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商务部:年,中国贸易务达1万亿美金 --31 ::5 来源: 中国商务部部长高虎臣说,第个五年计划(-)期间,中国务贸易量有望进入“黄金时代”,年,进出口将超过1万亿美金,这将为世界务企业带来商机 During the th Five-Year Plan (-), China’s trade in services are expected toenter a "golden era" and imports and exports will exceed $ 1 trillion by , which will bring huge business opporties to the world’s service enterprises, said Gao Hucheng,minister of China’s Ministry of Commerce.中国商务部部长高虎臣说,第个五年计划(-)期间,中国务贸易量有望进入“黄金时代”,年,进出口将超过1万亿美金,这将为世界务企业带来商机Thanks to governmental support, the Chinese service industry has witnessed rapid development in recent years and demand services continues to expand, Gao said this when delivering a speech at the China Beijing International Fair Trade in Serviceswhich kicked off on May .在5月日拉开序幕的中国北京国际务贸易览会上,高说,多亏政府的持,近年来,中国务业发展迅速,务需求持续扩张The world economy is recovering amid in-depth adjustment and the status of the service sector is rising. This will lead products and services all over the world to better integrate into the global value chain and become the major area to obtain added value and boosters of economic growth, Gao also noted this during his speech.在演讲中,高强调,伴随着深度调节和务业地位的上升,世界经济正在复苏这将使得全球的产品和务更好的融入世界价值链,成为获得附加值和推动经济增长的主要领域During the th Five-Year Plan, China’s trade services saw an average annual growth of.5 percent, twice the world’s average. In , service trade reached billion, .6 percent up from , ranking second in the world.第十二个五年计划期间,中国贸易务每年平均增长.5%,是世界平均水平的两倍年,务贸易达到70亿美金,比年上涨.6%,排位世界第二Development of trade in services has played a significant role in promoting transmation and upgrading of China’s eign trade, as well as in catalyzing economic restructuring and enhancing innovation amongst ordinary people, according to Gao.高说在推动中国对外贸易转型和升级,促进经济结构转型和提高普通民众创新方面,务贸易业的发展扮演着至关重要的角色In recent years, the consumption structure of households has upgraded from material consumption to services and demands life services such as tourism, culture,entertainment and health have also risen rapidly.近年来,家庭消费结构已经从物质消费升级为务消费,对诸如旅游,文化,和健康的生活务消费需求已经快速上升中印承诺推动合作伙伴关系 --7 19:55:51 来源: 中印关系一直源远流长,此次穆克吉造访中国,两国友谊进一步加深 BEIJING, May 6 (Xinhua) -- Chinese President Xi Jinping held talks with visiting Indian President Pranab Mukherjee on Thursday, pledging to boost the strategic and cooperative partnership between the two nations.北京,5月6日(新华社)-本周四,中国国家主席习近平和来访的印度总统慕吉克举行了会谈,承诺推动两国间的战略合作伙伴关系Hailing the development of the bilateral ties in recent years, Xi said the two sides should stick to the theme of neighborly friendship and reciprocal cooperation to cement the China-Indian relationship and benefit the people of the two countries.伴随着两国近年来双边关系的发展,习近平说,双方应该坚持睦邻友好的主题,互相合作以巩固中印关系,使得两国人民从中得益Xi proposed the two sides consolidate political trust by maintaining strategic communication between state leaders and making use of various bilateral dialogue mechanisms, and tap the potential practical cooperation on railways, industrial park, smart city, new energy, environmental protection, inmation technology, human resources, industrial capacity, investment, tourism and services.习建议双方通过坚持两国领导间的战略交流,利用多方对话机制来巩固政治互信,挖掘在铁路,工业园,智慧城市,新能源,环境保护,信息科技,人力资源,工业生产力,投资,旅游和务方面的务实合作潜力The Chinese president looked ward to closer cultural and people-to-people exchanges as well as law-encement and security cooperation between the two countries.国家主席期待两国之间更加密切的文化和民众交流,以及执法和安全合作"The two sides should appropriately address our differences," Xi said, adding that the Chinese side is appreciative of India’s adherence to the one-China policy.习说:“两国应该妥善处理分歧”他补充道,中方赞赏印度坚持一个中国政策Xi suggested China and India support each other in regional and international affairs and work together to make successes of this year’s Group of Twenty summit and BRICS summit.习建议中印在区域和国际事务上持彼此,共同努力促进今年的二十国集团峰会和金砖国家峰会取得成功The Chinese president called joint efts to join their development strategies, advance the construction of the Bangladesh-China-India-Myanmar economic corridor, make the Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank a professional and efficient financing platm and conclude the negotiations on the Regional Comprehensive Economic Partnership at an early date.中国主席呼吁共同合作以融合他们的发展战略,提升孟中印缅经济走廊建设,使得亚洲基础设施投资成为一个专业而有效的融资平台,早日结束区域全面经济合作伙伴关系协商Mukherjee, who is making a state visit to China at Xi’s invitation, said that all political parties in India support developing relations with China.应国家之邀,正在对中国进行国事访问的慕克吉说,印度全体政党持和中国发展关系Mukherjee said the cooperation between India and China, both as growing economies and major powers, can benefit the people of the two countries and the entire humanity.穆克吉说,同为正在增长经济体的重要政治力量,中印之间的合作有益于两国人民和全人类Echoing Xi, Mukherjee said the Indian side stands y to expand trade and investment cooperation, increase people-to-people exchanges and enhance communication in international affairs with China. He also voiced the gratitude to the Chinese side supporting India and Pakistan’s accession to the Shanghai Cooperation Organization.回应习的话,穆克吉说,印度已经准备扩大和中国的贸易投资合作,增加人民间交流,在国际事务中增加对话他还对中方持印巴进入上海合作组织表达了感激On Thursday, Mukherjee also met with China’s premier Li Keqiang and top legislator Zhang Dejiang.周四,穆克吉还会见了中国总理李克强和人大委员长张德江川普:非法移民待遇比美国退伍军人更好 --31 ::5 来源: 美国大选人们人物川普抨击美国政府,指责非法移民待遇要比退伍老兵更好,呼吁关注老兵生活状态 Illegal immigrants in the US often get better care than the nation’s military veterans, Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump has said.共和党总统候选人川普曾表示,非法移民在美国受到的待遇经常要好于美国退伍军人"We’re not going to allow that to happen any longer," he told a bikers’ rally in Washington DC.在华府的一场骑行者集会上,川普说道:“我们不能够让那样的事情再继续下去了!”Mr Trump did not provide any evidence his assertion.川普并没有提供任何据来佐自己的这一断言Last year, the billionaire sparked anger by attacking the military record of Senator John McCain, a mer prisoner of war.去年,这位亿万富翁因为抨击约翰·麦凯恩议员的军事记录而惹得众怒约翰·麦凯恩议员曾是一名战俘Mr Trump said Sen McCain was only considered a hero because he was a prisoner of war during the Vietnam War.川普说麦凯恩议员之所以被当成英雄,仅仅是因为他曾是越战战俘He then added: "I like people who weren’t captured."随后他补充道:“我喜欢那些没有被俘虏的人”Since then Mr Trump, who never served in the military, has tried to repair the damage by frequently honouring veterans at his rallies and holding fundraising events them.自那以后,川普从未在军中役过,一直试图修复和军人团体破碎的关系在竞选集会上,川普经常表达自己对老兵的尊敬,还为他们举行筹款活动His latest comments came at the annual Rolling Thunder motorcycle rally on Sunday, which was dedicated to remembering POWs and those missing in action.川普在上周日发表了这一讲话,当时现场正举行一年一度的滚雷托车集会,该集会的目的是为了纪念战俘和在行动中失踪的人Despite previous criticism, many in the crowd cheered Mr Trump.尽管之前川普曾对这群人有过批评,但是现场许多人都为川普欢呼"What I like about Trump is that he is one of us. He’s not a politician," 5-year-old Louis Naymik was ed as saying by the Associated Press news agency.美联社援引5岁的路易斯的话说:“我喜欢川普,他是我们的一份子,他不是一个政治家”Mr Trump - who has made controversial comments on a number of issues - was speaking ahead of the 7 June Calinia primary.据说,川普将在6月7日的加州初选中领先,(尽管)他曾就许多事件发表了有争议的He is running unopposed in Calinia after his Republican rivals pulled out and he reached the number of delegates needed to secure the nomination. It has yet to be malised.川普在加州没有对手了,因为他共和党内的竞争对手都弃权了,而他自己也得到了足够代表的持、从而获得共和党提名他的提名资格还没有被正式发表The Associated Press says Congress and many states have written an assortment of laws and policies designed to restrict government services to people in the country illegally.据美联社透露,美国国会和许多州已经制定了许多不同的法律和政策,以此来限制政府对国内非法移民的务

吃素都长肉?这些蔬果越吃越肥 (双语) -- :5:37 来源:sohu 大家都知道吃蔬果对身体有益,还可以瘦身减肥但你又知不知道当中有些蔬果是可以妨碍你减肥的?吃蔬果对身体有益是老生常谈,因为它能增强我们的免疫系统,而且可以消除对肥腻食物的渴求但有谁知道有些蔬果其实会阻止你减肥呢? 哈佛大学公共卫生学院的研究揭露了一些所谓「健康食物」的真面目 WE ALL know eating fruit and vegetables is good you - but did YOU know some can hinder weight loss? It's a time-old tale that eating fruit and vegetables is good you - it can help boost your immune system and stave off cravings fatty foods.But who knew some fruit and veg can actually stop you losing weight? A study by the Harvard School of Public Health has revealed the truth behind handful of 'healthy foods'. 玉米 corn 在「披着羊皮」的蔬果列表中,玉米大概是最可怕的一种观察对象在平常饮食中, 进食额外份量的玉米粒后,平均重了.磅 Talk about a wolf in sheep's clothing, it would seem sweet corn is the worst offenders - with people who added an extra portion of the golden kernels to their diet gaining, on average, .lbs. 豆子 pea 接着在列表出现的就是豆子把小绿豆加入实验者的日常饮食后,结果声称令他们的体重增加了1.磅 Next on the hit list is peas. The little green treats made testers gain a whopping 1.lbs when added to their diet every day, it's been claimed. 我们都知道土豆含有大量淀粉和碳水化合物,都是少吃为妙,而哈佛的研究也持这一点 We all know potatoes are starchy carbohydrates - and should probably be looked at as a treat - and Harvard's study backs this up. 卷心菜、洋葱和桃子亦接着出现在列表中,大家应避免常吃 Cabbage, onions and peaches made up the next on the list to avoid eating too regularly. 看了这些,真是细思极恐,吃什么都有可能踩雷吃菜都胖,那不就等同于喝白开水长肉一样悲伤嘛 那到底吃什么才能减肥呢! 蓝莓 blueberry 另一方面,他们发现有些蔬果不但对你身体好,还有助你减肥哈佛指出蓝莓是在蔬果类中最棒的,实验对象在饮食中加入蓝莓后平均减掉1.38磅 At the other end of the scale , have some incredibly hard-working fruit and vege, not only good you but helping to shift those pounds. Blueberries are the best of the best, with Harvard claiming those who added them to their diet lost on average 1.38lbs. 接下来的有椰菜花、西梅干,最后梨子他们全都对健康,健身和减肥有很好的作用 Next upCauliflower then prunes and finally pears - all great health, fitness and weight loss. 别再盲目吃素,吃错了菜就等于白受了苦,还不如直接去吃肉 English Source: Express

高科技加入高考防作弊系统 -- :37:59 来源: 周一,中国新闻务报道,为准备即将到来的高考,很多高科技防作弊措施诸如脸部识别、指纹验将会运用到全国多地高考 High-tech measures, such as face recognition and fingerprint verification systems, will be used the first time in many places this year’s gaokao, or national college entrance exam, which will start tomorrow, China News Service reported on Monday.周一,中国新闻务报道,为准备即将到来的高考,很多高科技防作弊措施诸如脸部识别、指纹验将会运用到全国多地高考Many cheating cases have occurred across the country during the gaokao, an important exam that determines many students’ fates. China has listed cheating in the exam as a criminal act in its newly amended Criminal Law effective from Nov 1 last year.高考在中国是很重要的一个考试,决定了很多学生的命运,但是全国各地很多考场曾出现过很多作弊行为去年月1日,中国刑法修正案将作弊列为违法行为之列To ensure no cheating occurs this year, provincial authorities of Guangdong and Hubei plans to make use of high technology. Aside from face recognition and fingerprint verification systems, metal detectors and electronic monitoring systems will also be used.为确保今年无作弊行为,广东省和湖北省相关部门计划使用高科技来阻止作弊除了脸部识别和指纹验系统,金属探测仪和电子监控系统也将会运用其中Candidates in Hainan province are required to be checked twice by the hand-held metal monitors under the surveillance system bee they come back to the test room from the toilet during the exam.湖南考生如在考场去卫生间,返回考场之前将会被视频监控系统操控的金属探测仪检查两次Watches are bidden in the exam rooms in provinces like Fujian, Anhui and Hubei. Instead, silent clocks will be available students to check the time in every test room.在福建省、安徽省和湖北省的高考考场,手表也禁止使用然而,每个教室都配有静音钟表以为学生查看时间使用The education authorities will also make use of technology to secure the safety of the gaokao test papers. The places where the test papers are stored will have at least two cameras installed surveillance.教育部门也将会运用科技来确保高考试卷的安全性存放试卷的场所将会设有至少两个摄像头来确保试卷的安全性Vehicles used transporting the test papers will be equipped with surveillance systems and GPS, GPRS and RFID devices positioning and monitoring the vehicles during transportation, the Ministry of Education said in April.今天月,教育部说道,运送试卷的车辆将会安装电子监控系统,诸如GPS(定位系统),GPRS(无线分组业务)和RFID(无线射频识别)设备将会监测运送车辆的地址定位Apart from the technology-aided measures, many places have also strengthened the teams of test supervisors. Many provincial education authorities reiterated that lessons should be drawn from last year’s case of an arranged gang of fake candidates taking exams in Jiangxi. The police in many provinces have expressed they will have zero tolerance such practices this year.除了科技协助措施,很多地区也加强了对监考老师的管理很多省教育部反复强调,必须吸取去年江西省一群有组织的假考生混进考场参加考试的教训很多省的警方表达了对这种行为的零容忍态度胡润华人富豪榜 王健林力压李嘉诚 -- 3:: 来源: 微信搜索“58英语网”公众号,获取每日精华推送This is the first year of the list. Sp out over 18 countries and regions, Hurun Research found 77 individuals with wealth of CNY bn, of which 3 were from outside mainland China. Total wealth comes to a staggering US$.1 trillion, equivalent to the GDP of Russia, or 1.5 times that of South Korea.胡润研究院发布《瀚亚资本·胡润全球华人富豪榜(Hanya Capital· Hurun Global Chinese Rich List )这是胡润研究院首次发布“全球华人富豪榜”,总上榜人数达到77人,覆盖全球18个国家和地区,其中包括3位港澳台及海外地区华人富豪,上榜门槛亿元人民币《瀚亚资本·胡润全球华人富豪榜上榜富豪总财富高达.7万亿,与俄罗斯全年GDP基本相当,是韩国GDP的1.5倍The Top all come from mainland China or Hong Kong. 6 live in mainland China and the other live in Hong Kong. Half are in real estate. Average age is 66. Pony Ma Huateng of Tencent is the youngest, aged .前十位上榜富豪全部住在中国大陆或香港,其中6位住在大陆,位住在香港从事房地产行业的最多,占到一半平均年龄66岁,最年轻的是腾讯岁的马化腾和百度5岁的马东敏Wang Jianlin, 61, overtook Li Ka-shing to be crowned the richest Chinese in the world with a tune of US$.6 billion, driven mainly by the recent listings of his real estate and cinema businesses.61岁的王健林取代李嘉诚成为全球华人首富,身家高达6亿美元,主要为近期上市的房地产和院线业务Li Ka-shing, 87, came second with a tune of US.8 billion. With the bulk of his wealth made in real estate, Li has recently been investing heavily into the UK. Li is currently organizing his succession with his two sons Victor and Richard.87岁的李嘉诚排名第二,身家3亿美元,其中大部分为来自房地产行业李嘉诚最近在英国进行了大量投资,他正在安排两个儿子李泽楷和李泽钜的接班Jack Ma, 51, was third with US billion. One of the most active entrepreneurs in China, Ma also made time to be the number one philanthropist in China last year.51岁的马云排名第三,身家70亿美元作为中国最活跃的企业家之一,马云闲暇之余还是去年中国最大的慈善家Li Hejun, 8, sits in fourth place, based on the value of his stock at May, when it stopped trading after an investigation launched by the HK regulatory authorities.根据5月日的股票市值,8岁的李河君排名第四当天,该股受到香港监管机构的调查并停止交易Lee Shau Kee, 87, is also in fourth place. Lee has appointed his younger son Martin to chairman of Henderson Land, and is expected to let his elder son Peter take over the Herd Group and gas company.87岁的李兆基并列第四他已任命小儿子李家诚为恒基兆业地产的主席,并计划让长子李家杰接班恒基集团和煤气公司Pony Ma Huateng, , is sixth. Ma has become one of the world’s most active venture capitals, along with Jack Ma of Alibaba. WeChat continues to grow its market share.岁的马化腾排名第六和阿里巴巴的马云一样,马化腾也已经成为世界上最活跃的风险投资者之一微信的市场份额仍在增长nba季后赛韦少谈库里:被问到库里的防守问题时,韦少笑了 -- ::31 来源: 每个球迷都有自己喜欢的球星,有人喜欢科比,有人喜欢詹姆斯,而昨天在被问到库里是不是一个被低估的防守者时,韦少置之一笑,引发大家的讨论,那么对于韦少和库里,一个打法残暴生猛,一个打法灵动飘逸,你更喜欢哪一个呢? After Golden State won Game 5 at home, Kevin Durant and Russell Westbrook were on the podium answering questions like they always do after the game. Here’s what one reporter asked:西部决赛第5战,勇士主场扳回一城,赛后杜兰特和韦斯特布鲁克像往常一样出席发布会接受记者采访其中一位记者这样问道:“Curry’s shooting better, but he also came up with a big steal in the fourth. Do you think his defense is underrated?”“库里今天投篮手感回升,第四节更是送出一个关键抢断你认为库里的防守能力是不是被低估了?”There’s an audible guffaw off camera as she finishes the question, and Russ had his face buried in his hands in an attempt to cover up his laughter.记者刚说完,镜头后面(韦少)传来一声大笑,然后韦少用手捂着脸试着掩盖他的笑声Here’s how KD answered as Russ tried to compose himself and hide his obvious disdain the question:随着韦少试着让自己平静并收起他对这个问题明显的不屑之情,杜兰特接过了话筒:“Getting steals, I don’t know. That’s a part of playing defense. He’s pretty good, but he doesn’t guard the best point guards. They do a good job of putting a couple guys on Russell, from [Klay] Thompson to [Andre] Iguodala and Steph, they throw him in there sometimes. He moves his feet pretty well. He’s good with his hands. But, you know, I like our matchup with him guarding Russ.”“抢断,我不知道那只是防守的一部分他(库里)很出色,但通常他不会去防守对方的顶级控卫他们(勇士)在用几个人轮流防韦少时做的很好,从汤普森到伊戈达拉,而库里只是偶尔才会去防韦少他脚步移动很好,下手抢断也很不错但是你知道,我喜欢看到他和韦少对位”The whole time Russ is either smiling, or his face is buried in his hands, presumably to stifle more laughter.整个过程韦少要么在笑,要么用手捂着脸,似乎在避免更多的笑声Durant is sticking up his teammate here, but according to ESPN Stats and Info, Curry’s done a pretty good job on those instances when he is marking Russ on his own. Westbrook is shooting just 3 percent (8-of-5) against Curry, including 0--3 in Game 5, but percent (37-of-8) against everyone else. Russ is also scoring 0.70 points per play against Curry, and 0.97 against everyone else.杜兰特在这里力挺自己兄弟,但根据ESPN的数据和信息,在盯防韦少方面,库里的表现很好韦少对位库里时命中率仅为3%(5中8),包括第五战中3投0中,然而他在对位(勇士)其他人时命中率为%(8中37)在对位库里时韦少每次攻击仅得到0.7分,而对位其他人时为0.97分Here’s what Curry said about why Klay will often guard the superior of the two opposing guards:在谈到为什么汤普森往往去盯防对方的顶级后卫时,库里这样说道:“I’ve got a great teammate that’s obviously a better defender on the perimeter. I like the challenge, and I’ll do my job the best I can. That’s what I’m out there to do. In those situations, I don’t get too caught up in a one-on-one matchup. My job is to follow the game plan. I’ve done that the last four years of my career, trying to elevate my defensive presence. I do my job.”“我有一个非常棒的队友,他在外线显然是一个更好的防守者我喜欢挑战,我会尽最大努力表现更好那是我在场上应该做的事情在这种情况下,我不会太痴迷于一对一单打我要做的就是照比赛的计划去打球我在过去四年的职业生涯中一直在提升我的防守我会做好我的工作”When asked about Steph bee Game 1 of this series, Russell said: “He’s a shooter. He’s not nothing I haven’t seen bee.” Westbrook should believe he can outplay anyone else opposing him on an NBA hardwood — even the reigning MVP. That’s what makes him truly magnificent and one of the best players in the game today.在系列赛首战开赛前被问到库里时,韦少就说:“他只是个投手,以前不是没见过”韦少确信他可以在NBA球场上打爆任何跟他对位的人——包括卫冕MVP正是这种自信促使他今天变得如此杰出,并成为了球场上最好的球员之一But Curry has done a solid job limiting Russell’s effectiveness when given the opporty. Now let’s shut the hell up about this silliness and get y Saturday night.但库里在对位韦少时,确实有效的限制了韦少的效率现在就让我们停止这些愚蠢的讨论,一起期待周六晚上的比赛吧

脸书克隆网站在朝鲜昙花一现 -- :51: 来源: 朝鲜克隆脸书的社交媒体网站在短暂出现后又迅速下线 A clone of the Facebook social media site has briefly appeared in North Korea bee quickly going offline.一个克隆脸书的社交媒体网站在朝鲜短暂出现后迅速下线Hosted on the StarCon.net.kp address in North Korea it had many of the features of other social networks.托管在朝鲜网站StarCon.net.kp地址下,这个网站拥有许多其他社交网络的功能It is not clear who created StarCon but it is thought to be a test project a future service to be offered by the nation’s telecoms operator.还不清楚谁开发了StarCon,但人们认为这是一个由国家电信运营商提供的未来务的一个测试项目Soon after being discovered, the site was hacked and it is now not accessible.被发现不久后,这个网站就被黑客黑了,现在已无法登陆The site was spotted by Doug Madory, a researcher at network management firm Dyn, who said it was rare to see any websites hosted in the secretive nation.该网站被网络管理公司Dyn的研究员Doug Madory发现,他说任何网站托管在这个诡秘的国家都是很少见的The site’s name suggested it was linked to North Korea’s Star telecom service, he said.该网站的名字显示其和朝鲜的Star电信务相关,他说StarCon was built around a commercial software package called phpDolphin and had many of the features, including newsfeeds, messaging systems and personal spaces, seen on other social sites.StarCon是由一系列被称为phpDolphin的商业软件包组成的,拥有许多功能,包括其他社交网站所拥有的新闻订阅,短信系统和个人空间However, many of the site’s pages were unfinished and were filled with placeholder text.然而,该网站的许多页面都未完成,还有许多占位符文本"I don’t believe it was intended to be accessible from outside North Korea," Mr Madory told the B.“我认为这个网站本不打算在朝鲜以外被登陆的,”Madory先生告诉BHowever, he said, Dyn’s mention of StarCon on its Twitter feed led people to set up personal pages on the site and start using it to swap messages.他说,然而,Dyn公司对StarCon在推特上的提及导致人们在该网站上创立了个人页面并开始互换信息One of the first s created parodied North Korean leader Kim Jong-un.最先创立的账号之一是嘲弄朝鲜领导人金正恩的账号Outsiders created about 300 s on StarCon during its brief existence.在其短暂出现的一段时间内,国外的人在StarCon上创建了大约300个账号"There were a lot of people signing up that, based on their comments, appeared to genuinely think they could reach the North Korean people through the website," he said.“许多人注册了该网站,根据他们的,他们真的认为能够通过该网站与朝鲜人民沟通,”他说"I’m quite sure that no North Koreans ever really used it a social network website despite the fact that it was hosted in North Korea."“我很肯定朝鲜人并没有真正地把它作为社交网站使用,虽然这是在朝鲜国内托管的”A day after being discovered, the site was hacked to re-direct every visitor to a YouTube . Soon after, it went offline completely.在其被发现一天后,该网站被黑客攻击并跳转到一个Youtube视频其后,又很快地完全下线了特朗普获得年美国总统候选人资格 --1 :: 来源: 共和党全国大会第二天,批斗希拉里的活动声势不减,特朗普终于获得了总统候选人的资格 Donald Trump has secured the Republican nomination US president on day two of the Republican National Convention.共和党全国大会次日,特朗普正式获得总统候选人的资格The House Speaker, Paul Ryan, urged delegates to e behind Mr Trump, a day after splits in the party were evident as the convention opened.众议院发言人保罗·莱恩敦促共和党人紧密团结在特朗普周围大会首日共和党党内分歧明显The Trump campaign also faces accusations a speech by Mr Trump’s wife Melania on Monday was plagiarised.外界指责特朗普现任妻子玛莲妮亚·特朗普周一的讲话存在剽窃的内容Tuesday’s speakers focused almost exclusively on attacking Hillary Clinton, the likely Democratic nominee.而周二的大会几乎成为了针对希拉里的批斗大会希拉里极有可能成为民主党的总统候选人New Jersey Governor Chris Christie, a mer prosecutor, held a mock trial Mrs Clinton as the crowd chanted "lock her up".在大会上,众人高呼将希拉里“投入监狱”做过检察官的新泽西州现任州长克里斯·克里斯蒂主导了对希拉里的模拟审判Mr Christie and others criticised Mrs Clinton’s use of a private email while she was serving as secretary of state.克里斯蒂和其他人纷纷批评希拉里在担任国务卿期间使用个人邮箱收发工作邮件An FBI investigation said she was "extremely careless" but found her actions didn’t warrant criminal prosecution. However, Mr Christie and and the crowd disagreed as Mr Christie repeatedly yelled "guilty".联邦调查局的调查结论称希拉里“过于粗心大意”,但其行为不足以构成犯罪指控然而克里斯蒂和共和党诸人对此并不认同,克里斯蒂反复高喊“她有罪!”He said she has "selfish, awful judgement" and was to blame various eign policy problems in Libya, Syria and elsewhere.克里斯蒂称希拉里做出了许多“自私而糟糕的判断”,理应为在利比亚、叙利亚和其他国家引发的外交问题负责Mr Trump is expected to accept the nomination on Thursday.特朗普预计将于周四正式成为总统候选人His children played a prominent role on Tuesday, standing with the New York delegation as he was declared winner and delivering remarks.特朗普的子女在周二起到了重要的作用大会宣布特朗普获得候选人资格后,他上台发言,子女们则陪伴在其周围纽约街头现假和尚乞讨 --9 :9: 来源: New York City Buddhist leaders are sounding the alarm to tourists: Beware the ;fake monks.;纽约的佛教领袖们向游客发出警告:小心“假僧人”Men in orange robes claiming to be Buddhist monks are approaching visitors to some of the city most popular attractions, handing them shiny medallions and offering greetings of peace. They then hit them up donations to help them build a temple in Thailand, and are persistent if their demands are refused.在纽约一些热门景点,有些穿着橘色袍子的人声称自己是佛教僧人以接近游客,递给他们闪闪发光的纪念章,送给他们平安的祝福然后就向他们索要捐赠,帮他们在泰国兴建寺庙,如果他们的要求被拒就会死缠烂打;The problem seems to be increasing,; said the Rev. TK Nakagaki, president of the Buddhist Council of New York, a group that represents nearly two dozen Buddhist temples. ;They are very aggressive and hostile if you dont give them money.;纽约佛教协会会长雷夫#86;TK#86;中垣说,“问题似乎越来越严重了,”佛教协会代表着二十多个佛教寺院“你不给钱的话他们就会非常咄咄逼人,充满敌意”His group has taken to the streets and social media to warn people that the men appear to have no affiliation to any Buddhist temple. ;Please be aware,; one Facebook post, ;this is a scam.;他的团队走上街头,并在社交媒体上警告人们,这些人和佛教寺院可能没有任何关系“请小心,”脸书上一条帖子写道,“这是诈骗”Along the popular High Line elevated park, one of the robed men handed a couple a shiny, gold-colored medallion and a plastic beaded bracelet. He then showed them photos of a planned temple and barked, ;Ten dollars! Twenty dollars!; When they wouldnt give up cash, he snatched the trinkets back.在游人众多的高线空中公园,一个长袍僧人递给一对夫妇一枚金光闪闪纪念章和一串塑料珠子做成的手链,然后向他们展示一座计划中的寺庙的照片,并叫道:“十美元!二十美元!”如果他们不愿意给钱,他还会把那些小玩意儿抢回去Other brightly robed men have been spotted pulling the same routine, albeit more successfully, in Times Square, not far from where costumed characters such as Elmo, Minnie Mouse and the Naked Cowboy take pictures with tourists tips. Some of the monks were later seen handing wads of cash to another man waiting nearby.有人发现其他光天化日之下抢劫的假僧人也遵守着同样的程序,只不过更成功一点,他们是在时代广场不远处还有穿着戏的人扮卡通人物,比如艾、米老鼠米妮,和裸体的牛仔,他们同游客拍照以收取小费晚一点就会看到一些僧人把一堆堆现金交给一个待在附近的人The Associated Press tried to ask more than half-dozen of the men about their background and the temple they said the donations were being used to support. Each claimed to be a Buddhist monk collecting money a temple in Thailand, but none could give its name or say where exactly it is located. All the men refused to give their names and ran off when pressed answers.美联社记者试着向六七个僧人问了问题,了解一下他们的背景和他们声称的要用捐款修建的寺庙,每个人都说自己是佛教僧人,要筹款在泰国建寺庙,但没有人说得上来那个寺庙的名字或具体地点所有人都拒绝说出他们的姓名,硬要让他们回答的话就都跑掉了The men first started appearing at the High Line, a New York City public park that maintained by a private nonprofit group, about three years ago, said Robert Hammond, executive director of Friends of the High Line. But it ;became excessive; in the past year, he said, with up to a dozen of the men accosting tourists at once and sometimes grabbing them to demand cash.“高线公园的朋友们”的常务董事罗伯特#86;哈蒙德说,约在三年前,这些人第一次出现在纽约的高线公园,高线公园是由一家私人非盈利组织运营的公共公园但是去年“变本加厉”,他说,多达十几个人同时向游客搭话,有的时候还抓着他们要钱Panhandling on city streets isnt illegal in New York, as long as the person isnt acting aggressively. But the city parks department has a rule that says it is unlawful to solicit money without a permit from the parks commissioner.在纽约,在城市街头乞讨并不犯法,只要乞讨者的行为不带有攻击性但是纽约市的公园管理部门规定,不经公园管理者允许的乞讨是不合法的When asked about the men, New York City Parks Commissioner Mitchell Silver initially said, ;I have no idea what youre talking about.; He later said that if the men arent abiding by the law, ;the parks encement patrol will take care of it.;当被问及这些僧人的时候,纽约公园委员会委员米歇尔#86;西尔弗一开始说,“我不知道你在说什么”之后他说如果这些人不遵守法律,“公园的执法巡逻队会管的”But parks department spokeswoman Crystal Howard said parks encement officers hadnt issued any summonses and the men actions were ;aggressive panhandling,; a violation of state law that would be enced by police. New York City police say that in the rare cases when someone has called 9 against the men, they were usually gone by the time officers arrived.但是,公园管理部门的女发言人克丽丝特尔#86;霍华德说,公园的执法人员没有发布过任何传唤信息,而这些人的行为是“有攻击性的乞讨,”违反了州法,警察应该来管他们纽约警方说,针对这些人报警的案件很少,而且通常警察赶到的时候他们就跑了A few days after the AP inquired about the men on the High Line, several signs were posted there with photos of them, warning visitors not to give money to panhandlers.就在美联社记者询问有关高线公园的乞讨者的几天之后,公园里就竖了几个指示牌,上面有他们的照片,警示游客不要给这些乞讨者钱财Similarly robed men have been spotted in San Francisco, asking tourists to sign their ;peace petition; bee demanding cash. In China, authorities said the problem of ;fake; monks begging in the streets prompted them to create an online registry of all actual Buddhist and Taoist sites.有人还在旧金山看到类似的长袍僧人,他们会要求游客写下“平安愿望”然后再要钱在中国,有关部门称“假”和尚沿街乞讨的问题迫使他们创建一个在线注册网站,登记所有真正的寺庙和道观的信息In Times Square, the warnings came too late tourist Rob Cardillo, of Pennsylvania. He gave a robed man $ to help out with his temple, without ever asking anything about the temple or what the money would be used .在时代广场,警示对来自宾夕法尼亚的游客罗伯#86;卡迪洛来说来得太晚了他给了一个长袍僧人美元帮他修寺庙,甚至都没有问有关寺庙或钱财用途的任何事;He might be fake, but it the thought and I feel it,; Cardillo said as he gripped the gold medallion.“他也许是假的,但重要的是思想,而我感受到了这种思想,”卡迪洛握着那金色的纪念章说道Vocabulary:medallion: 奖章,纪念章scam: 骗局accost: 搭讪panhandler: 乞丐英文来源:雅虎新闻翻译:实习生孙美真编审:yaning

一个公式简单预测孩子将来的身高 -- 18:: 来源:中国日报 Would you like to know if your child is set to stand head and shoulders above the rest? Or if they're likely to stay diminutive into adulthood?想知道你家孩子将来的身高会鹤立鸡群吗?还是会一直这么矮下去?There is an easy (although fallible) mathematical equation that can help you predict how tall your child will be.有一个简单(但不一定靠谱)的数学公式可以帮你预测孩子未来的身高The mula, which has been used since the 1970s and was revealed in the New York Times, predicts that 'most (but not all) children will reach a height somewhere within a fairly small range that can be estimated by the average combined heights of their parents.'该公式自上世纪70年代开始流行,发端于《纽约时报公式称,;根据父母的平均身高总和,可以推算出孩子身高的波动范围,这个波动范围很小大部分(并非所有)孩子适用这个规律;How does it work?具体怎么算呢?BOYS男孩Add the heights of both parents plus 5in (cm) and divide by two.父母身高相加,总和再加5英寸(厘米),用结果除以比如父亲1米76,母亲1米65,那儿子的身高就是(1.76 + 1.65 + 0.) 1.77,即1米77GIRLS女孩Add the heights of both parents minus 5in (cm) and divide by two.父母身高相加,总和减去5英寸(厘米),用结果除以比如父亲1米76,母亲1米65,那女儿的身高就是(1.76 + 1.65- 0.) 1.6,即1米6There is a more complicated mula extreme differences in parental height.父母身高差距比较大的话,需要用另一个复杂点儿的公式These predictions are by no means completely reliable, however, as environmental factors such as nutrition play a big part in determining human height.不过这种预测不可能完全准确,因为还要考虑环境因素,比如营养状况就会对身高发挥重要影响Genetics is estimated to between 60 and 80 per cent of one's final height.基因约占所有影响身高因素的60%至80%A study of 8,798 pairs of Finnish twins conducted in 00 found that genetics ed 78 per cent of height in adult men and around 75 per cent in women.00年,一项针对8798对芬兰双胞胎的研究显示,基因对男性身高的影响达78%,对女性达75%However, as we all know not all children born to the same couple will be the same height.不过正如我们所知,同一对父母,其所有孩子的身高不一定会是相同的Science shows that height tends to decrease in younger siblings.科学研究明,后出生的孩子身高会倾向于变矮Another popular method predicting height is to double a boy's height at age two or a girl's height at 18 months.另一个著名的预测未来身高的方法是:男孩两岁时的身高乘以;女孩18个月时的身高乘以Most children will reach an adult height within in (cm) of this estimation.大部分孩子长大后的身高会在这个预估数值的上下英寸(厘米)范围内波动德约科维奇法网封王,成就职业生涯全满贯 -- :9:31 来源: 德约科维奇是当今男子网坛当之无愧的No.1,击败穆雷拿下今年的法网冠军后,塞尔维亚人成为了史上第八位全满贯选手 World number one Novak Djokovic beat Britain’s Andy Murray to win his first French Open title and complete the career Grand Slam.男单世界第一诺瓦克·德约科维奇击败英国人安迪·穆雷,夺得首个法网冠军,完成职业生涯全满贯成就The Serb, 9, won 3-6 6-1 6- 6- to win his th major title and become the first man since Rod Laver in 1969 to hold all four Grand Slams at once.9岁的塞尔维亚人以大比分3-1(每盘比分为 3-6,6-1,6-,6-)击败对手,赢得第座大满贯冠军,成为继1969年的罗德·拉沃尔之后又一位包揽四大满贯的男子单打选手Murray had hoped to secure the third leg of his own career Slam, having aly won Wimbledon and the US Open.穆雷赛前曾寄望赢下自己的第三座大满贯冠军(此前穆雷已获得了温网和美网冠军)The Scot, 9, was Britain’s first male finalist in Paris since 1937.9岁的苏格兰人是自1937年以来首位进入法网决赛的英国男单选手Second seed Murray played superbly to win the first set but could not convert a break point early in the second, and Djokovic took control to win in three hours.二号种子穆雷在首盘表现极为出色,顺利拿下首盘,然而第二盘伊始穆雷未能把握住一个难得的破发点,德约科维奇就此掌控了局面,耗时三个小时拿下了比赛He becomes only the eighth man in history to have won all four of the sport’s major singles prizes - and could yet match Laver’s achievement of winning all four in a calendar year.德约科维奇成为了史上第八位包揽四大满贯的男单选手,他和拉沃尔还是仅有的两位在个月内依次夺得四个冠军的球员Djokovic fell back on the clay in delight and relief after requiring two breaks of serve and four match points in a desperately tense end to the final.最后一局是德约科维奇的发球局,二人的争夺进入了白热化德约科维奇奋力在化解两个破发点,错失四个赛点后终于赢得了比赛With three-time champion Gustavo Kuerten watching from the stands, Djokovic then emulated the Brazilian by drawing a heart in the clay with his racquet.在看台上三届法网冠军古斯塔沃·库尔滕的注视下,德约科维奇用拍沿在场地上画了一颗心"It’s a very special moment, the biggest of my career," said Djokovic. "I felt today something that I never felt bee at Roland Garros, I felt the love of the crowd.“这是我职业生涯中一个非常特殊,极其重大的时刻”德约科维奇说“今天我在罗兰加洛斯感到了以前从未感受到的情绪,我感受到了大家对我的爱”"I drew the heart on the court, like Guga, which he gave me permission to do. My heart will always be with you on this court."“我像当年的古加(库尔滕)一样在场地上画了一颗心,当然我事先得到了他的允许我一直心系这片场地,心系观众”Murray, who has now lost five Grand Slam finals to Djokovic, had looked capable of causing an upset with an aggressive display in the opening set.穆雷如今已五次在大满贯决赛场上败在德约科维奇的手下,然而比赛伊始,穆雷强势取下首盘,似乎让人们看到了爆冷的希望However, Djokovic turned the match around early in the second set and Murray, who had played five hours’ more tennis in reaching the final, could not keep pace.然而穆雷在打进决赛前比德约科维奇多打了5个小时的比赛,体力处于劣势,从第二盘开始,德约科维奇掌控了比赛节奏"To Novak, this is his day," said Murray. "What he’s achieved the last months is phenomenal; winning all the Grand Slams in one year is an amazing achievement.“今天属于诺瓦克”穆雷说“他在过去个月内的表现是现象级的,在一年内连续夺得四大满贯的冠军令人叹为观止”"It’s so rare in tennis, and me personally, it sucks to lose the match, but I’m proud to have been part of today."“这在网坛实在太少见了输掉了比赛,我感觉很糟,但能成为这伟大一天的一部分我又感到非常骄傲”Murray cannot capitalise on early lead穆雷未能把握住领先优势Djokovic looked determined to make up losing in three previous Paris finals when he broke the Murray serve to love with a brilliant opening game, but the nerves were soon apparent.比赛首局,德约科维奇似乎卯足了劲要弥补此前三度在罗兰加洛斯失利的遗憾,直落四分强势破发,然而随后头号种子紧张的情绪慢慢显露无疑A beautiful lob saw Murray hit straight back in game two and, playing aggressively at every opporty, he powered into a -1 lead as Djokovic misfired with his ehand.穆雷以一记精的后场挑高球拿下第二局,随后一路高歌猛进;而德约科维奇的正手进攻威力锐减,很快以1-落后Murray clinched the set at the third opporty - after a generous overrule that drew boos from a crowd seemingly backing Djokovic - and some stunning defence earned the Scot a break point at the start of the second set.第一盘末局,德约科维奇因一分向裁判进行申诉却遭驳回,看上去持他的人群中爆发出阵阵嘘声穆雷把握住了第三个盘点,取得了首盘的胜利而第二盘第一局,苏格兰人几次精的防守为自己搏得了破发点Djokovic needed to turn the tide and he did so with a smash, bee grabbing the lead when Murray double-faulted at break point down.德约科维奇亟需扭转场上势头,靠着强悍的进攻和穆雷在破发点上的双误,头号种子终于取得了领先The Serb then began to dictate with his backhand, firing a winner down the line a decisive second break as Murray’s first-serve percentage slipped below the 50% mark.随后塞尔维亚人凭反手进攻统治了比赛,以一记落点极深的底线回球再度破发穆雷的一发进球率甚至跌到了50%以下Djokovic continued to press, setting up break points at 1-1 in the third set with a ehand winner and watching as Murray dropped a volley into the net with the court gaping.第三盘,德约科维奇继续向穆雷施压,两人打成1-1后,一记正手进攻逼出破发点,随后穆雷场边截击下网,德约科维奇实现了破发The crowd chanted "Nole! Nole!" as the world number one finally regained the lead he had surrendered after the opening game of the match, and he broke again with a terrific sliding winner on his way to a two-sets-to-one lead.人们大喊“诺尔!诺尔!”持自己的偶像虽然首盘早早缴械,但头号种子在第二盘末局以一记精的放短球得分实现破发,将大比分改写为-1With a 5- lead in the fourth set, and his friends and supporters preparing to celebrate in the stands, Djokovic suffered a tortuous few minutes as Murray refused to give up.德约科维奇在第四盘很快取得5-的领先,当他的朋友和持者准备开始庆祝时,不愿放弃的穆雷却在最后几分钟给世界第一制造了许多麻烦The Briton got one of the breaks back and saved two match points, bee finally netting a backhand as Djokovic clinched a historic win.英国人破发一局,又挽救了两个赛点,然而一记反手下网还是成就了塞尔维亚人历史性的胜利励志!#;悬崖村#;孩子爬藤梯上学 -- :7:5 来源:sohu 四川省凉山彝族自治州昭觉县尔莫乡阿土勒尔村,是一座名副其实的“悬崖村”,村里通向外界需要顺着悬崖断续攀爬条藤梯县里曾几次规划过修路,但因造价大概在6000万左右,投入和产出极不相称,只好一再搁浅(5月日新京报《悬崖上的村庄) The official of a village in southwest China has pledged to build a steel ladder as a temporary alternate passway villagers to the wooden one hanging off a cliff right now.The village named Atule'er locates in Sichuan Province.The village official also announced possible road building plans as a long-term solution to the traffic inconvenience.The issue was first disclosed on May by Beijing News. 据报道,这条藤梯是通向外界的唯一方式,在崖下上学的孩子们,需要在家长的保护下,攀爬两个小时才能回家而村民每周一次的赶集也需要攀爬这些藤梯,每次惊心胆战的攀爬都使村民处在危险之中 According to the report, the village is situated on a cliff. The only way to get out of the village is to climb down through a wooden ladder hanging on the cliff.The facility has put villagers' life in danger, especially children who have to go through here every day to go to school.Adults will go out shopping daily supplies once a week, also by climbing the ladder. 问题一:孩子为何需下山上学? 有人质疑为什么学校要在村外建设,昭觉县委办公室秘书吉克劲松表示,政府部门曾在山上建过学习点,但“山上面积太小,修建学校不现实,只能搬到山下” Following the official's response, however, many argued that there might be a better solution.Someone questioned why the school has to be located outside the village.The official said if the school was moved up the cliff, the power or water supply could not be guaranteed considering the poor facilities in the village. 问题二:村民有无整体搬迁可能? 既然政府对此早已知情,环境这么恶劣,进村出村都要冒着生命危险,那为什么不易地搬迁?为何悬崖村通向外界的道路到目前还只有那条危险的藤梯?当地政府并非没有考虑过易地搬迁,一是村民不想离开世代居住的土地,二是易地搬迁意味着失地,农民搬迁到城市附近后生计是一大难题,而现在的悬崖村其实土地资源和气候条件是很好的,致富并不难 Others proposed possibly relocating the village. The official responded by saying that most senior villagers may refuse to leave the place they have been living their lifetime, adding that the high living cost in cities may also be a challenge the villagers. 这个村处于美姑河大峡谷断坎岩肩斜台地,所在位置就像三层台阶的中间那级,海拔00多米,与地面垂直距离约800米据悉,在这条路上摔死的人有七八个,有村里的人,也有外来的人阿土勒尔村过去建有连接山下的索道,不过开动一次索道需要几百度电,村里人根本用不起,后来索道就拆除了 The village sits 1,00 meters high above sea level, which ces the villagers to take a dangerous journey between their homes and the outside world, since the only “road” they can take is made of rattan.According to the township head, seven or eight people have fallen to their death along the way. He added that the village used to have an electric elevator, but it cost too much money and the villagers couldn't afd it.

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