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Help! Ive just had my breasts enlarged and I dont like the new size. British embassy -- sort out my boobs!求救!我刚隆完胸,但我不喜欢现在的大小英国大使馆---帮我解决一下隆胸的烦恼吧!Along with tips on jam-making and how best todisciplinenaughty boys, these are just a few of the bonkers requests being fired at British embassies around the world, the eign Office said Thursday.英国外交部本周四称,英国驻世界各国的大使馆频繁受到愚蠢求助的骚扰,包括求教怎样做果酱,怎样管教淘气的男孩等等The country 61 diplomatic missions across the globe are getting fed up of bizarre demands help from Brits abroad, some of whom seem to think the British embassy is an agency finding lost sunglasses and paying bills.英国驻世界各国的61个外交代表机构已经对海外英国人的怪异求助厌烦不已有些海外英国人似乎认为英国大使馆还负责帮忙找墨镜和付账单;If you have a serious problem abroad -- maybe youve been involved in an accident, have lost your passport or are a victim of crime -- we can help you,; said Juliet Maric, the British Consul in Alicante on the Spanish east coast.英国驻西班牙东海岸阿利坎特市领事馆的领事朱丽叶#86;马里奇说:“如果你在国外遇到了比较大的麻烦,比如遇到意外,弄丢了护照,或者成为犯罪受害者,那么我们会提供帮助”;But we cant tell you who is allowed to use your swimming pool, pay your taxi fares you -- or do anything about the exchange rate.“但我们没办法告诉你谁可以用你家的游泳池,给你掏打车钱,或者算汇率”;We regularly get enquiries from people who think were a one-stop-shop any problem they might encounter while abroad; this can be frustrating as we need to focus resources on the serious cases that were there to help with.;“有些人觉得我们提供一站式务,在国外遇到任何麻烦都可以找我们,我们经常接到这些人的询问这会干扰我们的工作,因为我们需要集中精力处理那些我们应该做的正经事”One lady, unhappy with the size of her newly-boosted breasts following surgery, asked if the embassy could help.曾有一位女士向大使馆求助,因为她对外科隆胸手术后胸部的大小不满A mother asked the Florida consulate to help her teenage son pack his suitcase and give him a lift to the airport as he was feeling unwell.一位母亲曾致电英国驻佛罗里达领事馆,想找人帮她十几岁的儿子收拾箱子,并把他送到机场当时她的儿子身体不适One person called in consular assistance to find out what ratio of fruit to sugar should be used when making jam.还有人向领事助理求助,询问在做果酱时,水果和糖什么比例放A holidaymaker in Italy asked the embassy where aparticularbrand of shoes could be bought.一位在意大利度假的英国人问大使馆在哪里可以买到某一种牌子的鞋Other requests have included asking embassy staff to pay a bill when acreditcard had ;maxed out; and a traveller asking ;Can you tell me how to make my naughty son behave?;其它怪问题还有,信用卡刷爆了,想让大使馆工作人员付账单,还有一位旅行者问道:“能告诉我怎样才能让我淘气的儿子规矩点儿?”;Our embassies are not there to provide weather reports or give advice on unruly children,; said consular affairs minister Chris Bryant.领事局局长克里斯#86;布莱恩特说:“我们的大使馆不是用来预报天气,或者告诉你怎样管教淘气的孩子的”;It important that British nationals understand what the eign Office can and cant do them.;“英国国民要弄清楚外交部能为他们做什么,不能为他们做什么,这一点很重要” 185888Woody Allen attorney insisted that Mia Farrow is to blame Dylan Farrow renewed accusations of the director sexually assaulting her, which were made in an open letter published on theNew York Times website over the weekend.伍迪·艾伦的律师坚称米娅·法罗应该为此次的性指控负责,上周末迪莲·法罗在《纽约时报上发公开信控诉艾伦性骚扰,并得到了养母米娅·法罗的声援;[Dylan] was a pawn in a huge fight between [Allen] and Mia Farrow years ago, and the idea that she was molested was implanted in her by her mother,; Elkin Abramowitz said in an exclusive interview on N Today. ;And that memory is never going to go away, so the fact that she says this now, that it happened years ago, is totally understandable.;“迪莲在艾伦和米娅多年来无尽的斗争中就像一个棋子,然后米娅把她被性骚扰的思想植入到女儿的思想中” 埃尔金·阿布拉莫维兹在接受N采访时说“而且这些记忆永远不会消失,事实上到现在她还在如此说,这发生在年前,是完全可以理解的”Abramowitz added that Allen reaction to Dylan letter is ;one of overwhelming sadness because of what has happened to Dylan.;阿布拉莫维兹补充了迪伦对控诉信的反应是“对于迪莲的指控他感到非常悲伤”Although a custody case determined that Allen behavior was ;grossly inappropriate,; denying his visitation rights to Dylan, and that there wasnt credible evidence Mia coached Dylan, a Connecticut police investigation determined that the molestation never took place and that Dylan was coached by her mother, which Abramowitz detailed in his interview.尽管监护案件认为艾伦的行为“严重不当”,拒绝了他对迪莲的探视权,而且也没有足够的据明米娅教唆迪莲但是来自康乃迪克州的警方调查显示性骚扰没有发生,而且迪莲确实是由母亲教育,这些阿布拉莫维兹在采访中有详细说明Abramowitz insisted that that outcome renders Dylan accusations moot.阿布拉莫维兹坚称迪莲对艾伦的指控毫无意义;He was determined not to have molested his daughter years ago,; Abramowitz said. ;The case is over. There is no case.;“年前他没有骚扰养女,” 阿布拉莫维兹说“这个案子结束了,没有所谓的案子” 753

As you may recall, or even Rekall, the troubled hero of the original Total Recall, played by Arnold Schwarzenegger, goes to a brain-bending establishment called Rekall Inc. to buy a virtual vacation, one that all in the mind. Now it Colin Farrell who goes to the same company, where he told, in the same spirit of dangerously genial salesmanship: Well provide you with a complete set of memories all your own. those of us who saw the original, the problem with watching this totally dehumanized remake, which was directed by Len Wiseman, is that we, too, have a set of memories all our own: specific memories of the 1990 movie - which was clever and playful, as well as exciting and hugely impactful - and general memories of a time when going to see an action adventure could be giddy fun. 也许你还记得,在老版的《全面回忆(Total Recall)中,阿诺#86;施瓦辛格(Arnold Schwarzenegger)饰演的身陷困境的男主角来到一家名为“Rekall”的公司,购买一次全程都在大脑中展开的虚拟旅行如今在由伦#86;维斯曼(Len Wiseman)执导的新版影片中,来到这家公司的变成了柯林#86;法瑞尔(Colin Farrell),同样也得到了亲切到危险程度的推销:“我们将为你提供一整套你自己的完整记忆”对于看过老版的观众而言,观看这部毫无生气的翻拍片的问题在于,我们也拥有一套自己的记忆:我们对上世纪90年代那部老版影片的特定记忆,它新颍独到、好玩有趣、令人激动且极具冲击力,还有对那个时代的整体记忆,当时去看一部动作冒险片也是一件让人心驰神迷的趣事 The first question posed by the new production is why. The original, directed by Paul Verhoeven, was a sci-fi classic, and a terrific piece of filmmaking its time, so why try to top it? That easy. Remakes arent supposed to top originals, or even to match them. Theyre meant to draw new revenues from new audiences; most of the people wholl pay to see this film werent born when the first one came out, or if they were they didnt know Arnold from Elmo. Another question is harder, but maybe more instructive to answer: What does this film say about the state of the movie business? 这部新影片引发的第一个问题是为什么要翻拍老版《全面回忆由保罗#86;范霍文(Paul Verhoeven)执导,是一部经典科幻片,在当时算得上是一部制作非常精良的电影,那么为什么还要翻拍它呢?这个问题很简单翻拍片不一定要超过老版,甚至也不一定要跟老版旗鼓相当它们的目的是吸引新的观影人群,从而产生新的票房收入;大多数会花钱去看这部新片的人在老版上映时都还没有出生就算已经出生,他们当时看的也还是儿童电视节目“芝麻街”中的埃尔莫(Elmo),根本不知道施瓦辛格另一个问题则更难回答,但是或许更有启发意义:这部影片体现出电影业的哪些现状? The basic plot has been retained. (So has the hooker who flashes her three breasts, in case you were wondering.) After something goes horribly wrong during the memory-implant session, the hero, Douglas Quaid, finds himself caught up in an epic battle he doesnt understand at first, and struggles to figure out who he really is. Unlike the original, which was set in the future both on Earth and on a Mars that either real or a dream, the new one takes place entirely on an Earth that staggering under the load of overpopulation and really bad weather - Blade Runner meets Malthus. The main locales are the ed Federation of Britain, where the upper classes live, and the dystopian precincts of the Colony, which could have passed in our time Australia. The two regions are connected by a giant elevator that makes the trip - through the center of the Earth - in minutes, if Im not mistaken; if I am, it still a big whoosh. 影片的基本情节都得到了保留(不用猜了,老版中那个有三个乳房的角色也保留了下来)在记忆移植环节出现一些极其严重的差错之后,男主角道格拉斯#86;奎德(Douglas Quaid)发现他被卷入了一场他起初并不明白的宏大战斗中,并竭力想弄清楚自己到底是谁老版把背景设在了未来世界,在亦真亦幻的地球和火星上,新版则与此不同,故事全部在地球上展开,这时的地球在人口过剩的重压和极其恶劣的气候条件下不堪重负,这倒是像《银翼杀手(Blade Runner)与马尔萨斯(Malthus)的论点结合在了一起(译者注:前者涉及了科技在未来对环境和社会的影响,后者则以人口论而知名)故事的主要发生地为上等阶层居住生活的大英联盟(ed Federation of Britain)和与此形成反衬的殖民区,在我们的时代可能被认为是澳大利亚这两个地方由一部穿过地球中心的巨型电梯连接,如果我没搞错的话,从一地到另一地的行程只要分钟;即使我搞错了,那也仍然是一段速度飞快的行程 To give the new version its due, the visuals are great, especially if youre partial to oppressiveness: a Londonesque megalopolis thrust skyward in a jumble of shifting platms and seemingly infinite tiers; a spectacular - though also interminable - hover-car chase; multilevel leaps, preposterous crash landings, soulless interior spaces that make Hong Kong malls seem warm and cozy by comparison. (The production was designed by Patrick Tatopoulos, and photographed by Paul Cameron.) 新版也有其可取之处,它的视觉效果非常棒,特别是如果你偏好看上去十分沉重压抑的场景的话:一个伦敦风格的大都市耸入天际,由无数的移动平台和似乎无穷无尽的层级组成;壮观的飞行汽车追逐场面(不过也十分冗长);片中还有一些多级跳跃和违反常理的迫降场景,了无生气的室内空间画面使得香港的购物中心相形之下也显得温馨舒适(该片艺术指导为帕特里克#86;塔托普罗斯(Patrick Tatopoulos),摄影师为保罗#86;卡梅伦(Paul Cameron)) Yet it often hard to tell where the story is playing out - with one whoosh were down in the Colony, with another were up in ex-Britain, though all of the corridors and tunnels look the same. After a while it doesnt matter, since the action is as repetitive as it is relentless, a succession of fights and frantic chases accompanied by those drums that have come to define the genre - pacemakers heartless thrillers. 尽管如此,我们常常还是难以分辨故事到底在哪里发生电影中的角色嗖地一下就到了殖民区,嗖地一下又来到了大英联盟,但所有的走廊和隧道看上去都一样再过一会儿,场景问题就无关紧要了,因为全是重复不断的动作场面,接连不断的打斗、疯狂的追逐,伴着已成为这种标准的冷血惊险片特色的鼓点 It equally hard to evince any concern the hero. If Im not me then who the hell am I? he asks anxiously, but his dilemma doesnt much matter, since he no more a full-fleshed character than the hordes of robocops chasing after him. That no knock on Mr. Farrell, who a marvelous screen presence in the right circumstances - as the hapless hit man of In Bruges, example - and who invests these action sequences with midable energy. He simply stuck within the confines of a mechanistic script, along with Kate Beckinsale, as Quaid wife, and Jessica Biel as the other woman in his wild adventures; both of them work hard their salary too. 此外,我们也同样难以对主角产生任何关心他在影片中焦急地问道:“如果我不是我,那我到底是谁?”但他的困惑无关紧要,因为他不再是一个血肉丰满的角色,与那群追杀他的机器战警无甚差别这并非挑剔法瑞尔的表现,遇到合适的剧本,他的表现总是令人赞叹,比如他在《杀手没有假期(In Bruges)中饰演的那个运气不佳的杀手,他在这一系列动作场景中也投入了巨大精力他只是被一个机械的剧本所困,同样有此遭遇的还有在片中饰演他妻子的凯特#86;贝金赛尔(Kate Beckinsale)以及与他共同经历狂野冒险的另一名女子的饰演者杰西卡#86;贝尔(Jessica Biel) The original Total Recall was built from bottom to top as a vehicle certified stars. Mr. Schwarzenegger filled the bill, and then some; so did Sharon Stone, in the role of the wife. Audiences cared about them going in, and the movie capitalized on their presence with sexy riffs, smart jokes (including some crude but shrewd ones about Arnold physique), a few whiffs of silliness, a sprinkling of grace notes to punctuate the thundering action. The remake has no grace notes, or grace, no nuance, no humanity, no character quirks, no surprises in the dialogue and no humor, apart from one moment when the hero displays a very special kind of phone and an awestruck kid says Where do I get one of those? 老版《全面回忆彻头彻尾被打造成了一部大牌明星云集的影片施瓦辛格的表演出类拔萃,甚至尤有过之,在影片中饰演其妻子的莎朗#86;斯通(Sharon Stone)也是如此这两人的出演吸引观众走进了影院,而影片也在这两位明星身上做足了文章,声势浩大的动作场面之间还点缀着性感的场面、机智的玩笑(包括一些有关施瓦辛格身材的粗俗但机敏的玩笑)、一些冒傻气的逗乐桥段以及不时出现的优美配乐翻拍的新版没有优美配乐,没有优雅可言,没有细腻的表演,没有关于人性的东西,片中人物没有令人会心一笑的台词,对话也毫无惊喜或幽默之处其中只有一个场景例外,当男主角拿出一部非常特别的电话时,一个惊叹不已的小孩问道:“在哪儿能买到这样的?” Yet these deficits dont matter either, at least not to the movie intended audience, because - getting back to that earlier question - the state of the movie business has been transmed by globalization. eign sales are now where the main action is. We may wonder why so many studio movies these days seem to have been struck from the same crude mold, but in many cases, including this one, they werent made us as much as an international market where moviegoers respond more reliably to action, and the bedazzlements of production design, than to character or dialogue, let alone to humor, which translates chancily, if at all, into other languages. In that context, the new Total Recall is not only instructive, but possessed of a perverse purity. Almost everything but the action has been distilled out. 不过上述种种不足之处同样无关紧要,至少对于其目标观众来说不重要其中的原因又回到了前文谈到的那个问题,电影业的现状已经在全球化的影响下发生变化如今,影片在海外的销售成为了重心我们或许会奇怪,为什么当今有这么多影片似乎都是依照同一个模子制作出来的,但有很多影片并非为我们制作的,而是更多地针对国际市场,这部影片也是如此比起角色塑造和对话,动作场面和让人眼花缭乱的视觉设计是更笃定能吸引海外观众的因素,幽默就更别提了翻译成别的语言后,幽默效果就算尚有留存也会大打折扣在这种背景下,新版《全面回忆不仅具有启发意义,而且具备一种反常的纯粹性除了动作场面之外,几乎所有东西都被提炼出去了 196185

Christine Fan, a singer from Taiwan, apologized and deleted an online post showing her baby twins crawling that she sent on Thursday, trying to end a verbal assault by some netizens who said it was inappropriate to show scenes from her personal life on a day marking victory in the Chinese People War of Resistance against Japanese Aggression (1937-5).台湾歌手范玮琪道歉并删除了其周四晒出的双胞胎儿子爬行的照片,以结束一些网友指责她在抗日战争胜利日当天晒个人生活的做法不当的言语攻击The debate-centered on the question of whether celebrities are indifferent to important national events-went on during the weekend. Seemingly more people said netizens should respect others freedom to express themselves online.这次的争论是以名人是否对重要国家事件漠不关心为根本在周末展开的,目前看起来更多的人表示网民应该尊重其他人在网络上的自由言论Criticism flooded in minutes after Fan sent it. Some netizens questioned why she was flaunting family life while turning a deaf ear to the nationwide excitement over the victory parade.在范玮琪上传几分钟之后,批评者就大量涌出,其中许多人质疑为什么她炫耀家庭生活而对全国范围的胜利阅兵不闻不问Fan, 39, often posts family snapshots on Sina Weibo, where she has more than 7.7 million followers.范玮琪,39岁,经常在她的新浪微上传家庭的照片,她在该微拥有770万的粉丝Fan tweeted on Friday night that she was sorry the photo had made so many people unhappy.范玮琪在周五晚上发布声明称她对自己传照片让很多人不开心的事情深感歉意That statement, and the original post that triggered the controversy, were both deleted later.而那条状态和之前上传的引发争论的照片在稍后都被删除掉了;I feel there is no need Fan Weiqi to apologize, as it her freedom to share photos of her children online whenever she wants,; said Xia Yuting, 31, an executive at a State-run company in Beijing, who also has a baby.在北京国营公司行政部门工作并且也有一个宝宝的31岁主管夏雨婷称:“我觉得范玮琪没有必要道歉,不论什么时候她上传她孩子的照片都是她的自由”Dong Guanpeng, dean of the Academy of Media and Public Affairs at Communication University of China, said: ;Cyberbullying is not new in China. Some netizens tend to think the worst of people and start personal attacks on someone without giving the victim a chance to explain.;中国传媒大学媒介与公共事务研究院院长董关鹏称:“网黑在中国已经不是新鲜事了.一些网民倾向于把人想到最坏的一面之后给予他们人身攻击并且不给受害者解释的机会” 397888

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