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5. We are an authorized foreign exchange bank and can change them for you.我们是指定经营外汇业务的,可以为您兑换。还能这样说:We are designed to manage foreign currency business. We can handle the service.We are the bank designated to handle foreign exchange, so we can change foreign currency for you.应用:go foreign 驶向外国;在从事对外贸易的船上当船员;sell foreign 卖给外国人;foreign to 和……无关的;不适合于……6. What kind of currency do you want?您要哪种货币?还能这样说:In what denominations?Which kind of foreign currency do you change?谚语:Do not forget little kindness and do not remember small fault.小善不忘,不错不念。7. Five-Yuan notes would be better.最好是5元面值。还能这样说:Its better to change into five-Yuan notes.In five, please.应用:back a note 签名于票据背面;change ones note 改变态度;compare notes 交换意见;对笔记;account note 账单;advance note 预付票据8. Todays exchange rate of RMB to USD is 698 RMB Yuan equal to 100 US dollars.今天的汇率是698元人民币兑换100美元。还能这样说:According to todays rate, one dollar is equal to 6.98 Yuan.Its 1 US dollar to 6.98 RMB.应用:be equal to 等于;有……的能力;胜任;be the equal to ones word 说到做到;be without equal 无比,无敌 /201308/251417Todd: Kawabe, can you talk about your first job interview?托德:川边,你能谈谈你第一次面试的经历吗?Kawabe: Sure, first job interview! This is a funny story and that was a time I took the interview, had an interview with the TV broadcaster, and then it was a very famous one in Yotsuya, in Tokyo and that was a very important interview because the job is interesting and there are many, there are so many applicants to the same position so, and the thing is I was late for that interview (No) and I was late for thirty minutes (Ooh) I was really bad, you know, and then the reason is, at that time I was working for, I was a bike rider at a delivery.川边:当然可以,第一次工作面试!这是个有趣的故事,当时我去参加电视播音员的面试,那是东京四谷一家非常著名的电视台,而且那是一次非常重要的面试,因为那份工作很有意思,申请同一个职位的人非常多,可是我面试时却迟到了,(不是吧)我迟到了30分钟,(噢)那太糟糕了,你知道,我迟到的原因是当时我在做单车快递的工作。Todd: Oh, you delivered stuff?托德:哦,你递送物品吗?Kawabe: Bike delivery!川边:单车快递!Todd: Oh, really, what did you deliver?托德:哦,是吗,那你都递送什么东西?Kawabe: Ah, the documents and you know whatever it is when you want to send somewhere the thing fast!川边:啊,文件之类的东西,就是你想快速送到某个地方的东西!Todd: Yeah, yeah, cool job!托德:好的,这工作真酷!Kawabe: Thats what I was doing, and then before the interview I was delivering one thing.川边:那是我当时在做的工作,而面试之前我正在送东西。Todd: Oh, no, yeah!托德:哦,天哪!Kawabe: And then, so, anyway, I was late and in my bag, when I was driving the motorcycle I put my suits and shoes and everything, Ive got to wear for the interview and I was in a rush, and Id been to that building where I had an interview and in front of that building there was a MacDonald and then I rushed into the toilet of that MacDonald that was on the first floor and I think, you know, it was funny if you were looking at me. I was wearing..川边:不管怎么说,反正我迟到了,而我骑托车的时候把西装、鞋和所有东西都放进了包里。那是我要穿去面试的衣,我当时非常着急,在我参加面试的那座大楼前面有家麦当劳,我冲进一层麦当劳的卫生间,而我想,如果你当时看到我一定觉得我很滑稽。我当时穿着……Todd: I can imagine.托德:我可以想象。Kawabe: I was wearing like a drivers suit and when I came out from the toilet I was in a suit, like Superman! And then, yeah, I changed my clothes, very very quickly in the toilet and I rushed into the building for the interview but I was 30 minutes late, and actually I got a great interview with the guys of the broadcast station, but ah, since I was late that was the only and biggest reason I couldnt get that job. Actually, they said that if you were not late I could take you, so its a funny story, now but at that time I was like so disappointed with myself, (Yeah) I was so stupid. The job was great!川边:我穿得类似赛车的衣,可是我从卫生间出来的时候我已经换上了西装,就像超人一样!我在卫生间用非常快的速度换了衣,然后我冲去面试的那座大楼,可是我还是晚了30分钟,实际上那些电视台的人给我进行的面试非常顺利,但是因为我迟到了,那是我不能得到那份工作的唯一也是最主要的原因。实际上,面试官说如果你没有迟到,我们会录取你,所以现在看来这是个有趣的故事,但是当时我对自己非常失望,(嗯)我太愚蠢了。那份工作非常棒!Todd: Ive done that too! I think we all do that at one point. Well!托德:我也做过类似的事情!我想我们在某个时刻都做过那样的事情。Kawabe: Yeah, I learned a lot of things from that experience.川边:是的,我从那次经历中学到了很多事情。Todd: But you got another job with another TV company after that, correct?托德:但是在那之后,你在另一家电视公司找到了一份工作,对吧?Kawabe: Mm, its not a TV company but the same kind of job and it was lucky cause, since I missed the first one I got the second one and that is why I could join to the World Cup.川边:嗯,那并不是电视公司,但是是同一种工作,其实我很幸运,因为虽然我第一次错过了,但是第二次我还是得到了工作,那就是我能参与世界杯报道的原因。Todd: Oh, cool!托德:哦,真酷!Kawabe: Yeah, so!川边:是啊!Todd: It all worked out at the end!托德:最后一切都解决了!Kawabe: Yeah! Fortunately.川边:对!很幸运。 /201404/292019

Jessica在北京学汉语,她的中国朋友要是遇到了不知道用美语怎么说的词,就会来请教她。今天是杨林要问的:真命天子YL:Jessica! 跟你说件事儿。Jessica:Go ahead.YL:我不久前碰到高中时同桌的男生,和他聊得特投机! 我们一起看电影,吃饭,跳舞......太开心了! 我好象喜欢上他了!Jessica:You mean you ;developed a crush on him?; Crush is spelled c-r-u-s-h, crush. It means a temporary love.YL:哦,crush 就是一时迷恋,动心。Jessica, I think I developed a major crush on him.Jessica:杨林,你不是有男朋友么?YL:呃......我也为这事儿发愁呢,不知道谁是我的真命天子。Jessica:真命天子?那不是皇帝么?YL:哈哈,是皇帝没错。可一个女生的真命天子就是她真正的伴侣。这用英文怎么说呢?Jessica:Oh, youre talking about ;Mr. Right;! Mr. Right refers to the perfect man for you.YL:Mr.Right? right是“对,正确”,所以 Mr. Right 就是各方面都跟我特别合适的男人, 我的真命天子!Jessica:Exactly! So who looks like your Mr. Right, your boyfriend or this high school classmate?YL: 我也不知道! 你说我该选择哪个呢?Jessica:Well, I think you should choose the one who is your soul mate.YL:soul mate? s-o-u-l, soul是灵魂的意思,mate 是伴侣,所以soul mate 就是灵魂伴侣喽?Jessica:没错! Your soul mate is the person with whom you have deep and natural love. Its very spiritual.YL:和那人心有灵犀一点通,这感觉太美好了!Jessica:好了,Lets see what youve learned today!YL:第一:对某人产生好感,to develop a crush on someone;第二:女孩子的真命天子, Mr.Right;第三:灵魂伴侣,soul mate。 /201304/235173

B:同学们,上课啦!咱们来学美语。我是Donny老师。A:啊?你是老师?那我就是杨琳校长了!B:那……校长你来介绍一下今天的节目吧。A:行吧!今天咱们要聊聊健康减肥, 看看怎么到旅行社订飞机票,和同事谈谈橄榄球比赛, 还要告诉大家怎么用美语说“修身”和“得意忘形”。B:当然,咱们还是先花一分钟,学一个词。Learn A Word tie the knot今天我们要学的词是tie the knot. Tie is spelled t-i-e, tie; and knot, k-n-o-t, knot. Tie the knot, 结婚。A small number of college students choose to tie the knot before they graduate. 一部分大学生选择在毕业之前结婚。Gay and lesbian couples raced to tie the knot as soon as New York state approved same-sex marriage. 纽约州批准同性婚姻后,许多同性恋争先恐后去注册结婚。A lot of interracial couples wish to embrace traditions from both sides when they tie the knot. 许多来自不同种族的伴侣希望结婚时能包含双方的传统习俗。好的, 今天我们学习的词是tie the knot, tie the knot, tie the knot.A:Donny, my best friend tied the knot last month. I went to her wedding. It was so romantic! 我好羡慕她啊!B:Romantic? Did she have a beach wedding?A:Beach wedding? 海滩婚礼?那倒没有,就是个普通的中西结合婚礼,但我还是觉得很浪漫,很感动!B:I see. Were there any unforgettable or funny moments during the wedding?A:说起这个,那要算是新郎父亲的致辞了。他居然在台上又哭又笑,说了10分钟!客人们一头雾水,不知道他到底要说什么。估计,他是太激动了。B:I can imagine. He must have been overwhelmed with excitement. 用今天我们要教的一个短语来形容,那就是 He was beside himself!Words and idioms Beside oneself各位听众,现在播送lt;美国习惯用语gt;第 939讲。我是杨琳。lt;美国习惯用语gt;我是 Doug Johnson.昨天,我在公共卫生间洗手的时候,把结婚戒指摘下来放在了洗手台上,可离开的时候忘记把戒指戴上了。等我觉得不对劲儿,想起戒指落在洗手间的时候,已经是15分钟以后了,我赶忙往洗手间狂奔,当时的心情,可以用下面这个习惯用语来形容:Beside oneself. Beside is spelled b-e-s-i-d-e. Beside-oneself.beside oneself 的意思是情绪失控,发狂。在我意识到自己把结婚戒指落在了公共厕所里时,I was beside myself! 我都快急疯了! 好在等我冲到卫生间时,戒指还好好地在洗手台上,幸亏那天人少!在下面这段话中,我们要听到另外一种情绪失控,不过是很令人羡慕的情况。我们来听一听:;Hearing that we had just won the lottery was so overwhelming. We were BESIDE OURSELVES. Just think: wed become millionaires. Now we could pay off our mortgage and put our kids through college. And there would still be enough money left to travel around the world.;这段话是说:[听说我们赢了票,这消息实在太让人吃惊了。我们简直高兴得不知道怎么办好。想想吧:我们是百万富翁了。现在我们可以还清房屋贷款,供孩子上大学,剩下的钱还足够我们周游世界。]我要是赢了票,就会找个投资顾问好好帮我管理这笔钱。很多中了大的人因为挥霍无度而千金散尽,最后甚至破产。那时,Theyre beside themselves with fear and worry. 他陷入极度的恐惧和担忧中。好,我们再来听听刚才那段话:;Hearing that we had just won the lottery was so overwhelming. We were BESIDE OURSELVES. Just think: wed become millionaires. Now we could pay off our mortgage and put our kids through college. And there would still be enough money left to travel around the world.;在刚才的例句中,中了票的人are beside themselves with joy, 得意忘形,乐晕了。而在下面这个例句中的人也遇到了意想不到的事儿,但心情却完全不同。我们来听一听:;When Rosa returned to the parking lot, she discovered that her brand new car had a big dent. Someone had hit her vehicle and not left a note. Now she had to call her insurance company, and then arrange for repairs. Aaargh! The more she thought about it, the more furious she became. She was BESIDE HERSELF with anger.;这段话是说:[罗斯回到停车场的时候发现她新买的车凹下去了一大块。有人撞了她的车,也没留张字条就溜走了。现在,罗斯不得不给自己的保险公司打电话,然后还要安排修车的事儿。啊! 她越想越气,简直是气得发狂。]说到撞车,我的邻居曾经在一个下大雨的深夜里撞了一个人,主要是因为雨太大,她没看到那个行人。好在当时她车开得很慢,被撞的人没什么大碍,不过My neighbor was beside herself with grief for not seeing the man. 我的邻居当时只恨自己为什么没看到人。好,我们再来听听刚才那段话:;When Rosa returned to the parking lot, she discovered that her brand new car had a big dent. Someone had hit her vehicle and not left a note. Now she had to call herinsurance company, and then arrange for repairs. Aaargh! The more she thought about it, the more furious she became. She was BESIDE HERSELF with anger.;各位听众,今天我们学习的习惯用语是beside oneself,意思是“发狂,情绪失控”。A:说起来,筹备婚礼也真是个让人头大的事,我那个朋友想要婚礼尽善尽美,结果自己压力太大,变得特爱发脾气。B:Thats typical. The stress of preparing for a wedding can turn many brides into bridezillas!A:Bridezilla? 哈哈,我知道这个词,这是由bride, 新娘,和Godzilla, 怪兽哥斯拉,两个词结合起来的,形容那些追求完美,吹毛求疵,结果变得像哥斯拉一样凶巴巴的准新娘。B:没错。For example, before their wedding, a lot of women become very self-conscious about their figures. Theyd do anything to shed a few pounds and look good in their wedding gowns.A:那是绝对的!新娘子当然爱漂亮啊。其实,要在婚礼上光夺目不一定非得减肥,选择修身的礼就可以了!B:修身?这个是品牌么?A:不是!你听听下面的“美语怎么说”就明白啦! /201206/187342

Gary spoke at length about the bridge.(误译)加里讲述了那座桥的长度。(正译)吉里详细地讲述了那座桥的事。at length 详细地Her speech was reported at length in the newspapers.她的演讲词在报纸上详细地登载出来。We have aly discussed the matter at great length.我们已经详细地讨论了这件事。The teacher explained the text at length.老师详细地解释了课文。at length 最后At length, our football team beat others.最后,我们的足球队战胜了其他队。At length, a brand new world came into being.最后,一个全新的世界诞生。At length, weary with wandering, they fell asleep.最后,因为游逛得很疲乏,他们都睡着了。at length 终于At length a trifle snapped our connection;终于因为一件小事,把我们的关系弄僵了。The besieged city at length hung out the white flag.被围城市终于扯起了白旗乞降。Time passed, and at length his wife bore him a child.光阴荏苒,他妻子终于给他生了一个孩子。 /201204/177399

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