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Moodys has cut Japans credit rating one notch to A1 only the fifth-best investment grade - sending the yen to a new seven year low against the dollar.穆迪(Moodys)将日本的信用评级下调一级,降至A1级,这一级别在投资级评级里只排第五。此举令日元兑美元汇率跌至新的七年内最低点。The rating agency said that the downgrade was triggered by rising uncertainty over the success of prime minister Shinzo Abes drastic economic, fiscal and monetary reforms dubbed ;Abenomics;.该评级机构表示,引发这次降级的原因是“安倍经济学(Abenomics)”能否成功的不确定性日益增加。所谓“安倍经济学”,是指日本首相安倍晋Shinzo Abe)推行的激进的经济、财政及货币改革举措。The government was recently forced to shelve the second of two sales tax increases after the first one pushed the country back into recession.最近,在第一次提高消费税的举措令日本重陷衰退之后,日本政府曾被迫搁置第二轮增税措斀?The Bank of Japan has ramped up its quantitative easing programme and Mr Abe has called a new election for a fresh electoral endorsement of his programme, but concerns that the bold attempt to break free from two decades of deflation and stagnation have climbed markedly recently.此前,日本央BoJ)已加大了量化宽松的力度。而安倍晋三也曾要求提前举行选举,以便让他的计划再次得到选民认可。安倍试图通过这些举措,令日本摆脱长达20年的通缩和经济停滞。然而,人们对安倍这些大胆尝试的担忧最近正在急剧升高。Moodys said the downgrade was caused by穆迪表示,调降日本评级的原因是:1.Heightened uncertainty over the achievability of fiscal deficit reduction goals;1.日本实现减赤目标的不确定性加大;2.Uncertainty over the timing and effectiveness of growth enhancing policy measures, against a background of deflationary pressures; and2.在通缩压力下,日本促增长政策的时机和效果充满不确定性;3.In consequence, increased risk of rising JGB yields and reduced debt affordability over the medium term.3.在上述不确定性的影响下,日本中长期国债收益率攀升和债务负担能力降低的风险加大。来 /201412/346202。

A former top general in Myanmar’s military junta has pledged to work with Aung San Suu Kyi’s opposition after landmark elections, in a sign of the likely political flux that will follow Sunday’s historic parliamentary vote.缅甸前军政府的一名高级将领承诺,在具有里程碑意义的大选之后,他将跟昂山素Aung San Suu Kyi)领导的反对党合作。这表明,在周日的历史性议会选举之后,缅甸政治格局很可能发生变化。Thura Shwe Mann, who was toppled as ruling party chairman in a palace coup in August, pointed to the popularity of Ms Suu Kyi’s National League for Democracy and said he would co-operate with her in the national interest.瑞曼(Thura Shwe Mann)看重的是昂山素季领导的全国民主联NLD)的受欢迎程度。他说,他将以符合国家利益的方式跟昂山素季合作。今月,在一场“宫廷政变”中,瑞曼被赶下执政党主席的宝座。The comments by the former number three in the dictatorship that stepped down in 2011 highlight the unusual alliances springing up as the battle between Myanmar’s military and civilian politicians mixes with personal ambitions. Until his exit, Mr Shwe Mann had been viewed as Ms Suu Kyi’s probable choice for the presidency in the event of an NLD victory, given that she is constitutionally barred from the top job herself.在前军政府(2011年倒台)中,瑞曼是第三号人物。他的上述言论凸显出,当缅甸军方和文职两派政客间的斗争与个人抱负交织在一起时,可能催生的非同寻常的同盟关系。直到退出之前,瑞曼一直被认为是若全民盟胜选很可能会被昂山素季选中出任总统的人。根据缅甸宪法,昂山素季本人没有资格担任总统。“The NLD has got the strongest support from the people,Mr Shwe Mann told Reuters, in his first international media interview since he was deposed as Union Solidarity and Development party chairman. “Whenever Aung San Suu Kyi and I meet, we always talk about working together for the stability and development of the country.”“全民盟获得了人民的最强大持,”瑞曼对路透社(Reuters)表示。这是他被免除联邦巩固与发展USDP)主席职务后首次接受国际媒体采访。“我和昂山素季在每一次会面时,都会谈到为了国家的稳定与发展而合作。”The ex-general also made it clear he would still be open to becoming president if nominated as one of the three candidates that will be put to a parliamentary vote after the election. If Ms Suu Kyi’s party does well in Sunday’s poll, it may have the upper hand in choosing the president, even though it is handicapped by the guaranteed 25 per cent of legislative seats held by the military.这位前将军还明确表示,若在选举之后被提名为三位将由议会投票表决的候选人之一,他仍愿考虑出任总统。如果昂山素季的政党在周日的选举中获胜,该党或许会在选择总统方面占据优势,尽管法定由军方拥有5%的议会席位会对此造成妨碍。Ms Suu Kyi is blocked from the presidency because her two sons by her late British husband have foreign passports.昂山素季无资格担任总统,是因为她跟已故英国丈夫所生的两个儿子持有外国护照。来 /201511/408534。

Yuan may be part of SDR人民币有望入IMF货币篮The Group of Seven countries are in fundamental agreement that the Chinese yuan should be part of the IMFs international basket of reference currencies, German Finance Minister Wolfgang Schaeuble said.德国财长朔伊布勒近日表示,七国集团已达成初步协议,同意人民币加入国际货币基金组织(IMF)的一篮子参考货币。The IMF began holding meetings this month to review the status of the Chinese currency and discuss whether it could be added to the special drawing rights basket. Results will be available by December.IMF本月开启的一系列会议旨在评估人民币的地位,同时讨论人民币加入;特别提款;篮子的可能性,讨论结果将于12月出炉。The basket currently includes the US dollar, euro, British pound and Japanese yen.目前的一篮子货币包括美元、欧元、英镑和日元。The yuan became the worlds fifth-largest payment currency in December, passing the Canadian and Australian dollars.去年12月,人民币超过加元和澳元,成为全球第五大付货币。来 /201506/378129。

As IBM seeks to complete a .3 billion sale of its server business to China’s Lenovo, the U.S. is worried.IBM希望3亿美元的价格将旗下的务器业务出售给中国的联想集团(Lenovo),引起了美国政府的担忧。Although the deal was made in January, little has happened in the months since as the two tech companies try to resolve security concerns raised by the U.S. government, which is currently investigations the matter.虽然这两家公司的交易早在今年一月份就已经开始,但之后几个月却一直没有进展,因为它们不得不尽量解除美国政府对安全问题的担忧。目前,美国政府正在就此事展开调查。But what has the U.S. worried? IBM’s x86 servers are used in some of the country’s most sensitive networks including by the Defense Department and the U.S. Air Force, according to anonymous sources cited by theWall Street Journal. These servers may be open to attack by Chinese spies or hackers if the deal goes through, according to U.S. security officials and members of the federal Committee on Foreign Investment, an interagency group that reviews transactions involving foreign companies.美国人到底在担心什么?《华尔街日报》(Wall Street Journal)援引匿名人士的话称,IBM的x86务器被用于多个美国最敏感的网络,其中包括美国国防部(the Defense Department)和美国空军(the U.S. Air Force)。美国国防官员和联邦外国投资委员会(Committee on Foreign Investment)成员认为,如果这笔交易获得通过,这些务器将门户大开,容易受到中国间谍或黑客的攻击。美国外国投资委员会是一家跨部门组织,负责审查涉及外国公司的交易。But in their defense, IBM and Lenovo say that the technology used in the x86 servers is made by many other companies in the U.S. and that they contain Chinese components. Meanwhile, Lenovo says that it will only use the servers for commercial goals.但IBM和联想却认为,x86务器所用的技术由美国多家公司联合开发,其中也包括中国的组件。此外,联想表示只会将务器用于商业目的。The deal should still be approved despite the pushback, according to the Wall Street Journal’s sources, and a decision is expected by the year’s end.《华尔街日报》的消息人士透露,尽管遭遇阻力,但这笔交易最终仍然会获得通过,预计美国政府将在年底前做出决定。In order to meet the concerns raised by the U.S., the companies say that IBM will actively have a stake in maintaining the servers, although that has also drawn worry from the U.S. government. Similar concerns were also raised in 2005 when Lenovo purchased IBM’s personal-computer business.为了打消美国政府的忧虑,这两家公司表示,IBM仍将积极参与务器的维护,尽管美国政府对这一点同样表示担忧。早005年,联想收购IBM的个人电脑业务时,美国政府也曾有过类似担忧 /201406/308563。