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Those who dont speak Chinese might be confused by questions like this one: is Jackie Chan and 成龙 the same person? Or what about the guy sitting next to you at work that uses an English name like Kevin or David? While those who dont speak English may be equally confused with that question. Why do so many Chinese people have English names? 7,,让英语磨练耳朵的同时学到更多有益的小知识,丰富知识的同时受益于生活 Are you clever enough?你够聪明吗? Even the most mundane thing seems fascinating to theintelligent mind. The good news is curiosity is something that can becultivated.在聪明的头脑看来,最平凡之物亦具迷人光好消息是好奇心是可以培养的 Intelligent people ask all the right questions. Itjust goes to show how fast and well their brain processes and accepts inmation. It also indicates that they have a working knowledge of a lot of things and are highly observant.聪明人只问对的问题从这一点可以看出他们的大脑在处理和接收信息时是多么迅速精准,同时也展现出他们懂得诸多事物的运行规律,且拥有很强的观察能力 Not nothing have people stated over and overagain that instead of letting your mistakes get to you and make the voice in your head louder, it is fruitful and valuable to learn from them and move on.人们总是反复强调与其让错误来找你、放大你脑中的声音,更有效果、有价值的做法是从错误中学习,继续前行,这种说法是不无道理的【知识点讲解】instead of prep.代替;而不是 ...例句:I made this cake specially, with brown sugar instead of white.我特别地以红糖代替白糖做了这个蛋糕I gave him advice instead of money.我给了他忠告,而不是钱更多详情敬请关注新浪微:DJ_Ukki安夏 个人微信:DJ_Ukki 微信公众号:致亲爱的自己[本节目属] 59

,,让英语磨练耳朵的同时学到更多有益的小知识,丰富知识的同时受益于生活 Effective Prioritizing有效排列事物的优先次序This world is complicated. We are pulled in multiple directions every day, willingly, or not. 世界是错综复杂的无论我们愿不愿意, 我们每天都会受到到多种方向力量的影响Smart people have a strict list of priorities, with interpersonal relationships at the top. 聪明的人有精确的事情优先级列表,顶端是人际关系There is a difference between having a priority listand living one life according to the list.有优先级列表和照优先级列表生活是有区别的High-value people are excellent time, emotion, and energy managers who carefully allot their personal resources according to their priority list. 高价值的人能很好地管理时间、情感和能量,能根据优先级列表仔细分配个人资源If a time-consuming objective of low value arises,it is eliminated. The majority of time, emotional, and energy resources are given to nurture and sustain important relationships. 耗时而价值低的事情就会从中去掉大部分的时间、情感上和能量上的资源用来培养并维持重要的人际关系The high-value person understands that quality relationships with people are all uniquely temporary and thus invaluable高价值的人知道和人之间关系的好坏都是暂时性的,因而是无价的priority 优先权例句:Things should be taken up in order of priority.办事应有个先后次序interpersonal adj.人与人之间的; 人际的例句:A more telling criticism is that he reduces ethics to interpersonal relationships.一个更有力的批评是他把道德规范简化为人际关系allot 分配例句:The government is y to allot houses in that area.政府准备在那个地区分配住房eliminate 排除,消除例句:Can we ever eliminate poverty from the world?我们有朝一日能消除世上的贫困吗?[本节目属] 5571

今天超市芒果大特价啦- :01: A:Can you direct me to some fresh produce that's on sale?能告诉我哪里能买到正在打折的新鲜的水果吗?B:Well, we've got some great mangoes on sale.嗯,我们有很不错的芒果正在打折A:Mangoes? What are mangoes?芒果?芒果是什么?B:Well, it's a fruit with a big seed in it.嗯,是一种中间有很大种子的水果A:Can you eat the seed?那个种子能吃吗?B:No. Peel the skin with a sharp knife, and throw out the seed.不能用快刀把果皮削了,然后把中间的核扔掉A:Well, how much are they?嗯,多少钱?B:Well, they're on sale today only each.嗯,这些今天特价,一元一个A:Can you describe their taste?你能描述他们的味道吗?B:They usually taste sweet, but they remind me of an orange.他们尝起来很甜,但是让我想到了橙子A:How can I tell if they're ripe?我怎么判断他们熟了没有呢?B:You can buy them either ripe or unripe. Unripe ones are hard.不论有没有熟,你都可以买没有熟的很硬A:Where do they grow mangoes?芒果是在哪里生长的?B:The ones that are on sale are from Central America.这些在特价中的是在中美洲

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