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Three years ago, I was standing about a hundred yards from Chernobyl nuclear reactor number four.三年前,我站在距离切尔诺贝利第四号核子反应炉大约一百码外。My Geiger counter dosimeter, which measures radiation, was going berserk,我的盖革放射量测定器,用来测量辐射量,指数狂飙,and the closer I got, the more frenetic it became, and frantic. My God.当我越接近,机器的反应越激烈,我的天。I was there covering the 25th anniversary of the worlds worst nuclear accident,我当时在那里播报世上最严重的核灾事故25周年报导,as you can see by the look on my face, reluctantly so, but with good reason,你可以看到我脸上的表情,不太情愿,但是我有个好理由,because the nuclear fire that burned for 11 days back in 1986因为1986年时核火灾延烧了11天,released 400 times as much radiation as the bomb dropped on Hiroshima,释放的辐射量大约是投掷在广岛的原子弹的400倍,and the sarcophagus, which is the covering over reactor number four,而用来覆盖第四号反应炉的“石棺”which was hastily built 27 years ago, now sits cracked and rusted and leaking radiation.在27年前匆促完成,现在已破裂、生锈,并且释出辐射。So I was filming.当时我在拍摄,I just wanted to get the job done and get out of there fast.只想把工作完成,赶快离开现场。But then, I looked into the distance, and I saw some smoke coming from a farmhouse,在那当下,我望向远方,看到农舍上冉冉升起的炊烟。and Im thinking, who could be living here?我想,谁会住在这里?I mean, after all, Chernobyls soil, water and air,我的意思是毕竟切尔诺贝利的泥土、水和空气are among the most highly contaminated on Earth,是世界上受到最严重污染的地方之一,and the reactor sits at the the center of a tightly regulated exclusion zone, or dead zone,而反应炉座落在严密管制禁区的中央,或者说是死亡禁区,and its a nuclear police state, complete with border guards.那是一个核能警察国家,有边防警察。You have to have dosimeter at all times, clicking away,你得时时刻刻带着放射量测定器,you have to have a government minder,你得要有政府官员陪同,and theres draconian radiation rules and constant contamination monitoring.而且还有很严格的辐射法规,以及不间断的污染监测。The point being, no human being should be living anywhere near the dead zone.重点是,没有人可以住在靠近死亡禁区的任何一个角落。But they are.但是他们却住在那里。It turns out an unlikely community of some 200 people are living inside the zone.结果是一群不太像社区的200人住在里面,Theyre called self-settlers.他们被称为自主移居者。And almost all of them are women,他们几乎全都是女性,the men having shorter lifespans in part due to overuse of alcohol, cigarettes, if not radiation.男性的寿命较短,有一部分是因为他们饮酒过量、抽烟,如果排除辐射因素的话。Hundreds of thousands of people were evacuated at the time of the accident,在意外发生时有成千上万人被撤离,but not everybody accepted that fate.但不是每个人都接受这样的命运安排。The women in the zone, now in their 70s and 80s, are the last survivors of a group who defied authorities住在禁区的女性现在大概7、80岁,是最后一批违反公权力的幸存者,and, it would seem, common sense, and returned to their ancestral homes inside the zone.对他们来说这就像常识,回到他们在禁区里的故乡。They did so illegally.这么做其实是违法的。As one woman put it to a soldier who was trying to evacuate her for a second time,其中一名女性向第二次要驱离她的士兵表明:;Shoot me and dig the grave. Otherwise, Im going home.;“一毙了我,然后帮我挖个坟。否则我要回家了。”Now why would they return to such deadly soil?那么为什么他们要,回到如此致命的土地上呢?I mean, were they unaware of the risks or crazy enough to ignore them, or both?我的意思是,他们有意识到这些风险吗?或是他们疯狂到可以忽略这个事实?还是说两者都是?The thing is, they see their lives and the risks they run decidedly differently.重点是,他们肯定用很不同的方式看待自己的生命和要冒的险。201604/439694We have the charmless misanthrope.我们有毫无魅力愤世嫉俗者。Then we have our Bud Light guy whos the happy couch potato.有终日赖在沙发上边看电视边喝百威淡啤的男子。And then heres a shocker: even Americas most sexiest man alive,这里有一个震惊:甚至于美国最性感的男性,the sexiest man alive gets romantically played these days in a movie.存活的最性感的男人,如今在电影中被浪漫地耍弄。And then on the female side, you have the opposite, in which you have these crazy superhero women.而在女性的层面,恰恰相反,有这些疯狂的女性超级英雄。Youve got Lady Gaga. Youve got our new James Bond, whos Angelina Jolie.有Lady Gaga。有新一代的詹姆斯·邦德女郎安吉丽娜·朱莉。And its not just for the young, right?不仅仅是那些年轻人,对吧。Even Helen Mirren can hold a gun these days.如今甚至连海伦·米伦都可以握着一把。And so it feels like we have to move from this place所以感觉上我们需要离开这个where weve got these uber-exaggerated images into something that feels a little more normal.有着过分夸张印象的地方,使之变得更加正常化。So for a long time in the economic sphere, weve lived with the term ;glass ceiling.;很长一段时间在经济领域里,我们和一种叫做无形顶障(妇女等在职务升迁上遇到的无形障碍)的术语生活在一起。Now Ive never really liked this term.现在我们将永远不会喜欢这个术语。For one thing, it puts men and women in a really antagonistic relationship with one another,首先,它将男人和女人放在一个相互敌对的关系上,because the men are these devious tricksters up there whove put up this glass ceiling.因为在这里男人是放置这个无形顶障的狡猾的骗子。And were always below the glass ceiling, the women.而我们,女人们,常常在这个无形顶障之下。And we have a lot of skill and experience,我们有很多的技术和经历,but its a trick, so how are you supposed to prepare to get through that glass ceiling?但这是一个诡计,你应该如何准备冲破那个无形的顶障?And also, ;shattering the glass ceiling; is a terrible phrase.并且,击碎无形顶障是一个糟糕的词组。What crazy person would pop their head through a glass ceiling?多么疯狂的人将会用他的头撞穿一个无形顶障?So the image that I like to think of, instead of glass ceiling, is the high bridge.我想象一个图像来代替无形顶障,是一个高桥。Its definitely terrifying to stand at the foot of a high bridge, but its also pretty exhilarating,站在高桥下是十分恐怖的,但也是很令人高兴的,because its beautiful up there, and youre looking out on a beautiful view.因为那上面很美,你眺望美丽的远景。And the great thing is theres no trick like with the glass ceiling.更好的事情是与无形顶障不同的,这里没有诡计。Theres no man or woman standing in the middle about to cut the cables.这里没有男人或是女人在中间准备切断缆绳。Theres no hole in the middle that youre going to fall through.这中间没有会令你掉下去的洞。And the great thing is that you can take anyone along with you.最好的事情是你可以带任何一个人和你一起。You can bring your husband along.你可以带着你的丈夫。You can bring your friends, or your colleagues, or your babysitter to walk along with you.你可以带着你的朋友,或者你的同事,又或者是你的保姆和你一起走。And husbands can drag their wives across, if their wives dont feel y.丈夫们可以拉他们的妻子过去,如果他们的妻子们还没有准备好。But the point about the high bridge但是关于这个高桥重要的是is that you have to have the confidence to know that you deserve to be on that bridge,你需要有自信,知道你应当在那个桥上,that you have all the skills and experience you need in order to walk across the high bridge,因为你有为了走过那个高桥所需的技巧和经历,but you just have to make the decision to take the first step and do it. Thanks very much.但是你需要做个决定,走出第一步并且行动。谢谢。201610/474593

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  即学即用英语会话词典A部分:订计划即学即用英语会话词典文本下载即学即用英语会话词典这部词典着眼日常生活、学习、工作等语言环境,囊括了当今美国最最简洁、最地道的日常口语表达方式。本词典获得2002年全国优秀畅销书奖 /200706/14864


  But now, because the reflective self is in charge,不过,既然现实由思考自我主导,you may end up -- some people may end up moving to California.一些人可能会得到这样一种结论,那就是搬到加州。And its sort of interesting to trace what is going to happen他们搬去加州是为了过上更快乐的生活,to people who move to California in the hope of getting happier.而追踪观看他们的后续发展,将会是一件相当有趣的事。Well, their experiencing self is not going to get happier. We know that.他们的经验自我是不会变得更快乐。这我们都知道。But one thing will happen: They will think they are happier,不过当一件事发生后,他们会觉得自己快乐多了。because, when they think about it, theyll be reminded of how horrible the weather was in Ohio,因为在他们思考时,他们会回想起俄亥俄州的坏天气。and they will feel they made the right decision.他们也因此觉得他们做出了正确的决定。It is very difficult to think straight about well-being,要理解快乐生活实在很难,and I hope I have given you a sense of how difficult it is. Thank you.我希望我已经让你们对此有个基本概念,并且明白这个过程到底有多难。谢谢。201611/475595

  Your Excellency Mr. Peter Thomson, President of the General Assembly, Your Excellency Mr. António Guterres, Secretary-General-designate of the ed Nations, and Madame Catarina Vaz Pinto Your Excellency Mr. Marcelo Rebelo de Sousa, President of the Republic of Portugal, Your Excellency Mr. António Luís Santos da Costa, Prime Minster of Portugal, Excellencies, Ladies and Gentlemen, Thank you for your very kind words and for your trust. I am deeply moved by your tributes. Serving as Secretary-General of this great organization has been a great privilege for me of a lifetime. As some of you said, I am a child of the ed Nations. After the Korean War, UN aid fed us. UN textbooks taught us. UN global solidarity showed us we were not alone. For me, the power of the ed Nations was never abstract or academic. It is the story of my life, and many Korean people. It is a story of many millions, and millions of people around the world, many children, young boys and girls. This profound appreciation grew even stronger every day during my service with the ed Nations. For the past ten years, I have been honoured to serve alongside the many courageous, dedicated and talented women and men of the ed Nations. I have seen the power of international cooperation in taking on our most pressing challenges. And I have seen the ed Nations open its doors wider than ever to civil society and many partners to help us transform our world. Together, we have faced years filled with challenge: The worst financial collapse since the Great Depression. Eruptions of conflict and uprisings for freedom. Record numbers of people fleeing war, persecution and poverty. Disruptions brought by disease, disasters and a rapidly warming planet. This turmoil tested us. Despite huge difficulties, we helped save lives and protect tens of millions. The 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development and the Paris Agreement on climate change have opened a pathway to a safer, more just and peaceful world for all of us. The empowerment of women took great strides during these years. Youth took on new levels of leadership. New mindsets took hold. Day by day, brick by brick, we built stronger foundations for peace and progress. Yet, so much suffering and strife endure. So many women and children face violence and exploitation. So many people face hatred solely because of who they are. And so many problems have proven intractable - none more than the bloodshed in Syria and the upheaval it spawned.201612/486238

  第24课I''ve had a hard day. 我今天过的真糟。24.牢骚满腹 抱怨 87、I''ve had a hard day. 我今天过的真糟糕。 88、I''m fed up with... 我实在难以忍受…… (I''m fed up with my boss.我的老板,my job 我的工作) I''m fed up with the exams.(我烦透了考试!) I''m sick and tired of the exams. I''ve had it up to here with the exams! 89、I''m sick and tired of ...  我受不了... 或者是being late 90、I''ve had it up to here with...! 我真受不了... (压力已经升到了头顶)my boss/my job/my friend/my car 91、I really wish...  我多么希望... I really wish my car ran better.我多么希望我的车好起来啊。 I really wish traffic was more clear and smooth. I really wish I could pass the exam!我多少希望能及格呀!(你感觉自己的英语考得很差,你无奈的说) 相关专题:洋话连篇视频教学 /200601/2931012 living rooms Beginner A: good morning. I’m thinking about buying some new furniture for my living room. Could you help me? B: certainly. As you can see, we have several three-piece suites on sale. Feel free to sit down and test how comfortable they are. A: I came to your store yesterday and have come back today to make a final decision. I think I like the black leather suite. It’s on a real bargain. B: yes. The price has been reduced by 50%. It’s a real bargain. A: I’ll take it. I also need to improve the lighting in my living room. Do you have any suggestions? B: those floor lamps are very nice and you can vary the brightness according to whether you’re ing or watching tv. How big is your living room? A: it’s quite large. It’s about 40 square metres. B: I’d suggest you buy two. That allows you to change the brightness of the room better. A: ok. I like the design of this lamps. I also need some cushion covers. I’ll just browse through those ones over there. Intermediate A: hello, james. Come in . go through to the living room. B: hi kate…thanks…wow! Look at all the furniture. You must spent a fortune on it! I love your new three-pieces suite. A: I told you that I had been saving up money to buy some new furniture and do some redecorating. I finally saved enough and did everything at once. B: good for you! You’ve got new curtains too. That’s a very nice shade of blue. This sofa is very comfortable. I could sit on it all day! A: do you like my carpet? Be honest! Tell me what you really think. B: to be honest, it looks like your old carpet. Is it really new or did you just have your old cleaned? A: well spotted! I actually had it cleaned twice, because it was so dirty. The rug is new. You remember my trip to china? Well, I bought is there. B: I love the design. I’ve heard that the actual cost of rugs in china is less than the cost of sending it home. A: that’s true. I bought a second bookcase too. b; that was a good idea. Before, you had books and magazines all over the room. It looks very untidy. I see you have also put two shelves up for you ornaments. You haven’t bought a new tv though. A: I don’t watch much tv nowadays. I’m so busy with other things. B; like buying furniture and redecorating! Good for you! Your living room looks much brighter and tidier than before. Have you ever thought of becoming an interior designer? Words Sofa armchair carpet footstool tv set music centre dvd player coffee table bookshelf lamp picture vase curtain telephone light switch rug cushion ornaments three-piece suite Phrases Sit in an armchair Sit on a sofa Vacuum the carpet Polish the table Tidy the living room Put your feet up Watch tv Listen to music Open/close curtains Switch the light on/off /200704/12818

  When I first agreed to do this, I would have thought if my knees were shaking at the podium. It was because I was nervous, not because I was freezing.Chancellor Wilson, President Killeen, faculty, distinguished guests, its an honor, a true honor to be back here at the University of Illinois.Class of 2016 – thats your cue. It is more fun if we do this together. Im here to congratulate you, but Im also here to thank you.For many of you, this is your first college graduation ceremony. Well, this is also my first college graduation ceremony.See, I didnt come to this event when I graduated in 1989. I had excuses. I had a new job. I was eager to get on with my life.I dont have many regrets, but, 27 years later, thats one of the decisions I do regret, because I didnt get to share this day with the people who loved me and who supported me.That might also explain why I have 15 members of my family in my cheer section here today. And why my 90-year-old father in Dubuque, Iowa is watching on the livestream right now. Hi, Dad! Love you!Thats a life lesson that took me a while to learn: its important to reflect and celebrate, and be grateful for those who bring learning and love into your life.In fact, how about we all show our appreciation for the people who helped you get here: your families, friends, mentors, and loved ones? So, graduates, please stand up, stand up, turn around and show your appreciation for those who helped get you here. You may also want to do a few arm movements.So, today, Id like to share three pivotal chapters from my life.The experiences themselves may not be universal, but the lessons of failure and resilience, of passion and purpose, of loss and renewal may be. And theyre united by an overarching belief, one that I hope I can convince you to share.The belief is this: there has to be a better way.The first chapter opens in Menominee, Illinois; population, 248. Anybody heard of it? No, not a chance. Downtown Menominee has a church, a firehouse, a four-room schoolhouse, and of course, a tavern.I grew up on a small dairy farm, the youngest of five. The farm was a great place to grow up, although it wasnt without its, ahem, character-building moments.A key feature of the farm, of the dairy farm is the cow yard. A key feature of the cow yard is, of course, cow manure. Lots and lots of it. When you add in spring rains, its a thick soup. And one particularly soggy day, when I was about 12 years old, my job was to walk out through the cow yard to open the pasture gate for our cows.Every step I took, I sank deeper, deeper and deeper, up to the top of my boots. Cow poop threatening to seep over the top. Not quite able to get them out. I yelled for help, but no one could hear me except the cows. And they didnt really seem interested.I started to panic a little, but then a remarkable calm came over me. It was very Zen. I saw my future: it was filled with cow manure.Dont get me wrong. Farming is a worthy and noble way of life, if youre passionate about it. In that moment, I knew I would need to find my purpose elsewhere.For me, that meant, there had to be a better way to find fulfillment and a different future, and that meant going to college. My parents believed in education, but they could only afford to pay for the first year of college. After that, it was up to me.At the time, I had an uncle and a much-older brother who were working in accounting jobs in ;the big city,; in Chicago. I thought their work with then-cutting-edge computer programs was impossibly cool, so I started lobbying my parents for a computer.201606/447901

  And in the same way many of us are now wearing sensors that detect our heart rate,同样的方式,我们现在很多人都使用穿戴式侦测器,可以侦测我们的心跳、our respiration, our genes, on the hopes that this may help us prevent diseases,呼吸、基因,让我们可以预防疾病的发生,we can ask whether monitoring and analyzing the words we speak, we tweet, we email, we write,我们是否已可以藉由侦测分析我们所说的话、推的文、邮寄的信、写的文字,can tell us ahead of time whether something may go wrong with our minds.来提前告诉我们,我们的心智可能要发生问题了?And with Guillermo Cecchi, who has been my brother in this adventure, we took on this task.我跟我的兄弟,吉列尔莫·切基,扛起了这项任务。And we did so by analyzing the recorded speech of 34 young people我们纪录分析了34位年轻人的谈话。who were at a high risk of developing schizophrenia.他们过去曾经是罹患精神分裂症的高风险族群。And so what we did is, we measured speech at day one,我们测量了他们第一天的谈话,and then we asked whether the properties of the speech could predict,然后问计算机,从他们的话中是否可以预测出,within a window of almost three years, the future development of psychosis.未来三年内,他们会不会精神错乱。But despite our hopes, we got failure after failure.但我们大失所望,一次又一次的失败。There was just not enough information in semantics to predict the future organization of the mind.因为没有足够的语义信息来预测未来的心智发展。It was good enough to distinguish between a group of schizophrenics and a control group,它在分辨精神病患及控制组上已经有足够的能力,a bit like we had done for the ancient texts,因为这有点像我们之前做古文字的分析,but not to predict the future onset of psychosis.但没办法预测未来精神错乱的发病。201607/457206。

  Hi, everybody. Ive got a special guest with me this week-Macklemore. For those of you who dont share the same love[i] for hip-hop, hes a Grammy-winning artist-but hes also an advocate whos giving voice to a disease we too often just whisper about: the disease of addiction.大家好!这周我请来了一位特殊的客人,马克莫。对那些不怎么喜欢说唱艺术的人来说可能不太熟悉,他是格莱美获奖歌手,但他同时也是一位活动家,呼吁人们关心我们大家经常私下讨论的一种疾病:毒瘾。Hey, everybody. Im here with President Obama because I take this personally. I abused prescription drugs and battled addiction. If I hadnt gotten the help I needed when I needed it, I might not be here today. And I want to help others facing the same challenges I did.大家好!我今天以个人的身份与奥巴马总统会面。我曾经滥用处方药上瘾,并长期与之斗争。如果在我当时需要帮助的时候没有得到帮助,我今天就可能不会在这里出现了。我也希望帮助其他人来面对我曾经面临的挑战。Drug overdoses now take more lives every year than traffic accidents. Deaths from opioid overdoses have tripled since 2000. A lot of the time, theyre from legal drugs prescribed by a doctor. So addiction doesnt always start in some dark alley-it often starts in a medicine cabinet. In fact, a new study released this month found that 44 percent of Americans know someone who has been addicted to prescription pain killers.现在,每年因药物滥用致死的人数已经超过车祸致死人数。类鸦片药物滥用致死人数自2000年以来增加了3倍。很多时候,这些药都是医生开出的合法处方药。因此,毒瘾并不总是从暗黑的小巷开始,而经常始于我们的储药箱。实际上,本月发布的一份新的研究报告表明,44%的美国人知道身边有人曾经对止痛处方药上瘾。I didnt just know someone-I lost someone. My friend Kevin overdosed on painkillers when he was just 21 years old. Addiction is like any other disease-it doesnt discriminate. It doesnt care what color you are, whether youre a guy or a girl, rich or poor, whether you live in the inner-city, a suburb, or rural America. This doesnt just happen to other peoples kids or in some other neighborhood. It can happen to any of us.我不仅仅是知道有人上瘾,我还永远失去了一些朋友。我的朋友凯文因使用止痛药过量去世,当时他才21岁。毒瘾跟其他任何疾病一样,没有什么区别。无论你是什么肤色,是男是女,贫穷还是富裕,生活在城市、郊区还是乡下。这种病不仅会发生在别人家的孩子或邻居身上。也可能发生在任何人身上。Thats why just talking about this crisis isnt enough-we need to get treatment to more people who need it. My administration is working with communities to reduce overdose deaths, including with medication. Were working with law enforcement to help people get into treatment instead of jail. And under Obamacare, health plans in the Marketplace have to include coverage for treatment.所以,仅仅讨论这种危机是不够的,我们需要为更多的人提供必要的治疗手段。本届政府正在与社会各界合作,降低药物滥用致死率,包括医用药在内。我们正与执法人员一起,帮助人们接受治疗而不是把他们关进监狱。在奥巴马医疗保险范围内,医保市场的健康保障计划应该将这些治疗包含进来。I know recovery isnt easy or quick, but along with the 12-step program, treatment has saved my life. Recovery works-and we need our leaders in Washington fund it and people know how to find it.我知道,恢复的过程会很长,也不容易,但按照12步疗法完成治疗之后,我得救了。这种康复方案是有效的,我们需要华盛顿的领导人们为此提供资金,人们会知道怎么获得资助。We all need to do more to make that happen. Ive asked Congress to expand access to recovery services, and to give first responders the tools they need to treat overdoses before its too late. This week, the House passed several bills about opioids-but unless they also make actual investments in more treatment, it wont get Americans the help they need.我们需要共同努力实现这一目标。我已经要求国会扩大医保务覆盖范围,给应急处置人员必要的手段持,及时治疗药物滥用患者,避免事情恶化。本周,众议院通过了关于鸦片类药物的多项法案,但除非他们能在治疗方面做出实质性的投资安排,否则,需要治疗的人们能够得到的帮助也是有限的。On top of funding, doctors also need more training about the power of the pain medication they prescribe, and the risks they carry. Another way our country can help those suffering in private is to make this conversation public.除了提供资金之外,医生也需要更多的培训,让他们知道开出的止疼药的功效,以及他们会承担的风险。此外,帮助那些遭受毒瘾折磨的人们,还有另一种方式,就是让这种对话从私下转为公开。When youre going through it, its hard to imagine there could be anything worse than addiction. But shame and the stigma associated with the disease keeps too many people from seeking the help they need. Addiction isnt a personal choice or a personal failing. And sometimes it takes more than a strong will to get better-it takes a strong community and accessible resources.当你经历过之后,很难想象还有什么事情比毒瘾更糟糕。但随之而来的羞耻感和坏名声则伴随着这种疾病一起,让很多人不敢去寻找他们急需的帮助。毒瘾并不是某个人特意的选择或个人的过错。解决这个问题有时候这需要强大的戒掉毒瘾的意愿,需要强有力的社会持和便捷的资源撑。The good news is, theres hope. When we talk about opioid abuse as the public health problem it is, more people will seek the help they need. More people will find the strength to recover, just like Macklemore and millions of Americans have. Well see fewer preventable deaths and fewer broken families.好消息是,希望就在眼前。当我们将鸦片类药物滥用作为一个公共卫生问题来讨论的时候,就会有更多的人去寻求帮助。更多的人能找到恢复的信心,就像马克莫和数百万已经恢复的人们一样。未来,我们可以预见,因毒瘾死亡的人会更少,离破碎的家庭也会更少。We have to tell people who need help that its OK to ask for it. Weve got to make sure they know where to get it.我们要告诉那些需要帮助的人们,大胆去寻求帮助,没问题。我们要让他们知道应该去哪里求援。We all have a role to play. Even if we havent fought this battle in our own lives, theres a good chance we know someone who has, or who is.我们每个人都要尽自己的能力。即便我们自己不需要与这种病痛斗争,我们去帮助那些有这种病的人也是好事。President Obama and I just had a powerful conversation here at the White House about opioid abuse, and what we can do about it. You can catch it this summer on MTV. And to find treatment in your area, call 1-800-662-HELP.奥巴马总统和我今天在白宫就鸦片类药物滥用问题进行了一场很有分量的谈话,而且说到了如何解决这一问题。我会在今年夏天的MTV上来展现。大家可以拨打电话1-800-662转人工寻求治疗方案。Thanks, and have a great weekend.谢谢,祝大家周末愉快。201605/444025

  SCENE② A 赫伯特鼓起勇气走向柔丝【你在等人吗?】 Herbert: Um, excuse me, miss. Are you waiting for someone? May I sit with you for a second?赫伯特: 嗯,,对不起。你在等人吗?我可以跟你坐一会儿吗? Rose: Yes, I guess it's OK.柔丝: 好吧,我想无妨。 Herbert: Thanks. So, um, do you go to bars often?赫伯特: 谢谢。所以,嗯,你常上酒吧吗? Rose: Of course not!柔丝: 当然没有。 Herbert: Sorry, I didn't mean anything bad. Would you like another drink?赫伯特: 对不起,我没有恶意。你想再来一杯吗? Rose: No. This one is 2) half full. Any way, it's very 3) strong.柔丝: 不了。这杯还剩一半。况且,这杯酒非常烈。 Herbert: I guess the 4) bartender thought you liked strong drinks.赫伯特: 我猜那个酒保大概以为你喜欢烈一点的酒。 Rose: 5) Excuse me?!柔丝: 什么?! 语言详解 A: I'm putting it all on the line with Debbie tonight. 今晚我要不计任何代价跟黛比说清楚。 B: What? You're gonna tell her the truth? That takes courage, man. 什么?你要跟她说说实话?那需要很大的勇气,老兄。 【I didn't meaning anything bad. 我没有恶意】 “言者无心,听者有意”的情况,就是这句话的使用时机。 A: You look very mature in that dress. 你穿那件衣看起来很成熟。B: Are you saying I'm old? 你在说我老吗?A: I didn't mean anything bad. It looks very nice. 我没有任何恶意。那看起来很好。 1) half full 半满的2) strong (a.) 浓烈的,强烈的3) bartender (n.) 酒保4) Excuse me? 你说什么?Excuse me.一般表示“抱歉”的意思,但在这里,是表示不敢相信对方竟然跟自己说这种话。但要表达这种意思,必须配合正确的语调,才能传神。 /200708/16637

  乐宁外教口语天天练No.2When pedestrians have the walking signal,cars must yield to them.lt;/wordgt; yield意指 stop and let pedestrians go译文:行人有通行信号时,车辆必须让行。 /200608/9011

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