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Belgium#39;s new Waterloo coin比利时新滑铁卢硬币Belgium was forced to abandon the idea of issuing a two-euro commemorative coin marking the bicentennial of the Battle of Waterloo after France objected to the move in March.今年3月,因法国反对,比利时不得不放弃了铸造2欧元硬币纪念滑铁卢之战200周年的计划,不过比利时还是找到了发行滑铁卢纪念硬币的办法。But Belgium has come up with a way to get its Waterloo euro coins after all.本周,比利时决定援引一条鲜为人知的欧盟规定,从而绕开法国的阻挠。This week, Belgium decided to circumvent French resistance by invoking a little-known European Union rule that allows countries to issue euro coins of their choice, provided they are in an irregular denomination.根据这条规定,欧盟成员国可自行选择发行欧元硬币,只要面值不常见即可。That led to the unveiling of a EUR2.50 coin - a first in Belgium - and 70,000 of them have now been minted.于是,比利时推出了面值为2.5欧元的硬币——这在比利时历史上是头一遭——并已铸造了7万枚。The coins can only be spent inside Belgium.这些硬币只能在比利时境内使用。 /201506/380225。

  • In the “The Casualties in China’s Economy,” also available in Chinese, Jonah M. Kessel reports on the social pressure that young people face to buy an apartment of their own, and what happens when those investments go wrong. Below, he describes the plight of those whose dreams of home ownership have gone awry.在《中国的房地产经济》(The Casualties in China’s Economy)这段视频中,乔纳·M·卡塞尔(Jonah M. Kessel)对年轻人面临的买房压力,以及投资失误的后果进行了报道。他讲述了那些买房梦破灭的人所处的困境。On the fourth floor of an unfinished apartment building in the eastern Chinese city of Hangzhou, a man stands guard, looking down on the courtyard of the complex where he had thought his future home would be. It is his turn to keep an eye out for the developers who are said to have abandoned the project.在中国东部城市杭州,一名男子在一座烂尾楼的四楼守卫着,俯视着小区的院子。他原以为这里就是未来的家,现在他却需要提防据称已经放弃该项目的开发商。He and the other would-be residents take shifts guarding the area, sleeping in tents and in makeshift rooms. They are defending their protest signs, which they say the developers will tear down if they do not remain vigilant.他和其他未来的住户轮流守卫这片区域,他们睡在帐篷和临时整理出的房间里。他们这么做是为了保护自己的抗议标语。他们表示,如果不保持警惕,开发商就会撕毁这些标语。“I bleed, I cry,” s one banner, which is three stories high. “Give back my home, give back my money,” s another.Those occupying the space say that nearly 600 families had paid cash advances for apartments at the Xixi Moho complex. But then, they say, the developer sold their shares to another developer, who then sold the property to yet another. The building was never completed, and the families are now trapped in a state of residential and economic limbo.一条三层楼高的竖幅标语写道,“我流血,我落泪。”另一条标语则写道,“还我房,还我钱。”驻守在这里的人表示,约有600户人家付了现金,预购西溪Moho的公寓。但他们说,开发商后来将这个项目卖给了另一个开发商,后者又接着卖给了第三个开发商。公寓没有建完。现在,业主的房子没了,购房款也没了。“Many customers who borrowed money from banks are in trouble,” said Liu Cheng, an unemployed entrepreneur who invested in the project. “If they stop paying off their loan, they will bear legal responsibility from the bank. But what if they keep paying it? They still won’t get an apartment in the foreseeable future.”“现在很多通过贷款的业主很苦恼,”同样对该项目进行了投资,目前处于无业状态的企业家刘诚说。“一方面,他们如果断供的话,他们要承担方面的法律责任。但是如果继续交呢,这个房子遥遥无期。”Mr. Liu said he invested in the property development because the price seemed reasonable.刘诚说,他之所以投资这个房地产开发项目,是因为价格似乎比较合理。“But in the end, we lose both the apartment and our money,” he said. “And now? No one is taking responsibility.”“后果就是,我们的业主购房款没有了,房子也没有了,”他说。“事情到这里就变成了没有人负责的一个局面。”The situation at Xixi Moho is not uncommon in the area, the protesters say. Or elsewhere in China.抗议者说,在这里,像西溪Moho这样的情况并不少见。中国其他地方也是如此。Many real estate developers have financed projects by selling the bulk of the apartments before construction, borrowing from banks and then selling the rest of the apartments during construction. This works well when prices are rising, and it allows developers to earn huge rates of return on their investments.许多地产开发商会在施工前出售大量公寓并从贷款,从而为工程筹集资金,然后再在施工期间出售剩下的公寓。当房价上涨时,这样做很有效,而且开发商也能因此获得极高的投资回报。But the system breaks down when prices fall. After years of steady increases in housing values, prices have begun to decline, and some developers have run out of money before finishing the projects.但房价下跌时,这个体系就会崩溃。房价经过多年的稳步提高,现在开始下降,有些开发商在工程竣工前就没钱了。Real estate projects accounted for 12.8 percent of China’s economic activity in October, according to the International Monetary Fund. If related activities such as making steel for beams or manufacturing sinks for bathrooms are included, that figure jumps to 33 percent. This means that even small price drops in the real estate sector can have considerable economic implications.国际货币基金组织(International Monetary Fund)估计,今年10月,房地产项目在中国经济活动中占12.8%。如果把相关活动计算在内——如锻造房梁所使用的钢材、制造浴室使用的水槽——这个比例则会提高到33%。这意味着,哪怕房地产的价格出现轻微下跌,都会对经济造成相当大的影响。 /201501/351617。
  • Overseas tourists continued to shun Beijing through 2013.2013年到中国旅游的外国游客还是选择避开了北京。Amid rising pollution and a strengthening yuan, the capital city saw its tourist numbers drop to 4.20 million visits from January to November from 5.01 million visits in 2012, according to China Daily, citing a report from China Tourism Academy and Beijing Commission of Tourism Development. An earlier report based on a survey of domestic travel agents showed that visitors to the capital declined by roughly 50% in the first three-quarters of the year compared with a year earlier.《中国日报》(China Daily)援引中国旅游研究院(China Tourism Academy)和北京市旅游发展委员会(Beijing Commission of Tourism Development)的一篇报告称,污染状况加剧以及人民币升值,使得北京去年1月至11月间的外国游客数量从2012年同期的501万人下降至420万人。此前一份基于对国内旅行社的调查的报告显示,去年前三个季度赴北京旅游的游客数量较上年同期下降约50%。The number of inbound travelers to Beijing grew after the city hosted the 2008 Olympics until 2012, when it saw a 3.8% decline, followed by the further drop last year.自2008年北京奥运会后,北京入境游客数量持续增加。然而2012年这一数字下降了3.8%,并在去年进一步下滑。The unexpected drop in 2013 came in spite of new policies--such as the city#39;s 72- hour visa waiver for transit passengers--that were introduced in an attempt to nurture China#39;s tourism industry.2013年北京入境游客的减少可谓出乎意料。此前北京市出台了72小时过境免签等多项新政策,其目的正是为了促进旅游产业发展。But only 14,000 tourists took advantage of the visa-free stopover, according to the Beijing General Station of Exit and Entry Frontier Inspection, well short of the 20,000 target officials had previously predicted.然而据北京出入境边防检查总站(Beijing General Station of Exit and Entry Frontier Inspection)称,只有14,000名旅客办理了过境免签手续,远低于官方此前预计的20,000人。Jiang Yiyi, deputy director of the Institute of International Tourism at the China Tourism Academy, attributed part of the dropoff in foreign tourists to the strengthening yuan.中国旅游研究院国际旅游研究所(Institute of International Tourism)副所长蒋依依认为,外国游客数量下降的部分原因在于人民币的升值。In 2013, the yuan appreciated almost 3% against the U.S. dollar, making #39;Beijing a more expensive destination than in the past,#39; Jiang Yiyi noted.蒋依依说,2013年人民币兑美元汇率上涨近3%,使北京成为了一个更加昂贵的旅游目的地。At the same time, she said, other countries have seen their tourist numbers spike as the currencies weaken.她还指出,其他国家在其货币贬值的同时呈现出旅客数量的大幅增加。#39;While RMB is on the rise, currencies from some of China#39;s competitors for tourism, such as Japan, are depreciating, meaning travel to some other Asian countries has been getting cheaper while travel to China is becoming more costly,#39; Jiang Yiyi said.她说,在人民币升值的同时,与中国在旅游业方面构成竞争关系的国家(如日本)的货币贬值,这意味着到其他一些亚洲国家旅游的费用更加便宜,而来中国旅游更贵了。In 2013, the yen fell 21% against the U.S. dollar, helping it to attract 10 million overseas tourists--including, despite Sino-Japanese border disputes in the East China Sea, many wealthy travelers from China.2013年日圆兑美元下跌21%,这为日本吸引来1,000万海外游客,尽管中日两国在东中国海(中国称东海)存在领土争端,然而这些游客中有许多是来自中国的富人。The Beijing Tourism Development Commission noted that the country#39;s battle with pollution is another obstacle cities face in attracting inbound tourists.北京市旅游发展委员会指出,污染问题是中国在吸引外国游客入境旅游的过程中面临的又一障碍。Heavy air pollution from Beijing, which saw its worst bout of smog in recent history in January, to Shanghai, where pollution levels went off the charts in December, certainly don#39;t do much to help attract tourists.北京、上海等城市都存在严重的空气污染问题。北京1月份爆发了近期最为严重的雾霾,而去年12月上海空气污染指数一度爆表。严重的空气污染问题显然无助于吸引更多外国游客前来旅游。China#39;s tourism officials are looking to reverse the trend of declining inbound visitors in 2014--possible, experts say, if it revamps its outdated tour packages and lowers ticket prices.中国的旅游业官员正力图在2014年扭转入境游客减少的情况,专家认为,如果能对其过时的旅行团进行改进并降低票价,这一计划就有可能实现。Jiang Yiyi at the China Tourism Academy suggests China adopt a long-term national plan to improve the country#39;s image and investment in inbound tourism to attract more visitors.中国旅游研究院的蒋依依建议,中国政府应实行一项长期的国家计划,以提升国家形象并投资于入境旅游以吸引更多游客前来。Hopefully the experts come up with a better plan than one that fell flat earlier this year. The country#39;s tourism body unveiled a #39;Beautiful China#39; logo in February to market the country overseas, but the campaign was mocked for its contrast with the many photos of China#39;s not-so-beautiful cities shrouded in pollution.去年2月份中国国家旅游局启用一个名为“美丽中国”的标志,意在向海外宣传推广其旅游形象,然而有人讽刺“美丽中国”这一名称与中国城市在严重污染之下那一张张“不太美丽”的照片相比反差太大。希望专家们今后能设计出一个好一点的方案来。 /201401/273678。
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