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In August, subsidiaries of several western companies Eon, Engie, OMV, Shell and Wintershall decided not to participate in Gazprom’s Nord Stream 2. 今年8月,几家西方公司(Eon、Engie、OMV、壳Shell)和德国温特沙尔公Wintershall))的子公司决定不参与俄罗斯天然气工业股份公司(Gazprom)的北2 (Nord Stream 2)项目。The consortium, led by the Russian state-owned gas monopoly, was established to design, finance, build and operate two additional strings of the undersea gas pipeline between Russia and Germany.由这家俄罗斯国有天然气寡头牵头的这个财团的设立,是为了俄罗斯与德国之间两条新的海底天然气管道的设计、融资、建设和运营。The companies also withdrew their application for merger approval, submitted to the Polish competition protection authority in December. 这些公司还撤回了合并审批申请,该申请于去2月递交至波兰竞争保护部门。In the view of the Polish government, such a step showed that they had no counter-arguments to the regulator’s concerns about the likely effect of the project on competition in the Polish and EU gas markets.在波兰政府看来,这种行为表明,对于该监管机构就该项目对波兰和欧盟天然气市场竞争可能造成的影响的担忧,他们没有反驳意见。Together with eight other EU member states (the Czech Republic, Estonia, Croatia, Hungary, Lithuania, Latvia, Romania and Slovakia), and with the tacit support of a couple of others, Poland has opposed Nord Stream 2 since it was first announced by Gazprom in 2015. 自从俄罗斯天然气工业股份公司015年首次宣布北2项目以来,在一些国家的默许持下,波兰与其个欧盟成员国(捷克、爱沙尼亚、克罗地亚、匈牙利、立陶宛、拉脱维亚、罗马尼亚和斯洛伐克)一道反对该项目。It undermines European solidarity and the Energy Union, the EU’s flagship project.它破坏了欧洲的团结和欧盟的旗舰项目能源联Energy Union)。The economic arguments for Nord Stream 2 were always questionable, especially considering overcapacity on existing supply transit routes from Russia to the EU. 持北溪-2项目的经济理由一直令人质疑,特别是考虑到目前从俄罗斯到欧盟的供应运输线路已运力过剩。And given Europe’s considerable dependence on Russian gas and the damage the project would cause to the Ukrainian economy (which is subsidised by the EU), the political motivations behind it seemed obvious.鉴于欧洲对俄罗斯天然气的严重依赖以及该项目可能给乌克兰经济(由欧盟提供补贴)带来的损害,其背后的政治动机似乎显而易见。With the withdrawal of the western companies, the case against Nord Stream 2 looks even more powerful. 在西方公司退出后,反对北2项目的理由看上去更为充分。A project that previously appeared merely controversial now looks like a Trojan horse capable of destabilising the economy and poisoning political relations inside the EU.这个以前看上去只是具有争议的项目,现在看来就像一匹特洛伊木马,可能会造成经济不稳定并毒害欧盟内部的政治关系。EU institutions that should make the core principles and unity of the bloc their priority have not taken a firm stand on Nord Stream 2. 应当把欧盟核心原则及团结作为优先考虑的欧盟机构,在北2项目上没有采取坚定立场。And suggestions from Jean-Claude Juncker, president of the European Commission, that a legal solution could be found have yet to amount to anything.欧盟委员European Commission)主席克洛容克(Jean-Claude Juncker)认为,可以找到合法解决方案,但目前什么结果都没有。This ambiguous position is difficult to explain, especially when one considers, on the one hand, the EU sanctions against Russia imposed after the illegal annexation of Crimea and, on the other, the fact that Gazprom is owned by the Russian state. 欧盟这种模糊的立场很难解释,特别是考虑到一方面欧盟在俄罗斯非法吞并克里米亚之后对其实施了制裁,另一方面俄罗斯天然气工业股份公司由俄罗斯政府所有。By supporting Nord Stream 2, the EU in effect gives succour to a regime whose aggression it seeks to punish through sanctions. 通过持北溪-2项目,欧盟实际上是在帮助这个它希望通过制裁惩罚其侵略行为的政权。This contradiction is unsustainable.这种矛盾是不可持续的。The EU cannot continue to offer financial support to Ukraine, maintain sanctions against Russia and call for a resilient energy union while at the same time collaborating on Nord Stream 2 with Gazprom.欧盟不可能一边向乌克兰提供财力持、继续对俄罗斯实施制裁,并呼吁建立一个抗打击的能源联盟,一边继续与俄罗斯天然气工业股份公司在北2项目上展开合作。This is why Poland and other central and eastern European member states have called on the commission to act as a guardian of EU treaties and to demand that Nord Stream 2, including its offshore sections, conform in full with EU law.这就是为什么波兰和其他中东欧成员国一直呼吁,欧盟委员会成为欧盟条约的守护者并要求北溪-2项目(包括其海底区段)全面符合欧盟法律。The commission should also guarantee that the most vulnerable member states are protected from an external monopoly seeking to apply political pressure on them. 欧盟委员会还应保,最脆弱的欧盟成员国不受谋求对其施加政治压力的外部垄断者的压迫。It has the power, if not to freeze the project completely, then at least to limit its disruptive impact on the European gas market and on the security of supply policies.它至少有权力限制其对欧洲天然气市场以及供应安全政策的破坏性影响,如果不是彻底冻结该项目的话。Nord Stream 2 is a test of European unity and of the credibility of EU institutions. 北溪-2项目是对欧洲团结以及欧盟机构可信性的考验。Poland is determined to defend the bloc’s fundamental principles, even if that might mean appealing to the Court of Justice of the EU.波兰决定维护欧盟的基本原则,即便这可能意味着向欧洲法Court of Justice)上诉。Support for the project by any member state or a passive approach by the commission that results in preferential treatment being given to Nord Stream 2 for instance, exemption from the market rules enshrined in the so-called third package of legislation may be subject to legal challenge by Poland or other countries, in the court if need be. 任何一个欧盟成员国持该项目,或者欧盟委员会采取被动策略导致向北2项目提供优惠待遇(例如可不遵守关于能源市场的所谓第三套立法(third package of legislation)规定的市场规则),都可能受到波兰或其他国家的法律挑战,如果需要可能对簿公堂。If EU institutions are unclear as to the scope of their competences, Poland and its partners are y to provide clarity in the courts.如果欧盟机构对其职权范围含糊不清的话,那么波兰及其伙伴准备赴法庭明确。Promoting the economic interests of certain countries at the expense of the security and stability of others is no way for the EU to escape the crisis it finds itself in. 以一些国家的安全和稳定为代价推动另一些国家的经济利益,绝非欧盟摆脱所处危机之道。Nor is it likely to imbue disillusioned citizens with renewed faith in European institutions.这也不可能让大失所望的公民重拾对欧盟机构的信心。Doing that requires abandoning the pursuit of short-term individual gain in the interests of the EU as a whole. 要做到这一点,需要根据整个欧盟的利益放弃对短期个体好处的追求。The Nord Stream 2 affair should not be allowed to stand as an example of the EU turning a blind eye.不应任由北溪-2项目事件成为一个欧盟故意失明的例子。We should instead be able to hold it up as proof that the EU will act when needed to defend the rules on which it was founded.相反,这一事件应该成为一项据,表明欧盟将在需要维护其所基于的规则时采取行动。来 /201610/475121。

Conspiracy theorists have claimed Hillary Clinton used a body double after she suffered a dizzy spell at the 9/11 memorial on Sunday.美国民主党总统候选人希拉#8226;克林顿在周日11纪念活动上一阵头晕,被扶离场。如今,有阴谋论者宣称眩晕事件后,希拉里使用了替身。Social media users have begun sharing photo comparisons of the Democratic candidate to point out supposed physical differences in the Clinton that was seen emerging from her daughter Chelsea Clintons house after the medical episode.希拉里周日身感不适,前往了女儿切尔西#8226;克林顿的公寓休息。社交媒体用户已经开始对比希拉里走出公寓前后的照片,指出后来照片上的希拉里有“体貌变化”。Video of Clinton collapsing as she climbed into a van after visiting the National September 11 Memorial amp; Museum in New York City sparked health concerns.希拉里拜访纽约市9#8226;11国家纪念物馆后身体大感不适,跌跌撞撞上车离开。相关视频引发了对其健康状况的关注。The 68-year-old, who later announced she is suffering from pneumonia, insisted she did not faint but simply felt dizzy and stumbled.现年68岁的希拉里随后公开自己患了肺炎,坚称并没有昏倒,只是感到晕眩,走路不稳。She said after sitting in the air conditioning and drinking a glass of water she immediately began feeling better and felt well enough to take a detour to visit her daughter Chelsea and her grandchildren.她表示坐在空调间里喝了杯水后,就“立刻”感觉好多了,于是绕道去拜访女儿切尔西和外孙们。However, critics say the woman who emerged from Chelsea’s apartment was a lookalike and not the real deal.然而,有者称走出切尔西公寓的女性是个“冒牌货”,并不是真正的希拉里。‘Hillarys INDEX finger is longer than her RING finger. This ISNT Hillary [sic],a Twitter user called Always Trump wrote.推特用户Always Trump写道:“希拉里的食指比无名指要长。这个不是希拉里。”One woman said: ‘Body double before amp; after #ClintonCollapse? Just a theory, but nose looks very different.’一位女性说:希拉里昏前后出现了替身?只是个假设哈,但是鼻子看起来很不一样。”Others analysed Clinton’s ears and claimed the woman who emerged from Chelseas apartment had chunkier lobes.还有人分析了克林顿的耳朵,称走出切尔西公寓的女性耳垂更厚一些。Some compared pictures of the presidential hopeful that appear to show she had lost weight compared to earlier in the campaign. It is likely that someone suffering from pneumonia would appear frailer than usual.一些人通过比较照片,发现这位总统候选人似乎比竞选的早些时候减重了。当然也有可能是肺炎患者会比平时显得更为虚弱。Twitter user Robertbirsinger questioned why Clinton would hug a child in the street when she’s got such an illness and others claimed it was suspicious that she wasn’t surrounded by security when she emerged from Chelsea’s apartment.推特网友Robertbirsinger质疑克林顿为什么得了肺炎还在街上拥抱一个孩子,还有人表示她从女儿公寓出来后身边没有警卫环绕,非常可疑。The hashtag #isHillaryalive also began circulating after the comparison photos emerged.对比图出现后希拉里尚在否#的标签也开始流传。Clintons campaign has desperately attempted to stem any concerns around her health.克林顿的竞选团队竭尽全力,试图消除所有对其健康状况的疑虑。Bill Clinton announced he was taking over for his wife at several upcoming events as she recovers, and will now headline the Hillary Victory Fund events in California on Tuesday. He will also campaign in Nevada on Hillarys behalf on Wednesday.前总统比尔#8226;克林顿宣布他将在妻子恢复期间,接替其出席接下来的数场活动。周二,他将前往加州参与希拉里竞选基金的募资宣传活动,也会代表希拉里参加周三内华达州的竞选活动。He told CBS News Charlie Rose on Monday that his wife had suffered the same symptoms in the past when shes become exhausted.周一,他向哥伦比亚广播公司新闻节目的查理#8226;罗斯表示,希拉里过去精疲力竭时也有过和此次相同的症状。Asked if its possible Clinton will be away for weeks from the campaign trail, the former President said: No, not a shot.当被问及希拉里是否将有数周时间不能参与竞选活动时,前总统回答:“不,绝对不会。 /201609/466782。

In a scientific triumph that will change the way the world fights a killer, an experimental Ebola vaccine tested on humans in the waning days of the West African epidemic has been shown to provide 100 percent protection against the lethal disease.在西非埃拉疫情减弱的时期,一种实验中的埃拉病毒疫苗经过人体测试,已被明可对这种致命疾病产00%的免疫效果。这是一场科学的胜利,将改变世界打击这种致命疾病的方式。The vaccine has not yet been approved by any regulatory authority, but it is considered so effective that an emergency stockpile of 300,000 doses has been created for use should an outbreak flare up again.该疫苗尚未得到任何监管机构的批准,但它被认为非常有效,目前已建立30万剂的应急储备,以便在疫情再次爆发时投入使用。Since Ebola was discovered in the former Zaire in 1976, there have been many efforts to create a vaccine. All began with a sense of urgency but then petered out for lack of money. Although only about 1,600 people died of Ebola over those years, the grotesque nature of their deaths has lent the disease a frightening reputation.自从1976年埃拉病毒在前扎伊尔被发现以来,人们为研制疫苗进行了大量努力。所有项目最早都颇具紧迫感,但后来因为缺乏资金无果而终。虽然那些年里只有大600人死于埃拉病毒,但他们死亡时的恐怖情形为这种疾病带来了可怕的名声。Ultimately, only the explosive 2014 outbreak that took 11,000 lives in Africa and sp overseas, killing a handful of people in Europe and the ed States, provided the political and economic drive to make an effective vaccine.最终,2014年的疫情爆发令非洲的11000人丧生,并且传播到海外,在欧洲和美国令数人丧生,这才为研制有效疫苗提供了政治与经济动力。The test results of the trial in Guinea were released Thursday in The Lancet.周四,《柳叶刀The Lancet)公布了在几内亚的实验结果。The vaccine was not y in time to stop the outbreak, which probably began in a hollow, bat-filled tree in Guinea and swept Liberia and Guinea before being defeated. But the prospect of a vaccine stockpile has brought optimism among public health experts.此次疫情爆发可能始于几内亚一棵住满蝙蝠的空心树,横扫利比里与几内亚后才被击退,当时疫苗尚未准备就绪,未能及时阻止疫情爆发。但是疫苗储备的前景令公共卫生专家感到乐观。The vaccine opens up new, faster, more efficient ways to encircle and strangle the virus. .疫苗开辟了全新的方式,可以更快、更有效地包围并扼杀病毒。The new vaccine has some flaws, experts said. It appears to work against only one of the two most common strains of the Ebola virus, and it may not give long-lasting protection. Some of those who get it report side effects like joint pain and headaches.专家说,新疫苗有一些缺陷。它似乎只能对抗埃拉病毒的两种最常见的菌株之一,并且可能无法提供长期保护。有些注射疫苗者报告了副作用,如关节疼痛和头痛。The Lancet study was done in 11,841 residents of Guinea last year. Among the 5,837 people who got the vaccine, none came down with Ebola 10 or more days later. There were 23 Ebola cases among the thousands of others not immediately vaccinated.去年,这个发表在《柳叶刀》上的项目在几内亚的11841名居民中进行了研究。在接受疫苗837人中0天乃至更长时间内没有人感染埃拉病毒。在其余数千名没有立即接种疫苗的人当中,3人感染埃拉病毒。来 /201612/485566。