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VideoJug and etiquette expert Diana Mather of PublicImage.com, have prepared a film on how to give and receive compliments. Giving and receiving compliments can help strengthen bonds and improve relationships, so listen carefully to these simple tips.VideoJug和PublicImage.com礼仪专家Diana Mather联合打造了一段视频,告诉你怎样给予和接受赞扬。给予和接受赞扬可以增强联系,改善关系,所以,请认真倾听以下建议。Step 1: Be sincere1.真诚The key to giving compliments is sincerity. There is something about a fake compliment that is easy to spot, and is embarrassing for both giver and receiver.赞扬别人的关键是真诚。虚假的赞扬很容易被识破,赞扬的人和被赞扬的人都很尴尬。A good compliment is a little outburst of enthusiasm and positivity, and as such should be delivered spontaneously and simply. If you prepare compliments in advance, or think too much about what you are going to say before you say it, you may end up sounding too smooth or too polished, which is suspicious.真诚的赞扬是和积极性的流露,所以应该是自发的,简单的。如果你提前准备好了赞扬别人的话,或者在说之前已经过分想好了说话内容,听上去就会过于流畅,过于穿凿附会,令人怀疑。So the rule should be, as soon as you are moved to say something nice, do so.所以,赞扬的原则应该是,如果你真心想说什么话,就按照心里想的来说。Step 2: Be simple and specific2.简单具体Be specific and concentrate on a single achievement rather than making a generalization. This shows sincerity because you realize the importance of that achievement. For example, instead of saying #39;you are an excellent cook#39;, compliment them on a specific dish, #39;That quiche was simply delightful#39;.具体到某项成就,而不是一味笼统的奉承。这样能够体现出你的真诚,因为你意识到了他这项成就的重要性。例如,不要说“你真优秀”,而是具体到某项特殊的成就,“你做的火腿起司蛋卷真是美味。”Be wary of damning with faint praise, so don#39;t qualify your statement by saying #39;That quiche was excellent - considering the state of your kitchen#39;. Do not compare their achievement to somebody else#39;s, or some other achievement. A compliment needs to flatter the receiver on it#39;s own merits.一定要警惕诽谤性的赞誉,所以,不要说,“考虑到你们厨房的水准,你做的火腿起司蛋卷已经算是很美味了”。不要拿他们的成就和其他人,或者其他成就对比。赞扬应该针对他一个人的优点。Step 3: Be timely3.及时Giving a compliment in a timely manner is just as important as the sincerity of your compliment. So aim to deliver the compliment very soon after the achievement you are complimenting has been attained.赞扬的及时性和真诚性同样重要。所以,当某人取得某项成就的时候,一定要立即给出赞扬。A compliment given in front of others conveys the fact that you want witnesses to hear proof of its sincerity.在其他人面前给出的赞扬可以印你希望目击者明赞扬的真诚性。If for some reason you miss the window of opportunity to make a spontaneous compliment, you can always come up with an excuse to write a note afterwards- a card saying thanks for dinner for example- and include your compliment within it.如果由于某种原因你错过了自发赞扬的机会,你可以时候写一张便条——例如,感谢别人款待晚餐的卡片——其中附上自己的赞扬。Step 4: Receiving a compliment4.接受赞扬When someone compliments you, the simple steadfast rule is to smile and say thank you. Do not shrug off a compliment or disagree with what they are saying as this will show that you think the other person#39;s judgment is poor, and dissuade them from complimenting you in future.当别人赞扬你的时候,一条简单的不变的原则就是微笑着感谢别人。不要对别人的赞扬置之不理或者不赞同别人所说的话,因为这样会表示你认为别人的判断不当,导致他们将来不再赞扬你。Another important rule is to not upscale a compliment. For example if someone says to you: ;The board of directors liked your presentation today; Do not say something like: ;Liked it? They absolutely loved it. It blew them away.;另外一条重要的原则就是不要把赞扬升级。例如,如果有人对你说,“董事会喜欢你今天的表现。”不要说这样的话:“仅仅是喜欢吗?他们绝对非常喜欢。我让心口。”Another thing you should avoid if you have been given a compliment, is to immediately reply with one back. This can sound insincere, even if you mean what you say.别人赞扬你的时候要避免的另外一件事是立即反过来赞扬别人。这听上去非常不真诚,即使你是真心的。Thanks for watching How To Give And Receive Compliments感谢收看“怎样给予和接受赞扬”视频节目。 Article/201210/202908Commercial supermodel Liz Fuller explains the proper, safe and healthy way to train to get into the modelling or pageant industry.商业超模Liz Fuller向我们介绍了进入模特或选美行列的恰当,安全,健康的锻炼方法。How to get a supermodel#39;s body. Well, if you can approach the modelling industry or the beauty pageant industry, you really need to be quite disciplined. The models that make it to the top actually work very hard.怎样拥有超模一样的身材。如果你想进入模特或选美行业,你需要经过非常严格的训练。顶级模特都要非常刻苦。Models tend to spend a lot of time in the gym, and a lot of time, really making sure that they pamper themselves and go into beauty salons. I#39;ve worked with lots of models over the years and I can tell you that some of the top models spend at least two or three visits a week in a beauty salon. Sometimes, they get a beauty wrap.模特花费很多时间在健身馆,花费很多时间去美容沙龙。多年来我和许多模特一起工作过,我可以告诉大家,一些顶级模特每周去两三次美容沙龙。有时他们订制美容套餐。Sometimes, they get an exfoliated scrub. But I can tell you, if you really want to get the perfect body, train for it, diet for it, look after yourself and make sure you#39;re kind to yourself. So for instance, if you do want to eat something that#39;s a little bit naughty, then do.有时他们也使用磨砂去角质。但是我可以告诉你,如果你想获得完美的身体,锻炼,饮食,照顾自己,确保对自己好一点。例如,如果你想要吃不太好的食物,放纵一下自己吧。But just know that you can#39;t do for a while, maybe three weeks afterwards. If you#39;re approaching a big modelling job, then there#39;s normally a six-week rule. So, what you need to do is start training for it.但是你要知道,你将有一段时间不能这样做,或许是三周以后。如果你将很快获得一项比较重要的模特工作,通常有一个六周规则。你要做的就是开始训练。If you do become a model, you may not have six weeks to kind of get yourself in the best shape. But if you were approaching,say, Miss Great Britain or, you know, next summer, there#39;s going to be a lot more bikini shoots. What you need to do is start preparing in advance.如果你成为模特,通常没有六周的时间来让自己进入最佳状态。但是如果你很有可能获得这项殊荣,例如大不列颠之类,你知道,下一个夏天,你将有许多穿比基尼的镜头。你要做的就是提前准备。So you#39;d look at your diet, you#39;d start cutting out, a lot of people cut out the carbs. It#39;s not healthy to do it all the time. But just make sure you#39;re eating really good food.你要注意自己的饮食,开始节食,许多人不再摄入碳水化合物。如果一直这样做的话对身体健康不利。但是确保自己进食比较健康的食物。So it#39;d be fresh salads, it will be fish. Make sure you grill it. Don#39;t use lots of oils because oil in a pan can turn into carbohydrates, I think, isn#39;t it? So that#39;s not good.可以是新鲜的沙拉,也可以是鱼。确保把这些食物烤熟。不要用太多油,因为平底锅上的油会转化为碳水化合物。所以不太好。So protein, you#39;ve got your chicken, your eggs, your fish, lots of meat, and then, either steam vegetables, maybe a little bit of brown rice. King juarez is always good, it#39;s not like a couscous, it#39;s actually very healthy. Just be good to yourself.可以摄入一些蛋白质,比如鸡肉,鸡蛋,鱼,许多肉,蒸的蔬菜,也可以食用少量棕色大米。尽量对自己好一点,食用一些健康的食品。Don#39;t do any slimming tablets or diet pills, it#39;s the wrong way girls, and any other drugs, too. Good luck, be healthy.不要用任何减肥药或节食药物以及其他任何药物。祝你好运,并拥有健康的身体。Thanks for watching How To Get A Supermodel Body感谢收看“怎样拥有超模一般的身材”视频节目。 Article/201210/204491

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