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盐城做包皮检查的医院大丰市第二人民医院体检多少钱江苏省盐城/市协和医院做产检多少钱 Researchers at University of California San Francisco have confirmed that a good nights sleep could keep colds and infections away. 加利福尼亚旧金山大学的研究人员实,晚间良好的睡眠能摆脱感冒和感染疾病。The odds of catching a cold are 28 percent higher for those who sleep five or fewer hours a night, 每晚睡眠5小时或更少的人,得感冒的几率增加百分之28,and for other infections such as pneumonia and the flu, those with less sleep have more than 80 percent higher odds of getting an infection. 而对于其它感染,如肺炎和流感,那些睡眠少的人感染的几率比正常超过百分之80。While researchers cannot confirm the exact reasons why lack of sleep increases susceptibility to infection, 虽然研究人员无法确定缺乏睡眠会增加易感染的确切原因,it has been confirmed that T-cells, a type of white blood cell that helps fight infection, do not operate as well when people are deprived of sleep.但其已经实T细胞,一种能够帮助抵抗感染的白血球,在人们睡眠缺失时工作不佳。译文属。201604/436740江苏省国营新洋农场医院治疗便血多少钱

东台市人民医院做人流多少钱盐城不小心怀孕怎么办打掉? Great show tonight.January jones will be out here in just a little bit.今晚节目很棒 詹纽瑞·琼斯就要出来了I want to mention something.This is cool.True story.我想提件事 很酷的事 真事A couple of months ago,we announced on this show a contest cooked up by the charity even Night of too many starts.几个月前 我们在节目上宣布了一项比赛 筹办方是慈善机构 繁星夜空Its an incredible benefit which raise money for autism programs nationwide.是一家很棒的慈善机构 为全国的自闭症项目筹集资金The contest was,yeah,very good cause.very good cause.比赛 是的 很不错的公益 很不错的公益Well,the contest was simple.you would win a change to be a character on an episode of the Simpsons,比赛很简单 你有机会赢得成为《辛普森一家》一集中角色的机会and get a one of a kind drawing of your character,personally signed by simpsons creator Matt Greening.并得到独一无二你的角色的画像 而且《辛普森一家》主创马特·格雷宁会亲自签名This is something that has never been done in the 25-year history of the simpsons.这是前所未有的一件事 《辛普森一家》已经上映25年了Well,the contest is now over.And Im excited,because they asked us right now to announce the winner.比赛现已结束 我很荣幸 他们让我们来宣布胜者And this is really cool.A little drum roll for this.真的很酷 鼓声响起The winner is a young man named Carl Zeeler! Carl Zeeler the winner.胜者是一名年轻人叫卡尔·齐勒 卡尔·齐勒是胜者There he is.Thats a picture of carl.And heres the cool thing.就是他 这是卡尔的照片 酷的是Our congratulations to you,carl.And the simpsons aly sent over a sneak peek at carls character.恭喜你 卡尔 《辛普森一家》已经送来了卡尔角色的片花Heres the real carl.And here is Carl,fully simpsonized.这是卡尔本人 这是《辛普森一家》版的卡尔And the simpsons episode,the simpsons episode with Carl will air sometime this fall.《辛普森一家》 有卡尔的那集将于今秋播出I cant imagine anything more exciting if youre a simpsons fan than to see yourself in a simpsons episode.Absolutely incredible.如果你是《辛普森一家》的粉丝 真没有什么比能在剧集中看到自己更令人激动的了 太棒了201607/454691盐城协和女子医院在线

盐城割包皮医院Sarah H ask, ;Besides president election,Whats something else that only happens every four years.萨拉问 ;除了总统选举 ;还有什么是每四年一次;A Barbra Streisand farewell concert tour.Helen S asked, ;I know picture is the same as thousand words,芭芭拉·史翠珊的巡回告别演唱会 海伦问 ;我知道图画里包含了千言万语What else is as thousand words.;A Matthew Mcconaughey voice mail message.还有什么包含千言万语 马修·麦康纳的语音信息I can just go solve all of these.But I mean look at how many there are.我可以解决全部问题 但是这里太多了I mean this is all questions. For just.But I cant. I dont have time.这里是全部的问题 但是不能全部回答 因为时间有限Um...Well be back.Owl, an owl.Would you like getting scared? - I dont like scary movies.稍后回来 猫头鹰 猫头鹰 你喜欢受到惊吓吗 -我不喜欢恐怖电影But would you like getting scared?But I like being...Okay, you all know my app ;heads up;. Right?但是你喜欢受到惊吓吗 但是我喜欢 你们都知道我的应用;你划我猜; 是吗Everybody knows ;heads up;.Well, I play it with a lot of my guests.每个人都知道;你划我猜; 我跟好多嘉宾都玩过But I realize Ive never played with my audience.但是我发现我没有跟观众玩过So Im gonna do something that Has never attempted in the history of television.所以我要跟观众玩 这是这档节目有史以来的第一次Im gonna play with all of you.Its me and all of you.At the same time.我要跟你们所有人一起玩 我和你们 同时一起玩 /201511/411879 As the world was shaken to news of Muhammad Alis death, 默罕默德·阿里去世的消息震惊世界,the people of his hometown in Louisville, Kentucky, found ways to remember their hometown hero. 在他的家乡肯塔基州路易斯维尔,人们通过各种方式纪念他们的英雄。Flags in lowered mourning to this passing. 降旗表达对阿里辞世的哀悼。Citizens of the town gathering in civic squares to share local pride for the hero and prepared to welcome him home with a funeral. 城镇市民聚集在广场上,分享英雄的骄傲,并准备在葬礼上欢迎回家。Outside the Muhammad Ali Center, locals created an unplanned memorial, leaving flowers and written tributes in remembrance. 在穆罕默德·阿里中心外,当地人自发留下鲜花和颂词表达纪念。The boxing champion died at just 74-years-old. The cause of death currently remains unknown.这位拳击冠军享年74岁。死亡原因目前尚不清楚。译文属。201606/447983盐城协和女子医院联系电话盐城/人工流产费用



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