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TEXT:Largest the world has yet seen. Gold fever is about to change the West, and the American character yet again. March 1836. Texas, the Alamo. The American nation is expanding, growing stronger, bigger. But theres something else out there even bigger, even stronger: Mexico-- a superp ower. A colossal empire stretching from Oregon to Guatemala. But Texas is disputed territory. The Mexican government has invited American settlers in, but are soon overwhelmed by the flood of pioneers.Americans, by the thousands, were coming into Texas and they were not abiding to the agreements to come in as settlers. And once they out number--by 1835 Mexicans ten to one in that area, of course the Americans are thinking about independence. The Alamo is where Mexico tries to stem the flood. The shots that killed Davy Crockett and his fellow settlers echoed across America. The women and children are spared, sent back to send the Mexican message, ;Dont come.; But America hears something else. ;Remember the Alamo.; A turning point. America will now wage war to go West. Texas is won, California fought and bought. The same month California becomes American, it becomes the nations greatest prize.译文:储量之大堪称彼时世界之最。淘金热将改变整个西部,甚至重塑美国精神。1836年3月,德克萨斯阿拉莫之战,美国正在极速扩张日益崛起壮大。然而,在那里有更加强大的邻国,超级大国,墨西哥。这个庞大的帝国北抵俄勒冈,南达危地马拉,而德克萨斯正是双方的争议之地。墨西哥政府曾邀请美国人来此地定居,然而拓荒者的大潮很快席卷了整片土地。埃尔·卡玛里罗[斯坦福大学教授]:“成千上万的美国人涌进德克萨斯,而他们作为移民却不肯遵守协议,到1835年此地的美国人数量已远超墨西哥人十倍,美国人自是不甘寄人篱下转而谋求独立。”墨西哥决定在阿拉莫开战力挽狂澜,杀死大卫·克罗克特及其同伴移民们的声在美利坚上空久久回荡。妇女和儿童被赦免遣返并带回墨西哥的警告;勿越雷池半步;。然而美国人听到的却是;牢记阿拉莫之耻;。西进运动的转折点,美国在西部发动战事,德克萨斯全线胜利,加利福尼亚则战后买入。加利福尼亚并入美国当月就成为美国的最大宝藏。《美国简史》系本纪录片历史背景背景知识:惨绝人寰的美国唐纳小道(2)[接上期内容]当时,美国联邦政府想开发西部,但没钱。于是,1862年5月美国国会通过了《宅地法》规定:“凡满21岁的美国公民,或符合入籍条件并愿作美国公民的外国移民,可免费或缴纳10美元的手续费,获得不超过160英亩的土地;耕种5年以上或未满5年但在宅地上住满6个月并每英亩缴纳1.25美元费用者,可获得土地所有权。”几乎类似的立法,也出现在贯通东西的铁路建设中。当时美国联邦政府给铁路公司的政策是,按铁路公司实际建设铁路的里程,换得相应的西部土地所有权。然后铁路公司通过资本市场自筹资金建设铁路。在建设整个铁路大动脉所使用的资金中,来自官方的只占15%,其他的都是通过资本市场聚合起来的私人资金。无论是西进的公民,还是筹资修铁路的企业,有一种危险他们确实从不担心:  他们不担心那些土地只有50年或70年的使用权;他们不担心土地被政府以正义的名义“公私合营”,或者被“公共利益”项目强迁强拆;他们不担心万一自己过于幸运地住在了一座金山、油田或文物的上面,因为按照法律这些东西都属于国家,所以你不仅不幸地与这些财富毫无关系,还得赶紧搬家;他们也不担心换了一届政府或一个领导后,可以把当初给予你保障的法律变成废纸。这上面有任何一条担心成立的话,有谁会变卖多年积蓄,赌上全家老小的性命去开发那该死的西部呢?但几十万的美国家庭西进时不担心这些,数以亿计的私人资金投向铁路时也不担心这些。唐纳一家蒙难后仅仅20年,代表着西部大开发成就的火车就在唐纳小道边上呼啸而过,美国人从此可以轻松地贯穿西部、来往于东西海岸。今天,唐纳小道不远处就是高速公路。

January Sales! - two words which excite any diehard clothes shopper. If you want to know about doing the clothes shopping sales in style, then watch this.....一月份促销!这会让任何购衣达人激动万分。如果你想在一月份的促销季节购入时尚装,请观看这段视频……Step 1: Know What You Want1.知道想要什么Know what you want to buy by searching out all the items you would love to get hold of before the January sales start. You can even ask friendly shop managers if these items will be in the sale. Remember, all shop managers are friendly, if you smile and tell them how much you love their clothes, or hair, or style.在一月份的促销季节开始之前查看所有物品,弄清楚自己想要什么,甚至可以向友好的商场经理询问哪些物品会促销。记住,如果你告诉他们你很喜欢他们的衣,发型或款式,所有商场经理都是友好的。Step 2: Stick To Basics2.坚持基本款If you havent had time for this research, stick to good value high quality basics- the things you need all the time that never go out of fashion.如果你没有时间进行研究,坚持购买价值高质量好的基本款——这些款式永远不会过时。Step 3: Set A Budget3.制定预算Set a budget, dont get carried away- or your sales buys will be your only buys all year.制定预算,不要失去控制,否则这次促销大购物就会使你破产。Step 4: To Fight or Not To Fight?4.要不要抢购?Only fight someone for an item if you really really want it, and its the last one.如果你确实很喜欢某件物品,而且这是最后一件,那么好吧,这种情况下你才需要抢。Step 5: Quiet Time5.安静的时间Go to clothes shops at a quieter time, a few days after the beginning of the sales- when people have gone back to work. The real rush will have died down, and it is far more calm and peaceful.选择在比较安静的时间去装商场,在促销活动开始几天之后,这种时候许多人已经重新开始工作。真正的促销热潮已经过去,但是还远远没有平静下来。Step 6: Try It On6.试穿Always try everything on! For some things you dont have to go in the changing rooms), sales are usually not refundable, or even exchangeable.购买每一件衣前一定要上身试一下。对于那些不能进试衣间试穿的衣,促销期间售出的物品是不退款的,甚至是不能更换的。Step 7: The Last Day7.最后一天Remember, sales have a sale. Think about having a second bite of the cherry on the last day of the sales, where the prices are often marked down even further. Clearance isnt a dirty word you know.....记住,促销活动最后也还会降价。可以考虑在促销活动的最后一天去淘自己喜欢的物品,那时候价格会进一步下调。“清仓”并不是令人讨厌的词汇……Thanks for watching Secrets Of Style: The Sales感谢收看“怎样在促销季节购入时尚装”视频节目。201209/201886VideoJugs beauty expert shows you how to care for your eyes. This should become an important part of your skincare routine in time, so watch VideoJug to learn how to do it properly.VideoJug美容专家教给你怎样护理双眼。这是皮肤常规护理的重要部分,所以请仔细观看VideoJug的视频来学习怎样恰当做好眼部护理工作。Step 1: Soothing eye pads1.敷药棉Soak cotton wool pads in rosewater or eye make-up remover. Close your eyes and place the pads across each one. This will calm the tissue and reduce puffiness and irritation.用玫瑰水或眼部卸妆水浸湿棉垫,闭上双眼,把棉垫敷在眼睛上。这样可以使眼部组织放松下来,减少肿胀和刺激。Step 2: Eye cream2.涂抹眼霜Eye cream should be applied morning and evening after cleansing. Use a blob of eye cream or gel the size of a grain of rice.Use your ring fingers to ensure you dont press too hard, as these are your weakest fingers. Apply the cream with sweeping movements around the eye or by pressing gently underneath the eye. Dont apply right up to the eyelashes, as the cream will absorb and move through the skin to where it is needed. After applying, pinch your eyebrows to relieve any tension.眼霜应该在早晚洁面后使用。使用米粒大小的一滴眼霜。使用无名指来涂抹,确保不会太用力,因为无名指是最无力的手指。沿着眼睛的曲线涂抹 ,或者在眼睛下部轻轻按压。不要涂在睫毛上,因为眼霜会被吸收并转移到需要的地方。涂抹眼霜后,揉一下眼球,释放任何紧张感。Thanks for watching How To Care For And Protect Your Eyes感谢收看“怎样护理和保护双眼”视频节目。 /201210/202529

Step 1: DON'T ‘GO ON A DIET' : CHANGE YOUR DIET 不要节食,改变你的饮食This may seem like surprising advice in a about dieting, but it's well known that when you cut down your normal food intake, your body goes into famine mode, and your metabolism slows down. That means that, when you start eating normally again, you store fat more rapidly than before, and put on the weight you worked so hard to lose.Many diets insist on a restrictive regime or an unusual combination of foods. There is no way that you can keep this up for long – so when you get fed up you start eating all the wrong foods and the weight goes back on again.Step 2: THINK POSITIVE – THINK HEALTHY 积极思考——想些健康的方面Visualise yourself as you want to be, slimmer and healthier. Dieting doesn't have to mean deprivation when you focus on what you really want. Change how you think about food, remembering that image of you as you want to be, and focus on all the foods you CAN eat while losing weight and CAN keep on eating for the rest of your life. Don't focus on what you CAN'T eat. At least three times a day, concentrate on how you see yourself in future, as permanently healthier and slimmer; then think about what you will be eating today.Step 3: QUICK FIX DIETS ONLY WORK SHORT-TERM 快速节食只会在短期内有效Immediate results are guaranteed with quick fix diets.But most of us can't keep them up for long, and it could be that the first few pounds you lose are not fat, just excess water. Beware the diets that cut out a major food group, or invite you to eat one type of food in isolation. You will lose weight, but to keep it off you need to find a sustainable diet.Step 4: KEEP A FOOD DIARY 记录所吃的食物Eat as you normally do for one week, and keep a note of EVERYTHING that you eat, WHEN you eat it and WHY you eat it.This will help you understand what triggers your desire for food. Your diary will help you become aware of these triggers so you can choose to avoid themStep 5: LEARN WHAT YOU NEED TO KNOW 学会你需要知道的Throw away the faddist diet books - but do books that advocate healthy eating combined with reasonable exercise.There's plenty of information on the web, including the UK's Food Standards Agency website.Did you know that there's a healthy weight for YOU? It's different for everyone and the eat well website shows you how to work out yours.The B website's Healthy Living section is also useful, with pages on weight and nutrition, giving information on sensible slimming, how to stay motivated, and how to stay at your ideal weight.Step 6: CHANGE THE WAY YOU SHOP 改变购物方式Don't go shopping when you're hungry or tired – that's when you buy the wrong foods for losing weight, the so-called comfort foods .When you are shopping, notice how you do it.. Do you do it on automatic, buying all the usual things? Now's the time to do it differently.Only buy the foods that will support your desire to lose weight. Give yourself a bit more time to explore healthy alternatives to your usual diet.Fresh, home-made food beats prepared meals hands down when it comes to dieting– no hidden fats and sugars to put weight on you. Also, keep some things to hand in the cupboard or in the freezer, so that if you don't have time to get to the shops, you can still eat healthily.201110/158789

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