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哈尔滨市儿童医院预约四维彩超哈市维多利亚妇产医院电话号码黑龙江妇幼保健医院是私立吗 Business this week本周经济要闻Aug 31st 2013 |From the print editionMicrosoft began hunting for a new chief executive, after Steve Ballmer’s unexpected decision to step down within 12 months. He took over the job from Bill Gates in 2000. Under his leadership Microsoft has remained a software behemoth, but some investors have criticised it for being too cautious. It was late entering the mobile-device market, and Windows will power few of the200m tablets expected to be sold this year. One question is whether the committee searching for Mr Ballmer’s successor will tap an outsider to shake things up. #8195;微软宣布CEO史蒂夫·鲍尔默决定在未来12个月内离职,为此,它已经开始物色新任首席执行官。鲍尔默于2000年从比尔·盖茨那里接过重担。在他的带领下,微软成功保住了软件业老大的地位,但是一些投资者指责微软过于谨慎。微软很晚才进入移动设备市场,而Windows操作系统在今年预期销售的2亿台平板电脑中占据的份额并不大。当前的问题是微软公司委员会是否会启用外部人士接任鲍尔默的职务,从而重塑企业文化。In the latest mega-deal in the drugs industry Amgen, the world’s biggest biotechnology company, agreed to buy Onyx, which specialises in cancer treatments, for .5 billion. In a separate deal AstraZeneca said it would acquire Amplimmune, which produces therapies to boost the human immune system against cancer, for 0m.在最近的一笔制药行业巨额收购中,全球最大的生物技术公司安进(Amgen)同意以105亿美元的高价收购主攻抗癌药物的制造公司奥尼克斯(Onyx)。在另一笔交易中,阿斯利康制药公司(Astrazeneca)表示将以5亿美元的价格收购美国Amplimmune公司,它专注于开发那些能帮助增强人们增强免疫系统以对抗癌症的药物。Steering towards a date敲定时间Nissan set 2020 as the year it intends to roll out its first driverless car for the mass market. A number of carmakers are working on prototypes with driverless technology, as is Google, but Nissan is the first to promise a production date. Next year it will open an experimental “town” inJapan to road-test autonomous cars. But even if the vehicles are y by 2020, it is unlikely that the laws and infrastructure to support them will be.日产尼桑汽车公司将研发首辆无人驾驶汽车并拟定于2020年推向市场。众多汽车制造商(包括谷歌)都正在研发无人驾驶技术,但是尼桑是首个承诺生产日期的公司。明年,它将在日本设立一个试验“城镇”以便于自动驾驶汽车进行道路试验。但是,尽管到2020年自动驾驶汽车能够问世,但是与其配套的基础设施和相关法律却无法如期落实到位。Vodafone confirmed it was in discussions with Verizon about the “possible disposal” of its 45% stake in Verizon Wireless. Vodafone took its holding in 1999, but has been trying to either sell it or spin it off for years. The stake is worth around 0 billion.英国电信公司沃达丰确认与美国移动电话公司威瑞森进行了谈判,前者可能出售其持有的威瑞森无线45%的股份。沃达丰于1999年收购了这笔股权,但此后一直对抛售还是转股举棋不定。 这部分股票价值约1300亿美元。Emerging-market currencies continued to take a battering. The Indian rupee fell below 68 to the dollar for the first time, in its worst one-day decline since 1995. This was despite the government unveiling a ten-point plan to reduce India’s current-account deficit. And the Turkish lira fell to a new record low, after the governor of Turkey’s central bank alarmed investors by saying he was “not worried at all” about exchange rates. #8195;新兴市场的货币继续遭受重创。印度卢比兑美元汇率首次跌破68,创1995年以来最大单日跌幅。尽管印度政府出台了十点计划以减少该国的经常账目赤字,但仍不凑效。土耳其央行行长称其对汇率“一点也不担心”,以此来提醒投资者的行为;此后,土耳其货币里拉也跌至历史新低点。South Africa’s economy grew by 3% at an annualised rate in the second quarter, well below the 7% needed to reduce unemployment significantly. One bright spot is manufacturing, which is benefiting from the depreciating rand.南非共和国第二季度经济年增长率达到3%,但仍与为了大幅降低失业率而拟定的7%的目标相差甚远。令人欣慰的是制造业由于货币兰特贬值而出现了复苏迹象。Seeking shelter寻求庇护The prospect of a Western military strike on Syriaweighed heavily on markets. Gold prices were at three-month highs. Brent oil hita six-month peak, andWest Texas intermediate was at its highest for two years.西方国家可能对叙利亚发动军事打击,这给市场造成了沉重压力。国际黄金价格达到了近三个月来的最高点。布伦特原油价格也飙升至近6个月来的高峰,而西德克萨斯中间基原油价格也涨至两年来的最高值。BATS Global Markets and Direct Edge Holdings, America’s third- and fourth-biggest stockmarket operators by volume, announced a merger. BATS (which stands for “better alternative trading system”) was founded by a high-frequency trader. Its merger with Direct Edge will make it the second-biggest equity stockmarket, ahead of NASDAQ.美国第三大股票交易所运营商巴兹全球市场公司和第四大交易所运营商Direct Edge宣告合并。巴兹(意为“交易系统更好的替代方案”)由一名高频交易员创建,通过此次与Direct Edge合并,它将超过纳斯达克,成为全美第二大股票交易所运营商。NASDAQ, meanwhile, launched an inquiry into the electronic glitch that caused it to cease trading for three hours on August 22nd.与此同时,纳斯达克交易所对8月22日发生的技术故障发起调查。该故障曾使该交易所股票交易暂停长达三小时。Josef Ackermann resigned as chairman of Zurich Insurance, following the suspected suicide of its chief financial officer. Mr Ackermann, a former boss of Deutsche Bank, said he was stepping down because he believed that it is what the dead man’s family wanted.瑞士苏黎世保险集团首席财务官(CFO)疑似自杀身亡之后,主席约瑟夫·阿克曼辞职。阿尔曼曾任德意志首席执行官。他说,此次辞职是遵从死者家属的意愿。Mark Carney, the governor of the Bank of England, toughened his pledge to keep interest rates at 0.5% until the unemployment rate falls to 7%. He said 7% was not a “trigger” and rates would be kept low until there is a broad recovery. Markets have factored in a rate increase for 2015, a year sooner than when the central bank expects to raise them.英国央行行长马克·卡尼重申,在失业率降到7%之前,将继续维持当前0.5%的利率不变。他表示,7%并不是一个“门槛”,利率将继续走低,直到经济全面复苏。市场目前预计英国将在2015年加息,会比英国央行的预计提早一年。Brazil raised its main interest rate for the fourth time since April, to 9%, to tackle doggedly high inflation.为应对顽固的通货膨胀率高的问题,巴西自四月以来第四次将其基准利率上调,现已达9%。Sweden’s government proposed tougher capital requirements for the country’s banks and gave new powers to implement the rules to the Financial Supervisory Authority, rather than the central bank. Sweden’s banks account for a large chunk of the economy; the level of household debt is among the highest in Europe.瑞典政府拟对本国出台更加强硬的资本规定,并将执行这些规定的权力赋予金融监管局,而非央行。瑞典业是该国经济的重要组成部分。目前,瑞典家庭负债率为欧洲最高。Here we go again卷土重来America’s Treasury Department warned that the government’s borrowing limit would be reached by mid-October, which is earlier than many had expected. The last big fight over increasing the debt ceiling was in 2011.美国财政部警告称,美国将早于预期时间、于十月中旬达到债务上限。而上一次提高债务上限的大战发生在2011年。Walmart, America’s biggest private-sector employer, extended health care and other benefits to the partners of its unmarried staff, including its gay employees, in all 50 states. To qualify, a couple need only confirm that they have been in a relationship for at least a year and have an indefinite commitment to live together.沃尔玛作为美国最大的私营雇主,将为全美50个州的员工的非婚同居伴侣(包括同性恋伴侣)提供医疗卫生保险以及其他福利。情侣们只需声明他们已维持恋爱关系至少一年,且承诺永久同居,即可获得这项福利。201309/256119黑龙江省武警医院妇科地址

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哈尔滨第八医院有无痛人流术吗 Business商业报道Retailing零售业The raw and the clicked传统采购与网购Grocery has so far resisted the rise of online shopping. That may be about to change杂货店可能将无法再抵制住网购的盛行THERE is a huge difference between being late and being too late, said Dalton Philips, the boss of Morrisons, on November 21st, as he announced the launch of the British grocers online-shopping service.莫里森公司的老总菲利普于11月21日宣布实行英国杂货店商网购务,并且说道:迟了和太迟了之间有着很大差别。Morrisons competitors have been selling broccoli and baby food via the internet for more than a decade.莫里森公司的竞争对手已经通过网络销售花椰菜和婴幼儿食品长达十多年了。Britains fourth-largest grocery chain had shunned e-commerce as a profit-sapping distraction.英国第四大百货连锁店一直将电子商务视作其利润的瓜分者并加以规避。It paid with falling market share and the defection of some of its best customers to Tesco, the countrys biggest grocer, and Ocado, an online-only supermarket.而代价是不仅丢失了市场份额,也失去了它们最好的客户。这些客户转而投向英国最大的食品杂货商乐购公司和只做网上超市的Ocado公司。Morrisons change of heart will be noticed beyond Britain.莫里森公司的回心转意将会引起英国以及以外的关注。Grocery is the biggest category in retailing but the most resistant to the advance of online shopping.食品杂货是零售业中最大的一类,但也是最抵制网上购物发展的一类。Even in Britain, where it has gone furthest, it may account for just 5% of sales this year.即使是在英国,网上购物也已经发展很久了。可能会占到今年总销售额的5%。But it is growing fast everywhere.这种迅速发展的网购势头随处可见。The Boston Consulting Group expects the global market to grow from 36 billion this year to 100 billion by 2018.波士顿咨询集团预计截止到2018年,全球的市场将会从今年的360亿美元增长到1000亿美元。Grocers have held back for good reasons.杂货商放慢脚步是有原因的。Like many bricks-and-mortar merchants they fret that online commerce will shrivel sales in stores but not the costs associated with them.很多实体商铺的老板担心在线商务会其他们的销售额下降,但是却不会降低其相应的成本。Grocery, with its tiny profit margins, adds complications.作为收益颇微的食品杂货更使这一情况变得雪上加霜。Virtual shopping-carts contain dozens of low-value items, which must be stored at different temperatures.虚拟的购物车中包含着很多低价值的物品,这些物品都需要在不同温度的环境中储存。Retailers can either get in-store staff to pick them off the shelves, which becomes disruptive as volumes rise, or build dedicated warehouses, which is costly. So are home deliveries: even in thickly settled Britain each one costs grocers around 10, but shoppers typically pay little more than 3.零售商们只能要要店里的员工把它们挑拣下架,然而数量一多就变得凌乱不堪;或者是花巨资建立专门的仓库。送货上门也是这样:即使是在人口密集的英国,每个物品也将花去杂货商10英镑,然而购物者却只需要为此付不到3英镑的费用。Consumers are also wary.消费者也感到担心。Many want to examine fresh produce before they buy it.他们很多人想要在购买之前先检查生鲜农产品。They recoil when online grocers deliver substitutions instead of what they ordered.当他们收到的物品不是他们订购的而是在线杂货商发出的替代品时,他们会撤销订单。Many shoppers try grocery websites but get discouraged, says David Shukri of the Institute of Grocery Distribution in London.伦敦超市物流研究所的大卫说道:很多人试图通过杂货商的网站退货但是‘屡屡受挫。Among pioneers there have been spectacular wipeouts.在众多先驱者当中,有很多全军覆没。Californias Webvan expanded at breakneck speed, pampered customers with services like home delivery within half-hour slots, lost control of costs and collapsed in 2001.其中位于加州的Webvan公司以极快的速度扩张业务,为消费者们提供半小时送货上门的务,导致其无法控制成本,最终于2001年倒闭。Its demise deterred imitators.这一教训使很多后来的模仿者望而却步。In Britain Ocado has yet to make much money after more than a decade.在英国,Ocado公司在经营10多年后还没有多少盈利。Tesco claims its online operation, with nearly half the British market, is profitable.乐购声称其占据了英国将近一半市场的网上业务是有利可图的。But it uses murky accounting for the cost of stores, where much of the produce is picked, says Andrew Gwynn of Exane BNP Paribas, an investment bank.但是Exane BNP巴黎投资的安德鲁?格温表示,该公司在对很多提供农产品的店面进行成本计算时采用了模糊化处理。Yet to shun online is to risk losing grocers best customers, prosperous families and those with children.但是回避网络意味着将失去很多杂货店的最佳消费人群。It really is a prisoners dilemma and you cant afford not to play, says Chris Biggs of G.比如那些富裕的以及有孩子的家庭。波士顿咨询集团的克里斯?比格斯表示:这真是一个如困兽般进退两难的地步,你无法承担不参与其中所带来的损失。Guess whos delivering dinner猜猜谁在给我们提供晚餐In America, todays Webvans look sturdier.在美国,今天的Webvans公司看上去很坚实。Peapod, the biggest American online grocer, acts as the internet arm of the Giant and Stop amp; Shop chains; all are part of Ahold, a Dutch giant.美国最大的在线杂货商豆荚公司,充当了Stop amp; Shop连锁店巨头在互联网中的左膀右臂;而它们都是荷兰巨头阿霍德集团的一部分。It has shown a flair for innovation: Peapods customers can buy by scanning images of products on delivery lorries and coffee cups with their mobile phones.该企业充分表示了其创新性:豆荚公司的客户可以用手机扫描送货车或是咖啡杯上的商品图片来购买相应产品。Lazy Manhattanites have been ordering Thanksgiving feasts from FreshDirect, the second-largest online grocer, which is partly owned by Morrisons. Both ventures prosper because they cater to well-off families, largely in cities.慵懒的曼哈顿人已经开始通过FreshDirect公司来订购感恩节大餐了。该公司是全美第二大在线杂货商,莫里森公司拥有其部分股份。由于这些务的对象大多是城市里富裕的家庭,因而这些新兴务都很成功。American behemoths are unlikely to leave the field to specialists.美国的巨头公司们也不会袖手旁观,把机会让给业内行家。Amazon began fresh-food deliveries in Seattle in 2007 and in Los Angeles last year.2007年,亚马逊在西雅图就开始它们的生鲜运送业务,去年发展到洛杉矶。It is expected to add maybe 20 cities in 2014, some abroad.它们预计到2014年将会把业务拓展到20个城市,包括海外城市。Traditional grocery chains will respond.传统的食品杂货连锁店也会对此作出反应。They are determined not to repeat the mistakes other sorts of retailers made at the turn of the century, when they were too afraid of Amazon, says Robert Hetu of Gartner, a technology-research firm.一家技术研究公司的罗伯特表示: 它们决心不会重蹈覆辙,重复其它零售商在世纪之交时犯的错误,它们那时过于惧怕亚马逊。Safeway, the second-largest supermarket chain in North America, is the only one besides Ahold with a substantial online operation.北美地区第二大连锁超市Safeway公司是除了阿霍德集团外的唯一一家拥有大量网购业务的公司。Walmart, the worlds biggest retailer, remains hesitant.全球最大的零售商沃尔玛公司仍持观望态度。Neil Ashe, its head of e-commerce, has questioned whether the chains budget-minded customers want groceries delivered.其电子商务主管阿西亚对它们那些精明的客户是否需要食品杂货运送务表示质疑。But this may be changing. A pilot project in San Francisco and San Jose is being extended to Denver.但是他可能改变想法。在旧金山和圣何塞的试点项目正扩展到丹佛。Walmart Labs in Silicon Valley has imported many of the people who developed the online-grocery business at Asda, its British subsidiary.沃尔玛在硅谷的实验室先后引进许多在其英国子公司阿斯达开发网上杂货业务的人。On November 25th Walmart said that its new chief executive would be Doug McMillon, who as head of the international operation is responsible for Asda.沃尔玛于11月25日表示将任命阿斯达国际化经营的负责人麦克米伦为其首席执行官。He may speed Walmarts halting American effort.他可能会加速沃尔玛网络业务的进程。If a big American retailer plunges in, others will take it seriously and the market will expand rapidly, says Mr Biggs.比格斯先生,如果一家美国零售巨头进来分一杯羹的时候,其它企业就都认真起来了,市场将很快被拓展。With luck, the newcomers will avoid the mistakes of earlier stumblers.如果运气好的话,这些新来的可以避免早期失足者的错误。Where internet grocery is still immature, supermarkets can encourage shoppers to click and collect from stores rather than spoil them with home delivery.网上超市还很不成熟,超市可以鼓励顾客从商店点击领取,而不是送货上门的方式。A likelier model for sprawling, car-crazy America is France, where shoppers pick up groceries from drive-through supermarktes.对于一个汽车泛滥的美国来说,法国的做法可能是美国模仿的对象。As volumes rise, picking will shift to shopperless dark stores and to automated, super-efficient fulfilment centres like Ocados.在那里购物都是从免下车超市自行选取商品。随着业务量的上升,选购的方式可能慢慢演化成看不见人流的隐形商店,并逐渐变成类似于Ocado的自动化物流中心。G reckons that shoppers who become online converts spend 30% more.波士顿咨询集团估计,成为网上购物者将多消费30%以上。Another boon is that distribution centres on cheap land consume less capital than urban stores.另一福音是在廉价地区的分配中心的花销比市区门店的少。Online grocers can thus earn a decent return on capital even with thin operating margins, Mr Gwynn says.因此,温格说,网上杂货店可以赚取可观的回报即使利润微薄。He expects Ocado, which will share its second fulfilment centre with Morrisons, to achieve its first proper profit next year.他预计Ocado公司,这将与莫里森公司共享其第二物流中心,于明年实第一次实现适当的利润。But as more consumers do their bulk buying online, and grocers start shutting their bigger urban stores, there will be a lot of large retail properties looking for new tenants.但随着网购消费者的增多做,杂货店开始关闭其更大的市区门店,这样以来就会有很多的大型零售物业寻找新的租户。Morrisons does not have the luxury of starting slowly.莫里森承受不起慢慢来的巨大代价。It hopes to make up for its late start by entrancing shoppers.它希望让客户沉迷于其开展的业务以弥补起步较晚的劣势。It will post frank ratings of its produce to build trust, a trick learnt from FreshDirect.它们将发布产品的信用评级制度,这是从FreshDirect学到的。If a customer doesnt like the look of the fresh food delivered to her door, she can send it back and claim a voucher.如果客户对送到她们门口的新鲜食品不满意,她们可以要求退货并索要发票。Isnt this the sort of coddling that wrecked Webvan?这会不会像Webvan公司那样过分纵容消费者呢?No, says Mr Philips, for three reasons: Morrisons will exploit its buying power, its emphasis on fresh food brings relatively high margins and it will piggyback on Ocados operations.不会,飞利浦先生认为有三个原因:莫里森将利用其购买力,为购买新鲜食物带来相对较高的利润率,同时也会捎带开展Ocado的业务。The latecomer will beguile shoppers.后来者会欺骗消费者,It may be harder to charm shareholders.也将更难讨好股东们。 /201312/267008五常市中医医院客服咨询黑龙江中心医院四维彩超价格



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