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安仁县治疗前列腺炎多少钱郴州东方男科医院男性专科We all wonder how we would react in an emergency. Would we risk our lives to help someone in danger? 我们都会好奇自己在危机情况下会做何反应。我们会冒着生命危险去帮助身陷险境的人吗? Laurie Ann Eldridge found out last year. Looking up from her garden one evening at her Cameron, N.Y., home, Ms. Eldridge saw a confused 81-year-old driver stuck at a railroad crossing nearby, oblivious to the train speeding toward her car. 劳丽#8226;埃德里奇(Laurie Ann Eldridge)找到了。去年某一天的傍晚,住在纽约州卡梅伦(Cameron)的埃德里奇从自家花园抬头往外看时,发现一名神情茫然的司机困在附近的一个铁路道口上,对朝着她的车子疾驰而来的火车浑然不觉。 Ms. Eldridge raced barefoot to the car, wrestled out the disoriented woman, rolled with her down the railway embankment and covered her with her body, just seconds before the train demolished the automobile. Ms. Eldridge#39;s feet were bloody and riddled with splinters. The elderly woman, Angeline C. Pascucci of Le Roy, N.Y., was unhurt. 埃德里奇光着脚跑向了那辆车,拼命把那位不知所措的老妇人拉出了车子,然后和她一起滚下铁路路基,并且用自己的身体挡住她。就在几秒钟后,疾驰而来的火车碾毁了那辆车子。埃德里奇的脚流着血,扎满了碎片,而那位家住纽约勒罗伊镇(Le Roy)的81岁的老妇人安吉丽娜#8226;C. 帕斯古奇(Angeline C. Pascucci)却安然无恙。 It is hard to know for sure who will step up and who will freeze up in a crisis. But, amid growing interest in positive psychology, the study of human strengths and virtues, research in recent years has shed light on the qualities and attitudes that distinguish heroes from the rest of us. 很难确定谁会在危机中挺身而出、谁又会束手旁观。不过在积极心理学(即对人类的优点和美德的研究)吸引了越来越多的研究兴趣的背景下,近些年的研究阐明了一些将英雄与其他人区分开来的品质和态度。 Certain traits make it more likely that a person will make a split-second decision to take a heroic risk. People who like to take charge of situations, who respond sympathetically to others, and who have a strong sense of moral and social responsibility are more likely to intervene than people who lack those traits, research shows. Heroes tend by nature to be hopeful, believing events will turn out well. They consciously try to keep fear from hampering their pursuit of goals, and they tend to block out the possibility of injury or material loss. 某些特质会让人更有可能在一瞬间决定冒险做一次英雄之举。相关研究表明,乐于掌控局面、对他人抱有同情心以及具有强烈的道德感和社会责任感的人比不具备这些特质的人更有可能挺身而出。英勇之人往往天生就满怀希望,相信事情会向好的方向发展。他们会有意识地努力避免恐惧心理妨碍他们追求自己的目标,往往会去阻止可能造成身体伤害或物质损失的事情发生。 People who are otherwise good and caring may still shrink back in a crisis. Their responses depend partly on whether they perceive the situation as an emergency and whether they know how to help; someone who doesn#39;t know anything about electrical wiring probably won#39;t rush to save a person tangled in a power line. How you#39;re feeling that day makes a difference, too; #39;people who are in a good mood are more likely to help,#39; says Julie M. Hupp, an assistant professor of psychology at Ohio State University in Newark. Context also matters; some researchers say a large crowd makes it less likely that an individual hero will step up. 即便是善良、有同情心的人,可能依然会在危机中退缩。他们的反应部分取决于他们是否认为情况危急以及他们是否知道如何施救。一个对电气布线一无所知的人,不大可能冲出去救一个被电线缠住的人。你在事发当天的心情也会让你做出不同决定。俄亥俄州立大学纽瓦克分校(Ohio State University in Newark)的心理学助理教授朱莉#8226;赫普(Julie M. Hupp)指出,“心情好的人更有可能会施以援手。”此外,事发当时的环境同样也有关系,一些研究人员称,如果危机现场有一大群人的话,某一个人挺身而出充当英雄的可能性就会降低。 Of course, it helps to be physically able. In a 1981 study of 32 people who had intervened to help victims of assaults, robberies or other serious crimes, researchers found the heroes were taller, heavier and more likely to have had training in rescuing people or responding to emergencies than a comparison group of people who hadn#39;t intervened in a crime or emergency for 10 years. 当然,身体强健也会起到促进作用。研究人员曾在1981年对32名出手帮助过袭击、抢劫或其他严重犯罪行为的受害者的人进行了研究。他们发现,与10年来未干预过犯罪行为或危急情况的对照组中的研究对象相比,这些勇士身高更高、身材也更魁梧,而且更有可能接受过救护或应对危急情况方面的训练。 But heroism is far more complex than that. Some heroes have qualities that enable them to blast through obstacles, recent research shows. Empathy, or care or concern for others, runs high in people with heroic tendencies, according to a 2009 study led by Sara Staats, a professor emeritus of psychology at Ohio State University in Newark. 然而,英雄行为远远不止这么简单。最近一些研究表明,某些勇士具备的品质可以帮助他们冲破障碍。俄亥俄州立大学纽瓦克分校心理学荣誉退休教授萨拉#8226;斯塔茨(Sara Staats)在2009年主持的一项研究发现,具有英雄主义倾向的人与他人有较高程度的情感共鸣,即对他人的关爱或担心。 Ms. Eldridge was an unlikely hero. She had no rescue training. At 5-foot-8 and 115 pounds, she was outweighed by the woman she saved. The biggest surprise to Ms. Eldridge, a single mother of two teenage boys, was that she was able to run at all. Until the day of the rescue, she hadn#39;t run for 10 years because of a disabling back injury. 按常理来看,埃德里奇是不大可能会成为一位英雄的。她没有接受过救援训练,而且她身高5英尺8英寸,体重115磅,还没有她救下的那位女士重。她是一个单亲妈妈,独自抚养着两个十几岁的儿子。最令埃德里奇感到惊讶的是,自己居然还能跑得动。在救人那一天之前,她因为背部有伤行动不便已经有10年没跑过步了。 #39;All I could think about was the lady#39;s face. She looked lost. She needed help, and she needed help right then,#39; says Ms. Eldridge, who received a medal from the Carnegie Hero Fund Commission, which honors civilians who risk their lives to save others, last June. 去年6月份,埃德里奇获得了卡内基英雄基金委员会(Carnegie Hero Fund Commission)颁发的用以表彰冒着生命危险救助他人的普通民众的奖章。埃德里奇说,“我当时所能想到的就是那位女士的脸。她看起来很茫然,她需要马上获得帮助。” A tendency to frame events positively and expect good outcomes is another hallmark of heroes, says Jeremy Frimer, an assistant professor of psychology at the University of Winnipeg. In a 2010 study, 25 Canadians who had won awards for risking their lives to save others were asked to tell stories about their lives. Heroes were more likely to #39;take something that#39;s bad and turn it into something that#39;s good,#39; says Dr. Frimer, a co-author of the study with Lawrence Walker, a psychology professor at the University of British Columbia, and others. In an example from another study, Dr. Frimer says, a woman diagnosed with breast cancer described the disease as #39;re-energizing her creative side,#39; saying her return to creating art was #39;a gift that came from the tragedy.#39;#39; 加拿大温尼伯格大学(University of Winnipeg)心理学助理教授杰瑞米#8226;弗利默(Jeremy Frimer)认为,从积极的方面想事情并期待良好的结果是英雄的另一个特征。在2010年的一项研究中,研究人员让25位曾因冒着生命危险救助他人而获得奖励的加拿大人讲述他们生活中的故事。弗利默士称,英雄更有可能会“承担不好的事情,然后把它转变为好事。”她与不列颠哥伦比亚大学(University of British Columbia)的心理学教授劳伦斯#8226;沃克(Lawrence Walker)及其他研究者联合撰写了这份研究报告。弗利默士还提到,在另一项研究中,一位被诊断患有乳腺癌的女士说这个疾病重新“激活了她具有创造力的一面”,并称她重新开始艺术创作是“这个悲剧送给她的一个礼物”。 When Stephen St. Bernard came home from work last month to his Brooklyn, N.Y., apartment building, neighbors had gathered outside. A 7-year-old child had squeezed out of her family#39;s third-floor apartment window and was dancing on the air-conditioning unit outside, some 25 feet above the pavement. 史蒂芬#8226;圣伯纳德(Stephen St. Bernard)今年53岁,是纽约大都会运输署(Metropolitan Transportation Authority)的一名巴士司机。7月的某一天,家住纽约布鲁克林的圣伯纳德下班后回到自己所住的公寓楼,发现楼外聚集了一群邻居。原来,一个七岁大的孩子从位于三层的家里的窗户钻了出来,站在屋外的空调机上跳舞,距离路面大约有25英尺高。 All Mr. St. Bernard was thinking, he says, was #39;maybe I can catch her,#39; says the 53-year-old bus driver for the Metropolitan Transportation Authority. #39;The weight of the child, how hard she was going to hit me - none of that crossed my mind,#39; he says. #39;I was just hoping, praying, #39;God, please don#39;t let me miss.#39;#39; 圣伯纳德说,当时他心里只想着“也许我能接住她”。他说,“那个孩子有多重,她会对我造成多大力量的撞击——我脑中完全没想到这些事情。我只是希望并祈祷‘上帝,千万别让我失手了。’” As he moved beneath the window, the girl slipped and plummeted into his outstretched arms with an estimated 600 pounds of force, nearly ripping his arm off. He has had surgery to repair the torn muscles, tendons and nerves and will need months of painful physical therapy. But in describing the incident, he focuses on the fact that the child escaped injury or death. #39;Not a scratch was on that baby,#39; he says. 就在他冲到窗户下面的时候,那个女孩脚下一滑,接着就坠入了他张开的双臂中,当时的冲力估计达到600磅,几乎使他的胳膊折断。后来,他做了手术来修复拉伤的肌腱和神经,并且还要接受数个月痛苦的物理治疗。但是,在谈到这件事情时,他所关注的只是那个女孩并没有受伤或是丧命。他说,“那个孩子一点伤都没有。” Heroic people also tend to have a strong sense of ethics and above-average coping skills - a belief in their ability to tackle challenges and beat the odds, research shows. On the battlefield in Afghanistan last January, Navy nurse James Gennari knew, when he saw an injured Marine arrive on a stretcher at his medical facility, that standard procedures wouldn#39;t work. The Marine had a live rocket-propelled grenade embedded in his body, from his thigh through his buttocks. A surgeon told Lt. Cmdr. Gennari he didn#39;t have to intervene; a bomb squad could remove the grenade. 研究表明,英勇之人常常也具有强烈的道德感和高于常人的应对能力——他们相信自己能够应对挑战并取得出乎意料的成功。去年1月,在阿富汗战场上,一名受伤的海军陆战队队员躺在担架上被送到了海军护理人员詹姆斯#8226;杰纳里(James Gennari)所工作的医院。杰纳里少校明白常规的治疗程序是起不了作用的:这名士兵的体内有一枚未爆炸的火箭推进榴弹,横穿了他的大腿和臀部。一名外科医生告诉杰纳里少校他不用管这件事,拆弹小组会取出那枚榴弹。 But Lt. Cmdr. Gennari stepped up to the stretcher, took the Marine#39;s hand and told him, #39;I promise you, no matter what, I won#39;t leave you until that thing is out of your leg,#39; #39; Lt. Cmdr. Gennari says. He administered a sedative so an explosives specialist could pull out the bomb. It was later detonated in a huge blast outside the base. Lt. Cmdr. Gennari kept the Marine alive by pumping a manual respirator during a power failure on a helicopter flight to another camp. He was awarded a Bronze Star for valor this month. 但杰纳里少校走向了担架,握着那名海军陆战队士兵的手对他说道,“我向你保,无论发生什么,我都不会扔下你,直到那东西从你腿里取出来为止。”他给这名士兵打了镇静剂好让拆弹专家把榴弹取出来。后来,这枚榴弹在基地外被引爆造成了大爆炸。在用直升机把这名士兵送往另外一个营地时,杰纳里少校还在停电期间利用手控呼吸器来维持他的生命。今年8月,杰纳里少校因为自己的英勇行为被授予了铜星勋章。 Values that inspire heroism are often taught in childhood; #39;children who grew up watching their parents stick their necks out for others, are likely to do the same,#39; says Dr. Hupp. 英雄们往往在儿童时期就学习到了那些激发英勇行为的价值观。赫普士称,“那些在成长期间看到父母对他人给予帮助的儿童,长大后可能也会效仿他们。” Lt. Cmdr. Gennari says his parents taught him #39;that every good thing that happens to you is a blessing, and you#39;re supposed to give back.#39; His father Gilbert, a Staff Sergeant in the Army who won a Bronze Star in the Korean War for meritorious service, taught him that #39;a man#39;s word is a measure of his character,#39; he adds. Thus when he gave the Marine his word that he wouldn#39;t leave him, he says, #39;that was the way it was going to be.#39; 杰纳里少校说,他的父母教导他说“你遇到的每一件好事都是一种恩惠,你应该要予以回报。”他还说,他的父亲吉尔伯特(Gilbert)——+曾在朝鲜战场上担任陆军上士,曾立功获得铜星勋章——教育他“一个人的承诺会反映出他的人品。”因此,他说,当他和那名海军陆战队士兵说不会扔下他时,他就会这么去做。 /201209/198335郴州东方男子医院龟头炎症 Ever feel like you’ve gone and said too much? Again? Maybe you kill a joke or ruin a great moment. Foot in ze ol’ mouth.是不是觉得自己又说太多了?也许你不经意就会毁了一个笑话,或是完全破坏了气氛。要记住祸从口出呐。Well listen up. And shut up. Not many people know it but shutting up can be the trump card in a lot of situations.我们应该多听,不该说话的时候学会闭嘴。不是每个人都知晓这一点,但沉默在很多场合下的确是最好的王牌。Shutting up helps you appear wise and avoid conflict. In general, it can make life easier which it turn makes you a happier person. Here’s how and when to just shut up.沉默会让你更加智慧,避免纷争。总而言之,它能让生活更加简单,让你成为更快乐的人。下面将告诉你在什么时候应该学会沉默。1) When people are gossiping1. 大家在八卦时People love gossiping and many of us can’t help it. It’s refreshing. It makes life seem a bit better. But the next time you hear gossiping, especially about your friends, try holding your tongue. Listen to what the gossiper is saying, it may reveal a lot about both parties. Instead of being like “yeahh, she is a b*$$#,” try saying “well, she’s trying her hardest” and see what the response is. Deny yourself that tiny pleasure from putting someone else down.人们都爱八卦,这是大家没法控制的事情。八卦能让人精神振奋,似乎生活也变得更好了。但如果你听到了一些八卦,尤其是关于你朋友的,还是闭上嘴吧。听听那些聊八卦的人在说什么,也许能让你更加了解自己的朋友。与其说:“是啊,她真的很贱。” 不如说:“我知道她已经很努力了”,看看别人的反应。别让自己的小快乐建立在贬低别人的基础上。2) When asked about your love life2. 被问到感情生活时How was last night? Did it go well wink wink? We’ve all heard these prying questions from roommates and friends and it’s fun boasting our conquests (especially when they’re few and far between). But you’re better off remaining mysterious. Keeping quiet about your hookups will make your admirers respect, and seek you out, even more. Only talk love life if you really need advice.昨晚怎么样?约会进展如何?我们的室友和朋友们往往会问出这样窥探类的问题,炫耀自己的战利品的确很有意思(尤其是TA们的确很出色的话),但你最好还是保持点神秘感。对自己的约会守口如瓶还能让你的追求者们更加尊重欣赏你。等到实在需要建议时再谈论自己的感情生活吧。3) After an obviously erroneous statement3. 在别人发表明显错误的言论后We all get called out from time to time at the office and in social settings. But sometimes letting someone’s accusation linger in the air exposes its flaws. Sure you’ve got to defend yourself sometimes, but if someone takes a really stupid jab at you, and others notice, you might look stronger just saying nothing and chuckling instead. Let that person roast in their own stupidity.我们时不时会被叫去办公室(类似这样的公开环境里)谈话。有时任别人对你公开的指责往往能暴露他的缺陷。你当然可以辩解,但如果某人对你进行愚蠢的攻击,其他人也注意到了,你倒不如保持沉默轻声的笑一笑,这样会让你看起来更加强大。就让那个人充分展现自己愚蠢的一面吧!4) At the near-end of a joke4. 笑话的尾声No one likes the guy who kills a joke. Instead of asking, “wait what was that?” just play along with jokes and funny stories, even those you don’t fully understand, adding new information instead of beating the heck out of them. You’ll be more popular starting a joke than finishing it.没有人喜欢破坏笑话的人。与其问“等等,你刚才说了什么?” 不如假装一直很享受这些笑话和故事,哪怕你根本没听懂,加点新信息进去,而不是彻底毁了这些笑话,这样的幽默能让你更加受欢迎哦。5) When you’re the expert5. 你是专家时Experts are reserved. They wisely interject their knowledge into a discussion. So when your friend or colleague sets you up saying “hey, he knows all about this” at dinner don’t feel like you have to pour out all your knowledge. No need to prove yourself. Instead, be reserved, say thanks, and give a concise, even self-deprecating summary of what you do. Try to act like you get congratulated all the time.真人不露相。他们总是巧妙的把自己的知识插入讨论之中。所以如果饭局上你的朋友或同事把你推出来说“嗨,他是这方面的专家,” 千万别觉得你得把肚子里的知识全部倒出来。真的没必要实自己。不如隐藏一下,说句谢谢,对自己干的事情做一个简洁谦逊的总结。要表现的自己像一直需要被鼓励的人那样。6) When under fire6. 矛盾激化时Getting in trouble is a part of life and sometimes the person in power just needs to run through everything they’re upset about. Bosses yell, referees yells, our spouses yell. It does not always help to talk back. On the other hand, be silent and take the blows, then find a good time to say a concise sorry. Even if you’re not in the wrong. This will get you out of jail and on with your life a whole lot quicker.人生总是难免遇到麻烦。有权利的人往往需要对所有让他们失望的事发泄一下。老板在咆哮,裁判在咆哮,我们的另一半也在咆哮。其实并不需要去回应他们。不如保持沉默,一一承受,再找个合适的时机简单说一句对不起,哪怕你没有做错。你就会脱离苦海,生活进展更快。7) When talking about money7. 谈到钱的问题Don’t mention your salary when others are bragging and don’t whine about being owed money. Lend to your friends, it’ll come back around. An aura of quiet confidence around money issues will help you someday find riches.在别人吹牛时,别也跟着提及自己的薪水问题,更不要对借出去的钱发牢骚。借给你的朋友,他们总会还的。在钱的问题上保持沉默,这样的自信总会有天让你发现其价值所在。8) In line at an event8. 排队等候时This one is specific, but I’ve noticed that those who wait patiently to get into a club or concert often get through faster than the loud mouths begging for entrance. Being loud and belligerent gets you nowhere and a quiet confidence makes it look like you belong.这条比较特别,但我发现那些静静等候俱乐部或音乐会入场的人往往比那些吵吵闹闹的人们进去的要快。吵吵闹闹只会让你找不到方向,安静一点才让你看起来真正属于这里。9) When congratulated9. 被祝贺时A smooth and confident “thank you” is the best response to a congratulations. It’s true. Just saying thank you is enough. Don’t say “oh, well it was all him” or “yeah, I don’t know how I did it” or something equally blasé. Just be the man, say thank you, and go dominate your next conquest.对于祝贺最好的回答莫过于一句“谢谢”。的确是这样,说谢谢就够了。不要说“这都是他的功劳” 或是“啊,我都不知道自己怎么做到的”,或是其他类似的话语。就绅士点,说句谢谢吧,然后向着自己下个目标进军。10) When some is divulging secrets10. 某人对你吐露秘密时If you find yourself in a rare moment when someone in power or with useful information has decided to pour it out for you, please just listen. You’ll learn a lot. Understand how valuable the information is and store it away for use later on. A smile is all the response you need to give.如果你发现自己身处一个特殊的场合,某个有权利的人或掌握有用消息的人突然对你倾诉,那就好好倾听吧。你会学到很多东西。了解这些信息到底有多重要,然后自己消化以备以后的需要。这种情况下你只需要回馈一个笑容。Shutting up is an art form. Spot these moments in advance and trust me, you’ll reap the silent benefits.学会沉默是一门艺术。提前知晓这些该沉默的场合,相信我,你会从中受益良多。 /201302/224880Most of us have struggled at some point with sleep. Whether it’s not getting enough sleep or struggling to get up in the morning, it can be difficult to get the balance just right.大多数人都遇到过一些睡眠问题。有可能是睡得不够,又或者是早晨起不来,很难达到平衡睡得舒。However, sleep is essential if we want to be productive in life. It provides us with the energy we need to get stuff done!然而为了保精力充沛,睡眠是十分必要的。我们需要睡足了才有精力干活!Here are the 10 most common sleep mistakes people make and a few tips for avoiding them!下面列出了常见的十大睡眠错误以及纠正小贴士。1. The snooze button1、闹钟止闹按钮Don’t EVER hit the snooze button. It really is much more beneficial to just get up on your first alarm. Think about it – the snooze button gives you an extra 10 minutes or so sleep. In the grand scheme of your day this really won’t provide you with any more energy. In-fact it does the opposite. Research has shown that ‘interrupted sleep’ can cause us to feel more tired.千万不要按止闹按钮,其实在闹铃一响时就起来对身体更好。想想看,止闹按钮可以让你多睡10分钟或者更长一点时间。但相比于一整天满满的计划,这多睡的10分钟根本无法为你多添几份活力。事实上恰恰相反,研究表明受干扰的睡眠会让人更加疲倦。2. Disorganized sleeping habits2、不规律的睡眠习惯It’s much easier to get to sleep each night (and wake up feeling refreshed) if we have a regular routine. This means going to bed at roughly the same time each night and getting up at roughly the same time each morning. If you’re disorganized with your sleeping routine, you end up interrupting your natural sleeping rhythms, which can cause insomnia and fatigue.如果每天的作息时间规律,每晚会更加容易入眠(醒来时也会感到神清气爽)。也就是说每晚在相对固定的时间睡觉,每天早上在相对固定的时间起床。如果你睡觉的时间不规律,就会打乱你的生物钟,导致失眠和疲劳感。3. Long naps3、小睡时间过长Long naps can disrupt your sleeping rhythms so if you’re desperate for a nap then keep it under the 30 minute mark (and before 4pm). Short naps after lunch can help to restore energy levels (just make sure you don’t sleep in).小睡时间过长会打乱人的生物钟,所以如果你真的很想打个盹儿的话,请把时间控制在30分钟以内(而且要在下午四点前睡)。在午餐后小睡一会儿有助于恢复体力(只是不要睡过头了)。4. Caffeine/stimulants4、咖啡因/兴奋剂Don’t drink any caffeinated drinks after mid-day. Caffeine stimulates your body for up to 12 hours after consumption so it’s important to restrict your intake later in the day. Be aware of supposed ‘herbal’ drinks such as green tea, which can have a high dose of caffeine. Always check the label.请不要在中午之后饮用含咖啡因的饮料。咖啡因会持续的影响人体12个小时,所以要控制自己不要在中午以后摄取咖啡因。小心一些“草本”饮料,例如绿茶含有很高的咖啡因。每次喝饮料之前都要看一下成份标签。5. Stress amp; negative thinking5、压力和消极想法Stress is a large reason why many people find it difficult to sleep. One of the worse things you can do is be stressed before bed. Stress produces chemicals that physically stop us from sleeping. Try and clear your mind before bed time and make an effort to think positive thoughts that aid sleep.压力是造成人难以入眠的重要原因。在上床睡觉前带着太大压力就更加糟糕了。压力会使人分泌出某些从生理上阻止睡眠的化学物质。尝试在睡前清空所思所想,努力朝有助于睡眠的积极方面想吧。6. Too much light6、光线太亮Our bodies depend on ‘sleep signals’ to fall asleep and one of those signals is darkness. Make sure your room is as dark as possible before trying to get to sleep. Even a thin stream of light coming in through your window can disrupt your pineal gland’s production of sleep hormones and therefore disturb your sleep rhythms, so make sure your blinds are closed!我们的身体依靠“睡眠信号”来入睡,其中一个信号就是黑暗。所以在睡觉前要确保房间光线尽可能暗。即便是透过玻璃窗射进来的一小束光线也可能会干扰人的松果体分泌睡眠荷尔蒙,从而干扰睡眠生物钟。因此要保关上百叶窗!7. Sugar before bedtime7、睡前摄取糖分Sugary snacks before bedtime are a really bad idea. The sugar can disrupt the chemicals in your body causing you to wake up during the night. Limit all late night sweet treats – if you’re hungry go for a protein based snack instead.睡前吃含糖的零食真的是个坏主意。糖会破坏人体体内的化学物质,导致人在夜间醒来。因此要控制晚间吃甜食的量,如果你饿了,去吃一些蛋白质为主的零食吧。8. Alcohol before bedtime8、睡前喝酒Alcohol is a sedative and therefore people get fooled into thinking it will help them get a good nights sleep. The reality is that it may initially induce sleep, however it usually drastically impairs sleep during the second half of the night which leads to interrupted sleep patterns that will leave you feeling fatigued in the morning (not to mention the hangover!)酒精有镇定作用,因此人们会误以为酒精能帮助睡眠。实际上酒精可能会在一开始促进人睡眠,但是它也常会在后半夜严重影响人的睡眠,打乱人的睡眠模式,让你在早上觉得很疲乏(更不用说还有宿醉了)。9. TV in the bedroom9、卧室里摆放电视It can be easy to fall asleep on the couch in front of the TV. It’s important we don’t try and replicate this strategy in the bedroom though. The bedroom must only be associated with sleep. When you start to introduce mental stimulation such as a TV this can severely disrupt your sleep patterns.坐在电视机前的沙发上很容易睡着,但重要的是我们不能在卧室里尝试这一方法。卧室应当只与睡眠有关,把电视机之类刺激神经的东西放进卧室会严重打乱你的睡眠模式。10. Worrying about sleep10、担心睡眠If you’ve had a few bad nights sleep, then the worst thing you can do is worry too much about it. When we place too much focus on sleeping this can cause anxiety and only make the problem worse. Try to go with the flow and let your body naturally get into a healthy sleep pattern.当你几天都睡不好后,最糟糕的事情就是你还总是担心自己的睡眠。当我们把注意力过多放在睡眠上时,就会导致焦虑,而焦虑只会让睡眠问题变得更严重。试着顺其自然地让身体进入健康的睡眠模式吧。 /201210/204898资兴市中医院割包皮

郴州安仁县男科大夫First Lady Michelle Obama is really stepping out for her birthday! On her brand new Twitter account, the First Lady shared a photo of her meeting today with Inaugural citizen co-chair, David Hall—and the image reveals that Mrs. Obama got bangs! This is the first time since her husband took office in 2008 that she has made such a drastic change to her hair, after rocking a neat, side-parted look for most of the duration. What do you think of the birthday girl’s new look?第一夫人米歇尔#8226;奥巴马为她的生日真正改头换面了!在她全新的Twitter账户上,第一夫人分享了她今天会见就职公民的共同主持大卫#8226;霍尔的照片,照片显示奥巴马夫人有刘海!自她的丈夫在2008年上任以来这是第一次她做出这样一个重大的变化,在很长一段时间都保持着整洁的不对称发型之后。你觉得这个生日女孩的新面貌怎么样呢? /201301/221199郴州患前列腺疾怎样治 郴州哪家医院治疗面瘫好

郴州北湖区人民医院妇幼保健治疗阳痿早泄I#39;m 30 years old, and there are several things that life has taught me that I want to share with you. Some of these things I#39;ve known since I was young, some of these things I have learned recently.我现在30岁了,我想和大家分享一下这些年从生活中所学到的一些内容。其中有一些是我年轻时就已经知道的,也有一些是我最近才学到的。I believe these lessons will add to your life. Without further ado, here are the 5 lessons that life has taught me at 30 years of age.我相信这些经验会对你的生活有益。事不宜迟,来看一下这三十年里,生活所教给我的这五堂课吧。1.Marry Well1.美满的婚姻In the movie ;Shallow Hal,; Jack Black#39;s character ;Hal; was cheated on by his girlfriend. Of course, he was very sad given this situation. His friend tried to comfort him by telling him, ;You didn#39;t know she was bad.; To which Hal replied, ;I knew she wasn#39;t good.;在电影《庸人哈尔》中,杰克·布莱克扮演的哈尔,他的女友对他不忠。当然遇到这种事情他很伤心。他的朋友想安慰他,说:;你知道她不是个坏女孩。; 哈尔回答说:;我知道她不是好女孩。;It#39;s critical that you pursue relationships with individuals who are ;good,; first. Don#39;t let your primary criteria be cuteness or coolness. You only want to get married once, so it#39;s critical that you marry the right person. Marry someone who you can fall in love with several times over, because they#39;re so good.谈恋爱时,首先要考虑对方的人品,这是相当关键的。不要把择偶的标准设为可爱或酷。你只想结一次婚,所以和适合你的人结婚是非常重要的。找一个你能多次相恋的好人结婚吧。2.Take Care of Your Body2.保养好自己的身体Life is ;unfairly; biased towards people who ;look good,; like it or not. So it#39;s important that you do all that is in your power to look your best. And by ;doing all that is in your power; I mean dressing nicely, working out and eating right.不管你喜欢与否,生活总是;不公平;地偏向于看起来状态好的人。所以尽可能地让自己看起来处在最棒的状态,这是非常重要的,这里是指穿着得体、锻炼身体并健康饮食。You will live longer, and you will live happier, if you take care of your body; you may even get promoted faster on your job. Research shows that people who take good care of their body are perceived to be better workers.如果你能把身体保养好,你会更加长寿,并生活得更加快乐;你甚至能更快地升职加薪。研究表明,人们认为能保养好身体的人通常工作也会更加出色。And if that#39;s not enough to motivate you, remember that your health is really your greatest wealth.如果这些还不能激励你的话,请记住健康是你最大的财富。3.Save Your Money3.存钱While I believe in having nice things, I#39;m a greater believer in paying yourself first.虽然我想拥有美好的东西,但我相信把钱存下来会更好。No one taught me to save when I was growing up, no one told me the importance of saving, fortunately I was able to learn the value of saving through ing great books like ;The Millionaire Next Door.; I want to teach others what I was not taught when I was young, and that message is to save at least twenty percent of your income. If you are to be wealthy, you must not just earn a lot, you must save a lot.在我成长的过程中,没人教我攒钱,也没人告诉我攒钱的重要性。幸运的是,我从像《隔壁的百万富翁》这样的书中学到了存钱的重要性。我想把我年轻时所不知道的这条信息告诉你:至少把收入的20%积攒起来。如果你想变得富有,你不仅要能赚钱,而且还得会攒钱。4.Think Long-term4.长远打算In high school I was thinking about college, in college I was thinking about life after college. In my teens, I was thinking about 20#39;s, in my 20#39;s, I was thinking about my 30s. Now that I#39;m 30, I#39;m planning how my life will be in my 40#39;s. I#39;m designing my life and I#39;m making decisions today that will enable me to live the life I desire when I#39;m in my 40#39;s, 50#39;s and 60#39;s.上高中时,我在想着上大学的事情,在大学里我想着毕业后的生活;十几岁时我想着20岁的事情,20多岁时我想着30岁的事情。现在我已经30了,我在计划着40岁的生活。我正在设计我的人生,今天我所做的决定会让我在40岁、50岁、60岁时过上想过的生活。You have to think long-term, you have to see the ;big picture.; If you plan your future properly, you will live into your plans.你得长远打算,看到自己的;蓝图;。如果你对未来的计划得当,你会生活在计划中。5.Realize the Power of Focus5.意识到专注的魔力Focus, focus, focus… Nothing is more critical than focus. If you fail in this lifetime, you will fail because of broken focus.关注,关注,还是关注……没有什么比集中注意力更重要的了。如果你的一生很失败,那是因为你没有集中注意力。If you focus on the goals that are most important to you, to the exclusion of everything else, you will achieve them.如果你把注意力集中到对你最重要的目标上,排除其他的一切事情,你就会实现目标。The problem is that there are so many distractions. What separates the winners from the losers is that the winners learn to focus on their goal. Winners decide to major on majors, and they even let important things slip, because they focus solely on achieving that which is critical to their goals.问题就在于干扰太多。胜者和败者的区别在于,胜者学会专注于他们的目标。胜者下决心把注意力集中在主要的目标上,他们甚至会放弃重要的事情,因为他们只是专注于对他们目标关键的事情。Focus is the key to success, Tony Robbins said, ;Most people have no idea of the giant capacity we can immediately command when we focus all of our resources on mastering a single area of our lives.;集中注意力是取得成功的关键,托尼·罗宾斯说过,;大部分人都不知道,当我们把所有的资源都集中在生活的某一领域内,我们所能获得的那种巨大的能力。;You have an enormous capacity to accomplish great things, the question is will you do it, will you focus, will you succeed.你有着巨大的能力来完成伟大的事情,只要你肯做,只要你集中精力,你就会成功。 /201208/197047 郴州医院预约宜章县人民中妇幼保健医院治疗早泄多少钱



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