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Banana Island, this is Boardwalk in the U.S. edition, Mayfair in the U.K. version. This is the most expensive piece of real estate in Lagos and in Monopoly: multi-million-dollar mansions, manicured lawns and swimming pools.香蕉岛,在美国版游戏中被称为Boardwalk,而在英国版是Mayfair。这是大富翁拉各斯最昂贵的一处房产,数百万美元的豪宅,拥有修剪整齐的草地和游泳池。Right here is Makoko, the Venice of Lagos, the cheapest piece of real estate on the board game. Now What I found quite interesting is that there are sponsored spots. All right, First Bank. You can see here for Banana Island. But on Makoko I guess nobody wants to sponsor the poorest and cheapest piece of real estate on this Monopoly board game. Monopoly was launched in 1935 in the ed States at the height of the Great Depression. The game was a way for most people who were earning just a couple of dollars a day to experience the life as a real estate noble, earning millions of dollars a year.然而,马科科,拉各斯的,最这一棋盘游戏中最便宜的房产。香蕉岛上有许多由第一赞助的景点。但是,有趣的是,在马科科,我猜没人愿意在大富翁棋盘游戏中的最便宜、最贫穷的地产上赞助任何项目。大富翁游戏发行之际,正值美国1935年经济大萧条最严重之时。对于每天只能挣得几美元的大多数人来说,这一游戏成为他们体验那种拥有豪华房产,每年轻松赚得上百万美元的生活的一种方式。Lagos State Government was heavily involved in bringing this game to Nigeria. Part of the reason was to promote the city, but also to encourage people to follow traffic regulations. Youve seen images of Lagos. You know that the city is clogged with traffic, so here one of the cards for the chance cards, for using the overheads pedestrian bridge, move forward three spaces. Many people try to run across highways, and many are killed every year. There are Pedestrian bridges above that traffic, and this is to encourage usage of those bridges. The game is still sold relatively cheaply in the ed States and U.K. On amazon.com, you can buy about 18 dollars, and in the U.K. you can buy 9 pounds 70. But here in Nigeria, the price is close to 40 dollars, putting it out of reach for most ordinary Nigerians, who earn less than 2 dollars a day.拉各斯州政府亲自大力持这一游戏进入尼日利亚市场。部分原因在于推动该市发展,同时鼓励人们遵守交通法规。你可能想象过拉各斯的情况。这一城市交通堵塞情况十分严重,因此,应该采用过街人行天桥。但是,许多人都企图穿越高速公路,每年有很多人因此丧生。拉各斯是过街人行天桥的,企图通过这一游戏使用这些天桥。目前,这一游戏在美国和英国卖得仍然相当便宜。通过On amazon.com网站,你仅花大约18美元就可以买上,而在英国是9.7英磅。但是,在尼日利亚,价格高达近40美元,远远超出了一般的尼日利亚人的消费能力,他们每天的收入不到2美元。Lagos, the first African city to be featured in the world famous board game Monopoly. Lets go explore some of the sites and Landmarks.拉各斯是出现在世界闻名的大富翁棋盘游戏中的第一座非洲城市。让我们来探索这里的一些地址和地标吧。 201212/217895

One of the biggest problems at this hugeenvironmental summit here in Rio de Janeiro has been accommodation. Now luckily a few hotels and hotels like S and C have pitched in to help.里约热内卢大型国际环境峰会期间出现的一个最大的问题就是住宿。现在,好在几家诸如S和C这样的酒店和汽车旅馆也贡献了自己的一份力量。Now the entrance is a little unusually herethats because each apartment has its own garage slot basically because most ofthe clients here dont want their cars to be seen from the street.现在各酒店的入口还是有些异常,因为每套房间都要有独立的停车位。这主要是因为大多数客人都不愿意别人从大街上看到他们的车。Most of clients for this room usually payby the hour, you can see why, there are these mirrors on the ceiling, rightover here you have own private heated pool, just around the corner, there is anarea for pole dancing. But these days a good thirds ofthe clients in this hotel or motel are actually attending the Rio+20 environmental summit and thats because most of the city hotels are eitheroverbooked or overcharging. Now for the people staying they are getting a goodprice even a derate. And thats because the owners see a segment that has anopportunity for growth.大部分客户通常按小时付这种房间的房费,你能明白这是为什么...天花板上镶着几面镜子,下面正对着你正在享受的热气腾腾的私人泳池,房间一角是跳钢管舞的地方。这几天以来,近三分之一本分的酒店及汽车旅馆的客人确实参加了“里约+20”峰会,这也是由于里约市大部分酒店要么客满,要么开出了天价。不过,现在这些想要住宿的人发现房间价格还不错,甚至还有折扣。这是因为酒店老板们发现,将房间隔成数间这一模式极具市场潜力。With the world cup and the Olympicsattendance will be for people to use these quick turnover hotels even more. 对于将要观看世界杯和奥林匹克观众来说,会有更多人成为这种能够快速创造营业额的酒店的客人。You know likely to find one of the Rio +20 delegates in these dramatic rooms , like thisone, the evil room. But you could not end up staying right next door.你很可能会在这些戏剧性的房间里看到某位“里约+20”峰会的代表,就象这一间,一间邪恶屋子。但是你可能无法一直呆在隔壁房间。201210/205377Science and Technology Intelligence testing Who are you calling bird-brained?科技 智力测试 叫谁是笨蛋呢?An attempt is being made to devise a universal intelligence test人类正尝试设计一种通用的智力测验WHAT is the IQ of a chimpanzee? Or a worm? Or a game-show-winning computer program? Or even an alien from the planet Zaarg who can learn any human language in a day, can beat grandmasters ten at a time and can instantly factor the products of large prime numbers?黑猩猩、蠕虫或用于智力竞赛的计算机程序,甚至是来自Zaarg星球的外星人(外星人能在一天内学会任何一门人类语言,每次都能赢棋类大师10分,能立即分解出大质数的因子),它们的智商是多少呢?At the moment it is impossible to say.当问到这类问题,没有人能回答出来。IQ tests depend on language, and even Watson, a computer program that beat two human contestants in a special edition of ;Jeopardy!; (an American quiz show) on February 16th, does not have a perfect command of English.IQ测试依赖于语言,而且就算是Watson系统对英语也不是了如指掌(2月16日,Watson系统在美国智力竞赛;Jeopardy!;的特别节目中击败了两名人类对手)。In any case there is, at the moment, no meaningful scale on which non-human intelligence can be compared with the human sort.但不管怎么样,现在还没有一个有意义的标尺能用于任何非人类和人类智商的比较。The most famous test for artificial intelligence is that devised by Alan Turing, a British computing pioneer.最著名的人工智力测试是由英国计算科学先驱阿兰图灵(Alan Turing)设计的。To pass the Turing test, and thus be considered intelligent, a program must fool a human being into believing that it is another human being.为了通过图灵测试,机器中的程序必须使对方(人类)误以为它也是一个人类,且如果机器通过了测试,该机器就被认为是人工智能。But the Turing test still requires the program to share a language with the tester and, because it is all or nothing, cannot be used to rank different forms of artificial intelligence against one another.但图灵测试仍要求程序和测试者使用相同的语言。并且由于测试的结果是;是;或者;否;,因此不能用于不同形式人工智能间的评级。Jose Hernandez-Orallo of the Polytechnic University of Valencia, in Spain, and David Dowe of Monash University, in Australia, think they can do better than this. They believe not only that a universal scale of intelligence can be devised, but also that it can be assessed without reference to language.If they are right, an insult like ;bird-brained; will, in the future, be finely calibrated.来自西班牙瓦伦西亚理工大学的Jose Hernandez-Orallo和澳大利亚莫纳什大学的David Dowe认为他们能设计出比图灵更完善的测试。他们相信不仅能设计出可通用的智商标尺,而且测试可以与语言无关。如果真能如他们所说,那么将来就可以精确计算出;愚蠢;的程度了。Dr Hernandez-Orallo and Dr Dowe, both computer scientists, propose to make their measurement by borrowing a concept called Kolmogorov complexity from information theory, a branch of computer science.Hernandez-Orallo士和Dr Dowe士都是计算机科学家,他们提出:借用信息论(计算机科学的一个分)中的Kolmogorov复杂度概念来实现测量。The Kolmogorov complexity of a computers output is the shortest possible program (measured in the binary digits that lie at the bottom of all computer code) that could produce that output.计算机输出的Kolmogorov复杂度是指能产生该输出的可能最短程序(基于计算机代码的二进制位数)。On this measure, an entitys intelligence would be measured by the Kolmogorov complexity of the most complex tests it can solve—a clear, numerical value.在这种设计下,可以通过最复杂测试的Kolmogorov复杂度来测量一个实体的智商。In practice, calculating the true Kolmogorov complexity of a system is almost impossible.实际上,要正确计算出系统的Kolmogorov复杂度几乎是不可能的。But an approximation can be made. And that, the researchers reckon, will be good enough.但可以计算出它的近似值。而对研究人员的估算工作而言,近似值也就足够了。The actual tests would employ the well-honed methods of operant conditioning, developed initially on pigeons, in which the test subject has first to work out what is going on by trial and error.实际的测试会采用精确的操作性条件反射方法,测试对象首先要清楚实验的过程和错误。As in operant conditioning, correct responses would be ewarded—by money, perhaps, for a human being; by bananas for a chimpanzee or by the numerical value itself for an appropriately programmed computer.在操作性条件反射中,正确的反射响应将得到奖励——对人而言可能是金钱,对黑猩猩而言是香蕉,对可编程计算机而言则可能是数值本身。If the test were noughts and crosses, the test-taker (if it had never seen the game before) would first have to work out that the game is won by getting three in a row on a 3-by-3 grid, before actually going on to play.如果测验是画圈叉游戏,则在进行游戏之前测试参与者(假定他们从没听说过圈叉游戏)首要要弄懂在3X3的网格中,3个格连成一行就赢得游戏了。A chimpanzee might not manage a test of this level of complexity, but could, maybe, work out the idea of three-in-a-row when only a single row was involved.黑猩猩可能没办法理解这种复杂度等级的测验,但当只有一行时,它们也许就可以明白;3格-1行;的概念了。Chess, though, would surely be beyond it (and probably beyond most people, too, if they did not aly know the rules).而象棋的难易度远超过黑猩猩的理解程度(可能也超过大多数人的理解,如果他们并不知道象棋规则的话)。Games like draughts and dominoes would lie somewhere in between.西洋跳棋和多米诺骨牌这类游戏的难易程度则介于圈叉和象棋之间。In fact Dr Hernandez-Orallo and Dr Dowe do not plan to use existing games. Instead they are employing a computer to enerate novel games and patterns.实际上,Hernandez-Orallo士和Dowe士计划采用计算机产生的新游戏和新花样来代替已有的游戏。Their approach eliminates human bias.他们的方法消除了人类的偏见,It also allows them to generate tests with any level of complexity they like—even ones that are far beyond the ability of humans to complete.同时也允许产生任何复杂度等级的测验——甚至可以是远超过人类能力的。When it comes to testing the tests, then, aliens from the planet Zaarg will be particularly welcome to apply.当可以进行测试时,特别欢迎来自Zaarg星球的外星人。 /201212/217795Yeal: So, Don, when you go to Mcdonalds...雅艾尔:那么,唐,你什么时候去麦当劳...Dan: I dont go to Mcdonalds.唐:我不去麦当劳。Yeal: OK, but if you did. And saw that they have salad on the , would you get the salad or something less healthful like a cheeseburg in french fries?雅艾尔:好吧,但你曾经去过。如果看见菜单上有沙拉,你会点沙拉还是其它不那么健康的食物,比如双层吉士汉堡和法式薯条?Dan: Well, if I saw, if they had a salad, I guess thats what Ill get.唐:嗯,如果我看见他们的菜单上有沙拉,我想我会点沙拉。Yeal: Maybe. But researchersve actually studied this. They showed people two fast food-type s: one with three typically unhealthful items, like a hamburger, a chicken sandwich and French fries; and the other had the same items but also included a salad.雅艾尔:也许吧。其实研究人员们对此进行过研究。他们提供给人们两个快餐菜单:其中一个菜单有三项典型的不健康食物,比如汉堡,鸡肉三明治和法式薯条;另一个菜单上也有这三种食物,另外添加了沙拉。Dan: And?唐:然后呢?Yeal: And the people who saw the with the salad were nearly three times more likely to choose the least healthful item, the French fries. Almost nobody actually chose the salad.雅艾尔:看见菜单上有沙拉的人选择最不健康的食物法式薯条的可能性是其它食物的三倍之多。几乎没人选择沙拉。Dan:So you say that the presence of the salad as a healthy choice somehow spurred people to make the most unhealthy choice, why?唐:所以你认为菜单上出现像沙拉这样的健康食物,会从某种程度上刺激人们选择最不健康的食物,为什么呢?Yeal: Its called vicarious goal fulfillment.The idea is that merely seeing and considering the salad fulfills your goal of eating healthfully. Then you feel like youve done your duty, and go on to order what amounts to an unhealthful treat, like extra large fry or a huge hamburger.雅艾尔:这就叫替代目标实现。仅仅是看见或者考虑沙拉就会满足你健康饮食的目标。这种观点会让你觉得自己尽到了责任,之后继续去点不健康的食物,比如超大薯条或者巨型汉堡。Dan: But maybe just knowing this phenomenon can help. If you know the salad could encourage you to get a cheeseburger, perhaps its possible to realize whats happening and resist the urge.唐:但也许知道这种现象会有所帮助。如果你知道沙拉会诱导你点汉堡,也许你就会意识到错误,然后抵住冲动。Yeal: Maybe,or you could just not eat fastfood in the first place.雅艾尔:也许吧。不过你可以选择不吃快餐。原文译文属!201211/211386

Dear Annie: When I was in college, I was good friends with ;Carrie.; When Carrie met my boyfriend, she was rather intoxicated and said some hurtful things about him. Carrie went on and on about how she couldnt believe I would date a frat boy, that I was better than that, etc.亲爱的安妮:大学时,我有个好朋友叫“凯利”。凯利见到我男朋友时喝醉了,然后把他说得一无是处。她滔滔不绝地讲着,说她还是不敢相信我会跟一个联谊会的男孩交往,我能找到更好的,等等。Carrie apologized the next day. I married the boyfriend and still keep in touch with Carrie. But even after two years, I cannot shake what she said. I know her well enough to realize that while she was sorry, she meant every word. Carrie has asked to visit a couple of times, and I keep making excuses because it would be uncomfortable.第二天凯利道歉了。我与男朋友结了婚,与凯利还保持着联系。但即使两年过后,我还是不能忘记她说过的话。我很了解她,她如果道歉,每一句都是认真的。好几次凯利想来拜访我,我都找借口拒绝了,因为这让我感觉不舒。I know her loose tongue was a result of the drinking and she did apologize, but I cant forget the incident. What should I say when she tells me shed like to come and stay with us? — Confused Since College我知道她嘴巴不严是因为喝醉的缘故,而且她的确道歉了,但我始终无法忘记那件事。她再提起想过来跟我们住一阵子时,我该怎么做呢?Dear Confused: Even if Carrie meant those words at the time, it doesnt mean she still feels that way. Before inviting Carrie to visit, have a frank discussion. Tell her you are still bothered by those comments about your husband and, because you value the friendship so highly, would like to clear the air. See what she says before checking her off your guest list.亲爱的小糊涂:即使凯利当时是认真的,也不代表她现在还那样认为。在邀请她之前,与她开诚布公地谈一次话。告诉她你还在为当年她的出言不逊而烦恼,因为你是如此珍视你们之间的友谊,所以想消除误会。看看她会有何反应,然后再决定是否将它从客人名单上划掉。原文译文属!201211/211120A local news report about a prenup and marriage breakup would make a fine satiric tale. Like an entertaining satire, the plot and characters of that report offer useful material for contemplation.It seems that a certain ;sugar daddy; fell in love with a gorgeous woman who worked at a restaurant and proposed to her. The woman, however, suspected her Romeos ability to keep his wedding vows. Before marriage, she insisted that he sign a private contract.国内一则有关婚前协议和婚姻破裂的新闻报导,也许是很好的讽刺故事。像性讽刺一样,报道的情节和角色提供了很好的使人深思的材料。故事是说某位“甜蜜老爸”爱上了一位在餐厅工作的漂亮女士,并向她求了婚。而该女士很是怀疑她心上人能否遵守其结婚誓言,所以结婚前她坚持要求与他签一份私人协议。In the contract, Romeo promised to pay his beloved NT0 million if he broke his promise not ;to beat her, badmouth her, and/or date any [other] woman.;在协议中,“罗密欧”许诺如果他打破“不许打她,诋毁她,还有不许和其它女人约会”这个誓言,就要付她的爱人一亿新台币。Soon into the marriage, Romeo slipped up and had an affair. So Juliet took her Romeo to court, armed to the teeth with their private documents.结婚后不久,“罗密欧”就有了外遇。所以“朱丽叶”就将他的“罗密欧”告上法庭,为了他们的私人协议而唇舌剑。I find it sad that couples feel it is necessary to sign such documents. It is from deep and very special feelings of friendship that romance grows. And the essence of friendship ethics is trust and respect. Cases like this seem to show that trust and respect are absent from modern marriages.我为那些认为有必要签署这类文件的夫妻们感到悲哀,浪漫是在很深很特别的感觉中慢慢积累起来的一种友谊。而这种友情的本质就是信任和尊重。但这样的案例让人觉得现代婚姻完全缺失了这种信任和尊重。What happened to the case in the end? The judge ordered Romeo to pay his Juliet the amount she finally requested: 15 percent of the promised NT0 million.这样的案例有什么样的结局呢?法官裁定“罗密欧”必须付“茱丽叶”最后要求的金额:原先承诺的一亿元新台币的百分之十五。原文译文属!201208/195392

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  • 武汉包皮切割多少钱
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