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A: Good morning, is this Ryan?B: You are speaking with Ryan. How can I help you?A: Ryan, this is Malia, and I need to call in sick today.B: What seems to be the problem?A: I went hiking and have terrible poison oak.B: When did you get that?A: I think I got it on Saturday, but it just showed up today.B: What are you doing it?A: The doctor prescribed an ointment and gave me a shot.B: Good. You probably should be much better by tomorrow. 385

Long bee they were called selfies, Karl Baden snapped a simple black and white photo of himself. Then he repeated it every day the next three decades.在“自拍”出现前,卡尔·拜登就每天拍下1张自己的黑白照片,接下来30年,他每天都这样做Baden ;Every Day; project officially turns 30 on Thursday and he says he has no intention of stopping. The stark contemplation on mortality and aging has prompted some to dub the Boston College professor the unwitting ;father of the selfie.;拜登的“每日”计划到上周四正式满30年,但他表示没想停下来拜登这种忠实审视死亡与衰老的做法,让他获得“自拍之父”的封号他是波士顿学院的一名教授He recognizes the ubiquity of the selfie has helped raise the profile of the project, which has been exhibited in art galleries in Boston, New York City and elsewhere over the years.他承认自拍风潮帮助他的项目提高了知名度,这些年来,照片在波士顿、纽约市等地的美术馆展出;If it wasnt the selfie craze, Id probably be slogging along in anonymity as usual,; Baden joked this week. ;Which is sort of what I had expected.;他本周开玩笑说:“如果不是自拍热,我大概会和以前一样匿名拍照片,那也是我之前希望的”What makes the project work is that it reflects a number of universal themes, from death to man obsession with immortalizing himself in some way, said Howard Yezerski, a Boston gallery owner who has exhibited the project on two occasions.曾两次展出照片的波士顿一家画廊的主人Howard Yezerski表示,拜登的照片能一直拍下去,是因为照片反映了很多普遍的主题,从死亡到人类某种对不朽的执迷等等;It both personal and universal at the same time,; he said. ;He recording a life, or at least one aspect of it that we can all relate to because were all in same boat. Were all going to die.;他说:“这是个人的,同时也是普遍的他在记录一段生命,或者至少是生命的一方面,我们都与此相关,因为我们都在同一条船上,都会死亡”Baden, 6, quietly launched his project on Feb. 3, 1987, the day after Andy Warhol died and nearly two decades bee Facebook emerged. He tries to remain faithful to that first image, posing with the same neutral facial expression and using the same 35mm camera, tripod, backdrop and lighting.1987年月3日,现年6岁的拜登悄然开始了他的自拍计划摄影师安迪·沃霍尔前一天刚去世,距离脸谱网问世还有将近年他尝试拍下与第一张相同的照片,采用同样的面部表情,使用相同的35毫米相机、三脚架、背景和灯光;The act itself is like brushing your teeth,; he said. ;Ill just take the picture and get on with the rest of my day. It not a holy ritual or anything.;他说:“拍照就像刷牙我拍下照片,然后继续过一天的生活这并非任何神圣仪式”Baden has taken other pains to maintain the same aesthetic. He has consciously not grown a beard or mustache, and his hair remains simply styled.为了让照片保持一贯的风格,拜登还付出了其他代价他有意不蓄胡须,发型也一直很简单;I have to turn all these variables into constants so that Im not distracting from the aging process,; Baden explained.拜登解释说:“这些都保持不变,这样才能看出照片所表现的衰老过程”Besides mortality, Baden says the project touches on the notions of obsession, incremental change and perfection.除了死亡,拜登说照片还触及了痴迷、渐进的改变和完美的概念;As much as I try to make every picture the same, I fail every day,; he said. ;There always something that a little different, aside from the aging process.;他说:“我尽可能每天都拍一样的照片,但每天都失败除了衰老,总有那么点儿东西是不同的”Approaching ,000 photos, the changes in Baden appearance over time dont appear dramatic. But in 01, Baden underwent chemotherapy to treat prostate cancer and became noticeably thinner.在大约1.1万张照片中,拜登的外貌随着时间的改变没有太剧烈但在01年,拜登接受了治疗前列腺癌的化疗,明显消瘦了The cancer is now in remission and, as later pictures show, Baden quickly bounced back. The only lasting change from that time, he says, has been his eyebrows; they never quite grew back.目前他的病情缓解,就像随后的照片中那样,拜登迅速恢复了他说,那段时间带来的唯一持久变化,就是他的眉毛,它们没有再长回原来的样子 73

A: I have a problem that needs fixing immediately.B: What is it?A: I think that a pipe broke in my ceiling.B: How do you know?A: The ceiling is wet and water is dripping onto my carpet.B: Your apartment isn’t flooded, is it?A: Not yet, but my carpet is wet.B: When did this all start?A: It just started today.B: I will send a plumber up to fix it right now.A: That would be fabulous.B: I’m sorry about the problem. 0191

PW: Today we are going to talk about the Olympic Opening Ceremony.Y: Yeh!PW: You sure are excited about the Opening Ceremony. But is it such a big deal?Y: Of course it a big deal. 奥运会四年才开一次主办国可以在开幕式上显示历史、文化,经济实力You know, to show off.P: So, I am guessing there will be lots of permances - dances and acrobatics.Y: Yes, that right, Patrick.开幕式一开始要升起奥运旗帜,演奏奥运主题歌P: It starts with the raising of the Olympic flag and the perming of the Olympic anthem.Y: 然后是各国运动员入场P: That called a ;Parade of Nations,; when the athletes of each nation participating in the Olympics parade through the stadium with their national teams. Y: 开幕式除了大型表演,最精的是最后点燃奥运圣火P: Lighting of the Olympic Flame with the torch is the climax of the opening ceremony. It awesome.Y: 说了半天,我只在电视上看过奥运会开幕式,如果能到现场那该多好P: Well, look what Ive got!Y: 开幕式门票!Oh my gosh, Patrick! Who did you knock off to get those?P: Who did I ;knock off;? Dont worry, I didnt have to kill anyone, Yang Chen. The tickets to the opening ceremony are sold out long time ago. I was given these by a friend whose brother is an Olympic athlete.Y: 你还认识奥运会运动员Cool.PW: Say, do you want to go, Yang Chen? Ive got two tickets?YC: Do I want to go? Id LOVE to go! 1870

第一句:What the weather ecast tomorrow?对于明天的天气,天气预报怎么说的?A: What the weather ecast tomorrow?对于明天的天气,天气预报怎么说的?B: The weather ecast said it going to be cloudy.天气预报说明天多云第二句:Will it rain tomorrow?明天会下雨吗?A: It so nice to enjoy all the beautiful scenery in such a lovely day.在这么晴朗的一天欣赏美景真是太棒了B: Yeah, will it rain tomorrow?是啊,明天会下雨吗?A: I think it will continue to be fine.我是不会变天的 去一个地方参观时,天气是个不得不考虑的要素,有关天气的表达法还有:Do you get much rain during the summer?你们这儿夏天雨水很多吗?It doesnt look promising today.今天天气看起来不太好What the climate like in Australia?澳大利亚的天气怎么样?What the weather going to be tomorrow?明天天气怎么样? 1963

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