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2019年12月11日 14:02:24 | 作者:华龙活动 | 来源:新华社
The growth rate of China’s migrant workforce has fallen to levels not seen since the depths of the global financial crisis.中国农民工总量增速已降至本次金融危机最严重时期以来最低水平。The total number of migrant workers rose 1.3 per cent in 2015 to 277.8m, the slowest rate since 2009 according to data available from the National Bureau of Statistics.据中国国家统计局公布的数据,2015年农民工总人数上升1.3%,至2.778亿人。这是2009年以来的最低增速。In 2014 the number of migrant workers had increased 1.9 per cent of 2014, on par with growth in 2009. But growth in China’s mobile workforce jumped to 5.4 per cent year-on-year in 2010, thanks in part to a major stimulus package that revved up economic activity through infrastructure projects and real estate development – and which has left a fraught legacy of overcapacity as the country attempts to transition toward a more services-oriented economy.2014年农民工总数增加了1.9%,与2009年增幅相当。但2010年农民工总数同比激增5.4%,部分原因是一项重大刺激计划,该计划通过基础设施项目和房地产开发推动经济活动。但随着中国试图转型成更以务业为导向的经济,该计划也留下了产能过剩这个令人担忧的遗产。Now China’s “migrant miracle” – in which cheap, mobile labour subsidized an export-driven manufacturing sector – is drawing to a close.中国的廉价流动劳动力曾对出口驱动型制造业有利好效应,但如今,这一“农民工奇迹”正接近尾声。Adding to downward pressure on the growth rate is a demographic downshift: the share of migrant workers above age 30 rose to 67.1 per cent last year, up from 57.6 per cent in 2010, according to the latest figures from the statistics bureau.同时,人口增速放慢也加大了农民工增速的下行压力。根据中国国家统计局最新数据,30岁以上农民比例去年攀升至67.1%,2010年为57.6%, /201605/441110Before they show a baby bump, some pregnant women in South Korea can expect accusing glares when they take subway seats meant for pregnant, disabled or elderly passengers.在韩国,尚未显怀的妇在地铁如果坐弱势人群关怀座位,总会遭到白眼。One South Korean city is testing a wireless technology it hopes can alleviate the problem and perhaps help address one of the biggest challenges facing the Asian country: a stubbornly low birthrate.为了解决这个问题,同时也是为了应对这个亚洲国家面临的最严峻的挑战之一——生育率低,韩国某市尝试采用一种无线技术。In April, the southeastern port city of Busan, South Korea#39;s second-largest city, began testing a small device called a beacon. Equipped with a wireless sensor, it activates a pink light attached to another sensor installed on a metal bar next to special priority seats, usually at the end of subway cars. The idea is to alert everyone nearby that the person is pregnant.位于东南沿海的港口城市釜山是韩国第二大城市。4月,釜山着手测试一种名为“灯塔”的袖珍设备。该设备配有一个无线传感器,与另一个装在特殊专座(通常在地铁车厢的两头)金属把手上的传感器相连,能够发出粉色的光。该设计是为了告诉其它乘客,该乘客是妇。The Pink Light Campaign is intended to make it easier for non-pregnant passengers who might be occupying a seat designated for pregnant passengers to give up the seat without having to wonder.“粉灯运动”的目的是希望坐在妇专座的未怀乘客能够更自觉地让座。;It is hard to tell if a woman is pregnant, and give up a seat, when she doesn#39;t have a baby bump,; said Lee Gyeong-eon, a 23-year-old college student who frequently travels by subway.“妇没有显怀时,人们很难辨别她是否怀,因此也难以决定是否应该让座,”一名经常乘坐地铁的23岁大学生Lee Gyeong-eon说道。Other South Korean cities also are trying to make travel by public transportation friendlier for pregnant women. Seoul, the capital, has installed bright pink seats designated for women who are expecting.其它一些韩国城市也在尝试着为妇乘坐公交提供便利。首尔地铁已经为妇设置了粉色专座。With one of the lowest birthrates in the world, South Korea is eager to encourage larger families. South Korean women had 1.21 children on average in 2014. The average for the wealthy nations belonging to the Organisation for Economic Cooperation and Development was 1.68.韩国是世界出生率最低的国家之一,因此韩国大力提倡人口生育。2014年,平均每位韩国女性育有1.21个孩子。在经济合作与发展组织中的富有国家,平均每位女性育有1.68个孩子。The Busan experiment is part of the trend toward the internet of things, which uses wireless technology in products not usually associated with internet connectivity.釜山试验是物联网发展趋势的一部分,它通常不需要连接互联网,而是在产品上使用无线技术完成运行。 /201606/449017The police said people working at a call center in India spoke with the U.S. citizens by telephone. They said the callers acted like they were working for the Internal Revenue Service (IRS), the federal agency that collects income taxes.警方表示,印度一家呼叫中心的员工给美国公民打电话。呼叫者假扮成联邦征税机构美国国税局的工作人员。About 200 police officers raided three buildings in Thane, a community near the city of Mumbai. Police said the workers used phones in those buildings to call the Americans.约200名警察突袭了孟买附近塔那社区的三栋建筑物。警方表示,这些员工使用这些建筑物中的电话呼叫美国公民。Parambir Singh is the police commissioner in Thane. He said that about 700 people worked in the buildings, which were open all day and night. Singh said the workers would call Americans and tell them that they owe taxes. If the Americans failed to pay the money immediately, the callers threatened to send police in 30 minutes.帕拉比尔·辛格是塔那地区的警察局长。他说,大约有700人在这些日夜开放的建筑中工作。辛格表示,这些员工会给美国人打电话称他们欠税。如果这些美国人没有立即付款,呼叫者威胁会在三十分钟内派警察来。Police believe U.S. citizens sent the call center as much as 0,000 a day. They say the victims were told to buy prepaid cash cards and make online payments of 0 to ,000.警方认为,美国公民每天向这个呼叫中心汇出了多达15万美元。受害者被要求购买预付现金卡,在网上付500到3000美元不等。The Internal Revenue Service has been telling Americans that it will not send police to arrest them. It also says IRS agents do not threaten people. The agency tells people not to send money electronically to callers who are demanding that method of payment.美国国税局一直告知美国人,该机构不会派警察逮捕他们。该机构还表示,国税局员工不会威胁人们。该机构告诉人们,不要通过电子付向要求使用这种付方式的呼叫者汇款。Indian officials say the call center workers kept more than two-thirds of the money. The rest was kept by people helping them in the ed States.印度警方表示,呼叫中心员工保留了超过三分之二的骗款,其余部分给了美国这边帮助他们的同伙。In India, hundreds of Western companies use large companies that employ English-speaking workers. These workers either answer questions from callers overseas or process payments. The employees are usually trained to use sound like people in the countries from which the customers are calling. Police said those working at the call center were trained to sound like Americans.在印度,数西方公司利用雇佣讲英语员工的大型公司。这些员工要么回答海外呼叫者的提问,要么处理订单。这些员工通常接受了培训,使用呼叫客户所在国的口音。警方表示,这家呼叫中心的员工接受过培训讲美国口音。Indian police said they planned to share information about the raid with American officials. Police believe the plot discovered in Mumbai may have also targeted people in Britain and Australia.印度警方表示,他们计划与美国官员分享关于这次突袭的信息。警方认为,在孟买发现的这种骗局可能也瞄准了英国人和澳大利亚人。 /201610/471782

The mystery surrounding the disappearance from Hong Kong of a publisher who sold books critical of China’s top leaders has taken another twist after his wife asked police to cancel her missing person’s report.李波的妻子已要求警方撤销她的失踪人口报案,令这位出版人在香港的失踪之谜又生转折。李波曾销售批评中国最高领导层的图书。Hong Kong police said his wife, who reported Lee Bo missing last week, tried to rescind the report on Monday but they were still investigating the case “in a proactive manner”, in line with rules that only the missing person themselves can close such a case.李波的妻子在上周报案李波失踪,香港警方表示她已试图在周一销案,但他们仍在“积极主动地”调查此案。依据香港法规,只有失踪者本人可以撤销这类案件。Meanwhile, Taiwan’s state news agency published a handwritten letter that it said had been faxed by Mr Lee to a colleague at their Causeway Bay Bookstore, in which the publisher said that he had gone to the mainland urgently and of his own volition to “co-operate with a relevant investigation”.与此同时,台湾官方通讯社刊登了一封手写信,据说是由李波传真给他在铜锣湾书店的一名同事。这位出版商在信中表示他出于自己的意志,紧急回到内地“配合有关方面调查”。In an editorial published on Tuesday, the Global Times, lent support to the theory that Mr Lee was “assisting an investigation” in the mainland before launching an attack on his business.《环球时报》(Global Times)周二发表的社论先是持了李波正在内地“协助调查”的说法,接着对李波的业务发起抨击。“Causeway Bay Books almost only publishes and sells mainland-related political books, many of which contain maliciously fabricated content,” it said. “Those books have through various channels entered into the mainland and have become a source of certain political rumours, which have caused some evil influence to some extent.”社论中写道:“铜锣湾书店几乎专门出版、销售与内地有关的政治书籍,它们很多都包含恶意编造的内容。那些书籍通过各种渠道流进内地,成为一些政治谣言的源头,在一定范围内造成恶劣影响。”China’s foreign ministry has said it had no information on the case.中国外交部表示对此事无可奉告。Human rights campaigners say that security forces in China often detain dissidents and those accused of political crimes without informing their family or explaining why they are being held.人权活动者表示中国的安保机构经常扣留持不同政见者以及被指控犯有政治罪的人士,却不通知他们的家人,也不解释为什么他们会被扣留。But they have no legal right to operate in Hong Kong, a point reinforced on Monday by CY Leung, the territory’s chief executive, who added that there was as yet “no indication” that China was involved in the disappearance of the booksellers.但香港特别行政区行政长官梁振英(CY Leung)在周一强调,内地执法人员并没有权利在港执法,并表示尚无迹象显示内地参与了李波失踪事件。 /201601/421526

More than 13,000 jurors have been selected to participate in a two-year pilot program to increase public participation in legal proceedings and improve the standing of court rulings, according to the Supreme People#39;s Court (SPC) last Tuesday.最高人民法院上周二表示,已选任超过1.3万名陪审员参与一个为期两年的试点项目,该项目旨在提高法律程序的公众参与度及提高法院裁决的地位。Since the launch of the pilot program in April 2015, jurors at 50 courts in ten provincial regions including Beijing, Hebei, Shandong and Chongqing have participated in hearing concerning 10,002 criminal cases, 59,616 civil cases and 4,711 administrative cases, accounting for 73.2 percent of first trial cases, said the SPC in a statement.最高法在一份声明中称,自2015年4月该试点项目实施以来,北京、河北、山东、重庆等10个省市区的50家法院的陪审员参审刑事案件10002件,民事案件59616件,行政案件4711件,占一审案件总数的73.2%。Unlike the jury system in the ed States, where jurors are randomly selected, jurors in China are chosen from a group of candidates that are recommended by local communities or authorities.不同于美国随机选取陪审员的陪审制度,我国的陪审员是从当地社区或机关举荐的候选人中选出的。The reform program increased the minimum age for jurors from 23 to 28 but lowered education requirements. It also changed the selection procedure to allow more people from different walks of life.此改革计划提高了陪审员的最低年龄要求,从23岁提高到了28岁,但是降低了学历要求。此外,该计划还修改了选拔程序,允许更多来自各行各业的人加入。The SPC noted that jurors in the program were involved in major cases that may have a big impact on public interests and group interests. A special collegiate bench involving more than three jurors and a judge were involved in the hearing of 818 sensitive cases, it added.最高法指出,参与试点项目的陪审员参审了可能对公共利益和群体利益产生重大影响的重大案件。此外,最高法还补充道,由3名以上陪审员和法官组成特殊合议庭的审理机制,审理重大敏感案件818件。A large number of common people who know public opinions will be selected as jurors, said the statement.该声明称,一大批知民意的普通群众将被选任为陪审员。 /201607/453268

A federal judge on Thursday rejected efforts by Texas to stop the resettlement of Syrian refugees within its borders.星期四,一位美国联邦法官驳回了德克萨斯州有关停止叙利亚难民在德州定居的要求。The ruling comes days after presumptive Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump called to block noncitizen Muslims from entering the U.S. following the Orlando nightclub massacre.在法官做出这一裁决的几天前,美国共和党推定总统候选人川普在奥兰多一家夜总会发生大规模击案后提出了不准外国穆斯林入境的主张。Even before the attack, Americans were divided, mostly along party lines, on the issue of refugees from war-torn countries in the Middle East.奥兰多袭击事件发生前,美国民众在接纳中东难民的问题上就存在分歧,而且基本是以党派划线。A survey conducted in late May by the Brookings Institution found of those polled, just 38 percent of Republicans supported taking in refugees from Syria and the Middle East, compared with 77 percent of Democrats. But among Trump supporters, an overwhelming 77 percent said they oppose taking in refugees.布鲁金斯学会5月底做的民调显示,只有38%的共和党人持接纳叙利亚和其他中东国家难民,而77%的民主党人表示持。在川普的持者中,77%的人反对接纳难民。By the end of 2014, there were 19.5 million refugees worldwide, according to the ed Nations. This was an increase of 2.9 million from 2013.联合国说,到2014年底,世界上共有1950万难民,比2013年增加了290万。U.S. President Barack Obama has set a goal of resettling 10,000 Syrian refugees in the 2016 fiscal year, which began on October 1. But the administration is still far behind that schedule. Only about 3,500 Syrian refugees have been admitted so far.奥巴马总统决定,美国在去年10月1号开始的2016财政年度中要接纳1万名叙利亚难民。但是进度迟缓,到目前为止,美国只接纳了大约3500名叙利亚难民。 /201606/449946

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