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Take a look at this Now, it's time you to "Take a look at this"--the you have to see and will want to share with your friends.Take a look at this.A dramatic and dangerous chase down an Oklahoma city freeway,this guy is flying.It started out as a traffic stop,but quickly became something else as the golden sedan weaves in and out of the traffic.the police cruiser can barely keep up. Speed topped out more than 0 miles an hour.he tries to swing into a parking lot,it 's a curve, knocks over a sign , ends up box stinged in the parking lot over chillies .Both the driver and the passenger dragged out cuffed, and you know officers wouldn’t be gentle after a stunt like that.Need proof how badly car industry is struggling,one auto dealer near Chicargo is practically giving cars away,and that’s not an exaggeration. Mancari's Chrysler Jeep Oak Lawn is offering a PT Cruiser just one dollar,when you buy a new Jeep Grand Cherokee ,he or a Pacific Mini-van about 0,000 bucks.The dealership says there’s about vehicles left.Elephants, giraffes, and water buffalo,oh,mine.if you dream vacation involves an African safari ,now might be the time to make that dream come true,because the struggling tourist trades some luxury resorts in Africa are offering discounts. take a look at this,I’m Michelle Wright.参考中文翻译:在俄克拉荷马州的高速公路上,有一辆汽车正在拼命追赶,非常引人注目,也非常危险,这个家伙简直是在飞车这辆车从一个交通站出发,但是很快的,这辆车就开始在交通长龙中急速穿梭,巡逻的警车都几乎追赶不上他最高车速高达每小时0英里以上他试图冲入停车场,但是最终摇摇摆摆的撞到了指示牌,最后被钉在了停车场的辣椒上司机和乘客都被揪着袖子拽出来你知道,经过这样一场追赶警察先生不可能太客气的为了明汽车产业正在苦苦挣扎,芝加哥的一个汽车经销商正在急着甩掉汽车,这丝毫不夸张如果你购买Grand Cherokee 型的吉普车,或者价值万美元的微型货车,Mancari's Chrysler Jeep Oak Lawn 提供价格为1美元的 PT Cruiser 型号的汽车经销商说大概还剩有辆汽车大象,长颈鹿,水牛 ,哦,天哪!如果你梦想非洲之旅,现在或许你可以实现梦想了,因为正在苦苦挣扎的旅游业提供一些打折的非洲奢侈的度假村 0《登家庭瞄准的是三对各有不同的美国家庭:一对普通父母与三个孩子、一对同性恋夫夫从越南领养了养女组成三口之家,一个60岁的老头迎娶了位热辣的哥伦比亚异国美女,美女还带着个捣蛋的岁胖儿子最奇妙的是,其实他们是一个大家庭 泰bull;布利尔被评选为最性感的人之一,《登家庭的演员们也这么认为吗?Here, here another nice look. This is you in a smoking jacket and a pipe and a vacuum cleaner.这里,这是另一个不错的看点这是你的夹克,烟斗及真空吸尘器This is in the uh;;obviously the sexiest man alive.这是在呃;很明显;最性感的男人活着On the front there is Bradly Cooper, the sexiest man alive.在前面的是布拉德利bull;库珀,仅存的最性感的男人I can see the paperwork on that.我能看到文书工作And then, there you are.What is that? One of these things is not like the other.然后,你也在那里那是什么?其中的一件事与众不同But Im telling you,you look like youve got it done here, my friend.但我告诉你,你看起来就像你已经做到了,我的朋友What interesting about that, no body what I found conspicuous was no body called an email when I came out.Why?有趣的是关于这一点, 叫我来的时候我明显发现没有人称电子邮件,为什么?Because I think when my families saw, they thought, oh, Ty was in the middle of those sexy guys. sweetheart, heve got stuck in the middle involved of sexy people.因为我想当我家人亲眼看到,他们想,哦,他当时正在那些性感的人当中亲爱的,他已经被性感的人困在中间了Is this your ranking or your age?这是你的排名还是你的年龄?What he said?他说什么了吗?He has to be my age because Ive never rated that high.毫无疑问是我的年龄,因为我从来没有排名那么靠前This is how you maintain your sexy?这是你保持性感的秘诀?Oh,my god. you dont need that. You are fine. Dont let push you around.哦,我的上帝你不需要你很好别被周围情况迷惑注:听力文本来源于普特 3788《政界小人物(Spin City)第季大结局的观众人数达到3,0万,播出时间为00年5月日1996年首播的A电视台的情景喜剧《政界小人物以美国纽约市政府为背景,展示了小雇员们形形色色的日常生活剧集最初由迈克尔-福克斯(Michael J. Fox)主演,最后迈克尔因病情逐渐恶化在00年辞去角色,由查理-辛(Charlie Sheen)顶替男主角看看迈克尔-福克斯如何评价查理-辛吧…… It turns out, I remembered this return about Charlie who knew about effect work.You pretty sure that Charlie came to through the one.You had a good relationships,weren't we?Charlie replaced me on that scene.EmAnd he did great job, fantastic,especially because he worked and I paid.That's the way to do.Well, it's really nice. But, yeah, he was great, you know, I feel glad him.Also,was there.But, but...Did he insight of this ,what ,you know,er..Well, he said he is doing the location, who is me to say this no?Right, well, that's right.He is all out of the winning.I mean, you know, strange recomment me.Yeah,that's right.He is winning, that's fine.I mean,I know I'm better, I think, I think, you know, I haven't * crazy me that used level christmas taking in the hat on it.That was just, those than anything goes,well , when it take a smell the holes.Well, I know, * is not really so, beause he is easy, is edible.YesBut I don't know I win Charlie Sheen all the time, I wish I was acting better than him?Yeah,Okay.It's gonna to be fantastic action in the show I hope Charlie will find something else in show.You're worried about him when he was kid that involved.But other than that , are that sweet show this is ought to be?Don't you think?Sheen is roling here cause not on there.That's, that's exactly right. 3873

A Bus Accident巴士事故There was a bus accident. The bus accident was near a dam. The bus ran off the road. The bus tipped over. Two people died. Eight people were hurt. The bus driver was going too fast. The road is a two-lane road. It is a narrow road. It isn’t a wide road. The road is not straight. It bends a lot. It curves a lot. The road looks like a snake. The speed limit is 5 mph. The bus was going 50 mph. The passengers were afraid. The bus ran into a guard rail. Then the bus tipped over. Passengers yelled. Passengers screamed. Passengers fell down. Passengers fell on other passengers. Luggage flew through the air. Luggage hit people. Luggage hit people in the face. Luggage hit people in the head. The windows broke. The windshield broke. Glass was everywhere. Bodies were everywhere. Luggage was everywhere. The ambulances came. They took people to the hospital. The police came. They took the driver to jail.这是一起巴士事故事故地点靠近河堤巴士冲出了公路它被掀翻了两人死亡八人受伤巴士司机的驾驶速度过快这条公路有两条道这是一条很短的路不是宽马路马路也不是直的是弯弯曲曲蜿蜒曲折的这条路像一条蛇限速5公里巴士行驶速度为50公里乘客很害怕巴士撞上了护栏之后被掀翻了乘客惊呼乘客尖叫乘客摔倒了一些乘客摔在了其他乘客身上行李在空中飞舞行李砸到了人砸到了人们的脸砸到了人们的头窗户破碎了挡风玻璃破碎了玻璃到处都是尸体到处都是行李到处都是救护车来了将乘客运往医院警察来了他们将司机送进了监狱译文属原创,,不得转载 6

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