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  • The dragons, dire wolves, White Walkers and power-hungry political factions in HBO’s fantasy epic “Game of Thrones” will invade movie theaters later this month — on the big, big screen. An exclusive trailer the coming season along with the final two episodes of the previous season will be shown in 0 Imax theaters across the country.本月底,HBO频道的奇幻史诗电视剧《权力的游戏(Game of Thrones)中的龙、冰原狼、白鬼和渴望权力的政治派系将登上电影院的大银幕下一季的独家预告片和上一季的最后两集将在美国各地的0家Imax影院上映The critically acclaimed drama about rival dynasties in a medieval-like world will be the first television series ever to appear on Imax screens. Tickets the engagement, which will run one week from Jan. 3 to 9, will go on sale “in the coming days.”这部广受好评的电视剧讲述的是在一个类似中世纪的世界里的王朝争夺,它将成为首部登上Imax银幕的电视剧“几天后”将开始售票,上映时间是1月3日至9日The move signals a continued blurring of the lines among media platms, where digital s, television series and films stream across a proliferation of screens, from tiny mobile phones to movie theaters. It also shows the extent to which media companies are trying to turn their blockbuster hits into mega events, as drawing mass audiences becomes increasingly rare.这一举措表明,媒体平台之间的界线更加模糊——数字视频、电视剧和电影出现在越来越多的屏幕上,从手机小屏幕到影院大银幕它还表明,媒体公司在努力把自己的轰动作品变成大事件,因为吸引大量观众变得越来越难 Imax, the “Game of Thrones” screening is part of an eft to expand the type of programming it shows beyond its core theatrical releases, especially as the North American box office faces tumbling sales. The company has had preliminary conversations with other entertainment companies about showing other television series and also has tested technologies allowing the screening of live sports. Music concerts also are on the table, said Richard L. Gelfond, chief executive of Imax.Imax公司想通过上映《权力的游戏来扩展自己放映的节目类型,不局限于放映核心电影,特别是在北美电影票房不佳的情况下该公司和其他公司初步讨论了放映其他电视剧的计划,还测试了直播体育赛事的技术Imax公司的首席执行官理查德·L·盖尔方德(Richard L. Gelfond)说,音乐会也在讨论之列“We see the past of our company and the future of our company as innovating in the way that content is displayed,” Mr. Gelfond said.“我们公司的过去和未来都是在不断革新内容的呈现方式,”盖尔方德说Other experimentation includes a plan to show the sequel to the movie “Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon” simultaneously on Netflix and in select Imax theaters.其他试验包括计划在Netflix网站和一些精选Imax影院同时播映《卧虎藏龙(Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon)的续集HBO and Imax started talking about screening “Game of Thrones” several months ago, convinced that the high production quality of the series, the demographic of the fan base and the branding opporties made it a worthy experiment. At a reported million to $ million an episode, the show ranks as one of the most expensive productions on television today.几个月前,HBO和Imax开始讨论放映《权力的游戏,他们确信,这部电视剧制作精良,拥有庞大的粉丝群,又有许多品牌推广机会,所以值得尝试在影院上映据报道,该剧每集的制作成本为600万至00万美元,是如今制作成本最高的电视剧之一“ Game of Thrones’ is one of the few television shows that has the scope and cinematic qualities to really support the Imax mat,” said Pamela Levine, chief marketing officer at HBO.“从题材规模和拍摄品质角度讲,《权力的游戏是少数几部真正持Imax格式的电视剧之一,”HBO的首席营销官帕梅拉·莱文(Pamela Levine)说 HBO, the screening kicks off the promotion the coming season of “Game of Thrones,” which starts in April. It will also start what is expected to be a big year of marketing and promotion the premium cable network as a whole. HBO announced in October that it planned to introduce a stand-alone Internet streaming service later this year that does not require a standard cable or satellite subscription. It also is planning its first brand marketing campaign in about two decades.对HBO来说,《权力的游戏的上映拉开了该剧下一季宣传的序幕,下一季将于月份开播对于这个付费有线电视网来说,今年是整体营销和推广的重要年头去年月,HBO宣布将在年晚些时候推出单独的互联网流媒体务,它不需要缴纳常规的有线电视或卫星电视费用该公司还在规划约年来的首次品牌推广活动Some industry observers have speculated that HBO’s new subscription streaming service would start in tandem with the new season of “Game of Thrones” so that the network could capitalize on the buzz related to the show. The fourth season of “Game of Thrones,” which ended in June, averaged 19 million cumulative viewers, making it the most-watched HBO original series ever.一些行业观察者们预测,HBO新的订购流媒体务将和《权力的游戏的新一季同时开始,这样该电视台就能充分利用该剧带来的轰动效应《权力的游戏第四季于去年6月结束,平均每集的观众累积达1900万,是HBO原创电视剧中收视率最高的HBO has not released details about the timing or other aspects of the new service.HBO尚未发布这项新务的推出时间和其他细节Timing was crucial the “Game of Thrones” screenings. Blockbuster productions rarely are released in January, giving Imax some flexibility in scheduling an experiment. “It would be difficult to bump ‘Avengers’ or ‘Star Wars’ or ‘Bond’ to do something like this,” Mr. Gelfond said. “But in late January, you have a lot more flexibility.”《权力的游戏的上映时机很关键大片很少在1月份发布,这让Imax公司有了一些灵活性,可以安排一次试验“你很难挤掉《复仇者联盟(Avengers)、《星球大战(Star Wars)或《0(Bond),来做这样的尝试,”盖尔方德说,“但是1月底有很大的灵活性” 3866。
  • Rock band Linkin Park undertook the first-ever stadium level international rock tour in China in July, ending in Beijing with an exciting concert on Sunday.著名摇滚乐队林肯公园7月在中国开展了史无前例的体育场级别的国际摇滚巡回演出,并于周日在北京以一场激动人心的演唱会宣告结束In , the band planned to hold a concert at the Beijing Workers Stadium, but it was cancelled due to health problems experienced by lead singer Chester Bennington. It taken seven years that missed opporty both the band and fans to be compensated.在年,林肯公园曾计划在北京工人体育场开展一场演唱会,但是由于主唱查斯特·贝宁顿的身体状况欠佳而被取消,在那之后,花费了整整七年的时间,才让歌迷和林肯公园等到了弥补的机会Lead vocalists Mike Shinoda and Chester Bennington interacted with the audience a good deal during the concert, constantly saying in Chinese ;Xie xie (Thank you).; Shinoda even draped a pair of Chinese knots on his keyboard.主唱麦克·信田和查斯特·贝宁顿在演唱会进行的时候和观众保持了良好的互动,并且持续用中文道谢,信田甚至在他的钢琴键盘上悬挂着一对中国结;The Hunting Party Tour; was launched in support of Linkin Park sixth studio album, released in June . As one of the greatest rock bands of the era, Linkin Park has sold over 50 million albums worldwide and is the first rock band to achieve more than 1.9 billion views on YouTube.“猎捕行动世界巡演”也是在为年6月林肯公园发布的第六张专辑进行宣传作为业内最知名的摇滚乐队之一,林肯公园已经在全球范围内销售超过5000万张专辑,并且也是第一个在视频网站上获得超过19亿人次观看的摇滚乐队The band permed at nearly sold-out concerts in Nanjing, Shenzhen, Shanghai, Chongqing and Beijing.林肯公园的演唱会门票在南京,深圳,上海,重庆和北京等地几乎全部售空 389681。
  • Ke$ha has issued a statement in the wake of controversy over her new track Die Young.钱妞(Ke$ha)近日就其新单曲《英年早逝(Die Young)引起的争议发表声明The single, which debuted on December at number three on radio charts, has fallen down the airplay standings in the wake of the Sandy Hook Elementary shooting.该单曲在月号发行当天就获得了之声榜单第三名,但在桑迪·胡克小学击案发生后被撤下了广播放送名单Ke$ha has now posted a response in which she hinted that she had misgivings about the track during production.钱妞日前发表回应,暗示自己在单曲制作过程中就心存疑虑In a message on her official Twitter , the singer wrote: ;Im so so so sorry anyone who has been effected (sic) by this tragedy. And I understand why my song is now inappropriate.;在钱妞的官方推特上,她这样写道:“对于受到这次悲剧影响(原文为effected)的所有人我感到很抱歉我知道我的歌现在是非常不合时宜的”Ke$ha added, in a message which has since been deleted: ;I understand. I had my very own issue with Die Young this reason. I did NOT want to sing those lyrics and I was CED TO.;钱妞还在现已删除的留言中补充道:“我都明白因为这个原因,我自己也对《英年早逝有些意见我不想唱这种歌词,我是被逼无奈的”Several radio stations in the ed States have removed Die Young from their playlists, fearing that listeners will find the song lyrics insensitive in light of the shootings.美国多家广播台已将《英年早逝撤下了播放列表,他们害怕听众认为击案发生后,这首歌的歌词会显得太过冷漠 01。
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