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Beat a retreat from a boring party guest – without offending them – with one of these escape plans.根据下面的逃跑计划,在不冒犯对方的情况下,成功地从令人讨厌的派对宾客身边撤退。Step 1: Feign a need1.编造一个借口Assuming you don’t aly have a full cocktail or plate of food in your hand, excuse yourself to get a drink or visit the buffet. Or, you can always say you need to use the bathroom.假装杯子里的酒不满,餐盘里的食物不够,找个借口离开,去取一杯酒或者去取自助餐。或者可以说要上洗手间。Step 2: Flatter them2.多讲好话Tell them you’ve really enjoyed chatting with them, but you don’t want to monopolize them.跟他们说你很愿意跟他们聊天,但是你不想一直占用他们的时间。Step 3: Throw someone under the bus3.找个替罪羊Grab the next person who happens by, drag them into the conversation, and make your getaway.拉住一个刚好经过的人,让他加入对话,你趁机溜走。Tip: Make this enjoyable for yourself by choosing someone you dislike intensely.小贴士:选一个你看不惯的人吧,等着看好戏。Step 4: Spot someone you must speak with4.找一个你必须交谈的人Use the old, “Oh, there’s so-and-so, and I haven’t seen them in ages!”惯用手法,“噢,那不是谁吗,我好几年没见着他了!”Step 5: Set up a code5.设定一个暗号If you’re at the party with a friend or your partner, use a pre-established “rescue me” signal.如果你是和朋友或者搭档在聚会的话,事先设定一个暗号,别人可以根据暗号及时救援。Step 6: Be honest6.坦诚Just be honest. Kind of. Tell the person it’s been great talking to them – now here comes the honest part – but you really want to mingle. No one can fault you for that.实话实说吧。类似这样子。告诉那个人你非常高兴同他交谈——实话的部分来了——但你必须及时抽身。没有人会因为这个怪罪你。Thirty-four percent of Americans are uncomfortable when introducing themselves to strangers at a party, according to one survey.一项调查表示,34%的美国人都不太喜欢在聚会上与陌生人交谈。视频听力译文由。201410/336199I was just guessing at numbers and figures我只是在推敲数字和图形Pulling the puzzles apart把拼图给打散Questions of science, science and progress科学的问题、科学与发展Dont speak as loud as my heart别说得和我的内心一样大声Nobody said it was easy没人说这很容易Its such a shame for us to part多么惭愧我们必须分离Nobody said it was easy没人说这很容易201410/333873

In such a crowded land, a tradition of eating everything with very little waste could be seen as commendable thrift.在这样拥挤的地方,用很少的消耗遍吃百物的传统,可能被看做值得称赞的节俭。The problem is that there are so many people eating wild food in south China, that the illegal supply chain stretches well beyond its borders, contributing to the disappearance of wildlife not only within China, but from other countries, too.问题是中国南方有这么多人在食用野生动物,非法食物供应链一直延伸并超越了国界,使得野生动物消失,不仅在中国境内,而且也包括其他国家。A visit to a traditional Chinese medicine shop reveals another aspect of the use of animals and plants. Dr. So has been practising for over 20 years. The most important part of his diagnosis is the pulse, examined in several places. Dr. So also observes the colour of the tongue and eyes, and asks questions about the patients taste, smell and even dreams.拜访一家中药店会发现动植物另一方面的作用。宋医生行医20多年了。他最重要的诊断方法是在不同部位号脉。宋医生也观察舌头和眼睛的颜色,并询问病人的味觉嗅觉甚至是梦。 重点讲解:1. see as认为;把…看作;eg. Others saw it as a betrayal.别人认为这是一种背叛。eg. The status quo is seen as untenable.维持其现状的观点看来是站不住脚的。2. contribute to促成;促使;是导致…的原因之一;eg. The report says design faults in both the vessels contributed to the tragedy.报告说两艘船存在的设计缺陷也促成了这场悲剧的发生。eg. A poor business plan and weak sales contribute to the closure of the company.差劲的经营规划与业绩不佳导致那家公司倒闭。 /201409/326430

Football Flares: Young Fans Are Used As MulesPremier League officials made the claim as a new campaign is launched warning fans of the dangers posed by setting off flares and smokebombs inside grounds. It is an illegal continental football craze that has been catching on at English grounds all too quickly. Andthe authorities have had enough. This incident happened at Aston Villa’s home game against Tottenham at theend of October. An assistant referee struck on the neck by a flare. Those who use pyrotechnics at matchesoften describe them as harmless fun. No so, says one mother whose 8-year-old son was hit and burnt by a smokebomb before last season’s Merseyside derby at Anfield.My husband took him to be treated by St. John’s ambulance and brought him to his seat, but he was too shaken to stay, he left before the game started.The use of flares at games is commonplace in Europe, and it’s a growing trend in English football. In 2010-2011, there were 8 incidents in the hall of the top 4 divisions, the football conference and the domestic cup competitions. The following year, it rose to 72, last year it jumped farther to 172. And last season there were 71 arrests for possession of flares, a rise of 154%.Fans were getting a bit fed up of it, fans were saying look, we thought this was a laugh first, but you know,it isn’t, we’re worried about it, we don’t want them near us, we certainly don’t wanna bring our kids to matches, and that’s a big concern, and people understand they don’t wanna bring their children to a match, they think there’s gonna be flares or smoke bombs going off near them, people are really affected by the smoke, people often just can’t see the game. And that gets really irritating for people.Researchers found that children as young as 8 have been caught smuggling flares on behalf of adults.Well, this new campaign has the backing of the premier league, the football league and the football association, and its message could not be any more simple—by all means, come and support your team, but if you even try to get any kind of pyrotechnic into a ground, you will be arrested.Some clubs are aly using specially trained dogs to catch the culprits before they get inside the ground,like here at Manchester ed’s recent clash against arsenal. A trainer posing as a fan is picked out for an extra search because the dog has detected the scent of the firework.Andy Brady, Sky News. /201312/268079视频出处:本影片片段来自《非洲》He greets his young for the very first time.他第一次跟他的孩子们打了招呼The coolness of the Benguela Current brought the penguins here凉爽的本格拉洋流将企鹅带到了这里but that very coolness is a great disadvantage,但那凉气其实很不利because it generates little rain.因为它会产生很少的雨It can, however, produce moisture in a different form.然而 水分将以另一种形成呈现A thick blanket of fog rolls in from the sea一团厚实的云雾从海面飘来and condenses on this thirsty land.在这片干渴的土地上凝结成水And each year,因此每年the desert bursts into life with a dazzling display.这片沙漠都会绽放出五绚丽的花朵Water is so scarce that this show will not last long,极其稀少的水源使绽放期无法持续很久so plants compete to attract their pollinators with colour.因此花朵需要用艳丽的色吸引授粉的昆虫201404/286701The average American family spends several hundred dollars on clothes and supplies at the start of the new school year. Whittle down that bill with these tips.在新学年开始的时候,普通美国家庭要花费几百美元来购买衣和日用品。通过以下建议,尽量减少花费。You Will Need你需要Tax-free shopping days免税购物日Parents who swap乐意交换的父母Refurbished products翻新产品Bulk buying批量购买Price matching对比价格Steps步骤Step 1 Save on taxes1.节省税收Wait until your states tax-free days to shop. Many states have them in August so parents can save on back-to-school clothing and supplies.等到你所在州的免税日来购物。许多州都在8月设立免税日,这样父母在购买重返学校的衣物和日用品方面可以省钱。Find tax-free shopping dates at ;taxadmin.org;:http://taxadmin.org/.可以登录网站查看免税购物日期。Step 2 Swap for stuff2.交换物品Get together with other parents to swap school supplies. Or look for websites that specialize in parents looking to make trades, like ;swapmamas.com;:http://www.swapmamas.com/.和其他父母聚在一起交换学校用品。或者登录专门供父母进行交易的网站。Step 3 Consider refurbished items3.考虑翻新过的产品Consider buying refurbished products for pricey items if you want to score back-to-school bargains. Many refurbished items arent even used; theyre so-called ;open box; articles that consumers simply removed from the package before deciding to return them.如果想要买到比较便宜的东西,对于价钱昂贵的物品,可以考虑购买翻新过的。许多翻新过的物品甚至没有使用过,消费者刚刚打开包装就想退货。Step 4 Buy in bulk4.批量购买Contact your childs school about participating in retailer programs that organize all supplies for the school year in a single box that parents can order. Because the items are bought in bulk, the savings can be up to 50 percent of the cost of purchasing the supplies on your own.联系孩子所在学校,参加零售项目,这种项目组织所有供应商在新学年开始的时候把所有用品装在一个盒子里,家长可以订购。因为这些物品是批量购买的,费用可以节约高达50%。If your school doesnt offer a retailer program, band together with other parents to buy supplies in bulk.如果学校没有提供零售项目,可以和其他父母联合起来批量购买。Step 5 Ensure the lowest prices5.确保价格最低Check prices online and via circulars at several stores and then buy everything you need at a store that matches their competitors lowest prices. Besides saving money, youll save the time youd otherwise spend running around town for back-to-school bargains -- and who can put a price on that?在网上查看价格,或者对比几家不同商店的价目表,然后在相对价格最低的商店购买所有物品。除了省钱外,还可以节省在不同的商店之间转来转去的时间。谁又会为你的时间付金钱呢?Back-to-school spending is the second biggest buying spree of the year in the U.S., after winter holiday shopping.返校出是美国全年第二大消费狂欢节,仅次于冬季假期购物。视频听力节目由。201309/256003

How do I decide my wedding gowns color?怎样确定我的新娘礼的颜色呢?Its very important when youre looking at the color of wedding gowns to have somebody expert to explain the possibilities to you. A pure white gown typically looks better on a bride who has olive skin and dark hair. For most Caucasian skin, a pure white gown washes us out too much. Therefore, ivory is a much better choice of color. Ivory is typically just one shade off white. Unless you put it directly next to something white, it just looks like white to most people. There are other color options in bridal gowns, and you may find that youd prefer to have a little bit of something perhaps more unusual, or you have a set color in your wedding plans that this gown would complement very well. Many of the new gowns have been coming in with color accents of cafe, blue, pink and many other colors. It is possible to find whole gowns made in cafe, pearl and various other shades just off white.当你考虑新娘礼颜色的时候,让专业人士向你解释一下各种可能性,这非常重要。如果新娘的皮肤是橄榄色,头发是黑色,纯白色的新娘礼效果更好。对于大部分白种人来说,纯白色礼让我们看上去白得太过分了。因此,象牙色是更好的选择。象牙色仅仅比白色多了一层阴影。除非放在纯白色旁边,对于大部分人来说,象牙色就是白色。新娘礼还有其他颜色选择,你或许发现自己喜欢有点不同寻常的颜色,或者你的婚礼已经策划好了某个颜色体系,你的礼颜色能与整个颜色体系相辅相成。许多新出的礼添加了咖啡色,蓝色,粉红色和其他颜色点缀。也有可能找到整个白色礼都添加咖啡色,珍珠色和其他颜色阴影的礼。Thanks for watching How To Decide Your Wedding Gowns Color.感谢收看“如何选择新娘礼”视频节目。视频听力节目由。201308/252693Ive got it with me now. Its very light to hold, and its less like a wine cup and more like a small serving bowl-a bowl that would hold the equivalent of a very large glass of wine. Its a shallow oval about seven inches (18 cm) long, so roughly the size and shape of a large mango. And on each of the long sides theres a gilded handle, and its these handles that give the cup its name-its known as an ear cup. The core of the cup is wood, and through some of the damage you can just see that wood, but of course most of its covered in layer after layer of reddish-brown lacquer.我现在手里就拿着它,漆杯质地很轻,外形更像一个小碗,而容量相当于一个大葡萄酒杯。这是一个椭圆形的浅碗,直径约18厘米,形状与尺寸都像个大芒果。较长的两边各有一个镀金把手,酒杯因此被命名为耳杯。它整体为木制,我们能从一些破损处看到里面的木胎。大部分碗体由红棕色的漆层覆盖。The inside is plain but the outside has been decorated with gold and bronze inlay-pairs of birds face each other, each sporting exaggerated claws against a background of geometric shapes and decorative spirals. The whole effect is of a costly highly wrought object-elegant, stylish, confident. Everything about it speaks of assured taste and controlled opulence. Roel Sterckx, Professor of Chinese History at Cambridge, knows exactly how much effort would go into making one of these drinking cups:内壁没有任何装饰,外壁则镶嵌黄金与青铜,并绘有数对相向而立的鸟,挥舞着它们大得夸张的鸟爪,而背景是一些几何图案及螺旋纹饰。漆杯价值高昂,工艺繁复,流露出优雅、时髦与自信。每一个细节都表现出对品位的笃定,又不显得过分奢华。制作这样的漆杯到底需要多少人力物力,剑桥大学中国史教授胡司德颇为了解:;Lacquerware takes an enormous amount of time to make. Its a very labour-intensive and a very tedious process, because theres the extraction of the sap of the lacquer tree, followed by all sorts of procedures, mixing with all sorts of pigments, letting it cure, applying successive layers on to a wooden core, to finally produce a beautiful piece. And it would have involved several sets of artisans.;漆器制作极为费时,且需要消耗大量人力,过程又十分枯燥。首先从漆树上割取汁液,然后与色素混合,晾干,再一层层涂抹在木胎上,最后才能得到美丽的成品。这需要多种手工艺人的配合。201411/343636

This vast area of southwest China, the size of France and Spain combined, is famous for its clusters of conical hills, like giant upturned egg cartons, separated by dry empty valleys.相当于法国和西班牙国土加起来那么大的中国西南的广阔土地,因为宛如燥中空的谷地隔离开来的巨大蛋盒般连绵的锥形山脉而闻名于世。This is the karst, a limestone terrain which has become the defining image of southern China.这就是喀斯特地貌,石灰石地貌俨然成为南部中国的标志性特征。Karst landscapes are often studded with rocky outcrops, forcing local farmers to cultivate tiny fields.喀斯特地貌通常以突起的裸岩状态分布。这迫使当地农民只得在破碎的小块土地上耕作。The people who live here are among the poorest in China. In neighbouring Yunnan Province, limestone rocks have taken over entirely.当地人是中国最贫穷的居民之一。在毗邻的云南省,遍布着石灰石。 /201406/305352动物行为并不复杂,但却是复合的。尼古拉斯·佩罗尼研究动物个体如何—不论是苏格兰梗犬,蝙蝠,还是猫鼬—遵循简单的规则,而共同产生出更大的行为模式。以及这种由简单性导致的复合性如何帮助它们在新情况出现时能够适应。201407/313141Learn the three most common reasons men cite for having an affair from couples counselor Victoria Wilson, Ph.D. in this Howcast .观看Howcast这段视频,跟随夫妻关系顾问Victoria Wilson士了解大部分男人自述的发生婚外情的原因。There are three main reasons which men cite for having an affair. Number one, is sexual novelty, sexual variety or sexual fetish which they cannot disclose to their primary partner.根据男人们所说,他们发生婚外情主要有三个原因。第一,他们向最初的伴侣难以启齿的性新奇,性多样化或性怪癖。Number two, feeling that their partner had let themselves go and therefore, theyre feeling loss of sexual interest.第二,觉得他们的伴侣可以让他们随心所欲,从而失去了兴趣。And number three, feeling unappreciated at home or feeling that theyre nagged or annoyed by their partner consistently.第三,在家里得不到赞赏,经常被伴侣压制或激怒。So those are the three main reasons. Two of which deal primarily with a sexual interest and the third one deals with the emotional reason for the affair. For instance, many men feel unappreciated or ignored after their wife has a baby and pays all of the attention to the baby and ignores the husband. Or the husband may feel that the wife never has time for sex or interest in sex and instead spends all her time on her girlfriends or on her children. The husband may feel that he has an interest in exploring a particular sexual fetish and that he would insult the wife by bringing it up in a relationship. So he feels more comfortable going to a dominatrix or seeking out an escort than approaching his wife about the particular fetish hed like to explore.以上就是三个主要原因。其中两点与性兴趣有关,第三点与情绪有关。例如,许多男性在妻子生产后觉得自己被忽略,妻子把所有注意力都放在孩子身上,而忽略了丈夫。或者丈夫可能觉得妻子没有时间进行性生活,没有兴趣进行性生活,所有时间都花费在闺蜜或孩子身上。这时丈夫就会有兴趣探索特别的性怪癖,通过发展婚外情来侮辱自己的妻子。因此,他通过找一个母夜叉或者女伴,而不是通过自己的妻子来实现自己的性怪癖。视频听力译文由。201406/306947

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