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崂山区去痘坑多少钱青岛除肥胖纹多少钱How To Achieve Total Relaxation on HowcastEveryone suffers from stress, but stress can take a toll on our bodies and our minds. Take a minute to relax – stop and smell the roses.每个人都有压力,但是压力会影响到我们的身心和健康。花些时间来放松下——停下来,闻闻花香。Step 1: Meditate 静思Meditate. Find a quiet, relaxing place, sit with your back straight, close your eyes, and breathe deeply from your abdomen. Relax your muscles and relax your mind, focusing only on your breathing.Step 2: Get a massage 一下Get a relaxation massage. In contrast to a therapeutic massage, which is designed for pain or discomfort, a relaxation massage is intended strictly to relieve stress.Step 3: Practice yoga 练瑜伽Practice yoga. Enroll in a class or learn on your own. More than mere exercise, yoga intends to balance body, mind, and spirit through exercise, breathing, and meditation.Step 4: Consider acupuncture 尝试下针灸Consider acupuncture. Acupuncture has long been used to treat stress and tension headaches and has been known to be calming and relaxing as well.Step 5: Consider hypnosis 尝试下催眠Consider hypnotherapy. A hypnotherapist will induce a relaxed, meditative state and can introduce healing behaviors to alleviate stress in everyday life.Step 6: Try self-hypnosis 试试自我催眠Try self-hypnosis. Self-hypnosis helps you to relax your body and mind, causes stress hormones to dissipate, and distracts your mind from unpleasant thoughts. Many tools for self-hypnosis are available on the web.201110/156386日照妇女儿童医院预定电话 Keeping a promise offers many rewards. Highlight your impressive moral character by following through on a promise you made to yourself or to someone else.You Will NeedPen and paper Organization Commitment Step 1: Write down promises(写下自己的诺言)Write down promises you have made to yourself and to others on a piece of paper.Break down big promises into smaller steps.Step 2: Organize(安排好时间)Organize your schedule in order to keep promises.Step 3: Track your promises(追踪自己的诺言)Track the progress of your promises in a journal.Step 4: Look at consequences(预计一下可能会遇到的困难)Examine the consequences you will encounter if you break a promise.Step 5: Make a promise(承诺你自己可以做好的事)Make promises that you can keep.Step 6: Do not make excuses(不要给自己找借口)Do not make up excuses that will deter you from fulfilling your promises.Step 7: Recommit(重新许诺)Recommit yourself if you break a promise. Apologize to others if you let them down, and then get back on track.In 2008, there were 2,162,000 marriages in the ed States.201004/100361Use these tips to get rid of the basement smell without getting rid of your favorite clothes.根据以下简单建议,不需扔掉你最喜欢的衣,轻松去除衣上发霉的味道。You Will Need你需要Stiff-bristled brush硬毛刷子Washing machine洗衣机Lemon juice柠檬汁Salt盐Soft rag软布Dry cleaner (optional)干洗剂(可选)Oxygen bleach or chlorine bleach (optional)氧漂白粉或氯漂白粉Steps步骤Step 1 Brush fabric1.刷洗Brush the mildew spot with a stiff-bristled brush to remove spores.用硬毛刷用力刷洗霉菌污点,清除孢子。Brushing fabrics inside will sp spores around your house. Take your clothing outside when using a brush to remove visible mildew.在室内刷洗会导致孢子在房间内传播。使用刷子刷洗肉眼可见的霉菌时将衣拿到室外。Step 2 Wash in washing machine2.洗衣机洗涤Wash the clothing in a washing machine with hot water if possible. Be sure to follow manufacturers guidelines on the garment tag.用洗衣机洗涤衣物,如果可能的话,使用热水。确保按照衣物标签上生产厂家的说明。If your garment is designated dry-clean only, take it to the cleaners and let them know about the mildew.如果你的衣标明只能干洗,带到干洗店,告诉他们衣长了霉菌。Step 3 Hang dry3.悬挂晾干Air dry your clothing as the clothes dryer will only sp the mildew, if it is not completely gone yet.悬挂晾干衣物,如果霉菌还没有完全消除的话,使用衣烘干机只会导致霉菌传播。Step 4 Check for mildew4.检查霉菌Check your garment for remaining mildew or mildew smell. If it is clean, then you can wear it without following any more steps.检查衣是否还有霉菌残留或发霉的味道。如果已经清洁如新了,就可以不采取其他措施,像往常一样穿出去了。Step 5 Soak in lemon and rub with salt5.用柠檬汁浸泡,用盐揉搓If the mildew has not gone away, soak the garment or mildew spot in lemon juice. Pour salt over the moist area to form a paste and rub into the fabric with a soft rag.如果霉菌还没有被消灭,用柠檬汁浸泡衣物或霉菌污渍。向潮湿的部位倒一点盐,形成膏体,用软布向衣物上擦拭。Step 6 Wash clothing6.洗涤Wash the clothing in the washing machine again to remove salt and lemon.再次用洗衣机洗涤衣物,清除盐和柠檬。If the lemon and salt paste did not remove the mildew, wash it with an oxygen or chlorine bleach.如果柠檬和盐的混合膏体还没有清除霉菌,用氧漂白粉或氯漂白粉洗涤。Step 7 Dry clothing7.晾干Dry the clothing and repeat any of the cleaning processes to thoroughly remove any remaining mildew before wearing your garment.晾干衣物。重复以上任何一项洗涤程序,彻底清除任何残余的霉菌之后就可以穿这件衣了。Some of the first forms of soap were made from fat, water, and caustic ashes used by the ancient Romans.最初的一些肥皂是由古代罗马人用脂肪,水和苛性苏打灰制成的。视频听力栏目译文属。201304/236025青岛美白针真实经历

青岛市眼部眼袋眼泡重睑价格Apologising to a girl over a sensitive subject can be very difficult. Follow the advice in this to achieve a successful apology and avoid common mistakes that can upset the person you want to apologise to.就敏感的话题向一个女孩道歉是非常困难的。遵循视频中的建议,成功地道歉,不要原本想道歉却又犯了常见错误,让对方更加难过。And now, some tips on how to apologise to a girl. One of the most important things, if you are going to apologise to a girl,is to be absolutely sure that you want to apologise and that you know why youre apologizing. Its very important when apologising to a girl to be sincere, and to be clear and sure that youve understood what has happened and the need and the reason for apologising in the first place.现在为大家提供向女孩道歉方面的建议。最重要的是,如果你准备向一个女孩道歉,一定要确信自己确实想道歉,你知道自己为何要道歉。向女孩道歉的时候,一定要真诚,明确,表明自己理解所发生的一切,道歉的必要性和原因。It will be important when you do apologise that you empathize. In other words, that youre able to show that you can see the problem, the issue, the reason for the apology from the girls point of view. Let me say here that if you cant see why youre apologising, if you cant understand the need or the reason, its actually better not to apologise.道歉的时候,一定要强调自己为何道歉。换句话说,你要表明自己看到了问题所在,从女孩的角度理解道歉的原因。我要说的是,如果你不理解为何道歉,如果你不能理解道歉的必要性或原因,不道歉还更好。If youre insincere about it, it has no value, its a waste of time and a waste of energy, and that will be up to you to decide. Bear in mind that when you do apologise, avoid any extremes in what youre saying. For example, ;I always do this; or ;Everybody does that;.如果道歉不真诚就没有任何价值,纯粹是浪费时间和精力,这要由你自己来决定。要记住,道歉的时候,言辞不要极端。例如,不要说“我总是这样做”,或者“别人都是这样做的”。Thats generalizing, its not dealing with the issue at hand. Also, be very, very careful about using the word ;but;. If you apologize and follow it with the word ;but;, youre actually negating, youre cancelling everything you said before the ;but; so its meaningless.这样太笼统了,并没有针对具体的问题。同时,一定要小心,不要使用“但是”这个词。如果你道歉了,紧接着又说“但是”,你之前说的话全都白费了,没有任何意义了。Finally, after youve made the apology, you need to let go of the outcome. Whatever reaction, whatever response you get, it is what it is. You cannot control the other person.最后,道歉之后,不要太在意结果。无论对方是何反应,无论你得到什么回应,结果就是这样了,你无法控制对方。You do not know they are going to take what you say. And its very important that you just take what they say and let it go.你不知道他们是否会接受你的说法。接受他们所说的话,抛开顾虑,这非常重要。Thanks for watching How To Apologise To A Girl.感谢收看“怎样向女孩道歉”视频节目。201301/219175青岛眼袋怎么消除 What the French Open means to Li Na 2011 French Open champion Li Na tells CNN that winning the French Open changed her life.法网冠军,赛会6号种子李娜重返红土球场,开启恶战不断的法网之旅。中国金花欲两年后再夺苏珊·朗格伦杯的形势不容乐观。Li Nas dream came true when she became the first Asian player to win the Grand Slam Singles title. She told me how an instant stardom caught her off guard(星运在不经意间突然降临).Just right after French Open I was being in a restaurant, you know, you know that in China, they have a VIP room sort like a private room. Every time, the server was different people, because they want to see me. When I was out of the private room, they say, Oh! Li Na, shes at eating. And also, you know, I said of course, I have to eat.Fans have warmed to(对之有好感) Li Nas vibrate personality and one liners. She was recently named one of the most influential people in the world.I was really, really surprised when I saw they had put my picture in the front of the page. I was like, who was that. Like you know, the hair was everywhere, swirl in the forehead. I was like, uh, pretty cool.Li Na got very close to winning a second Grant Slam in January when she pushed Vitoria as a ranker as whether to decide and set in the Australia Open.The 31-year-old knows there is no time to waste as her career winds down.When you finish, when you retire, is there anything that you would like to do?Housewife.Housewife, yeah?Because my husband was give up everything just traveling with me, so I was feeling, after retire, I have to do something for him.But retirement will have to wait for now, Li Na is focusing on bringing home another Grand Slam title. /201305/242330青岛多年的妊娠纹能去掉吗

青岛整型美容医院How To Burn More Calories on the Tmill on HowcastStep 1: Warm upWarm up your body with a five-minute jog before stretching. Stretch your quads, calves, and hamstrings, and begin your workout.第一步:热身在开始锻炼前进行5分钟的慢跑来进行热身。舒展你的四头肌,腿肚子和腿筋,然后再开始健身。Step 2: Set on inclineSet the machine on a 1 percent incline. You will use more muscle groups on an incline, which will burn more calories.第二步:设定倾斜度将跑步机设置成百分之一的倾斜度。在有坡度的跑步机上你会多锻炼肌肉,从而燃烧掉更多的热量。Step 3: Walk without holding onWalk or run without holding the handrails. Swing your arms forward and back, holding them at a 90-degree angle.第三步:不扶握把手而行走走或跑步时不要扶着把手。前后晃动你的胳膊,使胳膊保持在90度的夹角。Tip:Keep your hands at hip level.小贴士:让双手位于臀部。Step 4: Maintain a neutral positionKeep your head in a neutral position as you stand tall. Land on the middle of each foot and then roll onto the balls of your feet.第四步:保持在中间位置当你站立时,让头处于中间位置。用脚掌中部着地,向脚大拇指方向用力。Step 5: Run in middleWalk or run in the middle of the tmill. Running too close to the sides can cause your arms to rise, which will cause stress on your shoulders and neck.第五步:在跑步机中间位置运动。在跑步机中间位置走或跑。离边侧太近你就必须高举胳膊,从而绷紧肩膀和脖子。Step 6: Shorten strideWork on your speed by shortening the strides when you run. Strive for 46 to 48 strides in 30 seconds.第六步:缩短步子当你跑步时要缩短步子。争取30秒内行走46至48步。Step 7: Add intervalsAdd speed intervals to your workout. Begin by walking or running at your normal pace for two to three minutes and then go at a faster pace for 30 to 60 seconds.第七步:调整节奏健身时要调整节奏。开始跑步或走路时用正常的速度运动2至3分钟,然后用更快的速度运动30到60秒。201011/117402 青岛市玻尿酸隆鼻多少钱青岛最好的口腔科



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