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A: This is Janet Smith in apartment 3. Can I speak to the apartment manager?B: Hi. How can I help you today?A: Well, my window facing the empty lot is broken.B: Oh, that's not good. What happened?A: I dont know. I wasn't home when it happened.B: Do you have any clue who might have done this?A: I have a feeling that it might have been the neighborhood kids.B: Why, what leads you to that suspicion?A: Well, next to the broken glass was a baseball.B: Well, a baseball is certainly solid evidence.A: I saw them playing just bee I left my apartment.B: Well, did you recognize any of them?A: No, I just took a quick look.B: Well, it'll take a couple of days to repair it.A: A friend of mine is in the business. How about if I call him?B: That's okay by me. First, let me come see the damage.A: Come on over. So does my friend charge you or me?B: Since you didn't break it, you don't have to pay it.A: That's a relief. I thought I was going to get stuck with the bill.B: If I knew which kid did it, I would bill his parents. 01The 7-year-old Indian woman who have birth to her first child with her 79-year-old husband has returned home with her newborn son.日前,印度一名7岁的老妇人和她79岁的丈夫迎来了他们的第一个孩子,并带着他们的新生儿回到了家Daljinder Kaur and husband Mohinder Gill have been married 6 years, but were never able to conceive naturally, believing that they had been cursed by God.金德尔·考尔和她丈夫莫欣德·吉尔已经结婚6年,但一直没有孩子,他们认为,这是因为他们被神灵诅咒了Last month, thanks to IVF treatment, Mrs Kaur gave birth to their son Armaan, making her the world oldest first-time mother不过在上个月,依靠试管婴儿治疗技术,考尔的儿子阿尔曼诞生了,这也使她成为世界上年龄最大的生第一个孩子的妈妈Hitting out at critics, Mrs Kaur said she was not too old to become a first-time mother with husband, Mohinder Singh Gill, adding they were not worried about the future as God will take care of everything.对于一些批评言论,这位老妇人回应称,初为人母的她还不算老他的丈夫也表示,他们不担心将来,因为上帝将会安排好一切Mrs Kaur underwent two years of IVF treatment at a fertility clinic in the northern state of Haryana, India bee falling pregnant.The baby was conceived using the couple own egg and sperm, the news agency AFP reports.怀之前,考尔在哈里亚纳邦的一家诊所接受了为期两年的试管婴儿治疗根据法新社的报道,这名婴儿的育确实使用了这对夫妇的卵子和精子He is now healthy and hearty after weighing just .lb when he was born on April 19, said a statement released by the clinic, the National Fertility and Test Tube centre.根据国家生育及试管检测中心发布的声明称,婴儿月19日出生时只有.磅,但他现在非常健康Mrs Kaur said the couple, who have been married 6 years, had almost lost hope of ever having a child. She claims they had even faced ridicule in a country where infertility is sometimes seen as a curse from God.考尔表示,她和她丈夫已经结婚6年,对能有个孩子几乎不抱任何希望了她声称,夫妇二人还受到嘲笑,因为在这个国家,不不育被认为是受到了上帝的诅咒She said: God heard our prayers. My life feels complete now. I am looking after the baby all by myself, I feel so full of energy.My husband is also very caring and helps me as much as he can. When we saw the (IVF) advert, we thought we should also give it a try as I badly wanted to have a baby of my own,她说:“但是上帝听到了我们的祈祷,我们的人生现在完满了我现在亲自照顾孩子,我感觉精力充沛我丈夫也在尽其所能地照顾和帮助我当我们第一次看到试管婴儿治疗的广告时,我们想可以试一下,因为我非常想要一个自己的孩子”Doctors said Mrs Kaur had been infertile until now because her fallopian tubes were blocked, which had not been detected until she visited the clinic in . After two failed cycles of IVF, she finally conceived in July last year.医生表示,考尔不不育是因为她的输卵管被堵塞了,这个病症是直到他年去诊所才查出来的经历了两轮失败的试管婴儿治疗之后,她最终在去年七月份成功怀This is the second case at the centre where a woman in her seventies has delivered successfully following IVF.In , 70-year-old Rajo Devi gave birth to a baby girl from the same centre, making her the world oldest mother at the time.这也是第二例妇女在70岁时,通过试管婴儿治疗,成功怀的案例在年,70岁的拉约·德维在同一家生育中心成功产下一名女孩儿,这也使她成为当时世界上年龄最大的母亲 59

Several s and photos of Donald Trump and his wife Melania since his inauguration earlier this year appear to show a tense relationship between the pair.自今年初唐纳德·特朗普就任以来,一些有关他和妻子梅兰妮亚的视频和照片显示,这对夫妻的关系看起来就比较紧张Earlier last week, another piece of footage of Melania appears to further prove there is tension between the US President and the First Lady.上周初,另外一段梅兰妮亚的视频似乎进一步实了现任美国总统和第一夫人的紧张关系As President Trump and Melania continued their visit to Saudi Arabia last week, a appeared of Melania appearing to swat away her husband hand as they walked together.上周,特朗普和梅兰妮亚继续他们的沙特阿拉伯出访,一段视频显示,在他们一同行走时,梅兰妮亚甩开了她丈夫的手At Ben Gurion airport, after arriving in Tel Avi, prime minister of Israel, Benjamin Netanyahu, shared a photo of the pair looking more at ease in front of a camera.在到达特拉维夫后,在古里安国际机场,以色列总理本雅明·内塔尼亚胡分享了一张特朗普夫妻在镜头前轻松自在的照片As the couple greeted members of the Israeli government in Tel Aviv, the moment between the couple was widely shared on social media.当时这对夫妇正在特拉维夫向以色列政府成员致意随后,两人之间的这一幕在社交媒体上被广泛传播The first couple later held hands at the church of the Holy Sepulchre in Jerusalem as she walked down the stone steps.不过之后,当梅兰妮亚沿着耶路撒冷的圣墓教堂的石阶走下去时,这对夫妻的手又握到了一起 5997

The four sisters stand gossiping underneath the washing line, the growing baby bumps visible under tightly-fitting tops.四站在晾衣绳下闲聊着,紧身衣下小腹隆起,态明显But the unemployed Hernandez sisters are not looking ward to the birth of much-wanted babies. Instead, they are wombs--hire --willing to put their bodies through agony in order to earn thousands from desperate Europeans, prepared to pay more than these single mothers could earn in years their chance to have their own biological child.但无工作的赫尔南德斯并没有特别期待孩子的出生相反,她们只是“出租子宫”--自愿忍受身体的折磨,以从几近绝望的欧洲人手中赚取较高的金额那些欧洲人会付给这些单身母亲正常工作余年所得收入,来获得自己的亲生孩子This is a family business - one which is not discussed outside the walls of the home, just one cog in Mexico secretive, and sometimes corrupt, surrogacy industry.这是一项家族产业--这在公众场合并不会讨论,只是秘密的,有时甚至是腐败的墨西哥产业中微不足道的小事It was oldest sister Milagros who first stumbled across the rent-a-womb business in . The decision she made was purely practical: the Hernandez family is a sprawling one, all living in close quarters, and money is more than tight so the whole family needs to be put to work.四中,大米拉格罗斯在年成为第一个者,她已经为3个不同的男人成功地生了孩子她做的这个决定很实际:赫尔南德斯家生活十分困难,所有人都生活在狭窄的空间里,经济十分拮据,所以“整个家需要工作” If that means renting out their wombs or working other jobs to bring in money to support the family, so be it, says Milagros. She laughs as she tells MailOnline that the fun of sex is the only thing that missing from the surrogacy experience.米拉格罗斯表示,如果这意味着要出租子宫或者从事其他工作来养家的话,她选择出租子宫她笑着告诉每日邮报:“只有享受做爱的时候,她才忘记经历”However, it was not until she brought back the ,000 pounds she earned from her first successful surrogacy that Martha, the next eldest sister, decided to follow in her footsteps. Soon, Maria, 7 and a mother-of-three, and Paulina, the youngest at , realised they too could earn a living this way.在第一个孩子使她获得了将100英镑的收入后,二玛莎也决定加入队伍很快,今年7岁、已是三个孩子母亲的三玛丽亚,以及岁的波林也意识到是一个不错的收入来源After all, the average ,000 pounds pay-off is following a successful delivery, as well as having all living expenses covered by the client throughout the nine-month pregnancy. The women brother, who works minimum wage in the state capital, would take nearly years to equal the amount.毕竟,平均一次就能获得000英镑,这是一笔不小的数目,并且在9个月的怀期间,委托人将全权负责所有开销这些女人的兄弟,在当地的首府工作,只能拿到微薄的薪水,几乎要工作十年才能拿到000英镑Yet what these women are earning is small change in an industry which is worth 90 million pounds a year in Tabasco state alone - the vast majority of the sum going to the agencies, which can charge 8,000 pounds their services, and pay the women just ,000 pounds.然而,与墨西哥塔巴斯科州产业一年创造的9000万英镑的收入相比,这些妈妈赚取的只是一笔小数目并且这些钱大多数都落入了中介的腰包,一个孩子需要交8000英镑的费用,但妈妈只得到其中的000英镑 86What about delivery? When can you deliver the goods?送货呢?什么时候你能送货?We can deliver the goods within fifteen days upon receipt of your order.自从收到订单之日起天内交货Delivery will be made ten days after receipt of your LC.收到你方信用后天即可发货Well, weve got rather a backlog of orders at the moment. I should think itll take somewhere one and two months.最近我们积压的订单较多也许要一两个月才能送货Well, that rather difficult at the moment. But if youre prepared to wait, well give you a reduction in price...现在看来有点难但你若打算等,我们会给你降点价……I wonder if you could allow any discount.我想知道你们是否可以打折We usually dont grant any discount a small quantity.对于小额订货,我方是不给折扣的As we have ed you have our rock-bottom price, we cannot give you any more discount.我们的报价已经是最低价了,不可能给更多的折扣了The discount we have offered you is the best we can give at present.这个折扣是我方目前所能给的最高折扣This commodity sells very well in the market, so we wont consider any discount.这种商品在市场上很畅销,所以我们不考虑折扣What kind of price did you have in mind?你想卖什么价?The list price is RMB 0,000 yuan.标价是万人民币Well, it depends on the size of the order.这要看订单大小Frankly speaking, as to No. , it is out of stock at present.说实话,第号产品目前无货We are allowing special terms to customers who place orders bee the end of the current month.对于本月底之前订货的顾客,我方给予优惠条件Can you supply from stock?你能提供现货吗?If you could give me some idea of your requirement, I might be able to help you.如果你告诉我你们的具体需要的话,也许我能够帮助你I know what you are talking about.我明白你所讲的Of course!当然可以啊!Ill have to check that.我得查对一下We have sufficient inventory to meet your present needs.我们有足够的库存,能满足你们的需求What about two more days?过两天就有现货了 85

A: I'd like to order broadband internet my laptop.B: Just plug the Ethernet cable into your computer, and a prompt will tell you the payment options. A: Well, I don't have an Ethernet port. My computer runs entirely on wireless service.B: That's too bad. But there are several alternatives, if you want to hear them.A: Yes, please! Tell me about the alternatives.B: We run a fully equipped computer lab on the first floor.A: Very good. How much does that cost?B: The service is free to hotel patrons. However, printing costs ten cents per page.A: I see. And the other alternatives?B: Alternatively, we do offer wireless in our lobby. You can bring your laptop down here.A: Great! What if I need to print something in the lobby?B: You would have to use the computer lab. I'm sorry the inconvenience.A: Good morning. I need to speak with the property manager, please.早晨好,我能和物业经理通话吗?B: Good morning. You are speaking to the property manager.早晨好,我就是物业经理A: While it was raining last night, water started leaking in from the ceiling.昨晚下雨时,雨从天棚上漏下来B: Was it leaking in the bedroom?是卧室漏水吗?A: It was in the living room.在起居室B: Can you tell me which floor you are on?你住哪个楼层?A: We are on the bottom floor.我们在1楼B: I would like to look at the leak. Will you be home this morning?我会去看看漏水出今天商务你在家吗?A: Yes, someone will be here to let you in.是的,有人会让你们金屋B: Just in case you have to leave, we will just use the master key.如果那样的话,你离开家,我们用万能钥匙

Top 3 Places to Visit in Singapore新加坡最值得游玩的三个地方3. Singapore Botanic Garden3.新加坡植物园In 18, Sir Stamd Raffles had built up Botanic Gardens at the base of Government Hill and the gathering was moved to its present site at 1859. Throughout the years, the greenhouses had been broadened and arranged. Today, the Botanic Garden is currently an UNESCO World Heritage and in among the top to-visit places to visit in Singapore. The National Orchid Garden is the highlight of the Botanic Garden. It has the most noteworthy presentation of the tropical orchids on the planet. With a Cool House a high elevation of Orchids in common settings, it has more than 1,000 species and ,000 half and halves. The greenery enclosure is prevalent with its local people, who run and excursion and go to the incessant outside shows in Palm Valley. The patio nursery is best investigated in the relative cool morning or at night.18年,斯丹福·莱佛士爵士在新加坡福康宁的政府山上建立了第一个新加坡;植物学实验园;1859年,这个建筑区迁到现在的地址这些年来,植物园已经扩建和拓展了许多如今,新加坡植物园是联合国教科文组织世界文化遗产地,也是新加坡最受欢迎的旅游地之一国家胡姬花园是最有名的植物园之一,它有这个地球上最著名的热带兰花景观花园通过将生长在高海拔地区的胡姬花放置在低温室中培育,拥有了超过00个胡姬花品种绿色围场受到当地人的欢迎他们在围场里跑步、远足,或者去棕榈树园观看不间断的户外演出在凉爽的早晨或者夜晚,露台苗圃是最适合探索的地方. Singapore Zoo and River Safari.新加坡动物园与水上乐园Path back to 1960s, the British had left a ragbag of family pets when they hauled out of Singapore. The 69 sections of land Singapore Zoo was mally opened in 1973 where it is currently home to more than 300 species, example, tigers, orangutans, komodo mythical serpents, brilliant lion and jeopardized species. There is reproducing programs started imperiled species, which had made some progress.追溯到世纪六十年代,当英国人离开新加坡的时候,他们留下了一些动物由69片区域组成的新加坡动物园在1973年正式开放,那里曾是300多种动物的家园,如老虎、猩猩、科莫多龙、奇异的蛇、聪明的狮子以及濒危的物种动物园有一项为濒危动物发起的再生项目,并且已经取得了一些进展The recreation center is home toward the Southeast Asia biggest panda show and the world biggest freshwater aquarium. One can take a ride on the Amazon River Quest and to appreciate the pontoon enterprise that buoys past more than 30 types of creatures, which incorporates mammoth insect eating animal and panthers.中心有东南亚最大型的熊猫表演和世界最大的淡水水族馆人们可以在亚马逊水道边骑车,欣赏浮桥区的景色,浮标流经过三十多种动物,包括猛犸象、以昆虫为生的动物和美洲豹1. Jurong Bird Park1.裕廊飞禽公园Jurong Bird Park is the greatest in Asia Pacific and very natural came first in our list of places to visit in Singapore. This 9 sections of land flying creature park is home to more than 5,000 fowls with 380 species from everywhere throughout the world. The Waterfall Aviary is the most terrific range in the recreation center where it is a 5 sections of land woods containing more than 1,500 African winged creatures and has a 0-feet man-made waterfall. On the off chance that you would prefer not to visit the recreation center by foot, you can jump on a cable car to have an outline of the recreation center.裕廊飞禽公园是亚太地区最大的,也是人们最想去的旅游景点之一这9片区域组成的飞禽公园是5000多只鸟的家园,有来自世界各地的380种鸟类瀑布鸟舍是中心最大的一块地方该中心由5部分陆上森林组成,拥有超过00只亚洲的鸟以及0英尺高的人造瀑布万一你不想徒步观光这个中心,你可以乘上缆车,饱览这个地方的全貌译文属 537 18380

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