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泉州月经不调检查泉州女性六项激素检查多少钱In March of this year, BuzzFeed News told you that Apple had a new Apple TV in the pipeline and planned to unveil it in June at its annual Word Wide Developers Conference. Two months later we told you the company scrapped that plan, delaying the device to do a bit more work on it. It opted instead to focus its keynote-address attentions on its next generation operating systems and Apple Music streaming service。今年三月,BuzzFeed就报道过苹果正在筹备Apple TV的面市,并且打算在六月的世界开发者大会上发布。三月份之后的两个月,苹果却改变了计划,延迟发布AppleTV,为的是再打磨一下产品。在主题演讲里,苹果公司把注意力集中在了下一代操作系统和苹果音乐流媒体务。Now, as Apple heads toward its annual fall event, the successor to its superannuated set-top box is once again top of mind and at last headed to market — and for real this time。现在,苹果公司正着力准备其一年一度的秋季活动。新产品也将取代之前老旧的机顶盒,这一次这个机顶盒又成了焦点,并且最终要面市了——这次是真的。Sources familiar with Apple’s plans tell BuzzFeed News that the company intends to announce its next-generation Apple TV in September, at the same event at which it typically unveils its new iPhones. The device itself is pretty much as we described it to you in March, sources say, but “more polished” after some additional tweaks. Expect a refreshed and slimmer chassis and new innards; Apple’s A8 system on chip; a new remote that sources say has been “drastically improved” by a touch-pad input; an increase in on-board storage; and an improved operating system that will support Siri voice control. Crucially, the new Apple TV will debut alongside a long-awaited App Store and the software development kit developers need to populate it。据熟悉苹果计划的消息来源,苹果公司打算在今年9月份发布下一代Apple TV,而这个时间段也正是苹果发布新iPhone的时间。Apple TV和我们今年三月份报道中的描述相差无几,但是消息称其在打磨之后“更完美”了。全新和外壳和内置;苹果芯片的A8系统;触控输入使得遥控性能“大大提高”;机载内存提升;持Siri声控系统。最重要的是,随Apple TV发布的还有让人等待已久的应用商店,以及开发者用来普及该产品的软件开发工具箱。It’s a significant overhaul of the diminutive set-top box, which hasn’t seen a material refresh since 2012, and one that Apple hopes will inspire a big upgrade cycle through the annual winter holiday consumer binge, setting the stage for the subscription internet-TV service Apple’s been trying to get off the ground for years. While that service is most certainly in the offing, sources tell BuzzFeed News that Apple does not currently plan to announce it alongside the new Apple TV。这应该是这个小小机顶盒的一次大翻新。自2012年以来,机顶盒并没有实质性的改变。苹果也希望通过这次Apple TV的发布,能够趁着一年一度的冬季消费热引发一场设备大型的设备的更新。这样也能为之后苹果努力已久的互联网电视订阅务打下基础。消息称,虽然订阅务的发布近在咫尺,苹果公司并没有打算和Apple TV一起发布。While launching new Apple TV hardware apart from a new subscription TV service might seem counterintuitive, it does make strategic sense if Apple doesn’t yet have the deals in place to field such a service. Certainly, Apple doesn’t need to debut the two things together. By rolling out the new Apple TV and SDK ahead of the service, Apple is giving developers some lead time to develop compelling apps for the device — and taking good advantage of a holiday shopping season that will likely drive sales, further growing the Apple TV installed base to which it will someday sell streaming service subscriptions。有点违背直觉的是,这次要发布的是Apple TV这么一个硬件,而不是全新的电视订阅务。然而,苹果在无法落实订阅务之前,这样的策略也是可以理解的。当然,苹果也没有必要非得让Apple TV和订阅系统同时发布。在订阅务发布之前,通过先发布Apple TV和软件开发工具包,苹果也给了开发者一些前置时间,用以为该设备开发更优秀的应用。同时也可以利用假日消费季刺激销量,进一步普及Apple TV,从而等待某天流媒体订阅务的到来。Apple declined comment。苹果公司未表态。 /201508/390201福建省人民医院网上咨询热线 When Steve Jobs died in 2011, iPhone sales were still doubling year on year. It is a safe bet that his successor, Tim Cook, is going to preside over the end of continuous growth. In quarterly earnings in two weeks, analysts still expect Apple to have sold 1m or more phones than the 74.5m it achieved in the same quarter last year, with Chinese demand crucial. If it turns out that Apple has sold fewer, it will be a blow to the credibility of Mr Cook, who primed the market to expect growth. But the timing hardly matters. If it is not coming this quarter, the decline is priced in for the next one.2011年史蒂夫吠布斯(Steve Jobs)去世的时候,iPhone销量还在翻番地增长。几乎可以肯定,他的继任者蒂姆錠克(Tim Cook)将在任期内眼看着这股持续增长势头终结。苹果将于两周内发布季度财报,分析师们仍预期iPhone销量将比去年同期的7450万部增加100万部以上,其中中国的需求是关键。如果销量下滑,将对库克本人的信誉造成打击,因为他事先放出的风声让市场认为增长可期。但时间点并不重要,如果这个季度销量没有下滑,投资者也预期下个季度就会下滑。So what? For all its “fanboy” customers, Apple has some Jeremiah shareholders. Since it reported the most profitable quarter in corporate history 12 months ago, its shares have fallen 15 per cent. Yet the stock trades at just 10 times forward earnings. Strip out the massive cash pile and it trades at less than 8 times. Investors know that the end of rampant growth is nigh.所以呢?尽管果粉众多,一些股东却抱着悲观态度。自12个月前报告公司史上最盈利的季度业绩以来,苹果股价下跌了15%。然而该公司股票的市盈率仅为10倍。如果不算大量的现金储备,市盈率还不到8倍。投资者知道,迅猛的增长快要结束了。Having risen to well over 50 per cent of group revenues, of course the iPhone matters. But maturity does not mean extinction, and just because Apple has become a phone company does not mean that it is all it ever will be.iPhone对集团营收的贡献已经远高于50%,当然十分重要。但成熟并不意味着一定会走向消亡,仅仅因为苹果成了一家手机公司也并不意味着它将永远只是一家手机公司。The important metric for measuring iPhone success over the next couple of years is not how many iPhones are sold in a particular quarter — but how long those phones last. Apple hopes that more consumers will switch to its new upgrade programme, which incentivises them to buy a device every 12 months. Part of the bull case outlined by Mr Cook three months ago was the relatively small number of iPhone users who had upgraded to the iPhone 6 — fewer than 35 per cent.在接下来几年,衡量iPhone是否成功,关键不是看某个季度卖出了多少部iPhone,而要看手机换代的时间。苹果希望更多消费者升级其新程序,这将激励他们每12个月买一部手机。3个月前,库克概述了看好苹果的理由,其中之一是升级到iPhone 6的iPhone用户比例相对较小,不到35%。That cuts both ways, though. A recent survey by Accenture found that the proportion of consumers who expected to buy a smartphone in the next 12 months had fallen to 48 per cent from 54 per cent last year; the drop was particularly severe in China. Another survey by Mizuho found that 81 per cent of iPhone users expected to hang on to their next device for longer, an estimated 27 months compared with 20 months. The iPhone 5 has demonstrated more staying power than previous versions of the device; it has not yet been rendered obsolete by more processing power or killer features from subsequent iterations. In Apple’s sales pitch to worrywart shareholders, that is the wrong sort of iPhone endurance.不过,此事有利有弊。埃森哲(Accenture)最近的一项调查发现,打算在接下来12个月内购买一部智能手机的消费者比例从去年的54%降至48%;在中国下滑得更厉害。瑞穗(Mizuho)的另一项调查发现,81%的iPhone用户预计下一部手机会使用更长时间,估计比目前所用手机的20个月多7个月。iPhone 5比前几代产品更为经久不衰;之后的产品更强的处理能力或者杀手级特色功能都未能淘汰iPhone 5。在苹果对忧心忡忡的股东的宣传中,iPhone的这种耐久可不是好事。 /201601/423410Apple sent out press invites for its fall iPhone event on Thursday. The event will take place on Sept. 9, 2015 at the Bill Graham Civic Auditorium in San Francisco。星期四,苹果向媒体发出了秋季iPhone发布会的邀请。发布会将于2015年9月9日在旧金山的比尔·格雷厄姆市政礼堂举行。At the event, Apple is expected to show off new iPhone models as well as a new Apple TV。在发布会上,苹果将要展示新的iPhone型号和Apple TV。The Bill Graham Civic Auditorium is a new venue for Apple. Historically, the company holds iPhone events at Moscone West or at its campus in Cupertino. The auditorium has a capacity of 7,000 people。比尔·格雷厄姆市政礼堂是苹果的新场地。过去苹果公司一直在莫斯考尼西中心或者库珀蒂诺总部举行iPhone发布会。这次的礼堂可以容纳7000人。Typically, the company launches its products at the Yerba Buena Center in San Francisco, which holds 757 attendees. The Flint Center, where Apple held its 2014 event, holds up to 2,405. Upping the capacity to 7,000 people implies Apple has something extra planned。苹果公司通常会在旧金山的芳草地艺术中心发布新产品,那里可以容纳757人。2014年的苹果发布会在弗林特中心举行,容纳人数增加到2405人。这次容纳人数增加到7000人意味着苹果有个特别的计划。The clue for the event, ;Hey Siri, give us a hint; suggests that Siri may be involved. We#39;d previously heard that HomeKit wouldn#39;t be a big part of the launch, but the location, the Siri tie-in and the capacity of this event imply there has to be something beyond updated iPhone devices, a new Apple TV and the launch of watchOS 2.0.这次发布会的标语“嘿Siri,给我们点提示吧”暗示着这个计划可能跟Siri有关。我们早前听说HomeKit不是发布会的重要内容,而这次的场地、密切相关的Siri和场地的容纳量都说明除了升级iPhone设备、新的Apple TV和Apple Watch 2.0操作系统,发布会上一定还会有什么其他东西。 /201509/396556泉州妇科咨询

惠安人民医院子宫肌瘤The 6.2 version software update, which was announced by Tesla CEO Elon Musk on Thursday during a press conference, includes several new features, including range assurance, an app that communicates in real time with Tesla’s supercharger networks and destination chargers. The app advises drivers when they’re at risk of driving beyond the range of reliable charging locations. Once alerted, a map guides the driver to the closest charger, factoring in elevation and wind speed to determine range with extreme accuracy, Musk said during the call.本周四的新闻发布会上,特斯拉首席执行官埃隆o穆斯克发布了更新版的6.2版本软件。更新后,该软件将具有多种新的特色功能,包括一款保障里程的应用,它可以实时与特斯拉的超级充电站网络及目的地充电桩联系。穆斯克在发布会上说,当特斯拉车可能驶出可靠充电地点的覆盖范围时,该软件将提醒驾驶者注意。一旦发出警示,软件就会根据车所在的海拔高度、风速等因素,极其精确地判断里程范围,提供路线图,指引司机将车开到距离最近的充电站。“All the complexity is taken care of automatically. You don’t need to think ahead or do any calculations,” Musk said. “It’s impossible to run out unless you do so intentionally. The car will even double check and you’ll have to say, ‘yes, I’m sure’ twice before it’s possible to actually run out of range.”“所有复杂操作都会自动完成。您不需要提前考虑,也不需要做任何计算,”穆斯克说,“除非有意为之,否则驾驶者不可能超出充电的里程范围。(软件)甚至会对此复查。在可能超出充电的里程范围以前,驾驶者将不得不两次回复(软件):‘是的,我确定。’”Tesla TSLA -2.52% has also added a trip planner that automatically picks a route through the appropriate superchargers if charging is needed. The planner selects the fastest route to the destination and breaks it into three- to four-hour legs between superchargers. Once the vehicle is charged, the car messages the driver via the Tesla phone app.特斯拉还增加了一款规划路线的应用。如果需要充电,该应用会自动选择一条路线,前往适合所在车辆的超级充电站。这款应用会挑选最快到达目的地的路线,并确保每行驶三到四小时就会有一座超级充电站。一完成充电,车就会通过特斯拉的电话应用通知驾驶者。The route should match up to when a driver would normally want to stop, use the restroom, have a bite to eat or grab a coffee, Musk said.穆斯克说,这条路线应当符合驾驶者正常的需求,比如考虑到他们可能中途停下车休息、去洗手间、吃点东西或喝杯咖啡。“There’s maybe the rare occasion where someone wants to drive non-stop for 10 hours and wears diapers or something, but that’s unusual,” Musk said. “For almost any trip, the time driven to time charging ratio works out really well.”“可能在极少数时候,有人想不停歇地连续开十小时车,或者开车时穿了尿布什么的,但那是不常见的,”穆斯克说。“驾驶时长与充电时间要成比例,这几乎适用于所有的行程。”The software update should be released to all Model S owners in about 10 days, Musk said.穆斯克还说,大约十天内,所有特斯拉Model S型车的车主就能使用这款更新版的软件。 /201503/367079南安市妇幼保健院怎么样好吗 泉州新阳光医院有药流吗

鲤城区中医院上环 Takata, the Japanese supplier linked to faulty airbags in millions of cars, widened the scale of potential recalls in the ed States on Tuesday to 34 million vehicles.周二,与数以百万计的汽车上的问题气囊有关的日本供应商高田公司(Takata),把美国市场上可能需要召回的汽车数量扩大到了3400万辆。The supplier made the announcement with federal safety regulators at the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, which had been prodding the company since late last year to say that the airbags were defective. Takata had fought these demands, even asserting at one point that the agency could not force it to issue a recall.高田与国家公路交通安全局(National Highway Traffic Safety Administration)的联邦安全监管部门共同发出了这项声明。自去年底以来,安全局一直在敦促高田承认气囊存在问题。高田始终不愿遵从这些要求,甚至一度宣称安全局无权强迫它召回。Airbag inflaters made by Takata can explode violently when they deploy, spraying metal fragments into the passenger compartment. Six deaths and more than 100 injuries have been linked to the flaw.高田生产的气囊增压泵在弹出时可能会猛然迸裂,导致金属碎片飞向车内。该问题被认为与六人的死亡、100多人的受伤有关。“From the very beginning, our goal has been simple: a safe airbag in every vehicle,” said Mark R. Rosekind, administrator of the safety agency since December. “The steps we’re taking today represent significant progress toward that goal.”“从一开始,我们的目标就很简单:每辆车都配有安全的气囊,”自12月起担任安全局局长的马克·罗斯金德(Mark Rosekind)说。“我们今天采取的举措,代表着我们朝这个目标迈进了一大步。”But the agency said it did not have a final breakdown yet of all the makes and models the expanded recall encompasses, and that it will not for several days until it coordinates with automakers. The final number of defective cars may shift downward as more tests are performed, Mr. Rosekind said. He acknowledged that the repairs could take several years to complete, but he said that consumers could still drive their cars in the meantime.但是,安全局表示,目前尚未最后敲定这次扩大的召回覆盖的所有汽车品牌和型号,而是需要几天时间来与汽车生产商进行协调。罗斯金德说,经过更多实验以后,问题汽车的最终数量可能会减少。他承认,修理工作可能需要几年时间才能完成,但他表示,与此同时,消费者仍然能够开车。“Yes, people need to drive their cars,” Mr. Rosekind said, adding that they should be checking with their dealers often “to ensure it gets replaced as soon as possible.”“对,人们需要开车,”罗斯金德说。他还表示消费者应该经常与经销商联系,“从而保能及时得到替换”。Even now, Takata and automakers continue to search for the root cause of the inflater defect, but it still remains unclear. But in new filings with the safety agency, Takata went further than it had previously in admitting wider, structural problems with its airbag inflaters.即使是现在,高田和汽车生产商也还在继续寻找增压泵问题的根本原因,但仍不清楚问题究竟在哪。不过,在提交给安全局的新备案文件中,高田承认其气囊增压泵存在更广泛的结构性问题,比以前的立场更进了一步。“Up until now Takata has refused to acknowledge that their airbags are defective,” said Anthony Foxx, the transportation secretary. “That changes today.”“在此之前,高田公司一直拒绝承认旗下的安全气囊有缺陷,”运输部部长安东尼·福克斯(Anthony Foxx)说。“这种情况今天发生了改变。”In its filings, dated Monday, Takata said that the propellant in the airbag inflaters — the explosive material that generates the gases to inflate the airbag — could degrade over time if exposed to high humidity and changes in temperature, making it prone to “over-aggressive combustion.”在标注日期为本周一的备案文件中,高田公司称,气囊增压泵里的推进剂——产生填充安全气囊的气体的爆炸物——如果暴露在高湿度和温度波动的环境中,可能会在一段时间后降解,从而容易发生“过于剧烈的燃烧”。Former Takata engineers told The New York Times last year that they had raised concerns over a decade ago that the explosive material Takata uses — ammonium nitrate — was sensitive to moisture and temperature swings. But those concerns went unheeded, they said.曾受聘于高田公司的几名工程师去年对《纽约时报》说,他们十多年前就提出了对公司使用的爆炸物——硝酸铵——对湿度和气温波动过于敏感的担忧。但他们称,这些担忧没有引起重视。Takata’s patents also document how the company’s engineers for years struggled to stabilize the ammonium nitrate in its propellant.高田公司的专利文件的记录还显示,他们的工程师多年以来一直难以稳定推进剂里的硝酸铵。And for the first time, Takata also acknowledged problems with leaks in its airbag inflaters. Tests had revealed that some of its airbag inflaters were found to have leaks in the seals that are supposed to keep them air tight.这一回,高田公司还首次承认了气囊增压泵的漏气问题。测试显示,一些气囊的增压泵的密封垫有漏气现象,而这些密封垫本应该把气体严严实实地封住。Last week, a former Takata consultant said that tests he carried out on prototype Takata airbags in the early 2000s showed that they contained leaks. He urged the company to use a different leak testing method, one that he devised, he said, but his advice went unheeded.上周,高田公司的一名前顾问表示,他在本世纪初对公司的原型安全气囊进行的测试就显示,它们存在漏气现象。他敦促公司使用一种不同的漏气检测方法,也就是他设计的方法。但他说,自己的建议没有被采纳。In February, federal safety regulators began to levy a fine of ,000 a day against Takata because it had not cooperated fully in the agency’s investigation. The company disputed the claims. With the expansion of the recall, though, regulators said they would suspend that fine, which had reached more than million.今年2月,联邦安全监管机构开始对高田公司实施每天1.4万美元(约合8.6万元人民币)的罚款,原因是它没有充分配合该机构的调查。公司反驳了这些指责。不过,随着这次召回范围的扩大,监管机构称,他们将暂停对高田公司的罚款。这项罚金已累计超过了100万美元。 /201505/376283泉州哪个医院做引产最便宜泉州阳光女子医院怎么样




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