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Fishing-dragon Rice Bun 钓龙饭 It is said that Heqing Dam used to be a boundless sea where inhabited ninety-nine dragons lead by an alpha dragon named Tadpole, who stirred up trouble and unrest, leaving no peace to the nearby villagers. Since the founding of Nanzhao (an ancient Chinese country), Heqing invited a dignified monk named ChandraGupta, who led local people to expel the dragons and pave the sea. Thereafter the war among dragons and people went on incessantly for a decade and a truce was still not in the picture. So people pray to kwan-yin, the Goddess of Mercy, for a solution, which was to make a hook with bean sprouts and fiddleheads, a fishing line with potato noodles, and a bait with a steamed rice bun mixed with green barley and green beans. On the Beginning of Summer day, the alpha dragon was celebrating his birthday with his fellows in the Abyss Pool near Guanpo in Lijiang (a city in Yunnan Province). ChandraGupta lead people there to fish the alpha dragon from the sea. They pulled it southward toward the peak of East Mountain with the hope of sacrificing it to the demon in Dali (a city in Yunnan Province). However, the dragon struggled violently, with its tail leaving deep winding ditches on the ground, which later became Yang River flowing through Lijiang and Heqing with a fame of having a hundred and eight twists. Dragged to the Peace village, the dragon attempted to escape but in the end surrendered to the villagers who were beating him with sticks and rice buns. Since then, there was a full moon-like river course near the river flowing through Peace village and people named it “a pouch bag”. To commemorate the success of the great endeavor of their ancestors, later generations celebrates Fishing Dragon Festival on the Beginning of Summer day by holding public memorial ceremony and riddle-guessing-feasts while eating the Fishing-dragon Rice Bun.据传,鹤庆坝子原来是个汪洋大海,海里住着以蝌蚪龙为首的99条龙,时常兴风作浪,祸害周围山村的各族群众。南诏建国后,鹤庆从牟迦国来了个叫赞陀掘多的高僧,他带领着鹤庆的群众钓龙蟹海开疆。众人与妖龙大战了十年,成效甚微,后来,在观音菩萨的指点下,人们用豆芽、蕨菜作钓钩,用粉丝当钓线,用青大麦、蚕豆瓣和大米包成的馒头包裹钓钩作钓饵,到了立夏这一天,蝌蚪龙在它的老窝——丽江关坡的无底潭中办寿,赞陀掘多带领众人从潭中钓起蝌蚪龙,拉紧钓线往顺东山顶往南而行,准备把蝌蚪龙拉到大理,送给罗刹吃,妖龙一路挣扎,身尾摆滚之处,出现了一条弯弯曲曲的深沟,这就是今天流经丽江、鹤庆境内有一百又八道弯的漾江。当妖龙被拉到今天的太平村时,他想要逃脱,当地的群众忙用手中的棍棒和身上的馒头,使劲打妖龙,最后迫使妖龙降,从此,太平村这段河床上留下了一段环如满月的河道,人们称之为荷包套,后人为了纪念钓龙泄海的成功,把立夏定位钓龙节,这天,人们举办活动公祭,吃歌谜宴,品尝钓龙饭。 /201505/372996哈尔滨医大三院怎么样好吗With the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge – aka Prince William and Kate Middleton – in New York for a brief visit, the press has breathlessly reported on the British royals’ every move. We learned, for instance, about Duchess Kate’s visit to a Harlem child-development center, while Prince William convened with President Barack Obama.随着剑桥公爵伉俪,也就是威廉王子和凯特王妃短期造访纽约,各路媒体正密切关注着这对英国王室夫妇的一举一动。我们获悉,凯特王妃参观了哈莱姆区的儿童发展中心,而威廉王子会晤了美国总统奥巴马。The hectic schedule made us wonder: how is the Duchess, pregnant with the couple’s second child and in line to one day become Queen, managing her big job?行程安排非常紧凑,这让我们不禁好奇:凯特正怀着第二个孩子,这位未来英国王后是如何井井有条地担负起她的王室职责的?Below are some key people in Kate Middleton’s entourage. You probably don’t know their names, but they play a crucial, behind-the-scenes role shaping the Duchess’ image.以下简要介绍一下凯特王妃身边的重要随行人员。你或许没听过他们的名字,但他们对于塑造凯特的公众形象起着至关重要的作用。Rebecca Deacon丽贝卡o迪肯If there’s anyone with a busier schedule than Kate Middleton, it just might be Rebecca Deacon – the woman in charge of putting that schedule together. If you look closely at photos of Middleton, you might spot Deacon a few steps behind the Duchess. Deacon usually accompanies her to charity events, lunches and all sorts of public appearances.如果说有人比凯特王妃还忙,那一定是丽贝卡o迪肯,此人负责王妃各类事务的日程安排。如果你仔细看凯特王妃的照片,就会发现迪肯总在她身后几步之遥。迪肯通常会陪同凯特参加慈善活动、午餐会以及各种公开亮相。Though her official title is “Assistant Private Secretary,” she reportedly has become a close friend and trusted adviser to the royals since 2007, when she helped Prince William organize the ;Concert for Diana.; Deacon, the youngest of three sisters, is the daughter of a female vicar and an army major. In 2010, she became Middleton#39;s private secretary and was crucial in helping arrange the royal wedding. She is said to be accompanying the royal couple on their New York trip.虽然迪肯的正式头衔是“助理私人秘书”,但是据说自2007年她协助威廉王子筹办“戴安娜王妃纪念音乐会(Concert for Diana)”之后,她已经成为了王妃夫妇的密友和深受信任的顾问。迪肯的父母分别是陆军少校和女牧师,家中姊三人,迪肯排行第三。2010年,迪肯成为了凯特王妃的私人秘书,并且在筹办威廉王子大婚时扮演了重要角色。据说她将陪同威廉王子夫妇造访纽约。Amanda Cook Tucker阿曼达o库克o塔克When Kate Middleton and Prince William went on their Diamond Jubilee South Pacific tour in 2012, her humidity-proof hair made headlines. Amanda Cook Tucker reportedly charged the royals 300 euros a day plus travel costs to make sure the Princess’ hair didn’t frizz on the Southeast Asian trip. The 52-year-old hairdresser is now Middleton#39;s personal hair stylist, but she’s no stranger to the royal family. In fact, Cook Tucker has cut the hair of Prince William and his brother Harry since they were kids. Cook Tucker’s ex-husband owned a salon and worked closely with the Queen’s hairdresser, Charles Martyn. Cook Tucker has accompanied Middleton on numerous tours around the world, and the New York trip is no exception.2012年,当凯特王妃和威廉王子夫妇参加南太平洋女王钻石庆典(Diamond Jubilee)海外之行时,王妃一丝不乱的发型一度成为媒体焦点。据报道,为了打理王妃在东南亚访问期间的发型,王室每天向阿曼达o库克o塔克付300欧元,另加差旅费用。这位现年52岁的美发师现在是凯特的私人发型师,之前也曾多次为室家庭成员效力。事实上,威廉王子和弟弟哈里王子的头发从孩提时代就由库克o塔克负责。她的前夫拥有一个没法沙龙,与女王的发型师查尔斯o马丁合作密切。库克o塔克曾多次随同米德尔顿出访海外,这次纽约之行也不例外。(财富中文网) /201412/347712黑龙江省哈尔滨第六人民医院开展无痛人流吗They may look like your average building sites, but these houses were created with nothing more than a 3D printer.这些建筑看起来可能很一般,但是这些楼房都是由3D打印机建造的。The houses, one of which is five storeys high, were created in an industrial park in China#39;s Jiangsu province using new3D printing technology.这些房屋(其中一栋为5层楼)位于中国江苏省的一处工业园区内,使用的是新的3D打印技术。The incredible engineering, by Shanghai Win Sun Decoration Design Engineering Co., was pioneered ten months ago when the company printed ten buildings - costing just #163;3,100 - entirely out of concreteusing a giant printer.这个伟大的建筑工程在10个月前由一家上海公司创造,总共10栋楼房,成本只要3100英镑,利用一款巨型打印机通过混凝土打印出来。Now they have taken the technology further to build the first 3D printed villasand the tallest ever 3D printed building.现在他们利用这种技术来建造首座3D打印的别墅以及最高的3D打印建筑。The homes are created using a printer which is 21ft tall, 32ft wide, and 500ft long, according to 3ders.这个3D打印机高21英尺,宽32英尺,长500英尺。The #39;ink#39; used is a mixture of recycled construction waste, glass, steel and cement which is sprayed onlayer by layer until a thick wall is created.而打印机所使用的“墨水”则是回收的建筑材料、玻璃、钢筋以及水泥的混合体,将“墨水”一层层的喷射在一起,直到形成厚厚的墙壁。Ma Yi He, CEO of WinSun, explained that the construction industry produces a large amount of carbon emissions, but with 3D printing, waste material can berecycled.该公司的CEO马一和说,建筑行业产生了大量的二氧化碳排放,但是使用3D打印技术,这些建筑废料都可以得到回收再利用。This process also means that construction workers are at less risk of coming into contact with hazardous materials.这还意味着建筑工人接触有害材料的风险变小了。The new technology could also lead to the building sites of the future could be far less noisy, more clean and easier onthe eye.这种建筑技术还意味着未来的建筑工地将不会有那么多噪音,也更加的干净,也更加的美观。The process is expensive, but at #163;100,000 a house the properties are cheaper than the average home.这种技术是昂贵的,使用这种技术所建造的一个房子的价格是10万英镑,所以还是比一般的房子来得便宜。The display site also featured a single-story house pre-ordered by the Egyptian government, which will soon beshipped to its owner.在这处房屋展示地点上还有一个单层的房子,提前被埃及政府订购,很快将被运送给埃及政府。Mr Ma said: #39;This house was printed within a single day, and is part of a total order of 20,000 units.#39;马先生说:“这栋房子只用了一天就打印完成了,总共有两万个这个的订单。 /201501/355184齐齐哈尔市第二医院做输卵管通液多少钱

佳木斯妇幼保健妇保医院电话哈尔滨医大四院人流手术多少钱LEO and ARIES:狮子-白羊:This is a capricious match. Your common interests and lusty passionate nature bring about outrageous socialencounters.你们是一对反复无常的组合。虽然有着共同的兴趣,然四射的天性也让你们成为互不相让的冤家。LEO and TAURUS:狮子-金牛:This is an ill-fated connection. Your extravagance and desire to party are antagonizing to the prudent Bull. This relationship is not likely to start up in the first place, and not likely to last if you do make it to first base.这绝对不是理想的搭配。你过于奢侈铺张,这与谨慎小心的金牛格格不入。这样的组合起码不可能一开始就顺利,如果不打下坚实的基础的放在,你们的关系也不会持久。LEO and GEMINI:狮子-双子:You are enticed by the clever Twins, nevertheless the Twins#39; fickleness enrages you. Intriguing while this connection lasts, it#39;s usually short lived.聪明过人的双子座让你倍感诱惑,然而他/她的多变也会将你激怒。你们的关系耐人寻味,同时不会长久。LEO and CANCER:狮子-巨蟹:Your powerful desire to be the center of attention along with your vanity is pernicious for the shy, sensitive Crab. Not a choice alliance.害羞、敏感的蟹子并不适合过于强势、以自我为中心的狮子。巨蟹座人并不是你理想的选择。LEO and LEO:狮子-狮子:This is a dramatic combination, a sexual delight, providing both desist from dominating one another. This is truly a royal match and, believe it or not, it often works.这绝对是一对梦幻组合。如此强势的男女搭配反而能抵消双方的配欲望。信不信由你,这确实是一个经典组合,它会运转地很好。LEO and VIRGO:狮子-处女:Virgo#39;s desire to be in command and methodical nature collide with your carefree, spontaneous temperament. This combo takes a lot of compromise on the part of the Virgoan.讲究方法的处女座与无忧无虑、从天性的狮子座往往产生冲突。这样的组合往往以处女座的妥协告终。LEO and LIBRA:狮子-天秤:Libra#39;s sophistication and your flair constitute an entertaining coalition, unless a financial deficit prevails. You can both be quite extravagant and wasteful.要是没有经济问题,能言善辩的天秤座与一身本领的狮子座绝对是最快乐的一对。不过你俩都十分奢侈浪费。LEO and SCORPIO:狮子-天蝎:You can dance rather well in a horizontal position, but the end result can be crimes of passion, due to jealousy. This union is usually hot, heavy and short lived.你们本可以平起平坐,但是蝎子强烈的嫉妒心影响到双方的关系。这个组合充满,但是不能持久。LEO and SITTARIUS:狮子-射手:This is probably your foremost partner physically and mentally. This union will revel in spending, travel and adventure. Quite an exciting connection.无论在生理上还是在精神上,射手座的人一定是你最先考虑的对象。这对组合沉迷于消费、旅行和冒险,是十分令人兴奋的完美拍档。LEO and CAPRICORN:狮子-羯:You#39;ll get bored with the Goat#39;s careful and enterprising ways, which is too bad because the Goat is the one sign that can usually afford to spoil you monetarily.办事认真,事业心极强的羯座人让你感到很是无趣。因为他/她往往能满足你的物质需求,这也并不是什么好事哦。LEO and AQUARIUS:狮子-水瓶:The polarities usually attract passionately, nevertheless the Water-bearer#39;s expansive interests and higher mind leave you feeling somewhat neglected and unimportant.性格差异极大的两个星座通常能吸引对方,然而兴趣广泛的水瓶座热衷于自己的事情,往往让你有被忽视的感觉。LEO and PISCES:狮子-双鱼:This is a detrimental relationship for the shy Pisces and a most unlikely attraction for you. Not compatible and very hurtful for the Fish that is attracted to you.害羞的鱼儿是最不可能吸引你的异性。不能相互包容将对双方都造成极大的伤害。 /201507/388316黑龙江省哈尔滨第十医院门诊部在哪里As they say, history is written by the victors. Wartime details are often obscured or otherwise written out of history if they make the winning side look bad—the side that loses often ends up getting the opposite treatment in the history books. History tends to glorify and glamorize the past, and this leads to urban legends about wars that are silly at best and downright inaccurate at worst. The stories of war are littered with apocryphal legends and untruths designed to make the victors heroic and shining examples of humanity. The sad truth, however, is that war is a brutal and horrible thing and is rarely as nice or as funny as history often portrays it.正如人们所说的那样,历史都是胜利者的赞歌。史书中会刻意掩盖甚至直接抹去那些对胜利者不利的战争细节,而战败方的形象往往都狼狈不堪。历史常常美化过去,歌颂过往,导致现如今所流传的战争故事即便算不上彻头彻尾的胡言乱语,也绝对称得上愚蠢之极。为了让那些胜利者名流千古,那些;绘声绘色;的故事中,谎言与杜撰行为不计其数。然而,可悲的是,战争确是刀箭雨,残酷至极,根本没有故事中那样娓娓到来的温柔节奏。10.World War I Started Because Of A Sandwich10.一块三明治引爆第一次世界大战The most enduring myth of World War I (and still a popular story people like to pass around at parties) is that it wouldn#39;t have taken place if not for a sandwich. The legend claims that while the Archduke Ferdinand, leader of the Austro-Hungarian Empire, was traveling through Sarajevo when a group of assassins had plans to do him in. According to the stories, the assassins lined up on his route. The first attempted to kill him with a grenade, but it only managed to injure some other people in his motorcade.关于第一次世界大战,一直流传在民间的传说(也是人们在聚会时经常讨论的精故事)——如果不是因为一块三明治,第一次世界大战极有可能不会爆发。该说法称,当奥匈帝国的统领之王斐迪南大公(Archduke Franz Ferdinand)途径萨拉热窝时,一众刺客想要刺杀他(萨拉热窝事件)。故事里讲到,这些刺客埋伏在斐迪南大公的必经之路上。第一个刺客想用手榴弹将斐迪南大公炸死,然而却只伤害到了其车队中的一部分人。Eventually, the archduke ended up lost and off course because he asked his chauffeur to take him to the hospital to visit the people wounded in the blast. While lost, the driver ended up right in front of a shop where the archduke#39;s fated killer had been lunching on a sandwich. The killer, Gavrilo Princip, saw his target and in a stroke of unbelievable luck managed to take him out, which led to the start of World War I.最终,费迪南大公并未被刺客谋杀,此次事件之后,他还下令汽车司机载其前往医院看望了那次爆炸事件中受伤的手下。然而,费迪南大公的司机不慎迷路,将车停在途中一家店门前时,谋杀费迪南大公的凶手正巧在那家店里享受着自己的午餐三明治。谋杀者——加夫里洛·普林西普(Gavrilo Princip),轻轻向窗外一瞥便看到了自己的目标。凶手一命中,打响了第一次世界大战。This story had become popular on the Internet in recent years, but according to a report by Smithsonian Magazine, there is no reason to believe there is any truth to the legend. To begin with, they could not find evidence that the story is anything more than a very recent invention, but that#39;s just the start. A sandwich would also have been a very unlikely food to find in Sarajevo during that time period. However, the most important fact is that the area the driver ended up in was actually part of his route; he never got lost, meaning that even if Gavrilo Princip had been lunching there, he was where he was supposed to be to kill his target all along. There was never a freaky coincidence at all.这些年来,这个故事情节在互联网上大肆流传,但据《史密森尼杂志》(Smithsonian Magazine)称,这一故事并不可信。单就故事本身来说,它根本没有什么理论依据,根本站不住脚。另外,在萨拉热窝事件发生期间,根本也不可能出现三明治这种食物。然而,最重要的事实是,斐迪南大公的汽车司机并没迷路,他停车的地点,是他的必经之路。这也就意味着,即便是普林西普在那里进午餐,也一定是专门驻守在那里等待着斐迪南大公的到来,根本没什么偶遇可言。9.The ed States Saved The Day In World War II9.美国使第二次世界大战化险为夷Americans like to claim that ;we saved all of you in World War II.; It is a favorite British response to say that the ed States entered the war rather late, that the British still feel they and perhaps the French did most of the work, and that they would prefer not to have the ed States take so much credit. However, historians tend look at the past without the lens of bias as much as humanly possible, and the conclusion they have come to is that if anyone deserves the lion#39;s share of credit for winning the war on the Allies#39; side, it#39;s the Soviet Union.美国人常常大言不惭地说——是我们,是美国,拯救了第二次世界大战的一切。一位有趣的英国人回应说,美国人参与第二次世界大战明明比较晚,即便拯救世界的不是英国,那也应该是法国,美国怎么能这样问心无愧的邀功呢!然而,历史学家们尽人类所能,用毫无偏见的视角回看历史,得出结论——同盟国赢得第二次世界大战,功劳最大的国家应该是苏联。According to historians, everyone#39;s contribution was very important, but in terms of overall losses and manpower put to bear, the Soviet Union really took the brunt of the fighting. Of course, they also received significant help through the Lend-Lease Act to obtain more weapons and vehicles, but their contribution has often been overlooked. However, historians also think the Soviet Union would not have done as well without the support of Allied bombing campaigns. Perhaps the takeaway from this is that we should all appreciate the help we have given each other instead of worrying about who did the most.史学家们称,对于战争而言,每一个国家的贡献都功不可没。但就整体的损失和人力投入方面而言,苏联在第二次世界大战中首当其冲。不可否认,他们凭借着租借法案从中获利良多,得到了大量的武器和军用品,但人们往往忽视了他们所做的贡献。然而,史学家们也承认,如若没有一连串轰炸事件的持,苏联也无法做出如此大的贡献。从中我们应当学到的是,对那些给予我们帮助的人,心存感激,对待事情,不必锱铢必较。8.The American Soldiers In The Revolutionary War Were Highly Motivated8.独立战争中斗志昂扬的美军One of the most common tropes of the American Revolution is the war-torn soldier who continues fighting regardless through the awful dead of winter because he cares about his country that much—the soldier who wants nothing more than a chance to lay down his life for his fellow man. However, the truth is that there were very few truly committed volunteer soldiers in the war, so much so that General George Washington actually wanted the first ed States government to conscript soldiers. When the American Revolution began, many people were excited and signed up to fight, but they quickly lost their enthusiasm. They were not yet battle-hardened, and the life of a soldier is not an easy or safe one at all. Once the first batch of motivated people had signed up, enlisting new soldiers was a nightmare.;哪怕严寒渗入骨髓,哪怕死伤不计其数,哪怕全身伤痕累累,士兵们也奋勇直前无所畏惧,只因他们对祖国爱得深沉;他们甘愿牺牲小我,以换取同胞的福祉。;上述文字即为对美国独立战争(American Revolution)最为常见的一种形象描写。然而,事实却并非如此。多数美国人都不愿参战,使得乔治·华盛顿将军(General George Washington)上书要求首届联邦政府进行入伍征召。美国独立战争的号角吹响之时,群情激昂,纷纷应征,但这种热情很快就消失无踪。毕竟,他们欠缺作战经验,况且,军旅生涯不易,危机四伏。首批热血沸腾的人们报名应招结束,征募新兵无疑又成了梦魇一场。The fledgling government started offering extra money, bounties, and lots of other goodies to anyone who would sign up. They even offered to allow them enlistment terms that were shorter than those mandated by law in order to keep up a strong enough fighting force. While many of these men were probably not Tories loyal to England, they did need a lot more than just the desire for freedom to fight for their homes. When you and your family need to eat, you have to think about more than just the concept of freedom. You have to buy food, and you need shelter. Above all, these men were mostly farmers and weren#39;t cut out for the life of a man at war.只要有人愿意投身军旅,羽翼未丰的新政府便为他们提供额外的资金、奖利及丰富物资;他们的役期甚至比义务兵还短。新政府的这些举措,旨在使军队永葆战斗力。这群士兵大多不是;托利党;;对他们而言,为之努力的动力是家园生计,而非国土自由。他们要考虑的是实际的温饱,而不是虚无的自由;他们所需要的是充足的食物,是温馨的家园。毕竟,这些新兵多为农民,并不适应残酷的战场。审校:瑶瑶Yvonne 校对:丸子 编辑:Freya然 /201507/386851哈尔滨拜泉县妇幼保健站有四维彩超吗

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