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熊猫去游乐园 -- 18:: 来源: 熊猫去游乐园(Pandas went visiting the park)  Panda is one of my best favourite animals.These two pandas are mommy and her baby girl, living at a beautiful mountain somewhere in China.  One day, the little panda girl said, "Mommy, Can we go visiting the national park nearby?" The panda mommy smiled and said, "Of course, my dear child."  Theree, they decided to adventure down the hill. On their trip, they met many friendly animals. When they got hungry, they found fresh and delicious bamboo their meals.  When they got tired, they sat down together a rest.  At that time, they saw me smiling and looking at them. I kept waving my hand and said hello to them. The baby panda girl asked me, "Hi, there! What are you doing?"  I replied with a great smile, "Oh, I'm an animal lover, and I love pandas very much. Can I take a picture of you?" The mommy panda happily said, "Okay!  Please make it quick because we are leaving soon." Look, I took a beautiful picture them very proficiently.  Last and not least, the baby panda and her mommy had a great time in the park bee they went home. Yeh, they certainly loved the picture I took them!《泰坦尼克号经典英文电影台词 --7 :0: 来源: 《泰坦尼克号经典英文电影台词1.Outwardly, I was everything a well-brought up girl should be. Inside, I was screaming. 外表看,我是个教养良好的,骨子里,我很反叛. .We're the luckiest sons-of-bitches in the world. 我们是真他妈的走运极了.(地道的美国国骂) 3.There is nothing I couldn't give you, there is nothing I would deny you, if you would not deny me. Open you're heart to me.  如果你不违背我,你要什么我就能给你什么,你要什么都可以.把你的心交给我吧. .What the purpose of university is to find a suitable husband. 读大学的目的是找一个好丈夫. 5.Remember, they love money, so just pretend like you own a goldmine and you're in the club.  只要你装得很有钱的样子他们就会跟你套近乎 6.All life is a game of luck.  生活本来就全靠运气 7.I love waking up in the morning and not knowing what's going to happen, or who I'm going to meet, where I'm going to wind up.  我喜欢早上起来时一切都是未知的,不知会遇见什么人,会有什么样的结局 8.I figure life is a gift and I don't intend on wasting it. You never know what hand you're going to get dealt next. You learn to take life as it comes at you. 我觉得生命是一份礼物,我不想浪费它,你不会知道下一手牌会是什么,要学会接受生活 9.To make each day count. 要让每一天都有所值 .We're women. Our choices are never easy. 我们是女人,我们的选择从来就不易 .You jump, I jump. 你跳,我就跳(another touching sentence) .Will you give us a chance to live?  能不能给我们留一条生路? .God shall wipe away all the tears from their eyes, and there shall be no more death. Neither shall there be sorrow or dying, neither shall there be any more pain, the mer world has passed away.   上帝擦去他们所有的眼泪.死亡不再有,也不再有悲伤和生死离别,不再有痛苦,因往事已矣. 泰坦尼克号 经典英文电影台词A Bad Day 倒霉的一天 -- :3:8 来源: A Bad Day 倒霉的一天  I had a very bad day yesterday. Everything went wrong. In the morning, my alarm clock didn't ring, so I woke up one hour later. When i was making breakfast, I burned my hand. Then I ran out of the house to catch the bus, but I missed it. I ran three kilometres to school only to find that it was Sunday.  我昨天真倒霉,诸事不顺!早晨我的闹钟没响,结果我晚醒了一个小时当我做早饭时,我烧伤了手后来我跑出家外面去赶公共汽车,可是误了车我跑了三公里到了学校,结果发现是星期日天下第一秀水——千岛湖英文导游词 --1 1:57: 来源: 天下第一秀水——千岛湖英文导游词千岛湖位于浙江千年古镇淳安县,这里的水色清秀,风景如画,素有“天下第一秀水”之称富春江—新安江—千岛湖风景区是一处景色独特的水路,全长300公里,总面积10平方公里The Fuchun River-Xin’an River-Qiandao Lake scenic area is a picturesque waterway. As long as 300 kilometers, it covers more than 10 square kilometers. With numerous tourist attractions, its scenery is especially enchanting.   The Xin’an River is in the upper reaches of the Qiantang River, flowing through cities like Chun’an and Jiande. Flanked by a thick est of trees, the clear river, with many shoals and rapids, winds its way through hilly areas. It is blocked by a big dam within Jiande —— the dam the Xin’an River reservoir and power station. The reservoir boasts 18 islets; hence the name 00-Islet (Qiandao) Lake. This 573-square-kilometer lake, over 0 meters in depth, is 1 times the size of the West Lake in Hangzhou. It has a storage capacity of .8 billion cubic meters. Surrounded by verdant mountains, the crystal-clear lake is dotted by islets with luxuriant vegetation, like plenty of jadeite in a big mirror. While going boating on the lake, one finds "a lake within hills and a hill within lakes". One can not only enjoy the boundlessness of Taihu Lake (one of China’s biggest lakes) but also appreciate the gracefulness of West Lake. The water temperature remains about °C, pleasant both in summer and winter. Qiandao Lake is known its numerous attractions, featuring green hills, beautiful waters, unusual caves, and fantastic rocks. More appealing among them are such islets as Longshan, Laoshan, Xianshan, Guihua, and Mishan. Besides, various kinds of animal are raised on many islets, including Monkey Islet, Bird Islet, and Snake Islet. The Fuchun River in the lower reaches of the Qiantang River traverses Tonglu, Fuyang, and Xiaoshan. Along the river are seen many sandbanks and rolling green hills. The current is slow moving and meandering. Stork Mountain, Yan Ziling’s Angling Terrace, Sailing on Qili Rapids, and Gourd Waterfalls are among the scenic spots downstream. 岛湖英文导游词My Hometown 我的家乡 --7 ::51 来源: My Hometown 我的家乡  My hometown is on the Fenhe River. This is the place where my grandparents and parents have lived. When I was a boy, I often played near the bank of Fenhe River.  There are about one thousand people in our village. Most of them are living a hapy life. They have built their new houses. All of their children can go to school. Last year ten students from our village went to college.  There is a ing room and a library here. Every evening many villagers go to the evening school to learn science and newspapers.  This is my hometown. I hope you will visit here one day.  我的故乡在汾河岸边,这是我爷爷奶奶、爸爸妈妈居住过的地方我小的时候常在汾河岸边戏耍  村里有大约一千人,他们大部分人过着幸福的生活他们建了新房子他们的孩子都上学去年我们村里有十名学生上了大学  这里有一个阅览室和一个图书馆每天晚上许多村民到夜校去学习科学,阅读报纸  这就是我的故乡希望有一天你能来这里参观

我爱我家 --19 :6: 来源:   我有一个幸福的家我家有四口人,爸爸、妈妈、和我爸爸是工人,妈妈在家处理家务我和是小学生爸爸个子很高,妈妈有点胖,也有点胖他们都很爱我,我也爱他们我们总是互相帮助,我爱我家  吉林省通化市吴戈  指导教师 佟佰玲  钢笔书法 张霞  Miss Wang点评台家对每个小朋友而言,是一个避风的港湾,也是一个温馨的小窝本文小作者在对自己的家人的外貌、职业进行介绍的同时,充分表达出了家人之间和谐、互爱的关系如果吴戈同学能够再对家人的相貌特征和个人喜好作一下具体的描述的话,就会使文章内容更加充实、生动、完善Miss Wang要奖给吴戈同学一个"Good!",还要加油啊!

五年级英语小作文 -01- :35:35 来源: How happy I am. Yesterday I finished all the work very quick, so I have a lot of time to do myself. Sometimes finish work early is a good thing, we can have more interests to do the next work. Because of this, I write English dairy eight in the morning. But I wrote it in the evening in the pass day. Everyone, if you can finish the work quickly, not lazy, just try your best.

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