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青岛祛痘医院在线咨询山东省青岛菏泽哪家医院治痘痘好The word “budget” has such a negative connotation in today’s society. Individuals associate the act of budgeting with some sort of militant regimen that hinders them from having any sort of flexibility with their money.“预算”这个词似乎在当今社会略带贬义。人们常常会用类似于军事化的规则来控制预算,好让他们在金钱这块不至于手头过紧。The end result? Failure.最后的结果呢?当然是失败。Fortunately, there are a number of ways to prevent your budget from failing and make it work for you, minus the ball and chain.好在,这里有很多方法可以让你免于财政赤字,减轻你的负担。Before you create your budget, track spending for at least one month to get a better idea of where your money actually goes. Once you’ve taken this pertinent step, consider the following tips to help you stay on track throughout the month.在设立预算之前,先来对自己一个月的出进行大概的追踪,这样才能了解自己的钱到底花在什么地方去了。一旦这个步骤完成,再来根据下面的贴士来帮你控制每月的出吧。1) Be as specific as possible.越详细越好。Fluffy budgets are destined for failure because they do not consider all the key factors. Big expenses are important, but it is the little things that will usually send you flying off the deep-end. If your budget demonstrates that you can cover all your fixed expenses with a little change to spare, you may feel somewhat satisfied until you realize midway through the month that things are going down-hill because you forgot to incorporate the daily visit to the nearest fast-food joint for lunch.太过宽泛的记账当然不会有效,因为他们忽视了所有的关键因素。大的出固然重要,但小的出才是真正让你月月光的原因。如果你的预算显示除去每月固定开销之外,还有部分结余可供配,但实际上不到月中你就已经破产,为什么呢?还不就是因为你忽视了每天都需要去就近快餐店付的午餐费么。Bottom line: every cent counts, so be sure to include those variable expenses down to the penny. To help you track variable spending, it may be a good idea to incorporate the envelope system. That way, your budget won’t stand a chance at failing.建议:每分钱都很重要,所以别忘记把那些小钱也算在开销里面。要想记下纷杂的开销,不妨考虑一下信封系统。这样,你的预算绝对不会超了。2) Set realistic expectations.设立现实点的期望It never hurts to dream big, but actually making them a reality is another story. The same rule applies to budgeting: unrealistic figures will set you up for failure each and every month.梦想再大也不为过,但要实现它就是另外一回事了。这个定理也同样适用于预算:不切实际的数据只会让你月月光。If you know that you spend a certain amount of money each week on groceries, do not attempt to cut the number in half just for the sake of making the budget balance. Instead, make small cuts over time to build the momentum and prevent you from getting discouraged.如果你知道每周在杂货店花多少钱,千万不要为了收平衡来一次性缩减一半的开。相反,你可以慢慢减少开,这样还能让自己心情愉快。3) Believe in yourself.相信自己This may sound a bit strange, but successful budgeting has a lot to do with your attitude. If you are pessimistic about the process and your inability to successfully commit to the plan from inception, you will probably fail miserably. On the other hand, if you learn to view your budget as a spending plan that will help you accomplish your current and future financial goals, you will more than likely be inclined to remain on track because there is a light at the end of the tunnel.这个听起来有点奇怪,但成功的预算多半取决于你的态度。如果你对过程非常的消极,也觉得自己没有能力来成功的按照计划执行,你当然会输得很惨。然而,如果你把预算看成是帮你完成近期和长远经济目标的计划,你就更容易遵守,毕竟能让你看到希望呀。4) Solicit the assistance of an accountability partner.拉上一个会算账的伙伴。Do not go out and ask your best buddy who agrees with everything you say and do for help. This is actually counter-productive. Instead, find someone to check-in with on a consistent basis who will be honest with you and hold you accountable for your spending habits each month.千万别找那种你说什么都正确的朋友来帮忙,这只会起到反效果。相反,要找那种会稳扎稳打对你说实话的人,这样才会帮你坚持每个月的消费习惯。Some even go the extra mile to hire a financial coach that is seasoned in budgeting and can provide extensive assistance with budgeting.有的人甚至还会花钱请一个财务教练来控制预算,以提供更大的预算持。5) Prepare for the unexpected.对意外出要有心理准备。Wouldn’t it be great to live in a world where emergencies did not exist? Wishful thinking. Unexpected occurrences are inevitable, so it is important to incorporate a little padding in your budget each month to cover those moments that completely catch you off guard. Also, stash away a little cash each month to build up that emergency fund.怎么可能生活在一个没有意外事件的世界里呢?这只是幻想罢了。意外总是无法避免的,所以在每个月的预算中留出一部分作为意外出很有必要,可以防止你到时候手忙脚乱。所以每个月存点钱来作为紧急基金吧。6) Cut yourself a little slack.给自己一点宽松的余地。Let’s face it: sticking to a budget is hard work. That is why positive reinforcement is so important. Develop some sort of reward system for yourself that will motivate you to keep your eyes on the prize each month.我们要知道:恪守预算实在太艰难了。所以积极的强制力十分重要。给自己设立点奖励机制,这样能鼓励你奔着奖品前进哦。Following these tips on a consistent basis will help put your mind at ease when developing and executing your monthly spending plan.长期坚持这些就能帮你轻松自如的指定每个月的花费预算了。 /201307/249791青岛祛斑哪家好 Maybe it’s been a few months and they’ve heard so much about you, or it’s only been a couple of dates and they barely know you exist. Regardless of how much time has passed, meeting your significant other’s parents for the first time can be exciting and terrifying. So many things are out of your control, but what you wear is completely within your power. Consider a few guidelines that could streamline the process.也许在最近几个月,他们听说了很多关于你的事。也许也就是近几天,他们几乎不知道你的存在。不管时间如何流逝,与另一半的父母第一次见面都是令人兴奋的,同时也觉得害怕的。很多事情你都无法控制,但你完全可以决定自己要穿什么衣。看些指导书,可以简化这个过程。Stay true to your style while opting for an ensemble that errs on the conservative side, Jennifer Mumford, who recently met her significant other’s parents for the first time. “Stay away from an outfit that is too revealing, as it can come across as polarizing,” she said. Also, try to keep your look timeless. This means staying away from trends like ripped jeans or denim with distressed features.整体来说,要忠于你自己的风格,展现出比较保守的一面。珍妮弗·芒福德在亚利桑最近见了另一半的父母。她说:“不要穿得太暴露,别人会觉得你是个暴露狂”同时,尽量让自己看起来比较年轻。换句话说就是远离像破牛仔裤或牛仔布那种风格的着装。If this meeting is over the holidays or at a holiday gathering, a little festivity is a nice touch. For men, Mumford suggested a button down shirt in classic plaid or check paired with a dark wash, straight leg jean. For women, opt for an outfit like a cashmere sweater, dark rinse skinny or straight leg jeans and a ballet flat or riding boot.如果这次见面是在节假日或节日聚会,小节日也有小技巧。针对男人,芒福德建议穿带纽扣的经典格子图案衬衫在搭配深色水洗裤或直腿牛仔裤。对于女性,一套羊绒毛衣,黑冲洗修身裤或直腿牛仔裤再配上一个芭蕾持平底鞋或马靴。If an afternoon barbecue is the venue, guys will be good with either jeans or khakis with a polo or crew neck tee. Mumford suggested finishing the look with staple footwear, like a pair of Converse or a loafer. Gals can opt for a maxi dress or sundress paired with a denim jacket or scarf, and completed with sandals or ballet flats. Petite ladies can also try a silk top, skinny jeans and a wedge heel. “Whatever outfit you choose, keep the look feminine, pretty and cohesive,” Mumford said.如果要计划去烤烧烤,通常是牛仔裤或卡其裤与polo衫或带海军领子衣搭配。芒福德建议选好装后,可以配上一双匡威的鞋子或休闲鞋。女生可以选择迷嬉裙或背心裙配上牛仔夹克或围巾,搭配凉鞋或芭蕾平底鞋。娇小的女士们上身也可以尝试丝绸面料的衣,与紧身牛仔裤和坡跟鞋搭配。芒福德说:“无论你怎么选择,一定要看起来漂亮、吸引人、有女人味儿”。Stick with clothing in your size that has worked for you in the past and steer clear from ill-fitting or unflattering colors that clash with your skin tone. Feeling good in your clothes will boost your confidence and rub off on others around you. “The last thing you need is for your partner’s parents to think that you are borrowing your older sibling#39;s clothes or do not know how to dress,” Leroux said.和过去一样坚持选择尺寸合身的衣,不要选择不合身和不衬肤色的衣。合身的衣会让自己感觉良好,增加自信,同时也能使周围的人深受感染。Leroux说“不要让伴侣的父母认为你是穿的是兄长的衣,或你还不知道如何着装”。Especially in a casual setting, take advantage of the laid-back vibe with feel-good gear. Wear that pair of comfy jeans and a simple top, suggested Anthony Leroux, fashion director and stylist 。Pair with comfortable nude or black heels that complement the ensemble.特别是在一种比较随意的情况下,好好利用比较随意的气氛。时尚总监兼设计师建议下身穿一条比较舒适的牛仔裤,上衣搭配一件比较简单地衣,再搭配一双舒适的裸色或黑色的高跟鞋进行补充。Keep color combinations and graphic prints simple and un-busy, Leroux suggested. Wear no more than three colors at a time and keep the neon at home. This could mean wearing a plain T-shirt under a blazer that offers a slight contrast, or keeping patterns to a minimum as to not cause a dizzying effect. “The last thing you want to do is look like a walking fabric store,” Leroux said.Leroux建议要注意衣颜色搭配和衣上的印花看起来简单不繁琐。每次身上所穿的颜色不要超过三种,在家里时颜色可以绚丽一点。这可能就意味着西装里是一件很普通的T恤,这就形成了一个很小的对比。将令人眼花缭乱的情况降到最小。Leroux说:“不要打扮的像要去街上购物一样。”The go-to staple in every woman’s closet, the little black dress is practically foolproof in most evening situations and comes to the rescue when you’re stumped and standing in your closet. Make sure yours hits just above the knee, Leroux advised. Toss on those rarely-used pair of designer heels and complement with jewelry, like a matching diamond necklace, bracelet and ring trio.每个女人的衣橱里几乎都有黑色小礼,黑色小礼几乎适合一般的情况,也可以应付紧急情况。Leroux建议,裙子的长度要略高于膝盖。那些扔到一旁很少穿的高跟鞋,一般都可以与珠宝搭配。像是搭配钻石项链,手镯和戒指等。if the initial meeting is to take place over dinner at a nice restaurant, this is one of those occasions to pull out that fitted suit that spends much of the year hanging untouched in a garment bag in the back of the closet. Leroux suggested a gray or black suit over a white dress shirt with a neutral colored tie, and matching dress shoes to keep it cohesive.如果第一次见面是在一家不错的餐厅,这种场合适合穿西装,把挂在衣柜后面装袋里多年没穿的西装翻出来穿。Leroux建议穿灰色或黑色西装配上一件白色礼衬衫,在系上中性色领带,选一双与礼相配的鞋子。A light mist of your favorite fragrance is enough to be a subtle reflection of your personality that highlights, not dominates. Remember, others around you will notice that scent more intensely than you would, so take it easy when spritzing. “The last thing you need is for the smell to be overpowering and become the only thing that people begin to talk about,” Leroux said.喷上一点点你最爱的的香水,突出你的个性,也不会独领风骚。记住,你周围的人比你更会留心到你身上的香味,所以洒香水的时候不要紧张。Leroux说:“不要让这种香味太浓烈,成为别人的话柄。”When you’re dressed, take a look in the mirror. Does anything immediately jump out? Is that skirt a little too tight or that blouse a bit too sheer? Or, are those jeans too faded and would your mother think that dress shirt is too wrinkled to be dressy? If anything seems to be too much of something, change out of it。穿好后,照照镜子。有没有哪些地方挤出来了?是裙子有点太紧了?还是裤子太花哨了?或者是牛仔裤褪色太严重?还是你妈妈认为衣太皱,看起来比较不讲究着装?如果有些地方看起来不像那么回事,赶紧换掉。Coordinate your outfits so you don’t look like you are heading to the opera while your love looks beach-bound. Versatile ensembles are best if you aren’t quite sure, Shina suggested. Women can play up their feminine side with dress pants or a skirt paired with a soft or billowy top, while men can’t go wrong with dress pants, an open collar button down shirt and nonathletic shoes.穿合适的装。因此,当你喜欢打扮的要去海边那样就不要弄得像要去歌剧院似的。Shina建议:如果你不是很确定怎么打配合适,就多准备几套整套衣。女性通常可以用短裙或者配套的上衣来展现自己的女性美。但是男人却不可以穿错,西裤搭配带纽扣的开领衬衫,再穿上一双不易走样的鞋。 /201309/257431市北区妇幼保健院门诊部地址

青岛隆鼻手术需要多少钱Having live snails crawling on your face sounds like the thing of nightmares, but in Japan one company is hoping people will be prepared to pay for it. Starting Monday, women who want to slough off dead skin, clear their pores or roll back the years can submit themselves to five minutes of molluscs.让蜗牛在你的脸上爬来爬去是不是听着很恐怖?但是日本一家公司却准备从一款“蜗牛美容”务中获利。从周一上午起,凡是想去除死皮、清洁毛孔或重现青春的女性。都能来这里报名参加五分钟的蜗牛美容。;Slime from snails helps remove old cells, heal the skin after sun burn and moisturise it,; said Manami Takamura, a spokeswoman for Tokyo-based beauty salon, as she placed three gastropods on a woman#39;s face.该美容沙龙总部设在东京,女发言人贵村真奈美(音译)一边将三只活蜗牛放在女顾客脸上,一边说:“蜗牛产生的黏液能去除衰老细胞,修复晒伤肌肤,并使之水润嫩滑。”;In this way, you can have 100 percent pure snail essence directly on the skin.; Snail slime is believed to have an anti-ageing effect on human skin, and some cosmetics are aly sold with essence of escargot. But this beauty salon is going one step further in what it says is the first live snail treatment in Japan.“这种做法可以使100%的蜗牛自然精华完全作用于皮肤。”人们认为蜗牛黏液对皮肤具有抗衰老的功效,有些化妆品里已经配有法国蜗牛精华液。但这家美容沙龙的做法更加直接,它自称是日本第一家开设活蜗牛务的美容店。The snails cost 10,500 yen (6). Sayaka Ito said she had found the treatment so relaxing that she had almost fallen asleep.蜗牛疗法的费用是10500日元(折合106美元)一次。伊藤沙耶香(音译)说她感觉蜗牛疗法非常舒适,她放松得几乎要睡着了。;You can feel the snails moving on your face. At first, it is surprising, but it#39;s actually rather nice,; she said. ;My skin really does feel smooth and moist.;她说:“你能感到蜗牛在你脸上蠕动,先开始有些害怕,但实际很舒。我现在感觉皮肤光滑湿润。” /201307/248237青岛自体脂肪丰鼻翼要多少钱 山东省青岛即墨市开双眼皮哪家好

青岛取痣医院FOR MOST OF US, a toll road is just another expense. But for a family with vast resources and a long investment horizon, it can be something quite different: a source of income.在我们中的大多数人看来,收费公路不过意味着又一项开销。但对一个拥有大量资源和长期投资眼光的家庭来说,它却有着截然不同的意义──那可是一项投资收入来源。In growing numbers, rich families are investing in infrastructure, putting their money to work on remote mountaintops, bustling harbors and across deserts the world over. This broad category covers the structures and systems needed to keep economies running and growing. So think highways, public transit, power plants, telecom backbones─and don#39;t forget schools, hospitals, dumpsites and ports. #39;We see it all the time,#39; says Alan Harter, of Pactolus Private Wealth Management, a registered investment adviser in McLean, Va.越来越多的富裕家庭正在对基础设施建设进行投资。他们把资金投向全球偏远的山区、忙碌的港口和茫茫沙漠上的建设项目。这一领域十分广泛,涵盖了为保持经济运行和增长所需的设施和系统建设,有公路、公共交通系统、发电厂、电信主干线──也别忘了学校、医院、垃圾处理厂和港口。弗吉尼亚州麦克莱恩(McLean)的注册投资顾问、Pactolus私人财富管理公司(Pactolus Private Wealth Management)的阿兰#8226;哈特(Alan Harter)说:“我们一直在关注这些领域。”哈特的公司管理着大约4.3亿美元资产。Most wealthy families get into infrastructure the same way other investors do: indirectly. They buy stock in multinationals whose wares and services generally accompany development─outfits like Caterpillar, Haliburton and IBM . But some are making direct investments. These hands-on deals can involve private-investor groups that come together to build or buy projects and operate them over a relatively long period.基建投资增长曲线:美国vs.全球与其他投资者一样,大多数富裕家庭采用间接投资的方式进入基础设施建设领域。他们买入卡特彼勒(Caterpillar)、哈里伯顿(Haliburton)和IBM等跨国公司的股票──基础设施建设的开展通常离不开这些公司提供的产品和务。不过也有人选择直接投资。这些由投资者亲自操作的项目可能涉及私人投资者团体,他们一同建设或买下项目,并在一段相对较长的时间里运营这些项目。The Presidio Parkway, a six-lane toll road that will connect the city of San Francisco to the Golden Gate Bridge, is one project that some private investor groups are considering. In another case, Citi Infrastructure Investors, Ullico and J.P. Morgan Asset Management Infrastructure Investments Group have been looking at putting money into Chicago-area projects. One deal calls for spending up to 5 million to reduce energy consumption at municipal facilities. The savings initially would be used to pay back the private investors with interest.新普雷西迪奥风景公路(Presidio Parkway)是一条拟建的连接旧金山市和金门大桥(Golden Gate Bridge)的六车道收费公路,一些私人投资者团体正在考虑这个项目。与此同时,花旗基础设施投资者基金(Citi Infrastructure Investors)、Ullico和根大通资产管理基础设施投资集团(J.P. Morgan Asset Management Infrastructure Investments Group)则一直打算把资金投向芝加哥地区的项目。其中一个项目需投入高达2.25亿美元用于市政设施的节能改造,而通过节能省下来的钱,将首先用于偿付私人投资者的资金和利息。Some of the infrastructure investors─Harter calls them #39;uber bulge bracket families#39;─still run businesses that made them rich. Infrastructure is central to their wealth-building strategies; securities can account for as little as 15 percent of their portfolios, says Harter. Some are still steamed about the stock market in 2008, which saw the average U.S. millionaire#39;s securities portfolio shed about 30 percent of its value, according to research firm Spectrem Group. This distrust sometimes extends to other alternatives. #39;Our clients look distastefully on blind-pool#39; investments such as hedge funds, says Harter, whose firm manages about 0 million.一些基础设施建设投资者仍在运营着曾使他们致富的事业。哈特将他们称为“超级投行家庭”(uber bulge bracket families)。哈特说,基础设施建设投资是这些人财富积累策略的核心,而券可能只占他们投资组合中的15%。调研公司斯佩特兰集团(Spectrem Group)称,一些人仍然对2008年股市的表现耿耿于怀。那一年,美国百万富翁人群的券投资组合的价值平均缩水大约30%。有时,这种不信任感也会殃及其他替代产品。哈特说,“我们的客户对净壳公司(blind-pool)一类的投资并不感兴趣”──比如对冲基金。They also want in on growth in emerging markets, where many of these projects are occurring. But they want to get in on it first-hand, in keeping with a post-2008 move toward assets you can hold or walk on─gold, collectibles like wine and art, and types of construction and real estate that seem likely to produce cash over long periods.如今,新兴市场中有很多这样的项目,投资者也想从新兴市场的增长中分一杯羹。不过他们想要亲身参与其中──2008年后,投资者转而追捧那些可以持有或是实实在在的资产,比如黄金、葡萄酒和艺术品等收藏品,以及那些可以产生长期现金收益的建筑和房产。But there#39;s a bigger impetus for this burgeoning interest in infrastructure investing, says David Friedman of Wealth-X, a marketing consultancy to firms with rich customers: The families involved tend to think they#39;re better at making money than garden-variety investment managers. #39;They want their wealth managers to hedge risk around a liquid portfolio#39; in the name of capital preservation, says Friedman. But to generate steadier and bigger returns over time #39;they want to put risk capital in things they know.#39;Wealth-X的大卫#8226;弗里德曼(David Friedman)为一些拥有富人客户的公司提供营销顾问务,他说,在这股对基础设施投资猛增的兴趣背后还有一个更大的推动力。他说,这些家庭通常认为他们比一般的投资经理更懂得如何赚钱。弗里德曼说,出于保全资本的目的,“他们希望自己的理财经理通过易变现的投资组合来对冲风险”,但为了在一段时间内获得更稳定、更丰厚的回报,“他们会把风险资本投向自己熟悉的领域”。So a family that#39;s willing to plunk down million to go thirds on a container dock in Djibouti is apt to know something about piers aly, or the Horn of Africa, or both─or be in close cahoots with people who do. For these projects, cash-out doesn#39;t come in 10 years and it#39;s not predicated on a sale. These investors measure investment return in terms of cash flow through the operating life of a project, or for an agreed-on period that#39;s likely to span decades, says Harter. Indeed, one U.S. family is eight years into a multi-country waterworks deal that has yet to pay a dime, says Norman Anderson, of CG/LA Infrastructure, a Washington, D.C.-based firm that develops projects around the world.这就是说,一个愿意砸下1500万美金与另外两家出资者共同参与吉布提(Djibouti)集装箱码头项目的家庭,要么是对码头建设或非洲之角(Horn of Africa)多少有些了解(或者是对两者都有了解),要么就是正在和内行人紧密合作。在这些项目的运作中,10年内不能撤资,且项目也不会出售。哈特说,这些投资者会根据一个项目的运营周期、或是一段经过商定的可能长达数十年时间内的现金流来衡量投资回报。CG/LA Infrastructure的诺曼#8226;安德森(Norman Anderson)说,我确实知道,有个美国家庭参与一个跨国供水系统项目已长达八年,但至今尚未获得分文回报。CG/LA Infrastructure的总部位于华盛顿,该公司在全球范围开发项目。This kind of patience calls for deep pockets. Management fees and the occasional need to retain local experts can also add to the cost. But David Doll offers a reservation beyond hefty antes and long lockdowns. #39;These deals are fraught with #39;translation errors,#39; #39; says Doll, who runs Sequent Asset Management in Houston, an investment-advice firm for the ultra-rich that manages 0 million. #39;You#39;re talking about different accounting standards, different business practices.#39; Unstable local governments can be another risk.拥有这种耐心需要雄厚的资本。管理费和临时雇佣当地专家的开销都会导致成本增加。而大卫#8226;多尔(David Doll)提出了除了赌注过重和资金长期被锁定之外另一个需要考虑的问题。他说:“这些项目充满了‘解释偏差’,你们在谈论的是不同的会计标准和不同的业务惯例。”当地政府的不稳定也会是一个风险。多尔在休斯敦运营一家为富豪提供投资建议的公司Sequent Asset Management,该公司管理着4亿美元资产。Given all the complications, direct infrastructure strikes Anderson as an expensive way to get an 8 percent or 12 percent return on investments─the standard range, he says. You also don#39;t get a break on the toll, even if you own the road.安德森说,若将所有这些复杂因素考虑在内,在他看来,为获得8%到12%的投资回报率──这是比较常见的回报率水平──直接投资基础设施可是个昂贵的选择。即便你拥有这条收费公路,还是一样躲不过收费站。 /201304/232943 Has your doctor or your woman told you that you need to improve your sperm? Don’t be insulted. What they are talking about is the sperm count, or the number of sperm that are released when you ejaculate. This is something that few men think about, because a high or low sperm count has no bearing on the quality of the sex. You need natural ways to improve sperm counts.你的医生或伴侣曾经告诉你需要改善你的精子质量了吗?不必觉得是受到了侮辱。他们正在谈论的是精子数,即你射精时释放出中精子的含量。很少有男性会考虑这些事情,因为精子数高或低与性生活质量无关。不过,你仍需要用自然的方式来提高精子数。Why You Need to Improve Your Sperm你为什么要提高精子数?If your partner wants to have a baby, you need to improve your sperm count. When the sperm count is low, your chances of conceiving are slim. The higher the sperm count is, the more likely a pregnancy is to occur. Other than this, having a low sperm count really doesn’t matter at all.如果你的伴侣想要一个小孩,你就需要提高你的精子数。当精子数很低时,怀的机会就很小。精子数越高,怀的几率就越高。抛开怀,精子数低确实没有任何影响。10 Ways to Improve Your Sperm Count10个方法助你提高精子数1. Get Lots of Exercise. When your body is in good shape, so is your sperm count.1、勤锻炼。当你身体有一个健康的体态时,精子数也处于良好水平。2. The Three Day Rule. Wait three days between ejaculations. Ejaculating too often significantly lowers the count.2、三天原则。两次射精时间间隔三天。频繁射精会极大的降低精子数。3. Eat a Balanced Diet. Avoid spicy foods, and load up on the vegetables to raise your sperm count.3、平衡膳食。避免辛辣食物,多吃一些有助于增加精子数的蔬菜。4. Improve Your Blood Circulation.4、改善血液循环。5. Avoid Heat. Heating up the testicles definitely lowers the sperm count.5、防热。睾丸受热确实会降低精子数。6. Do Away with Bad Habits. Smoking, drinking, and drugs all play a role in the count of your sperm.6、戒除坏习惯。无论是抽烟、喝酒i还是吸毒,都对你的精子数量有影响。7. Have Sex in the Morning. This is the time of the day when your sperm count is at its highest.7、早上做爱。早晨是你一天中精子含量最高的时候。8. Reduce Stress. Stress affects all body systems, including your reproductive system.8、减压。压力影响所有身体器官,包括你的生殖系统。9. Try Natural Supplements. There are many supplements available with natural ingredients that will boost your sperm count.9、试着用一些天然的补品。有许多人们正在使用的天然补品,可能会增加精子数量。10. Lose Weight. If you have too much body weight, your sperm count will be lower. As you lose weight, the count goes up.10、减肥。如果你太肥胖了,你的精子数就会降低。随着你体重减轻,精子数量会升上来。Foods that Boost Your Sperm Count一些可以促进精子增加的食物We shouldn’t be surprised to find that the foods that we eat for general good health are the same foods that account for healthy sperm. These foods include oatmeal, fish, fresh berries – especially blueberries, and fresh fruits and vegetables, including beans of all varieties.毋庸置疑,那些对身体总体有好处的食物通常与那些对精子健康食物是一致的。这些食物包括燕麦片、鱼、新鲜的草莓——特别是蓝莓,新鲜的水果和蔬菜,包括各种豆类。You can eat all manner of fresh fruits and vegetables, but two fruits that you should especially enjoy and consume when trying to boost your sperm count are tomatoes and watermelon. Dairy products may also be consumed, and can offer aid, but you should switch to the low fat versions of these products, including low fat yogurt.你可以吃各种类的新鲜水果和蔬菜,但是当你试图提高精子数时,两类水果你应该特别钟爱和多多进食,它们就是西红柿和西瓜。乳制品也要进食,有助于精子数提高,但是你应该转向低脂肪含量的给类食品,包括低脂酸奶。Food to Avoid应避免的食物If you are trying to boost your sperm count, you will do well to avoid all alcohol consumption. However, consuming a glass or two per day won’t damage your sperm to the point where pregnancy cannot occur. You should also avoid all red meat – in any quantity, regardless of how lean the cut is. Just as you would in an effort to improve your health, you should avoid foods that are full of bad fats as well.如果你正试图增加精子的数量,你最好避免摄入任何含酒精的食物饮料。尽管一天喝一、二杯不会损坏太大,以致于不能怀。你也应尽量避免进食任何量的各种“红”肉,无论切片多么薄。正像你试图尽力改善你的健康,你应该避免进食任何含有;坏“脂肪的食物。Why Sperm Count May Be Low为什么精子含量会低Sperm count can be low for a wide range of reasons. Wearing tight underwear can cause your sperm count to go down. You could also have an infection that has an effect on your sperm count. If you ejaculate frequently – whether it is through sex or masturbation, your sperm count will be lower.精子含量会低,原因是多方面的。穿紧身内衣可能导致精子含量下降。自身感染也会对精子含量有影响。如果你射精太频繁,无论是通过性交或是手淫,精子含量也会降低。Certain drugs and other substances can also affect your sperm count. Check with your doctor about medications you are taking, and also avoid smoking and drinking too much. Also, steroid use and illegal drug use should be avoided.某些药物或不明物质也会影响精子数。让你的医生检查一下你正在使用的药物,也要避免过量吸烟和饮酒。此外,甾体激素类使用和违禁药物使用也应当避免。 /201307/247844山东省青岛德州打美白针需要多少钱青岛崂山区超声波去眼袋



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