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2019年11月21日 13:27:44 | 作者:华报 | 来源:新华社
栏目简介:;Shanghai Live; focuses on big events in the city and major issues around the world, and presents them in a practical and audience-friendly manner to meet the ever-evolving needs of Shanghai#39;s English-speaking viewers,both local and expatriate.《直播上海英语电台》集中报道城市大事件以及全球热点话题,并以观众喜闻乐见的方式呈现给大家,从而满足上海本地以及上海海外人士的英语需求。 Article/201609/464448On the morning of the 12th June, 1381,an enormous army, at least 5,000,perhaps as many as 10,000 strong,1381年6月12日清晨 一庞大的军队 至少五千人 甚至可能多达一万人was camped here on the fields of Blackheath,right on the edge of London.驻扎在这里 伦敦城外的 布莱克海斯Below them, they could see the city old St Paul#39;s, the bridges伦敦城 就在他们眼下 圣约翰大教堂 crowded with shops and Westminster beyond,all seemingly at their mercy.挤满商店的桥和不远处的威斯敏斯特 似乎完全在他们掌握之中This was not a rabble. From the outset of the revolt,its targets had been selected carefully to make a point这不是一群乌合之众 从起义的最开始 他们就有明确的目标rich abbeys, estates belonging to tax collectors.富有的教堂 收税员的地产Any document bearing the seal of the Exchequer was marked out for destruction.有财政部印章的文件 都被销毁Manorial accounts were thrown on the fire.They knew what they were doing.庄园账目被焚毁 他们清楚自己在做什么Paradoxically, the rebels remained fervently loyal to the Crown.矛盾的是 起义者 仍旧宣称效忠于国王Though they had made themselves outlaws,they were fired by the certainty that their cause was just.尽管他们的举动实为背叛 师出有名 使得士气大振Surely it would be seen that they were not mobilised to threaten the king, but to rescue him,and through him, themselves.显然他们并非被人挑拨着 反对国王 而是试图拯救他 也借他之手拯救自己The discipline of the march, however,did not survive contact with the big city.起义军的军纪军规 到了大城市变得毫无约束力Prisons were broken open,churches looted, palaces put to the torch.监狱被打开 教堂被掠劫 宫殿被付之一炬Thirty-five Flemish merchants were decapitated on the same block, one after the other.35位佛兰德商人 一个接一个的 被斩首于同一条大街上 /201611/480213Americans are expected to spend .3 billion on Father#39;s Day this year, according to the National Retail Federation.据全国零售联盟称,今年父亲节美国人预计将花费143亿美元。Sonora Smart Dodd likely didn#39;t envision us spending that kind of money when she came up with the idea of celebrating Father#39;s Day more than a century ago.一个多世纪以前,当索娜拉·史玛特·杜德提出庆祝父亲节的想法时,可能没预想到我们会花费这么多钱。She apparently got the idea to celebrate a day for dads after hearing a Mother#39;s Day sermon in church in 1909.1909年,在教堂听完母亲节的布道后,她萌发出庆祝父亲的想法。Dodd#39;s mom died, leaving Dodd#39;s father to raise her and her five brothers. When she heard the sermon, she realized how much her dad did for all of his children, and she wanted to honor him.杜德的母亲过世的早,留下她的父亲抚养她和五个兄弟。当她听到布道时,她意识到她的父亲为自己的孩子们做了多少,她想尊敬他。So, she drummed up support from local churches, the YMCA and others in her hometown of Spokane, Washington, to celebrate dads in June — the month her dad was born. And in 1910, the state of Washington celebrated its first statewide Father#39;s Day.所以,她竭力争取当地教会基督教青年会和华盛顿斯波坎家乡的持,在六月庆祝父亲节,这是她父亲出生的月份。1910,华盛顿全州第一次庆祝父亲节。But some people reportedly opposed it, saying it was just a way to sell products.但据报道,一些人对此反对,说这只是一种销售产品的方式。It didn#39;t become an official U.S. holiday until 1972 under President Nixon, 58 years after Mother#39;s Day became an official holiday. Luckily, Dodd lived to see Father#39;s Day become official. She died in 1978 at 96.直到1972年在尼克松总统下父亲节才成为美国官方节日,继母亲节成为官方节日58年之后。幸运的是,杜德活着看到父亲节成为正式节日。她在1978年去世,享年96岁。Thanks to Dodd, we#39;re reminded to celebrate the special men in our lives. Happy Father#39;s Day!多亏杜德,提醒我们庆祝生活中这个特别的男人。父亲节快乐!译文属。 Article/201606/449885J.P. Morgan was born into the banking business.J·P·根生于世家His father was one of the first generation of trans-Atlantic bankers,and as a result he identified finance as the industry that was going to command all other industries.他父亲属于第一代跨大西洋家 耳濡目染 让他将金融业看成是统领所有其它行业的行业From the time he could count,J.P. is taught there is only one way to do business:the Morgan way.从会数数开始 J·P·根就被教导说 做生意只有一种方式 也就是根家的方式Investing other people#39;s money to make a fortune for yourself.投资别人的钱来为自己赚取财富I will return tonight.我今晚会回来See that these accounts balance by then.到时你要把这些账目做平了Morgan#39;s father had a controlling presence.根的父亲非常严厉Junius really didn#39;t sort of take his eye off Morgan for so many years.时刻盯紧根 一点都不放松很多年来都是如此It was very difficult for him to bear.这让他很难承受Go ahead. Open it.打开看看Now pick it up. Feel the weight.拿起来 感受一下重量You know what that is?知道这是什么吗That#39;s what it feels like to hold a million dollars.这就是握有一百万美元的感觉Now,learn to earn it yourself.下面 学着自己去挣J.P. Morgan#39;s strained relationship with his father continues.J·P·根同父亲的这种压迫感很强的关系一直持续着And by age forty, he#39;s looking to create an identity of his own.在四十岁那年 他希望建立一个完全的自我 Article/201605/443561

栏目简介:Some of the foreigners say they don#39;t fully understand how the policy works. Our reporter Wu Yina finds out. Article/201706/513494

新英语900句视频版 第40课:化名 文本如下:LESSON 1第1课[The door bell ring at Michael#39;#39;s apartment][米其尔公寓的门铃响了]MICHAEL: Hi, Pedro. How are you doing?彼卓,是你啊,有事吗?PEDR:Fine. I just wanted to stop by and say hello.你好,我是路过这儿,顺便来看看你。MICHAEL: Come on in. [Pedro comes in]进来吧。[彼卓进到屋里]How about some coffee?喝杯咖啡吧?PEDR:Sounds good.好的。MICHAEL: What#39;#39;s new? You look tired.怎么啦?你好像很累。PEDR:I#39;#39;m trying to find a present for Miguel. He#39;#39;s leaving at the end of next week.我想送给米盖尔一个礼物,他下个星期末就要走了。MICHAL: That#39;#39;s too bad.太糟了。PEDR:He thinks so, too.他也这么说。MICHAEL: What about Marta?那玛塔呢?PEDR:Who knows? I don#39;#39;t ask any questions. They act like teenagers in love. They cling to each other as if there were no tomorrow.谁知道!我什么也不问。他们简直像十几岁热恋的孩子,俩人依依不舍,好像过了今天就没有明天了。MICHAEL: You#39;#39;re cynical today.你又嘲笑她们。PEDR:Realistic. In a week, she won#39;#39;t remember his name.现实些,一个星期之后她就会忘掉他的名字。MICHAEL: Come on, Pedro.得啦,彼卓。PEDR:I#39;#39;ll make you a bet. How much? Five dollars?我敢跟你打赌,多少钱?5美元?MICHAEL: OK. A five-dollar bet. Shake. [They shake hands]好吧,就打5美元的赌吧,握手算数。[俩人握手。]LESSON 2第2课MICHAEL: YOU take your coffee black, right?你喝不加牛奶的咖啡对吧?PEDR:Right, thanks.对,谢谢。MICHAEL: I have a favor to ask.我想求你帮个忙。PEDR:What is it?帮什么忙?MICHAEL: I#39;#39;m entering an art competition, and I#39;#39;d like to use your name.我要参加一个绘画比赛,我想用你的名字。PEDR:What do you mean?为什么?MICHAEL: I don#39;#39;t want my father to know I#39;#39;m entering the competition.我不想让我父亲知道我参加这个比赛。PEDR:O.K., if you want it that way. You finish the painting, and I#39;#39;ll be happy to sign my name. I love to see an artist working.好吧,如果是这样,你来画画,我来签名。我倒很爱看你们这些艺术家工作。MICHAEL: Here#39;#39;s the brochure. They call the contest ;Young Artists#39;#39; Competition. ; [Pedro s the brochure. ]这是小册子,他们把这次比赛称作“青年艺术家绘画大赛”。[彼卓看小册子]PEDR:Money, Brazil, and Joana ! Did they design this contest especially:for you? Good luck. Are you submitting something new?金钱,巴西和乔安娜,这是他们特别为你设计的吗?你好福气,你不准备送几幅新作品吗?MICHAEL: yes.是新的。PEDR:May I see it?让我看看好吗?MICHAEL: There#39;#39;s nothing to see. I#39;#39;ve finished painting my canvas white, and now I#39;#39;m stuck, Maybe I need a break. Have you had dinner yet?没什么可看的,我刚把底布涂成白色,我现在有点累了,是不是该休息一会了?你吃饭了吗?PEDR:No.没有。MICHAEL: I haven#39;#39;t, either. Do you want to go downtown?我也没吃。你想不想进城?PEDR:I#39;#39;m broke.我一分钱也没有。MICHAL: OK. I#39;#39;ll call that place around the corner and have them deliver a pizza. How#39;s that?没关系。我打电话要个*角落的位置,再要些意大利馅饼。你看怎么样?PEDR:Fine.好吧。 /200809/47898

So lovely people, we#39;re gonna make homemade scones.亲爱的朋友们,我们今天教大家制作司康饼。I love doing this. I probably do it every single week. The kids love it. It#39;s really really really easy,我喜欢制作司康饼,我差不多每周都会做,孩子们非常喜欢吃,做起来也是非常非常简单,and I#39;m gonna be bigging up my beautiful bakeware range.下面我要隆重介绍一下我的烘烤器具,真的很漂亮。We#39;re gonna use 500 grams of self-raising flour, 150 grams of diced unsalted butter.下面倒入500克自发粉,150克切好的天然黄油。I will put a pinch of salt in, because I don#39;t want them to decide how much salt goes in. 之后放入一点盐,因为我不想用加了盐的黄油。I want to put my pinch in.我希望自己能控制。A couple of teaspoons of sugar in, just to kind of give it an edge of sweetness.加几勺糖,有那么一点甜味就可以了。I don#39;t want it to be sweet, just kind of take it off of savory okay.我不想让它太甜,让它出味即可。Then I#39;m gonna go in with two, sort of semi-heap like that, teaspoons of baking powder,之后加入两勺泡打粉,这么多就可以了。that#39;s gonna give it a nice little rise. Then what I wanna do is just rub this together.让它更加蓬松,之后将它们揉到一起。It doesn#39;t need to be perfect. If you#39;ve got a few blades of butter sort of in the mix, it#39;s all good.不需要揉搓地非常完美,如果几片黄油黏在一起了也没关系。It gives lift and rise to your beautiful scones, so bring that together.它会让你的司康饼更加饱满,更加蓬松,所以混在一起就好了。A little splash of milk and then I#39;ve got 150 grams of lovely dried fruit.之后放一些牛奶,放入150克水果干。Random, you know you get apricot, sour cranberries, cherries you name it, you can do it.水果可以随便放,比如说杏干、红莓干、樱桃干等等。I just put a little orange juice on top of it, 之后放一些橘子汁在上面,and leave it for about half an hour just to sort of slightly rehydrate those lovely fruits,让面醒半个小时,让水分浸入到水果干中,and then literally I#39;m gonna hug this together and try not to overwork it okay.之后将面裹成一团,不要裹得太死,So as soon as it comes roughly together like this, I#39;ll cover it,让它变成这样就可以了,之后盖上盖子,I#39;ll let it chill out in the fridge and then I#39;ll roll it out in about half an hour.将它放入冰箱半个小时。So we got some beautiful cutters here. All kinds of shapes and sizes,我们这里有一些各式各样的切割器,we got the fluted and the plain, a range of different sizes as well.有带凹槽的,有平的,各式各样的。I#39;m gonna just do a little mixture of all of them really, just a kind of get the fun going.这几种我都用一下,这样看起来比较有趣。So I#39;m gonna go straight on to a baking sheet.之后拿出我们的烤箱盘。I#39;m gonna just add all of these as long as they#39;re the same thickness. They#39;re gonna cook at the same time.只要厚度一样的都放上去,让它们一块进入烤箱。So we got our beautiful sour fruits scones there, you can put a little milk on top or a little butter.酸甜可口的水果司康饼准备完毕,放一些牛奶或是黄油在上面。I#39;m just gonna use a little extra virgin olive oil, not very classic,我将撒上一些特级初榨橄榄油,虽然不是传统做法,but I don#39;t mind. It#39;s perfect for the job.但没有关系,绝对好吃。Brush them on top, they#39;ll cook up an absolute treat.用小刷子在上面抹上橄榄油,绝对美味。In the oven 180 degrees Celsius which is 350 degrees Fahrenheit.将司康饼放入烤箱,温度设置在180度,350的华氏度数。Cook those for about 15 minutes until they#39;ve doubled in size,gone nice and golden,大约15分钟后出炉,司康饼会膨胀一倍,且将会变成金黄色。and then I will put them together with some simple classic clotted cream and jam.之后再配上经典的凝结奶油和果酱。So the lovely scones have had a cheeky little 15 minutes in the oven.好了,15分钟已经打到了。Le#39;s get them on a cake rack, so look these are rough and y and they are rustic将它们放在架子上,我就喜欢这种干干净净,and I love them this way okay, for me it#39;s all about the flavor and the texture right,原始的感觉,我觉得最重要的是它的味道和口感。crumbly, jam, clotted cream,gorgeous!这种碎碎的感觉,再加上果酱和凝结奶油,美味啊!If you work that dough harder, you will get a more perfect shape and cut out,如果面团揉得再硬一点的话,饼可能会更成型,but I don#39;t think they taste as good.但我不认为会比这个好吃。Clotted cream has to be one of the most ridiculous delicacies in the world.凝结奶油是世界上最好吃的美味之一。Some lovely jam, absolute simplicity at its best.再加上一些果酱,简单纯粹才是最好的。So what do you do? Clotted cream or jam first?你会选哪个? 先吃凝结奶油还是果酱?I go clotted creams but look, you can see how short this gorgeous scone is.我选择凝结奶油,但你看到没有,司康饼实在是太小了。Oh yeah. I love you. Absolutely gorgeous!嗯嗯美味,我爱你!So guys what are you waiting for? This weekend makes some scones go on! Go for it!朋友们,你们还在等什么? 这个周末就动手制作吧!If you want more information about my beautiful bakeware, click the eyeball up there如果你想了解更多关于烘烤的信息,请点击上面的小眼睛,and have a little look, there#39;s loads of great stuff.有许多精内容哦。And if you want the recipe just click the details below.如果你需要食谱,点击下面的详情查看。 Article/201707/516566

I loved singing, I loved belting on stage.我曾热爱唱歌,热爱在台上飙高音I used to put on shows for everyone.我曾替大家带来精的表演I#39;d dress up and I#39;d dance and I#39;d sing for them.我盛装打扮、载歌载舞I went into full-on lung failure.我的肺严重衰竭I was in a coma for around three and a half weeks, and after that I had to be on oxygen...我昏迷了三个半星期,醒来后只能靠呼吸器维生And so that#39;s when it changed.那天开始一切都变了。On 9/11 I was a first responder. I got there soon after the first two towers came down.我是911事件的急救员。我在两栋大楼倒塌后不久就赶到了现场。They say I#39;ve lost about a third of my lung function. I haven#39;t sung since 2001.医生说我丧失了三分之二的肺功能。从2001年开始就没再唱过歌了。My name is Gareth Malone, and I#39;ve made it my life#39;s work to get unlikely people singing. That#39;s what we#39;re doing here.我叫加雷斯·马龙,帮助有困难的人唱歌是我此生的志业。这就是我们聚集在这的目的。What#39;s your particular breathing difficulty?是什么造成你呼吸困难?I have cystic fibrosis. I ended up with COPD.我患有囊性纤维化。我得到慢性组塞性肺病。One side of my lung is collapsed. I actually had a vocal haemorrhage.我有一边的肺衰竭了。我的声带出血I have asthma, and I have an auto-immune condition.我有气喘,还有自体免疫疾病。Breathing for singing, it just needs a little bit of thought, and a little bit of warming up.要能够唱歌,需要的是一点想象力,还有一点热身。;Vhu vhu;. A little like a motorbike ;Rrr Rrr;;Vhu vhu;。有点像托车;Rrr Rrr;。OK you#39;re just speaking! That is talking!你只是在讲话!那是讲话不是唱歌!What you#39;re doing is you#39;re actually making life harder for yourself #39;cause you#39;re going,你这样做根本是为难自己,因为你是这样唱的Dah dah dah dah dah. Wasting loads of breath.哒哒哒,浪费了好多气。This is the bit when you#39;re going to be going at the end of it. Every move you make.这是会让你在结尾时上气不接下气的地方。你的一举一动。Yeah! That#39;s so much nicer! Just at the very end! I take a little breath before the ;you;.对!好多了!只有在最后的#39;你#39;之前我偷换了气。I think people are going to forgive you!我想听众不会跟你计较的!This morning, I was singing in the shower. Not stuff from this performance, but just singing.今早淋浴时,我唱着歌。不是唱这场表演的曲子,而是单纯的唱歌It just came to me, you know? It#39;s in tune! Yes!一切都是那么的自然,你懂吗?音是准的!太棒了!You probably want to know where we are performing this.你们应该都想知道我们会在哪表演吧。It#39;s known as the birthplace of dreams. It#39;s the Apollo Theater!这个地方被称作梦想的源头。阿波罗剧院!Every breath you take. Every move you make.你的每一次呼吸,你的一举一动。Every bond you break. Every step you take I#39;ll be watching you.你的每一次挣脱,你选择的每一步,我会一直看着你Every single day. Every word you say.每一天,你的一字一句。Every game you play. Every night you stay I#39;ll be watching you.你的每场游戏,你在的每一夜,我会一直看着你。Oh can#39;t you see You belong to me.噢你还不懂吗,你属于我。How my poor heart aches With every step you take每当你往前走,我被伤透的心就要再痛一次。Every breath you take. Every move you make.你的每一次呼吸,你的一举一动。Every bond you break. Every step you take.你的每一次挣脱,你选择的每一步。Every single day. Every word you say.每一天,你说的一字一句。Every game you play. Every night you stay. I#39;ll be watching you.你的每场游戏,你在的每一夜。我会一直看着你。When your body is so on the edge of dying or on the edge of pain it#39;s terrifying!当你的身体在死亡的边缘或是疼痛的极限时,真的很可怕。But it comes down to a moment when you have to really think:但总会有那么一刻让你认真思考:Is this life going to be one you#39;re going to be proud of, or not?这样的人生有令自己骄傲吗?还是充满遗憾? Article/201704/505714

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