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All dates are subject to change.展览日期有可能出现变动。ASIAN ART AT 100: A HISTORY IN PHOTOGRAPHS 亚洲艺术部百年诞辰:照片中的历史(Asian Art at 100: A History in Photographs) The Met continues its celebration of the Department of Asian Art’s 100th anniversary with 19 shows, including this meta-survey of the Met’s Asian galleries, photographed from 1907 to 1945. Through May 22, Metropolitan Museum of Art.大都会艺术物馆(Met)用19场展览来庆祝亚洲艺术部成立100周年,包括这场自我探究式的展览,展示该部从1907年至1945年以来的照片。大都会艺术物馆,至明年5月22日。FOR A NEW WORLD TO COME: EXPERIMENTS IN JAPANESE ART AND PHOTOGRAPHY, 1968-1979 即将到来的新世界:日本艺术和摄影实验,1968年至1979年(For a New World to Come: Experiments in Japanese Art and Photography, 1968-1979)Vietnam War protests and opposition to a treaty extending American occupation serve as backdrops for this exhibition of Japanese art, organized by the Museum of Fine Arts in Houston. Through Dec. 5, Grey Art Gallery, New York University, nyu.edu/greyart; Oct. 9-Jan. 10, Japan Society Gallery, japansociety.org.这场关于日本艺术的展览以反对越战及延长美军占领协议的抗议活动为背景,组织者是休斯顿美术馆(Museum of Fine Arts in Houston)。纽约大学格雷艺术画廊(Grey Art Gallery,nyu.edu/greyart),至12月5日;日本协会画廊(Japan Society Gallery,japansociety.org),至1月10日。PHILIPPINE GOLD: TREASURES OF FORGOTTEN KINGDOMS 菲律宾黄金:被遗忘国度的宝藏(Philippine Gold: Treasures of Forgotten Kingdoms)Jewelry, ceremonial weapons and funerary masks are among the roughly 120 objects on view, made between the 10th and 13th centuries. Through Jan. 3, Asia Society Museum, asiasociety.org.这场展览共展出约120件10世纪至13世纪的物品,包括珠宝、仪仗武器和丧礼面具。亚洲协会物馆(Asia Society Museum,asiasociety.org),至明年1月3日。FRANK GEHRY 弗兰克·格里(Frank Gehry)Co-organized by the Pompidou Center in Paris and LACMA, the exhibition looks at the career of Canadian-born starchitect Frank Gehry, who set up shop in Los Angeles in 1962. Sept. 13 through March 20, Los Angeles County Museum of Art, lacma.org.这场展览是巴黎的蓬皮杜中心(Pompidou Center)和洛杉矶艺术物馆(Los Angeles County Museum of Art)联手举办,探索加拿大出生的明星建筑师弗兰克·格里的事业。1962年,他在洛杉矶创办自己的建筑事务所。洛杉矶艺术物馆(lacma.org),至明年3月20日。GATES OF THE LORD: THE TRADITION OF KRISHNA PAINTING 神之门:克利须那绘画传统(Gates of the Lord: The Tradition of Krishna Painting)About 70 objects relating to pichwais, paintings portraying a distinct form of the Hindu god Krishna, and which originated in Western India, are on view. Sept. 13 through Jan. 3, Art Institute of Chicago, artic.edu.这场展览展示与pichwais有关的约70件艺术品。pichwais描绘印度教克利须那神的一个独特法相,它起源于西印度。芝加哥艺术学院(Art Institute of Chicago,artic.edu),至明年1月3日。PICASSO SCULPTURE 毕加索雕塑展(Picasso Sculpture)The first museum survey of Picasso’s sculpture in nearly 50 years includes assemblages made from nontraditional materials like plywood, as well as photographs and works on paper that reveal his groundbreaking approach to sculpting in three dimensions. Sept. 14 through Feb. 7, Museum of Modern Art.这场展览探索毕加索将近50年的雕塑创作,包括用胶合板等非传统材料制作的雕塑以及摄影和纸上作品。这些作品展现了他开创性的三维雕塑法。现代艺术物馆(Museum of Modern Art),至明年2月7日。MARK ROTHKO: A RETROSPECTIVE 马克·罗思科回顾展(Mark Rothko: A Retrospective)The first major retrospective of Rothko’s work since 1998, featuring his luminous Color Field canvases divided into hovering rectangles. Sept. 20-Jan. 24, Museum of Fine Arts, Houston, mfah.org.这是自1998年以来的首场罗思科作品大型回顾展,包括他鲜艳的色场(Color Field)帆布画。休斯顿美术馆(mfah.org),至明年1月24日。THE POWER OF PICTURES: EARLY SOVIET PHOTOGRAPHY, EARLY SOVIET FILM 图片的力量:早期苏联摄影与电影(The Power of Pictures: Early Soviet Photography, Early Soviet Film)The work of innovators associated with Soviet Constructivism, like Alexander Rodchenko and El Lissitzky, is celebrated in this show. Sept. 25-Feb. 7, the Jewish Museum, thejewishmuseum.org.这场展览展示苏联构成主义创新者的作品,比如亚历山大·罗琴科(Alexander Rodchenko)和埃尔·利西茨基(El Lissitzky)。犹太物馆(Jewish Museum,thejewishmuseum.org),至明年2月7日。PIXAR: THE DESIGN OF STORY 皮克斯动画制片公司:故事的设计(Pixar: The Design of Story)Hand-drawn sketches, paintings and sculptures reveal how story and characters are developed into animated movie blockbusters. Oct. 8-Aug. 7, Cooper Hewitt, Smithsonian Design Museum, cooperhewitt.org.这场展览通过手绘素描、油画和雕塑展现故事和人物是如何演变成动画电影大片的。库珀休伊特史密森尼设计物馆(Cooper Hewitt, Smithsonian Design Museum,cooperhewitt.org),至明年8月7日。INTERNATIONAL POP 国际波普艺术(International Pop)Dallas is the second site, after the Walker Art Center in Minneapolis, for this exhibition of Pop Art that splintered into international movements like Nouveau Réalisme in France, Concretism and Neo-Concretism in Brazil and Capitalist Realism in Germany. Oct. 11-Jan. 17, Dallas Museum of Art.达拉斯艺术物馆(Dallas Museum of Art)是这场波普艺术展的第二站,首站是在明尼阿波利斯的沃克艺术中心(Walker Art Center)。波普艺术分裂成了多个国际潮流,比如法国的新现实主义、巴西的具体主义和新具体主义,以及德国的资本现实主义。达拉斯艺术物馆,至明年1月17日。ANCIENT EGYPT TRANSFORMED: THE MIDDLE KINGDOM 古埃及的转换:中王国时期(Ancient Egypt Transformed: The Middle Kingdom)Sculpture depicting pharaohs and their families, but also objects created by people from the nonelite sectors of society and examples reveal Egypt’s relations with foreigners during the Middle Kingdom (c. 2030-1650 B.C.). Oct. 12-Jan. 24, the Metropolitan Museum of Art.这场展览不仅展示法老及家人的雕塑,还有非精英阶层创作的物品,同时通过例展示中王国时期(约为公元前2030年至1650年)的埃及与外国的关系。大都会艺术物馆,至明年1月24日。ZHANG HONGTU 张宏图作品展Best known for making objects that satirize Mao Zedong and his Cultural Revolution, this is the first ed States survey of the Queens-based artist Zhang Hongtu. Oct. 18-Feb. 28, Queens Museum, queensmuseum.org.张宏图定居于纽约皇后区,以创作讽刺毛泽东和文化大革命的作品闻名。这是美国的第一场研究这位艺术家的展览。皇后区物馆(Queens Museum,queensmuseum.org),至明年2月28日。JAPANESE KOGEI | FUTURE FORWARD 日本手工艺品:展望未来(Japanese Kogei | Future Forward)Twelve artists reveal changing approaches to Japanese kogei, or “handcrafts” — particularly in the realm of ceramics. Oct. 20-Feb. 7, Museum of Arts and Design.12位艺术家展示日本手工艺品不断变化的新方法,尤其是陶瓷领域。艺术与设计物馆(Museum of Arts and Design),至明年2月7日。MARVELOUS OBJECTS: SURREALIST SCULPTURE FROM PARIS TO NEW YORK 非凡的作品:从巴黎到纽约的超现实主义雕塑(Marvelous Objects: Surrealist Sculpture from Paris to New York)More than 100 sculptures by Man Ray, Salvador Dalí, Joan Miró and others make up this comprehensive survey of Surrealist sculpture. Oct. 29-Feb. 15, Hirshhorn Museum and Sculpture Garden, Washington, hirshhorn.si.edu.这是一场对超现实主义雕塑的全面审视,包括多位艺术家的100多件雕塑作品,比如曼·雷(Man Ray)、萨尔瓦多·达利(Salvador Dalí)和胡安·米罗(Joan Miró)等。华盛顿赫什霍恩物馆与雕塑公园(Hirshhorn Museum and Sculpture Garden,hirshhorn.si.edu),至明年2月15日。LOOKING EAST: HOW JAPAN INSPIRED MONET, VAN GOGH, AND OTHER WESTERN ARTISTS 看东方:日本如何给莫奈和梵高等西方艺术家带来灵感(Looking East: How Japan Inspired Monet, Van Gogh, and Other Western Artists)Organized by the MFA, Boston, this exhibition explores japonisme, the late-19th-century craze for all things Japanese, seen in the work of artists from Mary Cassatt to Edvard Munch and Frank Lloyd Wright. Oct. 30-Feb. 7, Asian Art Museum of San Francisco, asianart.org.这场展览由波士顿美术馆(MFA, Boston)主办,通过玛丽·卡萨特(Mary Cassatt)、爱德华·蒙克(Edvard Munch)和弗兰克·劳埃德·赖特(Frank Lloyd Wright)等艺术家的作品来探讨日本风(japonisme)——19世纪末对日本所有事物的狂热。旧金山亚洲艺术物馆(Asian Art Museum of San Francisco,asianart.org),至明年2月7日。MARTIN WONG: HUMAN INSTAMATIC 黄马鼎:人形相机(Martin Wong: Human Instamatic)This presentation of Martin Wong’s paintings will explore his role in the ’80s and ’90s Lower East Side art scene, but also his relationship to painters like Marsden Hartley and Alice Neel, who also painted local community portraits. Nov. 5-Feb. 14, Bronx Museum of the Arts, bronxmuseum.org.这场黄马鼎绘画展不仅探索20世纪八九十年代他在下东区艺术界的角色,而且探索他与马斯登·哈特利(Marsden Hartley)和爱丽丝·尼尔(Alice Neel)等艺术家的关系。他们都曾在当地社区画肖像画。布朗克斯艺术物馆(Bronx Museum of the Arts,bronxmuseum.org),至明年2月14日。JACQUELINE DE RIBES: THE ART OF STYLE 杰奎琳·德里布:时尚的艺术(Jacqueline De Ribes: The Art of Style)A Parisian aristocrat who served as a muse to Yves Saint Laurent and Valentino, but also ran her own design business, gets a retrospective. Nov. 19-Feb. 21, the Metropolitan Museum of Art.杰奎琳是巴黎贵族,曾是伊夫·圣罗兰(Yves Saint Laurent)和瓦伦蒂诺(Valentino)的灵感缪斯,而且经营自己的设计生意。这是一个关于她的回顾展。大都会艺术物馆,至明年2月21日。ART BASEL MIAMI BEACH 迈阿密海滩巴塞尔艺术展(Art Basel Miami Beach)The 14th edition of this popular, glitzy fair, which attracted more than 70,000 visitors last year, returns to South Beach. Dec. 3-6; artbasel.com.盛大的迈阿密海滩巴塞尔艺术展一向很受欢迎,去年吸引了七万多名观众。今年的第14届在南海滩举行。12月3日至6日。WOVEN GOLD: TAPESTRIES OF LOUIS XIV 黄金织物:路易十四的挂毯(Woven Gold: Tapestries of Louis XIV)With loans from the French government, this is a rare chance to see on American soil handwoven tapestries that hung in the palaces and courtyards of the Sun King. Dec. 15-May 1, the J. Paul Getty Museum at the Getty Center, Los Angeles.这些曾悬挂在太阳王宫廷里的手工挂毯由法国政府借出,能在美国本土看到这些挂毯,机会难得。洛杉矶盖蒂中心(Getty Center)的J·保罗·盖蒂物馆(J. Paul Getty Museum),12月15日至明年5月1日。POP ART DESIGN 波普艺术与设计(Pop Art Design)The relationship between Pop Art and design is explored in works by Andy Warhol, Charles Eames and George Nelson, among others. Dec. 19-March 27, Museum of Contemporary Art Chicago, mcachicago.org.这场展览通过安迪·沃霍尔(Andy Warhol)、查尔斯·埃姆斯(Charles Eames)和乔治·内尔松(George Nelson)等艺术家的作品探索波普艺术与设计的关系。芝加哥当代艺术物馆(Museum of Contemporary Art Chicago,mcachicago.org),12月19日至明年3月27日。VAN GOGH’S BEDROOM 梵高的卧室(Van Gogh’s Bedroom)The most famous bedroom in modern art history, Van Gogh’s sleeping chamber in Arles, will be on view in its three extant versions: the paintings owned by the Van Gogh Museum in Amsterdam, the Musée d’Orsay in Paris, and Chicago’s canvas. Feb. 14-May 8, Art Institute of Chicago.现代艺术史上最著名的卧室当属梵高在阿尔勒所住的卧室。现存的三个版本将被放在一起展出:阿姆斯特丹梵高物馆(Van Gogh Museum)和巴黎奥赛物馆(Musée d’Orsay)的油画以及芝加哥的帆布画。芝加哥艺术学院,2016年2月14日至5月8日。 /201510/402725

Liao Dynasty辽朝Decline衰落By the mid 11th century, the Khitan had lost their morale and started adopting a defensive attitude towards their neighbors.11世纪中期,契丹丢失了他们的士气,对于他们的邻国开始采取一种防备的态度。This was in part due to the influence of Buddhism and the fad that they had absorbed much of Chinese culture, which had a negative effect on their manners.这在一部分上缘于他们受到了佛教和过多的中国文化的影响,因此对他们自己的行为产生了负面的作用。Around the 12th century, the empire#39;s slow decline sped up as a result of succession problems, natural disasters, and the positive progress of the Jurchen in the north east.12世纪左右,由于一系列问题、自然灾害以及东北部女真族的积极发展,辽朝的缓慢衰落加快了。More pressure was put on the Khitan when the Jurchen and Song made an alliance against them and in 1124----1125, the Khitan Empire collapsed.当女真和宋朝结成联军展开攻势后,契丹的压力更大了,1124年到1125年间,契丹帝国灭亡了。 /201512/406490


  Uniforms are a pervasive part of many societies. But in China there seems to be a particular adherence to uniforms. From entering the subway, passing security and stepping onto the train, you will have encountered not one, but multiple uniformed staff. Walking down the street will have meant dodging bright orange street cleaners, food-delivery staff on scooters or identically dressed salon workers receiving their morning briefing. Upon entering your office, you may have passed uniformed security guards on your way to colleagues dressed in suits and ties. They’re inescapable.制是许多社会普遍存在的一部分。但是中国人似乎更钟情于制。当你乘地铁、过安检和坐火车时,你都会看到穿着各种制的工作人员。当你走在街上,随处可以看到穿着明亮橘色制的清洁工,骑着踏板车的送餐员以及接受早训的沙龙务员。当你去办公室时,你会遇见穿着制的保安,以及西装革履的同事。制无处不在。The uniform#39;s place in Chinese society can be traced back through the country#39;s history. As in most places across the world, they have been worn throughout the ages in the military to distinguish between factions and provide protection. Each dynasty favored a different style for its soldiers. Drawings of soldiers from the Eastern Zhou Dynasty (770-221 B.C.) show studded boots and uniforms with heavy arm and torso protection, whereas similar depictions from the Sui Dynasty (A.D. 581-618) illustrate draped and layered military wear. Uniforms were often as fierce as the battles their wearers fought in.制在中国社会的地位是有历史可以追溯的。就像在世界其他地方一样,士兵穿制,一是为了区分军事派别,二是为了提供保护。每一个朝代的士兵制的风格都不同,从东周时期手绘士兵的画像可以看出,他们穿着沉重的靴子和制以保护手臂和身体,同样的,从隋朝时期士兵的画像可以看出,他们都披着一层一层的盔甲。制常常是士兵在激烈战斗中最好的保护。Uniforms were also designed to show status and mark levels of authority. In China, the Terracotta Warriors in Xi’an were molded to wear styles commonly found in the Qin Dynasty (221-207 B.C.). Officers#39; ranks were discernible by their dress, with generals wearing a dual long jacket, long pants, thigh protectors, a crest hat and a pair of boots with square tips.制也通常用来显示权威者的地位和阶级。在中国,西安兵马俑的穿着常见于秦朝。通过他们的穿着,可以明显地分辨出军官的军衔,例如,将军都是穿着两层长袍,长裤子,一双长方靴和带着一顶帽子。But at points throughout history, uniforms were deemed fashion items too. Zhongshan suits (Chinese tunic suits, above) were hugely popular among males in 1950s, with women’s clothing based on a similar style. Introduced by Sun Yat-Sen and made famous by Mao Zedong who favored it in public, hence the nickname ‘Mao suit’, the clothing became a form of national dress.然而在历史上,制也曾是时尚物品。中山装在20世纪50年代非常受欢迎,甚至女性的装也是类似的风格。中山装是由孙中山发明的,由于毛泽东非常喜欢在公共场合穿,因此中山装又称“毛装”。自此中山装成为了一种民族饰。In the military, clothing now follows the generic western style of pants, jacket and a hat. The Zhongshan suit has also undergone modernization. With an altered shape and more streamlined look, the once shapeless garment is now fitted and more flattering for the male body. But while it is still a popular choice for Chinese leaders during important events, tunic suits are rarely seen in wider society.军事上,装一般都是遵循西式的风格,长裤、夹克以及帽子。原本没什么型的中山装也经历了现代化,款式上有了改变,更流线型的外观、更合体的剪裁凸显出男性的身材美。尽管在重要场合,中山装仍是中国领导人的首要选择,但是在社会日常生活中很少见。Yet, there are many places where uniforms live on. This is the case in the hospitality industry in particular, explains Catalina Calin, director of Calin Fashion Academy in Beijing.北京Calin时装学院校长Catalina Calin称,仍然有很多地方需要制,尤其是务业。“In Europe, you don#39;t see uniforms that often [compared to China]. Hospitality is the one industry that is still using them because they can project the type of service or professionalism that you are expecting,; she says. ;A uniform is very important for how a client sees you, but it’s also important for how the employee is feeling. The uniform has to be fitted right for the person to feel confident and beautiful.”“与中国相比,欧洲穿制的人不那么常见。从事务业的人仍然穿制,因为这可以投射出你所期望的务和专业”,她还说,“制是客户如何看待你的一个标准,但员工的感觉也很重要,合身的制穿在身上能够展现自信和美丽”。Calin believes there will be more emphasis on uniforms#39;appearance in the future: ;Chinese ladies are starting to become more conscious of their appearance and beauty. This flows through to the places they work, which have to fit their needs,; she says, citing staff the New World Hotel’s Yin on 12 bar as an example of progression. ;They wear short black skirts, rock-style shoes and dark make-up. This brings a very cool image to the bar.;Calin认为,未来将会更加重视制的外观,她说“中国女性越来越在意自己的外表。她们工作的地方也需满足她们的这一需求”。以New World Hotel酒吧的员工为例,“她们穿黑色短裙,摇滚风的鞋子,画着烟熏妆,这带给人一种非常酷的印象”。But China#39;s love affair with uniforms stretches far beyond hospitality. While there is no single explanation for this, it may reflect a more inherently collectivist culture, where self-identity is shaped by group memberships. In the workplace, or in schools, people feel a stronger sense of self if they are able to define themselves as part of a group.但是在中国,不仅仅是务业钟情于制,虽然对此没有单一的解释,但是这可能反应了一种内在的集体文化,自我认同往往体现在集体关系中。在工作场所或者学校,如果能够成为集体中的一部分,那么他们就有很强的自我认同感。On the streets of Beijing, the way people feel about wearing uniforms varies wildly. Outside Ginza Mall we find Xing (above), a safety officer from Shanxi, wearing a dark blue-black shirt, pants and hat. ;I feel like a soldier when I wear my uniform,; he declares, demonstrating an army-like pose. “It makes me feel like I#39;m part of a team. I like all of it.;在北京的街头,人们对穿制的感受参差不齐。在银座购物中心外面,我们采访了邢,一个来自山西的保安,他穿着一套藏青色的保安(如上图所示)。“当我穿上制时,我感觉自己像一个战士,”他说,同时站了一个军姿,“这让我感觉我是这个团队的一员,我非常喜欢这一切。”But not all are so positive about their work clothes. Zhao (below left), a 55-year-old former architect from Zhangjiakou, has been a cleaner around Dongzhimen for half a year. Like most cleaners, he is given two uniforms (one for winter and a lighter one for summer). Currently, he is wearing an orange jacket and pants and a pair of worn-out gray gloves, while carrying a straw broom and bucket in hand.然而并不是所有的人都喜欢他们的工作,来自张家口的55岁的赵(下图左),之前是一个建筑师,现在在东直门做清洁工已经半年了。像大多数清洁工一样,他有两套工作(一套是冬天的,一套是夏天的)。目前,他穿着一套橙色的装,带着一副破烂的灰色手套,手里拿着扫帚和桶。;I don#39;t like the color. If I could change my uniform I#39;d change the color because the orange doesn#39;t look very attractive. The uniform isn#39;t comfortable. It#39;s checked regularly though so we can#39;t change it in any way,; says Zhao, who says that cleaners all wear their own shoes but that their employers provide washing powder.他说,“我不喜欢这个颜色。如果我能改变我的工作,我会改变这个颜色,因为橙色不大好看。而且这个工作也不舒,因为会定期检查,所以我们没法改变它”,他还说,清洁工都是穿自己的鞋子,但是雇主会提供洗衣粉。In fact, cleaners#39; uniforms in Beijing differ according to location. One cleaner at Tiananmen Square, Liu (above right), 51, wears a royal-blue suit with yellow accents as he rides in a small electric cart with a bucket picking up trash. ;My uniform is comfortable and I think the blue looks good,; he says.事实上,工作区域不同,北京清洁工的制也是不同的。刘(上图右)今年51岁,是天安门广场的一个清洁工,穿着一件宝蓝色制,前胸是一抹醒目的黄色,他骑着一辆小型电动车,后面是一个捡垃圾的铲斗。他说,“我的制很舒,我觉得蓝色很好看。”His uniform is in stark contrast to Zhao#39;s bright orange. The latter#39;s dress may be down to practical considerations, such as the heavy traffic in Dongzhimen and the need for greater visibility. But in the restaurant world, the style of uniform is largely dependent on the establishment#39;s level of service and cuisine. High-end restaurants feature more of a classic style (shirt, pants) than those found in fast-food restaurants, for instance, which favor casual wear in the form of polos and tracksuits.他的蓝色制与赵的橙色制形成鲜明对比。后者可能出于实际穿衣的考虑,例如,东直门的交通繁忙,需要更大的关注度。但是在餐饮业,制的风格很大程度上取决于务和烹饪的水平。高级餐厅比快餐厅的制风格更经典,通常是衬衫和长裤,而快餐厅会穿休闲装,比如马球衫和运动。Zhang (above left), a server at the popular Guijie restaurant Culiang Renjia, wears a floral-printed top-and-pant combination with simple black shoes and pigtailed hair. Apart from a faint resemblance to pajamas, the uniform is visually appealing, and it fits the restaurant#39;s theme of nostalgia.张(上图左),是簋街粗粮人家餐厅的务员,穿着一套印花套装,一双简单的黑布鞋,梳着麻花辫。除了有点像睡衣这点不足外,这套制看起来很有吸引力,这非常符合餐厅怀旧的风格。;I like my uniform because it#39;s unique and looks nice,” she says. ;It#39;s very comfortable.;“我非常喜欢我的制,因为它看起来很独特,很不错”,她说,“而且它很舒”。As in most countries, uniform wearing begins from a young age in China. A student at Beijing No. 55 Middle School, 12-year old Fu (below), wears the mandatory tracksuit school uniform in blue, white and red. The tracksuit-style uniform has been worn by schoolchildren for more than two decades.像许多国家一样,中国人也是从很小的年纪开始穿制的。附(下图),北京第55中学的学生,今年12岁了,身着学校强制性统一的蓝白红相间的校。学生穿运动风格的校已经20多年了。;Foreigners at my school don#39;t have to wear the uniform. I#39;d rather not have to wear it either because I don#39;t think it looks very good. I think other countries#39; school uniforms look much better.;“外国学生在我们学校不用穿校。我也不想穿,因为我觉得我们的校不好看,我觉得其他国家的校要好看得多。”She tells us that her school has three uniforms (though all are variations on the tracksuit), which cost RMB480 altogether. The tracksuits were designed – like many school uniforms – to prevent comparisons between students#39; appearances and to eliminate worries over clothing choice. The style fulfills these criteria, but at what cost? As one online commentator bluntly assessed: ;They are the ugliest in the world.;他告诉我们,学校共发了三套校(都是运动风格的),一共480元。像许多校一样,运动风格的设计是为了防止学生之间攀比,也是为了消除学生选择穿什么衣的忧虑。校满足这些要求,但是代价是什么呢?一位在线者直言不讳地评价:“这些校是全世界最丑的。”This particular comment came after US First Lady Michelle Obama visited a Beijing high school in 2014 and photos from the trip were splashed across social media. Commentators pointed out that the tracksuit is practical and wear-resistant, though many expressed that other designs can fulfill the same goals.这个特别的是在美国第一夫人米歇尔2014年访问北京一所高中时发表的,她的行程照片被刊登在社交媒体上。者指出运动很实用,耐磨,但是很多人同时表示其他设计也能达到这一要求。For students, as with adults, uniforms can increase the wearer#39;s confidence. Some believe that more stylish school wear may help students perform better (or feel happier, at least). In April 2013, the Henan Provincial Experimental School in Zhengzhou decided to let students design their own uniforms. The results were met with praise from parents and the public, and delight from students.学生和成年人一样,穿制可以增加他们的信心。一些人表示穿时髦的校可以帮助学生表现得更好(至少他们会感到更开心)。2013年4月,河南省郑州市实验学校决定让学生自己设计校,这一决定受到家长和公众的一致好评,学生也从中得到了乐趣。;Students have their own sense of aesthetics at their age,; the school#39;s Student Affairs Director, Feng Yan, told CCTV.“这个年龄段的学生有他们自己的审美观”,该校的教务处主任冯艳告诉央视。Such experiments are not necessarily a sign of relaxing attitudes toward uniforms in contemporary China. Despite a growing sense of individualism among younger generations, uniforms#39; historic, cultural and practical role may see them widely retained across the country – and across industries. But while dressing in the same way may be, in some respects, the antithesis of fashion, uniforms are also subject to change over time. If these changes can accommodate both function and form, their place in society may be safe for some time to come.这一实验并不是指当代中国对制有了一定放松的态度。尽管年轻一代有着越来越强烈的个人主义观念,但制的历史性、文化性和实用性在全国各地广泛地保留着,而且是跨行业。在某些方面,穿着一样的衣可能是站在时尚的对立面,但制也在随着时间的改变而改变。如果这些改变能够同时兼顾功能和形式,那么制在社会中仍将保持它的地位。 /201511/409788。

  Zhao Youqin (1271~1335) was a Chinese astronomer, mathematician, and Daoist who calculated the value of π, constructed astronomical instruments, conducted experiments with a camera obscura, and compiled an influential astronomical compendium.赵友钦(1271~1335 ),天文学家、数学家、道士。赵友钦算出了圆周率的值,建造了天文仪器,做了小孔成像实验并编了一本有影响的天文学纲要。Zhao was one of the patriarchs of the northern branch of the Quanzhen (;Complete Perfection;) sect of Daoism.赵友钦是全真教北宗掌门人之一。His astronomical treatise Gexiang xinshu (;New Writing on the Symbol of Alteration;) presents his cosmological theory featurfing a flat Earth inside a spherical Heaven, his explanation of the lunar and solar eclipses, and his experiments with a camera obscura to establish the relationship between the luminosity of an image of a source of light and the distance of the source from the pinhole.赵友钦的天文学论文《革象新书》展示了他的宇宙理论(他认为天圆地方)、他对日月食的解释以及确定光源与小孔的距离与所成之像的亮度之间的关系的试验。The book also describes his methods of remote surveying with gnomons to measure the distance from the Earth to the Sun, the Moon, and the stars, as well as his procedure for evaluating π using inscribed regular polygons of 4, 8, …, 16,384 sides.这本书还描述了赵友钦用日晷测量地球与太阳、月亮和星星之间的距离的方法以及使用正多边形估算圆周率的程序。Following Liu Hui(flourished c. 263), this is the second extant Chinese procedure for the evaluation of π.这是刘徽之后,我国现存的第二个估算圆周率的程序。Zhao stated that his goal was to confirm the value 355 / 113 obtained by Zu Chongzhi (429~500), yet his calculations may have allowed him to prove the validity of the better evaluation 3.1415926lt;πlt;3. 1415927, also obtained by Zu.赵友钦说他的目标是确祖冲之的355/113,但是他的计算却明祖冲之估算的另一个值3. 1415926 lt; π lt;3.1415927是正确的。The second extant book of Zhao, Xian Fo tongyuan (;On the Common Origins of [the Teachings of] Transcendentals and Buddhas;), is devoted to the so-called ;Inner Alchemy,; an esoteric discipline focusing on the attainment of immortality via respiratory and meditative practices.赵友钦现存的第二本书是《仙佛同源》。这是一本“内丹”名著。内丹是一个抽象的学科,它集中处理通过呼吸和冥想练习达到长生不老的问题。He designed several astronomical instruments; he used one of these to measure the difference in right ascension between two celestial bodies and another one to find the angular distance from the celestial north pole to a given star.赵友钦设计了一些天文仪器;他用其中一个仪器测量两个天体的赤经差,用另一个仪器测北极与某颗星的角距离。 /201603/431563

  5. Turn off wireless when reception is poor.5. 信号弱的时候关闭无线网络You may have noticed that when you’re in a place without good Wi-Fi or cellular coverage, your phone’s battery seems to drain much more quickly. That’s because the phone uses energy searching for a good signal and, if the signal is very weak, trying to get a better connection.你可能注意到了,在Wi-Fi或蜂窝网络覆盖不好的地方,手机电量耗得特别快。这是因为手机会使用电能寻找耗得信号,如果信号特别弱,还要试着更好地去连接。 /201603/429170More than half a million people liked a photo that Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg shared of himself changing his newborn daughter Maxima Chan#39;s diaper near Palo Alto, California, on Friday. Zuckerberg, who is sporting a huge grin in the photo, wrote: #39;One more down, thousands to go.#39;上周五,脸书创始人扎克伯格在美国加利福尼亚州发布了一张给新生女儿换尿布的照片,50多万人为这张照片点赞。照片中,扎克伯格咧着嘴笑着,照片配文字:“一个搞定,还有N个!”The 31-year-old and his wife, 30, welcomed their baby daughter earlier this month. She weighed seven pounds, eight ounces, when she was born and is now the heir to the Silicon Valley tycoon#39;s billion fortune.31岁的扎克伯格和30岁妻子普利西亚·陈在本月初迎来了他们的新生女儿。小婴儿重7.8英镑,她成为硅谷大亨460亿美元家产的继承人。The post began generating comments and likes almost immediately and they continued to pour in.这个帖子引来了无数,几乎是同时蜂拥而入。One of the top commenters wrote: #39;She is crazy beautiful only some days old #love.#39;一个顶部的写到:“只有几天大,她真的太漂亮了,爱你。”Another one chimed in: #39;Watch out! My kids all peed on me at least once when doing that.另一个打趣写到:“小心点!我给几个孩子换尿布时,他们不止一次尿到我身上。”Ahh, the fun of parenthood!#39;“哈哈,真是做父母的快乐呢!”About 240,000 of the likes came in under an hour.在仅仅一个小数内,共有24万人点赞。The posting comes days after the Facebook CEO offered words of support for Muslims who fear retaliation for the recent violent attacks by Islamic extremists in Paris and San Bernardino.这个帖子发布的前几天,扎克伯格回应了最近巴黎和圣贝纳迪诺伊斯兰极端分子的暴力袭击,以及穆斯林担心报复这一事件,扎克伯格做出了回应,并持穆斯林。In the wake of those attacks, Zuckerberg wrote on his personal page Wednesday that he wants to assure Muslims they are welcome on Facebook and that #39;we will fight to protect your rights and create a peaceful and safe environment for you#39;.在这些攻击之后,扎克伯格在他的个人主页上写道,他们在脸谱网欢迎穆斯林,“我们将争取保护你们的权利,为你们创造一个和平和安全的环境”。Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump has proposed barring all Muslims from entering the ed States. Other political leaders have condemned Trump#39;s proposal as discriminatory. Zuckerberg did not refer specifically to any proposal, but the co-founder of the world#39;s biggest social network said, #39;As a Jew, my parents taught me that we must stand up against attacks on all communities.#39;共和党总统候选人Donald Trump已经提出禁止所有穆斯林进入美国。其他政治领袖也谴责了Trump歧视性的建议。扎克伯格并没有提及任何建议,但世界最大的社交网络的共同创始人说,“作为一个犹太人,我的父母教我,我们必须站起来反对所有社区的攻击。” /201512/416440


  Consumption of sugary drinks results in some 184,000 deaths worldwide each year, a new analysis found. 一项新分析发现,全球每年因饮用含糖饮料而导致的死亡约达18.4万例。To reach their conclusions, scientists pooled data from dozens of dietary surveys and large prospective studies of the effect of sugar-sweetened beverage intake on body mass index and Type 2 diabetes, and of the effect of B.M.I. on cardiovascular disease, diabetes and cancer. They used data on sweetened drink consumption from 62 national dietary surveys, which included more than 600,000 people in 51 countries surveyed between 1980 and 2010. The study is online in Circulation.这个结论来之不易,为此,科学家们检索了关于摄入含糖饮料对身体质量指数(B.M.I.)和II型糖尿病的影响,以及B.M.I.对心血管疾病、糖尿病和癌症的影响的数十项膳食调查和大规模前瞻性研究,汇总了其中的数据。他们使用的有关含糖饮料消费的数据来自62项全国性膳食调查,涉及在1980年至2010年间接受调查的51个国家的超过60万人。该研究在线发表于《循环》杂志(Circulation)上。For confirming disease-specific causes of death, researchers used the Global Burden of Diseases, Injuries and Risk Factors 2010, an international analysis that is periodically updated.研究人员利用了定期更新的国际性分析《2010年全球疾病负担、伤害和风险因素研究》(Global Burden of Diseases, Injuries and Risk Factors 2010)来确认疾病特异性死亡原因。Worldwide, they estimate that sweetened drinks cause 133,000 deaths from diabetes, 45,000 from cardiovascular disease, and 6,450 from cancers.他们估计,在世界范围内,含糖饮料导致13.3万人死于糖尿病,4.5万人死于心血管疾病,6450人死于癌症。Deaths linked to sugary drinks as a percent of all deaths from these causes varied widely by age and country, from less than 1 percent among Japanese people older than 65 to 30 percent in Mexicans younger than 45. In the ed States, about 25,000 deaths a year are caused by sweetened drinks.在不同原因的所有死亡中,与含糖饮料有关的死亡所占的比例因死者的年龄和国家而大相径庭,从日本65岁以上人群中的不足1%到墨西哥45岁以下人群中的30%不等。在美国,每年约有2.5万例死亡是由含糖饮料引起。“There’s no need to drink these beverages,” said the senior author, Dr. Dariush Mozaffarian, dean of the School of Nutrition Science and Policy at Tufts. “They’re causing tens of thousands of deaths, and we should eliminate them from the food supply.”“人们完全没必要饮用这些饮料,”该研究的主要作者,塔夫茨大学(Tufts)营养科学与政策学院(School of Nutrition Science and Policy)的院长戴瑞什·莫萨法利安(Dariush Mozaffarian)士说。“它们造成了成千上万的死亡,我们应该将它们从膳食中清除出去。” /201510/406135

  Daily alcohol consumption has become a way of life for many people. From beer and wine to cocktails, alcoholic beverages are the drinks or choice at happy hours, formal dinners and recreational events. Alcohol in some form is often the ;stress reliever; for people who want to relax and forget about the cares and worries of the day. After a hard day at work, it is not unusual for some people to head to bars or restaurants to drink away their sorrows with a group of coworkers while others prefer to go home and relax on the sofa with a glass of wine.Some people cruise through life seemingly unaffected by their alcohol use while others sink into an abyss of alcohol addiction. Not only that, alcohol is a chemical that can damage the body to the point of disability and death. Although alcohol causes a myriad of problems, drinking is considered socially acceptable in part because it is legal. However, anyone who is considering drinking alcohol should pay close attention the following top 10 reasons why alcohol is the most dangerous substance in the world.日常饮酒已成为人们生活中的一种行为习惯。无论在欢庆之时,还是正规晚宴,抑或单纯消遣时光,啤酒、红酒或者鸡尾酒这些酒精饮品都可谓必备品!在一定程度上,酒就像一名压力调解师,它可以帮助人们缓解并忘记工作或生活中的不快和忧虑。经过一天的辛苦劳作,与自己的同事去酒吧或饭馆一醉方休的人不在少数,但也有些人,更喜欢独自回家,于沙发上小憩,慢品一杯小酒。但生活中总有一群人,饮酒却不会上瘾,可有些人却深陷酒精泥潭不能自拔。酒精这种化学制剂,有害身体健康,轻则致残,重则致死。尽管酒精会带来这样或那样的问题,但饮酒仍是社交利器,因为饮酒并不违法。然而不管是谁,只要你动了饮酒的念头,敬请关注本文:酒精被称为世界上最危险物品的十个原因。10.Drinking Alcohol Can Lead to Financial Ruin10.饮酒可致人倾家荡产Alcohol use can cause financial problems. A person who becomes addicted to alcohol will do just about anything to obtain the next drink. It is not unusual for an alcoholic to spend his or her entire paycheck on binge drinking. Social drinking in a festive environment can make one feel like the king or queen of the world, and in a moment of self-aggrandizement he or she might buy rounds of drinks for everyone–on the house. With the price of alcohol, it won#39;t long to blow a paycheck on a night of throwing back drinks with friends and strangers. In fact there are people who will take advantage or an alcoholic#39;s generosity by making him or her feel like the most important person in the room just to keep the drinks flowing. Spending excessive money on alcohol means that the bills don#39;t get paid and children go without food, clothing and other essentials. It is not unusual for the alcoholic who neglects his or her family to end up alone and homeless. Additionally failing to meet other financial because of drinking impacts one#39;s credit standing. Bills that are not paid on time lead to low credit scores. Low credit scores can affect the ability to get a job or a house and even when a person stops drinking it may take years to regain a good credit rating.嗜酒成性的人,总会为下一口好酒不顾一切。酒鬼们愿意倾其所有来换一次短暂的饮酒狂欢,这数见不鲜。欢庆之时,为社交而饮酒的各位,会有种世界唯我独尊的错觉,甚至某些人为了逞一时之威,而独自承担到场嘉宾的全部饮酒费用。无论是和朋友还是和陌生人推杯换盏,都是你来买单,很快就会让你身无分文。事实上,有些有心之人会让酒鬼感觉自己就是这屋里的大人物,目的是让酒鬼继续慷慨买单。倘若喝酒消费过多,可能导致还账单的日期又将延后,孩子们的食物、衣等必需品又将无法新购。所以,对抛家弃子的酒鬼们来说,最终沦落到无家可归的境地,再合理不过。另外,酒鬼们能得到社会上的经济援也是很困难的,因为他们的饮酒恶习,会影响他们的借贷信用譬如,拖延还账,导致信用积分过低,信用积分过低又影响个人求职与购房。即使酒鬼终于放下了酒罐子,也要用很长时间才能恢复其良好信用度。9.Drinking Alcohol Can Lead to Chronic Health Problems9.饮酒可致多种慢性疾病Alcohol leads to chronic health conditions associated with poor nutrition. Obesity is the cause of several chronic conditions that result in a poor quality of life and death. Obesity has been linked to heart disease, cancer, diabetes, stroke and other diseases. Consuming large amounts of alcohol can pile on the calories. Everyone has heard of the infamous beer belly. While the beer may not be the total culprit, downing several beers of 150 calories each will certainly contribute to extra girth around the waist. Additionally, where there is beer drinking, there is usually a good amount of junk food or calorie laden food available. Drinking alcohol contributes to a lot of mindless eating even when a person is not hungry. Eating in this way piles on the pounds, especially when the individual consuming the extra calories leads a sedentary lifestyle. On the other hand, over consumption of alcohol leads to under nutrition for some drinkers.由酒精引起的慢性疾病,多会导致人体营养失衡。肥胖症是由多种慢性疾病共同引发的,可能导致体能下降,情况严重时还会有生命危险。肥胖症会导致一些重症,如心脏病、癌症、糖尿病和中风等。同时,摄入大量的酒精还会增加自身的卡路里含量。想必大家都知道啤酒肚吧,但啤酒并不是啤酒肚的元凶,即使热量低至150卡路里的啤酒,也会让你的腰围随着饮酒量而慢慢膨胀。喝啤酒的同时,通常还会吃大量垃圾食品或高热量食品,即使本来不饿的人,喝了啤酒后也会吃很多下酒菜。照这种吃法,会导致体重增加;如果你吃得多,还过着长期伏案需久坐的工作,体重增加更多。过度饮酒还会让一些人营养不良。The individual who binges on alcohol might forget to eat or may have more of an appetite for alcohol than food. As a result, the drinker can lose nutrients and minerals, leading to poor nutritional status. Excessive drinking can contribute to osteoporosis. Heavy alcohol use is said to interfere with calcium absorption. Calcium is essential not only for strong bones, but strong teeth, which means that heavy drinkers are also at risk for dental problems. The fact is that drinking alcohol leads to a host of costly health issues.饮酒狂欢过后,人们可能会忘了吃饭,;酒胃;反而大开。而随之而来的后果是,这些溺酒者缺少人体所需的营养物质,久而久之整个人的身体也就垮掉了。另外,过度饮酒还会引发骨质疏松因为过高的酒精含量会影响人体对钙化合物的吸收。我们都知道,钙是骨骼和牙齿发育的重要组成成分,所以饮酒过量通常也会对牙齿的正常生长造成影响。总之一句话,饮酒对我们身体的损害程度万万不容小觑,可别为了一时的爱好而赔了身体哦!8.Drinking Alcohol can Lead to Premature Death8.饮酒可致短命Excessive alcohol consumption can lead to early death. From 2006 through 2010, 88,000 people died from heavy alcohol use and their lives were shortened by about 30 years. Heavy drinkers are at a higher risk for liver disease and heart disease. The heavy drinker who aly has these conditions will find that alcohol consumption makes them worse. Drinking too much at one time can lead to sudden death from alcohol poisoning. Alcohol poisoning is the result of overwhelming the body with alcohol. It is not unusual for young adults participating in recreational binge drinking to die from alcohol poisoning.过度饮酒可致早亡。自2006年至2010年,8.8万人死于过度饮酒,少活了约30年。酗酒者易患肝病和心脏病。有这类疾病的酗酒者则会因酗酒而加重病情。一次喝太多酒会因酒精中毒(人体所含酒精过量)而猝死。年轻人,特别是饮酒狂欢时,死于酒精中毒的情况也时有发生。According to the Centers for Disease control, in the U.S. an average of six people die of alcohol poisoning each day. Three out of four deaths occur in adults with men being at the highest risk. A person suffering from alcohol poisoning or alcohol intoxication may exhibit the following symptoms: confusion, irregular breathing (several seconds between breaths), slow breathing, pale or blue-tinged skin, seizures, hypothermia, confusion and unconsciousness. Any of these symptoms observed in a person who drinks heavily could indicate alcohol poisoning. People who drink heavily may also sink into a deep depression that can lead to suicide. People who drink too much generally exercise poor judgment that leads to risky behaviors result in permanent disability or death. Unfortunately too many people observe their friends drinking to the point of being totally out of control while encouraging them to keep drinking or simply standing by passively without intervening.据美国疾病控制中心的材料显示,每天平均有6人死于酒精中毒,其中3/4为成年男性。酒精中毒或醉酒的人可能有以下症状:言语混乱,呼吸不规律(每次呼吸所用时间不同),呼吸缓慢,皮肤苍白或泛蓝,癫痫,体温过低,大脑混乱,意识迷失等。饮酒过度的人,如有以上任何症状,可能是酒精中毒了。过量饮酒的人,会陷入情绪低迷状态,从而引发自杀。饮酒过量的人会判断失误,做出危险举动致终身残疾或死亡。不幸的是,很多人发现他们的朋友喝到情绪或行为失控还会一直向朋友劝酒,或者在一旁看着朋友不停地喝酒,而不加劝阻。7.Drinking Alcohol Causes People to Lose Their Sensibilities7.饮酒使人丧失敏感性People who drink alcohol excessively they tend to throw common sense out the window or lose their inhibitions. They say things they would not usually say and may regret later. They also engage in behaviors that would be very embarrassing during times of sobriety. An intoxicated person may put his or her whole entire reputation or career on the line for one night of drinking. For example, people who get drunk may participate in high risk sexual activities such as having unprotected sex or engaging in sexual acts with multiple partners. The next day they may have no recollection of what happened. This not only puts the vulnerable person#39;s reputation at risk but also exposes him or her to sexually transmitted diseases.过度饮酒的人,容易把常识抛到九霄云外或行为举止毫无顾忌如,说一些平常不会说或事后会后悔的话,做一些让他们在清醒时会很尴尬的举动。只因一夜狂饮,有的人可能就会将其一生的名誉或事业置于险境中。举个例子,一个喝醉了的人极易与人发生一夜情,可能做爱无套或乱交。第二天,他们会忘了头天晚上发生的所有事。这不仅是在拿不堪一击的个人名誉冒险,还会有感染性病的危险。Unwanted pregnancies can also occur when people engage in sex while drinking. It is not unusual for adolescents and adults to engage in criminal activity when drinking alcohol. Again, this is a case where inhibitions are may be lowered and an individual may feel a false sense of bravery that makes it easy for him or her to get involved in criminal behavior. According to the U.S. Department of Justice, for 40 percent of the persons in jail or prison for homicide, alcohol played a role in their crimes. In fact, alcohol is a factor in all types of violent crimes, including rape and aggravated assault. Anyone who becomes intoxicated with alcohol is at risk for committing crimes or becoming a victim of crime.醉酒后做爱仍有意外怀的可能。不管是小青年还是成年人,酒后犯罪也时有发生。饮酒会让人行为毫无顾忌,有的人也会因酒误判,对;勇敢;产生幻觉,借酒壮胆参与犯罪。美国司法部资料显示,锒铛入狱的杀人犯中,有40%是在酒精的作用下走上犯罪道路的。事实上,在强奸、重伤害等暴力犯罪中,酒精可谓难辞其咎。醉酒或因酒精兴奋的人,都有可能走上犯罪之路或成为犯罪受害者。6.Drinking Alcohol Can Lead to Cirrhosis of the Liver6.喝酒能导致肝硬化Alcohol can lead to permanent organ damage. When most people think of organ damage associated with excessive drinking, cirrhosis of the liver comes to mind first. That is not unusual since alcohol is the most common cause of cirrhosis in the U.S. Cirrhosis of the liver can be fatal because damaged liver can no longer perform the essential processes necessary to keep the body functioning optimally. The liver is designed to work hard to keep the body healthy and from being overrun with poisonous substances. Cirrhosis affects the liver#39;s ability to convert food into energy and prevent the organ from removing toxins from the body. The liver in people with cirrhosis contains scar tissue that reduces the flow of blood through the organ.酒精可以对人体器官造成永久性的损伤。说起酗酒给身体器官带来的伤害,大多数人第一时间联想到的就是肝硬化。这很正常,因为在美国,酒精就是造成人们肝硬化最常见的原因。肝硬化有可能危害到生命,因为肝脏受损后不能继续发挥原有身体机能作用,无法保持身体的最佳运行状态。肝脏是实现保持人体健康、避免身体内的有毒物质泛滥成灾的重要器官。肝硬化会抑制肝脏将食物转化成身体必需的能量,并且降低肝脏清除体内毒素的能力。这是因为肝硬化患者的肝脏有瘢痕组织,减少了流经肝脏的血液。Heavy drinking and failing to consume enough healthy food are both factors in cirrhosis of the liver. People with cirrhosis of the liver usually experience symptoms like itching and swelling. It is harder for those with cirrhosis to fight off infections like a common cold and the flu. They may also suffer from impaired mental function that can lead to poor judgment. Those with cirrhosis may experience several symptoms including exhaustion, loss of appetite, nausea, weight loss, impotence, weakness and fatigue. With late stage cirrhosis, sufferers may experience jaundice, which is yellowing of the eyes, skin due to the buildup of bile, the fluid that the liver secretes to help with digestion of food. What is sad about cirrhosis of the liver from drinking is that the harmful effects may be avoided delayed if the person diagnosed with ceases drinking and lives a healthy lifestyle. However persons addicted to alcohol are generally not nearly as concerned with their personal health as they are about their next drink.过量饮酒和摄入不足的健康食品,都是导致肝硬化的原因。患者通常会有瘙痒和肿胀症状,并且这会使他们比常人更难抵御一些传染病,例如普通的小感冒或流感。不仅如此,患有肝硬化,还可能使心理机能受到损害,致使判断力失常。肝硬化患者可能会出现疲惫、食欲不振、恶心、消瘦、阳痿、体虚和疲劳等症状。肝脏可以分泌胆汁帮助消化,但胆汁的郁积会引起黄疸,致使眼睛和皮肤发黄,而肝硬化晚期会病变成黄疸。如果饮酒者在被诊断出患有肝硬化的时候就停止饮酒,辅以健康作息和饮食,肝硬化是可以避免继续恶化的。而令人感到悲哀的是,酒鬼们一般更关心自己的下一顿酒,而非个人健康问题。审校:假微信 编辑:Freya然 来源:前十网 /201602/427899。




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