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_^yjJ1M5E^b-OhUp*]ic4Q;qBgTg1.In Qinghai-Tibet Plateau, there is a kind of rare traditional Chinese medicinal plant, aweto, which is very expensive. The best time to gather aweto from April 20 to May 20 in Qinghai. Because it is very expensive and precious, some people take Tibetan dark grass as aweto. There are two ways to distinguish them which are the feet and the smell. 2.In Hunan Province, there is a kind of rare animal that is called Mt. Mang Pitviper. It has much more poisonous than five pace snake.DBSOM,3a^U(1.在青藏高原,有一种罕见的中国传统药用植物,这就是价格非常昂贵的冬虫夏草rF.M]DvQZ5%f。在青海省采摘冬虫夏草最好的时间是4月20日至5月20日;dZvn@nhk*|w;P~[+。由于物以稀为贵,有些人把西藏黑草当作冬虫夏草贩卖^_lFdU70F.HJulkP(w。有两种方法来区分,那就是从长度和气味辨别bdO)0a_GaW5fqZ.i!。2.在湖南省,有一种稀有动物,它的毒性甚至比五步蛇还要高y.K-3mmMy,TA[(9o。-j2viAA9QMvwM^Th;;词语解释:rpjYJ;;intLUpcs1. plateau n. 高原2. aweto n. 冬虫夏草lQ~t0D8Q7xauNEkI]*tm+b[SR4t,iloGGi.tTG163702

Nervous about your first kiss? Let VideoJug show you how to kiss someone passionately. Kissing tips, hints, and advice on how to perfect that kiss for that special person in your life.第一次接吻紧张难耐?本视频汇将详细讲述接吻的技巧和细节,让爱人们在完美无缺的激吻中感受真爱。Step 1: Preparation第一步:准备工作Check your breath. If you are intending to kiss someone for the first time then avoid strong foods like onion, garlic or strong flavours, unless of course your partner has been indulging in the same foods. If in doubt about your breath, suck a breath mint. But remember to have swallowed this before you start kissing, or your partner will be very surprised, particularly if they dont like mint.检查自己的呼吸。如果是第一次接吻,那么应该避免吃一些气味浓烈的食物,如洋葱大蒜或者别的强烈气味的食物,除非能确认对方对这些食物有着特殊的喜好。如果对自己的呼吸气味不太确定,一小片薄荷就能解决问题。但是要记得在接吻开始之前将这些小薄荷片咽下去,否则对方会大吃一惊的,而且不排除对方不喜欢薄荷味的可能性。Step 2: Be confident第二步:自信Nothing ruins a kiss more than uncertainty. This confidence is essential, as hard as it is to get a kiss the first time, it will be harder to get one after a failed attempt. Once you have decide you are going to kiss someone, choose your moment and go for it.没什么东西比不自信更能毁掉一次接吻了。这种临场的自信是至关重要的,特别是对于第一次接吻的人来说,如果第一次接吻不成功,那么下一次会更难。一旦做了亲吻的决定,就要选一个合适的时机然后做你所想的。Step 3: The lips第三步:嘴唇的接触It is best to start off simply. When it feels right, tilt your head slightly to one side to avoid clashing noses, lean in and press your lips onto your partners lips, softly, so you dont bump teeth. If you do bump teeth accidentally, just carry on kissing.Vary the amount you open your mouth, and the rhythm of your kisses. You may wish to use the tip of your tongue.开始的时候越简单越好。在对的时机,使自己头部稍微倾向一边以免碰上对方的鼻子,同时双唇与对方的双唇进行轻微接触,力道要控制到不至于双方牙齿相撞。而如果没有出现牙齿的碰撞,那么就可以继续。变换张嘴的次数和亲吻的节奏。有可能会用到舌尖。Step 4: Advanced techniques第四步:高级技巧This style of kissing was not invented by the French, although they are probably quite good at it. It refers to the type of kiss where you insert your tongue deep into the other persons mouth and move it around. It is perhaps best defined by what you should not do. You should try to avoid swirling your tongue around aggressively like an electric eel caught in a fishing net, but equally you should not let your entire tongue go completely limp and floppy. If it feels right, you are probably doing it right. As the kiss progresses you may want to move to the neck. Kissing and nibbling the neck is perfectly acceptable when snogging and is the reason for the term necking.法国式湿吻并非法国人发明的,虽然他们对这一招很在行。这一技巧要把舌头伸入到对方的嘴里并转动,由此这一技巧也通常被定义为不被允许的做法。在这个过程中,需要注意的是控制舌头的力度,既不能像被捕捉的电鳗一样猛烈的扭来扭曲,又不能完全软绵无力。只有力度控制做好了,接吻才有对的感觉。在接吻过程中有可能会想要亲吻对方的脖颈,对于爱抚的过程来说是完全有必要的,这也是“搂着脖子亲吻”一语的来源。A love bite is a red mark left on the skin, usually the neck or shoulder, caused by excessive lip suction on the skin. It is, depending on your point of view, a charming memento of the kissing session or a repulsive and embarrassing bruise. It is best to discuss the giving or receiving of a love bite with your partner, before leaving one.亲吻中的吻痕是皮肤上一个小小的红印,通常是由于过度吮吸颈脖或者肩膀上的皮肤而造成的。这个痕迹既可以看做是爱情中迷人的印记,也可以当做被惩罚的标志。最好在留下吻痕之前跟对方商议一下。Step 5: What to do with the rest of your body第五步:身体的其他部位This is really up to you. There are many things you can do to heighten a kiss, you can hold or stroke your partners back, run your fingers through their hair, or feel other parts of their body.Who knows where this might lead..... Well done, you are now kissing somebody passionately for the first time.....这完全取决于个人。很多事情可以让接吻变得不再单调。可以搂着或者拍打对方的背部,手指顺着头发摸索,或者感觉对方身体的其他部位,天知道是哪些部位……好了,现在准备你的第一次热吻吧。201207/189848

How To Have Fun At a Water Park on HowcastEvery getaway should be fun and relaxing. Prepare to ensure your trip to the water park is a splashing event.You Will NeedInternet access Food and beverages Bathing suit Sunscreen Goggles Small plastic bags Camera Directions Room with a refrigerator and microwave (optional) Step 1: Call water park(提前打电话,看是否有促销或特价)Call the water park and see if they are offering any promotions. Check their web site for deals.Reserve a room with a refrigerator and microwave.Step 2: Pack food(准备好水和食物,水上公园里卖的都比较贵)Pack food and beverages. Vending machines and restaurants at water parks can be very expensive.Step 3: Pack the necessities(准备好必需品,例如游泳衣,太阳镜,防水镜,及一个用来装手机和钱的小塑料袋)Pack the necessities, such as a bathing suit, sunscreen, goggles, and small plastic bags to keep your cell phone and money dry.Step 4: Bring a camera(带一个照相机)Bring your camera to capture all the great memories you will make.Step 5: Get directions(找一个水上公园的地图)Get thorough directions to and from the water park. Keep maps in your car’s glove compartment and keep the park’s phone number handy.Step 6: Check in early(早点去,可以多玩一会儿)Arrive early and stay late. Most hotels will let you enjoy the water park hours before check in and let you stay in the park after you check out.There were over 180 indoor water parks in 2007.201006/107318

You can stay healthy despite diabetes with these strategies for keeping your blood sugar controlled.You Will NeedA balanced meal plan Healthy foods Regular eating habits Carbohydrate and sugar contents A doctor Exercise Relaxation techniques Non-starchy vegetables (optional) Sugar-free drinks (optional) Never change your diet without first consulting your physician.Step 1: Eat healthy(营养饮食)Follow a healthy, balanced meal plan that includes carbohydrates, protein, and fat, as well as vitamins, minerals, and fiber.Fill up on non-starchy vegetables, such as greens, peppers, broccoli, and green beans.Step 2: Eat regularly(均衡饮食)Don’t skip or delay meals. Keep your metabolism running strong and avoid overeating later by enjoying regular meals and snacks.Step 3: Count carbs(控制淀粉类或糖类食物的摄入量)Count carbohydrates to consistently control the amount of sugar in your bloodstream.Step 4: Don't drink too much sugar(不要喝含糖量较高的饮料)Be mindful of the carbs and sugar present in drinks, such as regular sodas and juices, and limit your intake of these beverages.Carry your own sugar-free drinks when you are away from home. Good choices are bottled water, club soda with lemon or lime slices, sugar-free soft drinks, and unsweetened or artificially sweetened tea.Step 5: Take your meds(遵照医生的吩咐)Make sure to take medication that your doctor prescribes as directed.Step 6: Get your blood pumping(坚持锻炼)Exercise regularly to keep your blood sugar down and maintain a healthy weight.Step 7: De-stress(经常给自己减减压)Use relaxation techniques, such as slow, deep breathing and progressive muscle relaxation, to reduce the level of sugar-elevating stress hormones in your blood.201004/102548Shenzhen is located in the southern portion of the Guangdong Province, on the eastern shore of the Pearl River Delta. Neighboring the Pearl River Delta and Hong Kong (located just south of Shenzhen), Shenzhen's location gives it a geographical advantage for economic development.While Shenzhen City does not have as many historical attractions as other famous cities in China, it has created a number of excellent theme parks which entertain while teaching visitors about China and the world. Splendid China and China Folk Culture Villages introduce visitors to China's long history and varied cultures, while Window of the World will take you to every corner of Window of the World the world in one day.Shenzhen is one of the most attractive cities in Guangdong province, which represents new lifestyle. Shenzhen often provide beautiful sunshine and all kinds of sports. It is the best place to experience modernest lifestyle in China and it is the paradise for shopping. Shenzhen is a young city. Within only about 20 years, Shenzhen has became a frontier modern city. It has became the most inmportant and the highest industrialized base as well as the most attractive tourism spot in China''s mainland. 201009/114305Epidemic prevention measures are being taken at the site of a poultry plant fire in northeastern China’s Jilin Province, which killed 120.前几日,中国吉林省某禽类加工厂发生火灾,120余人丧生。目前该工厂正在进行消毒防疫工作以防疾病传染。Local health authorities announced at a press conference that 25 workers have finished the first round of disinfection on Wednesday morning. It would take at least three days to complete the entire process.当地卫生机构发布新闻会表示,25名工作人员已于周三上午完成了首轮消毒工作。整个消毒工作将至少花费三天时间完成。The authorities also said the 2,000 and more dead chickens at the plant are of high risk of causing an epidemic. The local government has mobilized 80 rescue workers to curb any potential outbreak.该机构还表示,现场的2000多死禽会很容易引发传染病。当地政府已经调动80名救援人员以应对任何可能发生的疫情。201306/243220

ti[b14dq3u+1PNlKA9JuQJI01BJ[I4jxc_Zts(ZUXp68Living in a shared house or apartment can be wonderful, or it can be a nightmare. This film will show you how to cope with annoying housemates.bHqB%6;)f6HC生活在一间共用的房子或公寓里可以很美好,也可以是一种噩梦q78T63v3k(Ut~。这个视频将向你展示如何应付恼人的室友H3m~Sn)-mt-L~*85^~hS。140GJ-f04.%tj5[..~f~UWEpOreAq4g@)Cy1k1y6_h#201206/186110How to torment telemarketers with one word.如何用一句话应对电话销售员。Tormenting neednt take great effort and revenge is sweet. If you dont have the time or the heart to torment telemarketers, put your name on the National Do Not Call Registry at www.donotcall.gov. 恼人的电话销售员通常给我们的生活带来不少烦恼,但视频中的方法不必费您多大力气,即可尝到;报复;这些人的快感。如果你甚至连折磨那些电话推销人员的时间或心力都没有,请在www.donotcall.gov这个网站上写上你的大名。词语解释:1. torment v. 折磨2. telemarketer n. 电话销售员164061

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