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The fight against Zika just took a huge step forward.对抗寨卡病毒前进了一大步。The U.S. is enrolling volunteers for testing on an experimental vaccine. This is one of the first Zika vaccine to make it to broader human testing.美国正在招募志愿者进行实验性疫苗试验。这是首个寨卡疫苗进行更为广泛的人体试验。The first volunteer got a dose in Houston in late March. The next step is to test 90 adults with different doses to see which one works best.第一名志愿者三月下旬在休斯敦注射了一定剂量。接下来要对90名成年人进行不同剂量测试,看哪一个效果最好。After that, the researchers aim to test more than 2,000 volunteers from five at-risk countries: Brazil, Mexico, Panama, Costa Rica and Peru.在此之后,研究人员的目标是试验超过2,000名来自五个风险国家的志愿者,分别是巴西、墨西哥、巴拿马、哥斯达黎加和秘鲁。Traditionally, vaccines imitate an infection to train the body to fight against it. This one is slightly different.传统上,疫苗会模仿感染训练身体对抗它。这一个略有不同。It#39;s called a DNA vaccine, and it carries genes from the actual virus that resemble Zika to trick the immune system into building up a defense.这就是所谓的DNA疫苗,它携带来自类似寨卡实际病毒的基因,欺骗免疫系统建立防御。Zika#39;s status as a ;public health emergency; was lifted last year, but it#39;s still a big problem in the Americas. The virus can cause severe birth defects if a mother gets it when she#39;s pregnant.去年取消了寨卡“突发公共卫生事件”的状态,但它仍然是美国的一个大问题。当母亲怀时,病毒会导致严重的出生缺陷。Still, the vaccine likely won#39;t be widely available for a while.不过,这种疫苗可能暂时不会广泛使用。译文属。 Article/201704/502109Let#39;s go back a long time ago, and we have man number one with wife number one,回到很久以前,有两对夫妻,我们称之为男一号和妻子一号,and man number two with wife number two.男二号和妻子二号。Now man number one decides that he#39;s going to cheat on his wife, and man number two decides that he#39;s not going to cheat.男一号决定欺骗他的妻子,而男二号则不然。So let#39;s say they both have two kids each with their wives比如说他们分别有两个孩子but man number one also cheated with three other women and has a kid with each.但是男一号还欺骗了另外三个女人,并和她们分别有了一个孩子。That gives the cheater a total of five kids with his genes and the non-cheater a total of only two.这样就有五个孩子携带欺骗者(男一号)的基因,而只有两个孩子携带非欺骗者(男二号)的基因。Now let#39;s say a few lions get hungry and attack and eat two kids of each of the men.假如有几头狮子饿了,攻击并吃掉了两人各自的两个孩子。The genes of man number two, the honest non-cheater will not survive男二号(诚实者)的基因将不会存活,while the genes of man number one, the dishonest cheater will go on.而男一号(欺骗者)的基因将会存活下去。This is the main idea of the selfish gene. If there#39;s a gene that#39;s not selfish, it will disappear over time.这就是自私基因的核心理念。如果某个基因不含自私性质,久而久之就会消失。The cheat on your wife genes will go on and the don#39;t cheat on your wife genes will go extinct.欺骗妻子的基因会延续,反之就会灭绝。Let#39;s look at another example... What if you#39;re walking home to your family and you come across an empty hut?我们来看另一个例子…如果你在回家的路上遇到一个空的小屋会怎样?The people who own the hut are out gathering food房子主人外出收集食物,but they#39;ve left the hut all by itself, and you see that there#39;s food in there.小屋里没有人,你发现那里有食物。And you know you#39;re not going to get caught if you go in and steal all the food.你知道如果你进去把食物偷走,别人也不会抓到你。Are you going to be selfish and steal, or are you going to be a good guy?你会去自私的去偷别人的食物,还是做个好人?Well, let#39;s look at it in terms of man number one and man number two again.我们再来看一下男一号和男二号的行为。Man number two decides to be honest again and goes home with what he has.男二号还是决定要诚实,就带着他的东西回家了。On the other hand, Man number one goes in and steals everything,然而男一号进去偷了所有的东西,adds it to everything else he has gathered, and brings home twice as much food.和他自己的食物放到一起,带了两倍的食物回家。Now famine strikes. Both families of man number one and man number two are struggling to feed themselves.现在,饥荒来袭。男一号和男二号的家庭都想竭力吃饱饭。But, man number one has twice as much food because he was selfish.但是,由于男一号的自私,他有两倍的食物。Man number two#39;s family ends up starving to death男二号的家庭以饿死告终,and man number one struggles to feed his family but they eventually survive and reproduce.而男一号尽力去解决家庭的温饱问题,他们最后存活并繁衍了下来。Again, we end up with the selfish genes surviving while the honest genes disappear.最后此故事以自私基因的存活及诚实基因的消失而告终。Now you might be asking, Well, what about all the nice things we do for each other?你可能会问,那我们为对方做的那些好事怎样呢?What about all those altruistic genes? So let me give you an example of that...那些无私基因又怎样呢?我们来看一个例子…I have two brothers... If someone were to take a gun我有两个兄弟…如果有人拿指着我妈妈and tell my mom that she had to choose between the three of us dying or her own death,并告诉她必须在我们和她之间进行生死抉择,I have almost full certainty that she would pick her own death.我几乎可以肯定的是她会选择自己死亡。So how does that work then? Where#39;s the selfish gene there?所以那又是怎么回事呢?自私基因去哪了?A selfish gene is obviously not going to want that, right?自私的基因很显然不会那么选择,对吗?Well, let#39;s actually take a closer look... My mom#39;s over 50 now, so she#39;s not going to be reproducing anymore.我们再进一步看一下…我的妈妈年过50,所以她不可能再繁衍更多后代。She does have three sons however who#39;re all capable of reproducing.她的三个儿子却可以。So the decision is between absolutely no chance of reproduction所以这就是在完全没有后代or a very high chance of reproduction and survival considering three healthy sons.和三个健康儿子很可能给她带来后代之间做选择。Keeping this in mind, it now makes perfect sense for a gene to be selfish and want my mom to sacrifice herself.记住这一点,自私的基因想让我妈妈牺牲自己,就很合理了。She#39;s not going to sacrifice herself for any random three brothers, why not?她不会随随便便为了其他三兄弟牺牲自己,为什么?It#39;s not like we#39;re the best three brothers in the world... What#39;s the difference?并不是因为我们是世界上最优秀的三兄弟…那么区别是什么呢?The difference is that they don#39;t carry her genes. So the selfish gene#39;s logic is very clear here...不同就在于他们没有携带她的基因。所以自私基因的逻辑在这里就很清晰了…When you#39;re a 50 year old woman and you have three sons,当你50岁的时候,有三个儿子,it makes absolutely perfect sense to pick your own death over the death of your three sons.很明显选择让自己死亡,而非三个儿子。Let#39;s look at another example... Worker bees will sting an intruder我们来看另一个例子…工蜂会去叮入侵者and kill it but in the process the bee#39;s internal organs are ripped out and it dies as well.并杀死它,但是这期间,蜜蜂的内部器官会受损,它自己也会死去。Wow! Now that can#39;t be because of a selfish gene, right?!哇!因为自私基因的存在,肯定不会是那样的吧,对吗?We love looking at social insects like bees and ants and glorifying them for these selfless acts,我们喜欢研究像蜜蜂、蚂蚁这样的群居昆虫,并赞美他们这种无私的行为,but let#39;s take a closer look at this kamikaze behavior.但是我们来进一步看一下这种高尚的行为。What you have to keep in mind is that the bee is sterile. There are two ways to help your genes survive.你要知道的是蜜蜂是不能繁衍后代的。有两种方式可以让你的基因存活。One... To produce offspring. Two... To to take care of and protect the organisms with the same genes as you.第一…生产后代。第二…照顾并保护和你拥有同样基因的生物体。Well, since the bee is sterile and cannot produce its own offspring,由于蜜蜂无法繁殖后代,it now makes perfect sense to kill itself for the organisms which do carry its genes.所以它为了和自己有相同基因的生物体勇敢赴死就合乎情理了。Dawkins says, The death of a single sterile worker bee is no more serious to its genes道金斯说过,对于它的基因来说,一个没有繁衍能力的工蜂的死亡than is the shedding of a leaf in autumn to the genes of a tree.就像秋天树上掉下一片枯叶那样无足轻重。So now that we#39;re not completely naive about all of this, let#39;s make one thing clear...所以既然我们已经有所理解了,那我们就把它弄清楚…Of course the gene doesn#39;t have some little brain in it that knows what to do to survive.当然了基因不会知道怎样才能生存下去。The primitive woman didn#39;t have a sophisticated understanding of statistics当她在决定为了孩子牺牲自己是否是一个好主意的时候,when she decided if it was a good idea to sacrifice herself for her kids.远古的女人对于牺牲也没有很复杂的理解。This is all just based on what they do, but what they do turns out to be evolutionarily advantageous这都基于他们的行为,但是他们的行为明是很有进化优势的,and therefore through natural selection they survive. That#39;s it.因此通过自然选择他们存活下来。就是这样的。Alright, now what is the conclusion for all of this?好的,那总体结论是什么呢?Well, that our genes are selfish otherwise we wouldn#39;t be here,我们的基因是自私的,否则我们就不会出现在这里,and that we#39;re simply vehicles for these genes to transport themselves into the future对于基因来说我们就是简单的运输工具,把他们输送到未来,and they have no problem throwing us away once we#39;re no longer of use to them.一旦我们没有利用价值,它们也会毫不犹豫的把我们丢掉。And of course this is not the happiest conclusion to arrive at, and it makes a lot of people angry!这肯定不是最好的结局,很多人都为此感到生气!People get angry at the book and Dawkins himself! Is this what you want Dawkins?人们对这本书以及道金斯都很愤怒!这就是你想要的吗道金斯?Social Darwinism?! Is that what you want?!社会达尔文主义!这就是你想的吗?I mean some people are probably angry even at this !我的意思是可能还有些人会对这个视频感到生气!But neither Dawkins nor I want to live in a society that#39;s governed by social darwinism.但是道金斯和我都不想我们生活在一个被社会达尔文主义主导的社会中。We#39;re just simply presenting factual information.我们只是在陈述一些事实信息。Doesn#39;t matter if you like the fact that a husband who will cheat as many times as he can无论你喜欢与否,一个丈夫都会为了更好的传播基因而尽可能多的欺骗别人,will have a better chance of sping his genes, that#39;s just a fact.这就是事实。But how can we approach this and what can we learn from it?但是我们怎样才能理解这一点并从中学习呢?Well one... We have to start by facing reality. The reality isn#39;t pretty.第一…我们必须从面对现实开始。现实并不完美。We#39;re programmed to cheat. We#39;re programmed to eat a lot of sugar.我们的本性惯于欺骗别人,我们的本性喜欢吃糖。You have to understand what you#39;re dealing with if you#39;re going to go against it.如果你想要反抗你就要明白你面对的是什么。It won#39;t help you to get angry and yell, Well, I#39;m not programmed to eat sugar,生气和大叫没有任何帮助,“我不喜欢吃糖”,because you#39;ll be presented with cookies and you#39;ll overeat like everyone else. So one, face the reality.因为你会有蛋糕,你会像别人一样吃撑。所以第一就是面对现实。Two... We#39;re so lucky as humans! You can#39;t expect a bird to honor his commitment to his bird wife第二…很庆幸我们属于人类!你不能期待一只鸟会坚守对它妻子的承诺,and not cheat on her, because he#39;ll just go off of what he#39;s programmed to do.还不欺骗她,因为它不会按套路来。But we humans have the ability! We have the ability to go against our programming.但是我们人类有这个能力!我们有能力来反抗。That doesn#39;t mean that most people will go against it, but it#39;s definitely possible.那并不意味着大多数人都会反抗,但是是有可能的。Most people won#39;t be able to go against the urge to eat sugar when they#39;re tempted by it,当人们被诱惑吃糖的时候,抵抗不了这种催促。but I also have plenty of friends who do go against eating a cookie every time they#39;re presented with one.但是我还有很多朋友,他们每次都能抵抗的住不去吃蛋糕。Another thing I get asked a lot is when I#39;m going to have kids.另一个常问的问题就是我什么时候要孩子。And my answer is I#39;m not sure if I want kids or not.我的是我不确定我是不是想要有个孩子。I don#39;t know if I want to play the game that I#39;m programmed to play which is to have kids so my genes can keep going,我不知道我是否想要按照既定规划来生活,要个孩子这样我的基因就可以延续下去,or just create my own game and play that.还是随心所欲就可以。And to this, most people#39;s reaction is just pure shock!对于这个想法,大部分人的反应都很震惊!How could you possibly not want kids?! What is wrong with you?!你怎么能不想要孩子!你是怎么了?And that#39;s great that there#39;s such a strong reaction, otherwise we would be extinct by now.能有这么强烈的反应太好了,否则我们现在可能就灭绝了。But, I might have kids or I might not. I don#39;t know yet...但是,我或许想要孩子,或许不想要。我依然不知道…I don#39;t want it to be determined just by what I#39;m programmed to do which is why most of us are brought into this world.我不想按照既定安排来决定是否要孩子,尽管大多数人都是因此来到的这个世界。So again two things... One... Accept the facts of natural selection. Getting angry about it doesn#39;t help you at all.所以有两点…第一…接受自然选择的事实。生气没有任何帮助。Two... Realize that as a human, you#39;re extremely lucky.第二…为自己生而为人感到无比幸运。You#39;ve been programmed for certain behaviors, but you can rebel against them even if it#39;s going to be really challenging你的某些行为已经程式化,但是尽管很有挑战,你也可以反抗,because you#39;ll be up against years and years of evolution.因为你要对抗多年的进化。And finally, don#39;t take this as an endorsment for being an asshole or building a family最后,不要把这个当成是变坏,或者组建家庭or a society around social darwinism.或者建立充斥着社会达尔文主义社会的借口。It will probably make you really miserable but yes, your genes will be very proud of you.可能会让你很悲伤,但是就是这样的,你的基因会以你为荣。So to e Richard Dawkins... I am not advocating a morality based on evolution.所以引用理查德·道金斯的话…我不是在拥护基于进化的道德。I am saying how things have evolved. I am not saying how we humans morally ought to behave.我只是表明事物是怎样进化的。我没有说人们应该怎样做才合乎道德。I stress this, because I know I am in danger of being misunderstood by those people, all too numerous,我强调,是因为我陷入了被太多人误解的危机,who cannot distinguish a statement of belief in what is the case from an advocacy of what ought to be the case.他们不能看出“现实是什么样的”以及“ 人们应该怎么做”这两者之间的区别。 Article/201707/516272The men aboard the Enola Gay knew what they had to do,埃诺拉·盖伊上的每个人 都知道他们的使命and they focused on the details of that mission in order to execute it.他们注重任务的细节 以成功完成使命No one really knows what#39;s going to happen once this bomb leaves that aircraft.但其实谁都不知道 这枚原子弹从飞机上 飞落而下后会发生什么9:14 a.m.A 60-second warning tone.早上九点十四分 发出了长达一分钟的警告声Below them, a city of 350,000 people.飞机下面是一座有着三十五万人口的城市Ready.Okay, goggles on.Ready?Ready.On your mark.Now!一切准备就绪 好了 大家戴上护目镜 准备好了吗? 准备完毕 瞄准目标 投弹!Tibbets has 43 seconds to escape the blast zone.蒂贝茨有四十三秒的时间飞离爆炸区An explosion 10,000 times hotter than the surface of the sun.爆炸所释放的热量是太阳表面温度的一万倍The bomb kills more than 60,000 instantly.原子弹让六万多人顷刻毙命Three days later, a second atom bomb.三天后 美国投下了第二枚原子弹Japan surrenders.日本投降It#39;s the most fearsome thing this world can unleash,这是世上最触目惊心的场景that#39;s why we#39;ve only seen two in the history of the world.因而在世界的历史长河里 人们只见过两次Since 1945, mankind has been living in the atomic age.自1945年以来 人类就进入到了原子时代Today, there are over 19,000 nuclear warheads如今已有超过一万九千枚核弹Able to destroy our species 20 times over.足以毁灭人类二十余次 Article/201605/446294TED演讲集 那些匪夷所思的新奇思想 Article/201611/478371

Do ever get anything wrong? What do you do when you make a mistake?你犯过错吗?你犯错后会怎么做?I...I get everything wrong, it#39;s just that I can#39;t recall it我做得每件事都是错的,只是不愿回想而已,because once it#39;s wrong I#39;m moving on to the next thing.因为一旦错了,我就会继续做其他的事情。Like dwell...Dwelling on what you fucked up on is the quickest way for the next thing not to work. Right? Yeah.就像...纠结于你的所作所为是阻止你开展其他工作的捷径,对吧?对。So like...so I think I do everything...所以...我认为做每件事...I mean you know this, this is a fun thing to say. Some people in the back know this.我的意思是你了解我要讲的这个有趣故事。后排的人知道它。I was a breakout YouTube star in the first year, 2006,2006年,我在第一年就成为了YouTube上的明星,I decided that the right strategy was to leave YouTube completely and go to Viddler,我做得正确决定是彻底地离开YouTube,去Viddler,because Viddler offered me equity in their company.因为Viddler给我提供了它们的股权。And I#39;ve left an enormous amount of attention,在Viddler,我倾注了大量的心血,I deviated from my intouch thesis to do short-term economics and equity in a company and I lost.我偏离了我的动态软件论点,做了短期经济和股权,然后失败了。I lost. When DRock finally came in my life two years ago我失败了。两年前,DRock进入了我的生活,and we started to try to build up my YouTube for the first time.我们开始第一次尝试建立我自己的视频网站。I was sitting on 40,000 users followers in a world where I could have had millions if I just stayed the course.全世界有40000名用户关注了我,但如果我当初坚持下来没有改行,我可能已经有数百万粉丝了。So, I make mistakes all the time,所以,我一直在犯错,I#39;m re-organizing VaynerMedia every day #39;cause it#39;s based on a mistake I made the prior year.因为上半年犯的错误,我每天都重组范纳媒体。I just don#39;t give a fuck about my mistakes,我根本不在乎我犯的错误,everybody else cares about your mistakes.别人都很在意你的过错。If you#39;re worried about your own mistakes, you#39;ve aly lost.如果连你自己也在乎,那你早就输了。 Article/201706/514715

Edward asked the guardians of the realm to come up with documentary evidence爱德华要求那些苏格兰的守护者 给出书面据说明as to why he was not, in fact, their feudal overlord,to which he got a wonderfully canny contradiction,not at all what he wanted to hear.他为何不能成为他们的最高统治者 结果却使他陷入一个十分尴尬的境地 与他幻想中的完全背道而驰Sire, they said,the ;bona gentes;, the responsible man who sent us here.陛下 他们说道 上帝让我们在这片土地上繁衍生息Know full well you couldn#39;t possibly make so great a claim unless you actually believed you had a right to it.您应该十分清楚 自己无权擅作主张 除非您确信自己有权这么做But of this right, we know nothing.但我们对您的这一权力毫无所知Which is as much to say, look,you can#39;t be completely off your head to come up with this sovereignty stuff,这就相当于是在说 给我听好了 你别痴心妄想了 想统治我们是不可能的but actually it#39;s all news to us, chum,since the Scottish realm on this side of the river is held tribute to no one but god.不过朋友 这倒真是稀奇事 因为在河这一侧的苏格兰领土 只归圣主耶稣We don#39;t have to prove a thing.It#39;s for you to come up with a supermonk with the perfect charter.这一点无需我们明 而你则需要得到神灵的特许Why don#39;t you let us know when you have it?何不在你获准时通知我们一声In the end, all those who thought they were still of the chance of winning the Scots crown,did pay homage to Edward.最终 所有那些 觊觎苏格兰王座的人 都宣誓效忠爱德华But the rest of the Scots community of the realm held their noses and stood aloof.而剩下的那些苏格兰人 则对此嗤之以鼻 不屑一顾Was this, as some Scottish historians have always insisted, an Edwardian trap?这会是一些苏格兰历史学家 一直持的爱德华圈套说吗Was he aly thinking of turning scotland into Wales North,他已经计划好将苏格兰变成北威尔士the next territory to be gobbled up by his impeiral appetite?以满足自己对领土的饕餮之欲吗 /201610/473066

Not going to win me any dates, that#39;s for certain.这样肯定是把不到的But you see how much cooler that is.但清凉效果一流As soon as I put this on,you can see the heat again.一旦我穿上这个 温度又会回升Cooler, smellier,but better off for it.凉快 虽然臭了点 但感觉更好了As I get nearer to the coast,the sea breeze actually helps me.越靠近海边 越能享受到海风带来的清新This could be ten degrees cooler than the air inland and it#39;s a welcome relief.这里的气温 比内陆要低10度 实在惬意The sound of the surf is just unmistakable.海浪的声音 绝对错不了You can also smell the sea air.Come on, let#39;s go then.你能闻到海水的味道 快 快走吧Finding the coast at least gives you a fighting chance of survival.海岸的出现 又增添了一线生机You#39;ve got food in the sea.你能在海里找到食物You#39;ve got the chance of finding rubbish on the beach可能会在海滩上发现人造垃圾and also the likelihood of coming across people either on the beach or ships out at sea.也可能 在海滩上遇到人 或者出海的船只It#39;s a long way down there.Look, you see over there,the edge of the cliff, it#39;s cracked.离太远了 不好下去看那边 崖壁是裂开的Get into that and shimmy my way down it.That#39;s right. Let#39;s go.顺着那摸索下去 好 出发Because the weathered limestone is loose and crumbly,the safest way down is to do a chimney climb.因为风化的岩石松动易碎 所以最安全的 就是从狭窄的岩缝中下去But pitting opposing pressure on both walls with my legs and back,I can descend safely and quickly.利用我双腿和后背 对两边崖壁的反作用力 就能迅速地安全着地What#39;s wedged in here now?From here, I can see the crack runs straight under the overhang.什么东西卡住了 从这儿看下去 裂缝和崖壁几乎平行 Article/201611/479151

Musk deer make the most of a short flush of spring foods.许多春季食物才刚露面不久,便已被麝鹿一扫而光This male smells a potential mate.这只公鹿闻到了未来配偶的气味The red panda, rarely glimpsed in the wild.小熊猫在野外十分罕见It was once considered a kind of raccoon, but is now believed to be a small mountain bear.它曾经被认为是浣熊的一种,现在已被确认为一种小型山地熊类By midsummer, its larger more famous relative has retreated into a cave.到了仲夏,它那更大更有名的亲戚便会躲进山洞A giant panda nurses a tiny week-old baby.这只大熊猫正在照顾刚满一周的小宝宝Her tender cleaning wards off infection.轻柔的清洁是为了防止感染She won#39;t leave this cave for three weeks. Not while her cub is so utterly helpless.未来3周内,它都不会离开这个山洞。否则它的幼崽将彻底无依无靠Progress is slow, for milk produced on a diet of bamboo is wretchedly poor.幼崽生长得很慢,因为由竹子转化来的乳汁少得可怜Four weeks old and the cub is still blind.小家伙已经4周大了,可仍旧看不见东西Its eyes do not fully open until three months after birth.直到出生后的第3个月,它的眼睛才能完全睁开But the chances of the cub reaching adulthood are slim.但是熊猫幼崽长到成年的机会极为渺茫The struggle of a giant panda mother to raise her cub is a touching symbol of the precariousness of life in the mountains.大熊猫努力养育幼崽的情景,真是大山里濒危生命求生的动人一幕。 Article/201704/504748

新英语900句之生活篇 Lesson40:Fear恐惧586. Dogs terrifyu me. 我很害怕。587. I’m scared of heights. 我恐高。588. He’s too afraid of getting hurt. 他太害怕受伤了。589. Something has given him a bad frightv. 什么东西让他很害怕。590. That man’s eyes frightenw me. 那个男人的眼神吓着我了。591. That movie was terrifying. 那部电影真恐怖。592. I’m still afraid of the dark. 我还是很怕黑。593. Drowningx is one of my greatest fears. 溺水是我最恐惧的事情之一。594. I’m not afraid to say what I think. 我不怕说出我的想法。595. Don’t be frightened by the noises. 别被这声音吓着。596. If you turn off the lights, the monster will come out from underneath my bed. 如果你关灯的话,怪物就会从我床底下出来的。597. It will come out and eat me if you turn off the lights. 如果你关灯,它就会出来把我吃掉。598. I freaky out every time I see a bug. 我每次看到虫子都会吓得发疯。599. Have you ever tried to overcome your fear? 你有没有努力克你的恐惧?600. One day you will have to face your fear. 终有一天你必须面对你的恐惧。【生词解读】1. terrify [5terifai] v. 使害怕,使恐怖 2. fright [frait] n. 惊吓,恐怖3. frighten [5fraitEn] v. 使惊恐,使骇怕4. drowning [5drauniN] n. 溺水5. freak out [fri:k] v. 行动反常 /200812/19263

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