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郴州治疗慢性生殖器疱疹的费用郴州包皮环切术Marriage结婚Wedding wows哇,婚礼!How the one-child policy changed Chinese nuptials独生子女政策如何改变了中式婚礼Falling in love陷入爱河OVERSIZE cupids in pink, furry outfits hand out heart-shaped balloons with “I Do” written on them (in English) at a wedding-themed trade fair in Beijing. Vendors offer romantic photo-shoots of couples under water or at a racetrack, personalised wedding cigarettes, and biscuits with names such as “Date amp; Fate”. An emphasis on love is a new addition to Chinese weddings—and shines a pink-filtered spotlight on social change.在北京的主题婚礼展上,粉色的超大丘比特身穿毛茸茸的衣,手持心形气球,气球上写着“I Do”(“我愿意”的英文)。婚礼代理商们向新人们提供浪漫的水下或赛道婚纱照拍摄,个性化的婚礼香烟,以及刻字饼干,如“Date amp; Fate(巧遇)”饼干。把重点放在爱情上是中式婚礼上的一个新现象,闪耀的粉红滤光灯下聚焦的是社会的变革。For centuries, marriage in China was about ensuring heirs for the grooms family. Ceremonies centred on the grooms kin: couples kowtowed to the mans parents but the womans relatives were absent. Unusually, both the grooms and the brides family exchanged money or goods. The more money changed hands, the more opulent the wedding.几个世纪以来,结婚在中国意味着确保传递新郎家的香火。结婚仪式的重点是新郎的亲属:夫妻向男方父母磕头,女方亲属却不与之同席。而与此不同,新郎和新娘的家人需彼此交换金钱或物品,转手的礼钱越多,婚礼越奢华。After it came to power in 1949, the Communist Party imposed frugality. Dowries consisted of necessities like bed linen or a bicycle; guests brought their own food coupons. But since the 1980s the extravagance of nuptials has matched the countrys rise. Celebrations moved out of homes into hotels. Brides swapped traditional red dresses for white, flouncy meringue-like ones (some now wear both, in sequence).中国共产党自1949年上台后厉行节约。嫁妆都是床单或自行车这类必需品,出席婚礼的宾客带去他们自己的粮券。但自20世纪80年代起,国家的崛起开始带来婚礼的铺张。婚礼仪式的举办地从家搬往酒店。新娘将传统的红色礼换为荷叶边蛋筒状的白色礼(现在也有些人依次换上两套礼)。A large industry has emerged to serve the 13m couples who marry each year. Wedding planners are increasingly common, particularly in cities. A decade ago Cosmo Bride, an American-owned lifestyle magazine, launched a Chinese-language edition in China. An average wedding cost ,000 in 2011 (the latest year for which such data exist)—the equivalent of more than two years income for the average urban household. An increase in the average marriage age by 2.5 years since 1990 has given parents (who still usually pay for weddings, despite the earning power of their children) more time to save up.为了务于每年1,300万的新婚夫妇,一个大型产业已然崛起。婚礼策划越来越普遍,尤其是在城市。十年前,美国婚尚生活杂志Cosmo Bride在中国推出其中文版《时尚新娘》。2011 年,平均婚礼花费达到12,000美元(最新年度数据)——相当于城镇居民家庭两年多的人均收入。1990年起,平均结婚年龄增加2.5年,这给父母留下了更多攒钱的时间(尽管他们的孩子也能挣钱,他们仍然会付婚礼花销)。The change in wedding frippery also reflects a fundamental shift in society. For the first time in the history of Chinese family life, the child—rather than ancestors or parents—is regarded as the centre of the family, says Yan Yunxiang of the University of California, Los Angeles. Most newly-weds now are single children, born since the one-child policy was introduced more than 30 years ago. Parents have more to spend if they only have to fork out for one wedding (they usually share costs with the spouse-to-bes family).婚礼变得华而不实也反映出社会的根本性转变。加州大学洛杉矶分校的阎云翔说,中国的家庭生活史上,这是第一次,孩子,而不是先辈或父母,被视为家庭的中心。由于30多年前推出的独生子女政策,目前大多数新婚夫妇都是独生子女。如果父母只需承担这一场婚礼的费用,他们会付出更多(他们通常与其亲家分摊此费用) 。William Jankowiak of the University of Nevada, Las Vegas, who has documented relationships in China for 30 years, says love plays a larger part in young peoples lives—both in choice of partner and in their relationships with parents. Love is far more often spoken about. The result is evident in weddings, which now focus on the couple. Both sets of parents are represented, but their position is peripheral. Weddings often feature a day of wedding photos, shot before the event, with the couple in a range of outfits against romantic backgrounds, but with no family members.内华达大学的威廉·姜克维30年来记录了中国的各种关系,他说,在年轻人的生活中,无论是对伴侣的选择还是与父母的相处,爱都日渐重要。这一结果在婚礼上显而易见,因为现在的婚礼专注于夫妻二人,双方父母都出席,但他们只是陪衬。婚礼现场当天通常饰以在此前拍摄的婚纱照,在浪漫的背景下,夫妻穿上一系列装拍摄婚纱照,但没有家庭成员参与其中。译者:骆琪 校对:杨紫焰 译文属译生译世 /201503/364115郴州汝城县人民医院妇幼保健治疗前列腺炎多少钱 This is from Custer South Dakota,10:10pm,suspicious people were reported doing something with flashlights by the side of North 5th street in Custer这条来自南达科塔州的卡斯特 晚上十点十分 几个可疑分子拿着手电筒 鬼鬼祟祟的不知道在作甚 就在北五街那一片a deputy checked and found the people were not suspicious,but merely Canadian值班警察立马杀去 发现那不是啥可疑分子 只是几个加拿大人而已Lock up your maple,Custer.weve got Canadians here卡斯特人 赶紧锁好你们的枫糖啊 我们这儿抓到加拿大人啦they were detained for an hour,which is about 45 minutes.Canadian,so they were他们被扣留了一小时 也许有45分钟吧 只因为是加拿大人This is from Ossining New Your about 7:14 pm来自纽约州奥辛宁的报道 晚上七点十四分A caller reported that someone was on a porch yelling ;help; from a residence on Bank Street热心人士报警说 有人在街一所住宅的走廊里喊救命Officers responded and learned the person was calling a cat that is named ;help;巡警迅速反应 过去后才发现那个人是在叫自己的猫 那只猫的名字叫做“救命”Im guessing later there was a reported filed when he was calling for his dog named ;fire;我猜将来可能会有同样的报警记录 有人叫他的为“开火”的时候If you see a police report thats not quite right,and I would like send you and if you send us one that you use on the show如果你看到诸如此类的报道 就发给我 要是用在节目里的话maybe I will send you this,its a brand-new Casio trick camera我会送你这个 这是新一代的卡西欧技巧型摄像机and you can use it to capture your life from any angle with its high resolution photos and HD 你可以用它从各个角度拍下生活里的一切 拍下高分辨率的照片和录制高清视频If youre in my audience right this minute,youre all going home with one在场的每一位 也将带回家一台well right back我们一会回来 /201610/473041China亚洲中国Housing房产Why grumble?为何怨声载道?silver lining to the housing cloud房产疑云的一线希望JUST how bad is Chinas housing bubble? One important measure—the most important for those trying to get a foot on the property ladder—is affordability. Many believe that Chinese housing prices have soared well beyond the reach of ordinary people. There is some truth to that. But a closer look at the data reveals a more complex picture. The Economist Intelligence , our sister company, created a city-level index to track the relation between housing prices and incomes across China. Two points stand out.中国房地产泡沫有多严重?要衡量这个问题,经济可承受性是一重要指标,它是人们试图在购买住宅的重中之重。许多人相信,中国的房屋价格飙升到了一个常人难以企及的地步。这大约是正确的。不过对数据的进一步观察揭示了一个更为复杂的局面。我们的兄弟公司,经济学人智库开发了一个基于城市层面的指数,它可以追踪中国房价与收入的关系。有两点十分引人注目。First, the countrys biggest cities such as Beijing and Shanghai, with populations of more than 10m, are in a class of their own in terms of unaffordability (see chart; for full results go to our website). Homes are markedly cheaper in almost all slightly smaller cities, even though they have millions of residents. The price of a 100-square-metre house is on average 14-fold higher than annual household incomes in mega-cities. For cities with populations of less than 10m, the price to income ratio is eight. It thus makes sense for Chinas cities to tailor their housing policies to their own needs; some must focus on building more subsidised homes, while others need to attract new residents to occupy their many homes now standing empty.首先,中国诸如北京、上海此类的大城市拥有超过1千万的人口,他们处于无法负担房价的那个层次(如表所示;去我们的网站可以看到完整版)。几乎所有的较小城市中,即使拥有几百万人口,房价也要明显地便宜。在大城市里,一处100平方米的住宅价格平均超过了家庭年收入的14倍。那些人口少于1000万的城市,房价与收入的比率是8。因此,中国的城市为了迎合他们自身的需求而调整房屋政策是一件有意义的事情;一些城市必须注重经济适用房的建设,同时其他城市需要吸引新居民去消费大量空房。Second, regardless of city size, housing has become more affordable over the past four years throughout China. At the peak, in April 2010, house prices on average were nearly 12 times household incomes; that has dropped to less than nine times today. Prices are higher than in many developing countries, but they are not wildly divergent.第二,不考虑城市的规模的情况下,纵观全国,过去四年中人们更加能负担得起住宅费用。2010年4月达到最顶峰,此时住宅售价是家庭年收入近12倍;这个比率已经降到如今的不足9倍。发展中国家的房价比较高,但是中国的房价比之其他发展中国家也高不了多少。The apparent improvement in affordability does not tally with the perception of many Chinese. But the official price data used in constructing this index show that people are adjusting to high inner-city prices by buying homes that are ever farther from urban centres. That may not be especially painful: suburbs are increasingly well-connected by roads and railways.经济可承受性的明显改善与中国人的感知并不完全相符。但是,我们的指标用上了官方的数据,这些数据显示人们通过购买远离市中心的住房来适应高昂的中心城区房价。这也许不会特别痛苦,因为市郊正越来越多地与大路和铁路紧密相连。The bigger concern, especially in smaller cities, is that China suffers from an oversupply of housing. So many homes have been built that prices in such cities are now declining quickly relative to incomes. That is desirable. But a big, sudden rise in affordability could pose considerable risks to the financial system, which is heavily exposed to loans made to the property sector. So far, at least, China has yet to experience the pain of a property-market crash.另外有一个大问题,中国面临着住宅供大于求的糟糕局面,特别是在较小的城市中。这么多的住房竣工落成,而这些城市里的房价正相对于收入迅速下跌。这本让人高兴不已。但是经济可承受性短时间内大幅度的升高会对金融系统造成相当大的风险,特别是那些投放在房地产市场的贷款。到目前为止,至少还没有历经房地产崩溃的痛苦。译者:卢意 校对:伍豪 译文属译生译世 /201505/374029郴州哪里有治早泄

郴州哪个医院治疗包皮Its April 15th.Its tax day.My audience doesnt care.They dont play their taxes.Bunch of hippies.已经4月15日了 报税日 观众们才不在乎呢 他们都不缴税的 一群嬉皮士Its April 15th,its tax day and fun fact of this year,the federal tax code is over 74,000 pages long.4月15日了 报税日 有趣的是今年起 联邦免税代码已经有7.4万页长了But stick with it because after page 72,000,it gets really good.不过别放弃哦 7.2万页之后开始好玩了Thats when it gets dirty.Thats what I meant.从那里开始就荤了 我就这意思Marco Rubio announced his candidacy two days ago.This is interesting.You can vote on election day.马可·卢比奥两天前宣布了参加竞选 有趣新闻 你们选举日在投票吧people feel the need any time you bring up a candidate in the monologue,yeah,boo!boo!每次我在独白中 提到候选人时 大家就非得欢呼或嘘声 下去吧In his lifetime,Marco Rubio has identified himself as a Mormon,a Catholic and a Baptist.马可·卢比奥这辈子 一直认为自己是门教徒 天主教徒和浸信会教徒Rubio plans to address questions about exactly what his religious beliefs are this Saturday at his bar mitzvah.You have been there.sure.卢比奥将于周六表明自己的宗教立场 就在他的成人礼上 你去过的 是啊Governor Chris Christie says if hes president,he will crackdown on the sale of marijuana.克里斯·克里斯蒂州长说 如果他当选总统 将打击大麻销售However,that was before he was told it also comes in a brownie.Then he was for it.但那是在他知道大麻还能做巧克力蛋糕之前 他就完全持了Thats not pot,thats ecstasy.Im not sure what that was.那不是大麻 那是迷幻药吧 我不知道那是什么201610/474990郴州治疗前列腺增生大概需要多少钱 郴州治疗性功能障碍哪家医院最好

安仁县阳痿早泄价格 Immigration外来移民Rolling out the welcome mat热烈欢迎Two cities hope that embracing immigrants can reverse their decline两座城市希望,外来移民的到来能改善城市人口流失状况THREE years ago Jenny Salgado, a Dominican shop assistant, moved to Highlandtown, a neighbourhood of pleasant terraces and unpleasant derelict factories in Baltimore. She moved because the cost of living in New York was too high. When she arrived the shop she works in, stuffed with pi?atas and religious statuettes, was one of only a few Hispanic businesses. Now there are many more. “Its good now if you speak Spanish,” she smiles.三年前,多米尼加商店助手珍妮·萨尔加多搬到海兰镇居住,毗邻巴尔的。她搬家的原因是纽约高昂的生活费。珍妮初来乍到之际,这家兜售饰陶罐与宗教雕像的商店还算是当时少数几家极具墨西哥风情的商店。而如今,这种商店不胜枚举。她微笑着说,“如果你说西班牙语,那么这是件好事。”Baltimore has been losing people for 60 years. To address this its mayor, Stephanie Rawlings-Blake, wants to make it the most immigrant-friendly city in the world. Its libraries provide Spanish-language exercise classes. To help those with no papers, the city is introducing micro-loans which require no credit checks. In 2012 Ms Rawlings-Blake announced that city police would no longer routinely check the immigration status of citizens or enforce any federal immigration law unless explicitly required to. The then governor, Martin OMalley, a Democrat, made it possible for illegal immigrants to get driving licences.近60年来,巴尔的逐步丧失大量人口。该市市长Stephanie Rawlings-Blake欲使其成为全球最受外来移民欢迎的城市,希望以此来解决人口流失问题。该市正在引进小额贷款,无需信用检查,此举旨在帮助那些没有任何身份明的移民,而且图书馆现提供西班牙语练习课。2012年,Rawlings-Blake 女士宣布,市警察将不再定期检查市民的移民情况,且只有在法律明确要求才会执行联邦移民法律。时任州长民主党议员马丁·奥马雷,让非法移民获得驾照变成可能。Such welcoming policies are sping. Rustbelt cities like Cleveland, Dayton and Philadelphia all avidly court immigrants. Rick Snyder, the Republican governor of Michigan, has asked the federal government to offer 50,000 visas to people who agree to live in Detroit. His administration has directed cash towards NGOs that market Motown to immigrants and made it easier for skilled migrants to get professional licences. Like Baltimore, Detroit woos refugees brought to America under federal programmes—and even tries to poach those who may have settled elsewhere.像这样的欢迎政策逐渐普及。克利夫兰,代顿和费城等锈带城市热烈欢迎外来移民的到来。密歇根州长、共和党议员瑞克·斯奈德已经向联邦政府提出,签发5万份签给那些愿意住在底特律的人。斯奈德当局直接现金拨款给非政府组织,这些组织向移民推销汽车之城底特律,让技术移民更加容易获得专业驾照。像巴尔的、底特律这样的城市在联邦项目下拉拢难民,群居美国,甚至讨好那些想在别地安家的人。A welcome mat is a powerful weapon against urban decay. When a citys population falls, tax receipts tumble and services atrophy. Half-deserted neighbourhoods breed crime, driving yet more people to leave. No city has escaped this death spiral without attracting new residents, says Steve Tobocman of Global Detroit, an NGO. Immigrants are especially likely to move into the most blighted neighbourhoods and spruce them up.欢迎政策是对抗城市衰败的有力武器。一座城市人口流失,税收下滑、务业萎缩。人口稀少的居民区滋生罪恶、频发车祸,进而引发更大的人口流失。非政府组织“全球底特律”的斯蒂文·客曼表示,若不吸引新的居民入住,那么没有一座城市可以摆脱这“死亡漩涡”。外来移民尤其偏爱那些最破旧的社区,然后美化城市。Several studies suggest that when immigrants arrive, crime goes down, schools improve and shops open up. In Detroit, immigrants living near the tiny separate city of Hamtramck have formed local watches to guard against thieves. Their neighbourhoods are not just safer; they are also among the only places where it is as easy to buy fresh vegetables as drugs and alcohol.一些研究显示,外来移民的到来使得犯罪事件减少,学校设备得到改进,商店得以重新开张。在底特律,外来移民住在狭小、偏僻的汉姆川客附近,已经形成了当地监察队防范小偷。他们居住的社区不仅安全,而且成为少有的几处能随时购买新鲜蔬菜和药物、酒精。But attracting new immigrants to the cities which most need them is hard, argues Audrey Singer of the Brookings Institution, a think-tank. They care about the same things as everyone else: safe streets, good schools and jobs. Cities which have lost population for decades struggle with all of these. Detroit and Baltimore have not fared equally well. The number of immigrants in Baltimore, long stagnant, increased by 50% between 2000 and 2013, helping the city to record its first growth in population in decades. Detroits immigrant population, by contrast, fell slightly, adding to its overall decline.智库布鲁金斯研究所的安德鲁·辛格辩解道,要想吸引外来移民去那些最需要他们的地方去绝非易事。他们所关心的事如普通人一样:安全的街道、良好的学校、高报酬的工作。那些人口流失波动不大的城市,几十年来均陷入这些烦恼中。底特律和巴尔的的遭遇并不乐观。在巴尔的,外来移民数量长时间停滞,在2000年至2013年间增长了50%,该市因此创下几十年人口增长新高。相比而言,底特律移民人口略微减少。In Baltimore immigrants such as Ms Salgado are settling because they are drawn by cheap housing in a region that mostly lacks it. New arrivals from New York buy ruined houses and shops, typically paying ,000 or ,000 in cash. In places such as Highlandtown, which bustles with Ethiopian, Moroccan and Mexican restaurants, that has started a cycle of gentrification, as affluent young whites have been lured by the new urban vibe.在巴尔的,像萨尔加多女士这样的外来移民被低廉的房价所吸引,因而定居于此。从纽约来的新人们一般花4、5万美元现金就可以买下废弃的房屋和商店。在海兰镇这样的地方,埃塞俄比亚、洛哥以及墨西哥餐馆随处可见,这不仅促成了下层住宅高档化,富二代白人也因城市氛围而聚于此地。Detroit has not failed to attract new immigrants, says Mr Tobocman: Mexican restaurants and Bangladeshi mosques are proof of that. But it has struggled to retain them. “Yeah, you can buy a house for ,000, but pretty quickly you realise that its dangerous, the schools suck and all of the jobs are in the suburbs,” he says.客曼先生说,底特律成功吸引了新的外来移民:墨西哥餐馆和孟加拉国的清真寺便是据。但是他们却勉强度日。他补充道,“是啊,你可以花2万美金买到一栋房子,但是你很快就会意识到,这么做是危险的,学校很糟糕,这所有的工作都在郊区。”译者:黄柳 译文属译生译世 /201502/361418永兴县人民中妇幼保健医院有泌尿科吗郴州湘南学院附属医院男科预约



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