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Women aged 40-49 plumped for Samsung (36 percent), rather than Apple as their one true love. For men, however, the tale is quite different. Their preferred provider is Samsung.对年龄在40-49岁之间的女性而言,苹果产品并不是她们的真爱,其选择三星产品的比例(36%)要高于苹果。然而,对于男性来说,这个故事又大相径庭了。他们的首选是三星产品。When commenters lurch to these pages, their lightsabers raised even higher than their voices, they categorize phones in simple terms.当家们看到这些文章时,他们的唇舌剑甚至盖过他们的呼声,他们将手机产品进行简单分类。The Samsung Galaxy, is, in an Apple lover#39;s eyes, a big, bad copy of an iPhone.三星Galaxy产品在苹果粉眼中不过是一个又大又拙劣的iphone仿制品。The iPhone, to everyone but an Apple lover, is merely a girlie gadget with all the technological sophistication of a 1980s Barbie. How odd, then, that a piece of research has just appeared before my exclusive eyes to suggest that women prefer an iPhone.撇开苹果粉不说,iPhone手机对每个人而言仅仅是一个二十世纪80年代的芭比娃娃——科技发达衍生的小女孩的小玩意。真奇怪,话说回来,近来一项研究表明女人更偏爱iPhone。The research, sponsored by cache-cleaning specialists KS Mobile, examined, among many aspects, whether there was a gender bias in phone choice.根据缓存清理专家KS Mobile在最新做的调查显示,选手机,在很多方面中,是否存在性别偏见呢?A fulsome 45 percent of all the women questioned said that they preferred Apple as their mobile device provider. Just in case you wondered whether there might be some locational kinks here, I will disabuse you.据悉,在接受调查的女性中,有45%的人都表示自己在购买移动设备时会优先选择苹果产品。万一你好奇其中是否可能存在着区位问题,那么我会反驳你。Apple was the king, or perhaps queen, in every region of America.在美国,苹果是国王。哦,不,应该是女王。The only area in which another brand enjoyed supremacy was in one particular age group. Women aged 40-49 plumped for Samsung (36 percent), rather than Apple as their one true love.而三星在一个特定的年龄组则享有至高无上的荣誉。年龄在40-49岁之间的女性,苹果产品并不是她们的真爱,她们选择三星产品的比例(36%)要高于苹果。For men, however, the tale is quite different. Their preferred provider is Samsung. Yes, gentlemen prefer a Galaxy over an iPhone, although not in quite such severe numbers as the women.然而,对男人来说,故事就完全相反啦。他们的首选是三星产品。没错,男人喜欢三星系列产品胜于iPhone,虽然其数量远远不及喜欢iPhone的女人。The top percentage among men was Samsung#39;s 33. However, again there was one outlying age group that didn#39;t want to go along with the male crowd. Men aged 50-59 preferred Apple (34 percent).有33%的男人表示更爱选择三星产品。然而,还有一个不愿在一群男人堆里附和的边缘年龄组。据悉,年龄在50-59岁之间的男性中,34%则偏爱苹果产品。Overall, Apple was the preferred brand of 39 percent of the respondents, with Samsung still 10 points behind.总体来看,受访者选择苹果产品的比例要高于三星,其中选择前者的比例为39%,后者则只有29%。It is, perhaps, no surprise that these were the two brands that dominated people#39;s lists.这也不是什么“新大陆”,苹果和三星两大品牌主导着人们在移动设备上的选择清单。However, one statistic ought to give hope to MicroNokia and other brands that might aspire as they perspire.Twenty-five percent of these 1,000 respondents didn#39;t have a favorite mobile brand. (The survey was conducted online from February 6 to 10.) More precisely, this was made up of 27.3 percent of the men and 23.7 percent of the women.然而,一项统计数据倒是给了诺基亚和其他品牌一些希望,在他们挥汗努力时激励他们的斗志。2014年2月6号至10号进行的这项网上调查表明,1000名受访者中,有25%的人表示自己在移动设备选择上没有特别的喜好。更确切地说,男性用户比例达到27.3%,女性用户则23.7%。That is surely a huge market, whose heart has not been captured and is clearly y for love.这无疑是一个巨大的市场,这些用户的心还未被捕获,显然是正准备恋爱呢。Just to show you how great a chasm exists currently between some brands and true consumer affection, in this research a mere 3 percent of respondents said that Nokia was their preferred brand.只不过是想向人们表明,当前存在于众多品牌和真正消费者情感之间的巨大鸿沟,这项研究的受访者中,只有3%的人说,诺基亚是他们的首选品牌。Still, Nokia came ahead of BlackBerry (2 percent) and Microsoft (1 percent).不过,诺基亚首选率仍领先于黑莓和微软,前者只有2%,后者为1%。When you think of how many phones seem to be produced and reviewed almost daily, it#39;s quite sad that so many of them inspire little to no enthusiasm.想想,似乎每天都有成千上万的手机被制造出来,引发各种,却无法激起大家的热情,这是相当可悲的。Perhaps engineers and marketing departments ought to huddle more closely and examine what people love and why they love it.也许设计师和营销部门应当凑成一团,考究人们到底喜欢什么,以及为什么喜欢。Otherwise, Judge Lucy Kohwill spend her whole life listening to Apple and Samsung lawyers drone on about their ultimate righteousness.不然,露西·科法官就得一辈子听苹果和三星双方律师没完没了地唠叨他们的终极正义了。 /201403/278710

Shea Tate-Di Donna knows what entrepreneurs need. In Silicon Valley, she#39;s best known as one of the founding partners at True Ventures, a venture capital fund focused on early-stage companies. She was also the architect behind True University, a two-day conference that brings together companies in the True portfolio to share ideas and collaborate.希雅·泰迪·唐纳对于企业家的需求了如指掌。在硅谷,她作为True Ventures的联合创始人而广为人知。这家公司是一风投基金,专注于处于发展初期的企业。她也是True University的幕后策划人。True University是一个为期两天的会议,它将True Ventures公司旗下资产组合公司召集在一起,分享理念,开展合作。If that sounds a little kumbaya, Tate-Di Donna#39;s latest project has similar idealistic aims. Zana is a virtual incubator that will, in her words, ;democratize entrepreneurship.;尽管这似乎带点空想主义色,但唐纳最新的项目也拥有类似的理想化目标。Zana是一个虚拟孵化器,而且用她的话来说,它可以“将创业民主化。”It#39;s easy to see how Zana (pronounced zah-nah) was born out of one of True#39;s core values: Encouraging CEOs to turn to one another for help and advice. It#39;s a rare strategy among venture firms, and one that#39;s served True well. Those values, and more than a decade#39;s worth of conversations with founders, led Tate-Di Donna to create a peer education-focused incubator available to anyone with an Internet connection. ;Zana is a platform versus a content delivery vehicle,; Tate-Di Donna tells Fortune. ;The real magic happens when entrepreneurs talk to each other.;Zana(发音zah-nah)的诞生并不出人意料,因为它源于True的一条核心价值:鼓励首席执行官们相互帮助、相互提供建议。这是其他风投公司很少使用的策略,但却让True如鱼得水。基于这些价值理念,以及十多年与企业创始人的交往经验,唐纳创建了一个专注于同行教育的孵化器。只要有网络连接,任何人都可以参与其中。唐纳告诉《财富》杂志:“Zana是一个平台,不是内容交付载体。只有企业家们在相互交流时才能迸射出真正的火花。”A free and open-to-the-public incubator shouldn#39;t seem revolutionary, but it will likely be in hot demand among would-be founders. This latest tech bubble and shows like HBO#39;s Silicon Valley have bolstered the idea that starting a company simply requires drive and determination. The best accelerators and incubators are bombarded with applications and at maximum capacity. Y Combinator, for example, reportedly receives one application per minute, with an acceptance rate hovering just above one percent.一个免费对公众开放的孵化器似乎并不是什么革命性的举措,但在潜在创业者中可能会很受欢迎。最近的技术泡沫和HBO的电视剧《硅谷》(Silicon Valley)推广了这样一个观点:创业只需要动力和决心。那些一流的加速器和孵化器都收到了大量的申请,而且正在满负荷运转当中。例如,Y Combinator据称每分钟就会收到一个申请,而通过率仅在1%左右。There also tends to be a self-selecting group that applies for early-stage funding and mentorship. In March, YC founding partner Jessica Livingston told Slate that while she thinks 2014 will be a tipping point year for women in tech, only 84 of the 633 startups YC funded over the years had at least one woman founder. ;In the mid-2000s, we were lucky to get one female per batch,; she said.而且往往会有一个自选团体,他们会申请初创资助和指导。3月份,Y Combinator创始人杰西卡o莱文斯通对《Slate》杂志说,尽管她认为2014年将是技术行业女性创业的转折点,但在过去几年YC所资助的633家初创公司中,只有84家拥有至少一名女性创始成员。她还说:“2005年前后,每一批企业里面哪怕有一名女性创始人就不错了。”That#39;s changed, of course. But the numbers of non-white, non-male accelerator applicants still lag far behind. In venture capital, the gender imbalance is even worse; women comprise just four percent of all VCs. ;When I was at True Ventures,; Tate-Di Donna says, ;I was the only woman for the first five years. And I was the only woman on the investment team for seven years.;当然,这一点已经发生了变化,但是非白人、非男性加速器申请人的数量仍远远落后。在风投世界中,性别比例失衡这个问题更严重;女性仅占所有风投人员的4%。唐纳说:“在头5年里,我是唯一的女性。7年来,我是公司投资团队中唯一的一位女性成员。”She also saw an obvious gap in the current swath of entrepreneur-centric opportunities. ;There#39;s not a trusted, gold standard, de facto place that will help move a business forward through its life cycle as a company,; she says. ;YC good for early-stage. There are incubators and accelerators focused on periods of time or specific skill development. But peer-led education support—that#39;s where we see the enormous opportunity.; (Also, a note about the name: Zana was a goddess in Romanian mythology known for giving life and generously bestowing gifts.)在眼下一系列以企业家为中心的机遇中,她也注意到了这个明显的差距。她说:“现实中并没有备受信赖的金科玉律,也不存在一个既定的场所,能够帮助某项业务渡过生命周期成为一家公司。YC有利于早期发展。有些孵化器和加速器专注于不同的时期或具体的技能发展。但是我们发现,以同行为主导的教育持存在巨大的机遇。”(此外,在此对名称做一下解释:Zana是罗马尼亚神话中的一位女神,因赋予生命和慷慨地赐予礼物而富于盛名。)With Zana, there aren#39;t any real barriers to entry, as it#39;s free and available on demand. (The revenue structure is a basic freemium model with a premium option available to companies. There will also eventually be a certification program enabling employers to test employees on various modules.) It also promises to unite entrepreneurs from various industries and from all around the world.在Zana的帮助下,一切准入障碍都不复存在,因为这是一种按需分配的免费务。(营收构架是一个基础的免费增值模式,为企业提供高级选项。最终还会有一个认项目,让雇主按照不同的模块来测试雇员。)它的另一项任务就是联合全球各个行业的企业家。Even Tate-Di Donna#39;s team speaks volumes about her commitment to recruiting top talent with varied interests and expertise. Zana#39;s lead developer Joel Burton is a skilled programmer and trainer who is also a sex educator with a degree in women#39;s studies. (Only in San Francisco.) Respected technologist and Zana advisor Ian McFarland recommended Burton after Tate-Di Donna explained her need for a robust platform that will scale to accommodate the thousands of users she hopes to eventually attract.甚至连唐纳的团队成员都充分显示了她在招聘拥有不同兴趣爱好和专长的顶级人才方面所做的努力。Zana的首席开发人员乔尔o伯顿是一名技能娴熟的编程人员和培训师,他还是一名性教育家,拥有女性研究学位(仅在旧金山)。唐纳解释说,她最终希望吸引几千名用户,因此,她需要一个强有力的平台,并按照自己的预期实现规模化,容纳这些用户。于是,备受尊敬的技术人员和Zana顾问伊万o麦克法兰德向她推荐了伯顿。Even after you#39;ve been using Zana for a while, she explains, your company will have new needs. In a similar way that Amazon suggests products based on previous purchases, Burton#39;s algorithm will introduce new, relevant resources as your business (and your needs as a founder) evolves.她解释道,即便在使用Zana一段时间之后,你的公司仍会出现新的需求。伯顿的算法与亚马逊依据历史购买信息而推荐产品的方式类似,能够随着业务(以及创始人需求)的变化而引进相关的新资源。With inclusivity as the backbone of the new resource, it#39;s the Zana content that takes center stage. ;With True University, it was great to have annual event,; she says. ;But entrepreneurship is a 24/7 business. At one True University conference, I recorded s, and then put them up on private site. But most were 60 to 90 minutes long.; Many Zana s last just one minute; none are longer than five.新资源的核心特质是包容性,因此,Zana内容就成了焦点。她说:“有了True University之后,我们每年会举办一次活动,这是件好事,然而创业是全天候不停歇的事业。有一次True University开会的时候,我录下了视频,然后放到了我的私人网站上。但大多数都是60-90分钟的视频。”很多Zana视频时长只有一分钟,没有超过5分钟的。There are 10 Step Lessons applicable to a variety of early- and mid-stage businesses across all sectors. In her instructive series of s about design research, Erika Hall, co-founder and director of strategy at Mule Design, reminds fledgling entrepreneurs to research adding value to the world, not just focus on creating something cool. ;The very definition of design is solving a problem,; she explains. ;[Research] really is just asking questions to make sure that you#39;re not basing your key business decisions on things you made up out of your head—or things you wish to be true. But if what you actually want to do is create a product that serves real needs and is gonna succeed in the marketplace, you need to understand how those needs are being met and the structure of that marketplace and where it#39;s going.; Hall, like many experts lending their voices to Zana#39;s talent pool, offers sound advice at a time when founders are (sometimes rightly) mocked for waxing poetic about making the world a better place.有一个10步课程适用于所有行业中处于早期和中期发展阶段的各类企业。Mule Design联席创始人和策略总监艾瑞卡o哈尔在她谈设计研究的系列教育视频中提醒初出茅庐的创业家们要研究如何为世界增添价值,而不仅仅是专注于创造一些新奇的东西。她解释说:“设计的定义就是解决问题。研究的真实意义在于询问探究,以确保自己的关键业务决策并不是基于自己的幻想和想象。如果你的确想创造一种产品,能够满足真实需求并有望在市场获得成功,那么你就需要了解如何去满足这些需求,以及市场的结构和发展动向。”创始人们因为高举“让世界更加美好”这面旗帜而遭人嘲笑的时候(有时候确实值得嘲笑),哈尔与其他很多声援Zana人才的专家一样,为他们提供了很好的建议。Zana isn#39;t the only newcomer to the incubator space. Fast Forward, an incubator exclusively for non-profits, launches this summer and has aly accepted five companies (two of which were also in Y Combinator). But for now, Zana is the only incubator open to any founder with a laptop, anywhere in the world.Zana并不是孵化器领域唯一的新秀。专门针对非营利性组织的孵化器Fast Forward将于今夏启动,而且已经投资了五家公司(其中两家同时也进入了Y Combinator)。但是目前而言,Zana是覆盖范围最广的孵化器,而且没有地域限制,创业人员只要有一台笔记本电脑就可以参与Zana。;We#39;re just here to connect people so they can talk,; Tate-Di Donna says.唐纳说:“我们只是为人们提供互相连接的机遇,让他们能够相互沟通交流。” /201406/304911

  IPAD, considered by many parents as a good pre-education tool for their children, needs to be re-examined after a local expert warned about its social and development consequences.在当地一位专家警告其社会发展后果之后,被许多父母认为是孩子学前教育好工具的IPAD需要重新检验。About 80 percent of children are obsessed with iPads - playing games on them, surfing the Internet and even shopping on China#39;s biggest e-commerce website taobao.com, according to Cao Jin, a professor with the Journalism School at Shanghai#39;s Fudan University.大约80%的孩子痴迷于ipad——他们玩游戏,上网,甚至在中国最大的电子商务网站淘宝上购物,据上海复旦大学新闻学院的曹晋教授说。;iPad has become the most wanted gift on a child#39;s birthday and a yardstick for children to measure if their ;parents love them,; Cao said.“iPad已经成为孩子最希望得到的生日礼物,一把衡量“父母是否爱他们”的标尺,曹教授说。Cao interviewed 100 children and their parents at two local kindergartens in Yangpu District. The survey found 42.6 percent of parents bought the iPads for themselves. Half of them bought it for use for themselves and their children.曹教授采访了杨浦区两个本地幼儿园的100名儿童以及他们的父母。调查发现42.6%的父母是为自己买的ipad。其中一半的人买了它是为自己和孩子使用。Only 7.2 percent of parents bought the iPads strictly for their children.只有7.2%的家长是严格为他们的孩子买了ipad。Among parents who bought iPads for themselves, 72.8 percent of them wanted to catch up with the latest fashion and had a strong interest in the latest technology.在为自己购买ipad的父母中,72.8%的人想跟上最新的时尚,且对最新科技有强烈的兴趣。Those who bought it for their children, however, see iPads as an early education tool with many learning applications and puzzle games that supposedly help children to enrich their knowledge, develop innovation and intelligence while adding fun to their lives as well, the survey showed.然而,那些为孩子买它的人是将ipad作为早期教育工具,因为上面有许多学习应用软件和益智游戏,应该能帮助孩子丰富知识,培养创新能力和开发智力,也为他们的生活增添乐趣,调查显示。;More than half of the parents think iPad has a bigger positive impact on children, rather than the negative side, like it could result in shortsightedness or the children could get addicted to games,; Cao said.“超过半数的家长认为iPad对孩子的积极影响更大,而非消极的一面,就像它可能会导致近视或儿童会沉迷于视频游戏,”曹教授说。Cao said a worrying situation was that children did not want to give up the iPads easily.曹教授说一个令人担忧的情况是孩子们不愿意轻易放弃ipad。;Not only adults but also young children are taking iPad, a metal-coated machine as their closest friend. They cannot sleep without it,; said Cao.“不仅成年人还有年幼的孩子都把iPad,一个金属包裹的机器,作为他们最亲密的朋友。没有它他们睡不着,”曹说。During the survey, Cao also found that families have become quieter. ;Dad was playing computer games; mom was watching American soap drama while the kid was sliding his or her fingers on the screen. No one talks to others anymore,; Cao said.在调查中,曹教授还发现家庭变得更安静。“爸爸在玩电脑游戏,妈妈在看美剧,而孩子在屏幕上滑动他(她)的手指。再没有人与其他人说话了,”曹说。Cao said iPad intruded into the family life without a war while an intangible wall was being built silently between the kids and their parents.曹教授说iPad没有硝烟地入侵了家庭生活,一座无形的墙默默地在父母和孩子之间建立起来。;Preschoolers showed great interest in iPad or similar products. From my survey, more than 90 percent of children said they liked iPad,; Cao said.“学龄前儿童对iPad或类似产品表现出了极大的兴趣。从我的调查中,超过90%的儿童称他们喜欢iPad,”曹说。Reacted emotionally情绪反应iPad has become the new babysitter after TV but the attachment to it may not be healthy for a child#39;s growth. The survey showed nearly 80 percent of children reacted emotionally after their iPads were taken away by their parents.iPad已经成为继电视之后的新保姆,但对它的依附可能对孩子的健康成长不利。调查显示,近80%的儿童当他们的ipad被父母拿走之后会有情绪反应。Parent#39;s supervision did not work all the time as children had learnt to bargain for more time to play. The survey found a third of the children used iPad between 30 minutes to an hour and 64.4 percent played for 10 to 30 minutes. Two six-year-old girls had even learnt to shop on taobao.com, while another four-year-old used iPad to watch animation, play Fruit Ninja or download other games.父母的监督一直没有效果,因为孩子已经学会了讨价还价争取更多时间来玩。调查发现三分之一的孩子使用iPad在30分钟到一个小时之内,64.4%的孩子玩10到30分钟。两个6岁的女孩甚至学会了在淘宝上购物,而另一个4岁的孩子用iPad来看动画、玩水果忍者或下载其他游戏。 /201305/239759

  The computer hacker collective Anonymous has distanced itself from WikiLeaks, claiming the whistleblowers#39; site has become too focused on the personal tribulations of its founder, Julian Assange.电脑黑客组织匿名已经疏远了维基解密,并声称该解密网站已经太专注于其创始人朱利安#8226;阿桑奇的个人磨难。A statement posted on the Anonymous Twitter account, Anonymous IRC, described Wiki Leaks as ;the one man Julian Assange show; after the website began asking users to pay for access to millions of leaked documents.一份声明发布在匿名者的Twitter帐户,即匿名者IRC,在网站开始要求用户付数以百万计泄密文件的访问费用之后,把维基解密描述为“朱利安#8226;阿桑奇一个人的表演”。;The idea behind Wiki Leaks was to provide the public with information that would otherwise be kept secret by industries and governments. Information we strongly believe the public has a right to know,; said the statement on behalf of Anonymous.“维基解密背后的理念是向公众提供被行业和政府保密的信息。我们强烈认为公众有权知道这些信息。”匿名者在声明说。;But this has been pushed more and more into the background, instead we only hear about Julian Assange, like he had dinner last night with Lady Gaga. That#39;s great for him but not much of our interest. We are more interested in transparent governments and bringing out documents and information they want to hide from the public.;“但是这已经越来越被推向了背地,相反我们只听到关于朱利安#8226;阿桑奇的信息,比如昨晚他与Lady Gaga共进晚餐。这对他而言很棒,但不是基于我们的利益。我们对透明的政府以及他们想隐瞒公众的文件和信息更有兴趣。”Anonymous has long been one of WikiLeaks#39;s most loyal and vocal allies.匿名者是维基解密长期以来最忠实最畅所欲言的盟友之一。WikiLeaks said it is funded entirely by donations from members of the public. The site angered some users on Thursday after it made a donation page automatically appear before it allowed access to leaked documents. Some users are unable to view WikiLeaks material unless they choose to donate money to the site. WikiLeaks said on Twitter that the move was an attempt to counter what it called ;high costs in military courts;.维基解密说它的经费完全来自公众捐款。在允许访问泄密文件之前它制作了一个自动捐赠页面,周四该网站激怒了一些用户。有些用户无法查看维基解密的材料,除非他们选择捐钱给该网站。维基解密在Twitter上说此举是试图对抗它所谓的“高成本军事法院”。In the statement, Anonymous told its 285,000 followers that WikiLeaks was an ;awesome idea ruined by egos; and claimed the site had abandoned the ideals of freedom of expression.在声明中,匿名告诉他285,000名追随者,维基解密是一个“被自我摧毁的极棒的点子”,并声称该网站已经放弃了言论自由的理念。The group added: ;We have been worried about the direction WikiLeaks is going for a while. In the recent month the focus moved away from actual leaks and the fight for freedom of information further and further while it concentrated more and more on Julian Assange. It goes without saying that we oppose any plans of extraditing Julian to the USA. He is a content provider and publisher, not a criminal.;该组织补充说:“我们一直在担心维基解密一时将走向何方。最近一个月重心从实际解密和进一步争取信息自由中转移,越来越多地集中到朱利安#8226;阿桑奇身上。不用说,我们反对任何引渡朱利安回美国的计划。他是一个内容提供者和发行商,而不是一个罪犯。”The dispute could starve WikiLeaks of potentially newsworthy leaks in the future, as some of the site#39;s recent disclosures – including the cache of Strat for emails – are alleged to have come from Anonymous.这次争议可能会消解维基解密未来潜在的新闻价值,正如网站最近披露的一些东西,包括国际情报公司Stratfor存储器上的邮件,据称是来自匿名者。 /201210/203662。


  A doughnut created in a lab and made of silk on the outside and collagen gel where the jelly ought to be can mimic a basic function of brain tissue, scientists have found.科学家发现,实验室里制造的一个类似甜甜圈的东西,可以模仿脑组织的一项基本功能。这个圆圈的环状部分由丝材料制成,圈里面填的是胶原蛋白凝胶。Bioengineers produced a kind of rudimentary gray matter and white matter in a dish, along with rat neurons that signaled one another across the doughnut’s center. When the scientists dropped weights on the material to simulate traumatic injury, the neurons in the three-dimensional brain model emitted chemical and electrical signals similar to those in the brains of injured animals.生物工程师在培养皿中制成了相当于原始灰质和白质的材料,其中用了大鼠神经元,这些神经元能通过圆圈中间的物质相互交换信号。当科学家让重物掉到这个圆圈上,以模拟创伤性损伤时,这个三维大脑模型中的神经元释放出了化学信号和电信号,与受伤动物的大脑释放的信号类似。It is the first time scientists have been able to so closely imitate brain function in the laboratory, experts said. If researchers can replicate it with human neurons and enhance it to reflect other neurological functions, it could be used for studying how disease, trauma and medical treatments affect the brain — without the expense and ethical challenges of clinical trials on people.专家们表示,这是科学家首次能在实验室里如此逼真地模仿大脑功能。如果研究人员能用人的神经元重建这个模型,并提升到足以反映其他一些神经系统功能的水平,那么这个模型或可用于研究疾病、创伤和治疗如何影响大脑,从而避免人体临床试验的高费用和伦理问题。;In terms of mechanical similarity to the brain, it’s a pretty good mimic,; said James J. Hickman, a professor of nanoscience technology at the University of Central Florida, who was not involved in the research. ;They’ve been able to repeat the highest level of function of neurons. It’s the best model I’ve seen.;“从与大脑的机械相似性来看,这是一个相当不错的模仿,”詹姆斯·J·希克曼(James J. Hickman)说。他是中佛罗里达大学(University of Central Florida)的纳米科学与技术教授,没有参与这项研究。“他们能够复制出最高水平的神经元功能。这是我看到过的最好的模型。”The research, led by David Kaplan, the chairman of the bioengineering department at Tufts University, and published Monday in the journal PNAS, is the latest example of biomedical engineering being used to make realistic models of organs such as the heart, lungs and liver.该研究由塔夫茨大学(Tufts University)生物工程系主任戴维·卡普兰(David Kaplan)主持,于周一发表在《美国科学院院刊》(PNAS)上。这是用生物医学工程手段制造器官——比如心脏、肺和肝脏——仿真模型的一个最新例子。Most studies of human brain development rely on animals or on brain slices taken after death; both are useful but have limits.研究人类大脑发育的工作大多依赖于动物实验,或人死亡后获取的大脑切片;两者都有用,但都具局限性。Brain models have been mostly two-dimensional or made with a three-dimensional gel, said Rosemarie Hunziker, program director of tissue engineering and biomaterial at the National Institute of Biomedical Imaging and Bioengineering, which funded Dr. Kaplan’s research.美国国家生物医学成像和生物工程研究所(National Institute of Biomedical Imaging and Bioengineering)的组织工程与生物材料项目主任罗斯玛丽·亨齐克(Rosemarie Hunziker)称,以前的大脑模型大多是二维的,或是用三维凝胶制作。该研究所资助了卡普兰的工作。None of those systems replicate the brain’s gray or white matter, or how neurons communicate, Dr. Hunziker said. ;Even if you get cells to live in there, they don’t do much,; she said.亨齐克还表示,过去的系统都没有复制大脑的灰质或白质,也没有复制出神经元如何传导信号。“就算你能让细胞在模型中存活,它们基本上也做不成什么。”Dr. Kaplan’s team found that a spongy silk material coated with a positively charged polymer could culture rat neurons, a stand-in for gray matter. By itself, silk did not encourage neurons to produce axons, branches that transmit electrical pulses to other neurons.卡普兰的研究小组发现,一种涂有带正电聚合物的海绵状丝制材料可以培养大鼠神经元,用以替代灰质。丝制材料本身并不能让神经元产生轴突,也就是把电脉冲传递给其他神经元的突出部分。The researchers formed the silk material into a doughnut and added collagen gel to the center. Axons grew from the ring through the gel — the white matter substitute — and sent signals to neurons across the circle.这些研究人员将丝制材料做成一个圆圈,在其中心添加了胶原蛋白凝胶。轴突从圆圈的一边长出来,通过替代白质的凝胶,把信号发送给圆圈另一边的神经元。They got ;these neurons talking to each other,; Dr. Hunziker said. ;No one’s really shown that before.;亨齐克说,他们让“这些神经元互相交流。以前没人真正做到了这一点。”By adding nutrients and growth factors, scientists kept the brainlike tissue alive in an incubator for two months, at which point they experimented on it.通过添加营养物质和生长因子,科学家把这个类似脑的组织放在孵化器中,让其存活了两个月,然后开始在它上面做试验。Adding a neurotoxin essentially killed the neurons, as it would in a real brain. To simulate traumatic brain injury, they dropped weights from different heights.添加一种神经毒素基本上会把神经元杀死,就像在真正的大脑中那样。为了模拟脑外伤,他们从不同高度让重物掉到模型上。Dr. Kaplan said the brain-in-a-dish ;didn’t go splat,; but reacted like ;a kitchen sponge, and it would compress down and then partially spring back up.;卡普兰称,这个培养皿中的大脑“没有四处飞溅”,其反应更像是“厨房里的海绵,先是向下压缩,然后部分反弹起来。”He said measurements of glutamate, a neurotransmitter that surges in injury, showed that ;the more severe the damage, the higher the spike; in glutamate.他说,大脑受伤会导致神经递质谷氨酸激增,而对模型中谷氨酸的测量显示,“受伤越重,激增的峰值越高。”Gordana Vunjak-Novakovic, a biomedical engineering professor at Columbia who has worked with Dr. Kaplan on other studies, described the model as a kind of ;Lego approach,; a ;modular structure; that can be expanded and made more complex.哥伦比亚大学生物医学工程系教授戈尔达娜·乌尼亚克-诺瓦科维奇(Gordana Vunjak-Novakovic)曾与卡普兰在其他研究上有过合作。她称这个模型的建造有点像“乐高用的方法”,是一种“模块结构”,可以扩展成更复杂的形态。;It is the first proof of principle that something like this can be achieved outside of the body,; she said.她说,“这是首次在原理上明,类似这样的东西可以在体外实现。”Dr. Hickman said future experiments would need to study other cells and regions in the brain. ;They’ve set up an architecture so some clever person in the future could then do it,; he said. Dr. Kaplan said his team was working on sustaining the brainlike tissue for six months — and with human neurons created from stem cells. He plans to add a model of the brain’s vascular system, so researchers can study what happens when drugs cross the blood-brain barrier.希克曼表示,还需要有未来的实验来研究大脑的其他细胞和区域。他说,“他们已经建立了一个构架,将来会有聪明人用它来做工作。”卡普兰称,他的研究小组正在努力让这个类似脑的组织存活六个月,还要用上从干细胞生成的人类神经元。他打算加建一个大脑血管系统的模型,让研究人员得以观察当药物通过血脑屏障时会发生什么。Ultimately, he hopes the bioengineered model can be used ;to study everything from drugs to disease to surgical effects to electrode implants,; he said. ;I mean, the list is endless.;他的最终目标,是让生物工程模型能被用于“所有的研究,从药物,到疾病,到手术效果,再到植入电极,”他说。“我的意思是,可做的研究多得没完没了。” /201409/325542It is telling that one of the devices garnering much attention at this week#39;s Mobile World Congress is a phone that will start at an unsubsidized price of about 2.在本周的全球移动通讯大会(Mobile World Congress)上,一款非合约版起价只有122美元的手机引起了大家的关注。Even more telling: the device is from Nokia, using the Android operating system that is owned by Google, rival to Nokia#39;s soon-to-be parent Microsoft. Another twist is that smartphone buyers in established markets such as North America may never see it. The Nokia X is targeted at regions including India, Latin America, Africa and the Middle East where consumers have limited funds for wireless gizmos.更重要的是,这款手机是诺基亚公司(Nokia Co.)推出的,采用谷歌(Google Inc.)安卓(Android)系统,谷歌是微软(Microsoft Co.)的竞争对手,而微软即将成为诺基亚东家。还有一个出人意料之处,这款名为Nokia X的手机不投放北美等成熟市场,而是面向印度、拉美、非洲和中东等手机购买力较弱的市场发售。Microsoft may feel a bit unsettled by the move, but it is illustrative of the limited options available to companies in the smartphone business whose names aren#39;t Apple, Google or Samsung. The Android and iOS platforms accounted for nearly 96% of all smartphones shipped last year, according to IDC. Samsung and Apple together accounted for more than 46% of global shipments by vendor, with everyone else getting single-digit market shares.微软或许会稍感不安,不过这说明了在智能手机市场,除了苹果(Apple Inc.)、谷歌或三星(Samsung Electronics Co.)以外的公司选择有限。国际数据公司(International Data Corporation, 简称IDC)表示,去年安卓和iOS智能手机的发货量占有率几乎达到96%。三星和苹果占全球智能手机制造商发货量的46%以上,所有其他品牌的市场份额均不到10%。This is why many observers write off other companies as also-rans. But it is important to realize that smartphones are unlike the PC market that Microsoft has dominated with Windows.这也是为什么许多观察人士将其他手机公司一概归入失败者的行列。不过需要指出的是,智能手机市场与微软Windows占主导地位的PC市场是有差别的。Compared to PCs, smartphones have a shorter replacement cycle and are often not locked down by employers, which often allow staff to choose their own devices. So customers aren#39;t permanent; they can shift to new devices and platforms.相比个人电脑,智能手机的更换周期更短,而且一般老板不会要求雇员必须使用哪种手机,而是允许员工自行选择手机。因此手机用户不是永久不变的,他们随时可能换一部新手机或是改用别的操作系统。In this light, a bet like the one being placed by Microsoft and Nokia isn#39;t a surefire loser. Microsoft will try to sell Nokia X buyers on its own software and services, with hopes of converting them to a Windows Phone down the road. The dynamics of the smartphone market are also why new entrants including Lenovo and Asus still smell opportunity despite their late start.这样看来,微软和诺基亚的这步棋并非注定失败。微软会努力向购买Nokia X手机的用户推荐自己的软件和务,寄希望于有朝一日这些用户会改用Windows Phone。智能手机市场的这种特性也说明了像联想集团有限公司(Lenovo Group Ltd., 简称:联想集团)和华硕(Asus)这种后来者为什么仍然能嗅到机会。But it remains a stretch. The easy money is gone, and profits will be harder to come by. IDC forecasts the smartphone market to grow at 18.4% per year to 2017, after averaging 46.5% over the last three years. Handset average selling prices, meanwhile, are expected to hit about 5 by 2017--down 21% from 2013, IDC predicts. Apple and Samsung still claim most of the available profits given their ability to squeeze large price subsidies from wireless carriers.不过后来者要挑战行业巨头也绝非易事。智能手机的暴利时代结束了,赚钱变得越来越困难。IDC预测,智能手机市场的年增长率到2017年将降至18.4%,过去三年的平均增长率为46.5%。IDC还预计,手机平均售价到2017年将跌至265美元左右,较2013年下跌21%。苹果和三星仍将占据大部分利润,因为它们的议价能力更强,能够从无线运营商那里争取到较多的价格补贴。New entrants will need to prove their devices can sell volumes big enough to maintain support from carriers and retailers. More of those sales will be made on price rather than features--and there is no app that makes that easy.后来者必须明自己的手机能够大卖,否则难免会失去运营商和零售商的持。对这些手机生产商来说,产品能不能畅销更多地取决于价格而不是性能,这绝不是容易做到的事。 /201402/277648

  #39;I#39;ve never seen as much innovation in television as there is right now, #39; says Ulf Ewaldsson, chief technology officer at Swedish telecom-equipment giant Ericsson, which plans to step up its own TV efforts.瑞典电信设备巨头爱立信(Ericsson)首席技术长艾华信(Ulf Ewaldsson)说,目前电视业的创新程度是我从未见过的。爱立信计划加大力度进军电视业。Propelling the activity are changes that have made the Internet a more viable delivery medium, including the growing proportion of customers with broadband service.这背后的推动力量是使互联网成为一种更可行交付介质的各种变化,包括有宽带接入务的用户的比例不断上升。Despite the developments, much is missing from Internet-based services. Popular programming, including live sports and news, is often limited to conventional carriers by licensing restrictions.尽管有了这些进展,基于互联网的务仍有很多不足。包括体育赛事和新闻直播在内的颇受大众欢迎的节目由于许可限制,常局限于传统媒体。When large libraries are available, finding specific programs can be cumbersome -- especially with conventional remotes. Most TV services also lag the Web and mobile apps in helping discover new content.有了大型音像资料库后,找到具体节目可能比较麻烦,特别是用传统远程遥控的方式。在帮忙发现新内容方面,大多数电视务也落后于网络和移动应用程序。#39;The phone, the laptop and the tablet have advanced so dramatically, #39; says Tom Rogers, chief executive of TiVo Inc., the DVR pioneer. #39;Television has been drastically left behind.#39;数字硬盘录像设备先驱TiVo Inc.的首席执行长罗杰斯(Tom Rogers)说,电话、笔记本电脑和平板电脑取得了突飞猛进的发展,电视被远远地落在了后面。Tech companies trying to change that include Apple. Since 2007, it has sold an add-on box called Apple TV for streaming content, but has been mum about new TV offerings. The company has tested designs for its own televisions, executives at Apple suppliers have said.苹果是试图改变这一点的科技公司之一。2007年以来,苹果开始发售名为Apple TV的流媒体机顶盒,但它对提供电视机新产品却一直保持沉默。苹果供应商高管说,苹果已对其电视机设计进行了测试。Apple has explored a number of new features for such a product, people familiar with the situation have said, including integrating DVR storage and its iCloud Internet syncing and data-storage service, and voice-interaction capabilities.知情人士说,苹果探索了电视机产品的很多新功能,包括整合数字硬盘录像设备存储、iCloud互联网同步和数据存储务以及语音交互功能等。Microsoft is also promoting voice recognition as it positions its game consoles and companion Kinect controller for a broad role in home entertainment. The company#39;s Xbox One, due out this fall, allows customers to navigate to programs by speaking commands such as #39;Go to ESPN, #39; or #39;I want to watch #39;Breaking Bad.#39;#39;微软也在推进语音识别功能,欲让其游戏机和kinect控制器在家庭中发挥广泛作用。微软定于今秋发布Xbox One,用户可通过口授命令来观看具体节目,如“打开ESPN(体育节目电视网)”或“我想看《绝命毒师》(Breaking Bad)”。One basic challenge is simply managing the growing array of content options, including movies from Netflix, Web-originated fare like YouTube, conventional live TV and consumers have recorded.一项基本挑战是要管理日益增多的内容选项,包括Netflix的电影、YouTube等网络产物、传统直播电视节目和消费者自己录的视频等。Comcast is promising search advances as well as personalization features in X2, the cable giant#39;s name for a new entertainment operating system.康卡斯特目前承诺,X2将在搜索方面有诸多改善,而且会配备个性化功能。X2是这个电视巨头建立的一个新操作系统。That software, which Comcast plans to begin rolling out by the end of the year, is designed to recommend content currently on live TV based on tracking a customer#39;s past viewing habits as well as topics trending on Twitter and Facebook. Comcast says X2#39;s interface can work on TVs, PCs and mobile devices, and supports voice searching capability.康卡斯特计划今年年底之前开始推出该软件,它可追踪用户以前的浏览习惯并根据推特(Twitter)及Facebook上的热点话题来推荐正在直播的节目内容。康卡斯特说,X2可与电视、个人电脑和移动设备相连,也可持语音搜索功能。One feature Intel has decided not to pursue for now is a camera equipped with facial-recognition software to help personalize offerings for each user in a household. Mr. Huggers says the technology didn#39;t work well enough in the low lighting common when watching TV and raised privacy questions.英特尔决定目前暂不追求的一个功能是配备人脸识别软件的摄像头,该摄像头有助于为家里的每一个用户提供个性化务。哈格斯说,看电视时普遍是低光环境,该技术在这样的环境下工作效果不是很好,并且会产生隐私问题。 /201308/251408

  Scientists are developing ways of making trees glow so they can be used as natural streetlights without the need for electricity. A team of researchers are experimenting with genes to allow the trait that causes fireflies to glow -bioluminescence - to be implanted into a variety of different organisms.   科学家正在研究一种物质可以可以使“植物发光”,将来这种物质未来会代替“路灯”让树木不用任何“电能”产生出自然光造福人类。研究团队通过研究“促使萤火虫发光的基因”而希望能对植物以及不同的有机生物体产生类似的效果。   As well as replacing traditional streetlights, bioluminescent plants would be useful for people who are not hooked up to the electricity grid. And if more lights were ever required, they could simply be grown.   如果研究能成功,这种“荧光树”将会取代传统路灯,而成为依赖“电能”的人类的福音。未来如果人类需要更多光的话,那么种多一点“荧光树”就能达到目的了。 /201012/119741

  When people talk about the skyrocketing metabolism of Silicon Valley, it’s a metaphor for profits, innovation, a surge in products or services. But now it’s happening literally. There is a cultural shift afoot in the technology industry: fitness has gripped the so-called brogrammer. Software developers who see the world as a series of systems in need of optimization have turned that instinct inward. Call it the six abs of highly effective techies—HGH bodies for PHP minds.人们总是说硅谷的新陈代谢正在火箭式上升,这当然是一个用来形象说明利润、创新、产品或务激增的比喻。但现在,这一幕就切切实实地发生在我们眼前。科技行业的文化正在转变:健身已经成为所谓brogrammer(意指善于社交,喜欢出外玩乐的程序员)的新嗜好。软件开发人员一向把世界视为一系列需要优化的系统。现在,他们开始用这种本能来观察自己的身体。让我们权且将它称为“高效技术人员的六块腹肌”——堪比健美运动员的身材,加上PHP思维的头脑。“I never really thought of that,” says Thomas Bailey, 40, director of experience technology at SapientNitro, a marketing company in Boston. “But, yeah, I’m looking out of my office at 25 programmers, and every one of them is fit: a bodybuilder, a ton of cyclists, all of that. It’s only when we hire guys older than 40 that we see that old stereotype, like the programmer from Jurassic Park: unfit, sloppy, all that. People used to point out on their résumé that they speak Spanish or Chinese. Now it’s that they run triathlons or are on a competitive local amateur sports team.”“我做梦也没有想到这一幕,” 40岁的托马斯o贝利说。他是波士顿麒灵广告营销公司(SapientNitro)的体验技术总监。“但我正在观察办公室外面那25位程序员,每个人都非常健康。其中有一位是健美运动员,还有一大群自行车运动健将。只有当我们雇用40岁以上的员工时,我们才能看到那种符合人们固有成见,仿佛是从《侏罗纪公园》(Jurassic Park)走出的程序员:身体不健康,非常邋遢。程序员过去爱在简历中注明,他们会说西班牙语或中文。如今的简历亮点则是,他们参加过铁人三项,或者是本地很有实力的某家业余运动队的成员。Bailey may sound surprised, but he’s one of them. After a spiel about “eking out efficiencies,” he reveals his hand: “I can’t stand the typical, average, normal gym experience of running on a tmill, staring at a TV for half an hour,” he gripes. He’s a CrossFit acolyte. His co-worker, Jon Grassis, 32, a manager of interactive development, bikes 18 miles a day. He always makes sure to stop and do 100 crunches, 100 push-ups, and 50 pull-ups. “I’m working on the pull-ups,” he concedes.这种现象似乎让贝利非常惊讶,但他其实也是其中一员。在一番关于“竭力维持效率”的高谈阔论之后,他露出了自己的底牌:“我无法忍受那种典型的健身房锻炼体验,在跑步机上一边跑步,一边盯着屏幕看上半个小时,实在让人受不了,”他抱怨说。他是一位“全面健身(CrossFit)”新手。他的同事,32岁的互动开发经理乔恩o格拉西斯每天骑自行车行驶18英里。他经常停下手头的工作,做100个仰卧起坐,100个俯卧撑和50个引体向上。“我正在练习引体向上,”他承认。“I’m a 100 percent stickler for efficiency,” Grassis says. “I can’t stand inefficiency in any part of my life at all, almost to a fault. Efficiency is tricky with fitness, though, because you want it to be hard. The moving target aspect is highly appealing to the techie mindset.”“我做事特别讲究效率,”格拉西斯说。“不管是生活的哪一方面,我都不能忍受效率低下,几乎到了过分的程度。但健身是很难追求效率的,因为你希望健身有一定难度。不断提升的目标对技术人员非常有吸引力。”It is admittedly difficult to find data that specifically backs the assertion that desk-bound programmers are moving toward a fitter existence, aside from the fact that the general market for wearable fitness devices has in recent years rapidly grown into a billion-dollar business. But there’s plenty of anecdotal evidence.据说伏案工作的程序员的健康状况正在迅速改善,尽管我们很难发现能够持这一论断的数据——除了可穿戴式健身设备最近几年迅速成长为一门数十亿美元的生意这一事实——但坊间充斥着大量轶事。Witness Paul Graham, a co-founder of the seed accelerator Y Combinator, imploring his staff to exercise. (And here is HarjTaggar, a Y Combinator partner, writing about his personal experiments with preventing heart disease.) Chew on the concept of Soylent, which aims to solve the “problem” of eating meals, or Google’s Baseline Study, which seeks to pinpoint what a healthy system—er, body—should look like. Look at the hordes of young tech workers navigating the Spring Break crowds at Burning Man and South by Southwest baring their toned physiques (including the literally Olympian torso of Tyler Winklevoss, the investor and cryptocurrency evangelist). Read efficiency mogul Timothy Ferriss’ 2010 book The 4-Hour Body: An Uncommon Guide to Rapid Fat-Loss, Incredible Sex, and Becoming Superhuman or renowned futurist Ray Kurzweil’s 2009 book Transcend, a nine-step mnemonic for living well. “Tending to your body is essential to being a successful founder,” writes Seth Bannon, the social entrepreneur and Amicus CEO, who counts among his accomplishments that he is a vegetarian. “Remember: exercise makes you a better entrepreneur.” Or behold the editors of BuzzFeed lavishing praise on “the hottest abs in Silicon Valley,” a description that—with respect to tech’s founding mothers and fathers—would have been unthinkable in the region’s early, nerdier days.比如,创业孵化器Y Combinator联合创始人保罗o格雷厄姆恳请他的员工锻炼身体。(该公司合伙人哈吉o塔加曾经专门撰文谈论过他自己通过锻炼预防心脏病的经历。)仔细想想旨在解决吃饭“问题”的新型食品Soylent背后的理念,或者谷歌公司(Google)的基线研究(Baseline Study),这项研究试图找出健康的系统(呃,或者说身体)究竟应该是什么样子。再看看一大批正在火人节(Burning Man)欢度春假的人群中穿梭,或者在西南偏南音乐节 (South by Southwest)袒露健美体格的科技工作者(其中包括投资人、加密货币传道者泰勒o文克莱沃斯那犹如奥林匹斯山诸神的强健身躯)。读读效率大师蒂莫西o费里斯2010年出版的经典著作《4小时身体锻炼:如何通过迅速减肥和性爱成为超人》(The 4-Hour Body: An Uncommon Guide to Rapid Fat-Loss, Incredible Sex, and Becoming Superhuman),或著名未来学家雷o库兹威尔2009年出版的著作《超越》(Transcend)——这是一套旨在打造健康生活的九步口诀。“锻炼好身体是成为一位成功创始人的关键一环,”社会企业家,法庭之友公司(Amicus)CEO塞思o班农写道。他认为自己的成就之一就是成为了一位素食主义者。“请牢记,锻炼可以助你成为一位更好的企业家。”或者看看BuzzFeed的编辑们对“硅谷最热辣腹肌”的不吝赞美。在该地区书呆子气更浓的早期岁月(笔者绝无半点不尊重高科技先驱的意思),这种描述是难以想象的。The zeitgeist presents an intriguing and novel paradox for data-driven laptop hermits who are still getting used to the concept of standing desks. Study after study demonstrates that fitter folks are more trusted, more respected, more welcomed, more everything—so how can optimized job performance not factor in fitness?这种时代潮流针对那些依然在适应“站立办公”理念,依靠数据驱动的笔记本电脑隐士,提出了一个有趣且新奇的悖论。多项研究表明,更健康的员工更值得信赖,更受尊重,更受欢迎,总之什么都好。那么,优化工作绩效怎么能够不考虑健身因素呢?“It’s a skill set,” says Nick Grosvenor, 32, founder and programmer at CineGrain in Los Angeles. Grosvenor says he’s a devotee to Barry’s Bootcamp, the high-intensity interval training regimen favored by get-ripped-quick celebrities and Wall Street alpha dogs. “It shows that they’ve got their act together. It shows commitment, intelligence, discipline; it’s a cue to efficiency, to a systemized life, everything we respect in the programming world. It’s almost a counterbalance, because working out is the antithesis to sitting down.”“这是一套技能,”32岁的尼克o格罗夫纳说。这位洛杉矶CineGrain公司创始人和程序员表示,他是巴里集训营(Barry’s Bootcamp)的忠实信徒。巴里集训营的高强度间歇训练方案深受那些希望迅速获得肌肉线条的名人和华尔街“阿尔法”的青睐。“这表明,他们已经开始有条有理地处理问题了。这体现了决心、智慧和纪律性;这是一个获得效率,一种系统化生活,以及我们在编程世界所尊重的一切的线索。这几乎是一种平衡力,因为锻炼是久坐的对立面。”Courtney Paul, 35, a trainer at Barry’s Bootcamp, which opened its San Francisco outpost in June, drives this mentality home with his #wearemachines Twitter hashtag. For example, he says, he knows that average walking speed is 3.1 miles per hour, and expects his clients to cool down at a pace of at least 3.5 miles per hour. “It’s not about self-esteem, or encouragement, or cheerleading, or any of that softer old-school stuff from the days when working out was a new science,” he says. “It’s just numbers now. That’s it. The numbers don’t lie. If you do this, and eat this, you will get these results. If you don’t get the results, you’re lying about something. Because the numbers aren’t doing the lying, I know that.”35岁的巴里集训营(该集训营已于6月份进驻旧金山)教练考特尼o保罗通过他的Twitter标签#wearemachines传播这种心态。比如,他说,他知道平均步行速度为每小时3.1英里,并期望自己的客户每小时至少能走3.5英里。“这跟自尊、鼓励、加油,或者任何出自锻炼还是一门新科学那段岁月的老派思想无关,”他说。“现在,这仅仅是数字。就是这样,这些数字不会说谎。如果你这样做,这样吃饭,你就将获得这些结果。如果你没有获得这些结果,那就说明你在某件事上撒谎了。因为这些数字不会说谎,我非常了解这一点。”“It’s reaching a point where physical prowess is merging with mental prowess,” says Zak Holdsworth, 32, founder of Hint Health, in San Francisco. Holdsworth is another CrossFit fan, as well as a kitesurfer (and, according to one website, New Zealand’s most eligible bachelor). He says he took blood, saliva, and urine samples to establish his own “personal systems biology baseline.”“体魄的强壮正在与精神的强壮相互交融,”32岁的旧金山Hint Health公司创始人扎克o霍尔兹沃思这样说道。他是另一位全面健身爱好者,一位风筝冲浪者(另据一家网站介绍,他还是新西兰最令人中意的单身汉)。霍尔兹沃思说,他采集了血液、唾液和尿液样本,用以构建他自己的“个人系统生物学基线”。Not that all the discipline and rigor is internal. Holdsworth’s office, for example, allows very select snacks—paleo jerky, or nutrition bars made of crickets, for example. “There will never be a candy bowl on a desk in this office,” he says. “It’s harder to make bad decisions when the options don’t allow it.”并非所有的严苛要求都是针对身体内部。比如,霍尔兹沃思的办公室允许吃一些精选小吃——牛肉干,或者用蟋蟀制作的营养棒。“在这间办公室的办公桌上,永远不会出现糖果碗,”他说。“如果没有其他选项,你就很难做出糟糕的决定。”As software engineers continue to hack and optimize their fitness, does it at some point become a walking résumé? If you want to know how good a programmer is, you can’t just ask him to lift his shirt, can you?随着软件工程师不断破解和优化他们的体能,身体在某个时点会不会成为一个行走的简历?如果你想知道一位程序员究竟有多么优秀,你不能仅仅要求他撩起自己的衬衫,是吧?“People almost don’t believe me when I tell them what I do,” says Vaughn Dabney, 30, a freelance app developer in Washington, D.C. who also founded Soundr, a kind of Vine for audio files (and audiophiles). “They don’t expect it, sometimes don’t accept it. Because I’m not [made from] the mold people think. I never find out what they think I should be, though. I tell them I’m the coolest nerd they’ll ever meet.”“当我告诉人们我正在从事的工作时,几乎没有人相信,”30岁的沃恩o达布尼说。他是一位居住在华盛顿特区的自由软件开发者,还针对音频文件(和发烧友)创建了类似于地理位置应用Vine的Soundr公司。“他们没有料想到,有时候也不接受这一事实。因为我跟人们对程序员的固有印象不一样。但我从来没有查明在他们的心目中,我应该长什么样子。我告诉他们,我是他们遇到的最酷的书呆子。”Dabney, who describes his body as “mesomorph,” says he engages in an hour of targeted workouts every work day. “Things are changing. It’s not just programmers behind the scene,” he says, “You have to be the face. Investors like stories, faces; your body is your brand in a lot of ways. Being in shape is a complement to being fit mentally. It’s getting all the property in Monopoly: the front-end and the back-end, the presentation and the programming—the body and the mind.”达布尼声称自己的身体是“运动型体格”。每个工作日,他都会从事一小时有针对性的锻炼。“事情正在发生变化。程序员不能只隐藏在幕后,”他说。“你必须得成为公司的脸面。投资者喜欢故事,希望看到活生生的面孔;就很多层面而言,你的身体就是你的品牌。身体健康是精神健康的补充。在《垄断大亨》游戏(Monopoly)中,拥有健康体魄的人正在获得所有属性:前端和后端,演示和编程——身体和心智。”Which means there’s only one place to go from here: the eight abs of highly effective techies. In time.这意味着,要想成为高绩效技术人员,只有一条出路,那就是,练就八块腹肌。时不我待,赶紧锻炼吧。 /201408/318932。

  Alibaba is looking to transform state-dominated sectors of the Chinese economy, such as financial services and healthcare, a senior executive said yesterday, as Chinese consumers set a new record for online sales on Singles’ Day.中国消费者创下“光棍节”网上购物的新纪录之际,阿里巴巴(Alibaba)的一位高管昨日表示,该公司正努力转变金融务和医疗等国家主导的行业。Joe Tsai, executive vice-chairman of Alibaba, told the Financial Times that financial services and healthcare were large but “very antiquated” industries where ecommerce could “roll out to reform the current system”.阿里巴巴副董事长蔡崇信(Joe Tsai)对英国《金融时报》表示,金融务和医疗保健产业很大,但“非常陈旧”,电子商务在这些行业可以“推动对当前体系的改革”。Alibaba executives used Singles’ Day, the company’s biggest event since its initial public offering in September, to lay out its next steps. “Aside from ecommerce in goods we’re also looking at ecommerce in services, in entertainment, in different types of content over the internet,” said Mr Tsai.阿里巴巴的高管们利用光棍节来阐述下一步计划,光棍节是该公司自9月首次公开发行(IPO)以来最大的活动。蔡崇信说:“除了商品电子商务,我们还着眼于务、及互联网上各类内容的电子商务。”The raw power of ecommerce to change China was on display yesterday as an auditorium-sized billboard at Alibaba headquarters blinked massive sales totals for the day. The company – now almost bn larger than Walmart by market capitalisation – said a record bn worth of goods had been sold via its services, up from .8bn last year.昨天电子商务展现出了改变中国的原始力量,在阿里巴巴总部,一块巨大的电子屏幕闪烁着当天的销售总额。如今市值高出沃尔玛(Walmart)近400亿美元的阿里巴巴表示,共有价值571亿元人民币(约93亿美元)的商品通过其务售出,超过了去年的362亿元人民币(约59亿美元),创下了销售额纪录。The Singles’ Day holiday, when unattached adults buy gifts for themselves, was created by students in 1993, but Alibaba has turned it into a festival of conspicuous consumption that has surpassed world shopping records. “The Chinese economy was traditionally based on exports,” Mr Tsai said. “Now we’re witnessing the shift of the economy from [one] driven by [the] state sector to one focused on the consumer.”光棍节是单身成年人为自己购买礼物的节日,原本由学生群体在1993年创建,但阿里巴巴已将它转变成一个炫耀性消费节日,创下了购物的世界纪录。蔡崇信说:“中国经济传统以出口为基础。现在我们正见着这个经济体从国有部门带动转型为专注于消费者的经济。”But he acknowledged Alibaba’s moves into state-dominated industries have not been as smooth as it hoped. He admitted the group’s plans for rolling into financial services, such as online money market fund Yu’e Bao, had been dealt “a setback” by the Central Bank’s decision to block plans for a virtual credit card last spring. Internet competition would have hurt Union Pay, the state credit card monopoly.但他承认阿里巴巴进入国家主导行业并没有它希望的那么顺利。他承认由于中国央行今年春天否决虚拟信用卡计划,该集团推进金融务(如在线货币市场基金余额宝)的计划已“受挫”。互联网竞争会损害国家信用卡垄断体系银联(UnionPay)的利益。“The central bank obviously said, ‘Let’s slow things down a bit. Let’s understand what these innovations are really about and let’s bring reform rather than disruption’,” said Mr Tsai.蔡崇信说:“央行显然是说,‘让我们慢一点。让我们了解下这些创新的实质,我们要的是改革而不是破坏。’”Plans to list Alipay, Alibaba’s PayPal-like payments service, he added, would focus on an IPO in China due to government regulations limiting foreign ownership in banking.他又说道,阿里巴巴旗下类似贝宝(PayPal)的付务付宝(Alipay)的上市计划将专注于在中国IPO,因为政府规定限制外资持股。 /201411/342242



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