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广州治弱精的医院广州输卵管积水哪个医院好广州看尿道炎 After years of marriage, mind numbing 9-5s, and the same boring food, fun, and sex, even the best marriage can become stale. By designing our lives from a place of endless possibilities we can literally blow the socks off our relationships and create a world of fun.When boringness is so prevalent that you hit the snooze button 4 times before dragging yourself out of bed, you know you aren't living the life you love. You cultivate a new love for love and for the sweetheart in your life, and here's how...7 Ways To Breathe Life Back Into Your Marriage1. Public Display of Team Effort. When the two of you are in front of other people, make it a rule to not contradict each other. Even when you know your partner is dead wrong, you can still reserve the option to take them aside and discuss the subject with them or wait until later. In this way you are avoiding causing embarrassment to them or undermining them.2. Cheerleading . Whenever you talk to people about your spouse make sure you tell them every little thing that you adore and admire about your spouse. When that person talks to your spouse in the future they will be sure to mention all the amazing things you have said and about how much love you have for them.3. Date Your Wife. Instead of falling back into the same week-to-week rut, go out on a fun, spontaneous, and easy-going date. No picking fights, no arguing, just taking pleasure in what you have and loving each other. Be young and sexy again!4 .Create Bucket Lists. A bucket list is a goal setting tool used strictly for fun activities. That's basically what you do, create a future of fun, dining, entertainment, adventure and exploration together on paper. This future will determine who you are being in the present, as well as the anticipation and teamwork that will be produced as you work towards achieving this together.5. Give It To Them. Find out what your partner likes, such as you bringing them dinner while they watch the game (for him), or pouring a glass of wine and just listening attentively (for her) [you get the point], and just being fully giving. It is within your giving that your own love grows for that person. You can't make them love you more, but you can both make yourselves love each other more.6. Don't Make Them Wrong. This is probably the hardest one of all. It means a total acceptance of both who they are and the decisions they make. What makes this hard is when your spouse is doing something that is killing themselves, like smoking for example, and you have to completely allow them to decide on their own and let them be.7. Share The Landmark Forum. When Marina and I did the landmark forum together, it brought our extraordinary relationship to new heights that I didn’t expect. At the point I couldn’t even imagine getting any closer to her, despite the fact that we were getting closer each day. As an example, if our relationship was at a 15 out of 10 aly, it hit 30 over the course of a weekend. I would say that we got our money’s worth. 结婚数年后,人会对朝九晚五的生活,令人乏味的食物、消遣和作爱方式而变得麻木,就是再美满的婚姻也会变得陈旧。但通过精心设计蕴藏无穷可能的生活环境,我们能够切实的驱除婚姻关系中的阴霾,创立欢乐的园居。当困乏泛滥到你要与瞌睡挣扎四次才能强迫自己离开床时,你就知道你并不中意所爱的生活。你需为你所爱的生活、所爱的人育新的爱。如下是几点建议:为婚姻注入活力的7点建议1、公众前要有团队精神。你俩需约定,当有外人在场时要避免发生冲突。甚至当你知道对方是完全错误时,你要将之先搁置,直至剩下你二人时才重提。这样,你才能避免为对方制造尴尬或破坏其声誉。2、成为鼓舞人心的整体。无论何时与外人谈论配偶时,你务必要提及每件配偶做得令你赞许和钦佩的小事。这样他人再次谈论你的配偶时他们就会提起每个配偶的优点以及你对之的爱慕。3、与妻子约会。没必要落入每周必定约会的窠臼,自发随性的约会开心得多。因为少了为如何抉择的争执,你们会去享受那一刻,去爱彼此。4、建立活动清单。活动清单是为获得乐趣的活动而设定目标的工具。它实际上就是在纸上记录下你们为创造快乐而完成做的事,比如吃饭,观看活动,旅行和探险。这些活动将决定你现在的状态,并且,在共同体验中,你们将会变得出人意料的和谐。5、把它给他/她。了解对方的喜好并行事。譬如他正在观看游戏,你可以把饭送到他跟前;她喜欢倾诉,你就可以斟一杯酒然后把自己的耳朵交给她;或是赠送礼物给对方。就在给予中你对对方的爱会悄无声息的增长。虽然你可能无法让对方也更爱你,但至少能让自己更爱对方同时也更爱自己。6、“纵容”对方。这可能是最棘手的一条。这意味着你要完全接纳对方及对方的决定。之所以棘手是因为你的配偶有可能在做的是摧残健康的事,比如吸烟,但你还是不得不完全尊重他的决定,听之任之。7、分享观点和思想。思想的交流让我和Marina的关系达到我无法预料的新高度。每次交流都让我无法想象能否还能与她更近,事实明了我们越来越亲近。打个比方,和妻子的关系融洽让我感觉10元购买力似乎有15元之多,而到了周末就能高达30元--我们倍赚了。 /200808/45961Can the direction of a person#39;s eyes reveal whether or not they are making a truthful statement? Short answer: sort of. But, it isn#39;t as simple as some recent television shows or movies make it seem.通过看一个人的眼睛看向哪里能不能推断出他是否在说真话?一句话:有可能。当然,要通过微表情来发现谎言并不像某些近期播出的电影或电视节目中所演的那么简单。In these shows a detective will deduce if a person is being untruthful simply because they looked to the left or right while making a statement.在这些节目中,侦探会仅仅因为对方看了左边或者右边来推断对方是否在说谎。In reality, it would be foolish to make such a snap judgment without further investigation... but the technique does have some merit.在现实生活中,仅靠微表情而没有更深入的调查就判断对方是否在说谎太过草率。但是,这种方式也有其优点。The first time ;Visual Accessing Cues; were discussed was by Richard Bandler and John Grinder in their book ;Frogs into Princes: Neuro Linguistic Programming ; From their experiments this is what they found.“视觉线索解读”的理念由Richard Bandler和John Grinder在他们的著作《青蛙变王子:神经语言学编程》中首次提出。以下是他们在实验中总结出的一些原理:Up and to the Left向左上方看Indicates: Visually Constructed Images (Vc)暗示:视觉上建构图像If you asked someone to ;Imagine a purple buffalo; this would be the direction their eyes moved in while thinking about the question as they ;Visually Constructed; a purple buffalo in their mind.如果你让一个人“想象一下一头紫色的水牛”,他通常会看向左上方,因为他正在脑海中视觉建构一只“紫色的水牛”。Up and to the Right向右上方看Indicates: Visually Remembered Images (Vr)暗示:视觉上回忆图像If you asked someone to “What color was the first house you lived in?”, this would be the direction their eyes moved in while thinking about the question as they “Visually Remembered” the color of their childhood home.如果你问一个人:“你住的第一所房子是什么颜色的?”他通常会看向右上方,因为他正在脑海中回忆他童年时所住的房子颜色。To the Left向左看Indicates: Auditory Constructed (Ac)暗示:听觉建构If you asked someone to ;Try and create the highest the sound of the pitch possible in your head;, this would be the direction their eyes moved in while thinking about the question as they ;Auditorily Constructed; this this sound that they have never heard of.如果你让一个人“试着在脑海中想象出最高的音。”他通常会向左看,因为他正在脑海中建构一个他从来没听到过的声音。 /201204/177578广州白云流产手术多少钱

天河长安医院电话号码是多少广州长安检查精子常规怎么样好不好 My husband asked me to go to the post office to mail his resume in anticipation of a job interview. He instructed me to send it the fastest way possible.   Struck by the urgency in his voice, I grabbed a handful of change and dashed out the door. Arriving at the post office, I rushed to the counter and breathlessly explained to the clerk that my envelope had to be delivered immediately . He casually weighed the envelope and said it would cost $ 10.03.I fumbled through my pockets and tallied up my coins. "But I don't have $ 10. 03, " I said. He punched some more buttons and said, "Okay, that will be $ 7. 40, ma am.  Once more I said in dismay, "Sorry, I don't have $ 7.40.  "Well," he sighed, "exactly how much do you have?"  I meekly answered, "I have exactly $ 2. 15, sir."   With that, he yelled over his shoulder to a coworker, "Hey, Charlie, get the pigeon y. 邮政快递  我丈夫让我到邮局寄他的履历,期望能得到工作面试的机会。他告诉我要用尽可能快的方式把它寄出去。  我感到他语气紧急,就抓了一把零钱,冲出了家门。到了邮局,我冲到柜台,上气不接下气地向职员解释说我的信必须马上寄出。他漫不经心地称了一下信的重量,说邮费是十元零三分。我翻遍了我的口袋,把所有的硬币都算上。“可是我没有十元零三分,”我说。他又敲了几个键,然后说:“那好吧,七元四角,夫人。”  我又一次茫然地说:“对不起,我没有七块四。”  “那,”他叹了口气,“确切地说你有多少?”  我很谦和地回答道:“我有整整两块一角五分,先生。”  听了这话,他转过头向身后的同事喊道:“嗨,查理,准备好鸽子。” /201108/148642广州治疗支原体感染医院排名

长安男科割包皮费用 You may get along well with your boss but there will always be that specific instance where you want to say more than you should. Here are ten things that you should not say to your boss. 也许你和你老板相处得很好,但总是会有一些特殊的场合,你想说的话多于你应该说的。下面是你不该和老板说的10句话。 1. In a minute. 等一会。 Sometimes you'll get called into the boss' office just as you're about to do something that you've been waiting to do. Bosses don't often view our personal wants as an important factor to the job, so when your boss calls you in to see them, it's not good to say you'll be there in a minute. 有时老板让你去他办公室的时候,你正好要做一些你一直等着要做的事情。事实上老板们并不把我们个人的需要看成是工作中一个重要的因素,所以当你的老板叫你去见他的时候,最好别说等一会过去。 2. Oops, I forgot. 啊!我忘记了。 And we do get so busy that we can't remember everything, but some things may not be well received when we say that. So, instead of saying you forgot, try, "I"m on it but I haven't got through to them yet'. It's like saying the glass is half full instead of half empty. They mean the same; one just sounds better. 当我们很忙的时候,我们不可能记得所有的事情,但是有些事情当我们说忘了的时候,老板们也许就会不高兴。所以,你可以说,“我正在做,但是还没有完成”而不是直接说你忘记了。这就像是说玻璃杯里的水是半满着而不是半空着一样。它们的意思是相同的,只是另一个听起来更好。 3. No! 不行! If the boss comes to you with a project to do, it's not always in your best interest to refuse to do it. You could suggest someone else do it or declare how busy you aly are, but to say no might not be appreciated. 如果老板找你做一个项目,但项目并不总是你最感兴趣的。如果想要拒绝他,你可以建议其他人来做,或是告诉他你现在有多么忙,直接说不行也许会让你的老板很不高兴。 4. You don't know that? 你不知道么? Most bosses like to feel that they know everything, although you and the rest of the office may differ in opinion on that issue. Try beginning your sentence with, "You probably aly know this ". This shows your boss that you respect their intelligence, even though you know better. 大多数老板觉得自己懂得所有的东西,尽管你和办公室的其他同事也许会在一件事情上和你的老板有不同的观点。试着这样去说,“你或许已经知道这个”。这就让你的老板感觉到你尊重他的想法,即使你知道的更多一些。 5. You're late. 你迟到了。 Being late has come to be one of those privileges that may inconvenience you but is their seniority right. Telling them they are late could be seen as undermining their position over you. 上班迟到是对你而言很麻烦但却是老板们的特权之一。告诉老板他们迟到了可能被看成你在藐视他们的地位。 /200905/70091东莞哪里人工授精生男孩惠州复通手术什么医院最好



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