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Better known by its more imaginative moniker of the Mooncake Festival, for millions of Chinese across Asia the Mid-Autumn Festival is a big deal, second only to Chinese Lunar New Year celebrations。中秋节绰号“月饼节”,在亚洲各地的华人眼中,中秋节是一个很盛大的节日,其重要性仅次于春节。Throughout the continent, households celebrate in style in a variety of ways, with the releasing of sky lanterns, dragon dancing and the age old tradition of eating mountains of moon cakes. These ubiquitous bite-sized chunks of pastry are filled with everything from red bean paste, lotus seeds, almonds, egg yolk, minced meat, candied fruits or chocolate。在亚洲,每个家庭庆祝中秋的方式各有千秋,有放孔明灯的,有舞龙的,还有流传已久的吃月饼的传统。在中秋佳节,这种小巧的点心随处可见,其馅料从红豆沙、莲子、杏仁、蛋黄、肉末、果脯到巧克力,无所不包。There are literally hundreds of varieties found throughout the region and in cosmopolitan areas such as Hong Kong and Shanghai, well-to-do folk can even munch on moon cakes of black truffle, caviar and foie gras。亚洲各地的月饼多达数百种,而类似香港和上海这种国际大都市,有钱人家甚至能享用黑松露、鱼子酱和鹅肝酱月饼。Throughout continental Asia, Mid-Autumn Festival is a time for families to reunite and spend time together. Celebrations kick off with a special meal at home, akin to a western Christmas or Thanksgiving dinner before everyone steps out together, often in traditional dress, to enjoy local festivities such as dancing, music and bright lantern displays. Each nation and region has its own peculiar customs for moon worship with many quaint customs still going strong。在亚洲大陆的各个地方,中秋节都是一个家人团聚及相互陪伴的节日。庆祝活动往往从一桌特别的家宴开始,类似于西方的圣诞节或感恩节晚餐,之后全家人一起外出活动,通常都会身着传统饰,让自己置身于当地的节日氛围中,观赏舞蹈、音乐以及漂亮的灯会。每个国家和地区都有各自独特的拜月风俗,许多稀奇古怪的习俗在当地仍影响深远。Zhongqiu: the Chinese mainland#39;s Mid-Autumn Festival中国大陆的中秋节In Chinese mainland the strong scent of incense wafts through the air and twinkling lanterns can be seen for miles around. Unsurprisingly it is in the rural heartland where the most colorful traditions still hold true。在中国大陆,中秋那天,空气中飘散着浓烈的熏香味道,隔着几公里远也可以看到空中闪烁的灯笼。不用意外,在农村中心地区,那些丰富多样的传统习俗仍被尊崇。In parts of Southern China the full moon is time for a little romance. Masquerades are held at Festival time to pair up single guys and girls from neighboring villages with the quaint yet symbolic dropping of a handkerchief。在中国南方的部分地区,月圆之夜被认为是一个浪漫的时刻。节日当天会举办假面舞会,用丢手绢的方式撮合邻村的单身男女,这看似不可思议却极具象征意味。One of the most spectacular aspects of Mid-Autumn Festival is the building of huge bamboo and stone towers, often rising over 50 feet high, which are then set ablaze after dark in order to ensure a good harvest。最壮观的一种中秋庆祝活动是用竹子和石头垒成巨塔,高度通常超过50英尺,等到天黑后再将巨塔点燃,以求来年的好收成。Mid-Autumn celebrations in Hong Kong香港的中秋庆祝活动Hong Kong is arguably the best place of all to be for the Festival. The teeming city goes mad for moon cakes and the famous city skyline is even more dramatic among thousands of shimmering lanterns and the glow of the full moon。香港也许是欢庆中秋的最佳地区。这座闹市的人们疯狂地爱着月饼,那闪闪发亮的灯笼和满月的光辉让这座著名城市的天际线显得格外壮丽。Seemingly every household in the city takes the kids up to Victoria Peak to see the cityscape and harbor view in all its glory. From here you can see a flotilla of boats ferrying couples around the harbor on romantic moonlight cruises. Throughout Kowloon there are special street markets, extravagant lantern processions (including the world’s largest structure made entirely of lanterns) and the famous fire dragon dances shows。在香港,似乎家家户户都会带着孩子到太平山顶观赏城市全貌以及维港的华美夜景。在这里你会看到一队小艇载着佳偶们在浪漫的月光下徐行。整个九龙区遍布着特别的街边市场,还会上演华美的灯游行(包括世界最大的造型灯)和著名的舞火龙表演。Mid-Autumn Festival in Singapore新加坡的中秋节Although not a designated public holiday in Singapore, the city celebrates in typically over-the-top fashion which is as ever, well stage-managed。虽然中秋节并非新加坡的法定公共节假日,但这座城市的庆祝方式不仅极尽时尚,而且表演也很壮观。All the action takes place in Chinatown with an official opening ceremony and light up of shimmering lanterns. There are numerous troupes of lion dancers all jostling for position to the sound of deafening firecrackers and cheesy Mandarin pop songs。在唐人街所有的庆祝活动都有一个正式的开幕仪式,并会点亮灯笼。许多舞狮表演队和着震耳欲聋的鞭炮声与并不正宗的国语流行歌曲,你来我往,你争我夺。This being Singapore, there is a huge moon-inspired street bazaar with the usual mix of tacky Chinese souvenirs and fabulous street food。在新加坡还设有中秋主题大型夜市,可以买到一些廉价的中国纪念品和美味的街头小吃。Chuseok in South Korea韩国的秋夕节Falling on the same date as the Chinese Mid-Autumn Festival, Chuseok is a big deal; hands down the most celebrated holiday on Korea’s calendar. For outsiders, it’s sometimes difficult to grasp the significance of this three-day event, as it is extremely family-oriented. If you have an in with a kind Korean family, this would be a great opportunity for an in depth look at Confucianism in action。韩国的秋夕节是个大日子,正好与中国的中秋节在同一天;它毫无疑问是韩国最盛大的节日。由于该节日完全以家庭为单位庆祝,因此外来者很难领会到这个为期三天的节日的重要性。你若能与一个和善的韩国家庭同住,这几天将是深入观察儒家做派的绝佳机会。Mooncake Festival in Taiwan台湾的中秋节Due in part to the creeping westernization of Taiwan society, there is a modern trend of spending Mid-Autumn Festival with a barbecue and a few beers under the light of the full moon. It is usually a small family affair but some towns and villages do organize large scale versions where the whole community gets together under twinkling lanterns to eat mountains of sizzling meat and moon cakes。某种程度上是因为台湾社会日渐西化,现在中秋节越来越流行在满月下露天吃烧烤喝啤酒。虽然中秋节通常在小家庭里庆祝,但有些城镇或乡村会组织大型烧烤活动,让整个社区的人都聚到一起,大家在闪烁的灯笼下一边大口吃烤肉,一边品尝月饼。T琞 Trung Thu – Mid-Autumn Festival in Vietnam越南的中秋节The Vietnamese version of Mid-Autumn Festival has taken on a life of its own, including its very own unique and bizarre legend. It recounts the story of a woman who accidentally urinated on a sacred banyan tree and for her sins was transported to the moon to be stranded there for eternity. During festivities in Vietnam, lion dances are the main attraction with small dance troupes performing on street corners or going from house to house collecting ‘good luck’ money in exchange for a private show。越南版本的中秋节别具一格,尤其是那独特而离奇的传说。传说一个女人无意中尿到了一棵神圣的榕树上,因为这个罪过她被遣送到月亮上,永生永世被困在那里。越南过节期间,小舞蹈团的舞狮表演是最吸引人的,他们会在街角表演,或者一家一家收取红包进行私人表演。 /201509/401568

Wang Linshi, a thin, erudite 69-year-old from China#39;s eastern city of Taizhou, has a soft spot for chickens.69岁的王林诗是江苏泰州人,学多才,人很清瘦,尤擅画鸡。He paints them. In his work, done in the traditional Chinese style, daubs of black ink dart and splay into astonishing renditions of tiny claws, or fade to gray to become wings, or come alive with expressions, and the humor he gifts them.在他的传统中国水墨画中,可以看到他用墨汁随意抹两笔便绘出了鸡的爪子,用浅墨涂几下便描出了翅膀和神态。他笔下的鸡栩栩如生,作品意趣盎然。#39;Once, he painted five chickens, four of them eating rice, and one of them standing on a stone,#39; said Yang Linchuan, Mr. Wang#39;s friend and fellow painter. #39;I asked him why he left that chicken without food. He said the chicken is on guard, sacrificing himself for the happiness of others.#39;王林诗的朋友、画家杨林川说,有一次他画了五只鸡,四只在啄米,一只站在石头上。他问王林诗那只鸡为何不吃米,后者答道,这是站岗鸡,辛苦自己,幸福大家。Mr. Wang is a #39;typical Southern Chinese literati#39; who doesn#39;t say much, but when he does he isn#39;t above dropping Tang and Song dynasty verse into casual conversation, Mr. Yang said.杨林川说,王林诗是典型的中国南方文人,平日话不多,但一旦开口,闲谈之中不知不觉就会吐出唐宋诗词。On Jan. 20, the pair attended a celebration of the 30th anniversary of the Nanjing Zhongshan Painting Institute, to which they both belonged. It might be the last time Mr. Yang would see his friend.今年1月20日,王林诗和杨林川一同参加了南京中山书画院建院30周年的庆祝活动。他们二人均曾供职于该书画院。这也许是杨林川最后一次见到王林诗。Mr. Wang was among 18 Chinese artists--calligraphers, painters, poets--aboard Malaysia Airlines Flight 370 . The artists had been invited to a three-day exhibition last week in Kuala Lumpur organized by a Chinese online commerce group called IBICN.王林诗是马来西亚航空公司(Malaysia Airlines)370航班上18位中国艺术家之一。这个中国艺术代表团由书法家、画家和诗人组成。他们上周应邀参加了吉隆坡一个为期三天的展出,主办方是中国在线商务网站国联资源网(IBICN)。Some in the group are regarded as heavyweights in the Chinese art scene.代表团中一些艺术家被认为是中国艺术界的重量级人物。Liu Rusheng, a 76-year-old Nanjing man, heads at least three traditional-Chinese art groups and is a member of the state-backed China Calligraphy Association. He is known for his mastery of portraiture, birds and flowers. Where Mr. Wang favors chickens, Mr. Liu has a knack for grapes and plum blossoms.76岁的刘如生是至少三个书画院的负责人,是官方的中国书法家协会会员。他以擅长画人物和花鸟闻名。王林诗爱画小鸡,刘如生则在画葡萄和梅花方面技艺精湛。#39;He was exemplary among artists because he had great technique, and he had a lot of friends,#39; said Ma Yongan, chairman of the China Calligraphy and Art Association.中国书法艺术家协会主席马永安称,他是艺术家中的典范,他的绘画技巧高超,而且有很多朋友。Mr. Liu#39;s work is of such high quality that it attracted the attention of Chinese officials, who presented it as an official gift to Taiwan#39;s former premier, Lien Chan, Mr. Ma said. Mr. Lien#39;s office confirmed the gift. #39;We wish Mr. Liu all the very best and we hope the situation is not as bleak as it seems,#39; said Ting Yuan-chao, a spokesman for Mr. Lien#39;s office.马永安表示,刘如生的作品造诣颇高,受到了中国官员的关注,中国官员曾把他的作品作为官方礼物赠送给前台湾行政院院长连战。连战办公室确认收到过这份礼物。连战办公室发言人丁远超说,祝刘先生好运,希望事情不像看起来那么糟糕。Friends say Mr. Liu is an exuberant and energetic man given to speaking in a somewhat formal manner.朋友们都说,刘如生是一位精力旺盛、充满活力的人。#39;He has an air of celebrity, as he worked in an art troupe before,#39; Mr. Yang said. The term in China refers to a Communist Party vehicle for popular live drama.杨林川称,刘如生有一种名人气质,因为他以前在文工团工作。在中国,文工团指的是在共产党领导下的文艺团体。Mr. Liu performed in such a troupe for coal miners in the past, Mr. Yang said. A 2006 essay written by Mr. Liu described how his father, a coal mine boss in eastern Nanjing, had been stabbed to death by Japanese soldiers during Japan#39;s 1937 invasion of China. It was the first of six #39;close brushes with death#39; for Mr. Liu detailed in the essay, which has been circulating on the Internet since the disappearance of Flight 370.杨林川表示,刘如生以前在煤矿文工团当演员。刘如生曾在2006年发表过一篇名为《曾与死亡六次擦肩而过》的散文,其中描述了他的父亲、南京一煤矿老板在1937年日本侵华时被日本士兵杀害的经历。这是他六次与死亡擦肩而过的第一次,这篇文章在马航370航班失联后就在互联网上广为流传。Mr. Liu would continue to entertain even in Kuala Lumpur, where he held court on the bus en route to Kuala Lumpur#39;s Istana Negara, or Royal Palace, singing a #39;classic red song,#39; said Zheng Wenbin, a 45-year-old calligrapher from China#39;s port city of Shenzhen, who was in the group.45岁的书法家郑文彬说,刘如生在吉隆坡也继续给大家带来欢乐,他在开往吉隆坡马来西亚王宫(Istana Negara)的汽车上还唱了一首经典的红歌。郑文彬来自深圳,他也是此次访问马来西亚艺术家代表团的成员。The exhibition in Malaysia, billed by organizers as a four-year-old Sino-Malaysian art and cultural exchange, wasn#39;t a major international showcase. But for some in the group, like Maimaitijiang Abula, the fair was special because it was his first such outing abroad.在马来西亚的这次展览(主办方将其称为“中马艺术文化交流”,已经举行了四年)并不是一项重大国际项目。但对参加展览的买买提江#12539;阿布拉等人来说,这一项目有特殊意义,因为这是他第一次在国外参展。Mr. Abula, a clean-cut 34-year-old oil painter, has just started to get internationally noticed. For most of his career, he has worked in his hometown of Kashgar, China#39;s westernmost city in the Xinjiang region, where he developed a talent for depicting earth-toned images of faded urban desolation, including portraits of Uighurs, the ethnic minority to which Mr. Abula belonged.阿布拉现年34岁,是一位外表整洁的油画家,刚刚开始在国际上受到关注。在职业生涯的大部分时间里,他都是在自己的故乡喀什工作。喀什是新疆地区最西部的一个城市。他擅长用土黄色调表达城市的荒芜感,他还画维吾尔族人的肖像画,他自己也是维族人。Mr. Abula#39;s remote location has left him cut off from much of the art world, but he has sought to maintain a presence in the provincial capital of Urumqi.身处偏远地区的阿布拉基本与外面的艺术世界隔离,但他仍然在省城乌鲁木齐有着一席之地。#39;Kashgar and Urumqi are separated by 1,500 kilometers (930 miles) so he didn#39;t come here often, but he was our member and took part in our exhibitions,#39; an official with the 1,300-member Xinjiang Artists Association said.新疆美术家协会的一名负责人说,喀什和乌鲁木齐相隔1,500公里,因此他不怎么经常来乌鲁木齐,但他是协会会员,参加协会的展览。该协会有1,300名会员。Mr. Abula was thrilled to be invited by the organizers to the trip, said his friend and fellow painter Yimamu Aishan.阿布拉的朋友、同样也是画家的依麻木艾山说,在收到主办方的邀请时,阿布拉非常高兴。On Thursday, Mr. Aishan got a text message apparently sent by Mr. Abula from Kuala Lumpur. The group had mostly wrapped up the official portion of the visit by then.上周四,艾山收到了阿布拉从吉隆坡发来的短信。那时,艺术代表团的官方行程部分已经基本结束。#39;He said he was getting y to come back to Beijing,#39; said Mr. Aishan, as he sat beside Mr. Abula#39;s older brother in a Beijing hotel that Malaysia Airlines set aside for friends and relatives of the missing. #39;He said he won#39;t call because he might not have enough money on his phone card.#39;艾山称,阿布拉说他已经准备返回北京,说他不会再打电话,因为电话卡上的钱可能不够了。艾山此时正在北京一家马航为失联乘客亲友安排的酒店中,阿布拉的哥哥就坐在他身边。The pair met in Xinjiang Normal University more than 10 years ago, where they studied art, Mr. Aishan said. Both men favored oils, and painted together whenever they could. When Mr. Aishan moved to Beijing to study stage design at the Communication University of China about a year ago, Mr. Abula stayed in Kashgar.艾山说,他与阿布拉相识于十多年前,当时两人都在新疆师范大学(Xinjiang Normal University)学画画。两人都酷爱油画,一有时间就在一起搞创作。大约一年前艾山来到北京,在中国传媒大学(Communication University of China)学舞台美术设计,阿布拉则继续留在了喀什。Mr. Yang, the Nanjing painter, recalled inviting Mr. Wang to the podium to address the Nanjing Zhongshan Painting Institute in January.南京画家杨林川回忆起了1月份他邀请王林诗在南京中山书画院成立30周年座谈会上发言的情景。#39;He sat in the back, so I asked him to come up and speak,#39; Mr. Yang said.他说:当时王林诗坐在后排,我专门请他到台上来发言。When Mr. Wang did, #39;he spoke of how he wanted to do more charity work such as bringing art to the rural areas. He talked about his work plans, such as participating in overseas art activities after the Lunar New Year.王林诗上台之后,说了他希望多参加“送画下乡”这样的公益活动,还谈了他的工作计划,说他打算过完春节去国外参加一个艺术活动。#39;I didn#39;t think at the time what it would mean.#39;杨林川说,当时他不知道这个“国外”是不是马来西亚。 /201403/280286

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