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1950年国庆阅兵视频 第一次国庆阅兵 当时的天安门广场时称人民广场,新闻媒体在报道这一年庆祝活动时,冠以"纪念中华人民共和国第一届国庆节"的称呼,这一"届"的称谓一直沿续到1954年国庆节。1950年庆典大会首先举行了阅兵式,由阅兵司令朱德检阅陆海空三军和公安部队。朱总司令乘检阅车检阅部队之后,返回天安门城楼宣读命令,接着进行分列式。由此至1959年国庆,阅兵基本按照这一年的程序进行。 Tiananmen Square at the time, said the People's Square, The news media all reported this year celebration dubbed "the first National Day celebration of People's Republic of China " . This title remained in effect until the year of 1954.

The National Population and Family Planning Commission (NPFPC) said Wednesday that China#39;s male-to-female birth ratio fell for the third consecutive year in 2011, but it remains 10 percentage points above the critical level, the People#39;s Daily reported.据《人民日报》报道,国家人口和计划生育委员会周三表示,2011年我国男女出生性别比例连续第三年有所下降,但还是高出警戒线10个百分点。The statistics show that the ratio stood at 117.78 in 2011, compared with 117.94 in 2010 and 119.45 in 2009. The NPFPC attributed the fall to the tough measures implemented by the government.数据显示,2011年出生性别比为117.78,而2010年为117.94,2009年为119.45。计生委将此结果归功于我国政府采取的严格措施。Discussing the measures, NPFPC official Zhang Jian said: ;This fall reflects the effectiveness of the comprehensive measures that China has taken in recent years, such as crackdowns on non-medical sex determinations and sex-selective abortions, and care-for-girls campaigns.;计生委官员张建谈到这些措施时表示:;这说明近年来开展的综合治理措施取得一定成效,如打击lsquo;两非rsquo;行为、关爱女孩行动等。;Despite the fall, China#39;s sex ratio imbalance still poses a serious social threat to the country. By 2020, there will be an estimated 24 million more marriage-age men than women.虽然出生性别比例有所下降,但男女比例失衡仍对中国社会构成严重威胁。预计到2020年,适婚年龄男子将比女子多出2400万。;The perennial birth sex ratio imbalance is both a serious demographical issue and a pressing social issue,; Zhang said.张建说:;出生人口性别比长期持续偏高,不仅是严峻的人口问题,更是重大的社会问题。;To tackle the problem at source, China has to create a healthy political environment for women, promote gender equality and boost women#39;s social status, he added.他补充道,要从根本上解决这个问题,我国必须为妇女创造一个健康的政治环境,推动两性平等,提高妇女的社会地位。 /201203/175942


  Asia#39;s fast-growing economies gobbled up almost a quarter of the world#39;s foreign direct investment in 2011, up substantially from five years ago in a sign of how investors rate the region compared to the rest of the world. 2011年,亚洲快速增长的经济体鲸吞了全球近四分之一的外商直接投资(FDI),和五年前相比出现大幅增长,从中可见投资者在同世界其它地区进行比较时是如何评价这一地区的。 The figures come from a ed Nations Conference on Trade and Development report released Thursday that compiles global FDI figures.上述数字来自联合国贸易和发展会议(ed Nations Conference on Trade and Development, 简称:贸发会议)周四公布的一份报告,报告编制了全球的FDI数据。 East and Southeast Asian economies received 6 billion from offshore investors in 2011, a 14% increase from 2010. That made up 22% of the world#39;s total FDI, down a tad from the 22.5% global share in 2010. Add in South Asia, and Asia#39;s share of all the cross-border investment flow in the world was 24.6%. Five years ago, in 2007, Asia took in 13.7% of the world#39;s FDI.2011年东亚和东南亚经济体从境外投资者那里收到了3,360亿美元的资金,比2010年增长了14%。这一数字在全球FDI总量中占比22%,略低于2010年22.5%的占比。如果算上南亚地区,整个亚洲地区吸收的投资在全球所有跨境投资流中的占比达到24.6%。而五年前的2007年,亚洲地区在全球FDI中的占比只有13.7%。 Asia has built its share of the total pie partially on declines elsewhere, but also on a change in the type of investment flowing the region.亚洲地区在全球FDI中的占比所以上升,部分原因是其它地区所占比重在下降,同时也因为流入该地区投资的类型发生了变化。 In the past, Western companies invested in Asia to take advantage of low labor costs to export goods back to home. Increasingly, they are investing in the region to sell products locally.过去,西方企业投资亚洲主要是为了利用这一地区低廉的劳动力成本,以便将产品重新出口至本国国内。现在,越来越多的企业投资这一地区就是为了在当地销售产品。 ;There#39;s almost an imperative for Western companies to have a presence in Asia to exploit the growing consumer market,; says Frederic Neumann, cohead of economic research for Asia at HS. ;That#39;s why you see the jump in the share of FDI,; he says.汇丰(HS)亚洲经济研究联席主管范力民(Frederic Neumann)说,对西方企业来说,进入亚洲,利用这里不断壮大的消费市场几乎可以说是势在必行,这就是我们看到亚洲地区吸收的投资在全球FDI中的占比蹿升的原因。 Globally, the coveted pot of cross border investment gold rose 16% to .52 trillion, still below the 2007 peak of almost trillion in 2007. Last year#39;s flows were above the three-year average of 2005-2007 for the first time since the global financial crisis, the U.N. noted.全球跨境投资总量去年上升了16%,至1.52万亿美元,不过仍然低于2007年近2万亿美元的峰值。贸发会议指出,去年流入亚洲地区的投资数量是全球金融危机以来首次超过2005年至2007年三年平均值。 FDI is a critical measure of how outsiders perceive an economy and can be a critical source of capital for poor economies, countries with low savings rates, and economies with current account deficits, such as Vietnam and India.FDI是外部投资者衡量某国经济一个至关重要的指标。对于贫困国家、储蓄率较低的国家以及越南和印度等经常项目赤字的国家来说,FDI也是获得资本的重要来源。 Foreign direct investment is made up of long-term economic bets such as building a factory or buying a company. Unlike investment in a stock or bond market, FDI is sticky, meaning it doesn#39;t flee at the first sign of a panic or a downturn.构成FDI的资金包括对一国经济的长期投资,比如建造一座工厂或收购一家公司的花费。与投资股市或债市的资金不同,FDI具有粘性,意味着这部分资金不会一看到恐慌或经济低迷的迹象就出逃。 ;The contribution to GDP growth is actually is quite substantial,; says Mr. Neumann. ;FDI is a major ingredient in Asia#39;s recipe for success,; he says, noting that the money often also comes with technology that gets adopted by local businesses, which in turn spawn new industry clusters and boost productivity generally in the economy.范力民说,FDI对一国国内生产总值(GDP)的贡献实际上相当可观。FDI是亚洲走向成功的主要原因之一。他同时指出,FDI常常会同当地企业采纳的技术一同被引入,这反过来又能催生新的产业集群,提高经济体的整体生产力。 National governments published individual FDI figures from 2011 in recent months. But the U.N.#39;s aggregated figures give a glimpse into how regions of the world compare and how countries within regions compare.近几个月来,各国政府纷纷发布2011年所在国吸收的FDI数据。但贸发会议发布的汇总数据让我们一窥内情,得以比较全球主要地区去年吸收FDI的情况,同时得以比较某一地区内国与国之间的情况。 For instance, East Asia, led predominately by China, continued to see a healthy increase in FDI in 2011, up 9% last year. Meantime, resurgent Southeast Asian economies as a group including Indonesia, Singapore and Malaysia, grew even faster, up 26%.例如,中国主导的东亚地区2011年FDI仍然呈现健康增长,增幅达9%。与此同时,经济复苏的东南亚国家(包括印尼、新加坡和马来西亚等)作为一个整体增速更快,达到26%。Asia#39;s gain over the past five years was at the expense of the European Union, which has seen its share of global FDI fall from 42% in 2007 to 28% last year. (EU FDI inflows surged 32% to 421 billion in 2011, though still far below the 2007 peak level of 4 billion.)过去五年亚洲吸收的FDI之所以能不断增加,原因之一是欧盟吸收的FDI数量在下降。后者在全球FDI中所占比重从2007年的42%下降到去年的28%(流入欧盟的FDI去年大涨32%,至4,210亿美元,但仍然大幅低于2007年8,540亿美元的峰值)。 Another weak spot was North Africa, where political upheaval caused investors to put just under billion in 2011, almost half 2010#39;s flow and less than a third of what it was from 2006 to 2008.另一个弱点地区是北非。北非的政治动荡导致2011仅投资者向这一地区投资不到80亿美元,这几乎只相当于2010年的一半,不到2006年至2008年的三分之一。 The other investment global investment hotspot is Latin America, where the share of FDI was 14.2% in 2011, up from 8.7% in 2007.另一个全球投资热点是拉丁美洲,其2011年吸收的FDI在全球占比达到14.2%,高于2007年的8.7%。 On the flipside, East and Southeast Asia have also become more important sources of FDI into other countries, accounting globally for 0 billion or 14.2% of total FDI flows. That#39;s down a tad from 2010#39;s 16.7% global share, but well above the 7.9% share from 2007.另一方面,东亚和东南亚地区也成为向其它国家输出FDI的重要来源,其在全球进行的FDI达到2,400亿美元,在全球FDI总量中的占比达到14.2%,略低于2010年16.7%的比例,但远高于2007年7.9%的比重。 Countries that supply FDI to other nations are perceived to have clout as economic players. The U.S. supplied 30% more FDI in 2011 compared to 2010, nearly 0 billion, or almost a quarter of all FDI outflows on the planet.向其它国家提供FDI的国家通常被认为是具备影响力的经济大国。美国在2011年提供的FDI比2010年增加了30%,接近4,000亿美元,几乎是去年全球FDI总量的四分之一。 /201207/189464。

  Asians have surpassed Latinos as the fastest-growing group of US immigrants, according to a Pew Center study, B reported. Asians made up more than 36% of all US newcomers in 2010, compared to the 31% with Hispanic origins in that same year.据英国广播公司报道,美国皮尤研究中心调查显示,亚裔已成为美国人口增长最为迅速的族群,其新移民规模已超过拉美裔移民。2010年,亚裔在新移民中所占比例达36%;与此同时,拉美裔所占比例则为31%。The study found Asian immigrants to be the most educated group of immigrants in US history. Analysts say the trend reflects a slowdown in illegal immigration as employers are boosting their demands for high-skilled workers.研究发现,在美国历史上,亚洲移民是移民群体中受教育程度最高的。分析学家称,这一趋势反映出,非法移民人数正在减少,因为雇主对高科技人才的需求更大。;For an economy that requires higher skills, Asian-Americans are very well positioned,; said Elaine Chao, a former US Secretary of Labor.美国前劳工部长赵小兰表示:“美国经济需要高科技人才,而亚裔已经完全占据了这一位置。”More than 6 in 10 adults who have recently arrived from Asia, hold at least a bachelor#39;s degree, twice the rate of recent non-Asian immigrants.超过60%的美国亚裔新移民至少拥有学士学位,人数比例是其他移民群体的两倍。 /201206/187838

  German Novelist Mueller Wins Literature Nobel PrizeRomanian-born German novelist Herta Mueller was awarded the 2009 Nobel Prize in Literature, praised for her portraits of life behind the Iron Curtain.Mueller, whose body of work is heavily influenced by her life in Romania under the dictatorship of Nicolae Ceaucescu, is the 12th woman to win the prize and the first German-speaking author since 2004, when Austrian playwright Elfriede Jelinek was the recipient.Announcing the award in Stockholm, the Swedish Academy hailed her depictions of 'the landscape of the dispossessed' with a 'the concentration of poetry and the frankness of prose.''I am very surprised and still can not believe it,' Ms. Müller said in a statement released by her publisher in Germany, according to the Associated Press. 'I can't say anything more at the moment.'Born in Romania in 1953, Mueller grew up there as part of a German speaking minority. Her father had served in the Waffen SS during World War II, and her mother was one of many Germans deported to the Soviet Union in 1945. Her latest novel 'Atemschaukel,' published this year, depicts the exile of German Romanians in the Soviet Union.Though Mueller left Romania for Germany in 1987, she continued to wrestle with the themes of oppression and exile in her novels and poems. Her novel 'The Appointment,' published in the U.S. in 2001, portrays a young woman working in a clothes factory during Ceausescu's regime. 'Der Fuchs war damals schon der Jauml;ger,' published in 1992, and 1999's 'The Land of the Green Plums' also offer portraits of the daily life in a soulless dictatorship. /200910/86134






  He was shunned by his feathered family when he was just days old. Now, this ugly duckling has found an unlikely father figure to replace them, Barrie Hayman.  据英国《每日邮报》9月9日报道,出生没几天,它就被家族遗弃了。而如今,这只丑小鸭找到了一个代替它亲人位置的“别样”爸爸——巴里 海曼。   The fairytale friendship was forged when Mr. Hayman rescued the distressed duck, named Star, from his incubator.  他们之间的这段童话般的友谊始于海曼先生从孵化器中解救出这只名叫“星星”的可怜小鸭子。  He noticed Star was panicked when he started doing a manic "waddling dance" in an attempt to escape his hostile siblings.  他发现星星时,它正恐惧又狂躁地跳着“鸭步舞”,试图躲避那些对它怀有敌意的兄弟们。 But Mr. Hayman says he knew Star was different, so he plucked the baby duckling out of the incubator and took him home.  但是海曼先生说,他看出了星星的与众不同,所以就从孵化器中抱出了这只鸭宝宝,把它领回家了。  Since then, the Indian Runner duck has become inseparable from 65-year-old Mr. Hayman.  从那以后,这只印度跑鸭与65岁的海曼先生就成了形影不离的好朋友。 The 11-week-old bird follows him everywhere, from the pub to the supermarket, and even watches the rugby with him.  不论他走到哪,这只11周大的鸭子都跟着他,从酒吧到超市,甚至还和他一起观看橄榄球比赛。 He said:"When he was younger, I would put him in my pocket while I did my shopping. Now he's bigger, he happily waits in the foyer of my local Tesco as I nip in. He's not fazed at all." Mr. Hayman, who used to teach scuba diving in Australia, began doing a job of looking after ducks six years ago.  海曼先生曾在澳大利亚当过轻便潜水教练,6年前开始从事照看鸭子的工作。他说:“在它还小的时候,我逛超市时就把它放在我的口袋里。现在它长大了,所以当我进去购物时,它就守在我们那儿乐购超市的大厅里,自得其乐,一点也不慌乱。” "He comes to the pub, where everyone loves him and we'll be watching his first world cup together next week," he said.  他说:“它去酒吧,所有人都喜欢它,下周我们还要一起看世界杯,它长这么大,这还是头一回呢。” Star now has a Facebook page, under the name Star Hayman, which lists his favorite books as The Tale of Jemima Puddle-Duck, Animal Farm and Charlotte's Web.  现在,星星还有了脸谱主页,名叫“星星 海曼”。上面列举了它最喜欢的书,有《杰米玛鸭的故事》、《动物农场》和《夏洛特的网》。 "He is 11 weeks old now and going through the ugly duckling stage, but I know he will be magnificent soon,"Mr. Hayman said.  海曼先生说:“它现在11周了,还是只丑小鸭,但是,我相信它很快就会华丽变身的。” /201109/153538

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