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China Selling Oil Equipment to Africa非洲石油展销会中国厂家引人注目China depends on Africa for roughly one-third of its imported oil. And, many Chinese companies also see Africa as a lucrative market to sell oil drilling equipment. Several Chinese firms are attending this year's oil industry convention, underway in South Africa.  中国大约三分之一的进口石油来自非洲,与此同时,很多中国公司也把非洲作为销售石油设备的丰厚市场。在会议期间举行的展销会上,来自中国的厂家格外引人注目。There are roughly 200 vendors at this year's Oil Africa conference and trade show. On the exhibit floor, you can buy everything from oil-proof work boots to off-shore oil rigs. Nestled between the established companies from Texas and the Middle East, are some newcomers. 大约有200家参展商参加今年的非洲石油大会和贸易展销会。在展览大厅,从石油工人穿的工作靴到海上石油钻塔,各种产品琳琅满目,不胜枚举。在那些历史悠久、名声远扬的跨国公司展台之间,还有一些新的厂家,其中不少是来自中国的公司。Tina Zheng: "My company name is Xi'an Fengyang Petroleum Equipments, which is located in the center of China."  蒂娜.郑说:“我们公司是位于中国中部的西安凤阳石油设备有限公司。”Amy Zhang: "Our company name is Hilong Group. We sell the drill pipe."  艾米.张说,“我们是海隆石油工业集团,我们经营钻杆。”About a dozen Chinese companies are competing here to sell oil field equipment. Sales representative Pang Ling says her company has found quick success.  大约十几家中国公司在这里竞售他们的石油开采设备。销售人员庞玲说,她的公司收获不小。" Africa is a good market for us, because we have just entered into this market and we have many rigs now," Pang said.  庞玲说:“非洲是我们的一个好市场,因为我们刚进入非洲市场,我们现在可以提供很多钻井平台。”Sales representative James Yan says China 's share of the African market is small but growing.  销售代表詹姆斯.阎说,中国在非洲市场的占有率还不大,但正在不断增长。"At this moment it's not big enough, but in the future we have the confidence," Yan said. 他说:“目前我们占有的市场份额还不大,但我们对未来充满信心。”The surging demand for oil is creating a growing market for drilling and production equipment. And, according to Zhao Zhiming, president of China 's petrochemical industry association, Chinese vendors offer something others cannot.  国际市场对石油的需求剧增,钻井和生产设备市场也跟着水涨船高。中国石油和石油化工设备工业协会秘书长赵志明说,中国厂商出售的产品填补了其它厂商的不足。"China can provide a very good price which is very competitive in all of Africa," Zhao said.  赵志明说:“中国能给买家提供很好的价格,在整个非洲地区,这方面的竞争都很激烈。”Cost is a key component in developing Africa 's oil resources. Eduardo Lopez of the International Energy Agency told delegates at this conference that competition in the oil business is fueling a spike in equipment prices.  开发非洲石油资源,成本是个关键因素。国际能源机构的洛佩兹对出席会议的代表们说,石油行业的竞争引发了石油设备价格的窜升。"It has become so difficult to get access to engineers, to platforms to drilling rigs and whatnot. That's a considerable challenge across the industry," Lopez said. "It's really difficult to deal with these ever-rising costs."  洛佩兹说:“雇用工程师、购买钻井平台等已经变得非常困难。这对整个石油开采行业都是一个巨大挑战,应对这些日益上涨的成本的确非常困难。”But not everyone thinks cheaper Chinese imports are the best solution. South Africa Minister of Minerals and Energy Buyelwa Sonjica would like Africa rely on its own oil equipment industry.  但是,并非所有的人都认为中国的廉价产品是最佳的解决办法。南非矿产和能源部长松吉卡希望非洲能依靠自己的石油设备工业。"I would like to encourage all the oil and gas producing countries to endeavor to promote locally owned and controlled companies," Sonjica said. "The second wave of development should now focus on the growth and development of small and medium enterprises that support the oil companies operating on the continent."  松吉卡说:“我希望鼓励所有生产石油和天然气的国家努力推广当地人经营和掌控的公司。下一波开发的重点要放在中小企业的成长和发展上,让他们来持那些在非洲大陆上运营的石油公司。”Still, the Chinese industry is growing fast. In 2005, it supplied 0 million of oil field equipment to more than 50 countries, worldwide. 不过,中国工业正在迅速发展。2005年,中国向世界50多个国家提供了8亿美元的石油开采设备。200803/31229哈尔滨阳光医院引产探索世界奥秘之Supermassive Black Holes(超大质量黑洞) 06When the results came down from the telescope he saw something that was completely unexpected. The picture from the active galaxy where he hoped to find a black hole was unable. NGC 1068 was just too far away for the telescope to get a clear picture. The surprise came from Andromeda, the quiet, normal galaxy right next to us.I was astonished when I found what I was looking for, but not where I was looking for it. This jog in this dark band shows that on one side the stars are moving very rapidly away from us at 150 kilometers a second which is 500,000 kilometers an hour.Dressler thought there could only be one thing that would cause the stars to move this fast: a supermassive black hole and he wasn't alone. Fellow Nuker John Kormendy had found exactly the same thing.The moment I could see that wiggle, so I knew essentially instantly that there was a very good chance this would be a supermassive black hole. When you see something like that, you know you are on to something.They'd found evidence of the most terrifying force in nature. But worryingly it wasn't in some far-off active galaxy. This supermassive black hole was in the very ordinary galaxy right next door to us.Andromeda seemed to have a black hole but no bright quasar.If there was a supermassive black hole, why wasn't it shining? That suggested that there was not stuff falling in. Maybe lots of galaxies could have a dormant phase where they had a supermassive black hole but they weren't being fed so they weren't shining.A few theorists had predicted this very thing: supermassive black holes could exist in two states.wiggle: move with short movements up and down or from side to side.be on to something: have an idea that is likely to lead to an important discoverydormant: temporarily inactive200807/45205哈尔滨省儿童医院挂号预约instigate ------ 激发(及物动词) 英文释义(transitive verb) To actively urge or cause drastic action. 例句Confident and outspoken, our new young company president seeks to instigate many significant changes at our old and very traditional institution.公司年轻而自信的新总裁想在我们这家老迈而非常守旧的机构里激起很多重大的变革。 /201610/466510Hearing Begins for 5 Suspected 9/11 Co-Conspirators at Guantanamo美国军方开始审判五名九一一恐嫌   Six-and-a-half years after the September 11 terror attacks, the accused mastermind and four other co-conspirators are facing a war-crimes tribunal at the U.S. detention center at Guantanamo Bay, Cuba. The arraignment of Khalid Sheikh Mohammed and the four others is the highest-profile test yet of the controversial tribunal system, which is under review by the U.S. Supreme Court. All five men face the death penalty if convicted. 2001年9/11恐怖袭击已经过去六年半了。这个星期四,美国军方将在古巴关塔那湾的拘押中心审判被指控参与策划那次恐怖袭击事件的五名嫌疑犯。美国最高法院正在对有争议的审判方式进行研究和审查。将要受到审判的这五个人有可能被判处死刑。The defendants will face a military judge for the first time Thursday to hear the charges against them formally . They will have the opportunity to enter a plea and may also be allowed to speak to the court about other issues, such as the conditions of their detention and interrogation. Charges against a sixth detainee were withdrawn last month without explanation, but experts note he has claimed some of the evidence against him was obtained through torture. 上述五名被告星期四将首次面对军事法官,并聆听检方正式宣读对他们的指控。他们会有机会为自己作有罪或无罪申辩,同时也可能会被允许就拘押和审判条件等其他问题,向法庭发表观点。上个月,在没有任何解释的情况下,对第六名嫌疑人的指控被收回。不过专家指出,这位嫌疑人宣称有些罪是通过虐待获取的。This will be the first public appearance for the five men, who have been held by the U.S. government for years, first in secret CIA prisons and now at Guantanamo. Reporters, lawyers and human rights activists will be allowed to watch the hearing, but no sound, or pictures will be made public. In addition, sound from the hearing will be delayed several seconds to enable military officials to turn it off if someone reveals secret information. 这将是五名嫌疑人首次公开露面。在此之前,他们被美国政府关押了多年,先是在中央情报局的监狱,后来又到了关塔那湾。记者、律师、以及人权活动人士将被允许聆听审判,但是声音、图像、照片不会对外公布。除此之外,审判期间,说话的声音会推迟几秒钟以后才可以被在场人士听到,这样的话,假如有谁谈到机密,军方官员可以把声音关掉。The process for trying the men before what are called Military Commissions was created specifically for detainees in the war on terrorism. But the original system was struck down by the U.S. Supreme Court, and the court is now considering a case which could invalidate the revised process. Still, the senior military officer responsible for the process, Brigadier General Thomas Hartmann says the defense department is adding dozens of staff members to his team in an effort to move forward with arraignments and trials as quickly as possible.  把这些嫌疑犯交由军事特别委员会来审判是特别为在反恐战争中拘押的人士而设置的程序。但是最初设置的程序被美国联邦最高法院所否决。最高法院目前正在审理一个案子,这个案子有可能会让修正过的程序也被否决。尽管如此,为这一程序负责的军方高级官员哈特曼准将表示,国防部正在为他所在的团队增加人员,目的是让提审和审判尽快进行。Speaking to reporters here Wednesday evening, General Hartmann addressed one of the main controversies surrounding the process, the use of secret evidence. 哈特曼将军星期三晚间在与媒体见面时谈到了整个审讯过程当中颇为引起争议的一个问题,那就是保密据问题。"Every piece of evidence, classified or not that goes to the finder of fact will be subject to review, cross examination, challenge and understanding by the accused and his counsel," he said. 他说:“每一条被送交据核查人员那里的据,不管是属于机密的,或者不是属于机密的,都要经过审核,辩驳,并且还要经过被告及其辩护律师的挑战和谅解。”The 'finder of fact' will be a military jury. General Hartman's statement raises the possibility that secret evidence could be revealed to al-Qaida members but not to the public, but that would likely only happen much later in the process. In these commission trials, the defendants are prosecuted, judged and represented by U.S. military lawyers, but private lawyers have volunteered to be part of the defense team. 判定事实指的是军事陪审团。哈特曼将军的上述讲话指出这种可能,那就是,保密据有可能透露给基地恐怖组织成员,但没有对外公布,但是这只可能会在整个程序的后期。在军事委员会主持的审判过程中,受审一方的审判、裁决以及代理全都由美国军方的律师来承担,但是也有非军方领域的律师自愿报名为被告进行辩护。Activists like Joanne Mariner of Human Rights Watch are not convinced that this process will be fair, as General Hartmann says it will. They say the military process does not sufficiently protect the defendants' rights, particularly regarding evidence obtained through mistreatment. General Hartmann says that decision will be made by the military judge in each instance. 一些人权活动人士,比如像人权观察组织的乔安娜.马里纳,都不认为整个审判程序会像哈特曼将军说的那样会是公正的。他们说,军事审判过程不会充分保障被告的权力,尤其是涉及到通过虐待的方式获得的信息。哈特曼将军说,军方法官要根据每个具体案例的情况做出决定。Mariner, who will be an observer at Thursday's hearing, says the relatives of the nearly three thousand victims of the attacks, and the public at large, deserve a more reliable process, like the regular U.S. federal courts. 马里纳女士将以观察员身份出席星期四的审讯听,她说,出于对9/11事件中将近三千名死难者的家属以及美国的公众的考虑,应该有一个更可靠的审理过程,比如像美国普通的联邦法庭那样。"A case as important as the September 11th terrorist attacks on the ed States should be tried fairly in federal court so that the result is some kind of finality in which both the U.S. public and the world can recognize that the result of the trial is reliable and credible," said Mariner.  她说:“像9/11恐怖袭击事件这么重要的案子应该经由联邦法庭公正地审理,以便最终的结局能够让美国公众以及全世界都感到是公正可信的。”The Bush administration is opposed to using federal courts to try the terrorism suspects, in part because of the secret evidence. 布什政府反对经由联邦法庭系统来审判恐怖分子嫌疑人,原因之一即是出于秘密据的考虑。The best-known of the men going on trial Thursday is Khalid Sheikh Mohammed, known as the mastermind of the September 11th attacks. His alleged co-conspirators are Ramzi Binalshibh, Walid Muhammed 'Attash, Ali Abdul Aziz Ali and Mustafa al Hawsawi. Charges against Mohammed al Kahtani were dropped, but officials say they may be reinstated later. He is believed to have planned to be one of the September 11 hijackers. 即将被审判的五名被告当中,最出名的恐怕要算是哈立德.谢赫.穆罕默德,他是众所周知的9/11恐怖袭击事件策划人。被指控与他一道策划恐怖袭击的还有拉姆齐.比纳尔谢赫、 瓦利德.穆罕默德.阿他什、 阿里.阿卜杜勒.阿齐兹和穆斯塔法.阿勒-哈萨维。对穆罕默德.阿尔.卡塔尼的指控被取消了,但是有关官员说,那些指控以后还有可能重新被提出。据信,他是计划中9/11事件中的一个飞机劫持者。The arraignment will take place in a specially built building on this U.S. Naval Base, not far from the detention center where 275 detainees are held. Several others have also been charged and their trials are proceeding. Officials expect to charge and try more of the detainees, but some have been approved for release and others may remain in custody without being charged. These five detainees could face the death penalty if they are convicted, but if any of them is acquitted he could still be kept in custody as an enemy combatant. 假如被判定有罪的话,以上五名嫌疑人有可能会被判处死刑。假如他们其中哪一位被判无罪的话,他仍有可能作为敌方战斗人员被继续拘留下去。Both President Bush and Defense Secretary Robert Gates have said they would like to close the Guantanamo detention center, but Secretary Gates acknowledged recently that he has not made much progress toward finding an alternative way to deal with the terrorism suspects held here.  布什总统和美国国防部长盖茨都曾表示,希望关闭关塔那湾的拘押中心。但是,盖茨最近承认说,至今还没有找到一个更好的渠道,来审理拘押在关塔那湾的恐怖活动嫌疑分子。200806/41268哈尔滨市南岗区妇产医院妇产科怎样

哈市第四医院网上预约哈尔滨市无痛人流哪做得好;Say when!; ———— “够了说一声!”英文释义 Expression used by a host when pouring liquid that means tell me when I have given you enough.例句 My cautious grandfather always quietly said say when as he poured wine in my glass.我谨慎的祖父在给我倒葡萄酒时总会小声地说:“够了就说一声!” /201605/445081Zimbabwe's Ruling Party Loses its Majority in Parliament津官方结果显示执政党失去多数票  Zimbabwe's ruling ZANU-PF party has lost its majority in parliament according to the latest official result from the Zimbabwe Election Commission. This news follows an earlier announcement from the opposition Movement for Democratic Change that it believes its candidate, Morgan Tsvangirai, has won more than 50 percent of the vote in the presidential race. 津巴布韦选举委员会公布的最新官方结果显示,津巴布韦执政党津巴布韦非洲民族联盟-爱国阵线失去了在议会的多数。在这个消息公布之前,反对党争取民主变革运动宣布,它相信自己的领导人茨万吉拉伊在总统竞选中赢得50%以上的选票。The Zimbabwe Election Commission's latest results indicate that the MDC and its allies will have an historic, small, parliamentary majority. ZANU-PF has held the majority in parliament since independence from Britain in 1980.  津巴布韦选举委员会公布的最新结果显示,争取民主变革运动及其联盟将在议会中占有具有历史意义和微弱的多数。自从津巴布韦1980年脱离英国独立以来,津巴布韦非洲民族联盟-爱国阵线一直在议会中占多数。But this news was pre-empted by the opposition Movement for Democratic Change, which in a media conference announced that its tally, which it says coincides with that of the independent Zimbabwe Election Support Network, shows that its presidential candidate Tsvangirai got 50.3 percent of the vote. So far there is no official tally of votes cast in the race for president. 但是,在这个消息公布前,反对党争取民主变革运动抢先发布了消息。在一个媒体会议上,这个党宣布它的点票结果显示,总统候选人茨万吉拉伊赢得50.3%的选票。这个党表示,它的点票结果和独立的津巴布韦选举持网络的点票结果相同。目前官方还没有公布总统选举的点票结果。If the MDC tally of the presidential race is correct, this would mean that Tsvangirai has won an outright victory over the 84-year-old incumbent, President Robert Mugabe.  如果民主变革运动的总统选举点票结果是准确的,这将意味着茨万吉拉伊超过84岁的现任总统穆加贝,赢得彻底胜利。MDC Secretary General Tendai Biti says this means there should be no need for a run-off in the presidential race which would have to take place in 21 days from when the result is officially announced. But he said Tsvangirai would be willing to contest a run-off, if the Commission insists one is required. 争取民主变革运动的秘书长比提说,这意味着没有必要在正式选举结果公布21天后举行总统决选。但是比提说,如果选举委员会坚持认为有必要进行决选,茨万吉拉伊将愿意参加。"A runoff in 21 days," said Biti. "That is what the law says. If that is the case, without prejudice to our position this party will contest the runoff, but we would have hoped for a situation that there will be a conceding of the result for a number of reasons, and the number of reasons being that it is unlikely that the people's will, will in any way be reversed in that run-off. If anything, there will actually be an embarrassing margin in favor of the opposition in the runoff. There is no question about that.  比提说:“在21天后进行决选是法律规定的。如果是这样的话,在不歧视我们的立场的情况下,争取民主变革运动将参加决选。但是我们希望出于一些原因,选举结果得到承认。这些原因是人民在决选中不可能逆转他们的意愿。如果有什么的话,决选实际上会出现令人尴尬的有利于反对派的差距。这是毫无疑问的。”Biti said he hopes President Mugabe will realize that any run-off would deliver him a smashing defeat. 比提说,他希望穆加贝总统认识到,任何决选都会让他遭到惨败。He adds that the party's assessment of the election results are based on actual votes cast, counted and verified by the Zimbabwe Election Commission at each individual polling station. But he notes that there are some outstanding results which have not yet been released. 比提补充说,他的党对选举结果的评估是基于实际投出的选票。投出的选票由津巴布韦选举委员会在每个投票站清点和核实。但是他指出,还有一些重要的结果没有公布。Political analysts say the margins are so narrow that the MDC might be forced to accept a run-off because disputes about even one or two voting stations could significantly change the overall percentages. 政治分析人士说,选举结果差距很小,争取民主变革运动可能要被迫接受决选,因为哪怕是涉及一个或两个投票站的争议也可能极大的改变整个比例。Biti said the margin of error was very small, adding that his party has aly called for verification of the officially announced results at some polling stations because of discrepancies with its own records. 比提说,误差范围非常小。他补充说,因为与他的党的点票结果不符,他的党已经呼吁核实一些投票站正式公布的结果。Meanwhile the ruling ZANU-PF has described the MDC's tally of the presidential race as "wishful". Party spokesman Bright Matonga said no party could decide the winner but suggested ZANU-PF has accepted there might be a run-off for the presidential election.  与此同时,执政党津巴布韦非洲民族联盟-爱国阵线称争取民主变革运动对总统竞选的点票结果是“一厢情愿。”这个阵线的发言人马通加说,没有党派可以决定谁赢得了选举。但是马通加暗示说,他的党已经接受了可能要进行总统决选的事实。The elections last Saturday were for four contests, the presidency, parliament, senate and local government.  上个星期六举行了四场选举,包括总统、众议院、参议院和地方政府的选举。200804/33225哈医大附属第四医院医生的QQ号码Bush Calls for Action on Economic Challenges布什吁国会采取行动振兴经济 President George Bush says the ed States faces difficult economic times - a situation made worse by congressional inaction. 美国总统布什星期二在白宫举行的记者会上说,美国正面临经济困难时期,而国会缺乏行动则使目前的经济困难进一步恶化。President Bush says he does not know whether America's sagging economic performance meets the technical definition of a recession. But he says, without a doubt, conditions are "tough" for Americans struggling with high energy prices, soaring food costs, a plummeting housing market and tight credit."Across our country, many Americans are understandably anxious about issues affecting their pocketbook: from gas and food prices to mortgage and tuition bills," Mr. Bush said.  布什总统说,他不知道美国经济疲软是否满足了经济衰退的严格定义。但是他表示,毫无疑问,目前的状况对于美国人来说确实难以招架,因为他们正面对能源价格暴涨、食品价格飙升、房屋市场狂跌和信贷市场紧缩的局面而苦苦挣扎。布什总统说:“在全国各地,很多美国人都对影响他们钱包的问题忧心忡忡:从汽油和食品价格,到房屋按揭和学杂费,不一而足。”Speaking in the White House Rose Garden, Mr. Bush said his administration has made a series of proposals to shield the American people from the worst effects of the economic turndown and to address long-term energy needs. But, he said Congress has refused to act on the proposals from extending tax cuts to expanding America's oil refinery capacity. 布什总统是在白宫玫瑰园向记者发表这番讲话的。他说,他领导的政府提出了一系列建议来保护美国人民,防止他们受到经济下滑的最恶劣的影响,解决他们长期的能源需求问题,比如,延长减税期限和扩大美国炼油厂的生产能力,然而国会却拒绝就这些建议采取行动。He was particularly critical of congressional resistance to authorizing oil exploration in a national wildlife refuge in Alaska, known as ANWAR. 他特别批评国会反对授权在阿拉斯加州的一个国家野生动植物保护区勘探石油。"Members of Congress have been vocal about foreign governments increasing their oil production, yet Congress has been just as vocal in opposition to efforts to expand our production here at home," Mr. Bush said. "They have repeatedly blocked environmentally safe exploration in ANWAR. The Department of Energy estimates that ANWAR could allow America to produce about a million additional barrels of oil every day."  布什说:“国会议员们口口声声地要求外国政府增加他们的石油产量,可是同时却又口口声声地反对在我们国内扩大石油生产。他们再三阻挠在阿拉斯加州的国家野生动植物保护区勘探石油,尽管这种勘探从环保角度来看是安全的。能源部估计,如果在阿拉斯加州的国家野生动植物保护区勘探石油,那将给美国每天增加大约一百万桶的石油。”Mr. Bush urged congressional leaders of both parties to work together and take concrete steps to address America's economic and energy needs. 布什总统敦促国会民主-共和两党的领导人相互合作,采取具体步骤,满足美国的经济和能源需求。His comments provoked a swift response from congressional Democrats, who control both legislative houses. New York Senator Charles Schumer says the president is out of touch with the American people, and late in leading the charge for action on the economy. 然而布什总统的这番话立即遭到国会民主党人的反驳。美国国会参众两院目前都在民主党的控制之下。来自纽约州的民主党参议员查尔斯.舒默说,布什总统完全脱离了美国人民,尤其是在振兴经济方面行动迟缓。"The president and the White House have repeatedly ignored repeated shots across the bow of our economy: rising foreclosures, falling home prices, withering consumer confidence, and record oil company profits," Schumer said. "None of them are being addressed." 舒默说:“总统和白宫一再忽视我国经济反复发出的信号:丧失抵押住房赎回权的人数增加,房屋价格大幅度下滑,消费者信心日益低落,石油公司的利润破记录地上升。这些问题全都没有得到处理。”On Alaskan oil drilling, Mr. Schumer said it would take years before new crude started flowing, and that the oil generated would have a negligible affect on gasoline prices. 在阿拉斯加的石油勘探问题上,舒默参议员说,新的油田投产需要很多年的时间,而那里生产的石油对于汽油价格的影响将是微乎其微的。The back-and-forth between the White House and Capitol Hill on economic matters came amid a mixed batch of U.S. financial indicators. U.S. consumer confidence now stands at a five-year low, a sign that consumer spending may slow in the months to come. Another report shows U.S. housing prices dropped in February at the fastest rate ever recorded.  就在白宫和国会就经济问题唇舌剑地相互指责的时候,新出炉的经济数据可以说是有好有坏。美国的消费者信心现在下降到五年来的最低水平,暗示在今后的几个月中,消费者出将会走缓。另外一份报告显示,美国的住房价格在2月份以前所未有的幅度下滑。On a more positive note for American consumers, oil prices receded amid reports of falling domestic demand for fossil fuels. 不过,对于美国消费者来说,也有一个积极的迹象:由于有报告说美国国内对化石燃料的需求有所减少,石油价格开始回落。 200804/37043哈市阳光医院周日上班吗

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