字什么意思吗?”我的妻子说:“我没敢问你告诉我吧”中国医生说:“价廉物美”1.fascinate使着迷be fascinated with history深深爱上历史学科She fascinated him into marring her.她弄得他神魂颠倒而终于娶了她还有“慑住”的意思:The serpent fascinated its prey.那条蛇慑住了它要捕食的动物.elegant精美的an elegant dress漂亮雅致的女;lead a life of elegant ease过着优裕闲适的生活也可以指“简洁的”:an elegant piece of reasoning简要明确的论3.calligraphy书法、笔迹learn Chinese calligraphy学中国书法;be inscribed on a plaque in sb.’s caligraphy某人的手迹刻印与一块匾额上.knit编织除此之外,knit还有很多意思,比如“使癒合”:knit broken bones使折骨癒合;“皱眉”:knit one’s brows in thought紧锁双眉思索;“缔结”:knit an agreement订立协议5.cocktail鸡尾酒也可以作及物动词,意为“举行鸡尾酒会”:They lionized and cocktailed the young author.他们给那青年作家捧场,并为他举行鸡尾酒会6.physician医生也可以指“抚慰者、解除痛苦者”:a physician of the soul心灵的抚慰者 8837McDonald Is Modernizing Guest Services麦当劳提供现代化务McDonald, the word largest fast-food chain, plans to modernize its services and give guests the “Experience of the Future”. McDonald guests will be able to customize their order at an automated touch screen kiosk and receive table service. Though automation may reduce the need counter workers, McDonald’s says the new services will require more staff, including chefs, wait staff, and greeters. Select restaurants in Australia and the US are aly offering this new dining option, while McDonald Canada plans to have 1,000 redesigned restaurants y by .世界最大快餐连锁麦当劳计划提供现代化务,提供顾客“未来体验营”顾客能够在售货亭的触摸屏订制点单,并享受餐桌务虽然自动化务减少了对收银员的需求,但麦当劳称新务将需要更多员工,包括厨师、务员以及欢迎人员澳大利亚和美国的一些试点餐厅已经推出了全新用餐选择加拿大麦当劳计划在年之前注册00家此类餐厅译文属原创,,不得转载 8Part . Oil reserves and Parking places.A. Keywords. Oil reserves, barrels, crude, oil field.Vocabulary. crude, tar sands, strip mining, toxic, strip, contaminate, voracious, offshore drilling, militant, soar, quench, recoverable, Alberta, Gulf of Mexico.Listen to a news report on global oil reserve, complete the following chart.Let begin in the Mid East which has about two thirds of the world proven oil reserves.Saudi Arabia on the top with 66 billion barrels, Iraq and Iran are also rich in crude along with Kuwait and the ed Arab Emirates.But it might surprise you that Canada has a lot of oil too, some 8 billion barrels, much of it rests in the tar sands of Alberta.It is a gigantic strip mining operation.Environmentalists call it a disaster, leaving behind toxic chemicals, stripping ests and contaminating the water supply.Now let go south to Venezuela and parts of Mexico. Much of their oil, like Canada, feeds the voracious appetite crude in the ed States, which the world biggest consumer of oil.Yet did you know that US has some 1 billion barrels in reserve? So why doesnt it produce more?Well, the US government bans most off shore drilling except in the Gulf of Mexico environmental reasons.So what does Russia fit in all of this? It flush with cash from its oil reserves and it is the world second largest producer.Let take a look at Africa now. Libya has the most oil reserves on the continent, about 39 billion barrels.And further south, Nigeria has lots of crude but lots of problems too.Militants routinely attack oil installations and kidnap workers, disrupting production and making lower prices soar.All that said, Who going to quench the global thirst oil in the future?Well, it could be that Brazil becomes the newest major exporter with its discovery of a huge offshore oil field.The oil is at great depth, some miles below the ocean surface, but experts say it is recoverable.And that may be the future of oil, going to great extremes to get it out of the ground.Analysts estimate that there another trillion barrels of oil yet to be discovered, but they say it would be found in remote places like the Arctic Ocean.So it going to cost a lot of money to get it if from the ground into your fuel tank. 87

B. Keywords. art gallery, main entrance, transparency, contrast.Vocabulary. transparency, complement, continuity, Palais du Louvre, Glass Pyramid.B1. You are going to hear an introduction of Palais du Louvre and the Louvre Pyramid. Complete the following facts.The Palais du Louvre stands at the heart of Paris, and houses one of the world greatest collections of works of art.The original palace dates from 7, and it was extended and added to over the next four centuries.It was first used as a public art gallery in 93.In 1981, the Chinese-American architect Ieoh Ming Pei was commissioned to redevelop the public part of the Louvre and create more space reception areas and services.He designed the famous Glass Pyramid, which serves as the main entrance to the building, leading underground to the museum and art gallery.The pyramid is 1 meters high and 33 meters wide, and uses a combination of steel tubes, cables and sheet glass.It completed in 1988, and quickly became a major tourist attraction in its own right.B. Now youre going to hear an architect commenting on the Louvre Pyramid, fill in the blanks according to what you hear.I like the Louvre Pyramid because of its transparency, because you can just look through it and it has a very light effect.It is not heavy and it made of glass and so it looks like a light object.And I like it its contrast of shapes, because it is such a contrast to the Louvre building that in fact it doesnt interfere with the beauty of the Louvre, but it even, it emphasizes the beauty of the Louvre.And in the evening when this pyramid is lighted, it just a source of light to put the Louvre into a new light. And this has me also a symbolic meaning.And it is such an unexpected shape in this urban context, just to use a traditional shape of a pyramid built in new materials with new technologies, high-tech and so on, that it is a completely surprising effect.So that people get shocked by it or they like it, but there is nobody who would be uninvolved or who could just pass and not notice this building. So it something you have to look at.And I think this is also very important in building and creating something in the cities, and exactly example close to these historical buildings which are such a...they are so sensitive topics that nobody dares to touch them.I think the right thing is really to put something so contradictory to it that they stand in dialogue with each other and they dont even try to complement each other.Because it would have been the biggest mistake to try to build something similar to the Louvre, to put a building which would copy the Louvre,because it would just mean that we dont live in continuity, the architecture doesnt continue its history, but it would mean that architecture stands still on the level of th century, and that would be a lie. 631

A Short Plane Trip短途旅行The plane was waiting to take off. The plane was in line on the runway. One plane was ahead of it. Many planes were behind it. Everyone wanted to get up into the air. Everyone was tired of sitting on the ground. Planes are flying, not sitting. Planes are like birds. Birds are flying, not sitting. A man stood up. The flight attendant told him to sit down. The man ran to the bathroom. He locked the bathroom door. The flight attendant knocked on the door. She knocked and knocked. The man didn’t come out. The flight attendant told the captain. The captain went back to the bathroom. He knocked on the bathroom door. The man didn’t come out. He said, “Leave me alone! I want to be alone!” The captain took the plane back to the airport. Everyone was angry at the man in the bathroom.飞机等待起飞飞机正在跑道上等待起飞前面还有一架飞机后面还有许多飞机所有人都想马上上天人们厌倦了地面飞机是用来飞行的,不是用来坐等的飞机就像小鸟小鸟天生就要飞翔,不是用来坐等的一名男性起身空中务人员让他坐下他跑进了洗手间他锁上了房门空乘人员敲门她敲了许多下男人没有出来务人员告知了机长机长来到了卫生间他开始敲门男人没有出来他表示称:“让我一人待会!我想一人待着!”机长将飞机带回了机场所有人都对他表示愤恨译文属原创,,不得转载 0

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