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前央视主持人芮成钢死刑系谣言 --01 :: 来源: 周二,河北省某监狱官员否认了前央视主持人芮成钢被判为死刑,并声明芮成钢并未在他们监狱刑 Officials from a prison in Hebei Province denied Tuesday that mer China Central Television (CCTV) anchor Rui Chenggang had died in jail, saying he was not sent to their jail.周二,河北省某监狱官员否认了前央视主持人芮成钢被判为死刑,并声明芮成钢并未在他们监狱刑"Rui has not served his sentence in Yancheng Prison and the news is completely fabricated," an official with the prison was ed as saying by news site legal daily.com.cn.“芮成钢并没有在燕城监狱刑,此消息全部是造谣,”监狱某官员在接受新闻网站法制网调查时说道The official also urged media to report objectively.监狱官员督促媒体要客观报道On April , the Beijing-based weekly newspaper China Business Journal reported that the graft case against Rui would soon be heard.月日,北京周报中国商业杂志报道,芮成钢的贪污罪将马上开庭审理Rui’s case is among corruption-related cases at CCTV, and 9 of them have been assigned to judicial organs in Northeast China’s Jilin Province, the newspaper said, citing an anonymous source close to the provincial judicial agencies.吉林省司法机关某匿名新闻报道,芮成钢时间涉及央视位腐败人员,其中9名已被中国东北吉林省司法机关逮捕Rui, once a popular host of financial and news programs on CCTV, was taken away by prosecutors in July together with Li Yong, deputy director of the business channel and another unnamed producer, following the detention of Guo Zhenxi, then-director of CCTV’s business channel, allegedly receiving bribes in June , news site caixin.com reported.新闻网站财新网报道,芮成钢曾经是央视财经新闻节目主持人,年7月,因为和财经频道副制片人李咏以及另外一位制片人贪污受贿而被检察院逮捕,随后郭振玺以及央视财经频道制片人纷纷被拘留At least CCTV employees were reportedly suspected of corruption that year.年,至少位央视工作人员被报犯贪污罪

寸步难行 英国男子对电磁波过敏 -- :53:55 来源:   Meet the man who is allergic to ELECTRICITY  A mer fitness instructor has been left confined to his sofa and unable to leave his home after developing an allergy to electricity.  一位前健身教练开始对电过敏之后,被困在自家沙发上,连家门都出不了  Peter Lloyd, , has a severe reaction if exposed to any kind of electrical gadget – including televisions, phones, computers, wifi and CD players.  岁的彼得·劳埃德在接近任何电子器件(包括电视,电话,电脑,无线网和CD播放器)时都会有严重的反应  The condition, known as electromagnetic hypersensitivity, means sufferers are sensitive to magnetic and electrical fields.  这种情况被成为电磁波过敏症,意味着患者对磁场和电场敏感  It means he cannot leave his home in St Fagans, Cardiff, and any visitors must leave all electrical equipment outside.  这意味着他不能离开位于卡迪夫圣费根的家,任何来访者必须把所有电子设备留在外面  Even the photographer who took these photographs was only allowed to use a disposable camera.  甚至连拍这些照片的摄影师也只被允许用一台即时显影相机   Mr Lloyd,who is now unable to walk, first started showing symptoms in his twenties while living in Spain.  劳埃德先生现在没法走路,他二十多岁在西班牙生活的时候开始出现病症  ‘I would get a foggy feeling in the head after looking at a computer screen and had an inability to think straight.’  “我看了电脑屏幕后会感觉脑袋闷闷的,没法连续思考”  ‘I had difficulty talking – what I called “thought block”.’  “我讲话有困难——我叫这个‘思虑堵塞’”  The mer fitness instructor passes his time by ing more than 0 books a year. He also has to wash by heating water over an electric cooker.  这位前健身教练在每年读0多本书中度过他也必须用电饭锅烧的热水清洗  He said: ‘I had an early brick-type mobile phone linked to a network called GSM that affected me.’  他说:“我有个很早的板砖手机连了一个叫GSM的网络,影响了我”  ‘As time went on I realised it was becoming sensitised to more and different frequencies and devices.’  “时间长了,我意识到自己开始对更多不同的频率和装置敏感“  ‘My natural reaction was to believe I could cope, but the situation just got worse. I would get intense headaches in the front of my head.’  “我的第一反应是相信自己可以对付,可情况只变得更糟我会感到脑袋前部剧烈疼痛”  Mr Lloyd now faces eviction after his landlord discovered he was not using the electric heating.  他的房东发现劳埃德先生没用电暖之后, 他现在面临被驱逐  He now faces being hospitalised if he loses his home – a nightmare scenario.  如果没了家,他现在会被送进医院——噩梦一场  As a solution, Mr Lloyd hopes the council will build him a house in the woods away from electricity.  一个解决方案是,劳埃德先生希望理事会能给他在森林里建座房子,远离电  Cardiff Council said it would not discuss individual cases.  卡迪夫理事会说不会考虑个人情况

广西多名未成年少女打群架 -- ::01 来源: 近日,一段中国南方农村的多名少女手持小刀和钢管打群架的视频在网络热传A brutal brawl saw around teenage girls armed with knives and steel bars in the South China countryside and of the fight has gone viral.近期,一段中国南方农村的多名少女手持小刀和钢管打群架的视频在网络热传Police in Laibin, Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region, said that most of the girls involved are high school students and the case is under investigation, Beijing-based Legal Mirror reported Thursday.据北京的法制晚报日报道,广西壮族自治区来宾市警方称,参与打架的大多数女孩都是高中生,案件还在进一步调查中The five-minute begins with a smaller group of girls fighting in front of a house, wielding steel bars and long knives.这段时长5分钟的视频显示,有几名少女先是聚在一处楼房前叫骂扭打,手中均持有钢管和长刀等Police said the fight, which took place on Sunday afternoon, was caused by a dispute between them. The details of the dispute were not reported.警方表示,发生于3月日下午的这起械斗是因为他们之间的争执而引起争论的细节并未报道In one of the s of the incident, a group of girls can be seen singling out a student, kicking and cursing her.该事件的视频画面还显示,约十人围住一名少女拳打脚踢,伴随不断的推搡和追咒骂The fight escalates when another group of girls arrives to her aid.然后来了另一群少女来帮助她,斗争升级The brawl eventually swells to around students.这场斗争最终演变成了人的群殴事件None of the teens were seriously injured, said police.不过,警方表示无严重伤亡Social media users were quick to slam the fighting high schoolers as ;shameful.;社交媒体用户抨击这些参与打架的高中生;太丢脸;;The school should teach these girls better or theyrsquo;ll face a future of regrets,; wrote one Net user.一名网友说,;学校应当好好教育这些女孩子们,不然她们在未来会感到遗憾;;Why not give them harsh sentences like in the US? The law should protect minors that deserve protection, not these girls,; DeEdEe wrote on Weibo.微用户DeEdEe说,;为什么不像美国那样,给她们严厉的惩罚?法律是来保护那些应当受到保护的未成年人,而不是她们这样的女孩;

《牛津词典最新收录新鲜热词 -- 3:: 来源:chinadaily Britons are pulling on budgie smugglers to go wild swimming, discussing starter marriages at stupid o’clock and sipping craft beer while planning their next elimination diet. 英国人去野外游泳的时候会穿上“budgie smugglers”(指男士紧身泳裤),在“stupid o’clock”(指半夜三更或接近日出之时)讨论“starter marriages”(“新手婚姻”,指双方初婚、婚姻持续时间不到五年且没有子女的婚姻),在品味“craft beer”(“精酿啤酒”,概念源于美国,区别于大部分常见工业啤酒的小众啤酒)的同时规划他们的“elimination diet”计划(“食物排除疗法”,即将能导致产生不良反应的食物从饮食中剔除的疗法,一般持续时间从两周到八周不等)TBH, not everyone will be bovvered by all of the 1,000 new words added to the Oxd English Dictionary (OED) in its latest quarterly update, which reveals current trends in the use of language . “TBH”(老实说),并不是所有人都“bovver”(在意)《牛津词典本季度更新的这00个新词条,它们反映出了当下的语言应用趋势Entries include air-punching - the action of thrusting a clenched fist into the air in elation or triumph - and bovver - part of the catchphrase of comedian Catherine Tate’s teenage character Lauren. 词典里新增加的条目包括“air-punching”,指欢欣鼓舞或取得成就时握紧拳头挥向空中的动作;以及“bovver”,喜剧演员凯瑟琳?塔特饰演的青少年角色劳伦的经典台词A number of internet slang acronyms such as ROFL (rolling on the floor laughing), ICYMI (in case you missed it), TBH (to be honest), and FWIW ( what it’s worth) also make the list. 大量网络流行语也被收录入词典,其中包括“ROFL”(rolling on the floor laughing的缩写,意为“笑得满地打滚”),“ICYMI”(In case you missed it的缩写,意为“万一你错过了”),TBH(to be honest的缩写,意为“说实话”)以及“FWIW”( what it's worth的缩写,意为“不管价值如何,无论真假”)Budgie smugglers, an Australian term used since the 1980s to refer to close-fitting swimming trunks, are featured in the update, along with Scandi crime thrillers and wild swimming. “Budgie smugglers”是自上个世纪80年代于澳大利亚诞生的流行词汇,指紧身男装泳裤,它与“Scandi crime thrillers” (斯堪的纳维亚犯罪悬疑作品)和“wild swimming”(野泳)一起出现在新词条目录中The phrase “taking candy from a baby”, in which one exploits an easy opporty, is included as well as “sister from another mister” - a term a very close female friend first recorded in 1998. 词组“taking candy from a baby”和“sister from another mister”也被收录进来,前者指某人做某事易如反掌,而后者一般用于形容感情深厚的闺蜜,于1998年首次出现于新词目中Other entries include fro-yo, the short m frozen yoghurt, dudettes - the female m of dude - and agender designating people who do not identify themselves as a particular gender. 最新出现的词条还包括“fro-yo”,“frozen yoghurt”(冻酸奶)的缩写形式,“dudettes”(们儿),dude(哥们儿)的女性版,以及“agender”(无性别者),用于指代认为自己不属于特定性别的人群Starter marriages are short-lived first marriages, often in preparation something more long-term, while stupid o’clock is a time outside one’s normal waking life. “Starter marriages”(新手婚姻)指的是短暂的第一次婚姻,通常会为双方再婚积累一定经验,以期之后能维持更长久的婚姻而“stupid o’clock”(愚蠢的时间)指的是正常清醒之外的时间In a blog on the latest update, Jonathan Dent, senior assistant editor of the OED, said it included more than 1,000 new words and senses and almost ,000 fully revised or partially expanded entries. 乔纳森?登特是《牛津词典的高级助理编辑,他在一篇词条季度更新相关的客上表示,词典收录了超过00条新词新义,同时修订并部分扩充了近00个已有词目These new entries and senses cover more than 1,0 years of English in use, from an Old English word first applied in the year 800 to an internet acronym originally seen in 00. 这些新词新义囊括了在逾00年历史中发展出来的英语用语,从公元800年首次出现的古英语单词到00年首次出现的网络用语“One inescapable factor of modern life is our increasing reliance on computers and digital communications,” Mr Dent wrote. “当代人对电脑及电子通讯设备的依赖是现代生活中一个无法回避的因素,”登特先生写道“A slew of initialisms associated with the social media, emails, texts, and other electronic means of communication are placed in their historical context the first time in this update. “新词目中的大量缩略语都与社会媒体、电子邮件、手机简讯以及其他电子通讯方式密切相关,此次更新还首次将这些词置于出现时的历史情境中“Among other initialisms are a range of different ways to indicate that you’re about to be AFK (away from the keyboard, first recorded in 1990) but hope to return shortly, including BRB ‘be right back’, TTYL ‘talk to you later’, ltr or l8r ‘later’ (all from 1988), SYS (‘see you soon’, 1993), and the more open-ended GTG (‘got to go’, 199).“有许多缩略语能够预示你即将‘AFK’(away from the keyboard的缩写,意为‘离开键盘’,1990年添加的词条),但希望很快能回来,比如‘BRB’(‘be right back’的缩写,意为‘很快回来’), ‘TTYL’(‘talk to you later’的缩写,意为‘回聊’),‘Itr’或 ‘l8r’‘later’(意为‘一会见’)(都是1988年收录的),‘SYS’(‘see you soon’的缩写,意为‘待会见’,1993年收录)还有相对随意的‘GTG’(‘got to go’的缩写,意为‘得走了’,收录于199年)”“There are also various ways to indicate either that you’re ‘just kidding’ (JK, 1990) or that someone else has (deliberately or unwittingly) managed to get you ROFL (‘rolling on the floor laughing’, 1989), including LMAO (‘laughing my ass off’, 1990) and the more emphatic (and profane) LMFAO (1993).”“同样,有很多方式可以表示你只是在开玩笑,比如‘JK’(Just kidding的缩写,意为‘只是说笑’),也有很多方式表达某人(故意地或不经意地)让你ROFL(‘rolling on the floor’的缩写,意为‘笑得满地打滚’,出现于1989年),比如LMAO(‘laughing my ass off’的缩写,意为‘笑得不行了’,出现于1990年)”,以及强化(并且粗俗的)版本LMFAO(出现于1993年)”英文来源:英国镜报翻译:陈蕾羽(中国日报网爱新闻iNews译者)编审:yaning

什么!谷歌人工智能竟然会写诗了? -- :8:9 来源: 近日,谷歌的一项人工智能模型在读了上千本言情小说后竟然写起了;诗歌;这究竟是怎么回事?After its attempts to digest romance novels, one of Googlersquo;s artificial intelligence projects is now accidentally writing poetry, some of which would make the fictional Vogons proud.谷歌公司开发的一项人工智能在读完数本言情小说后于偶然间写出了几段诗歌其中一些可能会令沃贡人对自己种族的诗歌感到骄傲(沃贡人是小说《系漫游指南中虚构的种族,以诗歌质量低下闻名)Google is working with Stand University and University of Massachusetts in the US to enhance the natural language skills of an AI technique called recurrent neural network language model (RNNLM), which is used within machine translation and image captioning among other tasks. It essentially builds sentences a single word at a time by analysing the previous words in that sentence.谷歌目前正在和斯坦福大学和马赛诸塞大学合作改进一项名为循环神经网络语言模型的人工智能技术(RNNLM)这项技术普遍应用于机器翻译和图像捕捉的任务中而在人工智能搭建句子时,该技术会对句子中已有的单词进行分析,从而生成每个新的单词,在这一过程中起到至关重要的作用Currently, RNNLM is not capable of implementing global themes or features, such as a set topic, within its sentence generation. Each sentence produced by the algorithms doesnrsquo;t necessarily flow smoothly into the next. The work, published as a paper through Cornell Universityrsquo;s open scientific paper archive, arXiv, details the researcherrsquo;s efts to add the ability to apply a global theme to sentence generation using a system called a variational autoencoder and the results, including what could easily be mistaken poetry.目前循环神经网络语言模型的组句部分尚不具备处理包括设定题目在内的全局主题和特征的能力,而这种算法产生的句子在前后衔接得并不顺畅这项研究以论文的形式发表在康奈尔大学公开的论文库arXiv中论文详细描述了研究者是如何运用名为变分自动编码器的系统帮助该算法实现识别全局主题的功能的,而得出的结果极易令人将其误认成诗歌Some of it would arguably give Douglas Adams a run his money, as the creator of the Vogons, the Hitchhikerrsquo;s Guide to the Galaxy and its Ode to a Small Lump of Green Putty I Found in My Armpit One Midsummer Morning, during a recital of which ;four of the audience members died of internal haemorrhaging and the president of the Mid-Galactic Arts Nobbling Council survived only by gnawing one of his own legs off;, according to the book.道格拉斯;亚当斯创造的《系漫游指南中一位诗人朗诵的《关于一个仲夏的清晨我在自己的腋下发现一团绿色胶泥的咏叹诗糟糕到令;四位听了诗歌的委员会成员死于体内大出血,而中部艺术委员会的会长嚼完了自己的一条腿才保住了性命;而如今人工智能写出的句子则烂到可以与这首诗一较高下了The researchers fed the system starting and ending sentences and then asked it to fill in the gap. Below, the bolded text is what the researchers gave the algorithm and the text in between is what it produced. The results are generated by the machine based on what it learnt from thousands of romance novels, which made some of the topics ;rather dramatic;, according to the authors of the paper.研究者准备了一段话的开头和结尾,要求系统进行填空图中加粗的内容是研究者提供的内容,而两句话中间部分则是系统合成的内容系统在阅读了上千本言情小说后才生成了这些句子论文作者表示,看了这些言情小说令系统写出的一些句子;颇具戏剧性;The generated sentences make grammatical sense, maintain a sort of theme and the most part fit with the start and end sentence. Others werenrsquo;t quite as poetic, but still maintain the theme set by the start and ending sentences.这些句子合乎语法规则,遵循了同一主题,大部分内容与开头和结尾的句子相吻合有些句子并未明显体现出诗的感觉,却仍能起到承上启下的作用The results show interesting improvements in the ability of the machine to generate sentences that make sense together, which could led to much more human-like interactions with AI chatbots, perhaps even Googlersquo;s Now..上述结果反映了人工智能在生成有效句子方面富有趣味性的进步这样的进步能促进人类和人工智能聊天机器人进行更多类人互动,互动的对象甚至可以扩展到谷歌的语音助手Now

世界最长隧道--圣哥达隧道正式通车 -- :0:30 来源: 历经年施工,克了重重困难,世界最长铁路隧道圣哥达隧道终于正式通车,标志着欧洲交通运输业和旅游业的一次飞跃 The world’s longest and deepest rail tunnel has officially opened in Switzerland, after almost two decades of construction work.位于瑞士的世界上最长最深的铁路隧道在施工近年后宣告正式通车The 57km (35-mile) twin-bore Gotthard base tunnel will provide a high-speed rail link under the Swiss Alps between northern and southern Europe.这条全长57公里(35英里)的连拱隧道叫做圣哥达基线隧道,位于瑞士阿尔卑斯山山脚下,是一条连接南北欧的高速铁路隧道Switzerland says it will revolutionise European freight transport.瑞士当局表示,隧道的通车将在欧洲交通运输业掀起一场革命Goods currently carried on the route by a million lorries a year will go by train instead.目前每年靠几百万辆卡车运输的货物今后将改道于此The tunnel has overtaken Japan’s 53.9km Seikan rail tunnel as the longest in the world and pushed the 50.5km Channel Tunnel linking the UK and France into third place.这条隧道超越了此前的世界之最--日本全长53.9公里的青函海底隧道,将全长50.5公里的英吉利海峡隧道挤到了第三的位置In a speech to guests in Erstfeld, near the northern entrance to the tunnel, Swiss Federal President Johann Schneider-Ammann said it was a "giant step Switzerland but equally our neighbours and the rest of the continent".瑞士联邦总统约翰·施奈德-阿曼在隧道北端入口厄斯特费尔德发表的演讲中表示:“(隧道的完工)对瑞士,对瑞士的近邻和整个欧洲大陆来说都是一次飞跃”A live relay carried a speech from the southern end of the tunnel, in Bodio, by the Swiss federal transport minister, Doris Leuthard.而在隧道南端入口波狄欧,瑞士联邦交通部长多丽丝·洛伊特哈德发表了同步实时演讲Afterwards two trains set off in opposite directions through the tunnel, each carrying hundreds of guests who had won tickets in a draw, and the new route was mally open.随后两列火车从两侧入口同时发车,每列车上坐着上百位在车票摇奖中胜出的乘客,标志着隧道全线通车A lavish show then got under way the assembled guests in Erstfeld, with dancers, acrobats, singers and musicians celebrating Alpine culture and history.厄斯特费尔德稍后举行了一场大型演出,舞蹈,杂技,歌曲,人们以种种方式赞美阿尔卑斯的历史与文化European leaders, including German Chancellor Angela Merkel, French President Francois Hollande, Italy’s Prime Minister Matteo Renzi and Austrian Chancellor Christian Kern also attended the day’s events.德国总理安格拉·默克尔,法国总统弗朗索瓦·奥朗德,意大利总理马泰奥·伦齐和奥地利总理克里斯蒂安·克恩等欧洲各国政要都出席了仪式Mr Hollande, who took part with others in a follow-up trip through the tunnel on a train, emerged on the southern side to give a speech in which he compared the Gotthard to the Channel Tunnel.这些领导人在仪式结束后同样登上列车穿过了整条隧道奥朗德在隧道南面入口举行的仪式上发表了演讲,将圣哥达隧道和英吉利海峡隧道做了一番比较Recalling the great Franco-British project, which was completed in 199, he said: "Nobody could have imagined that one day you would be able to travel from England to France in that way."奥朗德回顾了于199完工的英吉利海峡隧道,表示:“人们如今竟然能以如此方式往返英法两地,这在过去简直匪夷所思”"Since then we are more ed than ever and I hope the British will remember that when the day comes," he added, to laughter and applause from the audience in the Swiss village of Pollegio.“此后英国和欧洲的联系愈发紧密,我希望(投票)那天英国人能想起这些,”奥朗德接着说道,波莱焦村的人群中爆发了一阵笑声和掌声The UK holds a referendum on 3 June on whether or not to remain in the EU.英国在6月3日将举行公投决定在欧盟的去留The French leader went on to praise European aspirations, including the free movement of people and goods.法国领导人继续称赞欧洲的雄心壮志,比如实现欧洲人和商品的自由通行The presence of high-level guests at the opening shows that the new tunnel is about more than protecting the Alpine environment, the B’s Imogen Foulkes reports.B的Imogen Foulkes报道称这些高层政要出席启动仪式表明隧道承载的意义绝非仅仅止于保护阿尔卑斯的环境Europe’s goods, whether Italian wine the Netherlands or German cars Greece, have to cross the Alps. Now they will able to do so more quickly, more safely, and more cheaply, our correspondent says.据B记者报道,过去无论是远销荷兰的意大利红酒还是运往希腊的德国汽车,阿尔卑斯山都是必经之路如今,这些商品的运输速度更快,安全系数更高,造价也更低廉The project, which cost more than $bn (?8.3bn) to build, was endorsed by Swiss voters in a referendum in 199. Voters then backed a proposal from environmental groups to move all freight travelling through Switzerland from road to rail two years later.该工程的造价超过0亿美元(合83亿英镑),在199年瑞士举行的全民公投中获得了民众的持两年后环保团体提出将货物的运输方式由公路改为铁路的提案同样得以通过The completed tunnel travels up to .3 km below the surface of the mountains above and through rock that reaches temperatures of 6C.隧道位于阿尔卑斯山表面下多达.3公里的位置,穿过温度达到6摄氏度的岩石层Engineers had to dig and blast through 73 different kinds of rock, some as hard as granite and others as soft as sugar. More than m tonnes of rock was excavated, which was then broken down to help make the concrete used to build the tunnel.施工人员挖出并炸掉的岩石足有73种之多,有的岩石硬的花岗岩,有的岩石软的像糖果施工过程中共挖掘出00吨土石方,这些废料后来制成了修建隧道的混凝土Now the completed tunnel, delivered on time and within budget, will create a mainline rail connection between Rotterdam in the Netherlands and Genoa in Italy.隧道及时交工,费用亦控制在预算之内,从此将成为连结荷兰鹿特丹和意大利热那亚的铁路干线When full services begin in December, the journey time travellers between Zurich and Milan will be reduced by an hour to two hours and 0 minutes.待月全面开放后,游客往返苏黎世和米兰的单趟行程的时间将变为两小时四十分钟,减少了足足一个小时The tunnel’s course is flat and straight instead of winding up through the mountains like the old rail tunnel and a road tunnel opened in 1980.圣哥达隧道走势平直,没有仿效过去的铁路隧道和1980年投入使用的公路隧道环山的设计About 60 freight trains and 65 passenger trains will pass through the tunnel each day in a journey taking as little as minutes.今后每天将有60列货车和65列客车通过隧道,用时仅为分钟The tunnel is being financed by value-added and fuel taxes, road charges on heavy vehicles and state loans that are due to be repaid within a decade.目前隧道运维的资金来源包括增值税,燃料税,重型运货卡车缴纳的公路费和将于年内到期的国家贷款Swiss bank Credit Suisse has said its economic benefits will include the easier movement of goods and increased tourism.瑞士信贷表示公路的经济收益体现在运输效率的提高和旅游人数的增长Nine workers died in accidents while the tunnel was under construction.隧道修建期间,九名工人不幸丧生Four were Germans, three Italians, and one each came from South Africa and Austria, according to German news agency dpa. They are commemorated by a plaque near the northern end of the tunnel, Swiss media report.据德新社报道,九名遇难者中,四人来自德国,三人来自意大利,还有一名南非人和一名奥地利人瑞士媒体报道在隧道北端入口处设有纪念几人的饰板

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