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A: Am I mistaken, or is this dress on sale?如果我没有说错的话,这件衣不再特价出售了,对吗?B: Im very sorry. The sale ended yesterday.我很抱歉折扣昨天就结束了A: I really like this dress, but I want to pay the sale price.我真的很喜欢这条裙子,但是我希望用折扣的价钱购买B: If you like, I can put you on our mailing list the next sale.如果你喜欢的话,我可以帮你登记在邮寄清单上,下次打折的时候我就会通知你A: That okay. Some days you win, some days you lose.好的,有时你可以买到,有时你买不到B: Let me ask my manager when he thinks this dress will be on sale again.让我问下经理这条裙子什么时候会再特价出售 39Lesson One第一课A Burnt out Light Bulb灯泡坏了G:One of my light bulbs is burnt out.旅客:我的一只灯泡烧坏了R:Which one?接待员:哪只灯泡?G:It over the mirror in the bathroom.旅客:卫生间里镜子上面的R:Ill ask the Maintenance Department to send someone to change it接待员:我告诉工程处派人去换灯泡May I have your room number?请问您的房间号码是多少?Lesson Two第二课Television Problems电视机出毛病了G:Im having a problem with my TV.旅客:我的电视机出毛病了R:What seems to be the problem?接待员:可能是什么毛病呢?G:I cant get the satellite signal.旅客:我收不到卫星信号R:Ill inm the Maintenance Department immediately.接待员:我马上通知工程部,Theyll send someone up to check it.他们会派人去修理的 37A Little Mermaid statue has been coated in red paint by animal rights activists protesting brutal whale hunts in Denmark.近日,动物权益保护者将红漆涂在小美人鱼雕像上,以抗议丹麦残忍的捕鲸活动Vandals had written ;Denmark defend the whales of the Faroe Islands; on a footpath nearby.破坏者在雕像旁的一条小径上写下“丹麦保护法罗群岛鲸鱼”的字样Every year around 800 pilot whales are herded into coves on the Faroe Islands bee being stabbed to death during a hunt known as grindadrap - or ;the grind;. The practice dates back at least 300 years.每年约800头领航鲸被赶进法罗群岛的海湾,之后在“法罗群岛捕鲸活动”中被刺死这项活动可以追溯到至少300年前Locals say the whales are not under threat and the killings violate no laws.当地人表示,鲸鱼并非濒危物种且杀鲸并不违法The Faroe Islands comprises inhabited islands located around 60 miles north of John OGroats, Scotland.法罗群岛位于苏格兰约翰奥格罗茨以北约60英里处,由个有人居住的岛屿组成The islands are largely self-governing, though still technically part of the Kingdom of Denmark.该群岛拥有很大程度的自治权,不过严格意义上来讲,仍属于丹麦王国的一部分 581

A caterpillar that munches on plastic bags could hold the key to tackling plastic pollution, scientists say.科学家们称,一种吃塑料袋的毛虫或可成为解决塑料污染的关键Researchers at Cambridge University have discovered that the larvae of the moth, which eats wax in bee hives, can also degrade plastic.剑桥大学的研究人员发现,这种飞蛾幼虫不仅吃蜂巢中的蜂蜡,还能降解塑料Experiments show the insect can break down the chemical bonds of plastic in a similar way to digesting beeswax.实验表明,这种毛虫可以分解塑料的化学键,与其消化蜂蜡的方式类似Each year, about 80 million tonnes of the plastic polyethylene are produced around the world. The plastic is used to make shopping bags and food packaging, among other things, but it can take hundreds of years to decompose completely.每年,全球约生产8000万吨塑料聚乙烯塑料聚乙烯可用作购物袋、食品以及其他物品的包装,但这种塑料需要数百年才能被彻底降解However, caterpillars of the moth (Galleria mellonella) can make holes in a plastic bag in under an hour.然而,蜡螟一个小时内就可在塑料袋上弄出一个洞Dr Paolo Bombelli is a biochemist at the University of Cambridge and one of the researchers on the study.剑桥大学生物化学家保罗·邦贝利士是参与该研究的研究员之一;The caterpillar will be the starting point,; he told B News. ;We need to understand the details under which this process operates. We hope to provide the technical solution minimising the problem of plastic waste.;他告诉B:“蜡螟将成为一个突破口“我们需要了解这一过程背后的运作细节我们希望为最大限度减少塑料污染提供技术解决方案”Dr Bombelli and colleague Federica Bertocchini of the Spanish National Research Council have patented the discovery.邦贝利和他的同事--西班牙国家研究委员会的费德里卡·贝尔托基尼已经给这项发现申请了专利They want to speed up the process of discovering the chemical secrets behind the natural degradation of plastic. They think microbes in the caterpillar - as well as the insect itself - might play a role in breaking down plastic.他们希望加紧找出蜡螟自然降解塑料背后的化学原理他们认为,蜡螟自身及其体内的微生物可能在分解塑料方面发挥了作用If the chemical process can be identified, it could lead to a solution to managing plastic waste in the environment.如果能够确认这个化学过程,就可能会找到解决塑料垃圾污染的办法;We are planning to implement this finding into a viable way to get rid of plastic waste, working towards a solution to save our oceans, rivers, and all the environment from the unavoidable consequences of plastic accumulation,; said Dr Bertocchini.贝尔托基尼说:“我们正计划将这个发现转化为消除塑料污染的可行办法,努力寻找方案,拯救海洋、河流以及整个环境,使它们免于承受塑料聚积产生的无法避免的影响”;However, we should not feel justified to dump polyethylene deliberately in our environment just because we now know how to bio-degrade it.;“但是,我们不应该因为知道如何生物降解聚乙烯,就认为故意向自然中丢弃聚乙烯是正当的”The research is published in the journal, Current Biology.这项研究发表在《当代生物学杂志上 5673

South China island province of Hainan should be renamed ;Nanhai; Province, meaning ;South China Sea; in Putonghua, suggested a mer tourism official, which would highlight China sovereignty over the vast region.近日,一名国家旅游局前任官员建议,将中国南方岛屿省份海南省更名为南海省(普通话中意为“中国南海”),这样就能够突出显示中国对该广大地区的主权;The current name Hainan only refers to the island, while Nanhai would fully represent the vastness of the region, which includes over million square kilometers of water,; Wei Xiaoan, secretary-general of the China Tourism Leisure Association, told the Global Times中国旅游协会休闲度假分会秘书长魏小安在接受《环球时报采访时表示:“目前海南这个名字仅仅指海南岛,而南海则可以完全代表该0万平方公里海域的广阔地区”Wei comments come after an he published in was recently reposted and has gained traction online, with skeptics arguing that the move is unnecessary and would cause lengthy administrative procedures.在魏小安做出这番之前,他在年出版的一篇文章最近又被重新报道了,并且在网上吸引了极大的关注,而持怀疑态度的人则认为此举没有必要,并且将会导致冗长的行政程序Separately, three provincial political advisers from Hainan submitted a proposal to rename the province ;Nanhai; at a meeting attended by members of Hainan Provincial Committee of the Chinese People Political Consultative Conference in January this year, news portal ce.cn reported.据新闻门户网站中国经济网报道,在今年一月的中国人民政治协商会议海南省委员会的一场会议上,三位海南省政治顾问提交了一份议案,提议将海南更名为“南海”They also suggested that Hainan should invite experts and officials to conduct a thorough feasibility study and draft a plan on the renaming ;in view of the national interest,; said the report.该报道称,他们还建议,鉴于国家利益,海南省应该邀请专家和官员进行深入的可行性研究、然后起草更名的计划;Nanhai; could also help strengthen people awareness of the South China Sea and that China has indisputable sovereignty over the region, Wei noted.魏小安指出,“南海”这个名字也能够帮助加强人民对南海的意识,认识到中国对该地区拥有无可争议的主权 6978

Pliferage insurance盗窃险A:Recently there has been a great increase in goods stolen abroad.最近海外货物遭偷窃又增加的趋势B:If they steal the entire package, that would be theft, but they dont do that. Generally, thieves open the case and take part of the contents out. Then they fill the case so that the gross weight will be the same.如果小偷整箱盗走的话,那称为“偷盗”,但他们却不那么做通常小偷打开货箱只盗取内装物的一部分,然后将货物填满,总重量还是一样的A:If the goods are received in apparent good order and condition, the steamship company dosent have the ability pliferage. How do we protect ourselves?如果接货是外观状态好,轮船公司就不必承担盗窃的责任,那我们将如何保护自己呢?B:The marine insurance policy protects us.海险单会保护我们的A:Is it true that products of high value such as necklaces, rings and luxury clothing items are often subject to pliferage?高价品如项链,戒指,豪华装等项目,经常会遭窃,是吗?B:It true in the US that losses from pliferage have been limited to high valued goods. We must study more about packing.在美国,确实是只有高价品会遭受而损失,我们得多研究包装才行 1866781. How much does it cost by ship? 坐船去要花多少钱?. When will the ship leave Honolulu? 这艘船什么时候出发去檀香山?3. Do I need a reservation to go there by ship? 我坐船去需要预定吗?. The ship was due to sail the following morning. 这艘船定于第二天早晨启航5. Cruises offer a different kind of travel experience. 乘船游览提供一种完全不同的旅游体验6. On ship I fleeted time by ing detective stories. 在船上我读侦探小说来消磨时间7. The swing of the ship makes many people seasick. 船的摇晃使许多人晕船8. Do you like traveling by air better than traveling by ship? 与乘船相比,你更喜欢坐飞机旅行吗?9. I don't like traveling by ship because I'm afraid of being seasick. 我不喜欢乘船旅行,因为我担心我会晕船. I think it is more comtable and much cheaper to go there by ship. 我想乘船去那儿更舒也更便宜重点讲解:Honolulu:火奴鲁鲁,即檀香山,美国夏威夷州的首都和最大的城市fleet:使(时间)飞逝,消磨 56A: Could you help me?你能帮助吗?B: What happened?怎么了?A: Irsquo;m locked out of my apartment.我把自己锁在公寓外面了B: What did you do to lock yourself out?你做什么了把自己锁在公寓外面?A: I have no idea.我也不知道B: You donrsquo;t have your key?你没有钥匙吗?A: Itrsquo;s inside of my apartment.在我的公寓里面B: I have a key to your apartment.我有你公寓的钥匙A: Could I borrow it just a second?我能借用一会儿吗?B: All right. Bring it back when yoursquo;re done.好的一旦你用完就把要是还回来A: Great, thanks a lot.好的,谢谢你B: I hope yoursquo;ll be more careful next time.我希望你下次小心点

A: Can I help you?B: I’m having trouble finding something.A: What is it that you’re looking ?B: I need to find a church.A: What kind of church are you looking ?B: I want to find a Catholic church.A: I believe that there’s one on Lake Avenue.B: Are you sure?A: It’s a huge white church.B: Where at on Lake?A: On the corner of Lake and Woodbury.B: Thanks a lot. 7883

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