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A new study from researchers at the University of Exeter found that short men and overweight women earn less than those who are taller and slimmer. Published in the British Medical Journal, the study involved genetic data from almost 120,000 people aged between 40 and 70.埃克塞特大学研究人员的最新研究发现,身高较矮的男性和体重偏重的女性收入低于较高和较瘦的人。这份研究刊登在《英国医学期刊》上,以年龄在40-70岁的近12万人的基因数据为研究样本。Researchers studied 400 genetic variants that are associated with height, and 70 associated with body mass index. They used the genetic variants, together with actual height and weight, and compared them with information on living and income provided by participants from the UK Biobank.研究人员研究了400种与身高相关、70种与体重指数相关的基因变异。接着他们把基因变异以及实际身高与体重,和英国人体生物资料库受试者提供的生活与收入资料进行了比较。The results showed that shorter height led to lower levels of education, lower job status and less income, particularly in men, and higher BMI led to lower income and greater deprivation in women.结果显示,身高较矮会导致教育程度较低、工作地位较低、收入较低,尤以男性特别明显。女性若BMI较高,收入会较低,生活也会有较多匮乏。Professor Tim Frayling, from the University of Exeter Medical School, who oversaw the work, said: ;This won#39;t apply in every case. Many shorter men and overweight women are very successful, but science must now ask why we are seeing this pattern.;负责监督该研究的埃克塞特大学医学院的弗雷灵教授表示:“不是每个案例都这样,也有许多较矮的男性和胖胖的女性非常成功,但现在科学界必须要问,我们为什么会看到这种模式。”The findings showed that for every 6.35 cm in height resulting purely from a man#39;s genetics, his annual income increases by nearly 1600 pounds. When a woman has a genetically predicted weight that is 12.7 kg heavier than another woman of the same height, she is set to lose out on nearly 3000 pounds in annual income.该研究结果显示,男性由遗传基因决定的身高值每增加6.35厘米,其年收入将增加近1600英镑。身高相同的情况下,如果一名女性基于基因预测的体重比另一女性多12.7公斤,其年收入将比对方少近3000英镑。 /201603/431014

I love eggs! Do you love eggs? A recent study conducted on egg consumption and individuals with Type 2 Diabetes may cause you to reconsider eggs for your breakfast.我爱吃鸡蛋!你们呢?最近科学家进行了一项关于鸡蛋消耗量与2型糖尿病的研究——研究结果或许会让你重新考虑早餐桌上鸡蛋的二三事。140 overweight people participated in this study and they were divided into 2 groups, group 1 was a low-egg group, consuming less than 2 eggs per week, group 2 was a high egg group that consumed 2 eggs per day at breakfast, 6 days a week for 3 months. The study was conducted on individuals with pre-diabetes or type 2 Diabetes.140名超重人群参与了这项调查,他们被分为两组,第1组吃的鸡蛋较少,平均每周吃不超过2只蛋,第2组吃的鸡蛋较多,每天早餐吃2只鸡蛋,一周吃6天为期3个月。参加研究的人群都患有前期糖尿病或2型糖尿病。This study found that there was no significant difference in ;good; HDL cholesterol between groups. And those that were in the high egg group actually had a trend toward HDL improvement.研究发现,在;优质;高密度脂蛋白胆固醇的含量上,两组组员间的差别不大,事实上,经常吃鸡蛋的那组人高密度脂蛋白更高。Individuals in the low-egg group were instructed to eat as much protein as the high egg group. Even though they were consuming the same amount of protein, the high egg group reported less hunger and greater fullness or satiety after meals. This may be beneficial in individuals trying to lose weight.研究者们请吃鸡蛋较少的那一组人摄取与另一组同样多的蛋白质。尽管他们摄取的蛋白质含量是一样的,研究报告发现,吃鸡蛋较多的一组人较少感到饥饿,餐后的饱腹感和满足感更高。这对想要减肥的人来说是非常有利的。 /201512/413606

Every kid from a small family has probably felt sorry for themselves at one time or another for not having loads of brother and sisters. From the outside looking in, there#39;s a lot to envy about families that have enough kids to field their own baseball game, produce complex harmonies a la ;The Sound of Music,; or put on a play without casting stuffed animals in major roles.每个来自小家庭的孩子可能都或多或少感到遗憾,因为他们没有一大堆兄弟陪伴成长。从表面上看,如果一个家庭中有足够多的孩子来打属于他们自己家庭的棒球,或者是在《音乐之声》中演唱复杂的和声,再或者是在一场家庭剧中不使用动物来充当主要角色,这实在是很令人羡慕的一件事,But a new study shows there are convincing reasons not to romanticize large families. The study suggests that with every additional kid born, the other siblings are more likely to suffer from lower cognitive abilities and more behavioral issues, and have worse outcomes later in life.但一项新研究显示,我们有令人信的理由明,不应美化多子女家庭。该研究发现,每增加一个孩子,其他孩子认知能力降低的可能性就更高,他们会出现更多行为问题,未来生活的结局也会更糟。The researchers found that the birth of another kid also lowered the overall amount of education that each child received.研究人员发现,多生一个孩子还会降低每个孩子受教育的程度。Countries like Norway, which have extensive welfare programs, parental leave and other supportive policies for families, and strong public education, might see less of a trade-off for families between the quantity and quality of children, they hypothesize. But parents in countries like the ed States and China, might be forced to choose, they say.他们认为,在像挪威这样拥有完善的社会福利体系、父母有足够的休假、拥有其他的家庭扶持政策,以及强大的公共教育的国家中,每个家庭不太会去权衡孩子的数量和质量这一问题。但是那些生活在像美国和中国这样国家的父母,必须要在两者之中做出选择。 /201601/420297

  While an aspiring groom in Bermuda went to great depths to find the most creative way to ask his girlfriend to marry him, the benchmark for memorable proposals submitted to The New York Times this year was set in Central Park.百慕大一位雄心勃勃的男士想尽办法寻找最有创意的求婚方式,但今年《纽约时报》收到的标准的令人难忘的求婚故事发生在中央公园(Central Park)。There were many other fevered pitches from the heart that the Vows pages of The Times learned of in 2015, including one proposal made on a tropical island paradise in Manhattan, and another successfully performed on a doctor in Houston, whose boyfriend asked “Will you marry me?” after walking her down the aisle — of a Whole Foods supermarket.2015年《纽约时报》誓言栏目(Vows)收到了其他很多真诚热情的求婚故事,比如在曼哈顿的热带岛屿天堂求婚,又如,休斯敦的一位男士带着医生女友在Whole Foods超市的一条通道上购物完毕后,突然向她问道:“你愿意嫁给我吗?”That age-old question, which one of our grooms asked in a hot-air balloon as it sailed high above Vermont, is often posed during the holiday season. So now is a good time to review 10 of the most engaging stories of the last 12 months.人们经常选择在假期求婚——有一位男士在乘坐热气球在佛蒙特州上空飘浮时求婚——所以现在是回顾过去12个月中最动人的求婚故事的好时候。 Bianca Reo and Ivan Charbonneau比安卡·里奥和伊万·沙诺(Bianca Reo and Ivan Charbonneau)Mr. Charbonneau proposed in July 2014 in Bermuda, where Ms. Reo thought she was accompanying him on a two-day business trip. After they arrived at their hotel, he left on his own, carrying a box full of what he described to her as copies of a presentation for a business meeting. Inside the box was an engagement ring, some fishing wire and a wooden toy treasure chest that he had cherished since he was 5.2014年7月,里奥以为自己是陪男友沙诺去百慕大进行为期两天的商务旅行。到达酒店后,沙诺带着一个箱子独自离开,说箱子里是商务会议上提案用的文件。实际上,箱子里有一枚订婚戒指,一些钓鱼线和一个他从5岁起珍藏的木制玩具宝箱。Treasure in hand, he took a cab to Tucker’s Point, where he met a friend who helped attach the treasure chest, the ring hidden inside, to a weight. They then sank it about 30 yards out in the surf. (The accomplice agreed to stay behind to guard it.)他带着宝箱乘出租车来到Tucker’s Point,那里有个朋友帮他把藏着戒指的宝箱固定到重物上,沉到离岸边约27米的潜水点。(他的朋友答应留下来看箱子。)An hour later, Mr. Charbonneau returned to the hotel and suggested to Ms. Reo that they go snorkeling at Tucker’s Point before dinner. Once there, they swam along a route that took them right over the hidden ring.一小时后,沙诺返回酒店,向里奥提议在晚餐前去Tucker’s Point浮潜。到那儿以后,他带着里奥游向藏戒指的地点。Ms. Reo, a bit confused after finding the treasure chest, bounced up to the surface holding it in her hands, and opened it to find a sparkling diamond.里奥发现宝箱后有点迷惑,拿着它跳出水面,打开以后发现一颗闪亮的钻石。“I was in shock,” said Ms. Reo, who kissed Mr. Charbonneau before tackling him into the waves.里奥说,“我特别惊喜。”她亲吻沙诺,然后把他扑倒到浪花里。They were married on July 18, 2015.2015年7月18日,他们结婚了。 Julie Ginsburg and Lee Kirschbaum朱莉叶·金斯伯格和李·基施鲍默(Julie Ginsburg and Lee Kirschbaum)In November 2013, while at a benefit for the Central Park Conservancy, Ms. Ginsburg mentioned to Mr. Kirschbaum that she had always loved the dedications on the benches in Central Park and hoped to have one someday. That night, he promised her a bench if she returned the favor by joining him in a series of road races, and she obliged him.2013年11月,在中央公园管理委员会(Central Park Conservancy)的一次慈善活动上,金斯伯格对基施鲍默说,她一直很喜欢中央公园长椅上的献词,希望将来有一把椅子是献给自己的。当晚,他对她承诺说,如果她愿意跟他一起参加一系列公路赛,他会为她认捐一条长椅,她同意了。In August 2014, a week after she completed a full Ironman triathlon in Mont-Tremblant, Quebec, he took her out for a birthday dinner at Tavern on the Green in Central Park. While waiting for a table, he suggested they look at a few available benches in advance of Ms. Ginsburg’s running the Philadelphia Marathon. He pulled out a map, and they walked until they stumbled upon a bench with an inscription that started with the words “To My Ironwoman Julie. ...”2014年8月,当她在魁北克Mont-Tremblant完成铁人三项比赛一周之后,他带她去中央公园的Tavern on the Green餐馆共进晚餐,庆祝生日。等座位时,他提议在她参加费城马拉松之前先看看那些尚未认捐的凳子。他拿出地图,他们走啊走,忽然看见一条长椅,上面的献词是:“献给我的女铁人朱莉(Julie)……”Ms. Ginsburg, stunned, needed a seat on her new bench.金斯伯格惊呆了,需要在自己的新长椅上坐下缓缓神。“The bench was something I expected 20 years from now, when we had children and grandchildren,” she said.她说:“我本以为要在20年后我们有孩子或孙子时才能拥有铭刻自己名字的长椅。” She was doubly stunned when she turned and found him on one knee, about to propose.她转过头发现他单膝跪地打算求婚时,更是惊呆了。“All of it is still so surreal to me,” Ms. Ginsburg said.金斯伯格说:“我现在回想起来依然觉得不像真的。”They wed on Jan. 18, 2015.他们于2015年1月18日结婚。 Madelyn Morris and Daniel Goldberg马德琳·莫里斯和丹尼尔·戈德伯格(Madelyn Morris and Daniel Goldberg)In July 2014, while Ms. Morris was studying for the New York bar exam, Mr. Goldberg left their Manhattan apartment early one morning for what he told her was an important meeting at work. But instead of heading to the office, he headed for the airport for a flight to Chicago to have breakfast with Ms. Morris’s parents, and to ask them if he could marry their daughter.2014年7月,莫里斯正在备考纽约的律师资格考试。有一天清晨,戈德伯格离开他们在曼哈顿的公寓,说是去参加一个重要会议。但是实际上,他没去办公室,而是飞往芝加哥,与莫里斯的父母共进早餐,请求他们把女儿嫁给他。He was back in Manhattan that afternoon, and the following month, he began putting in motion an ambitious plan that he dubbed Project Jumanji, which involved transforming their Greenwich Village rooftop into a tropical paradise. With help from friends, he covered his black-tarred roof with turf grass, lawn chairs and 20 palm trees, some seven feet high, bought from Home Depot. Upon completion, he hiked up to the roof with his future wife, as friends and family, waiting to celebrate, hid across the street.当天下午他返回曼哈顿,在接下来的一个月里,他开始实施一个雄心勃勃的计划,他称之为勇敢者游戏计划(Project Jumanji),其中包括把他们在格林尼治村的屋顶改造成热带天堂。在朋友们的帮助下,他从家得宝(Home Depot)买来草皮、躺椅和20棵棕榈树,有的棕榈树高约2.1米,布置在黑色柏油屋顶上。改造完以后,他邀请女友去屋顶散心,朋友和家人则藏在街对面等待庆祝。 “I was surprised to see a small forest on our roof,” Ms. Morris said. “It’s the same fun-loving, mischievous, thoughtful, slightly reckless and inclusive spirit that made me want to marry him.”莫里斯说:“在我们的屋顶上看到一个小森林,我非常惊喜。正是他喜欢玩乐、淘气、体贴、有点莽撞和包容的性格让我想嫁给他。”Their ceremony was on Aug. 8, 2015.他们的婚礼于2015年8月8日举行。 Seema Rasheed and Faisal Charania西玛·拉希德和费萨尔·查拉尼亚(Seema Rasheed and Faisal Charania)In March 2014, the Houston couple walked into a Whole Foods as part of their Sunday morning routine.2014年3月,休斯敦的一对情侣走进Whole Foods超市,那是他们在周日早上的惯例。“It’s my favorite place,” Dr. Rasheed said. “In fact, I probably go there a little too often.”拉希德医生说:“那是我最喜欢的地方。实际上,我可能去那儿去得太多了。” As they walked down an aisle to pick up flowers, Dr. Rasheed’s favorite song, “At Last,” by Etta James, began playing. While waiting at the checkout line, Dr. Rasheed turned to find Mr. Charania holding out a ring, with the hope that she would say yes to becoming his bride.他们在一条通道上挑选鲜花时,广播里响起拉希德医生最喜欢的埃塔·詹姆斯(Etta James)演唱的《At Last》。排队结账时,拉希德转身发现查拉尼亚(Charania)拿出戒指,等待她说愿意做他的新娘。A celebration followed with family members who had been hiding behind the coffee bar. They cheered, along with curious customers, when a store manager who helped Mr. Charania plan his surprise presented the couple with a basket of chocolates, fruits, almonds and Champagne.藏在咖啡吧后面的家人走出来庆祝。他们和惊奇的顾客们一起欢呼,这时帮助查拉尼亚策划这场惊喜的店经理走出来,给这对情侣送上一篮子巧克力、水果、杏仁和香槟。“I just cried, I couldn’t believe it,” Dr. Rasheed said. “It was so overwhelming.”拉希德医生说,“我大哭起来,简直不敢相信这一切。太令人震撼了。”They were wed on April 11, 2015.2015年4月11日,他们结为连理。 Sarah Marcus and Thomas Greulich萨拉·马库斯和托马斯·格罗伊利希(Sarah Marcus and Thomas Greulich)Mr. Greulich, who met Ms. Marcus at the County College of Morris in Randolph, N.J., proposed on a hot-air balloon ride during a trip to Vermont in August 2013. It was the culmination of a long friendship followed by five years of dating.格罗伊利希先生是在新泽西州兰道夫(Randolph)的莫里斯社区学院(County College of Morris)与马库斯女士相识的。2013年8月,在佛蒙特州旅行时,他在热气球上向她求婚。那是他们五年恋爱和漫长友谊的高潮。 As they floated in the company of three other couples some 3,000 feet above Lake Champlain, he took her breath away by dropping to one knee and asking for her hand in marriage. When she nodded in the right direction, their fellow passengers applauded and joined them for a Champagne toast (on land) shortly thereafter.他们和另外三对情侣一起在尚普兰湖(Lake Champlain)上空约914米飘浮,他突然单膝下跪,向她求婚,让她激动得透不过气来。当她点头同意时,其他乘客开始鼓掌,不久之后(落地之后)和他们一起喝香槟庆祝。“It was a wonderful surprise,” she s said. “I didn’t see it coming.”她说:“这样的惊喜真是太棒了。我完全没有料到。”They exchanged vows on Jan. 31, 2015.2015年1月31日,他们盟誓成婚。 Ashley Yanover and Marlon LeWinter阿什莉·亚诺弗和马龙·勒温特((Ashley Yanover and Marlon LeWinter)Last March 7, the couple arrived at the “Today” show in New York, where Ms. Yanover was led to believe they would be included in the show’s “Plaza Fan of the Day” segment. Unknown to her, Mr. LeWinter had made contact with a show producer months earlier and worked behind the scenes to put together what he called “the most amazing day of my life.”今年3月7日,这对夫妇去纽约参加《今日秀》(Today)节目,亚诺弗以为他们将参加这个节目的“每日市场迷”环节(Plaza Fan of the Day)。她不知道,勒温特早在数月前就与该节目的一位制作人联系,悄悄安排了他所说的“一生中最惊喜的一天”。Upon arrival at 30 Rockefeller Plaza, she called her parents’ home in Boca Raton, Fla., to remind them to watch the show. Speaking by cellphone, her mother said she was outside walking her dog, and that Ms. Yanover’s father was taking a shower. But they were actually waiting in a green room two floors below. Mr. LeWinter’s parents, who made the trip from Boynton Beach, Fla., were in a separate green room.到达洛克菲勒中心后,亚诺弗后给佛罗里达州波卡拉顿市(Boca Raton)的父母打电话,提醒他们看电视。她妈妈在手机里说她在外面遛,说她爸爸在洗澡。但是实际上,他们在两层楼下的演员休息室里等候。勒温特的父母也从佛罗里达州波因顿滩市(Boynton Beach)赶来,在另一间演员休息室里等候。 Their families, along with a national audience, watched as Ms. Yanover a promo before turning to Mr. LeWinter, who was supposed to take the show into a commercial break, but turned instead to Ms. Yanover and, with ring in hand, began making his pitch.亚诺弗念完一个商品广告,转向勒温特,他本该宣布节目进入广告时间,但是却转向亚诺弗,手里拿着戒指,开始求婚。他们的家人,还有全美国的观众,都在观看。“I was extremely overwhelmed and basically speechless,” she said. “The only thing really going through my head was ‘Is this really happening?’ Such an amazing day.”后来,亚诺弗说:“我特别激动,激动得说不出话。我脑子里其实只想到一件事:‘这是真的吗?’真是令人惊喜的一天。”Their wedding is set for May 28, 2016.他们的婚礼定于2016年5月28日举行。 Sarah Rothschild and Michael Schakow萨拉·罗特席尔德和迈克尔·沙可欧(Sarah Rothschild and Michael Schakow) On a trip to Copenhagen in June 2015, Mr. Schakow proposed at a restaurant there, giving Ms. Rothschild a diamond ring that belonged to his great-grandmother, who died at the Treblinka extermination camp in 1942. His great-grandfather had tried unsuccessfully to use the ring to bribe an SS officer to release his wife and daughter as they awaited deportation from the Warsaw ghetto to Treblinka. His great-grandfather survived in hiding, with the ring, until Warsaw’s liberation in 1945.2015年6月,在哥本哈根旅行时,沙可欧先生在那里的一家餐馆拿出一枚钻石戒指向罗特席尔德女士求婚,那枚戒指曾属于他的曾祖母,她于1942年在特雷布林卡集中营去世。在他们即将从华沙犹太聚居区被驱逐到特雷布林卡时,他的曾祖父曾想用这枚戒指贿赂一位纳粹军官,以求释放妻子和女儿。他的曾祖父带着那枚戒指藏起来侥幸逃脱,直到1945年华沙解放。“I didn’t know the ring existed until he gave it to me,” she said. “When he told me the back story, it was just chilling.”罗特席尔德说:“在他给我那枚戒指之前,我完全不知道它的存在。他告诉我戒指背后的故事时,我很害怕。”Mr. Schakow said: “It meant the world to me to be able to give her that ring, which is an heirloom that has a very special and significant place in my family’s history. It was the most meaningful thing I had in my life to give her.”沙可欧先生说:“能送给她那枚戒指,对我来说十分重要。它是我们家的祖传遗物,具有非常独特而重要的意义。那是我能给她的最有意义的东西。”They were married on Nov. 7, 2015.他们于2015年11月7日结婚。 Chinyere Ezie and Nicole Humphrey钦耶·埃兹和妮科尔·汉弗莱(Chinyere Ezie and Nicole Humphrey) Ms. Ezie proposed at her Brooklyn home in April 2014, during a Disney-themed party celebrating Ms. Humphrey’s 29th birthday.2014年4月,埃兹女士在布鲁克林家中为汉弗莱女士举办迪士尼主题派对,庆祝她29岁生日,并向她求婚。“She’s a kid at heart,” Ms. Ezie said. “She loves Disney movies and knows the words to all of those songs.”埃兹说:“她的内心像个孩子。她非常喜欢迪士尼影片,知道所有迪士尼歌曲的歌词。” So she decided to grab a microphone and serenade Ms. Humphrey with a karaoke rendition of “Kiss the Girl,” from “The Little Mermaid.” After belting out the tune, she dropped to both knees and asked Ms. Humphrey to marry her.所以,她决定拿起麦克风,为汉弗莱演唱《小美人鱼》(The Little Mermaid)的主题曲《吻她》(Kiss the Girl)。在引吭高歌之际,她突然双膝跪地,请汉弗莱嫁给她。“At first I said, ‘Don’t you dare,’” Ms. Humphrey said. “Then I just started crying.”汉弗莱说:“一开始我说‘你怎么敢这样做’。然后我就开始大哭。”And she kept on crying, leaving Ms. Ezie to wonder if the answer was yes.然后她一直哭,让埃兹搞不清她到底有没有答应。“I will confess, I was worried there for a minute,” Ms. Ezie said. “I had to wait for her to stop sobbing before I could confirm that I hadn’t been shot down.”埃兹说:“我得承认,我担心了一分钟。我必须等她停止啜泣,才能跟她确认我没有被拒绝。”Their ceremony was on Aug. 22, 2015.她们的婚礼于2015年8月22日举行。 Katherine Gaston and Connor Dougherty凯瑟琳·加斯顿和康纳·多盖尔蒂(Katherine Gaston and Connor Dougherty)In June 2014, Mr. Dougherty threw on some workout clothes, slipped an engagement ring into his pocket and asked Ms. Gaston if he could join her for a run through her hometown, Quogue, N.Y.2014年6月,多盖尔蒂穿上运动,把订婚戒指塞进口袋,说自己想和加斯顿一起在纽约州Quogue市她的故乡跑步。“I had this point in town by the bay where I wanted to propose, but she kept running,” he said. He began brainstorming the next-best spot to do it, but she zipped past the boats, past the pond, across the back deck of her family’s beach house and into the bedroom.多盖尔蒂说:“我本想在镇上海湾边的一个地方求婚,但是她不停地跑。”他开始快速思考下一个求婚的最佳地点,但是她快速跑过船区、池塘、她家海滨别墅的后院,一直跑进了卧室。Mr. Dougherty followed, tiptoeing inside and up the stairs. “She said, ‘We’ll need to do laundry and clean up before the rest of the family comes out here.’ ”多盖尔蒂跟着她,悄悄走进去,上了楼。“她说,‘在家里其他人来这儿之前,我们得洗洗衣,梳洗一下。’” “There’s one other thing to do before the family comes out,” he said after catching up to her.他追上她说:“在家人来之前,还有一件事。”She became Mrs. Dougherty on Sept. 12, 2015.2015年9月12日,她成了多盖尔蒂夫人。 Stephanie Cate and Winston Lord 斯蒂芬妮·凯特和温斯顿·洛德(Stephanie Cate and Winston Lord)Mr. Lord knew that Ms. Cate’s favorite place in the world was Bird Island in North Carolina, an uninhabited strip of land just a short bike ride from her hometown, Sunset Beach. For more than 35 years, locals and others have gone there to look out at the water and visit a rickety old mailbox called the Kindred Spirit, in which people leave anonymous messages and stories about their lives.洛德知道凯特最喜欢的地方是北卡罗来纳州的伯德岛(Bird Island),那是一个无人居住的狭长地带,从她的家乡落日海滩(Sunset Beach)骑车一会儿就能到达。超过35年来,当地人和外地人去那里看海,观看一个名叫“志趣相投”(Kindred Spirit)的破旧邮箱,人们会把关于他们人生的消息和故事匿名留在那里。 It was here that Ms. Cate would go to contemplate her future, mourn big losses and celebrate private victories. So it was here that Mr. Lord chose to propose last year, putting in the mailbox a five-page letter he had written explaining why and how much he loved her. Nestled beside it was a velvet-lined box holding the ring (guarded by relatives who had hid behind a sand dune).凯特喜欢去那里展望未来,缅怀所失,庆祝自己或大或小的成功。所以去年,洛德选择在那里求婚,他往邮箱里放了一封五页长的信,表达自己为什么爱她以及如何深爱她。信旁放着一个有着天鹅绒衬里的盒子,里面放着一枚戒指(亲戚们藏在一个沙丘后面看守)。She was soon ing his letter, and came across a line that spoke to everyone who has ever been engaged, no matter the depths they have gone to create the perfect proposal: “It’s amazing when you fall in love and know you want to spend the rest of our life with that person,” he wrote.她很快读到了他的信,其中一句话道出了所有订过婚的人的感受,不管他们多么煞费苦心地营造完美的求婚经历:“当你陷入爱河,知道自己想要和那个人共度余生时,感觉美妙极了。” They wed on April 18, 2015.他们于2015年4月8日结婚。 /201601/419760


  During the period of the Eastern Han, transmarine transport expanded, which led to a close relation with other countries.东汉时期海外交通进一步发展。The Han court received a Japanese goodwill envoy in 57 to whom Emperor Guangwu gave a seal inscribed with a title of honor.建武中元二年(57),倭国派使臣来赠送方物,刘秀赐以印绶。Later, Han iron and bronze wares and silk goods found their way to Japan.此后东汉的铁器、铜器和丝织品便源源不断地输往倭国。It is said that in 64, Mingdi sent his official Cai Yin to Central Asia to learn more about Buddhism after a vision of a golden figure appeared to him in a dream, who a minister told him was Buddha.相传,汉明帝在梦里见到一个金人,大臣告诉他那是佛。于是公元64年,明帝遣郎中蔡愔等出使天竺(印度)求其道。In 67, Cai Yin returned and brought back with him not only the images of Buddha and Buddhist scriptures but also two Buddhist monks Kasyapamatanga and Dharmaranya, who came to Luoyang at the invitation of the Han emissary, which marked the beginning of the sp of Buddhism in China. Emperor Ming ordered the White Horse Monastery built in their honor and asked them to translate Buddhist sutras into Chinese.蔡愔于公元67年回洛阳,带来佛像和一些佛经,并邀请沙门摄腾和竺法兰一起回国。次年,明帝在洛阳建白马寺,供摄腾、竺法兰居住,并翻译《四十二章经》,为中土佛教之始。They were followed by the Parthian monk An Shigao, who came to China in 148 and stayed for more than years.公元148年帕提亚僧人安世高来到中国,居住了20年。He became a well-known translator, rendering into Chinese 95 Buddhist works comprising 115 juan during his stay.在此期间,他翻译了115卷95部佛经,成为著名的译者。During the reign of Emperor Zhang and Emperor He, with China’s prosperity came another attempt at westward expansion.章帝、和帝时,国力强盛,朝廷意图向西拓展疆域。In 73, for the purpose of building good relationship with western region tribes, a military officer, Ban Chao, younger brother of Ban Gu, went westward on a diplomatic mission with a delegation of thirty-six men.公元73年,为建立与西域各国的友好关系,班超(班固的弟弟)带领36名军士,奉命出使西域。He finally made those desert tribes tributaries of the Eastern Han Empire, which ensured the long peace and smoothness along the Silk Road.他成功说各国向东汉称臣,确保了丝绸之路的安全畅通。Furthermore, Ban Chao once remained in the Western Regions for 31 years, suppressing rebellions and establishing diplomatic relations with over 50 states there.班固在西域长达31年之久,不但多次镇压叛乱,还与50多个国家建立了外交关系。In 97, the Eastern Han court dispatched an emissary, Gan Ying to Daqin(the Roman Empire).公元97年,东汉朝廷派甘英出使大秦(罗马帝国)。He traveled westward, passing Tiaozhi(modern Iraq) and Anxi (modern Iran), and finally arrived at the west border of Anxi (the Persian Gulf), but returned without crossing the sea.Though failed to reach Daqin, he brought home a wealth of information about west Asia.甘英西经条(今伊拉克)、安息(今伊朗)诸国,至安息西界(波斯湾),未过海而还,带回了大量有关西亚地区的信息。As the most famous envoy after Zhang Qian, Gan Ying made great contribution to open a route connecting Asia with Europe.甘英是继张骞之后到达西亚的使节,为开辟欧亚通道做出了重要贡献。 /201512/413044

  Recently, a map of China#39;s top ten gathering places for singles became an internet hit. The map has triggered extensive discussions among netizens.近日,中国十大单身聚集城市的地图在网上走红。这张图片也引起了大众的热烈讨论。Statistics from the Ministry of Civil Affairs show that there are nearly 200 million single people on the Chinese mainland, and more and more women voluntarily choose to be single. In 1990, 6 percent of the total population lived alone, while in 2013, the figure was 14.6 percent. From the map, we can see that Tianjin, Sichuan and Heilongjiang are the top three gathering places for singles in China.来自于民政部的数据显示,中国大陆有近2亿单身人口,而且越来越多的女性自愿选择单身。1990年,只有6%的人口独居,而2013年独居人口高达14.6%。从地图上可以看出,天津、四川、黑龙江是中国独居人口最多的地区。Why do so many people now choose to be single? Is it because true love is scarcer? The answer may be complicated. However, generally speaking, the trend of staying single has much to do with the following factors.为什么越来越多的人选择单身呢?因为真爱太少见了?或许是很复杂的。但是,一般说来,单身潮流的兴起大致有以下几个因素。First of all, women have become more economically independent, which is an important condition for doing away with male chauvinism and a patriarchal society. Economically independent women have changed women#39;s dependence on men in love and marriage. Nowadays, women have the ability to plan their own lives.第一,越来越多的女性开始经济独立,这是脱离大男子主义和男权社会的主要因素。女性经济独立改变了女性对于男性在爱情和婚姻方面的依赖。现在,女性有能力计划好自己的生活。Secondly, information tools have changed people#39;s interactions, including how men and women get along with one another. It is easier to establish social relations, and singles find no difficulty in acquiring intimate companions.第二,信息交流工具改变了人们之间的联系,包括男女之间的相处方式。建立社会联系很简单,单身人士很容易和其他人建立密切的伙伴关系。Thirdly, people#39;s attitudes toward childbirth have changed. Marriage has historically been largely in service of carrying on the family line. Today, the birth rate of urban, white-collar women continues to reach new lows. Some women even try freezing their eggs to extend the possibility of childbearing. What#39;s more, fewer and fewer people get married for the purpose of having children.第三,人们对生育孩子的观念改变了。婚姻素来被认为是主要用来传宗接代的。但是今天,城市白领女性的生育率越来越低。一些女性甚至尝试冷冻卵子来延长生育孩子的期限。而且越来越少的人为了生育孩子才选择结婚。 /201512/415065There’s this word that you probably use all the time. It’s a seemingly harmless word — close to meaningless, really — but it’s slowly, subversively tainting your relationships.有一个词你或许一直在使用。它是一个看起来无害的单词——事实上近乎无意义——但它正在慢慢地破坏你的人际关系。Look back over any recent texts and emails you’ve sent to friends. If they look something like this, you’re caught in this word’s trap:回头看一看你最近发给朋友的短信和邮件。如果他们看起来是这样,你就陷入了这个单词的陷阱:“I’d love to hang out! But I’m really busy.”“我很想出去玩!但我真的太忙了。”“Sorry I didn’t get back to you earlier! I’ve been so busy.”“抱歉我没有及时回复你!我太忙了。”“What’s going on with me? Just busy as usual!”“我最近怎么样吗?像往常一样忙!”You guessed it. The single-word saboteur is BUSY. Let’s discuss the top three reasons it’s time to be done with “busy”.你猜到了。这个破坏关系的单词就是“忙”。让我们来讨论一下三个和“忙”说再见的原因。1. Everyone is busy.1.每个人都很忙。These days, saying you’re busy is basically like saying you’re alive. The word itself no longer relates to any specific, making it basically meaningless — and meaningless language is a problem for relationships because it doesn’t help other people understand what, specifically, you’re going through. It actually impedes mutual understanding.如今,说你很忙基本上就等于说你活着。这个单词本身已经没有任何实际的意思,基本变得毫无意义——毫无意义的语言是人际关系的问题,因为它不能让其他人明白你具体在经历什么。它事实上阻碍了相互理解。2. It’s open to (negative) interpretation.2.它导致了(消极的)揣测。The vague nature of “I’m really busy” leaves the real reason why you’re being unavailable to a friend open to interpretation. It allows others to fill in the blank of your true intentions. Often, they will fill that blank with a negative assumption. In a worst-case scenario, friends may feel like your “busy” is a way of blowing them off without having to state a reason for doing so.“我很忙”具有模糊的属性,它让你时间被占用的真实原因成为朋友的揣测。它导致其他人填补你真实意图的空白。通常情况下,他们会用消极的揣测来填补这个空白。在最差的情况下,你们朋友或许会觉得“忙”只是不必说原因而应付他们的借口。3. It means “not right now.”3.它意味着“现在不行”。Often, “busy” simply means that you have higher priorities right now than seeing friends. Saying “not right now” when someone tries to engage with you is a relationship killer because it fosters a feeling of rejection. “Busy” is the friendship equivalent of “not right now.” It lacks a sense of caring about the other person and fosters distance as a result.通常情况下,“忙”仅仅意味着你目前有比见朋友更重要的事。当别人邀请你参加某件事时,说“现在不行”会扼杀人际关系因为它会使人产生被拒绝的感觉。“忙”和“现在不行”是等同的。它缺少为他人的考虑,因此疏远了彼此的距离。译文属原创,,不得转载。 /201512/415539

  The Western Han Dynasty lasted more than 230 years over 14 generations, including the Xin Dynasty founded by Wang Mang.汉自高祖刘邦建国,历经十四代230余年(其中包括王莽的新朝gt;。It is usually divided into three stages by historians: the time of consolidation by Emperors Han Gaozu, Wendi and Jingdi ; the zenith period of centralizing power by King Wu of Han, and the late period of replacement of the imperial power by the mighty consort clan of the Wang.史学家通常将这一时期分为三个阶段:汉高祖、文帝、景帝实行的“修养生息”的巩固期;汉武帝加强中央集权的鼎盛时期;外戚王氏篡权的后期。 /201511/410881Eating with a fork instead of a spoon can help you lose weight, new research suggests.最新研究显示,吃饭时用叉子不用勺,有助减肥。A study by the University of Florida found that using a fork and eating from smaller, less fancy, and even paper plates will help prevent overeating.美国佛罗里达大学的一项研究表明,吃饭时用叉子,或者用小一点的、不那么花哨的盘子,甚至用纸盘子,都能防止吃得过多。It also claims that putting mirrors in your dining room will help weight loss because they actually make junk food taste worse.研究还表明,在餐厅放置镜子也有助于减肥,因为镜子能使垃圾食品的口感下降。The researchers asked 185 undergraduates to choose chocolate cake or a fruit salad and evaluate the taste.研究人员让185位大学生在巧克力蛋糕和水果沙拉中选择一种食用,并对它们的口感做出评价。Those who ate them in a room with a mirror scored the taste of the junk food lower than those in a room without one, but it had no effect on the fruit salad.在测试垃圾食品的口感时,有镜组比无镜组的食用口感差,而水果沙拉的口感未受到镜子的影响。Lead scientist, Dr Ata Jami of the University of Central Florida, said: #39;A glance in the mirror tells people more than just about their physical appearance.中央佛罗里达大学的阿塔·杰米士是研究小组的带头人。他说:“镜子告诉人们的可不止是体态外貌。”#39;It enables them to view themselves objectively and helps them to judge themselves and their behaviors in a same way that they judge others.’“镜子使人们可以从一个置身事外的角度观察自己、评价自己,就像他们观察别人、评价别人时那样。”The mirrors were found to push the subjects to compare and match their own behaviours with accepted social standards.该研究发现,镜子能促使受试者用普遍的社会标准来衡量自己,并用它规范自己的行为。The study#39;s authors believe it proves that people don#39;t want to look in the mirror when they feel that they are now adhering to those social standards.研究者认为,这足以明:当人们觉得自己的行为已经符合社会标准的时候,他们就不会想去看镜子了。When they do look in the mirror, feelings of discomfort and failure are enhanced.而当他们吃着垃圾食品,想要看镜中的自己时,不适感和挫败感就增强了。Therefore, the presence of the mirror induces a discomfort and lowers the perceived taste of unhealthy food.这时候,镜子的存在引发了人的不适,降低了垃圾食品的口感。But, this is only the case if the person selects the food they are eating because they are responsible for that choice.但是,只有当人们自主选择食物时,这个规律才会奏效,因为他们要为自己的选择负责。The study suggests that mirrors be placed in dining rooms and other eating spaces so people will start eating more healthily因此该研究建议在餐厅等用餐地点放置镜子,促使人们吃得健康些。The study was published in the Journal of the Association for Consumer Research.《消费者研究杂志》刊登了这项研究结果。 /201601/419620

  The slave system was well developed in the Zhou Dynasty.周朝时奴隶制度发展完善。The king, vassals and high officials owned slaves of different status and under dif-ferent names and forced them to create great wealth for them.国王、贵族和高官都拥有奴隶,强迫他们劳动为自己创造财富。但是这些奴隶的地位和名字却有所不同。Commonpeopleliving in the capital were called “guo ren” ,also interpreted as freemen; peasants in rural communes were called “ye ren”,or “people in the fields”.居住在都城中的普通人被称为“国人”,意为自由人,而在农村生活的人则是“野人”。Both guo ren and ye ren were exploited by the king, nobles or slave owners under various names.国王、贵族和奴隶主会以各种各样的名义剥削他们。Agriculture in the Zhou Dynasty was very intensive and in many cases it was directed by the government.周朝的农业大多数是在官府的指导下实行集约化生产。Farmland was periodically distributed on the basis of fertility.根据土地的肥沃程度定期进行重新分配。The peasant worked a piece of land distributed to him and let another piece lie fallow.农民可以先耕种一块地,而休耕另一块。The system of fallow was a progressive development and gradually replaced the method of slash and burn.“休耕制”逐步发展, 慢慢取代了原来的抛荒制。The ideal field system of the Zhou period as described in the Rites of Zhou is the well field system.根据《周礼》记载,井田制是最理想的土地制度。Every arable area was divided into nine squares in the shape of the character for “water well”.每一块耕地都被分成九块,形状尤如“井”字。Eight families were supposed to cultivate one plot of land each with a common field in the middle. The crops from it were given to the government and that of surrounding squares kept by individual farmers.八户人家为一个单位,集体耕作中间的公田,收获物归官府所有,其余部分归个人。In this way, the government was able to store surplus food and distribute it in times of famine or bad harvest.这样,官府就可以把多余的粮食储存起来,以备荒年和收成欠佳时赈灾所用。Eight families bound to this field structure thus also built an administration unit from which taxes and services could be drawn by the government.耕种井田的八户农民实际是一个行政单位,他们要向官府交租,劳役。Sharp bronze tools for farm production were widely used in cultivation and tillage on a large scale at that time. The main method of farming was called “ ou geng”,or “two men working together”.西周时,锋利的青铜农具广泛应用于规模较大的垦殖和耕耘,开始实行耦耕, 即两人一起劳动。Peasants prepared their fields with a plough driven by two men, creating compartments one chi wide, six chi counted a pace.每块地上都由两个人扶一把犁耕作,每走一步都会留下一条一尺宽,六尺长的畎(田地中间的沟)。The standard measure of fields was one mu , namely one pace wide and hundred paces long, every man could obtain a field measuring one hundred mu .土地以亩为标准计量单位,即一步宽,一百步长。每个男子都可分到一块一百亩的地。The farm management made new progress: green fertilizer was employed, fire used to control pests and the technique of simple drainage and irrigation improved.沤治和施用绿肥,以火烧法防治病虫害,标志了田间管理的新水平。There was a greater variety of farm produce, covering nearly all crops, beans and hemps.农作物品种增加,谷类、豆类和麻类等。Along with Si Jia, an imperial court official guiding the agriculture development, there were also specialized officials, chang ren, in charge of gardens, managing the production of vegetable, melon and fruit.除负责指导农业生产司稼外,周朝特别设场人,专管园圃,从事蔬菜、瓜果的生产。Handicrafts continued to develop.西周时手工业继续发展。Royal families and vassals controlled important handicraft industries, in which various handicraftsmen were engaged under the control of Si Kong. Bronze casting continued to be most important, particularly in the building of chariots.比较重要的手工业都由王室和诸侯控制,众多的百工在司空的领导下负责管理各项手工业,其中最重要的仍然是青铜铸造业尤其是战车的制造。Craftsmen had a quite low social status and had to dwell in quarters within the capital and their status was inherited.手工业者的社会地位极低,不得不居住在城市之隅,并且这种地位还要世代继承。Trade was an indispen-sable section in the social economy.商业已成为社会经济中不可缺少的部门。Aerchants,activities were restricted to markets (shi) in the capital and were tightly controlled by the government.商贾的活动被限定在都城的“市”,又被官府牢牢控制。An official Zhi Ren was appointed to care for commercial activities.市场中设有“质人”管理商业活动。At this time, slaves, cattle and horses, arms and jewellery were exchanged through barter.奴隶、牛马、兵器、珍异等物品的买卖主要是通过物物交换。Among the common people barter mostly involved daily necessities.百姓间的物物交换多为生活必需品。The currency of the Western Zhou period was a coin shaped like a cowry shell with the currency unit peng .西周的主要货币仍然是贝,以朋为单位。Another currency was copper with the currency unit lue They all originated in the Shang Dynasty.还有金(铜),以锊为单位。这两种货币都源自商代。 /201511/407426





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