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【中文这样说】我回到家的时候门是关着的。【英文对比翻译】Chinese Style The door was shut when I returned home.American Style The door was closed when I returned home. /200604/6380即学即用英语会话词典C部分:有关年龄身高体重 即学即用英语会话词典文本下载即学即用英语会话词典这部词典着眼日常生活、学习、工作等语言环境,囊括了当今美国最最简洁、最地道的日常口语表达方式。本词典获得2002年全国优秀畅销书奖 /200706/15067【注意:如果视频不清晰,有白色模糊部分,刷新页面重新播放即可】 /200703/11570My view is that museums should take a leaf out of the book of religions.我觉得艺术馆应该向宗教学习And they should make sure that when you walk into a museum -- if I was a museum curator,艺术馆应该确保,当游客走进馆内时候--如果我是馆长I would make a room for love, a room for generosity.我会专门为爱,为慷慨而准备特定的展览All works of art are talking to us about things.所有的艺术品都有相同的主题And if we were able to arrange spaces where we could come across works如果有更多的空间,我们可以更深刻地了解艺术品where we would be told, use these works of art to cement these ideas in your mind, we would get a lot more out of art.用这些艺术来让美好的品德在脑海中变得更加深刻,我们会从艺术中学到更多Art would pick up the duty that it used to have and that weve neglected because of certain mis-founded ideas.艺术会让我们重新肩负起曾经被摒弃的责任,那些因为误导而被忽视的责任Art should be one of the tools by which we improve our society.艺术应该是一种工具,一种能让社会进步的工具Art should be didactic. Lets think of something else.艺术也应该是教化的。现在想想另外的东西The people in the modern world, in the secular world,想想那些在现代世俗的人们who are interested in matters of the spirit, in matters of the mind,其中有些人热衷追寻灵魂,喜欢崇高的思想in higher soul-like concerns, tend to be isolated individuals.也热衷于深层次的灵性,那些人通常都是孤单的Theyre poets, theyre philosophers, theyre photographers, theyre filmmakers.他们是诗人,哲学家,摄影师,或是电影制作人And they tend to be on their own. Theyre our cottage industries. They are vulnerable, single people.他们凭自己的力量生存下去。他们独立完成工作,他们脆弱,孤单And they get depressed and they get sad on their own. And they dont really change much.没人分担他们的痛苦不安。然而他们不会做多少改变Now think about religions, think about organized religions. What do organized religions do?现在想想那些有组织的宗教。那些有组织的宗教干什么的呢They group together, they form institutions. And that has all sorts of advantages. First of all, scale, might.他们聚在一起,他们创造机构。这些都很有益处。第一,他们有规模和力量The Catholic Church pulled in 97 billion dollars last year according to the Wall Street Journal.据华尔街日报报道,天主教教堂去年筹了97亿美元These are massive machines. Theyre collaborative, theyre branded, theyre multinational, and theyre highly disciplined.这些都是有权有势的机构。他们相互合作,有好名望,跨国,他们严谨纪律These are all very good qualities.那些都是很优秀的品质201608/461337

突破口语之情景对话(5):What's the weather forecast for today天气预报怎么说?A: What's the weather forecast for today? B: Cloudy in the morning, overcast in the afternoon.A: Any rain? B: No, but I wouldn't be surprised if it rained tomorrow. A: I wouldn't either. It's been looking like rain for several days. 译文:A: 今天天气预报怎么说? B:上午多云,下午阴天。A: 有雨吗? B: 没说。不过明天下雨的话一点也不意外。 A: 我也不会觉得意外。这几天一直是要下雨的样子。注解 :1) forecast (n or v): predict 预测,预报2) cloudy (adj): unclear 多云的例: Weather forecast says tomorrow is cloudy.天气预报说明天多云。 3) overcast (adj) : dark, cloudy 阴天的 /200708/16426

网络社交英语口语 17:我在冒冷汗 Don: Herb, why are you still sitting here?唐: 赫伯特,你怎么还坐在这边? Herbert: I'm too 1) nervous. Look! 2) I'm in a cold sweat!赫伯特: 我太紧张了。你看!我在冒冷汗。 Don: It's OK to be nervous. It's only 3) natural!唐: 紧张没有关系。这是正常的。 Herbert: You'd be nervous, too.赫伯特: 换做是你也会紧张? Don: Me, nervous? Never. But most people would be.唐: 我,紧张?从来不会。但大多数人都会。 Herbert: I just don't want 4) to make a fool of myself.赫伯特: 我不想让自己看起来像个傻子。 Don: Think of something fast, Herb. She might leave soon.唐: 快想办法啊,赫伯特。她可能快走了。语言详解 A: It's your turn! Spin the wheel! 该你了!快转轮! B: Gambling always makes me so nervous! 总是让我紧张兮兮! 【It's OK to be... (发生什么事)没关系】 It's only natural. 这是很自然的反应。 You'll do fine. 你会没事的。 以上是经常用来劝别人放轻松的三句话,当你看到有人要去做一件事,却又不敢时,就可以用这些话鼓舞他。 1) nervous (a.) 焦虑的,紧张的2) to be in a cold sweat 冒冷汗3) natural (a.) 自然的4) to make a fool of myself 让自己显得愚蠢 /200708/16607

You are awesome. You have excelled Look at you. You looked like an amazing, giant choir 你们很棒 你们很优秀 看看你们 你们就像一个惊人的巨型合唱团But from here on out, you have to switch gears You are no longer meeting and exceeding expectations 但从此以后 你们需要转变角色 你们将不再只是达到和超越期望There are no expectations. Theres no script When youre doing what you love to do, you become resilient 没有期望 没有剧本 做你所爱的事情时 你会变得富有塑性Because thats the habit you create for yourself You create a habit of taking chances on yourself 因为这就是你为自己养成的习惯 你养成了勇于冒险的习惯And making bold choices in service to doing what you love If on the other hand 大胆选择你所爱做之事的习惯 如果情况相反You do what you think is expected of you or what you are supposed to do and things go poorly or chaos ensues as it surely will 你按照期望做事 总想着应该怎么做 事情进展会很糟糕 混沌也会随之而来You will look to external sources for what to do next because that will be the habit youve created for yourself 你总瞅着外部资源 决定下一步该怎么做 因为这变成了你为自己养成的习惯Youll be standing there frozen on the stage of your own life If youre just filling a role, you will be blind-sided 你会迷失在人生的舞台上 不知如何是好 如果只是想完成一个角色 你将会思想僵化Heres the other problem I dont feel like I can stand here and tell you to try to have an impact 这是另外一个问题 我不觉得我能站在这里 告诉你们 尝试着去造成影响Because the problem seems so massive it seems impossible to make any impact at all 因为问题看起来如此严重 似乎造成什么影响都不可能And you just end up feeling like you cant do anything Just thinking about it, you know Syria and Iran and North Korea 你最后只是感觉 你什么都做不了 想想吧 你知道叙利亚 伊朗 朝鲜Is you go through that list, you know it makes me want to sweat and not just because Im wearing this robe that has no natural fibers in it 谈到这个名单 都不禁让人直冒汗 冒汗倒不是因为我穿着这件不含天然纤维的长袍201607/454377

Hi, everybody. One of the most urgent challenges of our time is climate change. We know that 2015 surpassed 2014 as the warmest year on record – and 2016 is on pace to be even hotter. When I took office, I said this was something we couldnt kick down the road any longer – that our childrens future depended on our action. So, we got to work, and over the past seven-and-a-half years, weve made ambitious investments in clean energy, and ambitious reductions in our carbon emissions. Weve multiplied wind power threefold. Weve multiplied solar power more than thirtyfold. In parts of America, these clean power sources are finally cheaper than dirtier, conventional power. And carbon pollution from our energy sector is at its lowest level in 25 years, even as were continuing to grow our economy. Weve invested in energy efficiency, and were slashing carbon emissions from appliances, homes, and businesses – saving families money on their energy bills. Were reforming how we manage federal coal resources, which supply roughly 40% of Americas coal. Weve set the first-ever national standards limiting the amount of carbon pollution power plants can release into the sky. We also set standards to increase the distance our cars and light trucks can go on a gallon of gas every year through 2025. And theyre working. At a time when weve seen auto sales surge, manufacturers are innovating and bringing new technology to market faster than expected. Over 100 cars, SUVs, and pick-up trucks on the market today aly meet our vehicles standards ahead of schedule. And weve seen a boom in the plug-in electric vehicle market – with more models, lower battery costs, and more than 16,000 charging stations. But were not done yet. In the weeks and months ahead, well release a second round of fuel efficiency standards for heavy-duty vehicles. Well take steps to meet the goal we set with Canada and Mexico to achieve 50 percent clean power across North America by 2025. And well continue to protect our lands and waters so that our kids and grandkids can enjoy our most beautiful spaces for generations. Theres still much more to do. But theres no doubt that America has become a global leader in the fight against climate change. Last year, that leadership helped us bring nearly 200 nations together in Paris around the most ambitious agreement in history to save the one planet weve got. Thats not something to tear up – its something to build upon. And if we keep pushing, and leading the world in the right direction, theres no doubt that, together, we can leave a better, cleaner, safer future for our children. Thanks, everybody. And have a great weekend.201608/461785

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