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Renault will piggyback on partner Nissan’s product and strategy in its overdue entry to the Chinese carmaking market as it seeks rapid catch-up with competitors.雷诺(Renault)将借助合作伙伴日产(Nissan)的产品和战略,姗姗来迟地进入中国汽车制造市场,争取快速赶上竞争对手。The French carmaker this month received approval for a .3bn joint venture to build cars in China, the biggest car market, with Dongfeng, which has built cars with Nissan in the country for the past 10 years.这家法国汽车制造商本月争取到中国政府批准其与东风汽车(Dongfeng)组建13亿美元合资企业,在全球最大汽车市场制造汽车。东风与日产合资在华制造汽车已有10年。Renault would use the same product platforms built and sold by Nissan in China under different model names, and share market segments, engines, parts and supply chains, three people with knowledge of the company’s strategy told the Financial Times.了解雷诺战略的3名人士告诉英国《金融时报》,该公司将利用日产以不同的型号名称在华制造和销售的产品的平台,并共享市场细分、发动机、零部件和供应链。Renault would position itself as an affordable luxury brand in China, the people said, as it looked to snatch share in the country, where sales growth has for years offset a shrinking market in Europe for carmakers such as Volkswagen and General Motors.上述人士表示,雷诺在中国将定位于一个价格适中的豪华品牌。该公司将寻求争夺中国市场的份额;对大众(Volkswagen)和通用汽车(General Motors)等汽车制造商来说,中国的销售增长多年来一直在抵消不断收缩的欧洲市场的影响。The Japanese company builds a suite of cars including its midsized Teana sedan in China, a model that uses a product platform that can support Renault models such as the Laguna sedan.日产在中国生产一系列汽车,包括中型的天籁(Teana)轿车,这款车型所用的产品平台也能持雷诺的一些车型,如拉古那(Laguna)轿车。Renault’s venture with Dongfeng will build cars and engines for both companies and start with an annual production capacity of 150,000 vehicles.雷诺与东风的合资企业将为两家公司制造汽车和发动机,首期年产能将达到15万辆。The French carmaker will officially announce the details of its strategy for China today.这家法国汽车制造商将在今日正式宣布其中国战略的细节。Renault, which owns 43.4 per cent of Nissan, has operated in alliance with the Japanese carmaker since 1999, leveraging joint products, purchasing and production to save billions of euros every year.持有日产43.4%股份的雷诺,从1999年起与这家日本汽车制造商携手运营,充分利用产品、采购和生产方面的联合,每年节省数十亿欧元的成本。Nissan and Renault’s individual joint ventures in China with Dongfeng are legally required to remain separate entities, unlike its operations in India, where the two operate as one business.日产和雷诺分别在华与东风组建的合资企业,依法必须是相互独立的实体,这与它们在印度运营一家合资企业的情况不同。But the original agreement signed between Nissan and Dongfeng in 2003 includes a provision to integrate Renault into what officials in the three companies refer to as a “prosperous triangle” in China.但是,日产和东风在2003年达成的最初协议,包含了一条拟在中国整合雷诺的条款,目的是形成三家公司高管所称的“金三角”。“I would expect China to be the area where the synergies and the alliances will be the best,” said Jérémie Papin, finance director of the Renault Nissan alliance.“我期望中国成为协同效应和联盟达到极致的地方,”雷诺-日产联盟(Renault Nissan alliance)财务总监杰瑞米#8226;帕潘(Jérémie Papin)表示。Renault’s lack of manufacturing capacity in China has made it an outlier among global car brands that have flocked to the country over the past couple of decades in search of growth.缺乏在中国的制造能力使雷诺在全球汽车品牌中成为一个局外者。过去20年来,全球汽车品牌纷纷到中国寻求增长。The French carmaker has sought to join its Japanese partner in sping its reach over the past decade in order to lessen its dependence on Europe, where the market has slumped to a 20-year low.雷诺在过去10年里寻求与日本合作伙伴一起扩张海外地盘,以减轻其对欧洲的依赖。目前欧洲市场已跌至20年低位。Nissan sold 1.25m vehicles in China last year in conjunction with Dongfeng and accounted for almost 60 per cent of the Chinese company’s net profit in the first six months of this year, according to Citi.花旗(Citi)数据显示,日产与东风的合资企业去年在中国销量达到125万辆,该合资企业在今年上半年占东风净利润的近60%。Dongfeng, based in Wuhan, eastern central China, has become China’s best-known carmarker outside the country thanks to joint ventures with Honda, Nissan, PSA Peugeot Citro#235;n and Renault, and its ongoing talks with Peugeot to take a stake in the French carmaker.总部位于华中城市武汉的东风,已成为海外最知名的中国汽车制造商,与本田(Honda)、日产、标致雪铁龙(PSA Peugeot Citro#235;n)和雷诺分别建立了合资企业,并且正与标致谈判,拟入股这家法国汽车制造商。 /201312/268914




  IBM and SAP plan to announce on Tuesday that they will partner to offer cloud computing services to companies.Specifically, IBM IBM 0.15% will provide cloud infrastructure services to SAP, which will run its business applications—collectively dubbed the HANA Enterprise Cloud—on top of them.For IBM, it’s the second megawatt deal of the year with a technology industry peer as it continues to stake ground through large cloud computing partnerships. In July, it announced it would partner with AppleAAPL -1.06% to sell phones and tablets (and related applications and services) to business customers.For SAP, it’s an acceleration of an existing strategy to offer its applications worldwide—and a small concession that the data center buildout it recently completed wasn’t sufficient to meet its larger goal.“SAP has really morphed as a company to a cloud application and platform company,” says Kevin Ichhpurani, SAP’s head of business development. “Our goal is to be the cloud company powered by HANA.”Walldorf, Germany-based SAP, the largest software company in Europe, sees a partnership with its American counterpart as a way to outrun rivals like Oracle ORCL 0.60% , which has chosen to build its own network of data centers, in the race to get businesses to adopt cloud applications. For SAP, that includes SuccessFactors (for human capital management), Ariba (for procurement), and soon, Concur (for travel and expenses). There are currently about 4,000 HANA customers, Ichhpurani says, and eleven times as many companies running SAP’s business software suite.“We needed to really build global scale instantaneously,” Ichhpurani says. “IBM has announced that they’ll get to 40 data centers in the year. That’s really attractive to us.”The deal comes at a significant turning point for the information technology departments of major companies. For years, data resided on servers that the company owned and operated within its own facilities, referred to as “on premise.” With the rise of cloud computing, that data began to migrate to servers owned and operated by third-party providers (such as IBM or Amazon) but rented by the company in question. The appeal? Lower cost at scale and flexibility as software has transformed into a service you access anytime on the Internet rather than a program you launch from a local computer.The answer for many companies is increasingly the “hybrid cloud,” where some data resides locally and other data lives in the cloud. Firms that have been reluctant to move their data to the cloud have begun to do so. Companies that once saw the cloud as fit only for evaluating software in development—for “testing environments”—now see it suitable for hosting the real deal, referred to as “production environments.” Armonk, N.Y.-based IBM, through its SoftLayer business, wants to be there to meet that need, says Erich Clementi, the leader of IBM’s Global Technology Services group.“We’ve seen a massive uptick in terms of demand,” he says. “The desire now for customers to move their production landscapes to the cloud, that appetite, is growing exponentially.”IBM deeply desires to be the preferred cloud platform for the enterprise, Clementi says. Doing a deal with SAP is both logical—IBM says it is the largest SAP practice in the world—and appealing in terms of generating additional business. “SAP attracts a whole host of other connected applications, services, integrations,” Clementi says. “For us, gaining critical mass and credibility for enterprise production is paramount. Over time, more and more services are going to be delivered in a cloud manner. I think the enterprises will watch and see—and I think this deal makes it credible.”“We can be the handshake,” Clementi adds. Ichhpurani puts it another way: “A single throat to choke.”IBM和SAP近日宣布,双方将合作,携手向企业提供云计算务。其中,IBM将向SAP提供云基础架构务,而SAP则将使用IBM的基础架构运行HANA企业云应用。对于IBM来说,这也是它今年第二次与科技行业的重量级企业在云计算领域进行合作。今年7月,IBM宣布将与苹果公司(Apple)合作,向企业客户销售手机和平板电脑(以及相关应用与务)。对于SAP来说,与IBM的结盟有利于助推其现有应用的全球销售。同时也等于承认了它最近才建设完成的数据中心还不足以满足公司的宏伟蓝图。SAP的商务拓展负责人凯文伊克普拉尼指出:“SAP已经确实转变成一家云应用和云平台公司。我们的目标是成为一家以HANA驱动的云公司。”SAP公司总部位于德国的瓦尔多夫,它是欧洲最大的软件公司,与IBM的合作也是它领先甲骨文(Oracle)等竞争对手的一种方式。相比之下,甲骨文公司为了吸引企业选择自家的云应用而自行建设了一个数据中心网络。目前SAP已经收购了SuccessFactors(人力资本管理应用)、Ariba(采购应用),对Concur(差旅及报销管理应用)的收购很快也将完成。伊克普拉尼指出,HANA企业云现在已经拥有大约4000名客户,而运行SAP企业软件套装的公司大约有11倍之多。伊克普拉尼表示:“我们需要快速建立起全球级的规模,IBM宣布他们的数据中心今年将达到40个,这对我们非常有吸引力。”目前,各大公司的IT部门正好也到达了一个拐点。多年以来,数据一直存储在企业拥有的务器上,在企业内部运作,所以又叫“内部务器”。随着云计算的兴起,数据开始转移到第三方供应商,如IBM或亚马逊(Amazon)提供并运营的务器上,在规模效应下,大大降低了数据成本。同时由于软件不再是电脑上的一个程序,而是变成了一种可以随时在互联网上读取的务,因此也提高了应用的灵活性。目前,许多公司越来越青睐所谓的“混合云”,也就是部分数据存储在本地电脑上,部分数据存储在云端。有些不愿意将数据完全存储到云端的企业已经选择了这种做法。有些公司以前觉得云计算只适合用来评估研发中的软件,即是一种“测试环境”;现在他们认为云计算已经成熟,适合用于生产,也就是所谓的“生产环境”。IBM公司的全球技术务部负责人埃里克克莱蒙蒂表示,IBM希望凭借它的SoftLayer主机务帮助企业满足这种需求。他表示:“我们发现需求已经有了很大的提升,现在用户想把生产环境移动到云端的意愿和胃口都在呈指数级增长。”克莱蒙蒂表示,IBM力求成为最受企业青睐的云平台。与SAP进行合作既是合理的选择(IBM表示它自己正是SAP全球最大的客户),同时也能够产生额外的业务。“SAP会吸引一系列其它的相关应用、务和集成。对我们来说,在企业生产方面积累足够的人气和商誉是极为重要的。随着时间的推移,越来越多的务都会通过云端来提供。我认为广大企业都会见这一点——而这次合作将使它变得更可靠。”克莱蒙蒂补充道:“我们可以说是强强联手”。伊克普拉尼用另一种说法表达了类似的意思——“我们朝着同一个目标而努力。”There are a few pillars of the facebook ecosystem, and one is News Feed. Right, that’s you… you show up, and you could just see all the stuff that is important that’s happening recently with your friends. Another pillar has been Timeline, where each person umm… can share whatever they want with whomever they want on-on facebook, and… your Timeline is your place where you can curate everything that you wanna show up about you, and it’s just everything about you in one place. And… Graph Search is going to be another pillar that’s like that.脸书的生态系统中有几个台柱,其中一个是News Feed(动态消息)。对的,那就是你…你来到这里,就可以看到所有重要的、朋友最近发生的事情。另一个台柱是Timeline(动态时报),在那儿每个人啊…不论他们想分享什么、和谁分享都可以在脸书上分享,还有…你的Timeline是你的领域,在那里你可以融合整理所有你想要展现关于你自己的东西,它就是所有关于你的事情集中在一个地方。然后…Graph Search(社交图表搜寻)将会是另一个像那样的台柱。So there’s really simple things that people wanna do. They wanna find all the photos they’ve liked. They wanna find all the photos of two particular people, um… all the photos of their family. They wanna find all their friends who live in a particular city, because they are going to visit there. And those are really hard things to find right now. You have to go to a bunch of different pages. You have to piece all the stuff together. And now it’s easy. You know, you just… you can say what you want, and you get the results.所以有些人们想做非常简单的事情。他们想找到所有他们曾按过赞的照片。他们想要找到所有特定两人的照片,嗯…所有家人的照片。他们想要找到所有住在特定城市的朋友,因为他们要造访那里。而这些现在是很难找的东西。你得浏览一堆不同的网页。你必须要将所有东西拼凑在一起。而现在这很简单。你知道,你只要…你可以说出想要什么,然后就可以得到结果。In-in web search, uh… it’s very often the case that, you know, if you do a search for, you know, apple, and I do a search for apple, we’re basically gonna get the same results. Um, maybe I’ll get like slightly more technical results based on, you know, Apple computer, and maybe you might care about the fruit a little more, but they are not that different from each other, whereas um… on facebook, when you do the same searches, we get completely different sets of results because of the depth of personalisation that we do.在-在网页搜寻中,嗯… 很常看到有案例,你知道,如果你执行搜寻动作,你知道,查苹果,我也执行搜寻动作查苹果,基本上我们会得到相同的搜寻结果。嗯,可能我会得到稍微多些技术性的结果关于,你知道,苹果计算机,而也许你可能比较关注这水果一些,但搜寻结果彼此并没有那么地不同,然而嗯…在facebook上,当你执行相同的搜寻动作,我们得到截然不同的结果组合,因为我们所做到的个人化深度。The-the types of questions that we can solve are-are kind of this slightly nuance and social questions that you wouldn’t typically think to ask um… other search engine, that you wouldn’t typically think that the internet could solve for. Um… there’s a lot to be said for taste, like what movie should I go and see, uh… what bands might I like, based on the friends that I have.我们能够解决的问题类型是-是有点稍微枝微末节,以及你一般不会想要嗯… 透过其他搜索引擎问的社交问题,你一般不会认为网络可以解决的问题。嗯…有助于发掘你的喜好,像是我们应该去看哪部电影,呃… 我可能会喜欢哪个乐团,以我所拥有的朋友为基准。Well, I had a toothache the other day, and as I’m relatively new to the area, so I don’t have a dentist, and… looking out dentists that my friends liked was really awesome, because I knew that I was gonna go to someone who knew what they were doing, which she did.嗯,有一天我牙痛,而因为我对这区域相当不熟,所以我还没看过牙医,而…搜寻那些我朋友按赞的牙医是非常棒的一件事,因为我知道我要去看某个知道自己在做什么的牙医,她的确知道她在做什么。It’s a shame because, you know, most people today don’t think about facebook as a place to discover places where they can go eat or things that they can go do. Um, but with this product, I mean, that’s just… it’s so… it’s so natural to be able to do that.这令人感到遗憾,因为,你知道,今天大多数的人不认为facebook是一个开发他们可以吃饭的去处或可做之事的场所。嗯,但有了这个产品,我的意思是,那就是…这很…很自然地就可以做到那样。In the past, facebook has really been primarily about… mapping out and staying in touch with and communicating with the people aly know in the real world. But now, we’re building a product that can also be used to finding people you maybe should know — people of common interests, people you wanna work with.在过去,facebook真的一直主要是关于…安排、联系以及与那些在现实生活中已认识的人来沟通。但现在,我们正打造一个产品,可以用来找到你可能应该要认识的人–有相同兴趣的人、你想要共事的人。You can find friends of friends who have common interests: Friends of friends who are interested in ballroom dancing or in running or hiking. And in many ways what this will do is… is make your community feel a bit smaller; make the world feel a bit smaller.你可以找到和你有相同兴趣的朋友的朋友:对交际舞、或跑步、或健行有兴趣的朋友的朋友。这在许多方面这将会做到的是…是让你的生活圈感觉小了些,让世界感觉小了些。Today, we’re really just starting off with a few basic types of things that you can search for: people, photos, places, pages for businesses, and… that’s just the start.今天,我们真的才刚开始几个基本你可以搜寻的事物类型:人、照片、地点、公司页面,而…那只是个开端。We wanted to get this out as early as possible so we could get feedback from the users. Iterate, make the product better, and get it to a point where we can launch this to everyone.我们想要尽早推出,这样我们就能得到使用者的意见回馈。反复修改,让产品更好,并达到我们可以向所有人推出这项产品的水平。We just view this as a project that we’re gonna be working on for years and years to come, but um… as it gets more completed, it just gives me this amazing resource for, you know, a lot of people around the world to use.我们只将这视为一项还要年复一年地持续研发的企画案,但嗯… 当它的完成度更高时,就提供了我们这个很棒的资源,你知道,让全世界许多人使用。 /201302/225081

  On a recent, rather stormy Tuesday afternoon, former U.S. vice president Al Gore and an assortment of Silicon Valley executives assembled in an unlikely spot—Osceola, Arkansas—to break ground on a promising new venture.最近一个暴雨如注的周二下午,美国前副总统艾尔o戈尔和一众硅谷高管聚集在一个他们似乎不大可能出现的地方——阿肯色州奥西奥拉市,参加一家很有前途的新企业的动工仪式。Backed by million in financing, California-based startup BlueOak Resources is building a brand-new facility in this city of 8,000 or so, but it’s not to manufacture a new high-tech gadget. Quite the opposite, in fact: BlueOak’s new operation will be what it calls the nation’s first “urban mining” refinery dedicated to recovering valuable metals such as gold, silver, copper and palladium from the growing mountains of e-waste currently threatening to overwhelm the planet.在高达3,500万美元融资的持下,总部位于加州的蓝橡树资源回收公司(BlueOak Resources)准备在这座拥有大约8,000人口的小城建设一家新工厂,但它要生产的并不是某种高科技新玩意。恰恰相反:在电子垃圾堆积如山,似乎要淹没全球的大背景下,蓝橡树的新设施将成为全美第一家致力于回收金、银、铜和钯等贵重金属的“城市采矿(urban mining)”冶炼厂。“Every day, U.S. consumers dispose of enough cell phones to cover 50 football fields,” said Privahini Bradoo, BlueOak’s chief executive.蓝橡树公司CEO普里瓦伊尼o布拉多说:“美国消费者每天扔掉的手机足以覆盖50个橄榄球场。”Although between 7% and 10% of the world’s gold and 30% of the silver produced goes into electronics, only 15% of the 50 million tons of e-waste created globally each year undergoes any recycling, Bradoo said. Instead, the vast majority of devices are dumped in landfills or exported to countries where e-waste is hand-picked over open fires.布拉多表示,尽管全世界生产的7%到10%的黄金和30%的银都变成了电子产品部件,但在全球每年产生的5,000万吨电子垃圾中,仅有15%经过某种形式的回收处理。绝大多数设备都被弃置于垃圾填埋场,或者被出口到海外,最终用明火焚烧。The city of Guiyu, China—widely considered the world’s e-waste capital—receives some 4,000 tons of the stuff per hour. It also has the highest-ever recorded level of dioxins, and 90% of its residents have neurological damage, Bradoo said. “Not only is it a humanitarian disaster, but when we looked at the value contained in e-scrap, it was shocking,” she added.外界普遍认为,位于中国广东省汕头市的贵屿镇是全球电子垃圾之都。贵屿镇每小时大约收到4,000吨垃圾。这座小镇的二恶英类有机污染物目前已达到有记载以来的最高水平,布拉多说,当地九成居民的神经系统都受到了损伤。她补充说:“这当然是一场人道主义灾难,但这些电子废料包含的价值同样令人震惊。”With support from the Arkansas Teachers’ Retirement Fund, a consortium of European and domestic investors, and the Arkansas Development Finance Authority, BlueOak’s new refinery will process 15 million pounds of electronic scrap per year initially, rapidly expanding from there. Production will begin by the end of 2015, bringing 50 technical jobs to the area. Kleiner Perkins Caufield amp; Byers is one of BlueOak’s major investors.蓝橡树公司准备建设的新冶炼厂获得了来自阿肯色州教师退休基金(Arkansas Teachers’ Retirement Fund),一个由欧洲和美国国内投资者组成的财团,以及阿肯色开发金融(Arkansas Development Finance Authority)的持。这座工厂计划在起初阶段每年处理1,500万磅电子废料,随后将迅速扩大。这家冶炼厂将于2015年末正式投产,预计将为当地带来50个技术工作岗位。凯鹏华盈风投公司(Kleiner Perkins Caufield amp; Byers)是蓝橡树的主要投资者之一。‘For every ounce, 30 tons of waste’“开采一盎司黄金会生产30吨垃圾”“Developing a 21st-century, high-quality recovery process for the valuable materials in electronic waste is very important,” said Allen Hershkowitz, senior scientist with the Natural Resources Defense Council’s Urban Program.“开发一种面向21世纪,针对电子垃圾蕴含的贵重材料的高品质回收流程,具有非常重要的意义,”供职于美国自然资源保护委员会(Natural Resources Defense Council)都市的资深科学家艾伦o赫什科维茨说。E-waste is the fastest-growing component of the municipal solid waste stream, and given all the precious metals, valuable plastics and recyclable glass electronics contain, “the fact that these are being routinely discarded makes no sense,” Hershkowitz said.电子垃圾是城市固体废弃物中增长最快的组成部分,鉴于电子产品包含了大量贵金属、贵重塑料和可回收玻璃,赫什科维茨说,“它们遭到习惯性地丢弃这个事实简直不合情理。”Indeed, roughly 10 ounces of gold can be extracted from every ton of printed circuit boards, Bradoo said; you’d need to process 100 tons of gold ore or more to get the same amount.布拉多说,事实上,从每吨印刷电路板中可提取大约10盎司黄金。而要获得相同数量的黄金,人们至少需要处理100吨金矿石。More to the point, “for every ounce of gold that has to be mined in the field, we produce 30 tons of waste” including mercury and cyanide, Hershkowitz said. “Compare that with recovering an ounce of gold from electronic waste—you’d eliminate that gigantic ecological burden.”更重要的是,“在矿山开采一盎司黄金会生产30吨废物,”其中包括汞和氰化物,赫什科维茨说。“相比之下,从电子垃圾中回收黄金,可以消除如此巨大的生态负担。”There are, of course, U.S. companies aly out there that specialize in refurbishing and recycling used electronics—Sims Recycling and ECS Refining are two larger examples. Typically, though, such companies dismantle unrefurbishable devices either manually or with automated shredders to recover their aluminum, steel and plastic but ship the circuit boards to smelters overseas, Bradoo said.当然,已经有美国公司在专门从事翻修和回收二手电子产品业务,Sims Recycling和ECS Refining是其中两个规模较大的例子。布拉多说,这类公司通常采用手动方式或自动粉碎机来拆除不可翻新的设备,以便回收它们的铝、钢和塑料,但电路板则被运送至海外的冶炼厂。It’s those circuit boards where most of the high-value metals reside, she added. In order to reclaim them in a sustainable way, BlueOak’s facility will take the boards, pulverize them further and put them through a high-temperature plasma-arc furnace.她补充说,大多数贵重金属恰恰蕴含在这些电路板之中。为了以可持续的方式回收贵重金属,蓝橡树公司的新工厂将接收这些电路板,进一步粉碎加工,然后把它们放入等离子电弧炉进行熔化。‘Value recovery from every part of that chain’“从价值链的每个部分中回收价值”Europe has long been ahead of the ed States in its e-waste solutions, thanks not just to government mandates and an emphasis on recycling but also to infrastructure aly in place there.长久以来,欧洲的电子垃圾解决方案一直领先于美国,不仅仅是因为政府颁布了相关指令,企业重视回收问题,还应该归功于已经到位的基础设施。“They had domestic secondary smelters that had the capital and the capability to redirect some of their capacity toward e-waste,” Bradoo said.布拉多说:“欧洲一些国家的二级冶炼厂拥有充足的资本和技术能力,它们能够重新利用一些产能来处理电子垃圾。”Even there, though, “there are no facilities we’re aware of that are dedicated to recovering precious metals from electronic scrap,” she said.不过,即使在欧洲,“目前也没有专门从电子废料中回收贵金属的工厂,”她说。Yet while BlueOak’s urban mining refinery may be “exactly the kind of facility that we need from an ecological perspective,” some key economic realities will have to be overcome, NRDC’s Hershkowitz said.然而,尽管蓝橡树公司的城市采矿厂“从生态的角度看,或许是我们需要的那种设施,”但这家工厂还需要克一些关键的经济现实,美国自然资源保护委员会的赫什科维茨说。“The challenge here is going to be getting the electronic waste to the facility, because right now only a fraction of electronic waste is effectively recovered for recycling,” he added. “From an economic perspective, we need government requirements, as they have in Europe, that obligate the consumer products companies to participate in funding the infrastructure to recover these materials for recycling or refurbishment.”“亟需应对的挑战是,如何把电子垃圾送往这家工厂,因为目前只有一小部分电子垃圾被有效地回收再利用,”他补充说。“从经济角度来看,我们需要政府效仿欧洲的做法,强制要求电子消费类公司出资建造用来回收利用或翻新这些材料的基础设施。”Initially, BlueOak will rely on suppliers that are aly collecting and dismantling e-waste, but “our hope is that by creating more value in that value chain, that will promote the front-end recycling,” Bradoo said.在起初阶段,蓝橡树公司将依靠已经开始收集和拆解电子垃圾的供应商,但布拉多说,“我们希望在这个价值链中创造更多价值,以推动前端的回收利用。”The automotive industry is an inspiring model, she noted, with a recycling rate of about 95%. “That’s because you have value recovery from every part of that value chain,” she said. “An entire industry has focused on ensuring that there’s recycling.”她指出,作为一个鼓舞人心的典范,汽车行业的再循环比率目前已达到95%左右。“这是因为价值链的每个部分都有回收价值,”她说。“整个行业都在专心致志地确保资源能够回收利用。”Alternatively, much the way deposit-refund systems have been used successfully to encourage container recycling, it’s possible a similar scheme could be applied to electronics, she said.作为另一种选择,就像押金退款制度已经被成功地用于鼓励容器回收一样,她说,电子产品或许也可以应用类似方案。Either way, “we want the entire value chain to grow and to create an ecosystem that supports the overall recycling and recovery of as much value as possible from electronics so we don’t think of it as a waste stream,” Bradoo explained.无论采取哪种方式,布拉多解释说,“我们都希望整个价值链迅速增长,希望创建一个生态系统,以持从电子产品中回收利用尽可能多的价值。这样一来,我们就不再把它看成一个废物流。”‘We need to see real leadership’“我们需要看到真正的领导力”Approaches like BlueOak’s urban mining refinery “have the potential to be an important part of the solution, to recycle the materials embedded in these devices, reducing the demand for virgin materials and the energy needed to produce them,” said Gary Cook, a senior IT analyst with Greenpeace.像蓝橡树公司城市采矿厂这类方式“有望成为电子垃圾解决方案的重要组成部分,它们能够回收嵌入电子设备的材料,从而减少对原生材料和生产这些材料所需能源的需求,”绿色和平组织(Greenpeace)资深IT分析师加里o库克说。Greenpeace also wants to see more robust efforts from the electronics sector, Cook said, such as stronger take-back programs and a commitment to using recycled materials in electronics products.库克表示,绿色和平组织还希望看到电子行业采取更有力的措施,比如更完善的回收计划,承诺使用再生材料生产电子产品。But it starts at the top. “What we also need to see is real leadership from electronics manufacturers in creating products that are designed to have a longer life,” Cook said, citing the example of modular mobile phones such as Phonebloks and Project Ara, “and not designed for the dump in two to three years.”但这些努力必须由最高层率先推动。库克说,“我们还需要看到电子产品制造商展现出真正的领导力,需要它们设计、制造拥有更长生命周期的产品。” 他还援引了模块化手机制造商 Phonebloks和 Project Ara的例子。“它们不能继续设计一些使用两三年就不得不废弃的产品。” /201407/308982


  Cyber attacks rose 14 per cent last year, as online criminals targeted intellectual property-rich industries such as pharmaceuticals, mining and electronics, according to a report by Cisco.思科(Cisco)一份报告称,网络攻击数量去年上升了14%,制药、矿业和电子工业等知识产权密集的行业成为网络罪犯的目标。Vulnerabilities in computer systems and the threat from hackers reached the highest level since 2000, when the technology company launched its annual security report.这家技术公司发布年度安全报告之际,计算机系统漏洞及黑客威胁达到2000年以来的最高水平。Cisco said there had been “unprecedented growth” in advanced attacks, with every large company it monitored becoming a target for malicious traffic.思科表示,技术含量较高的攻击出现了“前所未有的增长”。思科监测的每家大型公司都成为恶意流量攻击的目标。John Stewart, senior vice-president and chief security officer, said the report painted a grim picture of the state of cyber security.思科副总裁兼首席安全官约翰#8226;斯图尔特(John Stewart)说,这份报告描绘了网络安全现状的一幅悲观图景。But, he added, there was hope to restore trust by trying to understand hackers. “To truly protect against all of these possible attacks, defenders must understand the attackers, their motivations and their methods – before, during and after an attack.”但他补充道,通过试图了解黑客,有望恢复信心。“为了真正防御所有这些可能的攻击,防御者必须了解攻击者,掌握他们的动机和手段——在攻击开始前、进行中和结束后。”Pharmaceuticals, chemicals, agriculture, mining and electronics all saw increases in the malware targeted at them of more than 600 per cent, while attempts to breach security in the energy, oil and gas industries rose more than 400 per cent.制药、化工、农业、矿业和电子工业受到的恶意软件攻击均增加逾600%。同时,针对能源和油气行业的攻击增加400%以上。Attempts to hack retailers and wholesalers – in the public eye after Target lost data from more than 70m customers in an attack – rose more than 100 per cent. The attempts may not have led to breaches, depending on the protections in place.针对零售商和批发商的攻击增加逾100%。美国零售商塔吉特(Target)在一次攻击中丢失7000余万用户数据的消息曝光后,此类攻击引起公众关注。不过,取决于采取的保护措施,有些攻击可能没有突破防线。Cyber criminals are increasingly looking for intellectual property they can either sell on the black market or use to inform decisions about competing products or plans.网络罪犯对寻找知识产权越来越感兴趣,这些机密要么可在黑市上出售,要么可用作竞争产品或计划的决策依据。Levi Gundert, a threat researcher who worked on the Cisco report, said the attacks could be “criminals” or “nation states”.参与撰写报告的威胁研究员莱维#8226;贡德特(Levi Gundert)说,实施攻击的可能是“罪犯”,也可能是“国家”。“You almost need to have the Economist or the FT in hand while looking at some of these numbers – they vertically correspond to geopolitical events,” he said.他说:“你在看报告中的一些数字时,手里几乎需要一份《经济学人》或英国《金融时报》,因为这些数字直接对应着某些地缘政治事件。” /201401/273677。

  Given all the buzz, you#39;d think an iWatch from Apple would be a case of ;when; rather than ;if.; In theory, such a device could push computing forward. Users could check messages and get alerts and directions without having to whip out their iPhones. (And Dick Tracy would be spinning in his grave.) Here#39;s our quick list of features we#39;d like to see find their way into the still mythical device.鉴于各种传闻甚嚣尘上,所以你肯定会认为,苹果公司(Apple)的iWatch面世是早晚的事。从理论上说,这样的设备可能会让计算应用向前再迈出一大步。有了这样的手表,用户就不需要掏出手机来读取信息、查看提醒或获得导航指令了(“至尊神探”也能在墓中复活了)。本文将简要介绍一下我们希望这款目前尚披着神秘面纱的设备具备哪些特性。Device pairing. Apple (AAPL) was recently granted a patent for a technology that would allow the two-way transmission of data between a portable media device and an accessory. While most Apple patents never see reality, this one opens the door to a watch that pairs with an iPhone so users could say, view messages, calendar events, Facebook (FB) notifications, or get turn-by-turn directions.设备配对。近期苹果有一项技术获得了专利审批。它能让便携式媒体设备和辅助设备之间实现双向数据传输。尽管绝大多数苹果专利从来就见不到天日,这项技术却为这只手表打开了与iPhone配对的方便之门。这样,用户就能通过它直接浏览信息,查阅日程安排和Facebook的提醒,逐个路口获得提示转向(turn-by-turn)的导航功能。Accelerometer. Imagine what an accelerometer would enable the iWatch to do. Given popular bracelets like Jawbone#39;s Up and the Nike+ (NKE) Fuel Band, the iWatch could also be a similar health device, keeping track of things like steps taken and calories burned.加速计。想象一下加速计将能使iWatch具备哪些功能吧。看看现在流行的健康腕带,比如Jawbone#39;s Up和耐克公司(Nike)的Nike+ Fuel Band,iWatch可能也会成为类似的保健设备,能够追踪走路的步数和消耗的热量。Curved display. Another patent Apple filed in 2011 reveals the company is working on a flexible screen wrist band with a touch-sensitive curved display ;across a portion of the wearable device where the flexible display overlaps itself.; Sure, it#39;d be an aesthetic thing, but a curved high-resolution display would be -- for lack of a better word -- hot.曲面显示屏。苹果公司2011年申请的另一项专利显示,公司正在开发一种柔性屏幕腕带。它带有一块触控的曲面显示屏,“这块屏幕部分覆盖在可佩戴的视频设备上,它的柔性屏幕可以折叠起来”。可以肯定,这会是个绝美的产品,而高分辨率曲面显示屏将更加“性感”——我实在找不到更好的词来形容了。Rechargeable battery. Chances are an iWatch wouldn#39;t run for long on conventional watch batteries, so we hope Apple finds a way to make it rechargeable via Lightning cord or even partly by wrist movements like today#39;s kinetic watches. Equally as important: at least a full-day of battery life in between charges.可充电电池。iWatch如果用常规电池很可能无法续航太久,所以我们希望苹果能通过闪电接口数据线(Lightning cord),或至少采用如今的动能手表那样的技术,利用腕部活动来为电池充电。同样重要的是,两次充电之间至少要能保持一整天的续航时间。All kinds of sizes. In this case, one size might not fit all. Piper Jaffray analyst Gene Munster wrote recently that a wearable computer could prove more popular with men than women if designed on the larger or chunkier side. ;It is less likely women will embrace them given women#39;s watches tend to be smaller with a greater emphasis on fashion,; explained Munster. Whether or not that#39;s true, Munster sort of has a point: The iWatch may have to come in different flavors to cater to different people. A phone is one thing. But something you strap to your wrist? That#39;s a sartorial statement.各种尺寸。就尺寸而言,一种尺寸可能无法适合所有用户。派杰投行(Piper Jaffray)的分析师吉恩?明斯特日前写道,较大尺寸的可佩戴电脑更容易被男性用户接受。他解释说:“女性不太可能戴这种东西,因为女款手表往往更小,更强调时尚感。”不管这是不是真的,明斯特要表达的主要观点是:iWatch可能必须推出各种尺寸,以适合各类人群。手机是一回事,但说到你要戴在手腕上的产品,就是另外一回事了。因为它事关穿着品味。What do you think? What would you like to see in the iWatch?您怎么想的呢?您希望iWatch拥有哪些特性呢? /201303/228212

  China#39;s equivalent of Twitter continues to make a loss, but investors seem happy enough with its latest results.微(Weibo,中国的类Twitter微务)继续录得亏损,不过投资者似乎对其最新财报结果相当满意。Shares of Weibo gained 3 per cent in after hours trading, after the Chinese microblog service beat third quarter estimates.在该公司发布好于预期的第三季度财报后,其股价在盘后交易中上涨3%。Weibo reported a net loss of .2m or 3 cents a share in the three months ended in September, compared to .3m or 4 cents a share in the year-ago period. Sales climbed 58 per cent to .1m.在截至9月底的3个月里,微净亏损520万美元,摊薄后每股亏损3美分,低于上年同期530万美元、摊薄后每股4美分的亏损。净营收同比增长58%,至8410万美元。Wall Street analysts were looking for a loss of .02m, on sales of .4m.华尔街分析师此前预计该公司净亏损802万美元,净营收8040万美元。Weibo had 76.6m daily active users on average in September, up 30 per cent from a year ago. Meanwhile, monthly active users climbed 36 per cent from a year ago to 167m as of the end of September.9月份,微日均活跃用户数达7660万,较上年同期增长30%。与此同时,截至9月底,微月均活跃用户数攀升至1.67亿,同比增长36%。For the social media platform which derives a chunk of its revenue from advertising, this is an important metric.对这个很大一部分营收源自广告的社交媒体平台而言,这是一个重要的衡量指标。Meanwhile, Chinese internet platform Sina, from which Weibo was spun off, topped third-quarter earnings estimates but reported sales just shy of expectations, prompting shares to slip 2 per cent in after hours trading.另一方面,中国互联网平台新浪(Sina,微就是从该公司剥离出来的)第三季度的利润超出市场预期,不过净营收略低于市场预期,导致其股价在盘后交易中下跌2%。The company saw profits rise to 3.6m or .91 a share, compared to .4m or 37 cents a share in the year ago period.第三季度,新浪净利润增至1.336亿美元,摊薄后每股净收益1.91美元,上年同期净利润为2540万美元,每股摊薄净收益37美分。Meanwhile, sales climbed nine per cent to 6m.净营收为1.96亿美元,较上年同期增长9%。Analysts on Wall Street were looking for net income of .23m on sales of 6.3m.华尔街分析师曾预计,新浪第三季度净利润823万美元,净营收1.963亿美元。Weibo shares traded in New York are down three per cent in the past three months and Sina shares are off 13 percent. Meanwhile, shares of Twitter are down 9 per cent in the same period.过去3个月里,在纽约交所(NYSE)挂牌的微,股价累计下跌了3%,新浪的股价则累计下挫了13%。同期,Twitter股价累计下跌9%。 /201411/342631

  In July 2012, the Presidential election was kicking into high gear, the Olympics were about to begin, and most people thought it was a matter of time before shares of Apple hit ,000.2012年7月份,美国总统选举步入高潮,伦敦奥运会即将开幕,而大多数人都认为苹果(Apple)股价涨到1,000美元只是一个时间问题。Google (GOOG), meanwhile, was just muddling along. After doubling during 2009, its stock had been ting water around 0 a share for three and a half years. Apple (AAPL), too was trading around 0 a share, but the iPhone 5 was coming and the company Steve Jobs built seemed to have the wind at its back.与此同时,谷歌(Google)股票可谓“虚度光阴”。在2009年股价翻倍之后,谷歌股票在随后三年半的时间里一直徘徊在600美元上下。去年7月份,苹果股价也处于600美元左右,但iPhone 5即将推出,而乔布斯缔造的苹果公司似乎正一帆风顺。Oh, how things have changed since then. Apple#39;s stock has fallen 29% since mid-July. And Google? It#39;s gained 46%, pushing past the 0 milestone while Apple languishes near 4 a share. Apple is tussling with investors over whether to pay more dividends, while Google rallies merrily on.哦,自那以后,情势发生了多大的变化啊。 自去年7月中旬以来,苹果股价已经下跌了29%。而谷歌呢?它的股价上涨了46%,突破了800美元大关,而苹果却趴在424美元附近。苹果正在与投资者就是否增加派发股息的问题进行争斗,而谷歌股票则在欢快上涨。There has been a lot of discussion over Apple#39;s decline in recent months, and comparatively less about Google#39;s corresponding rise. But the difference in between the two boils down to this: Apple is increasingly seen as coming off one of the greatest runs in the history of Silicon Valley. And Google may just be at the start of one.近几个月以来,人们对于苹果股价下跌展开了许多讨论,而相对而言,对于谷歌相应的上涨却较少讨论。但两者之间的这个差异可归结为这点:苹果创造了硅谷历史上科技公司业绩增长最辉煌的一个阶段,但现在人们越来越倾向于认为,这个阶段已经结束,而谷歌可能正处于这样一个阶段的开始。That is the new image of Google after two quarters of impressive earnings and more signs that the company is laying plans for long-term growth. ;Looking at the consumer technology world over the next 10 to 20 years, we believe Google is far and away the best-positioned company,; wrote Gene Munster, an influential tech analyst at Piper Jaffray.这就是谷歌在连续两个季度获得不俗业绩——而且有更多迹象表明该公司正在制定长期发展计划——之后给人留下的新形象。“展望未来一二十年的消费科技领域,我们认为谷歌无疑是占据最佳优势的公司,”投资派杰(Piper Jaffray)颇具影响力的科技产业分析师吉恩?蒙斯特写道。Munster pointed not to search or other advertising, which still accounts for 87% of the company#39;s revenue, but to new ventures that have yet to hit the market, like Google Glass and self-driving cars, which he called one of Google#39;s ;biggest opportunities in the next 10 years.;蒙斯特话中指的并不是搜索或其他广告业务(这部分业务在谷歌的营收中仍占据87%的份额),而是指那些还没有投入市场的新开发项目,比如谷歌眼镜和无人驾驶汽车——他称后者为谷歌“未来十年最大的机遇之一。”Compare that with Apple, which is seeing its share of the smartphone and tablet market erode over time as lower-margin, lower-cost Android rivals sell more products, and as Apple responds with its own lower-margin products like the iPad Mini.与此相比,苹果看到自己在智能手机和平板电脑领域的市场份额正在随着时间的推移而逐渐缩水,同时那些低利润、低成本、采用安卓移动操作系统的竞争对手则提高了产品的销量,而且苹果也在推出迷你iPad等自己的低利润产品予以反击。Although Apple infamously holds its cards close to its vest, it#39;s working on its own new products -- some that could create an entirely new category like the rumored iWatch. Apple is also taking time to create a new TV device. Such new products could offer Apple new areas of growth -- the iWatch alone could produce billion in revenue -- and beef up the company#39;s profit margins to levels that would impress investors again.虽然苹果素来以守口如瓶著称,但我们知道,它正在开发自己的几款新产品——有些可能会形成一个全新的产品类别,比如传闻中的智能手表iWatch。此外,苹果还在投入时间开发一款新的电视产品。这样的新产品可为苹果提供新的增长领域——仅iWatch就可产生60亿美元的营收,而且可把该公司的利润率提升到再次给投资者留下深刻印象的水平。For now, however, sentiment is against Apple and strongly in favor of Google. This week, more analysts have joined the Google ,000 club, citing other factors that could propel the stock higher in the coming year. Jeffries amp; Co. argued that a four-digit price is possible, given improvements in the Motorola handset business and non-search areas such as YouTube and commerce initiatives. Perhaps more encouraging, clickthrough rates on mobile ads are rising, Jeffries analyst Brian Pitz wrote.然而,目前投资者并不看好苹果,相反却强烈看好谷歌。上周,更多的分析师认为谷歌股价将会上涨至1,000美元,他们认为其他一些因素可能会在未来几年内推高谷歌股价。投资杰富瑞公司(Jeffries amp; Co.)认为,考虑到托罗拉手机业务的业绩改善、YouTube等非搜索领域以及电子商务计划,谷歌股价可能会上涨至四位数。或许更令人鼓舞的消息是,移动广告的点击率正在持续攀升,杰富瑞公司(Jefferies)分析师布莱恩?皮兹如是写道。How deserved is this reversal of fortune between Apple and Google#39;s stocks? Perhaps not as much as the stock charts might suggest. For much of the three years when Google was trading around 0 a share, it was subject to speculation that, first, it couldn#39;t thrive in the era of Facebook (FB), and then later uncertainty around the new CEO Larry Page. The effectiveness of Page#39;s bold steps are only now becoming apparent to investors.苹果和谷歌股票之间的这种运势逆转有多少合理的成分呢?实际情况或许并不是股票走势图可能展现出来的模样。过去三年谷歌股票徘徊于600美元附近的大部分时间里,人们一直存在如下的猜测:首先,谷歌无法在以Facebook为代表的社会化媒体时代实现繁荣发展,之后人们对谷歌联合创始人拉里?佩奇出任首席执行官的表现没有把握。对于投资者而言,佩奇实施的一系列大胆举措直到现在才显现出其预期效果。Apple, meanwhile, was riding a multi-year wave of bullishness and strong earnings growth that was driven by the iPhone and iPad. Those two products took years to conceive, design, and execute into the products we know. One thing that is certain about Apple -- it#39;s not sitting quietly counting its pile of cash. It#39;s trying to design new category-defining products. The real question is whether those products will resonate with consumers the way the iPad has.与此同时,苹果已被投资者持续看涨多年,而且在iPhone和iPad的推动下,它的盈利增长表现强劲。这两款产品经过了多年的构思、设计以及执行,才形成我们如今所知道的产品。对于苹果,我们可以确定一件事,那就是它不会静静地坐在那里,数着自己积累起来的巨额现金。这家公司正在设法设计自创类别的新产品。真正的问题在于,这些产品是否会像iPad那样,得到消费者的认可和共鸣。In other words, there are real, fundamental changes going on at both of these companies, but the effects of those changes are greatly enhanced in the stock performance. Just as Google was underappreciated two years ago, so Apple could be today. Just as Apple was revered with blind bullishness then, so Google is at risk of being overvalued if it does reach ,000 too quickly.换句话说,这两家公司都正在发生着一些实实在在的根本性变化,但这些变化的影响正在各自的股票表现中被显著放大。正如两年前谷歌失宠那样,苹果今天可能也是如此。正如那时那些盲目乐观的投资者极力推崇苹果那样,如果谷歌股价过快上涨到1,000美元的话,它现在就面临着股票估值偏高的风险。That doesn#39;t mean Google is doomed or that Apple is set to rebound quickly. Both of these companies are going to have, at different times, their fallow periods as well as their blowout earnings reports. Both are going to keep working on projects that will offer growth for investors with a long-term focus.并不是说谷歌在劫难逃,也不是说苹果股价马上就会反弹。这两家公司都将在不同的时候经历无所作为的低谷时期以及盈利报告大幅超预期的高潮时期。这两家公司都将注重于长期发展策略,继续开发为投资者提供增长前景的项目。But for now, consider that Google is trading at 18 times its expected earnings this year, double the ratio for Apple. That shouldn#39;t surprise anyone, but it also suggests that the recent reversal of fortunes making financial headlines today are priced into both of these tech giants. What is much less certain is where they will both be in a year or so from now.但现在,考虑到谷歌目前股价已达到其今年每股预期收益的18倍,是苹果的两倍。这个数字不应该有任何人会感到意外,但它同时也表明,这两家公司最近成为财经头版新闻的运势逆转已反映在这两家科技巨头的股价上。现在难以确定的是,一年左右的时间之后,这两只股票各自又会处于什么价位。 /201303/229675

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