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星期三,罗姆尼的竞选活动将主要集中在举行党团会议选举的内华达州和明尼苏达州内华达州将在本周六投票年大学英语专业八级阅读理解专项训练 :7:38 年大学英语专业八级阅读理解专项训练 Yet the difference in tome and language must strike us, so soon as it is philosophy that speaks: that change should remind us that even if the function of religion and that of reason coincide, this function is permed in the two cases by very different organs. Religions are many, reason one. Religion consists of conscious ideas, hopes, enthusiasms, and objects of worship; it operates by grace and flourishes by prayer. Reason, on the other hand, is a mere principle or potential order, on which indeed we may come to reflect but which exists in us ideally only, without variation or stress of any kind. We conm or do not conm to it; it does not urge or chide us, not call any emotions on our part other than those naturally aroused by the various objects which it unfolds in their true nature and proportion. Religion brings some order into life by weighting it with new materials. Reason adds to the natural materials only the perfect order which it introduces into them. Rationality is nothing but a m, an ideal constitution which experience may more or less embody. Religion is a part of experience itself, a mass of sentiments and ideas. The one is an inviolate principle, the other a changing and struggling ce. And yet this struggling and changing ce of religion seems to direct man toward something eternal. It seems to make an ultimate harmony within the soul and an ultimate harmony between the soul and all that the soul depends upon. Religion, in its intent, is a more conscious and direct pursuit of the Life of Reason than is society, science, or art, these approach and fill out the ideal life tentatively and piecemeal, hardly regarding the foal or caring the ultimate justification of the instinctive aims. Religion also has an instinctive and blind side and bubbles up in all manner of chance practices and intuitions; soon, however, it feels its way toward the heart of things, and from whatever quarter it may come, veers in the direction of the ultimate.  Nevertheless, we must confess that this religious pursuit of the Life of Reason has been singularly abortive. Those within the pale of each religion may prevail upon themselves, to express satisfaction with its results, thanks to a fond partiality in ing the past and generous draughts of hope the future; but any one regarding the various religions at once and comparing their achievements with what reason requires, must feel how terrible is the disappointment which they have one and all prepared mankind. Their chief anxiety has been to offer imaginary remedies mortal ills, some of which are incurable essentially, while others might have been really cured by welldirected eft. The Greed oracles, instance, pretended to heal out natural ignorance, which has its appropriate though difficult cure, while the Christian vision of heaven pretended to be an antidote to our natural death—the inevitable correlate of birth and of a changing and conditioned existence. By methods of this sort little can be done the real betterment of life. To confuse intelligence and dislocate sentiment by gratuitous fictions is a shortsighted way of pursuing happiness. Nature is soon avenged. An unhealthy exaltation and a onesided morality have to be followed by regrettable reactions. When these come. The real rewards of life may seem vain to a relaxed vitality, and the very name of virtue may irritate young spirits untrained in and natural excellence. Thus religion too often debauches the morality it comes to sanction and impedes the science it ought to fulfill.  What is the secret of this ineptitude? Why does religion, so near to rationality in its purpose, fall so short of it in its results? The answer is easy; religion pursues rationality through the imagination. When it explains events or assigns causes, it is an imaginative substitute science. When it gives precepts, insinuates ideals, or remoulds aspiration, it is an imaginative substitute wisdom—I mean the deliberate and impartial pursuit of all food. The condition and the aims of life are both represented in religion poetically, but this poetry tends to arrogate to itself literal truth and moral authority, neither of which it possesses. Hence the depth and importance of religion becomes intelligible no less than its contradictions and practical disasters. Its object is the same as that of reason, but its method is to proceed by intuition and by unchecked poetical conceits.  1. As used in the passage, the author would define “wisdom” as  [A]. the pursuit of rationality through imagination.  [B]. an unemotional search the truth.  [C]. a purposeful and unbiased quest what is best.  [D]. a shortsighted way of pursuing happiness  . Which of the following statements is NOT TRUE?  [A]. Religion seeks the truth through imagination, reason, in its search, utilizes the emotions.  [B]. Religion has proved an ineffective tool in solving man’s problems.  [C]. Science seeks a piece meal solution to man’s questions.  [D]. The functions of philosophy and reason are the same.  3. According to the author, science differs from religion in that  [A]. it is unaware of ultimate goals. [B]. it is unimaginative.  [C]. its findings are exact and final. [D]. it resembles society and art.  . The author states that religion differs from rationality in that  [A]. it relies on intuition rather than reasoning .  [B]. it is not concerned with the ultimate justification of its instinctive aims.Proper training will produce an army of workers with the skills that modern, sustainable industries need. Special care must be given to those children left behind as their parents seek ways of working to give them a better life. What the government gives in support should not be taken away again in taxation.

  Nemtsov has not commented.

:00:3 :Fu, mer viceeign minister, said during a televised debate at the um that the islands issue had developed to the stage where there were concerns over whether Japan would continue on the "pacifist path".Beijing's Belt and Road initiative has answered the economic call of regional countries and inspired them to think more about establishing development commies.

It's unclear when the whitewashing will begin. So far, Google has only said it will happen soon.Insurgent leader Doku Umarov has urged militants to use "maximum ce" to prevent the Games from going ahead.李克强会见Ginni Rometty :19:3 Chinese premier meets IBM chairBEIJING, Oct. (Xinhua) Premier Li Keqiang met with chair of IBM Ginni Rometty on Thursday afternoon.Li lauded IBM's cooperation with China and highlighted the untapped potential of China's huge inmation technology industry.Chinese Premier Li Keqiang (R) meets with chair of IBM Ginni Rometty in Beijing, capital of China, Oct. , . (XinhuaLi Tao)He urged IBM to make the most of the opporties in China's hightech sector, and encouraged the firm to explore research and development cooperation in more fields.Li also talked about China's new round of higherlevel opening up, which, he said, would create a better environment companies from home and abroad.Chinese Premier Li Keqiang (R) meets with chair of IBM Ginni Rometty in Beijing, capital of China, Oct. , . (XinhuaLi Tao)The central government is encouraging eign enterprises to cooperate with domestic firms with a more open mind, Li said, adding that collaboration will contribute to the global economy.Rometty said IBM is willing to improve cooperation with China in hightech fields and promote the IT industry, so as to meet the needs of both Chinese and international markets.

While he did not have a full plan, he said he had "a few ideas". Mr Brahimi has just visited Damascus as well as refugee camps in neighbouring Jordan and Turkey.更糟的是,他的政府正因腐败丑闻泥足深陷之后,她再用电子声音讲出来这是演员Jeff Woodman 在年为IBM的文本语音合成程序录制的合成声音

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