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General Survey概述Chinese culture,known across the world for its uniqueness and colorfulness,has reflected itself in every aspect of the Chinese#39;s daily life,i. e.clothing,food,housing etc. because they are three indispensable elements in Chinese daily life. There ire many special habits,and customs. Those who are unfamiliar with Chinese culture may find these habits and customs intriguing as well as puzzling. Some of the customs associated with these elements are quite unique, such as sifting shoes and feng shui. Some customs are local ones and not shared at a national level .and some customs have different varieties in the specific procedures or some other details.中国文化的蘸性与丰富多是全球闻名的,它在中国的日常生活中得以体现,例如衣、食、住,因为它们是中国日常生活中不可或缺的要素。述才有许多特殊的习惯与习俗。对中国文化不太了解的人可能会发现这些习惯与习俗既富有吸引力、又令人迷惑。与这些要素有关的某些习俗十分特殊,例如筛鞋与风水。某些习俗是地方习俗,它们不是全国范围性的,而有些习俗则在具体的步骤或其他细节方面存在差异。 /201505/377319Chinese women who are dating non-Chinese guys often express various issues which displease them – and the issues are mostly due to cultural differences. One of our forum ers sent us a list of what he considers the ten most common complaints of Chinese girlfriends。那些和非华裔的男生交往的华人女孩常常会对各种事情吐槽,让她们的男友感到郁闷——她们吐槽的原因往往是出于文化差异。一位读者向我们的网络论坛寄了一份清单,列举了他认为中国女友最爱吐槽的十句话。1. You don#39;t carry my handbag!你不帮我拎包!Most foreign boyfriends believe that carrying a handbag of a girlfriend is basically the opposite of manliness. But this is a very common demand of Chinese girlfriends. Chinese girls usually carry useless and unnecessary stuff in their bags。大多数的外籍男孩都相信,为自己的女朋友拎包是完全有违男士作风的行为。然而中国女友却常常要求他们这样做。中国的女孩子们喜欢在她们的包里放上各种用不上,也没必要带着的东西。2. You don#39;t text or call me three times a day!你没有一天三遍给我发短信或者打电话!Chinese girlfriends usually demand that you stay in contact with them during the day and show that you care for them by calling or sending them text messages at least two or three times a day。中国的女友常常要求你必须每天与她保持联系,还要每天给她打两三个电话或者发两三个短信,以表示你对她的关心。3. You don#39;t meet me often!你和我见面的时间太少!If you don#39;t visit or meet your girlfriend often she will call you selfish and this is a word Chinese girls use if you don#39;t do something they want. However, for foreigners this word does not seem so strong and they consider it quite normal to be called selfish。如果你不常常去女朋友家串门或者约她见面,她就会说你自私——如果你不按她的要求做某件事,她就会用这个词来指责你。可是,在外国人看来,这个词似乎无关痛痒,他们认为自私是很正常的。4. Give less time to your friends!少花点时间陪你的哥们!Sometimes, Chinese girls will complain that they don#39;t like your friends, but this is not exactly true: They just want the guy to spend less time with his friends and more with them。有的时候,中国女孩会抱怨说她不喜欢你的哥们儿,但这并不是她真正的想法:她只是想要男友少花点时间陪自己的朋友,多花点时间陪自己。5. Why don#39;t you take me to the bar?你为什么不带我一起去酒吧呢?She will often complain that you don#39;t take her when you go out to a bar and she will accuse you of not taking her because of various reasons。她会常常抱怨说,你去酒吧喝酒的时候没有带她一起去,她会以各种理由指责你不带她一起去。6. No fashion sense不懂得时尚潮流7. You don#39;t know Chinese culture。你不理解中国文化You will hear this sentence very often from your Chinese girlfriend - that you should learn more about Chinese culture and start following it。你会常常听到你的中国女友对你说这句话——你应该多学学中国文化,并且要身体力行。8. Eat more!多吃点!It sounds weird but it#39;s true: A Chinese girlfriend will suggest that you eat more and ;get healthier;. The more you eat the healthier you will be - this is a Chinese saying and they truly follow it and try it on their boyfriends。这听起来有点诡异,但的确如此!中国女友会劝你努力加餐饭,“多吃多健康”。也就是说,你吃得越多,身体就越健康。——这是一个中文谚语,她很相信这个说法,还在男友身上验这个说法。9.Eat less!少吃点!Sooner or later you will start eating more and another complaint you will get is that you eat so much. Your Chinese girlfriend will start saying that you should eat less and this will be good for your health. Suddenly, the above-mentioned Chinese saying and perception will change。或早或晚,你开始努力加餐,这时她又开始抱怨你吃得太多了。你的中国女友开始说你应该少吃点,这对你的身体健康有好处。忽然之间,之前她践行的中文谚语和养生观念就变样了。10. Shopping购物Last but not least, Chinese girlfriends will complain to you that you do not take her shopping. Yes! She is right - take her shopping often, even window shopping. She wants to hang out with you。最后但也最重要的是,中国女友会抱怨你不带她去购物。是的,她是对的!——你要常常带她去购物,甚至只是随便看看。她就是想和你一起出门逛逛。 /201507/3861291. Marshmallows1.棉花糖To better understand where the marshmallow came from, you must first understand that the name ‘marshmallow’ is a combination of ‘marsh’ and ‘mallow’. It refers to the Mallow plants that grew around marshes; hence the name.为了更好地理解棉花糖从哪而来,你必须要理解棉花糖的名字,“棉花糖marshmallow”是由marsh(沼泽)和mallow(锦葵)组成。它是指生长在沼泽中的锦葵,这就是它的名字。This specific plant was harvested in Egyptian times. They did not merely eat it for its sweet flavour, however. Back then, Egyptian doctors were convinced that marshmallow was an effective way of curing a sore throat in children, which sounds like a medication a child would never reject. In fact, it’s thought that this miracle medicine was eaten by richer kids as a treat, rather than a cure.这种特殊的植物在埃及时代丰收。但人们不是仅仅为了食用它的甜味。当时,埃及的医生相信,沼泽中的锦葵可以有效地治疗儿童咽喉疼痛,孩子似乎不会拒绝这种药。实际上,人们认为,富人家的孩子吃这种神奇的药作为消遣,而不是治疗疾病。As for the marshmallow as we know of it today, the root goes back to 1800s France, where it was pushed as a treat for kids and adults alike. Then, in 1948, Alex Doumak created a way to make the little delights in a way that was completely automated, allowing the sweet treat to be produced efficiently.至于今天我们所知道的棉花糖,要追溯到19世纪的法国,它很受孩子和成年人的喜爱。到1948年,Alex Doumak发明了一种方法使这种小甜品的生产完全自动化,提高了它的生产效率。While the marshmallow is treated as a candy rather than medicine, it wouldn’t hurt to buy a big bag and ‘experiment’ for yourself next time you catch a cold.尽管棉花糖成为了一种糖果而非药品,但你下次感冒的时候买上一大包自己“试验”一下也不会有害。 /201506/383178

The legend of the Dragon Boat Festival端午节的传说故事1.Qu Yuan jumped off river屈原投江In order to commemorate patriotic poet Qu Yuan who jumped into the Miluo river, and avoid his body to be eaten by fish and shrimp, so people cast many of bamboo rice (rice dumplings) in the river, and compete to row (acetate ship) hoping to find the body of Qu yuan.为了纪念爱国诗人屈原,居民为了不让跳下汨罗江的屈原尸体被鱼虾吃掉,所以在江里投下许多用竹叶包裹的米食(粽子),并且竞相划船(赛龙船)希望找到屈原的尸体。2.Cao E looked for her father’s corpse曹娥寻父尸Cao E, dutiful girl of the eastern Han dynasty, whose father drowned in the river when she was 14-year old. She cried along the river, still didn’t see his father’s corpse after 17 days, and she jumped into the river on May 1st as well, after five days the two corpses folded together and float. That was a moving story, so people in the township worship her.东汉孝女曹娥,因曹父溺江而亡,年仅十四岁的她沿江豪哭,经十七日仍不见曹父尸首,乃在五月一日投江,五日后两尸合抱而浮起的感人事迹, 乡人群而祭之。3.Madam White Snake白蛇传The legend of white snake Bai Suzhen, in order to repay Xu Xian , fell in love with him and finally got married. On the day of the Dragon Boat Festival white snake drink realgar wine, almost reveal herself snakelike, and among the white snake, Fa Hai and water logging Jinshan temple , are popular folk opera repertoire.传说白蛇白素贞,为了报答许仙的恩惠,与许仙结为夫妻的凄美的爱情故事。端午节当天白蛇喝了雄黄酒,差点现出蛇形,加上法海白蛇及水淹金山寺的情节,都是脍炙人口的民间戏曲的曲目。4.Wu Zixu#39;s death anniversary伍子胥的忌日It’s a legend that after He Lu ,the king of Wu died , the prince Fuchai ascended the throne, send armed forces to suppress Yue and won. Goujian ,the king of Yue please reconciliation , Fuchai didn’t listen but agreed treacherous official and judged Wu Zixu commit suicide. And jumped his body into river on May 5, since then people commemorated him on Dragon Boat Festival.传说伍子胥助吴伐楚后,吴王阖闾逝世,皇子夫差继位,伐越大胜,越王勾践请和,伍子胥主张和,夫差不听,却听信奸臣言,赐伍子胥自杀,并于于五月五日将尸体投入江中,此后人们于端午节祭祀伍子胥。 /201506/381331

Huaping specialty—Panzhihua- legend of kapok (the first version)华坪特色菜—攀枝花-木棉传说(版本一) In ancient times, a legend has it that a hero named Ji Bei led people of Li people to resist foreign aggression and distinguished himself many times at the risk of his life for which he won the heartfelt support of the general public. Later on, he was betrayed by a traitor and trapped in the mountains. Although hit by a few arrows, he stood erect on the peak and became a kapok tree. The arrows and blood turned into branches and blackish red flowers respectively. In memory of him, the later generation called kapok tree “Ji Bei” and tree of hero respectfully. To further express their love for the ethnic hero, people of Li will plant a kapok tree with much care on every wedding day.相传古时有位英雄叫吉贝,他多次率领黎族人民抗御外敌,屡建战功,得到人民的爱戴。后因叛徒出卖,被敌人围困在大山上,身中数箭,仍屹立山巅,身躯化为一株木棉树,身上的箭变为树枝,鲜血化成殷红的花朵。后人为纪念他将木棉换做“吉贝”也尊称木棉英雄树。黎族人民为了表示对民族英雄的爱戴,每逢男女结婚之日,都要精心种植一株木棉树。 /201505/374438

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