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Children Find Meaning In Old Family TalesWhen C. Stephen Guyer's three children were growing up, he told them stories about how his grandfather, a banker, lost all in the 1930s, but didn't lose sight of what he valued most. In one of the darkest times, Mr. Guyer says, when his grandfather was nearly broke, he loaded his family into the car and took them to see family members in Canada. The message: 'There are more important things in life than money,' says Mr. Guyer, of Littleton, Colo.The tale took on new relevance recently, when Mr. Guyer downsized to a small house from a more luxurious one. He was worried that his children, a daughter, 15, and twins, 22, would be upset. To his surprise, they weren't. Instead, their reaction echoed their great-grandfather's. 'What they care about,' Mr. Guyer says his children told him, 'is how warm are the people in the house, how much of their heart is accessible.'As parents cut budgets, many are finding family stories have surprising power to help children through hard times. Storytelling experts say the phenomenon reflects a growing national interest in telling tales, evidenced by a rise in storytelling events and festivals. New research bears out the value of family stories, linking teens' knowledge of them to better behavior and mental health.An Emory University study of 65 families with children ages 14 to 16 found kids' ability to retell parents' stories was linked to a lower rate of depression and anxiety and less acting-out of frustration or anger, says Robyn Fivush, a psychology professor. Knowing family stories 'helps children put their own experience in perspective,' Dr. Fivush says.The trick is telling the stories in a way children can hear. We're not talking here about the kind of story that begins, 'When I was a kid, I walked to school every day uphill both ways, barefoot in the snow.' Instead, choose a story suited to your child's needs, and make eye contact to create 'a personal experience,' says Sherry Norfolk, chairman of the National Storytelling Network, a Jonesborough, Tenn., nonprofit. 'You don't have to tell children what they should take from the story,' she says. 'They can intuitively understand what the moral is.'When Carla Freeman's daughter became anxious a few years ago about having to change schools, the Atlanta mother related her own childhood stories of switching to another school in her community. Her old friends dropped her and, at her new school, 'I was kind of an oddball' at first, she told her daughter. But Ms. Freeman bounced back and made new friends. She credits the stories with helping her daughter, now 12, develop resiliency and the ability to 'hold herself together' against challenges.A touch of humor helps. At Scott Prengle's Dallas home, his son Bobby, 17, has heard tales about his grandfather growing up in times so hard that his hungry schoolmates would devour apple cores left over from his lunch. As Bobby tapped a nearly empty salad-dressing bottle over his salad at dinner one evening, Scott laughed and invited him to do as his grandfather did: Put water in the bottle and shake it up, to use every last drop. Scott says his father's frugal habits 'drove us crazy, but the idea was that nothing went to waste.'While Bobby declined to water down his dressing, he says of his grandfather that 'I follow in his footsteps' in other ways, saving paper clips and rubber bands. And when Scott recently trimmed the family budget, he thought he saw an echo of his late father in Bobby, in the way he calmly accepted the loss of his oft-used gym membership.Even when you think your children aren't listening to your stories, Dr. Fivush says, they probably are. Thomas Pontes thought his children, 12, 14 and 16, shrugged off tales of his grandfather, an immigrant farmhand who worked his way up from living in a barn to owning a home. To Mr. Pontes, of Providence, R.I., the story shows 'the kind of optimism you need to pick yourself up from a field somewhere tending cattle' to cross the Atlantic, fueled solely by hope.But when I asked his daughter Katie, 16, about the stories, she not only remembered them, but said they've 'helped me become more appreciative of my life and how easy things are for me.' Even if kids don't seem to appreciate family stories, she says, in time they'll 'realize just how important they are.'From:http://chinese.wsj.com/gb/20090319/wvh081052.asp?sourceUpFeature /200903/65527U.S researchers have found cooling your hand palms increases the capacity for exercise, the Daily Mail reported.英国《每日邮报》报道,美国科学家发现,运动同时给手掌降温,有助于增强锻炼效果。The team from Stanford University, California, studied the effect in a group of obese women aged 30 to 45 following an exercise program. All were asked to work out with their hands in a bottle of water at different temperatures. For half of the 24 women, the water was at 16C while for the other half the temperature was raised to the normal body temperature level of 37C.美国加州斯坦福大学研究团队分析了一群30-45岁的肥胖女性参加锻炼后的效果。所有志愿者被要求手握不同温度的瓶装水进行锻炼。24名女性中,一半的人手握16摄氏度的瓶装水,另一半握着与体温相同的37摄氏度的水。Over a period of three months the women with cooled hands lost almost 3 inches off their waists, lowered their blood pressure and increased their exercise heart rate. Those whose hands were kept at body temperature showed no such improvements.经过3个月时间,手握冷水的女性在锻炼后,他们的腰围减少了差不多3英寸(约7.62厘米),血压降低,心率增强。而手握与体温相同的水瓶的女性,没有取得这些效果。 /201204/178909The Leaning Tower of London: Time's up for tilting Big Ben 伦敦斜塔: 大本钟不能再倾斜了 Fears over the long-term stability of Big Ben have been raised because it is beginning to tilt to one side. 人们一直在担心大本钟的长期稳定性:它已经开始向一边倾斜了。 The top of the clock tower is leaning one-and-a-half feet off a level position, according to surveyors, and getting worse each year. 据监测员的测量结果,钟楼的顶部已经偏离水平位置倾斜了1.5英尺,而且每年的倾斜幅度都在增加。 The tower in Westminster, which houses the giant bell known as Big Ben, is sinking into the banks of the Thames, partly as a result of decades of underground excavation. 大本钟的钟楼位于威斯敏斯特区,目前钟楼正慢慢陷入泰晤士河的河岸里,部分是因为长期的地下挖掘施工造成的。 Subterranean works beneath the tower include the Jubilee line station, an underground car park and sewers. 钟楼下方的地下施工包括银禧线地铁站台,还有一个地下停车场和部分下水道工程。 Its lurch of 0.26 degrees is said to be visible to the naked eye—and if it goes uncorrected could cause the tower to crash. 据说现在大本钟0.26的倾斜度用肉眼都能清晰看到,如果不进行矫正,可能会造钟楼倒塌。 However at current rates, it would take 4,000 years before the tower is as slanted as the Leaning Tower of Pisa which leans by four degrees and is around 12ft off the vertical. 不过以目前速度来看,大本钟要像比萨斜塔一样倾斜可能要花四千多年。比萨斜塔的倾斜度为4,已经偏离垂直位置达12英尺。 John Burland, emeritus professor at Imperial College London, said: ‘I've heard tourists saying “I don't think it is quite vertical” and they are right. If it started greater acceleration we would have to look at doing something, but I don't think we need to do anything for a few years yet.’ 伦敦大学帝国理工学院的名誉教授John Burland表示:“我也曾经听到参观者说觉得大本钟不是垂直的,事实确实如此。如果倾斜速度加快,那我们就需要采取一些行动了。不过我觉得近几年还用不着。” If Big Ben were to fall it would crash into MPs' offices over the road in Portcullis House. Currently, the clock tower is sinking more quickly on the north side of the 315ft-tall building. 如果大本钟真的倒塌了,那会直接砸进保得利大厦内的国会议员办公室里。315英尺高的保得利大厦北侧的钟楼目前下陷得更快。 A just published 2009 survey for London Underground and the Parliamentary Estates Department found that the rate of movement has accelerated in recent years. 日前公布的伦敦地下和议会地产部门2009年度调查报告显示,近年来钟楼的下陷速度已经加快。 Engineers cannot explain why the tower's clock face moved up to an eighth of an inch (3.3mm) away from the vertical between November 2002 and August 2003. 至于在2002年11月到2003年8月间,钟楼的钟面为何偏离垂直位置上移达0.125英寸(3.3毫米),工程师们无从解释。 Since 2003, monitoring instruments show the tilt has increased 0.04in (0.9mm) a year, compared to the long-term average rate of just 0.025in (0.65mm) a year. 监测试备显示,与长期的平均水平每年0.025英寸(0.65毫米)相比,自2003年以来,钟楼每年的倾斜位置增加了0.04英寸(0.9毫米)。 The report, obtained by the Sunday Telegraph, revealed that the tower was now leaning towards the north-west at an angle of 0.26 degrees, meaning the top of the tower is 1ft 5in (435mm) from vertical. 据周日电讯报获得的报告显示,大本钟目前已经朝西北方向倾斜了0.26度,这就意味着钟楼的顶部已经偏离垂直位置1英尺5英寸(435毫米)。 Big Ben's movement has caused cracks in the walls of other parts of the House of Commons, including corridors where ministers and shadow ministers have their offices. 大本钟的倾斜运动还造成了下议院其它部分墙面出现裂纹,其中包括部长和影子部长办公室的走廊墙面。词语注释:tilt [tilt] n. 1. 倾斜,倾侧 2. (意欲赢得某物或战胜某人的)企图,尝试 v. 1. [I,T](使)倾斜,倾侧 2. [I,T]使倾向于;使向...倾斜,偏向 emeritus [i'merit#601;s] a. 名誉退休的,退休的 vertical ['v#601;:tik#601;l] a. 垂直的,直立的; sewer ['su:#601;] n. [C] 1.下水道,阴沟 2. 裁缝师 v. [T] 用下水道排,安下水道于 slant [slɑ:nt] n. 1. 倾斜,歪斜,斜线,斜面 2. (有倾向性的)观点,态度 v. 1. [I,T](使)倾斜,歪斜 2. [T]有倾向性地陈述,有偏向地报道 accelerate [#601;k'sel#601;reit] v. 1. [T]使(某事物)加快;促进(某事物);加速 2. [I]加速; 加快 /201110/1565721. 养宠物的孩子不易过敏   Pets can help prevent eczema and some allergies in children. Babies and toddlers who live with dogs -- but not cats -- have lower rates of childhood eczema than those raised without dogs. And young children who've had a cat or dog since their first year of life have fewer pet allergies than other kids their age.  宠物能够保护家中的孩子不得湿疹和皮肤过敏。婴儿和刚学会走路的孩子经常和待在一起——不是猫——得湿疹概率比家中不养的要低。而一岁以前就接触过小猫小的小朋友比其他孩子宠物过敏的几率要低。 /201111/160872

For years the advice has been clear: eating five portions a day of fruit and vegetables is the key to a healthy life. But five may no longer be enough.   在我们日常的饮食中,蔬菜与水果需占摄取食物总量的5成,这也是维持健康的身体与生活状态的关键之一。不过现在看来,50%的蔬果已经不足以满足需求了。   A study has found that to get maximum defence against heart disease, you need to eat at least eight daily servings of fresh food.   据一份最新的健康研究显示,为了能更好的预防心血管方面的疾病,我们每天所要食用的蔬菜与水果至少要占到饮食总量的8成。   The Government’s five-a-day advice has its roots in World Health Organisation guidelines to include 14oz of vegetables in a daily diet.   更具世界健康卫生组织所倡导的“每餐需含有14盎司蔬菜的标准”,英国政府向国民建议,每日摄取的食物中最还有一般为蔬果类。   But there have been doubts over whether eating more than this level of fruit and veg meant even greater health benefits. Now the new study suggests every extra portion provides added protection.   不过有人也对此提出了怀疑,多下更多吃蔬菜与水果就是否一定以为着又会更健康的身体。而现在,这份研究明,提高健康食物所占的体重将对人体提供多大的保护。   Significantly, those in the shy;highest category – eating eight or more a day – have a 22 per cent lower chance of dying from heart disease than those who consume three shy; portions, the UK average.   更要中的是,从英国国民健康水平的平均值来看,每日摄入近8成的蔬果的人要比那些仅仅吃“3份”蔬果的人罹患心脏病的概率小22%。 /201102/125051

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